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11, Agiou Gerasimou str., Mykonos Town tel. +30 2289 027 837, facebook: harryjwls, www.

SAINT ANNA Agia Anna Beach, Kalafatis, Ano Mera, 84600 Mykonos Island, Tel. (+30) 6934-499888 email: saintannamykonos,

SPILIA Sea Side Restaurant, Agia Anna Beach, Kalafatis, Ano Mera, 84600 Mykonos Island, Tel. (+30) 6949-449729, spilia.mykonos,





Unfold the Mykonian miracle in style


M.T.S. Group – V.I.P. Yachting Services Mykonos Town, P.O.Box:7053 Mykonos island, 84 600 Cyclades, Greece Tel: 0030 2289025480, Fax: 0030 2289026644, info@mtsgroup.Gr


l l i r G o t d e ens


DRAKOULIS MEAT OPEN PROJECT My Mall Ano Vrisi – Lagkada, 84600, Mykonos Tel.: 22890-23022

N. Kalogera - Mykonos Town, Tel. +30 22890 27524

Feel like home ANTONIS MARTINOS HAS PUT HIS DESIGNER SIGNATURE ON QUITE A FEW PROJECTS ON THE ISLAND OF THE WINDS THAT HAVE BEEN MUCH TALKED ABOUT. HIS RECENT COLLABORATION WITH THE NEW ANAX RESORT & SPA, IS MORE PROOF OF THE ANTHROPOCENTRISM THAT CHARACTERISES THE SUCCESSFUL DESIGNER, THROUGH THE CREATION OF UNIQUE AND BEAUTIFUL SPACES THAT EMBRACE US, ELICITING FEELINGS OF RELAXATION AND WELL BEING. -What's your architectural contribution to the island? I respect the local character. Whatever I do, it always follows the Mykonian pattern and climate, without going beyond the boundaries. -What do you consider challenging in a project? The diversity, always in relation to the client. I would like to point out that in the last project with Anax Resort & Spa, the close friendship with the owners, Thanasis Kousathanas and his wife Evgenia, which is based for many years now, on good chemistry and agreement in ideas and aesthetics, determined the final product, which in essence came out of a common journey that we three went on together. -What is your priority in the projects you take on? The basic priority in all my projects is the human being. Whether it's a hotel, a home or a restaurant, all the spaces I create, have a friendly and relaxed

approach, aiming to make people feel good, intimate and right at home. -What are your favourite materials? Natural materials. Wood, stone, rattan and for fabrics I prefer the ones with simple weaves, friendly to people, to the touch and look. -Where do you draw inspiration? From everything! From nature, a rock, a bush, anything that piques my interest, but also from the good taste of other people. Seeing a beautiful picture, I automatically generate many new images in my mind. Inspiration is the "click" that you feel in the moment and that goes first through your heart and then your mind. -What are your favourite spots on the island? As a place, Ai Yannis. I've lived here since I was a child, I have many friends and I love it. As a location, I very much like Spilia, in Aghia Anna., 6972081288

-How could the island's architecture be better promoted? Keeping the traditional, marrying it with the modern and evolving it, taking it a step further, always though with attention and respect to the lines and spirit of the island. To give you an example, the perforated wall in the Anax Resort & Spa lobby, that brings you into immediate visual contact with the hotel's villas and the endless blue, I drew inspiration from the traditional cobblestones. -Your favourite saying. A human being must always feel well in the space he occupies. That's the purpose of architecture and design as well. -What does Mykonos mean to you? Unique light, eros, creation, freedom. It's a pallet that you can use with your brushes and continuously paint.

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CAR & BIKE RENTALS Mykonos Mouseio Kamnaki, Mykonos Town 846 00 2289 023168

2016 LIASTI - ANOMERA 84600 LIA BEACH, MYKONOS - Phone +30 2289 072150 -


In the heart of the island, the new hyper-modern shopping and office complex is expecting you, with lots of shopping, culinary and entertainment choices. In the central street to Psarou and Plati Gialo, very close to Chora and only five minutes from the airport, the new My[konos] Mall, is notable for its generous and beautiful spaces and its innovative design, that combines the modern with the Cycladic and picturesque Mykonos style. Simple lines and modern materials are its basic characteristics, maintaining a particular aesthetic separately for each shop. Designed to make every hour a real treat, My Mall creates its own definition of the shopping experience, with big brands that take you on a journey to fashion, beauty and wellness, design and decoration, as well as food and entertainment.

The surrounding space is configured with beautiful architectural interventions, ensuring easy access and spacious parking. The My[konos] Mall guarantees a unique experience with renowned brands and services such as Interni, Drakoulis meat, Dr. Parapharmacy, Fairynails, Nefes Spa&Bath, Nassoshairessort, Marenga Milk Bar, Simple Caracters, D. Papadimitriou Gynecologist Fetal Medicine Specialist, 5aSec, Airtec S.A. The project is part of A & K Development Company for development and operation of high-level commercial buildings in cooperation with Mykonos Real Estate and its design and final stages of construction were completed by the construction company AIRTEC S.A.

Epano Vrisi - Lagada, 84600 Mykonos, W:, T: 22890 28900 – 6955580000 - 6944500303

MyMall Mykonos (official)


Kaminaki, Mykonos, tel.:2289077430

Aleomandra Ornou 84600 Mykonos Tel.: +30 22890 - 26814 Fax: +30 22890 - 26817 e-mail:

Glastros, Mykonos 846 00 tel. 22890 79314

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Exclusive interview of David Emanuel to etros Bourovilis for the MC Confidential.


THE BIG IDEA The visionary Delos Museum of Jean Pierre Heim.



Fashion for passion. Both of them mean Mykonos.

SUMMER 2016 | 61

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IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES Sensuality on Mykonos



GUARDIANS OF THE AEGEAN The new age Odyssey of Omiros Evangelinos

EXTREME GASTRONOMY Athinagoras Kostakos & the new food culture


MAKING THE CUT Stratos Drakoulis lands on Mykonos with his Meat Open Project





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have been editing magazines for more than three decades and I must confess this publication has been particularly challenging right from the start. And it continues to be so no less. Each time, it takes about half a year for the concept to materialize it s not an easy task at all. But it is creative.


Mykonos can be at the same time an innocent peasant girl and a scornful teaser, a merrymaker, a dancer, a singer and a boozer.

Since the beginning, the objective was a magazine that would capture the essence, soul and energy of the island. We have made it; all these years. Going back ten years, I have to confess that at first we lingered, more or less, in front of a shop window like beginners. This was what we knew and what we deserved. However, after the second or third year we did shatter the glass of the shop window, looking for the Holy Grail like curious Indiana Joneses. That’s how we discovered a seductive, inveterately female Mykonos, who can be an innocent peasant girl, a scornful teaser as well as a poor and, at the same time, extremely wealthy creature. She is a merrymaker, a dancer, a singer and a boozer. All these years we carefully explored the natives; these local heroes and proud Greeks, who speak a singing dialect and carry memories of Crete,

Venice and the Turkish Occupation, revering death, remembering customs and calling one another by their nicknames. We opened the doors of homes whose occupants remembered their immigrant grandfathers in America or elsewhere, and of mansions where one may find fine porcelain from the Crimea. Eureka! This Mykonos also exists: the identical copy of Pirandello’s Sicily and of the Taviani brothers’ Chaos. The Mykonos of Aris Constantinides, encountered in homes with photographs of mustachioed ancestors hanging on the wall and inhabited by women who cooked by burning dung, without water; the Mykonos of smells and sounds coming from Egypt, Smyrna, Syros, the Black Sea and Piraeus. This Mykonos will keep existing. Even when the limelight has dimmed, a Mykonos suffused with light and full of whitewashed walls will come to the scene. I take full responsibility to claim here that nobody has being doing that so far; I am talking about the edition’s competition and I will elaborate on that later on. Nobody has done that because they are only, or majorly focused, on the business bottom line and not on the content and substance. Besides, I seriously doubt that they have the necessary knowhow to cope with the requirements of such a project. Hopping back to my original train of thought, during my “jobation” (Job on Vacation) all these years, I have always felt that there is some sort of unfinished

SUMMER 2016 | 67

business that you need to settle with this land; you are bound to return sooner or later. To be honest, many times I was worried that we have dried out, said it all, have no more stories; we did the pig slaughtering, we’ve picked and drunk Mykonos dry with the worry of “what type of magazine will we publish this year”? Every time, at least every year so far, Mykonos ceremoniously contradicts me. That bitch of an island is inexhaustible! Mykonos cannot possibly be contained within one issue. ecause it has so many stories to reveal, as many stories as the cobbles that line the alleyways of Chora. Like the Eleven Mykonian stories we publish this year. Moreover, Mykonos cannot possibly be represented by one front cover, regardless how beautiful or stylish it may be. And I must admit that we probably didn’t do the island justice on this matter. That is why this year, there is a deviation: we put a series of different covers, focused on all the pieces of the puzzle, on what makes the island tick; gastronomy, art, style, celebrities, senses, love and sex. This is what Mykonos is made of. Eleven years in a row, I’ve lived to know Mykonos through thick and thin, through buzzing summers and soundless winters, through tradition and modernity, through modesty and glamour. Without having to resort to the details of the chemistry and beauty of Mykonian lime, I can safely say that Mykonos has never become another island. Putting things into perspective, however, it is only fair to say that Mykonos is a kind of Fun Park for swanks who are just another cog in the machine, who hope that a leisurely walk on display at Matoyiannia will open up the doors to stardom. And yet, it is its true wealth, which surfaces when you begin scratching the veneer of glitter, that brings these exceptions - the manifestations of a mob hanging out at beaches, bars and restaurants, as well as certain aesthetic violations in terms of pendants, votive offerings from the island of Tinos worn on the neck and hands, and extravagant hairstyles that remind us of the multi-million Cecil B DeMille dynasty kinda production – slightly out of focus. Mykonos is not a complicated place: it is small and simple. Yet this does not mean that it will not provoke thought, excite the cell that wants to dance or the optic nerve that wants to be stimulated. The point is to be in a position to appreciate



Mykonos cannot possibly be represented by just one cover regardless how beautiful or stylish it can be.


n the cover Tour de Force, by Micha Cattaui

the unique arsenal of every place. Even if you are the sort of person who has been fascinated by Las Vegas, or can strike up a conversation with the foam of the sea, you must “do” Mykonos. When leaving, you may have gotten to know why all these people will insist on coming here. This is Mykonos: everything lies beyond a horizon of infinite possibilities, baked under Apollo’s sun. It is one of the very few places in Greece which, like an ideal contortionist, has been exercised in balancing the drama of the place with human demands and artificial progress. On the one hand, this island is a film star; this allegory suits Mykonos. It will enjoy the limelight as well as be amused with flattery and attention, and is endowed with abundant charisma and perfect looks. The lens adores it. It has such a brilliant radiance that wins people over at first sight. Mykonos is a Modern Greek goddess posing before the camera. Truth be told: this island has the quality of a star to the extent that, as it happens with every first class Angelina Jolie, you have no other alternative but to fall in love. On the other hand, it is a seedless rock that is so fragile and in need of human protection that it can be fit to isolate you. And what about development? Of course, development does exist. The leap from Hesiodus to the “turbo” modernisation was not small. In addition, it was unavoidable: if fame were a knife that carves up the history of mankind into fifteenminute pieces, Mykonos would take the lion’s share. Nevertheless, fame is also the price one pays in order to be a part of the future, and Mykonos is an XXL celebrity. As we move toward the end of this millennium’s second decade, Mykonos is afloat; always a woman, a trader and a whore, suffocating in the arrogance of its colonialists. Among the aforementioned I also place this magazine’s competition, just because I consider myself lucky to be given the chance to see more than one truth through this publication, more solutions to the same equation. Hence, I’m entitled to say (and I have proof) that every one of them comes here with the intention, the air of expectation, to take, or, even worse, to grab something from the island. “Let’s take Mykonos!!!” or à la Cohen, “First We Take Manhattan, then We Take Berlin!” And, the way we are heading, we shall shortly become the grave robbers of the Aegean. The last thing is to start breaking the island rock by rock and sell it abroad: “Look, Miss, genuine Mykonos rock. Here, take it, free money, looks good on the scrinium.” I’m not claiming that everyone hankers after the island as if it were a poor, underage damsel in a park; I’m just considering that,





n the cover The Delos Museum proposal, by Carolyn Jean ierre Heim

n the cover Sea urchin bloody mary, by Athinagoras ostakos for Bill Coo THE MYKONOS AFFAIR

n the cover Bra off, Sweat on by Mara Desipris Stefanos aoussis


n the cover A Global Celebrity s handout, by etros Bourovilis John Dimotsis


n the cover Style rules, by Mara Desipris Stefanos aoussis DO THE NIGHT RIGHT

n the cover Elysium Night Follies, by John Dimotsis

thE cOver galleRy Variation on a theme: 8 different covers, each one representing the key elements that define and make the island tick; the factors that establish Mykonos as a global showcase and powerhouse.

SUMMER 2016 | 69

given the law of reciprocity, everybody should give something back, practically or metaphorically. Naturally, I don’t mean a monetary transaction, since this happens either way and to a large extent. I am talking about a direct or indirect physical or metaphysical contribution, i.e. the exchange of energy that springs from the concern about the place itself, each place. And, at the end of the day, a contribution that doesn’t necessarily need something in return – like that which a parent has for his child and vice versa. Obviously, I am talking about love. And, unfortunately, so far, I have seen only a few people who have this intention. his publication principally aims to draw attention to these concepts because right from the start it has been our intention to contribute something. Understandably, you’ll wonder: “But honey, aren’t you in it for the money too?” Well, if I denied that, I would be lying; it would have been against the nature of business itself. Because, in reality, that’s roughly the nature of business, and the mechanics are not as complicated when you analyze the basics. You have to make something and then sell it to someone at a price higher than the production cost. That’s all… but about a million details. And these details are up to you. Because, as someone has very wisely noted, “Every project is a self-portrait of the person who created it. Hence, sign your name with eminence.” Each one of us is one’s own quality control. Individually and collectively. Only attention to detail will bring profit or edge you out of the market. According to Aristotle, “Quality is not an act: it is a habit” and here we practice this habit or this practice has become a habit, because it’s no longer enough to create the most products or the largest range of products; we are here to make the best products. And quality does not stop with the product itself. Quality is nothing more than constant attention. Constant vigilance in everything. In every nut and bolt. In every packaging and coating. In every process. Attention to detail. That is to say, quality is never a coincidence or an accident; a fortuitous event. It’s always the result of great attention and focus, sincere effort, clever orchestration and skilled execution. In short, it represents the wise selection of choices and alternatives. Eleven years ago, we started our publication and brought others out of their stupors; we whet their appetites. This year, not including the digital rubbish floating on the island in the form tablet apps, the number of magazines about Mykonos has reached 6, 7, 8 (!) – I have lost count really, whilst



“Every project is a selfportrait of the person who created it. Hence, sign your name with eminence.”


n the cover Island sexcapades, by assilis itoulis

it’s possible that there will be even more next year. Don’t go West, the Greek Eldorado is here! You’re gonna ask, “What’s your problem? What are you? Are you after a monopoly?” Of course not. It’s a free country. Business is business. Oh come, all ye faithful by Virgin Mary’s grace… but miracles don’t happen these days. Au contraire, competition is good to separate the wheat from the chaff. Sooner or later, everyone follows the leader and, at the end of the day, if your job is to be on show, you are on show. “Scripta manent”. Writing remains. A fair field and no favour. By the way though, I’m itching to ask: if you don’t have the time to do a good job from the beginning, where on earth will you find time to do it in the future? If you can’t do a quality job from the beginning, how will you pay someone to add the quality afterwards? Listen to this then: the consumer (and that goes for the whole spectrum of products and services) is no fool. He can discern the huge difference between the almost correct and the correct, between the good, the better and the optimum, between the “so-so” and the sublime. The idealist believes that the short-term is of no value. The cynic believes that the long-term is of no value… However, the realist believes that whatever happens or remains half done in the short-term defines the long-term outcome. Personally, I’m a realist. In the short-term, quality defines the long-term positive outcome or profit - call it what you will because the consumer does tend to forget how much less or more you’ve charged him for your product or service. What he surely remembers is how well you’ve done your job. I’m not a prophet, but I am making a prediction. In the years to come, the mediocre and the slipshod, in relation to what takes place on the island, will not prevail. Quality will win the war. As mentioned above, this year’s Confidential is dedicated to all these things that are worth writing about: to all those people – those people, that is, who don’t wait for life’s tempest to abate in order to venture out, but who have learned to dance in the rain. An arresting handbook about the people and things that can competently steer the Mykonos galley; a portrait gallery featuring the most interesting profiles and stories of people who add true depth and character to their community; a continuous testament to why Mykonos is a representative exemplar on a global level, a cultural engine of great horsepower.

Enjoy your summer reading!



n a distinctive brand new shop, on the island's most commercial street, in Matoganni, Roberto Coin's elegance and creativity is reflected in every precious creation of the famous Italian jewellery designer. From 1996, the brand's foundation, the most renowned Italian jewellery artisans, bring Roberto Coin’s romantic and borderless imagination to life through their skills, telling his story through unique jewels that truly become works of art. Each piece, by Roberto Coin, is the result of a thorough process, a journey among different cultures and multi-ethnical influences, through the world of nature, between echoes of the past

and projections of the future. The capability to transfer the most varied experiences, dreams and perspectives into the jewels, characterises the brand’s collections with an unmistakable mark of identity and uniqueness. Considered “The King of Gemstones”, Roberto Coin signs each one of his pieces with a small ruby cast inside the jewel, in direct contact with the skin of the one who wears it. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents the message of good wishes that the Italian designer dedicates to his passionate clientele. Discover the lucky ruby for yourself, in all the precious collections of the top Italian designer, which you'll find in the brand's new conceptual store, in Mykonos.

Matogianni St. 34 Matheou Andronikou St. Mykonos Tel. +30 2289 300739


thE Talk. .MEMOIRS .INSIGHTS .NOTES People talk about Mykonos like it's an old lover. People talk about Mykonos like it's a place you should visit before you die. People talk about it like it's a playground; a mythical place; an island where dreams come true. People talk about Mykonos like.... You know what we say? Let them talk.



Lefteris Giovanidis


On page 74


It's all about balance. PAGE


SUMMER 2016 | 73

From Delos to Mykonos. BY Lefteris


In Tom obbins novel, Still Life with Woodpecker, written in the early eighties, the protagonist, a rich eune premier, when his airplane reached its maximum altitude, would then decide if he would land in Ibiza or Mykonos.


he reference is made to comprehend that the celebrity that is Mykonos is not today’s or even yesterday’s news. The previous incident, even if it’s fictional, happened almost half a century ago. Although at that time, it was an attraction for the few, international celebrities, today, the dilemma for the summer holidays, Mykonos or something else, is of concern not only for the famous, but for millions of people. As a matter of fact, if we limit our interest to us, the Greeks, in the last decades, visiting Mykonos has taken on the nature of a pilgrimage. Have you been? Yes, as a student… You haven’t been? How come? The truth is, historically speaking, that from a tourism perspective, even if it’s an anachronism to use the term tourism, a 20th century term, for previous times, that today’s Mykonos was “discovered” by European travellers from the beginning of the 18th century. The Frenchman Turnefor, that stayed in


Mykonos for three months, wrote his impressions in a book in 1704. How did the early French cosmopolitan get here? It was the time that interest in ancient Greece was peaking and the well-to-do intellectuals would come to see up close, the place where all those great deeds, that they had only read in books, took place. They might also have been envoys and emissaries of their kings, who perceived themselves as something more than representatives of God on Earth. It was the time, that the financial as well as the cultural imperialism was beginning, which often culminated in the smuggling of antiquities to the metropolis. So where does Mykonos come in? It was the “landing” to visit the greatest open archeological site in Europe, Delos. This adjacency would make Mykonos a place of interest, that in the two centuries before the twentieth, had a lot of visitors. And what did these people see? What did they see in Mykonos? Much that was interesting, interesting enough to focus their gaze and keep it focused. Simple people, benevolent, joyous, hospitable. Beautiful people, men and women. Especially beautiful women, well dressed, competent and creative. Small houses, clean, well tended, alleys

that protected you from the sun and the wind that gusted over the island all year round. And if they ventured further out in to the countryside, they met patient farmers, that made the barren land of the terraces bear fruit. They would also see in the countryside, the “villages” as they are called still, the estates that had all the kinds of livestock and all the amenities of the times. The well, the threshing floor, the vineyard. This is where the farm people lived all year round, in the estates, in the villages. So, the travellers were impressed by the fact, that while they had come to see the remains of an ancient civilisation, they realised that a living civilisation existed two miles east. From Delos to Mykonos. Somebody who visits the island and doesn’t live only during the night, will find that the previous description fits today’s Mykonos as well. And let’s not forget an unknown side of Mykonos. The island’s archeological sites, important legacies of the past. Herodotus wrote that Egypt was Nile’s gift. Making an analogy, one could say that contemporary Mykonos is a gift from Delos. Honouring this cultural past of the island, we present this year, through all the summer in Chora, Antigone by Sophocles in English.

While they had come to see the remains of an ancient civilisation, they realised that a living civilisation existed two miles east.

SUMMER 2016 | 75


The ambassador.



He has proven to be over the decades a business man with a restless mind. The exceptional brio with which ostas Skagias approaches new concepts does not only make him a good businessman but a very communicative person as well. This is the combination that creates a dynamic profile. And yet a successful one, as it has been shown by all of his former pro ects. So, the American Chamber of Tourism surely could not find a more ideal associate on the island. Entitled since as the Ambassador of American Chamber of Tourism for Cyclades suits him perfectly.


hy did the American Chamber of Tourism choose you as its Ambassador for Cyclades? Being on Mykonos municipality’s tourism committee and as a representative of the municipality’s consulting firm and after a highly successful and fruitful collaboration with them in the framework of the actions scheduled to promote Mykonos, the President of the American Chamber of Tourism, George Trivizas, chose me to formulate the strategy and organize the hosting of the world’s top rated reality TV channels in terms of viewing figures, Keeping Up with the celebrities. In order to undertake the overall supervision and organization of the project, I had to be officially appointed Ambassador of American Chamber of Tourism for Cyclades. And that’s what happened. How did your role as a representative begin? I had worked on many different levels prior to being made responsible for the representation of Mykonos. Initially on American television network NBC’s Travel Cafe episode featuring Greece and


later on the shooting of the movie The Kings of Mykonos, which in both cases went extremely well, with very positive results for the promotion of Mykonos. Meanwhile, the organization of trips to the island by foreign journalists and travel agents necessitated the presence of a local representative to make sure everything was running smoothly. Since then I have undertaken the implementation of many projects to promote the island, doing everything possible to facilitate procedural matters relating to these visits. What do foreign visitors expect when they first come to Mykonos; what pleasantly surprises them and what vexes them? I don’t want to believe there are things that our foreign visitors find unpleasant. After all, the island has professionals with a high level of awareness, who are very good at what they do and are able to meet all the expectations of tourists. Mykonos’ fine reputation is a tremendous legacy to uphold and we all do everything in our power to safeguard it. As for what one expects to find on the island, I would say first and foremost the true meaning of holidays. Rest, relaxation and entertainment. Where tourism marketing efforts should be focused, given that Mykonos is already a very popular island? First of all the island’s branding and secondly by highlighting the other aspects of the tourism product, namely culture, tradition and gastronomy. What can the mayor do to promote the island abroad? Konstantinos Koukas is a young man with fresh

Mykonos’ fine reputation is a tremendous legacy to uphold and we all do everything in our power to safeguard it.

ideas and knowledge. This alone serves as a guarantee that his initiatives to promote Mykonos will be effective, particularly when one considers that he is supported by worthy associates who combine experience with an appetite for work. Please relate some experience with a celebrity which is etched in your memory. When Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones were visiting the island they had gone shopping in the main town, Chora. He stayed behind on the veranda of my former, some years ago, establishment, Camares, which at the time had received an award for its cocktails – to enjoy a drink. Cruise ship passengers recognized him and I soon found myself quite alone, as a horde of women pushed past me to speak to him. When they finally managed to get up close to him, they said “you’re the spitting image of Michael Douglas!” and he, laughing, replied “Yes, so everyone tells me”. What do foreign visitors expect when they first come to Mykonos; what pleasantly surprises them and what vexes them? I don’t want to believe there are things that our foreign visitors find unpleasant. After all, the island has professionals with a high level of awareness, who are very good at what they do and are able to meet all the expectations of tourists. Mykonos’ fine reputation is a tremendous legacy to uphold and we all do everything in our power to safeguard it. As for what one expects to find on the island, I would say first and foremost the true meaning of holidays. Rest, relaxation and entertainment.

From right ostas Skagias, Ambassador of American Chamber of Tourism for Cyclades with George Trivizas, resident of the Hellenic American Chamber of Tourism, Elena ountoura, Alternate Minister for Tourism of Greece and Marcela Bacigalupo, Minister of the National Secretariat of Tourism, Government of araguay. SUMMER 2016 | 77

Art, Pray, Love. INTERVIEW BY Eliana


Just before her first sculpture presentation in Mykonos, Della ounick speaks to MC about art, God and the island from where everything started, and where everything returns.


his year you are engaging yourself with a new art form, sculpture, but with familiar subject matter. What was your initial inspiration? At some point we had taken a trip to Delos with my husband, Pierre Trudeau the Prime Minister of Canada, and Chrysa from Filippi’s. We visited the museum, saw the phallus of Delos and I placed my hands on it (what was I thinking?), while my husband took my picture. This was the inspiration for the first painting I made with this subject matter. The phallus of Delos with my hands on it. Of course, my first impressions of the phallus came much earlier, in 1973, when I first visited Thailand. There were these enormous phalluses outside the temples, and women would kiss them, decorate them, anoint them with perfumes. Something clicked inside of me. I was young, and wondered what that was. But it was the Primordial God, the God of Life. Because the phallus gives life. The phallus of Delos was also sacred; in antiquity, symbols of the phallus were placed outside all houses like good luck charms. However, my works do not only portray a phallus: the first painting of this series was exactly the opposite of what it looks, it is a prayer. That is why it is called “Kyrie Eleison”. It is the unification of prayers from all religions. So there is a religious dimension to your work? Religion is the starting point. I always used to go to church to pray, but not only to churches, but to mosques


The natural feeling of the decorative items made of wood.


SUMMER 2016 | 79

and Buddhist temples as well. I would see people on their knees and take pictures, while I also asked passersby to photograph me. And one random day, as I was praying in a mosque somewhere in China, I saw the reflection of my neck, the section of it that looks like a phallus. While religion has divided all the people on earth, all religions are united by one commonality: babieser. When we pray, everyone prays to the same god. In general, do you believe in a connection between religion and art? Man’s love for Art is his love of mimicking our Creator. God did it like this, and so will I because I can. Art has sacred foundations. It is the only thing that connects us to our Creator. How did you decide to move from painting to sculpture? The idea of sculpture has always been with me. The way people who saw my paintings interpreted


them depended on their character. Few were those who saw them and said, “Now, this is a prayer”. Most people would say, “Ah yes, Della who paints phalluses”. It bothered me to hear that. So I decided to sculpt and show what I am thinking from a different perspective. At some point I met Thanassis Lalas, and he told me that in addition to paintings, he also made sculptures. I asked him how, and he said plasteline; and that was it. It was like my hands were set free. It is a hard material that you mould, and then work with clay. I also still had my armature from art school in Mykonos, it was rusty. And that was sort of how it all began. I have now learned the entire procedure, I have even learned to sand down the plaster in my own way. Most people sand it down dry, while I send it down using water. Then you take your work to the foundry and other people take charge of your baby. And you watch over the process like a mother, so that

All religions are united by one commonality: prayer. When we pray, everyone prays to the same god. they do not damage it. I call my work “babies”. They are my babies. When they are finished, I kiss them. Did you always know you would be involved with art? As I child, I did not draw. In 1985, when I married my husband, we lived in the same building as the Museum of Modern Art, the old MoMA; I even knew when they were moving a painting. One day, as we were sitting in the living room and I had a book from a Van Gogh exhibition on my lap, I started sketching his portrait with my pen. My husband saw it, and said, “You are talented”. I do not think there was any talent in that sketch, but my husband was very clever, he wanted to find something to promote me. He almost forced me to go to art school. The Art Students League of New York, the biggest art school in New York, was located very near our house. I started drawing in 1989, but that did not turn out the way I expected because I was drawn to oil painting. I was drawn to the smell of oil. However, I did not know how to mix the oil with the paint – I would put too much oil and my teachers would just pass by and say, “You’ll figure it out”. The oil would run down the canvas and I would use my fingers; now I laugh because these are the precise movements I make with my fingers on my sculptures. In the past you have written love poems, and for a while you also wrote for various magazines. What is your relationship with writing? I have been writing poems since high school. Along the way, sometimes I painted my poems. I would take them out as if they were pages from a book. That is why at school they would call me the “Warehouse of Ideas”. One time I confessed to one of my teachers, the acclaimed international artist Richard Pousette-Dart, that in addition to painting, I also wrote. And he told me, “You do not have to decide which one of the two you will do. You have a Siamese art inside you; they have one heart. If you cut one, the other will die too”. What role does Mykonos play in all this? The most important role. As soon as my house in Mykonos was finished, in 2004, I placed my painting of the phallus of Delos and my hands opposite the door. The house is in Houlakia, where there are some

SUMMER 2016 | 81

big stones. I also found a very beautiful stone in the shape of a phallus, and two smaller rounds stones, and placed them there, under the painting. It is a natural sculpture. I have been thinking about these artworks, and wondering where to put them. I opened the window, I would look at the sea and Delos in the distance, and I would see them come out of the sea. I can still see them. How does this island influence artists? I first came to Mykonos in 1971 as a model for Galatis. I always wondered why the people over here were a little crazy, always happy. Because back then, there were fewer of us and you could tell who was crazier than the other. I believe the sun is to blame. Because there is a lot of rock on Mykonos, and rocks absorb energy, like water heaters. All day, the island absorbs solar energy. And sometimes at sunset, turning away from the sea, I would see the stone emitting rays, waves, attracting their energy. It is a combination of the wind blowing in your ears and messing with


your sense of balance, of the energy emitted by the rocks, and of the different rocks on Delos. There are places in this world that are like open passages, through which you can communicate with the heart of the universe. And you will ask, does this happen to everyone? No, it does not. But you have be aware of what is happening around you. What do you love, and what do you pity about Mykonos today? I do not pity anything. Mykonos does not only belong to us who started it. It belongs to those who come as well. I like to sit at home and look at Delos. To take my bag and go to a quiet beach. Besides, it was us who made Nammos, we were the first to get up on the tables and dance. Now, it is their turn. I like Panormos, Kalafatis, Santa Marina where I have friends. I like Agios Sostis, but also the Super Paradise bay. Many times I go alone; I write, I read, I sketch. I am here four months a year. Are you enthusiastic about sculpture? Would you

like to continue? Of course. I have my art in my hands, because I like the touch. Until now, I used to say that I have done everything in my life and that “I would not mind leaving, I am full”. Now I pray and say, “Oh Lord, give me ten more years so I can finish this series”. And I want to say something to all women: look into yourselves. Nobody knows what it's inside. And it is never too late. Being a socialite, you had an exceptionally intense social life. Do you regret the years wasted on superficial pleasures? Yes, but let me tell you something. They were not a waste. The years you are referring to, were the most creative. The sculptures may have surfaced about a year and a half ago, but the ideas have been incubating inside me ever since. It is impressive how quickly you completed them, one would think you had started earlier. That is not entirely accurate. As I said, I have been nurturing these works for years. In fact, I wondered to myself, “Della, what is it that makes you start something you have been putting off for years”? And the answer? Circumstance and timing. Many different things have to come together at a given moment, and all the great things in life are a matter of timing and circumstance. But people can create the right circumstances, their fate. With their intuition. You can guide your intuition wherever you want, with much thought. And if you really want it, it happens. How could I see, so many years ago, where I would put the artworks long before I had even made them? And how could I be so sure? Because I could see them coming out of the sea right before my eyes? In my case, the right circumstance was me finding out about professional plasticine. I became a member of the Cycladic Museum, and that also influenced me. For two winters, I took classes with Katerina Zaharopoulou and five other artists in my house. And I have the impression that all of this contributed to me making the decision and saying, “Now I want to, therefore now I can”.

I call my work “babies”. They are my babies. When they are finished, I kiss them.

Never let an old flame burn you twice. BY Vassilis


assilis oulias realizes that the strong winds of Mykonos do not blow out an old flame, but actually flare it up.


ummer of 1979, aged 16… destination Mykonos! The ferry arrives at the port after a seven or eight hour journey… and a boat comes to pick us up. It was windy and the sea was wavy, but who cared about hassles back then, whether big or small. The aim was to get to the island at all costs. Hotels were few and far between, and the search for available rooms had just started to become a challenge… The locals opened their home to tourists, and so they did with us; we stayed with an old lady and some Italians. Some slept on the sofas in the living room, and others on the kitchen floor or in the yard. For breakfast, we had warm goat’s milk, eggs


with cheese and Greek coffee made by the little old lady, who spoke no other language apart from the language of the heart. To get to the beaches, we would either take the small boat from Platys Gialos all the way to Elia, where there was one small tavern, or we would take the bus, which was a risk in itself as the roads back then weren’t constructed. Of course there were no parasols, loungers, etc anywhere, but who was afraid of the sun back then? The first thing I did was go to BILLY BO and buy a thick weave, loose fitted, khaki cotton sweater – a bestseller at the time – a pair of balloon flannel yellow trousers, a matching sleeveless yellow T-shirt and yellow plastic sandals! Who would have guessed that the following year, and for three consecutive years, I would work at that store and would experience the most wonderful, carefree summers of my life, while also meeting the star personalities who visited the island and dropped by the legendary boutique, from Valentino and Gianfranco Ferré to princesses and top models, such as Pat Cleveland. I still remember the sound of high heels clicking on the Mykonos streets, a world full of glamour and glitter. I would sit on the steps of Nectar next to Angora, where Kessaris is located today, and just watch the people pass by for hours… that in itself was lots of fun… I then became a stylist and the photo shoots began… countless photo shoots and Mykonos, with its incredible light, became an endless location… From Alefkandra to the rocks of Paranga, from Panormos to Agios Sostis, which back then had a small stream that made it seem more exotic. We spent the evenings sweating and dancing until dawn, either at Zouganeli’s legendary Nine Muses on the port, or at Remezzo and MAD. At these places we all became one big bunch of friends… besides we had much in common, amore than anything our youth. Fernando would make the rounds, take countless pictures, print them in black and white the next day (today these photographs are considered collector’s items) and people would look to find themselves and

Of course there were no parasols, loungers, etc anywhere, but who was afraid of the sun back then?

buy the relevant ones. Then there was the rough side of Mykonos in the 80s and 90s… the drug scene. For some, they were as necessary as life itself… and for many, this life was lost. Many survived – including myself; and today, almost 24 years clean of every mind-altering substance. Everybody knew, even the police, about what was going on under the hippy awning of Agios Sostis, when it was still only for the elite few… the sex, drugs and rock ‘n’ roll elite. Today, there is a 12-Step Group meeting at Matogianni every week, if that says anything.

pposite page one of the models who walked on the SS catwalk, wearing a divine retro outfit.

SUMMER 2016 | 85


he years went by and Mykonos was changing… and so, towards the end of the 90s, I also stopped going. Along with many others, I started saying, “there goes the island, it is not what we once knew, everything has changed” etc. It was not until a few years ago that I thought of revisiting, and it felt as if I had been reunited with an old love. The flame was still there, as if it had never gone out. Besides, how could so many memories just vanish… waiting in line for the telephone at the port to call home and asking our mother to send some more money… sleeping on the rooftops when there were no rooms or beds to be found… countless late nights, dancing and so much laughter… Yes, much has changed… Filippis has become Hakassan, Vengera is now Kessaris, Billy Bo is Follie Follie, Pierros is still a faddy place and Rena of Ftelia became a TV chef… I remember she would make us peel our own potatoes, it was so busy. Zahos has stopped coming down, because if you have been coming to Mykonos from the 1930’s, well then there are only so many changes you can bear. Yet there is one thing that never changes, and will never change… the energy of this island, with its strong gusts of winds that surge through you and make you feel lucky and blessed to have been born in this place… and to find yourself on this magical island.

Who is Who Vassilis Zoulias is a fashion designer and founder of the haute couture fashion house, Vassilis Emmanuel Zoulias. His Spring-Summer 2016 collection, entitled “Women in Mykonos Through the Decades” was a fabulous journey from the 1930’s to the 1980’s, with the wonderful Island of the Winds as a backdrop. You can find his collection at Tserkov Store in Chora (30 Kalogera Str. +30 22890 77161).

Yet there is one thing that never changes, and will never change… the energy of this island. 86 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

assilis' extensive collection of vintage photos is proof of his long-lasting love affair with the island.

SUMMER 2016 | 87

Open doors, open hearts. BY Panagiotis


anagiotis Sopiadis, General Manager of Bill Coo Hotels, reflects on the beauty on the island, trying to find the true definition of hospitality.


f you have seen the sun rising at the lighthouse, if you have taken a dip in Mirsini on a windless day, if you have taken refuge at Tigani in the middle of a hot day in August, if you have had a coffee with the fishermen by the sea, then you know. You know that Mykonos has not changed. It has not worn another person’s clothes. Nor has it let itself go. Mykonos still lives and breathes according to its own rules and rhythms. A walk through the narrow streets of Mykonos town may lead you to the conclusion that today the island has allowed international food chains and top fashion brands to take hold, but the truth is different. Mykonos is an island in celebration, and when you celebrate you open the doors of your house wide open, and welcome all your friends. In the same way, there is room for everything and everyone here, and everyone is welcome. And just when you think that there is no restraint and the island is losing its identity, you suddenly realise that whatever has no value, does not last either. Investments worth millions have vanished over the


Mykonos is an island in celebration, and when you celebrate you open the doors of your house wide open, and welcome all your friends.

course of one summer, and others stand strong against the test of time. It is not easy for me to explain the dynamism and aura of the island, and perhaps I do not even want to. Many times we choose to leave questions unanswered to allow for an indistinct charm to surround us. The age of the effortless Greek hospitality, the one that is famous across the world, has perhaps come and gone. There are few places on the Island of the Winds, and throughout Greece for that matter, where the door of a house will open to offer a glass of water and some homemade dessert to a complete stranger. This reality has been replaced with hostels and hotels built with comfort and relaxation in mind. Sometimes showcasing the local architecture and other times creating something new, these places welcome guests from all over the world. Only a few years separate the old lady in the port who was trying to sell her “rooms to let” to foreign tourists, and the tourism agency that booked airplane and ferry tickets via the telephone, from bookings via apps and e-checkin. In the car, on the way to the beach, I think to myself and smile: As long as the tang of the tomato grown in a taverna vegetable garden by the sea coexists with Asian ingredients and special cuts of meat from South America, as long as virgin beaches exist beside beach clubs that offer the finest of services found in any private club across the planet, and as long as the traditional “rooms to let” can be found just a few metres from internationally acclaimed hotels, then this island will exist, and continue to be a great international hotspot. A choice for the weekend with a private plane and mega yacht, or with the ferry, carrying the savings of an entire winter in your pocket.

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Art Attack. INTERVIEW BY Petros


Micha Cattaui raises the flag on Art. etros Bourovilis meets him on Mykonos.


o you travel a lot? I do, for exhibits mostly; this past year I had two solo exhibits, one in Germany in Cologne, and the other in Amsterdam. Where’s your base? In Athens, actually; since 2007. And before that? Switzerland. I was moving a lot; I was also living in the Philippines and in the States. A nomad. I am equally a nomad as I am blood wise; I have many origins, Greek, Egyptian, and God knows what. Nice kick off. Let’s talk about origins. A Greek mother, Maria Livanou. Of the well – known shipping dynasty? Yes, from Chios. Mind you though, she’s not in shipping at all because she decided to go down a more political route. She used to be Secretary General of the International Chamber of Commerce for ten years and prior to that, Managing Director of the World Economic Forum, who does the Davos Symposium.


She was there for over 20 years and now she is basically running Open Society Foundation. She does a lot of charity work, so shipping was definitely not on her menu of interest. How come not on your menu? I would probably be the worst ship-owner ever, because I am more in love with the aesthetical side of the ship than the business side of it. When did you realise that you are made for arts? It is interesting, actually, because one is related to the other regarding shipping. Spell out please. Basically I went to Art School and studied Industrial Design as a product designer. For me Industrial Design is really what design is. Where was that? In the States, the Rhode Island School of Design which happens to be one of the best schools in the country. Long story short? Industrial Design for me is problem solving rather than trying to design something and adapt it to usage. Ergonomically wise speaking? Exactly. So, if you identify the problem, it will dictate the design rather than the opposite and for me that’s what a successful design is, which, by the way, I never manage to do. So this is my background, which I believe helps a lot in the way I do pieces of art these days, because I mix materials that technically do not match, they just don’t work together. Exemplify please. I work with rust and I match it with plastics. There

you have it: dead materials and alive ones, ‘because I consider rust alive as it does transform in time. Which gives reason to how I got into art; as I love ships, I decided to take a small part of a Greek ship, the Greek flag, and do flags out of rust… The Greek Crisis symbolism? Prior to the crisis, this goes back in 2005, in my defense, so there is no pun intended. That is what I started, doing big flags, a mixture of fiberglass and rust, and did a series of them, one of which, actually, had an exhibit in Germany in 2012 where I did an extremely rusted Greek flag, peeling, with a very healthy German flag behind it. I was being interviewed there and the lady goes because I call the piece “Thank You”, “as a Greek you must be very grateful for the aid Germany is providing”. I said, “No, that is not why it is called “Thank you”. It is called “Thank you” for the “fakelaki”. She goes, “the what”? And I go, “in Greek you have this term “fakelaki” for the

I like to be somewhat controversial and critical of our times, which is what I believe is what art should be about.


envelope, because mind you, behind every scandal in Greece, there is a German company involved. Thank you”. She published it anyway. You put always a message in the bottle? Most of my works are either political or social commentaries, or basically poking at consumerism, and so on, I like to be somewhat controversial and critical of our times, which is what I believe is what art should be about, it should be a reflection of our times. What came next? A series about breast cancer and the consequences of mass consumerism on our health. After that, a series called “Masterpieces in bits and pieces”, which is about the appropriation of art, either by museums or by private collectors and who has a right to own, when art becomes cultural and who defines when art becomes cultural. Who in particular? Well, that’s the whole piece. But do you have a specific answer for that? I think it would be pretentious for me to have one. In other words, I think art obviously belongs to a culture, not art, and the culture belongs to everyone. So I would rather answer your question with another question; take the British Museum, take the Elgin Marbles… Take’m. We should be honored as Greeks that they keep them, and it is almost part of the British culture now if you think about it. And who can tell the difference between a plaster replica and the original? Granted, sure, they have a home, chiefly the Acropolis Museum, but instead of fighting it, let’s embrace it and find a common ground to share the Greek culture, rather than fighting it. Well, it seems like a great way to spread the word. Recently there was a piece of the marbles that went to St. Petersburg for the opening of a big exhibition and instead of denouncing it, we should be honored that Greek culture was at the opening of the St. Petersburg exhibit. So to answer your question, no one owns a culture, you cannot own a culture. First of all, who owns Greek culture? The antiquity culture has nothing to do with modern Greece, so who are we also to claim? And look what we have done with it. We are in Mykonos right now, so see what we have done already... Well, the Gods did that. There you go: we still do keep a relationship, a bond with antiquity. Of course we do. I am just pulling your leg. And you’re doing that as Greek or Egyptian? I will answer your question differently; I have a Greek wife and I have a Greek mother in law, so that makes me pretty much 100% Greek.

Left page euro shot , x-ray, metal print

SUMMER 2016 | 91

No Pharaonic blood count at all? My father was Egyptian but he left, back in the early ‘50s, for political reasons -as many people left- so they moved to Switzerland. I never really felt Egyptian, I mostly grew up with my Greek family per se side of things, so it is a little confusing at times because I tell people I am Greek, though I do not speak Greek and my last name is not Greek. And your first name Russian. Gotcha! Micha comes from “Michalis”. Ok Michalis, what are you doing in Mykonos? Well, we are here at this amazing place, our first here. (He suggests the brand new Bill & Coo Coast at Agios Giannis beach). We came here to Mykonos because I am looking at doing a small exhibit here in September, so I came to see both the space and what would work as pieces. What kind of work are you thinking to bring here? Well, I am looking into it; I have done a series that it will actually be presented in Athens (back in May – June), which is maybe once again a little too controversial. Well, isn’t that your mojo? It is dealing with weapons, the industry and hypocrisy. First of all, I showed this in Germany, but I will be showing it in Greece, they are life vests made of cement. Refugee inspirato. Obviously it is for the refugees, but the usage of cement is more on the burden that it has when you save somebody, now you have the burden to make sure that they continue on the right path. The irony is that a life vest symbolizes the saving and the cement the weight on your shoulders after the moment that you have saved them… A heavy duty indeed... Exactly. It is your duty now to follow through on helping them. Does always your work transcend an idea or your message? And, if so, does it bother you when, sometimes, fails to do so? No. No, I think as an artist I hate having to explain because I would rather people see what they want to see and then sometimes they see it completely differently than I do. And as a matter of fact, most of the time they actually do see something I didn’t, which, by the way, I like. Is there an objective way to judge an artwork? No. So it is subjective? Completely. I mean, yes, in the same way, how would you see this? I am not the one receiving questions here. For me the number one thing is to create a conversation. I aim to create a conversation, regardless of ending up to be a disagreement. I think that’s what art should do,


stir up feelings one way or the other, and people talk about it. And I think that’s when the piece is successful. But success isn’t also defined by the critics or the art market, in banknotes worth of a piece? Moreover, how do you feel about the art critics? What is your experience with this side of art? Career wise, at the stage I am now, one would say that I sell very good, even compared to other artists. In other words, there are pieces that I enjoy doing that are critical of the situation, but I couldn't say that they do necessarily decorate a living room, because I am not sure that is something that most people would want to have in their house. So critique-wise has been positive, but commercially, it depends. Would you like to be commercial? I would love to be a little more commercial, but I can’t really work on anything that doesn’t inspire me. So in your case is acclaim, kudos over money. Why not both? It is not about money. Obviously one has to make a living, and it would be wrong to say that money is not of interest, of course it is, but that is not the issue. I think what drives me more is the message, do I get my point across, and do I raise awareness? The series before that was about breast cancer and mass consumerism and it was to raise awareness. Elaborate please. For example, people think with breast cancer it is just «δεν πειράζει ρε παιδάκι µου» (he speaks in Greek – oh well, never mind) you will just go and get the little fake tits and you will look super. ∆εν είναι αυτό. (It’s not that at all). The scars left on a woman from such a disease are forever and I think there is a lot of lack of understanding and lack of screening, and this and that, but hopefully -through this exhibit, and as an artist- I will draw awareness for people to get checked and understand this disease. Now the other problem of this disease and why I did this, is because, for example, 80% of antibiotics sold in the world are not for humans, they are used in the food industry. Elaborate please. I mean a chicken goes from an egg to the shelf in the

I would love to be a little more commercial, but I can’t really work on anything that doesn’t inspire me.

Top Scars Scares , 5 location shot x-ray duratrans, lightbox ight tour de force , 5 mixed media on polyester fiberglass

supermarket in 29 days; they tell you that antibiotics come out of the system of an animal - because they do feed them with antibiotics - after 40 days, but the chicken is on your shelf in 29, so you are eating them, and this is why we are also becoming immune to antibiotics and we will be dying shortly of super bugs. Anyway, this whole series was about that, raising awareness. Talking about money, I meant it as a confirmation that your art is of value, like it goes generally nowadays. If an artwork is sold for millions, then the perception is that it has to be good, right? I do not abide by that either. But this is how it goes. It is supply and demand, it is I want to have the same thing my neighbour has. Numerous great artists have succumbed to commissions for doing artworks that matched the wall colouring or the sofas in the living room. Would you go for something like that? Of course I would. What about the message in such a case? Would it go down the drain? Because I judge it difficult


for messages like yours to go along with the ideology of an order… Of course, but that’s the commercial aspect of selling the actual work. I am not going to do a work just to be more commercial. I am going to continue doing what I am doing and if I can make it somewhat more appealing and even dealing with subject matters that are sensitive, yes, that would be a success for me, but I would continue trying to be controversial. Because maybe you are as a person? Possibly. Why is that? Oh, you are going to have to ask my therapist. Are you doing therapy? No, but I probably should. Probably. Besides you have a Greek mother in law. Between that and a priest, I am covered; I have all the help I need. Actually, art is therapy. Meaning, psychologically wise, that maybe you need to be the centre of attention? Not necessarily. I like to actually learn something from others by disagreeing. For example, when we go to dinner -and I get in trouble with my wife, of course, about it- and if I find the conversation boring, I would start disagreeing with everybody just for the sake of it, just for having fun as a conversation. But, of course, very often I bury myself. Most of the time, I do not believe in what I say, but you create a conversation and you learn something from it. Provocative strategy, that is. Like your weapon. How long did it take to do it? A lot, because actually the way it is done is first I do the weapon. What I mean is in this case I ordered the weapon; it is a decommissioned Kalashnikov, but I ordered it the same way that the Paris attackers did, they ordered decommissioned guns online and they recommissioned them; it does not take rocket science, and it is completely feasible. Obviously that was not the intent, but I wanted to go through the same procedure as they did. Then I created the crescent and I took the piece to the hospital and had it x-rayed and so it is actually an x-ray of the gun and the crescent. The idea of the X-ray is to see it within, as an industry rather as an object. What does your wife feel about your work? Oh, I call her my anti-muse. Actually, that is not fair at all, she supports me very much, meaning she gives me the space I need, which I am very grateful for. Does she follow to your travels? She used to. But now that we have our little daughter it’s getting more complicated, let alone expensive. Which path would you like your daughter to follow? Have you ever thought about this?

That is the thing I love about being an artist, that even when you are not around you leave something behind. No, we have not. She says she wants to be a radiologist because she sees X-rays through my work. Why not? Of course, obviously, she has not wrapped her head around the idea yet. When you were a kid, were you guided or imposed by your parents to follow a certain course? Do you think my parents were happy for me to go to Art School? You tell me. They are still arguing about it, so to speak. Their initial reaction? Well, actually, when I said that, my father died. He did die actually that very day. For God’s sake, you blew him to heaven?! I hope it is not related. No, unfortunately he had cancer, but I had just come back from being accepted in Art School and I told him and… No, they were very supportive, my mother is very supportive. Besides my father was a collector actually. Of what kind? Mostly of Egyptian antiquities and so had he still been around, he would have loved the idea. What happened to the collection? Some pieces are in museums, we have donated quite a few, so we do not have it, it is basically around; some my mother has but anyway, it is mostly in museums now. How do you see your future in five or ten years? What would you like to be known for? With the chemicals I breathe every day it would be great if I am still alive, What kind of chemicals except the X-rays radiation? The fiberglass, the sanding and all the rest; it’s pretty serious stuff. Ok, for argument’s sake, let’s agree that you will be around in a decade or so. That is the thing I love about being an artist, that even when you are not around you leave something behind -hopefully that does not go in the trash- but you leave a little bit of you behind. A legacy, a mark, to make a difference, to change the world for the better?

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I do not have that pretension. I would love it, but it would be pretentious to believe it, to make a difference. You never know. You never know, of course, but I would rather not live in disappointment by having failed in that mission, if I set that goal for myself. Afraid of failure? I think failure is fantastic as an artist. Really?!!! Really; because, as an artist, if you are successful then you become arrogant. You have to be arrogant actually, because you are dealing with subject matters that often are very sensitive and if you are insecure, you cannot get to the point. You have to be somewhat arrogant, but for me I am not there yet, I am on my failure side of things. A failure continuum wouldn’t lead to depression? No, it drives me. When I mean failure, one has to define what failure is. What is? Failure is going to a gallery, asking to be exhibited and they turn you down, that is one thing, but this is

not a personal failure. At what point are you now, who are the beggar’s opera? You or the galleries’? Neither. Right now I am represented by a German gallery, called Mirko Mayer in Cologne. Of course I would like to have other galleries in cities such as London or New York, of course, by all means. Have I gone with my portfolio under my arm to do it? No, I am too scared of the answer, obviously. What is your idea of happiness? Happiness is very simple; actually, it is looking forward to tomorrow rather than yesterday, not living in the past; if it makes any sense. It is like somebody asked me what my favourite museum is and it is simple, it is the one I have not seen yet. It goes the same for happiness, what makes me happy is a feeling that I will find out the next day. Is there a personality from the modern world in your field that you admire? I would say Jasper Johns; he is an incredible artist, still alive actually. You know, there are a bunch of great artists,

foreigners, on this island, who had come like 40 – 50 years ago and they fell in love with Mykonos, never left, still alive actually. I am completely antisocial; I would love it; if it wasn’t for my child that needs to go to an English school, I could do that in a heartbeat.

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Oblation to Mykonos. BY Christos


Christos ambounis is a writer and ournalist. In he cofounded with his sister, Avgi ambouni, the publishing house Fereniki , which is publishing his 5th book, blation to Mykonos this year.


e usually write books we want to read. Also, first we get to be alive and then write. Finally, there’s this sense of human futility, as books live longer than their authors. When I was getting on the plane last September to attend a friend’s birthday party in Mykonos, there was no inkling of what would follow. A recent breakup had prostrated me psychologically and the last thing on my mind was to write anything. And then, the miracle happened. After a extremely pleasant night at Hakason and the Stars, like a spring that suddenly gushes, I got


pen and paper - yes, I write by hand - and started to tell a story featuring a barman and a golden heiress of a shipowner family. For obvious reasons, I changed the names of the people and the shops, because as it went on there was drug trafficking. It took me a week to realise that the plot as I’d built it was weak, so I made the necessary changes. The barman became a barwoman and the golden heiress, the male scion. Here’s an advance sample, an excerpt from the first chapter, that introduces the two central protagonists. “The distance from Chelsea to Egli is a one cigarette walk. Rolled. Violet did a spectacular dive, coming out of the famous ethnic bar-restaurant. She didn’t lose her balance, but had a small loss, the iPhone she held in her left hand. Before she bent down to get it, she took a deep drag of smoke and sighed. Had she really needed the indian food at three in the morning? Her second thought was equally negative. Did she really need the skunk after the food? “I have to go easy on the hydroponics”, she muttered to herself. Turning right at Matoyanni, she felt her mobile vibrate in her pocket. -Yo, Pericles, I’ll be there in two mins. What? Where would I find smokes at this time of night? Try the kiosk next to Louis Vuitton. What? Closed? Oh come on, don’t send me all the way to the seafront. Well, ok, I’ll go. She did an about turn and paused in front of the Dsquared2 shop window. “You’re not getting away from me”, she said to a t-shirt and a leather jacket

enthroned in the display. She was fashion conscious from a young age. All the money passing through her hands went to designer clothes, while her friends would tease her that she wouldn’t buy a toothbrush if it wasn’t a signature brand. The smart men who occasionally accompanied her knew what gifts to get her. Pericles was one of them. Who’s Pericles? Good question. The only son and heir of a merchant fleet dynasty, he got written up by the press mainly for his unstable love affairs. “The Cicciolino of ship owners” was the biting nickname that a society columnist gave him and which was adopted with lightning speed by high society. It’s a fact that not one, not two, but ten and two astrologers had “scientifically” confirmed (+150 Venus) his sexual over-activeness. It’s also a fact, that he did nothing to conceal it. Eccentric, dynamic, sarcastic but also brilliant, at age 42 his life motto was his late father’s saying: “It’s only the insecure that care what other people think of them”. Additionally, since birth, he had been an untamed animal. As a kid, he would lose himself in airports, just to hear his name on the speakers. A bit older, he would vanish without a trace, following a model to New York or a hippy to India. He loathed mingling with his own herd, while also avoiding social events and the so-called cosmopolitan islands, like the devil avoids holy water. So, how did he end up in Mykonos? Another good question. Love was the cause or to be more precise, Violeta was the cause. So, who’s Violeta? Here the bio is a bit more conventional. With a father in the military and a teacher mother, she was born in Thessaloniki and lived consecutively in four cities: Alexandroupoli, Athens, Mytilene and Veria. In 2003, together with three classmates, they celebrated their graduation from high school in Mykonos. This was after two months hard work as a fruit selector for Venus, a relatively well paying job. When she first set foot on the island of the winds, the 17 year old northern Greek girl suffered cultural shock. Her good fortune provided her with a meeting with Zinon of Egli, the day after her debarkation. The place of their meeting, the alternative beach of Agios Sostis. The occasion for the meeting, the game of beach tennis that the four country girls attempted to play. The seasoned Zinon quickly read the gils’s potential, who with excessive politeness apologised for her unseemly conduct. In the next five minutes, he asked her if she would like to do a test run in his bar. -Gladly, was her one word reply. The test run became permanent, resulting in Violeta learning that she had been accepted in the school of Mechanical Engineering of the Thessaloniki Polytechnic, outside the supermarket Flora, where she had gone to buy sanitary napkins.”

Past perfect. BY Spiros


The history of the Meletopoulos family in Mykonos dates back to late s, when my great-grandfather Alexandros married Maria abanis of Lorenzo, thus explaining the name of the outdoor garden cinema, Maria A. Meletopoulou . So she would not feel far from her family home, the abani family bought the neighbouring house I grew up in near Aghia yriaki square in Matogiannia. The old years of the island were rather rocky. There was great poverty. There was no access to money, and in order to help and support the business ventures and not only of her co-villagers, Maria set up her own informal bank with the moral and financial support of her husband.


lmost all Mykonos locals borrowed money from Maria, which they then returned in kind, or with the legal interest rate. From the books in my possession, it seems that everyone honoured their agreements. My story begins in 1965. Then, and for many more years, we walked barefoot, had swimming races along the coast, took excursions by boat, smeared trees with bird lime to catch birds, watched inappropriate movies from the wall of Lito Cinema, played football in Agia Kyriaki Square and slept early, because in Chora the lights went out at 11 in the evening. It was another time, in another Mykonos. Imagine the island unbuilt, without an airport, empty beaches and no shops in town – at least not so many – and you will start getting the picture. Then, the island attracted the people who could “see” the divine beauty of Chora. In fact, the island started its career from here – this was the diamond, and the beaches of outstanding beauty followed suit. Today, this diamond has been worn out. Many parts of Chora have been degraded, and the aesthetic pollution is tragic.


The island is still well-known thanks to its internationally acclaimed private enterprises, along the coast and the nightclubs. Yet here, there is a distortion. Chora has worn itself out, and has based the development of the island almost exclusively on valuable private initiatives such as exceptional hotels and inventive centres/restaurants. In the future, this may turn out to be a mistake. Because these successful business might not be here tomorrow, and all we will have left is a neglected town. We are in urgent need of an aesthetic upgrade. Inelegant places attract the respective people. Elegant places, attract other types. When you step into a church, or an internationally acclaimed shop, do you not lower your voice and behave appropriately? That is the way it is. Our surroundings dictate our behaviours. Upgrading a space is like upgrading the quality of travellers who visit. Ideas abound. Places, such as Plaka around the

Acropolis in Athens, have been upgraded with great success. So that I do not delve into an analysis of possible interventions to showcase Chora, I will say just this: let the town look like it once did (architecturally and aesthetically). Relevant photographs exist… And this plastic white paint needs to be banned within Chora itself, and instead, materials similar to asbestos should be used. Stores should only be allowed to sell items from inside their premises, with maybe a small display stand outside. The café-restaurants along the shore should have a unified aesthetic regarding awnings, chairs and pergolas, and they should not hire people to attract customers. All shop signs should have a similar look. No more exterior spotlights, etc. Today, Chora is like a gorgeous chic woman who has been dressed in second rate clothes and makeup… What a pity! But who is going to face the political cost of making such a drastic intervention? The capable Municipality seems to be able to… I hope so! That’s all. I’m going swimming!

From the books in my possession, it seems that everyone honoured their agreements.

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It’s All About Balance. BY Jeffrey


As long as the souffl rises, don t worry about the earthquake.


actually never cared much for soufflés, and certainly am not a fan of earthquakes, but somehow that phrase popped into my head when Mykonos Confidential graciously asked if I’d write a piece about our island for its Summer 2016 issue. If I’ve learned anything from my years of creative writing it’s that when the muse beckons, listen. So, armed with that image of a soufflé, and my commission to capture the essence of modern day Mykonos compared to my memories of thirty-plus years past (I shall not say how many “plus”), I set off on my quest. As the serendipitous Fates would have it, I found inspiration on a glorious early June Saturday afternoon in a gala birthday party thrown by two of my favorite people at a beach club synonymous with the best of the modern day Mykonos experience. It came to me in a vision of epic proportions, laid out almost as clearly as the day’s cloudless bright blue sky and sparkling turquoise to ultramarine sea, with all the necessary characters in place about me ready to play their parts amid the perfect setting for telling the tale. Thirty years ago, one of the owners of the birthday celebration venue first visited Mykonos. It was a very different time. But then again, so too were the days thirty years before his initial visit. Back sixty years, Mykonians impoverished by World War II and Greece’s post-war conflicts struggled to scrape by anyway that they could, be it in the island’s barite mines, off the land or sea, or from a fledging tourism industry.


Beach life as we know it today did not exist, and the best land was viewed as agricultural, away from the seashore. It was daughters who inherited the seaside land…but that’s another story. By 1986 beaches were popular, and tavernas sat close by many. But rarely did a hotel, sparingly a home, and none of the clubs in the form we now take for granted. Today, their absence is an exception, growing more so every year. Whether that’s good or bad is not for me to judge, just observe. And so I shall, through these snapshots of some of those who came to celebrate on that Saturday afternoon. The party celebrated the 50th birthday of one of the island’s pre-eminent restaurateurs, one half-of a couple that’s infused the island with grand ideas and exquisite execution. It’s not been easy. It never is for new ideas to take root on such gritty island ground, or to survive the trampling down and nibbling away by the nature of the beast known as island ways. That creature thrives among herds of old allegiances and family ties conditioned to keep new ideas and their practitioners at bay. The story of the birthday boy and his partner’s successes on the island is one of determination, skill, and flexibility, not unlike that of the two who created the birthday venue, for each couple measures its businesses on the island in terms of decades rather than generations. In other words, they’re newcomers. So how did they succeed? To me the answer is simple: They grasped the shifting desires and tastes of the island’s clientele, while never losing sight of Mykonos’ natural beauty as its quintessential draw, and that staying in synch with the unique physical and psychological nature of the island is paramount to success. Respect for its beaches and the constancy of its architecture is what makes Mykonos the draw that it is, not trendy foreign tastes attempting to make it seem like somewhere else. Madison Avenuestyle display windows imposed on classic Cycladic

structures—and their rapidly spreading minimalist modern progeny—are not thinking outside the box, but an unimaginative denigration of the island’s historic natural beauty. Visitors come not looking for the shop or bar or fashion they know back home. They come looking for Mykonos. Those who hosted the party get it. That is why they prosper. And they also take care of their people, both employees and guests. It is the essence of Mykonos hospitality: an appreciation of people.


hich is precisely what that party was all about, friends from around the world gathered together to celebrate in a place of joy. I saw old faces and new. Greeks, non-Greeks; gays, non-gays; locals, non-locals; rich, non-rich, all there in abundance listening to 80s music, grazing on modern cuisine, drinking what they desired, wearing as much or little as they wished, dancing, sunning, playing, perhaps even praying, but all smiling and doing whatever made them happy. I stood watching old Mykonos stories being remade by the young in their own words, and though time will fly by for them surely as quickly as it has for me, I can assure each one that those memories will always remain the property of their maker—and just as fresh as the new memory I most cherish of that afternoon. It began as a flashback to more decades ago than I care to remember, when one of the island’s great foreign beauties was captured au natural windsurfing at sunset. The photo became a postcard, the image a legend. She’s a grand friend and great lady who emigrated here long ago, and represents so much of Mykonos’ past. We sat chatting through much of the party, and deep into the late but still hot afternoon, as the happy hordes danced poolside, and the drag queen show drifted off into memory, she slipped away to poolside, dropped her wrap, and slid into the pool the same as she once

The book follows up on “Murder in Mykonos” as Greece’s #1 best selling English language novel.

appeared on that postcard. Not a soul turned to gawk, or say a word. She did it as unnoticed as a golden, falling leaf. I looked beyond the edge of the pool to buildings going up on the other side of the bay, each so out of touch with the island’s natural beauty and past that one longs for them to crumble. Then my friend emerged from the pool, dried, and gracefully dressed, demonstrating her propensity for creating memorable moments out of the simplest of ingredients. Much as a determined soufflé will rise against the earthquake. Let us all rise.

Who is Who Jeffrey Siger is an American living on the island of Mykonos. A former Wall Street lawyer, he gave up his career as a name partner in his own New York City law firm to write international best-selling and award recognized mystery thrillers that tell more than just a fast-paced story. They are aimed at exploring serious societal issues confronting modern day Greece in a tellit-like-it-is style while touching upon the country's ancient roots. The New York Journal of Books wrote, “Siger is one of those rare writers whose finger is always on the pulse of modern day upheavals. He is never afraid to tackle and expose uncomfortable subjects--subjects most writers avoid...a master story teller.” “Santorini Caesars,” coming in September 2016, is the eighth novel in his Chief Inspector Andreas Kaldis series described by The New York Times as, “thoughtful police procedurals set in picturesque but not untroubled Greek locales.” His latest book follows up on “Murder in Mykonos” as Greece’s #1 best selling English language novel, and the critically acclaimed, “Assassins of Athens,” “Prey on Patmos: An Aegean Prophecy,” “Target: Tinos,” “Mykonos after Midnight,” “Sons of Sparta,” and “Devil of Delphi.” Jeffrey also serves as Chair of the National Board of Bouchercon, America’s largest mystery convention, and as Adjunct Professor of English at Washington & Jefferson College, teaching mystery writing.

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One man show. BY Ada


aris, at the Escada show room. Charismatic, kind, humorous and ready to travel to the edge of the world for more inspiration, Daniel Wingate, Escada's Fashion Director, impressed me immediately. Mostly I was impressed by his simplicity, his intelligence and his acute mind. I liked his last name because it made me think of the 'gateway that brings victory' and it seemed that he might be lucky for me, since he also designed a beautiful dress that he gave me in aris for my exhibition about Greece. n the occasion of his great love for Greece, he started telling me about his adventures on the island. Soon enough, we made arrangements to meet up in Mykonos. During his most recent holidays, we organized a photo shoot at his beloved Spilia Seaside, and we talked about what he loves. ut simply, he loves Greece.


an you remember the first time you came to Mykonos? Yes! It was 14 years ago; I remember most the amazing energy, the kindness of the locals, swimming in the Mediterranean Sea and how I had never experienced such beautiful waters anywhere else. I was addicted! What do you usually enjoy on the island? Everything; Mykonos Town with its wonderful shops, bars and harbour. The many beaches; Agios Sostis where I love to be at Kiki’s and see Vassilius or perhaps Kiki herself; Super Paradise & Jackie O' where I visit my friend Christos in charge of the


Jackie O' boutique; Agia Anna for its quiet beach and the wonderful food at Spilia by the owner, Manos. Your best trip to Mykonos: Always my last one! I know you prefer the most primitive side of the island. Tell us some things about that. During the day, sometimes I prefer to be low key with friends and enjoy the island’s beautiful natural setting. Therefore Agia Anna or Elia are great. The days are a nice contrast to the evenings, which are always full of dancing and delirium! Tell us some things about your last trip. It was wonderful! I invited a dear friend who had not experienced the island before. We had great fun hopping from beach to beach, shopping from store to store, and dancing from club to club.

Have you ever been to Delos? Yes, years ago. This year, I hired a private boat for my friends, and we sailed around it for the day. Tell us a story about your experiences in Mykonos. There are so many! But my most memorable was taking a boat to a remote island behind Delos and having a barbeque on a deserted beach for a friend’s birthday! This was the most perfect day ever! What are your favourite places on the island? Kessaris jewelry to visit my dear friend George, the Jackie O' beach or bar, Kiki’s restaurant for the grilled mushrooms and pork chops, and Spilia restaurant, because everything there is sublime! Why did you choose Spilia for the photo shoot? I was introduced to the owner Manos three years ago by my friend George. My first lunch there was perfect; the setting, the food, the hospitality. This for me is the epitome of perfection! So I wanted to be photographed on my favorite island in my favorite place – thank you Spilia! Which famous person, from the arts, business or history, would you invite to the island, and why? Jackie O' herself. Firstly, I would love to have met this fascinating woman, and I would love to show her how her name inspires so many people to dance! If you could, what would you change about Mykonos? Nothing; perhaps I would fulfill my desire that one day, Mykonos might become my home. Why did you decide to make an item of clothing for Greece for my exhibition? Did your inspiration come from Mykonos? Yes, I was excited about the project, and Greece always inspires me when I am here so I wanted to give something back. For me, this dress represents the amazing history and beauty of this country, in every way. What makes a person successful? Determination, vision and luck. A motto from Mykonos that you keep in your heart: Philoxenia – a word that encapsulates the warm feelings I experience from the Greek people every time I visit!

The days are a nice contrast to the evenings, which are always full of dancing and delirium.

Tribute to my three mothers. BY Giannis


A self-taught painter, decorator, clothes and ewellery designer, author and amateur singer, Giannis Galatis is a multitalented person who lived and identified with Mykonos like no other. Most, if not all, of the celebrities who set foot on Mykonos passed from his house on the island. This year he opens his family album for MC and pays tribute to his mothers - all three of them.


was born by my mother… and I was reborn by my sisters. I’m proud to have grown up with my three mothers. My mother was a Mykonos matron, always in the spotlight, she had courage, she was a leader. I loved my father because he was sweet and calm. My three mothers would protect me, were proud of me and were sure that I would become a star that would illuminate the whole family. I was a sensitive artist with moral balances. My mother would tell the whole family that I would succeed, she knew it. We were nine siblings and I the youngest was their baby. I grew up with so much love, which is why I have reserves of love and I scatter it generously to the people, I believed in the proverb “Your parent’s wish comes true”. Their memory soothes me and I miss them. I look at the creative path of my life and I’m proud that I was raised by three heroines, collaborators of Lela Karayanni in the Greek Resistance against the Germans, suffering


torments from the conquerors. They were proud of me and I’m proud of them. They really helped me in my career, as they were working in fashion and they gave me their knowledge. And most importantly, they were decorated for their contribution to the country. Real heroines, so I created in the Katerina Galati mansion, our home, a hall named “Anna - Frank” (Anastasia - Fragiski), that I offer freely to artists, to honour them. How lucky I am, that I was raised, supported and helped by three mothers.

My three mothers were proud of me and were sure that I would become a star.

Giannis Galatis' mother and sisters is a recurring theme on his sketches and paintings.

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La Vida Local. BY Evgenia

N. Chanioti

n an island that is constantly moving forward and changing appearance, three locals, Gioris Ftelianos, Stravalogas the Tsampouna player and Nikoleta ydaki, preserve tradition with their bare hands.


n the way to Ftelia, there is no way that it does not grab your attention: there, in the middle of nowhere, stands something strange, an incomprehensible but impressive creation that treads the line between structure and artwork. If you observe it closely, you realize that there is only one façade. And if you look across the road, you will see the small building materials workshop that created it. In this way, the pieces of the puzzle start falling into place: a local artist decided to set up a handmade “doll house” opposite his workshop, a tribute to his love of sculpture but also to the traditional architecture of the Cyclades. It seems that time has not touched his passion for the classical and his unquenchable thirst for creation. The perfect beauty is hidden in the simplicity of his structures, living reminders of traditional village architecture. He sculpts with his hands, the wind leaves its final touches. The architectural heritage of Mykonos, endangered by the monsters of contemporary design that are being built all over, remains alive in his hands. Gioris Ftelianos is an… ecological architect. And how could he not be, since the materials he first used – and still continues to use – are the pure gifts of nature? From using donkeys as vehicles and oxen on the plough to help him construct structures of classic Mykonian architecture, to the imposing marble that he can now tame with his hands and carve with his tools, today the 67-year-old confesses that he has “been consumed by marble”.


The façade (featured on MC's cover for 2012) is an odd but impressive creation.

He grows up on Rhenia all alone and learns how to play this musical instrument to perfection.


travalogas, the Tsampouna player”, Dimitris Koukas by name. A Mykonos local with two tons of spunk comes from the deepest traditions to revitalize, with a unique peculiarity and sensitivity, a Dionysian joy through the primeval sound of the tsampouna bagpipe (or bubble, goat stomach). At the age of ten, and for the next nine years, he grows up on Rhenia (the gorgeous desert island next to Delos and Mykonos), all alone. These are magical years, he experiments and learns how to play this musical instrument to perfection… with the starry night sky and the groans of breastfeeding seals as his only companions. Twenty years old, he gets involved with construction and soon becomes a great artisan. Later, as a contractor he resolves difficult architectural projects with success. At the same time, he harmonizes his daily routine with the sounds of the tsampouna, playing and singing local traditional songs at many fairs. At 93 years of age, he boasts a loving following, similar to how the Mykonos locals worshipped their musicians at the “casinos”, the so-called gatherings that began on the day of the Epiphany and lasted through Carnival. Large indoor spaces where the locals would bring their goodies, and the party would begin. Days and nights dedicated to music and dancing. The Tsampouna player remains unchanged by the passage of time; he continues to play the bubble and sing, like a fine red wine that only gets better with age.

The tsampouna is a doublechantered bagpipe, with no drone and is inflated by blowing by mouth into a goatskin bag.

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Spiderwoman. BY Giannis


Meet Nikoleta ydaki, the weaving spider, whose prey is her own inspiration.


nique and unmatched, at 75 she's keeping the tradition of handmade authentic knitwear alive, born all these years on the loom. From sheering the sheep, to winding it up on the spindle and distaff, finally ending up on this magical instrument, where the weaver creates colourful ‌shawls and scarfs or sweaters or anything else imaginable. Special and eccentric, a witty presence on the island of the winds, full of energy, she amazes you with her sharp memory, her humour recounting incredible happenings and tales of half a century of Mykonian weirdness, slanderousness, plotting and many more "noir" events. She began when she was 11 years old and at 13 she was working like a star. She finished second grade in elementary school and immediately became one with the loom, every day for 60 consecutive years (the only one from that generation that finished elementary and high school, was Panagiotis Kousathanas, the wellknown subtle writer). "The loom is hard work", says Nikoleta, "as everything has to be done by hand". Things have become harder now. There's a shortage of Mykonos wool, the Naousa textile mills closed five years ago. The wool now comes from Italy. Tireless, with a hot passion for the loom, she signifies an era that is coming to a close. She doesn't give up, despite her personal tragedies and anyone who wants to learn more about the Mykonos of that time, can just pay her a visit. She has a lot of stories to recount, over her only true love, the loom.

Tireless, with a hot passion for the loom, she signifies an era that is coming to a close 108 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

Another God Lives Here. BY Thiros


A slave to the magic of Mykonos for more than four decades, Thiros anellopoulos, owner of the successful leather good company Thiros separates Mykonos into four eras.


THE PIONEER ERA Some point in the 1970’s-1980’s Mykonos suddenly becomes known by the most special people. Galatis was the first, with his boutique in Manto. He was followed by a crowd of youngsters, who were ahead of their time. Babis Pasaoglou, with his first bar, Ibiza. Vlassis Bonatsos. The great Billy Bo. Makis Zouganelis with the legendary Remezzo, Kostas Zouganelis with Nine Muses. Pierro’s with its gay crowd. It was a time of free love, without prejudice, with joints circulating everywhere. The beaches were magical; Paranga, but also Panormos, with all-night parties every full moon. I have seen Vlassi, Anita, Ioanna (my sister), Fotiadis and a dozen others walking around Matogiannia dressed in maharaja costumes. It was the time Michael Jordan graced the basketball court, we listened to Dire Straits and Duran Duran, and drank Tequila Sunrise and frappe coffee. If you wanted to have sex, the narrow streets around Paraportiani church were the best choice. 2. THE LOBSTER SPAGHETTI ERA In Matogiannia you could now see all manner of Greek celebrities, front covers of lifestyle magazines, business men, weekend posers with their lifted collars, trendies, slutty girls, dopey guys, old school beauties, wealthy Athenian youths, students on school trips. The Promised


Land for anyone with any sort of anthropological curiosity. A host of villas/mausoleums were built everywhere, some with questionable aesthetics, and others simply amazing. The trendy beaches now include Kalo Livadi, Panormos and of course, above all, Psarrou. For those of us sensitive to the magic of the island, we still had Agios Sostis and the gay side of Elia. During this era, many were at their peak: Petros Kostopoulos, who played music at Sea Satin every night and soon enough the four tables turned into 50 – 100 with Mimis in charge, Babis Pasaoglou, who moved to the enchanting Astra bar, the best bar on the planet, Caprice, Appaloosa Bar Restaurant for those in the know, and Nikos Varveris with Interni. 3. THE CRISIS ERA The greyest era of the island. Everything on the island had all fifty shades of grey. Prices plummeted, and wherever they remained the same, anger and frustration abounded. Many big names lost their houses, and those who kept them stayed behind closed doors. The island’s nightlife was obviously calmer. The only thing still shining and glittering was Nammos in Psarrou, with its continuous events. Paranga is finished, as is Panormos, Kalo Livadi was not my style anyway, and even Caprice closes down. The new trend is Alemagou on Ftelia Beach. 4. THE RENAISSANCE ERA And suddenly, in 2015, everything changes. As if touched with a magic wand, Mykonos became what we always knew it was. New places, expensive places, begin opening again, with Scorpios at Paranga leading the crowd. Once more, Mykonos is attracting the initial core of people who belong to high-society and the legendary international jetsetters follow suit. As expected, prices soar once again. The island’s magical places, however, still are and will remain unchanged. The corner of Kessaris and Aroma in Matogiannia. Astra, with its great music. Little Venice,

Mykonos was the Promised Land for anyone with any sort of anthropological curiosity.

where the sunset is fit for fairytales. Or the sunset in general, from whichever place. The bougainvillea, which you just cannot get enough of. Paraportiani, the most-photographed church in Greece, which has been standing there for more than four centuries. Appaloosa for food, open during the winter months as well. The gay side of Elia beach. And finally, Agios Sostis, the beach sculpted from lava and sand. No parasols, no loungers, no beach bars – only Kiki’s taverna, which stubbornly, still has no electricity.



ontinuing to create new standards of perfection and innovation, Belvedere makes its brightest appearance yet! With a limited edition bottle, Belvedere Silver Saber Vodka, the devotees of the exclusive nightclubs in Mykonos, now have a new favourite! The specially designed bottle, tailor-made with the name of your favourite Mykonos spot, is available in selected top night clubs on the cosmopolitan island, such as Jackie O’ & Jackie O’ Beach, Cosi, MONI Club, Paradise Club, Alemagou Bar-Restaurant, Scorpios, Madon, Rock N’ Roll and Tropicana. An extraordinary idea, Belvedere Bespoke, is a unique opportunity for the fans of the Polish super premium vodka, to enjoy this premium spirit at their favourite hangout. The collectible Belvedere Silver Saber bottle stands out with its unique silver, metal design and the innovative led technology that enables the eye-catching silver bottle to remain luminous, while dancing the night away. For generations, the Polish distillery of Belvedere Vodka unites in the best way tradition with innovation, with Belevedere bespoke being just the latest example. A true feast for the eyes, and the perfect décor for the VIP table in exclusive nightclubs, for unforgettable summer moments. Enjoy responsibly!


Please Drink Responsibly





The word "new" could be anything but a surprise on this island and that's why you need to have good antennae. Ours! So, open your ears -eyes actuallyand receive all the coolest vibes. BY The

MC Team | PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis Dimotsis





Micha Cattaui

on page 137


You saw this First. PAGE


SUMMER 2016 | 113


A successful project has much potential to expand and strengthen its vision. And the Nice n’ Easy team took this idea to heart by creating Nesaea, a new gourmet hotspot in Aghia Anna, which will feature the mix of traditional island cuisine with elegance and creativity. Always true to the organic approach of the Nice n’ Easy restaurants, Nesaea’s menu crosses oceans far and wide while also staying true to local produce, transforming them into fresh delicacies which you will not be able to resist. AGHIA ANNA (KALAFATIS), +30 22890 72130


An opening to organic flavors.


Gialos reloaded Gialos, from Paraportiani church to the Old Harbour, is changing in appearance. The creative intervention by Minas, the famous artist-jeweller, takes the form of new street lamps and benches that will adorn this area. For the last six months, Minas has been working feverishly

The brand new setting of Sotris Boutique at the also new akkan Mykonos.

on this project, and in fact, pro bono. As expected, the designs are a well-kept secret and will be revealed soon. This initiative was only made possible through private sponsorship, and each sponsor will have his/her name marked on a street lamp, with priority given to Mykonos locals.

39 Happy shopping The cosmopolitan hot spot on the beach at Kalo Livadi boasts the must-visit fashion boutique of the summer. The glamorous opening of Sotris at RAKKAN Mykonos beach bar/restaurant has welcomed all fashionistas in search of that special something. The inspired setting features wood, stone and minimalist details with the gorgeous beach as a natural backdrop. Highlights include must-have items by famous brands, airy dresses, unique swimwear designers such as Norma Kamali, wonderful kaftans, classy handbags, shoes and a huge collection of original accessories. KALO LIVADI, SOTRIS.GR

Entrance to luxury


Who said that our homes and private spaces do not need renovation, much like every wardrobe? Pomolo, the new store, is here to guide you on this journey of renewal, and can breathe new air and style into your summer house, your home, or the work or leisure environment that means the most to you. Surrender to the variety, and take your pick between the large range of products on offer, from toiletries, glass cabinets, curtains and fabrics, to made-to-order cushions, awnings, doorknobs and handles. In a sense, everything you might need, even things you had not even dreamed of to beautify everything around you, can be found here. (KORFOS, +30 22890 77800) SUMMER 2016 | 115

The new state-of-theart store is a meat lovers' paradise.




Who could have imagined that the most talked-about arrival on the island this year would be a butcher shop? In the case of the Drakoulis Meat Open Project, this description is not enough to do it justice: here you will find selected fine meats from around the world, the rarest breeds, the finest cuts. Admire the new state-of-the-art store with its amazing display cases, impressive fridge/chamber with shiny yellow bricks (in reality compressed Himalayan salt), which gives the meat a divine aftertaste. We will say no more; a visit to a butcher shop may not have been part of your itinerary, but now it must be. ANO VRISI (MY MALL), DRAKOULIS.GR

The new Lia is here! LIASTI BEACH RESORT

The much-anticipated opening of this summer brings you to Lia beach, where Liasti is to be found. A stylish meeting place where you can taste Mediterranean flavors and exotic cuisine in a captivating atmosphere. In addition, Liasti Beach Resort is also an oasis of relaxation. Enjoy being pampered by experts with beauty treatments for the face and body, and then carve out a moment of relaxation in the boutique as you explore the excellent selection of clothes, accessories and jewellery by exclusive international brands. And when the sun goes down, the party begins with music and dancing under the stars. LIA, +30 22890 72150, LIASTI.COM

36 Arrivals of great style and concept.

35 Unlimited experience

Fusion temptations EBI TEMPURA BAR It all started when Rana Zana tried Ahmed Ahmed’s cooking, spotting his talent and his exceptional ability to fuse fine Japanese flavours with hints of contemporary European cuisine. When he shared his dream with her, to open his own restaurant, the decision was made immediately and without hesitation; the idea of considering cosmopolitan Mykonos as a location soon followed. And that is how a Tempura Bar made its appearance on the island, and more specifically, at the new Livin Mykonos hotel – because a collaboration like this needs a perfect setting to match. For this unique Tempura Bar, the boutique setting of this luxury hotel was an ideal, post-modern fit. LIVIN MYKONOS, DRAFAKI, +30 697 901 9584, LIVINMYKONOS.GR


We met Rakkan in Athens, which has been keeping us alert; sometimes with its renewed Asian inspirations and other times with its exceptional multi-Asian brunch, a delicious ritual that offers a completely different and unique experience. This time, our attention has been grabbed by Rakkan’s sibling, a new venture making its first, dynamic steps on Mykonos scene. And of course, the surprises do not stop there. Rakkan Mykonos is in complete harmony with the summer, island feel and invites guests to join in by relaxing on its comfortable loungers under the parasols or on the Chinese-style sofas, indulging in the amazing dishes, the nargiles and enjoying heavenly evenings filled with music and idyll.. KALO LIVADI, + 30 22890 72243, RAKKANRESTAURANT.GR

SUMMER 2016 | 117


Eat it up to unfold a gourmet tale.


So precious and delicious

LUCKY FISH An authentic Mykonian setting, dressed in white, Lucky Fish is a new taste concept created by Dimitris Daktylidis, whose experience in gastronomy on the island is a quality guarantee. In a prime location in the heart of Chora, right next to the bustling Matogianni street, this new restaurant focuses on fresh fish and seafood and completes its menu with healthy, gluten-free vegetarian offerings, thus satisfying the most demanding palettes. Leading the kitchen is Chef Alexandros Apostolou and his creative team, while the serving staff’s smiles enhance the restaurant’s friendly and hospitable atmosphere. 6 NIKOU KALOGERA STR.


Taste one thousand and one nights with the menu of hoenix.

What could be more refreshing and alluring than a dish of chilled tabbouleh, followed by an exotic fattoush salad served with marinated Shawarma chicken? In a sophisticated setting, a backdrop of white and with endless views of the Mykonos harbour, the Phoenix Lebanese Restaurant & Sunset Bar serves Lebanese dishes with a Greek twist. The atmosphere of the East is conveyed

through the delicious flavors and aromatic smoke of the traditional hookah pipe swirling through the air. This setting is best experienced during the sunset hours, surrounded by the magical colors of the Aegean accompanied by the taste of Lebanon. The next review is certainly yours after your visit!



Summer is all a-round Indeed, if we are talking about a Pareoo beach towel, one from the amazing Strogili collection (strogili means round in Greek). We love these amazing round towel and especially “Chora”, which portrays the emblematic image of the island, the A unique experience of ensho fine dining at the stylish restaurant.


30 The Awakening KENSHO HOTEL & SUITES

On an island that boasts the best luxurious hospitality options, being able to stand out and make the difference is not only a challenge, but also great achievement. And yet, the brand new Kensho Boutique Hotel & Suites managed to become the new talk of the town within days. Inspired by Cycladic architecture with hints of minimalism and luxurious finesse, this new design hotel bedecked in white features 35 state-of-the-art rooms and suites –most with a swimming pool of Jacuzzi – a spa centre, and a wonderful restaurant with views of the beach. ORNOS, +30 22890 29001 & 78788, KENSHOMYKONOS.COM

It's all about you- only you



When the time for “sacred” relaxation rolls around, then it is time to turn to the experts. And the brand new Nefes Spa & Bath, which may also be the reason you will fall in love with My Mall, a new multi-services destination, is the ideal stop for anti-stress remedies such as calming massages, hammam baths, body scrubs and moisturizing treatments. So do not waste any time and indulge in this unique invigorating experience for the body and the mind. Besides, nobody ever regrets a good pampering session. MY MALL, ANO VRISI, +30 22890 22967


Are you ready for the ultimate example of barefoot luxury on Aghios Ioannis beach? This is Bill & Coo Coast Suites, the brand new project of Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, featuring 15 roomy suites almost touching the beach. Without losing their sense of refinement, they embrace the sea, facing the sacred island of Delos, the magnificent sunset and the blue seascape of the Aegean. Whether 30 or 45 square meters in size with private pools, all the suites share the luminous white of the walls, wooden details and bespoke furniture, which add an artistic touch to the spaces created by K-Studio. And the natural feeling continues at the taverna, with gastronomic surprises created by the talented chef Michalis Kikis and his team, right next to the sea.




The best view of private hospitality.

Heaven of tranquility ANAX RESORT & SPA

A private oasis overlooking the vastness of the Aegean.


Embracing the best Mykonos has to offer, the Anax Resort & Spa showcases an unconventional “made in Greece� concept of luxury. In a privileged location in the centre of Aghios Ioannis, the brand new luxury resort captures the magnificent essence of island living, with its elegance, simple decor, airy interiors and expansive terrace open onto spectacular views across the azure Aegean waters. Sumptuous in its white interiors and rounded archways with the occasional dash of color and contemporary furnishings, this heavenly microcosm sculpted in stone and wood spreads across the exceptionally designed maisonettes and suites that feature private swimming pools, bright and spacious areas to excite the senses, atmospheric bars, a restaurant and Wellness & Spa Centre. A flawless example of laidback and luxurious island life. AGHIOS IOANNIS, +30 22890 77600, ANAXMYKONOS.GR

Art meets hoteling in a design miracle.

Cheers to... BAO'S

Revolutionary and adventurous, Mykonos keeps her legends alive. It has embraced personalities like the well-known to locals, Pirate George Bao, a great defender of Mykonos during the first revolution on 1770. The little island right across Little Venice was once his lair. From his den Pirate Bao looted and overruned Turkish ships anchored on the narrow passage between the two islands. As a reward for his noble services, the little island was given to Heroic Bao and ever since bears his name. Today a new legend is born. Deriving inspiration from the mythic figure of Bao, the homonym Cocktail Bar comes into existence, with the aim of writing glorious history. In the spirit of its namesake hero, Bao's, rebellious and unconventional in nature, with daring cocktails and epic music from around the world becomes today’s hideout for a true Mykonian adventure.



Your next retreat

Drink up the island's brand new experiences.


It creates a new myth of the island's nightlife. And you will definitely drink to it.

Unlimited Taste


Maybe it's aspiring to win some of the glamour of the renowned Onassis island, which was at the time, the centre of the international star system. What Scorpios has certainly earned, is to bring Paraga beach back to the forefront. Not without reason. Who wouldn't want to see the high standards beach bar-restaurant, designed by the K-Studio architectural firm, with a contemporary bohemian aesthetic and a laid back ambience, a worthy successor of the aura ot without reason. Who wouldn't want to see the high standards beach bar-restaurant, designed by the K-Studio back ambience, a worthy successor of the aura of San Giorgio Hotel, the proud Mykonian member of Design Hotels? This is a rhetorical question. We all want to be the first to witness the grand beach project. (PARAGA, +30 22890 29250, SCORPIOSMYKONOS.COM) 124 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL


Search no more! After an invigorating fix of freshness and rejuvenation in its 18 luxury rooms and suites, Kirini Hotel – My Mykonos Retreat is further bolstering its chic boutique identity with stylish simplicity and authentic Cycladic architecture. Here, the definition of hospitality and the good life is experienced to the fullest as Kirini boasts the luxurious A. SPA, one of the best on Mykonos featuring a variety of holistic wellness services and a wonderful selection of cosmetic treatments. And it continues with Anthos Restaurant, its gourmet Mediterranean cuisine of high gastronomy, a pool-bar that boasts an idyllic Mykonian setting, as well as the best private balconies with breathtaking views of the enchanting azure Aegean Sea. A small and elegant hotel that charms at first sight. ALEOMANDRA, +30 22890 79189, KIRINIMYMYKONOSRETREAT.COM

Boasting a natural feeling and an elegant ambiance, it invites you to its own beach realm.



Panormos as you have never seen it before. And all this thanks to the new Principauté de Mykonos – Panormos, designed by distinguished architect Athanasios Kyratsous with complete respect towards the beach’s natural beauty. Its elegant architecture, plus the interior and exterior design, creates an enchanting setting by the sea. The dominant wood details blend into the natural landscape, in harmony with the surrounding water to create an incomparable Zen atmosphere. The flavours and aromas wafting out of Avgeria Stapaki’s kitchen further contribute to this feeling, as well as Georgios Papageorgiou’s warm and personalized welcoming. While you enjoy the refreshing cocktails, those who want to renew their style and look may visit the boutique that features a unique collection of designer clothes, accessories and jewellery, all faithful to the latest fashion trends. PANORMOS, PANORMOSMYKONOS.GR SUMMER 2016 | 125


In some outstanding cases, inspiration confirms the talent and resulting work speaks for itself. And Paris Valtadoros is one of those cases, whose collections have taken Mykonos by storm. A representative of the creative “new blood” of Greek fashion, he expresses his view through geometrical shapes and authentic femininity without excess. Explore his collections, Valtadoros and V, for yourself and renew your existing wardrobe while also accentuating your unique characteristics. This year’s Galactic Butterfly collection, accessories and wedding collection will be your guide, all available in his elegant boutique. GOUMENIO SQ., +30 2289300857 PARISVALTADOROS.COM

23 Style comes first & goes beyond.


An elegant trip to fashion

Her designs are the stylish expression of the island's aesthetics.


On the “Island of the Winds” the designer’s journey continues along the same lines, but takes a new course calling her own name. After Beach Me in Kalo Livadi, the designer Iliana Bassiana sets sail for Chora with a new boutique that is going to become a style destination in itself for people in the know. Greek and foreign designers are her allies, as they create airy dresses, kaftans, amazing jewellery, wonderful accessories and handmade glasses exclusively for her store, which complement the designer’s own collection of ethereal kaftans and bohemian pieces. The only thing you have to do is visit the new boutique and let the rest to her beautiful creations of clothes and accessories. They are going to travel you away... 33 KALOGERA STR., +30 22890 28708


A shiny temple of treasures ZERTEO This year, you will visit Cavo Tagoo for a dazzling reason; the new jewellery boutique Zerteo, where you will find the newest multi-coloured summer bracelets and the most elegant evil eyes in countless designs to accompany your morning and evening outfits. Their arrival on Mykonos and in particular at this luxury hotel made an impression, as they opened the wonderful gate to a world of precious and semiprecious stones, accentuated by the contemporary designs of their talented designers. Get ready to feel like Alice in Jewellery Wonderland. CAVO TAGOO HOTEL, +30 22890 77351

Note that! Can you imagine a better souvenir of your enchanting holidays in Mykonos than an accessory or special memento that will adorn your memories, as well as yourself? This is the philosophy behind the new Greek brand,

Anamnesia, which presents unique souvenirs and accessories exclusively designed by notable Greek designers with high aesthetic value, at reasonable prices. It will take you some time to choose...

11 MAVROGENI STR., +30 6971827294

21 Indulge in a world of services & class. 128 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL


Travel in past

Even if you have already visited Lena’s House, this summer gives you one more reason to enter again its magical interior. And it is no other than the reconstruction of the traditional Mykonian female costume, taken from the designs and descriptions of French traveler Pitton de Tournefort. This initiative, created and funded by the Culture and Folklore Association of the Women of Mykonos, gives an even more completed picture of the interior design, architecture and clothing of that period. Have a look and read more on p. 426 CHORA, +30 22890 22591

o Not t Miss!

Feel like home INTERNI

This is where your dreams for your personal space come true. Follow them.


There are some things that make us smile, and others that simply enthuse. The new INTERNI store featuring home furnishings falls in the latter category, when you fall in love with everything at first sight and want to acquire it all to create your own personal island oasis. Highlights include pieces designed by acclaimed designers such as Vanessa Mitrani, Paola Navone and Arne Jacobsen, as well as light fixtures by Celine Wright and an extensive collection of decorative and practical items created by contemporary designers that is renewed every two weeks. A store designed to help you create your own domestic paradise! VRISI, +30 22891 81029

SUMMER 2016 | 129


Artistic charm Ileana Makri bracelets, all hand and Alexandra Kotzamani collaborated to create a collection of evil eyes pendants and

The exquisite design of the new En Lefko Suites becomes love at first sight.

painted by the artist and transformed into an exquisite piece of Jewellery by Ileana.


16 White dreams EN LEFKO SUITES Our favourite boutique hotel in Aleomandra, Ornos, is celebrating its 11th anniversary. This year, two new suite categories are being “unlocked�: En Lefko Suites with a contemporary design that offers unique see views, and The White Suites, constructed on two levels to grant a sense of independence to the guests. Finally, a surprise awaits all guests at the highest point of the central building: in an effort to promote Greek creators, they created a boutique offering a selection of Greek garments, accessories, beach cosmetics and artworks by Greek artists. ALEOMANDRA ORNOS, +30 22890 26814, ENLEFKO.COM.GR

Wear the art of style



Are you looking for unique pieces with simple and minimal characteristics for the carefree, and classy, summer outfits ahead? Then you are looking for the new Inasami boutique. Everything you should need has been designed for you by Inas Sami, from Finland. Admire the relaxed style of her designs, inspired by the minimalism and sculptural design also evident in the new boutique. The exceptional quality of the clothes the designer creates herself in Germany are the perfect fit for the island mood you are searching for. Choose your own must-have item and add a miracle of abstract style to your wardrobe. 9 PANACHRANTOU STR., +30 6939740949

Luxury oasis MY MALL

All roads on the island lead to the brand new My Mall, the only project of this kind here. On the central road towards Psarrou and Platys Gialos, just a few minutes from Chora and the airport, My(konos) Mall is designed to make every minute a genuine delight as it features shops that boasts the biggest fashion, beauty and wellness, design and decorative brands, as well as food and entertainment. Add all of them on your list: Simple Caracters, Nefes Spa & Bath, Nassos Hairesort, airTec, Interni, 5asec, Drakoulis Meat Open Project, Marenga Milk Bar, as well as Dr. Pharmacy store and an appointment with Dimitris Papadimitriou Fetal Medicine & Gynecology. Its spacious and elegant grounds, the innovative design and the unique setting will bring you here, time and time again.

14 An island of many faces and charms.



Exclusive beauty ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS

It will take you some time to decide among all these fashion items.


It will definitely become your next stylish stop. This is where you will find the creations of ELENA MAKRI COLLECTION SS16 as well as renowned brands, exclusively presented at the ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS boutique. Boasting unique elegance and class, the boutique captures your attention with wonderful dresses, airy caftans, beautiful shoes, exquisite bags and jewels of ELENA MAKRI COLLECTION SS16. And the great selections continue with the impressive jewels adorned with semi-precious stones and the accessories of ASHK Jewelry & Luxury Accessories Collection, the new swimwear and chic cover-ups of La Perla which you can seek only here, as well as OYE Swimwear and MER''S jewelry. One visit here is certainly not enough. 19 KALOGERA STR., +30 22890 29145, ELENAMAKRI.COM

Inside its white buildings, a variety of upscale services await you.



This bright new arrival at Matogianni carries the artistic approach and seal of Roberto Coin, the famous Italian jewellery designer. Every single piece narrates a variety of the creator’s experiences, dreams and perspectives, with an unmistakable identity and uniqueness. Considered “The King of Gemstones”, Roberto Coin’s signature is a small ruby cast inside each piece, which comes in direct contact with the skin of the wearer. This magical signature, surrounded by an antique halo of legend, represents a message of good wishes that Roberto Coin dedicates to his passionate clientele. MATOGIANNI STR. & 34 MATHEOU ANDRONIKOU STR., +30 22893 00739, ROBERTOCOIN.COM

11 Sweet breeze

Following this delicious renovation in Chora, Attikoi Fournoi will undoubtedly become a favourite for even more sweet reasons. Since its creation, the Mykonos branch of the famous bakery chain has always been a necessary pit stop, any time of the day and night, for deliciously fresh and quality treats that are kneaded, produced and baked on the premises. And now, there is all the more reason to visit, given the renewed desserts on offer that will fill your day with great doses of energy and strength. In addition to these new sweet surprises, the smell of freshly-baked bread pervades the renovated Attikoi Fournoi store, open 24 hours a day, as it features more the 25 types of bread, sesame buns and breadsticks, hearty sandwiches and a huge variety of pastries. KAMINAKI, CHORA, +30 22890 77430, ATTIKAARTOPOIEIA.GR SUMMER 2016 | 133


Seize the night DOME CLUB Yet another prime example of the island’s famous nightlife. With its opening this past May, Dome Club has elevated the fun factor at Matogianni to dynamic heights. Beautiful people keep spirits high, while DJ’s keep them moving to strong beats, and we are instantly reminded of the fact that on Mykonos, the night is longer than the day and that clubbing is a great way of life. This is further highlighted by the crowds that gather around Dome’s entrance to experience the authentic rhythm of Mykonos’ nightlife. Inside the new club, loud music, drinks, champagne, dancing and a lot of joy set the stage for another unforgettable night on the cosmopolitan island. 1 MATOGIANNI STR., +30 6940779920, DOMEMYKONOS.COM

Baked delights The smell of freshlybaked bread which will lead you to the new Artisti Prozumi bakery, on the road towards Ano Mera, is only the beginning. Open 24 hours a day, this new bakery offers fresh and mouth-watering products made from exceptional

ingredients. The bakery’s strong point is none other than the homemade food, cooked fresh every day, which brings the traditional recipes of Greek and Mediterranean cuisine to the forefront. ANO MERA CR ROAD, +30 22890 71007

10 Fun, drinks and dance are dominant. 134 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

Time to relax

Zen Spa Mykonos is more than just another beauty destination; it is a wonderful way to experience a carefree day. Surrender yourself to the experts, who have the experience to fulfill your beauty needs to the maximum. Boasting facials and body treatments, massages, manicures, pedicures and makeup services, the space is designed according to minimalist Zen principles and comprises two cabins, two nail stands, showers, a waiting room and reception area with a boutique store. VOUGLI, +30 22890 28938, ZENSPAMYKONOS.GR



Antigone reveals her story on this stage KDEPPAM HOSTS THE TRAGIC HEROINE

Mykonos acquires a permanent theatrical scene this summer through the initiative of KDEPPAM, under the auspices of the Municipality. It presents “Antigone� by Sophocles, regarded as the most complete of the surviving ancient Greek tragedies, directed by Lefteris Giovanidis. It is a great opportunity for all to see the classic drama and to meet part of Greek culture through the myth of Antigone. The performance will be in English and will be presented at the KDEPPAM theatre in Matogianni, a long-standing building in the center of town. Performances will continue throughout the summer. Set design by Constantinos Zamanis, choreography by Ermis Malkotsis, costumes by Ioanna Tsami and music by Thanasis Vlavianos. The duration of the performance is 65 minutes. BOOKINGS AT +30 6932374477

The iconic ancient Greek tragedy is revived on Mykonos, performed in English.


o Not t s i M s!


06 Unique exhibits INSPIRATIONS Left Micha Milovanovich - ivotos Art ro ects. ight Della ounick's sculpture.


Aweinspiring art & events.


Dive into cultural waves

This is a sui generis collection of impressive pieces of art and concept. Admire Micha Cattaui's new stunning exhibition of contemporary art at the Stefanos Siriotis hall from 1/9 to 10/9. This exhibition is sponsored by Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge. (READ MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST AT P. 90, KDEPAM.GR)


The first official presentation of Della Rounick’s sculptures will take place on 5/8 on Mykonos. FOR MORE INFORMATION, SEE ALSO AT P. 78, FOR INVITATIONS, CALL AT +30 22890 28846, DELLAROUNICKSCULPURES.COM

t For ar ! r e v lo s

o Not t Miss!

KIVOTOS ART PROJECTS Kivotos Hotel continues to make its mark by combining travel and art. The rich artistic events of the summer begin with the solo exhibition of acclaimed Greek artist Sofia Housou in the hotel gallery, curated by Dr. Sozita Goudouna, and continue with “Lace of Mykonos”, an innovative programme that will allow visitors from across the globe to admire this special tradition. The summer events come to a close with the programme Kivotos Artist in Residence; two great artists will work on the premises and donate the proceeds from the sales to actions for the island of Delos. ORNOS, +30 22890 24094, KIVOTOSMYKONOS.COM

Monkey Business created by Micha Cattaui.

SUMMER 2016 | 137

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Be their cultural guest DIO HORIA

Over 5000 visitors graced the new cultural platform for contemporary art, also referred to as a “remarkable work by the great curator Marina Vranopoulou” by the Huffington Post. This year, even more people are expected to visit Dio Horia (Two Villages). Many will come to admire the fascinating and exciting group and solo exhibitions presented throughout the summer. Do not miss the group exhibition called “honey; love; pheromones” (24/6-27/7), the exhibitions featuring the work of Elias Kafouros («Incognito», 8-27/7) and Taylor McKimens (Untitled, 8-27/7), and the impressive group exhibition entitled “Greek Gotham” (29/724/8), as well as the special presentations of Honza Zamojski and Linda Havenstein from 26/8 to 30/9. DIOHORIA.COM

04 Myths and modern art on the agenda.


I was there!

A theatrical play on Delos HECUBA, A REFUGEE

n this stage, a play will be performed for the first time.


The ancient theatre of Delos will host its first performance in 2100 years. An initiative of the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades and the Municipality of Mykonos, the performance is called “Hecuba, a refugee” and is being staged in collaboration with the Municipal and Regional Theatre of Agrinion, starring Despina Bebedeli. Although a cultural event had been staged in the ancient theatre of Delos back in 1993, the theatre has not hosted an organised theatrical performance like this for 2100 years. The performance is based on the tragic queen’s monologues from the plays “Hecuba” and “The Trojan Women” by Euripides. The performance will be directed by Nikos Karageorgiou, the artistic director of the Municipal Theatre of Agrinion. Rehearsals are already underway and the date of the performance will be announced soon.

Luxury Villa Rentals Yachts Chartering ATHENS - MYKONOS TEL (+30 6932421866), e-mail •

Kitty J. Laios

The show must go on

Read on more 4 p. 12


The show takes place by the swimming pool at the Elysium Sunset Bar. Beyond the expectations of a hotel performance, it could easily staged in an international. Evey day the music begins as soon as the sun sets. Well-known and professional drag queens parade across the stage in expensive costumes, adorned with wings and feathers. Divas include the inimitable Vanessa Von Cartier, Epiphany Get Paid, Gloria Darling, Skyla Versai and Joanne Julian, whose amazing choreography is a sight for sore eyes, while the sensual and sexy movements of Go Go Boys Karoly Vamos, Patrick Cerveny, Nikos Nimo and Din Pappas are guided by tracks selected by DJ Mays. Entry is free. ELYSIUM HOTEL, SCHOOL OF FINE ARTS, +30 22890 24210 & 23952 & 24684, ELYSIUMHOTEL.COM

No doubt, this is an extravaganza you should watch at least once.


Fun meets no limits on Mykonos.


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Join the gay festival

Attracting people from all over the world, LSI is a summer's big thing.


Launched in 2009, XLSIOR’s founder Anastasios Kapetanias created this festival as a getaway vacation that combines fun, luxury and most importantly a friendly atmosphere that knows no boundaries. The festival attracts over 30,000 people from all over the world, all connected by love and the universal language of music. This is where all the magic begins; hosting some of the most wellknown artists in the Gay Circuit scene, XLSIOR brings you the “crème de la crème” of the gay world, creating an unforgettable experience with the careful selection of its open air and outdoor breathtaking venues. From 17-24/8, the world’s best DJ’s will gather on Mykonos. Do not miss the Offer Nissim party that marks the grand opening of Xlsior 2016.



ith its fleet and offices based on the cosmopolitan can extend up to the Turkish waters. In addition to your regular charters, island of Mykonos, with daily international L’ O Rib Mykonos provides “VIP sea taxi transfers” via a fleet of three flights and quick access from Athens by both inflatable ribs, securing local transportation from and to different spots, air and sea, L’ O Yachting offers a convenient such as various renowned beach bar restaurants, the island’s unique starting point for charters to one of the world’s beaches, as well as to and from nearby Cycladic islands. An experienced finest holiday destination: the Cycladic islands and their crystal clear international crew is entirely at your disposal once aboard, dedicated waters. Having acquired a reputation for professionalism, quality and to making your dream holiday come true and to accommodating all reliability, L’O Yachting’s international team is dedicated to creating tastes and preferences, from the sporty and wild at heart to the sealoving family adventurers, whilst also offering the utmost in comfort, mesmerizing charter experiences heightened by their on-board services privacy and security. Do not hesitate to inquire about L’O and their well-maintained fleet, which includes inflatable boats, medium to large motor yachts, catamarans and Yachting’s additional services, including yacht maintenance +30 22890 28317, traditional caiques. Charter types range from daily hires and management in the Cycladic area, as well as marine +30 22890 24707, to multiple day charters, as well as weekly charters that film production, coordination and rentals.



Mykonos is the Eden to those who really want to know a magic place where anything can happen. And those who live and work on the island get inspired by its energy just because the answer is "blowing in the wind". as Mr. Bob Dylan sings. ΤΕΧΤS BY The PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis

MC team Dimotsis

Iliana Bassiana She’s like the wind

The young designer is a true Mykonian. Well travelled, passionate about her island, born and raised here, a young woman with taste, her steps are guided by design and fashion. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It's were I grew up, I feel so blessed that I come from Mykonos, such a wonderful place. I have the best childhood memories, remembering the countless days on the beach, and the strong winds that I love. Of course Mykonos inspired me with its unique architecture and energy, that’s why I decided to study architecture and fashion design - I couldn’t decide between clothes and houses! As a girl growing up on the island and even more when I started traveling the world, I started to appreciate the authentic and natural beauty of my island. I always come back home to my family and to get inspiration for my designs. What motivated you to get into fashion? The countless days that I spent on the beach, made me want to design beach and resort wear. I grew up on Mykonos, so it was natural that a girl who loved design and fashion would follow that path and so I represent my island as an authentic Mykonian designer. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416 SUMMER 2015 | 143

Kostas Pantazopoulos Sea of luxury

With Mykonos I Services, he sets sail for the delivery of high quality services. Success is measured today with the brokerage of five hundred yachts. A fleet of luxury and quality with his signature. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? Mykonos is a way of life, we gather strength and inspiration from it. What motivated you to get into yachting? After ten years in cruise-ships, they offered me the brokerage of yachts. So I started hesitantly, in the first season brokering a hundred yachts, the next two hundred and by now well over five hundred per season! Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? There's an increased demand for more infrastructure on the island. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? We've got a lot of repeat clients, which pleases us because it means we're doing a good job. But, every year the demand is growing. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? The pleasure emanating from our clients faces is the best present at the end of a difficult day. Five words that describe you. Pioneers, Perfectionists, Hardworking, VIP and a bit Irascible! CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


Malamatenias & Enopleon Dynameon, Mykonos, 2289028668,

"One & Only" team The three Specialists

With a long and successful career in real estate, the strong team of ne and nly, Harris anousopoulos, Christiana Tzakou and Alexios Tzakos, adorn the island with good taste and quality. HARRIS PANOUSOPOULOS Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? Mykonos is entwined with the concept of inspiration. On this island, you find plenty of stimuli. Inspiration concerns creative people and they see to it that the way of life they choose is commensurate with their expectations. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? Business priorities and needs are concepts "tied" together. They change, depending on the period of our life we're going through, the goals that we set. From the moment societies evolve, new needs and institutions are automatically created, so we're obliged to follow the changes and adapt to them. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? The joy of creativity, the satisfaction of giving, even the concerns that emerge from the day, the professional and personal contacts, are elements that provide joyful notes to the end of the day. The best advice you’ve been given? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


One and Only Mykonos Real estate - Architecture & Engineering

Athens-Mykonos mob: +30 6944311330, +30 6946007800

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Ada Kamara A bohemian way of life From aris to India, and from aros to Mykonos, the Greek designer is en oying the Island of the winds more than anything. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It is a way of life; to live and work in the heart of the Aegean is a lucky blessing for me. What motivated you to get involved with fashion? My love for fabrics, as well as female beauty. We are actually divine, when we want to be. Has your target audience remained the same? My audience is fairly broad. Many, completely different women, of all ages. How could the island be better promoted? Mykonos would be truly beautiful if it were also spotlessly clean! At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? The enthusiasm shown on my customers' faces after visiting the boutique; this is really uplifting. What would you change about yourself? My tendency to procrastinate. The best advice someone has ever given you? Νo fear. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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mC_iPatroL.indd 149

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Zerar Karavanis The Crown Jewel

The precious stone in the crown of erteo Jewellery is not only the new boutique located in the hotel Cavo Tagoo. It is erar aravanis himself who, together with his twin brother Teo, managed to make their talent shine through their collections. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It is all three. What motivated you to become involved with this industry? My love for jewellery, women, fashion and interacting with many people. Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? No, nothing has changed since then. Has your target audience remained the same? Yes, it has remained the same. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? The cash register, selling a design I really like, and the new people I meet through my work. Five words to describe you. Optimism, happiness, industriousness, insightfulness and vigilance. What would you change about yourself? Nothing. The best advice someone has ever given you? Friends you will have many, but best friends you will have few, as many as you can count on the fingers of one hand. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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mC_iPatroL.indd 151

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Despina Gavala The Perfectionist

Despina Gavala, owner of Beautyworld, is the person to see on the island, if you're interested in body and face care and relaxation. A sub ect that she loves, as of course, Mykonos Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? All three together: inspiration, way of life, choice. It's the island that I love, I grew up in and have developed through it. What is your business’ comparative advantage over the competition on the island? In a word: quality and excellent service from experienced, well organised and properly trained personnel. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? On an island like Mykonos, the clientele is never the same. The tourist clientele changes as time passes, influenced by many different factors, for instance, economic, political, social. But, I believe that care and relaxation are never a privilege of specific social classes. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? The most important and pleasant things at the end of the day, is that customers find the relaxation they seek in our spaces and are satisfied with the services of our shops! Five words that describe you. Persistence, decisiveness, faith, sensitivity, ambition. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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George Pizanis Solution focused

ision and creativity are the driving forces for George izanis, who suggests ideas with tangible results through his practice, IN Design. egarding his new challenge, it goes by the name rincipaut de Mykonos - anormos. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? All three! I chose Mykonos and Mykonos chose me. I accepted the island, it accepted me. I followed it, it followed me… almost like a parallel course, we have created a long-lasting relationship over the years. I first came to the island 35 years ago, and this has become my way of life ever since. I have been living here for long stretches of time for the last 15 years, during the winter and the summer months, and I can say that I feel like a local. My friends are here. The island’s positive atmosphere is unique in the world, and its people have a particular charm. As soon as you step off the plane, it is as if you receive a huge dose of the vitamins you were missing. Mykonos inspires you to think, imagine, design. What motivated you to get involved with branding and design? In May, we celebrated 30 years of INK Design. I was a young 22-year-old when I first set out on this unknown journey, envisioning a design studio with values that showed respect towards its clients, punctuality, unique aesthetisc and most of all, exceptional results. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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Richard Horn Positive vibes

Say Hey D and ichard Horn will show up. The performance must go on, especially on Mykonos. What does the island’s famed energy mean to you? What do you feel? The influx of people, in combination with the positive vibe! At a higher level each year. In your opinion, what type of music suits the island and why? I don’t believe there is any one specific type of music. It’s our job to keep people entertained with whatever they want to hear and help them have a good time. Besides, they chose Mykonos, because they hear all genres. What remains unchanged by the crisis? The island’s authenticity and quality. What do you miss most when you are away from the island? I definitely miss the intensity and productiveness. I believe you can find these two things only on Mykonos. Mykonos international. What does this phrase mean to you? I frequently travel abroad and whenever I mention where I live and work, the response from the people I meet is always striking. What is it that makes Mykonos unique for you? Its positive vibe. What song would you dedicate to Mykonos? Lana del Rey, Young and beautiful (Serge de Vant edit). 156 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

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Dimitris Daktylidis A fish called lucky

Dimitris Daktylidis explains why the luck of any professional is his work and proves it with the arrival of his new acquisition, the restaurant Lucky Fish. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? For someone like myself, born and raised in Mykonos, living here all year round, Mykonos is necessarily my life. I can’t imagine living anywhere else. What motivated you to get into restaurants? There was no motive for me to go into cooking first and then restaurants. There’s only love for what I do, that comes from inside, to look the customer in the eye and see that he’s leaving satisfied. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? My priorities and needs have been transformed into pleasure. I work hard, as all Mykonos people, in winter and summer, to have a satisfactory result and the customer always satisfied. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? The restaurant business is hard, unpredictable and with a lot of competition. The clientele stays the same, only a small percentage changes, but with hard work it increases every day. How could the gastronomy of the island be better promoted? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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Mykonos, 694 4385959

mC_iPatroL.indd 159

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Elia & Alkistis Karakosta Welcome change!

ne completes the other, perfectly. And this is evident in their flawless creation, En Lefko Suites, or else their successful business wager in Mykonos. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? We feel more like locals than Athenians, if that means anything. Has your target audience remained the same? Every year we try to develop our services and facilities, and this attracts a different audience every time. But the fact that we have several repeater customers is a win for us. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? A customer who smiles at check-in and a customer who promises to return at check-out. Five words to describe you. Alkistis is calm, efficient, practical, fair and… always right! Elia is exceptionally communicative. The best advice someone has ever given you? Our grandmother, who told us to “welcome change”. In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? A lot of stars rotate around Mykonos! Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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SEMELI THE BAR IN LITTLE VENICE Little Venice Mykonos Town, Reservations: +30 6944 38 5959 •

mC_iPatroL.indd 161

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Paris Valtadoros Fantasy above all

With extra doses of fantasy and creativity, the talented designer creates unique collections with a hint of Mykonos. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? Mykonos inspires creativity; the sun, the beautiful beaches, and the air it exudes. What motivated you to get involved with fashion? I was motivated by the desire to express my concerns about fashion through the style of my creations. Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? My priorities have changed, since over the years the collection has been enriched with a prêt-a-porter range, which allows the modern woman to be well-dressed and elegant from the morning to the evening. The second big step was cerating these collections. We are now in the process of another change by creating collections that are specially made for Mykonos; there needs to be a different design approach. Has your target audience remained the same? Our audience has certainly been expanded to include people of all ages, as our prêt-a-porter collections can appeal to a wider audience. Developing our Haute Couture range on the other hand has enabled us to capture the desires of each woman’s style, presented through individual creations. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


mC_iPatroL.indd 162

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PHOENIX LEBANESE RESTAURANT, Mykonos Town, Mykonos, 2289 024045,,

mC_iPatroL.indd 163

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Thanasis Kariotis Bread... alert!

Thanasis ariotis with Artisti rozumi gets inspired by Mykonos and makes your day with his modern bakery and his flavourful proposals. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? First a choice and second an inspiration. What motivated you to get into baking? Baking was something that I liked since I was a kid. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? No. Quality and good service are always the top priorities. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? Yes, and there’s always new additions. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? That everything went well. Five words that describe you Stubborn, selfish, stubborn, selfish, stubborn! Which element of yours would you change? The defiance of danger that possesses me. The best advice you’ve been given? Never quit. Does Mykonos revolve around itself or revolve around a star? What’s your opinion? I believe there’s a general energy going around… CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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No difference at all.

The only car rental company in Mykonos with electric cars Brand new fleet Luxury and special vehicles Vehicles Villa Delivery Complimentary Valet Parking in Town 24 H Assistance T +30 22890 72280 M +30 6980 50 8000

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Christos Athanasiadis Meet the Bio Lover

Featuring the well-known recipe of healthy-farm-to-table cuisine, Christos Athanasiadis, chef and co-owner of Nice n' Easy and the new Nesaea restaurant, is inspired by Mykonos and carves out his niche as an authentic local. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? What started as a very interesting, professional choice has evolved into a way of life that inspires my work and gives me great personal satisfaction and fulfillment. Mykonos is a gorgeous island and after spending several years here, having experienced its daily routines firsthand and having made many good friends, it has become my island! What motivated you to get involved with cooking? In my eyes, cooking has always been an amazing profession, exciting in its large scope and potential for inspiration and creativity, with constantly alternating images, aromas and flavours. Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? Over the course of a career that spans many years, many things are bound to change. Now, my priority is to be and feel worldly, to give pleasure to my customers and to discover new flavours. Has your target audience remained the same? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


mC_iPatroL.indd 166

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mC_iPatroL.indd 167

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Yannis Revithis The Professional

With years of experience in real estate, the owner of Big Estate, manages the Aegean s strong suit , professionally and responsibly. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It’s a professional choice, that for 18 years I’ve had the good fortune to provide my services to Greek and foreign investors with professionalism, discretion and effectiveness. What motivated you to get into real estate? The motivation to work professionally with real estate was definitely the income from the services I provide and also the varying activities that this profession offers. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? You can’t change a leopard’s spots! In the 25 years I’ve been in real estate, my professional priorities haven’t changed nor will they! Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? The clients surely change due to economic and political developments, taxation and fashion. We, as professionals need to be able to serve equally well whoever the clients happen to be. How could the art, cuisine, hospitality and real estate of the island be better promoted? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


mC_iPatroL.indd 168

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mC_iPatroL.indd 169

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Aude Mazelin Architect’s view

Although she avoided the Cyclades at first, when the French architectural engineer found herself on Mykonos a few years ago she simply stated I will stay here . And since then, a new story permeates her life and her architectural office Aude Mazelin Associates . Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? All three! A way of life because I am – and always have been – torn between my desire to live in a natural, quiet and family orientated environment and my need of meeting new people from different cultures or societies, living each season differently without really knowing what blessings each summer will bring. A choice because 16 years ago, while I had consciously avoided the Cyclades during my first years in Greece and I forbade myself to fall in love with Greece and its islands – it seemed like such an easy place to fall in love with, almost a “sham” – I finally fell into the trap. Like many before me, I came to Mykonos for a week and simply never left… And an inspiration because as much as those who do no scratch beyond the surface of Mykonos’ beauty and architecture claim that Mykonos is just “white houses with blue windows”, for me Mykonos – its architecture and aesthetic – is something that goes much deeper and is far more interesting than the first, gorgeous image the island exudes. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


mC_iPatroL.indd 170

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mC_iPatroL.indd 171

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Kostis Andronikos The Smart House Project

He is one of the island s innovators with nipro and its team, Giannis aragiannakis and onstantinos Lazos, brings the smart house technology on Mykonos. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It remains a clear choice and way of life, for me and for my family. Despite my origins, I was given opportunities during the course of my studies abroad, and later on, to live elsewhere; yet I consciously selected Mykonos as it fulfilled my criteria, professionally and in terms of quality of life. Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? The continuous evolution and innovation is exactly what makes my line of work particularly interesting and motives me on a personal level, since technology is not static by nature, and in fact guides developments most of the time: from the construction requirements of buildings and saving funds, to communicating with the client, his entertainment, his security, everything! Besides, one of the advantages of Mykonos is its constant readiness and openness to new ideas, and the competition between businesses to offer the finest services and added value. Thus, the goal is to be informed and up-to-date regarding innovative services around the world and in turn, after adapting them to my client’s needs, to offer them. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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mC_iPatroL.indd 173

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Katerina Zarafeta Zen moments

Manager of en Spa Mykonos, aterina arafeta is the person who makes sure you ll have unforgettable moments of relaxation, calmness and wellness for your body, mind and spirit. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? For us, Mykonos is an inspiration and a way of life. What motivated you to get into beauty care? Our motive was sustaining physical condition and the aesthetic regeneration of the face, body and limbs. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? The beautician needs to be informed about the developments in fashion, the materials and the methods used, the new techniques and trends that are happening, specially around styling. So definitely, our professional needs change often. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? Beauty, calmness and good taste are the basic characteristics that comprise balanced personalities. The need for beauty care is becoming even more necessary in our times, since it’s the antidote to the modern daily rhythms! Offering beauty services is aimed at all ages, the male and not just the female audience, and contributes to a beautiful as well as healthy appearance! CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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Nails, Beauty & Massage

84600 Vougli, Mykonos, t.: +30 2289028938, mobile.: +30 6942210873, FAX: +30 2289028938, E-mail:

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Kitty Laios Real confidence

wner of the real estate firm J. LAI S LTD and treasurer of the eal Estate Federation of Greece, itty Laios inspires total confidence in her clients and is now going one step further with the company Mykonos Luxury Collection which deals with house and boat rentals and offers custom-made services. What motivated you to get into real estate? My great love for real estate. I was always researching and following the market, even before I started working professionally in real estate. It had always been a favourite hobby, which in due course I made into a career. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? My professional priorities remain the same. What has changed, because of the financial situation in Greece, are my needs. What is your company’s strong suit against the competition on the island? I believe that what differentiates me and makes me stand out, is my professionalism as well as the way I approach my clients. Also, my contribution to luxury-VIP and the balance of value for money responsibly and reliably, having over 15 years experience in the Mykonos real estate market and also 30 years on the island. In your opinion, are there limits to the development of tourism in Mykonos? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


mC_iPatroL.indd 176

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mC_iPatroL.indd 177

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Stavros Iliadis Precious values

He lives and works in Mykonos, the island you love forever as he points. That's why when the owner of EAL ESTATE IN M N S is away his desire to return is great. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? I’ve lived and worked in Mykonos since 2005. Every trip that I take, my desire to return is great, to breathe the Mykonos air and enjoy the Mykonos sun. When you love Mykonos, it’s forever. What motivated you to get into real estate? I started off through my family in house construction and from there I chose real estate, because I prefer to be a salesman to something that is too familiar. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? Some years ago, we were working mostly in sales of properties. Now, half of the work is from property rentals. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? Most of the clients in the last years are from Europe and Middle East, Lebanon and UAE. We also have some Greeks. They buy to have a summer house in a place that they love and can travel to easily, but also they buy because it’s a good investment. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? CONTINUED ON PAGE 416


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For Sale or For Rent:

Villas, Houses, Lands, Stores, Commercial Buildings or Business, Hotels The owner/founder, Mr. Stavros Iliadis, is Graduate Real Estate and Estimator, with Extensive Experience in Property Management and Real Estate Law

Airport Road Above Eurobank, Drafaki Mykonos T: +30 2289027317, Mob: +30 6977305171 email:

mC_iPatroL.indd 179

7/7/2016 8:20:26 µµ



ive the Mykonos dream, with its Cycladic aesthetic Companies. Endeavouring to responsibly and professionally fulfil and endless blue, in one of the exclusive Mykonos your every wish, the company has expanded its expertise to the most exclusive concierge services and other unique tailor made Real Estate residences. A luxury villa specialist company with over 26 years of combined offerings such as car, yacht and helicopter rentals, chauffeur and experience in the real estate business, luxury security, exclusive gastronomy with a personal chef, dinning tourism and hospitality industry, Mykonos Real Estate is Greek reservations and bookings, nightlife VIP arrangements and market leader with a great number of luxury villas making it one numerous lifestyle services while visiting Mykonos. Catering to all of the largest villa sales and rental companies on Mykonos Island. your needs and seeking the best possible prices, your personal Established in 1989 by Mr. Ioannis Revithis, “balcony” onto the Aegean will soon become President of the Association of Realtors in a reality. What more can anyone wish for an Info: New Peripheral Rd Drafaki, tel.: +30 22890 26066,, Athens – Greece, Mykonos Real Estate is a extraordinary stay in the most beautiful and member of the Revithis & Partners Group of cosmopolitan island in the Cyclades?


mC_RestOs.indd 180

7/7/2016 1:40:51 µµ

.ENDLESS SURPRISES New arrivals, classic suggestions, renewed gastronomic scenarios and also the traditional tavernas, transform the Mykonos culinary landscape into an endless tasteful challenge. ΤΕΧΤS BY Vivi


Vourtsa, Elena Mathiopoulou PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis Dimotsis

Creation of Nesaea. SUMMER 2016 | 181

mC_RestOs.indd 181

7/7/2016 1:40:57 µµ

Nesaea. Black chicken with carrot cream, salty koliva and tomato jam. CHEF Daniil



mC_RestOs.indd 182

7/7/2016 1:41:15 µµ

Elia complements the setting in the beautiful beach.


An ideal all-day spot, that complements the setting in one of the island’s most beautiful beaches. The restaurant’s open spaces take total advantage of the gorgeous natural landscape, offering multiple eating choices throughout the day, starting with rich breakfasts and wellcooked offers for lunch or supper to refreshing cocktails. The rich menu includes tasty appetizers and fresh salads, well cooked meats or fish, fresh seafood, tasty pasta, “altered” greek specialties, delicious desserts, while also having an always current wine list. (Elia, +30 22890 71204,

Pinky Beach.

Facing Super Paradise, the island’s most beautiful beach, the airy setting of Pinky Beach, decorated in white with ethereal cotton cloths, is the all-day pleasure spot of the summer! Here, the day starts at the bar with coffee, refreshing ice cream and sandwiches and continues in the restaurant, with dishes from the italian and greek cuisines with an arabic touch. Fresh ingredients, delicious Mediterranean flavors from salads to seafood and grilled items, impeccable service and warm hospitality, everything contributes to an exclusive dining experience, in the setting of the dreamy Super Paradise beach. (Super Paradise, +30 22890 26459,

Familia. inky beach.

Surrounded by the familiar Mykonos landscape of small white houses with blue windows, also the scents and colors of blooming fuchsia bougainvilleas, Familia combines a beautiful and tasteful space with incredible food and a friendly and familial atmosphere. The menu offers a

wide variety of Mediterranean flavors and fresh aegean fish and be sure not to miss trying the shrimp with mushroom truffle casserole, the watermelon salad and the lobster linguine with crab cream, as well as the pork tenderloin. (Goumenio Sq., +30 22890 78638,

Roca Cookery.

One of the most impressive balconies in Chora, with a panoramic view to the Mykonos Port, the gastronomic experience of Roca Cookery takes place in a beautiful and tasteful space. The menu honors greek cuisine with mediterranean elements, while also having fresh fish, which take the place of honor. The well-chosen greek labels on the wine list, masterfully complement the gastronomical evenings, while a refreshing drink before or after the meal, in the setting of the picturesque port, is not something you should miss. (Old Port, +30 22890 22955)


A quality standard for the last decade, one of the most frequented spots on the island, both in winter and summer, Allegro is ideal for all hours of the day. With a fabulous view of

Taste delicious Mediterranean flavors, fresh seafood and "altered" Greek specialties. SUMMER 2016 | 183

mC_RestOs.indd 183

7/7/2016 1:41:19 µµ

George Stylianoudakis The virtuoso of modern gastronomy An unrepentant taste hunter , the chef of ensho hotel became famous for his altered Cretan cuisine that upended tradition, holding onto the authentic flavors with ease, but combining them with new techniques. What motivated you to get into gastronomy? It was a love-hate relationship. From a young age, I was with my father, who was also a chef. From buying the ingredients, to coming in contact with nature, it all enchanted me and made me love gastronomy and make it an occupation. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? Yes, a lot. Now, I just want to concern myself a lot with Greek products and old classic recipes. My greatest need is to create my own gastronomy. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It's an inspiration and a choice, to accomplish something different with Cretan and island gastronomy. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? The emotions that my customers express with every dish they taste. Five words that describe you. Emotion, tradition, flavours, vision…


mC_RestOs.indd 184

7/7/2016 1:41:28 µµ

nights in Mykonos. A warm home atmosphere, tasteful aesthetics, unpretentious intimacy, as well as flavors and aromas from every corner of Greece, accompany traditional Greek dishes and home cooked food, that are reminiscent of mother’s authentic recipes. From rich salads and delicious appetizers to perfectly cooked main dishes, all the recipes include the best and tastiest ingredients from all over Greece. (Lakka, +30 22890 78121,


the Mykonos Port, open from early morning, with a rich breakfast selection, delicious omelets and its famous coffee, it serves unique Mediterranean dishes from fresh, select ingredients, homemade sweets as well as lovely cocktails. Try the popular Alegro salad, the shrimp with ouzo and the famous italian strozzapreti. Made with passion and decorated with natural materials, the interior of the restaurant is dominated by wood, which creates a warm and comfortable setting for unique moments of relaxation and gastronomic delights. (Gialos, Chora, +30 22890 25030,

Spilia Seaside.

From the first moment that you cross the path that has been created in the rock of Aghia Anna, to get inside Spilia (cave), until the end of every meal, exclusively made with all fresh ingredients, straight from the sea to your table, every moment in Spilia Seaside is a special gastronomic experience. The setting of the natural cave is awesome, with the sea lapping at your feet, while the fresh ingredients are the trademark characteristic of the restaurant, with live lobsters and sea urchins. The menu captivates interest with seafood suggestions and its “ace” the spaghetti with seafood and shells, while the menu also includes tasty dishes for meat eaters. (Aghia Anna, Kalafatis, +30 694 9449729,


The traditional Mykonos house with an arch, thick wall and the old well from the 18th century in its courtyard, has become the setting for the sweetest, most companionable, cosmopolitan


The courtyard of the old mansion in the center of Chora is filled with authentic aromas and flavors of the Italian south. A bright, colored shop with painted tiles from vietri and Italian ceramics, the whole setting harkens to a traditional Neapolitan trattoria with authentic and well cooked dishes. The menu is dominated by pizzas and pastas, while also including selections of tasty meats and excellent appetizers. It’s the only restaurant in Mykonos and one of the very few in Greece, that has been certified by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs as an authentic Italian restaurant. (Aghia Anna, Chora, +30 22890 78571,


In a privileged spot between Old Port and Gialos, right where the waves break, Salparo is the absolute destination for fish lovers. At the kitchen helm is Nikos Koutsoukos, who offers a menu even richer in all fresh seafood delicacies. Try the feta saganaki with tomato marmalade, shrimp pies with pastry crust and tirovolia, swordfish souvlaki and kritharoto with mussels and shrimp, while for dessert, try the Mykonos baklava. (Kaminaki, Chora, +30 22890 78950)

Principauté de Mykonos – Panormos.

Are you ready for an unforgettable culinary experience beyond your wildest expectations?

From top Catari, Alegro, Spilia.

Ideal settings for unforgettable, romantic and cosmopolitan nights on Mykonos with tasteful aesthetics. SUMMER 2016 | 185

mC_RestOs.indd 185

7/7/2016 1:41:51 µµ

Familia. Fresh tuna sautéed with partially sun dried tomatoes. CHEF Murat

Abdel Halent

INGREDIENTS 180 gr fresh open sea tuna fillet 3 cherry tomatoes 50 gr caramelised onions 3 leaves fresh basil PREPARATION Saute the tuna fillet and add the tomatoes. Quench with wine, add the caramelised onions and the fresh basil and let it stand for 4-5 minutes. Bon appetite! 186 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

mC_RestOs.indd 186

7/7/2016 1:41:58 µµ

thE Bio project NICE N’ EASY The organic approach to cuisine, with the most romantic setting of the island, Little Venice, as background. The successful concept includes an organic Mediterranean cuisine menu, a cinephile setting and a relaxed vibe. Under the portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra and some characteristic scenes from Greek movies, chef Christos Athanasiadis offers dishes inspired by the Cyclades, fanatically insisting on the use of pure, organic products in twisted traditional recipes and creations. Ingredients from local producers combined with the hollywood experience of the restaurant’s owners, transform gourmet dishes to an affordable, everyday experience for everyone. (Aleukantra, +30 22890 25421,

Chef Tony Ferone, inky Beach.


NESAEA The new arrival to the Mykonos gastronomic scene, provides a version of Greek island cooking, at its most creative and elegant version. The new project from the Mykonos team of Nice n’ Easy, on Aghia Anna beach in Kalafatis, offers creative Greek cuisine inspired by the recipes and the ingredients of the Greek islands, following the basic Nice n’ Easy “recipe” of healthy farm to table cuisine. Among others, the menu includes octopus sous vide with mezzo Santorini jelly, fava and ink dressing, crayfish with fava gnocchi and fish soup, as well as some variations on traditional Mykonos dishes, such as the deconstructed onion soup with a sour cheese mousse and fava beans in lard. (Aghia Anna (Kalafatis), +30 22890 72130)

SUMMER 2016 | 187

mC_RestOs.indd 187

7/7/2016 1:42:11 µµ

Left Liasti Beach esort ight rincipaute de Mykonos - anormos

At the helm of the restaurant of this impressive new arrival on Panormos beach and already well-known for his achievements in Mykonos, Georgios Papageorgiou promises authentic Mykonian hospitality. The creative menu by Avgeria Stapaki and her team includes innovative dishes inspired by simple Mediterranean cuisine, and betray the executive chef’s passion for fresh, handcollected ingredients and the meticulous preparation that goes into each dish to create an authentic gastronomic revelation. Designed by architect Athanasios Kyratsous, the restaurant boasts an extensive and exceptional wine list to satisfy even the most demanding oenophile. (Panormos, +30 22890 77184,

beach party afterwards. (Paraga, +30 22890 29250,

Ftelia Castaway.

As we say, casual tastes next to the waves. The chilled atmosphere, impeccable service and relaxing music are its great assets. Add to them the actual Mediterranean cuisine with a touch of Italian deliciousness, embracing the health standards of the Med diet and the comfy poufs, under the coolness of the tress and rocks and you have a unique all day experience of tastes and fun. So, take a break from surfing or bring summer delicacies to a lazy day by the beach. (Ftelia, +30 22890 72466,


Do you think that you know all about this grand beach project just because you have visited once? Scorpios’ intimate sunset beach awaits you this summer in the most exclusive part of the property to discover a few dozen wooden cabanas built to blend in discreetly with their natural surroundings. Elegant in their simplicity, these open-air shaded structures are fairly distant from each other creating the degree of beachfront privacy. Perfect setting to taste the high standards beach bar-restaurant and to enjoy a cocktail

Mediterranean cuisine and summer delicacies served on the most beautiful beaches on the island.


mC_RestOs.indd 188

7/7/2016 1:42:27 µµ


Grilled octopus with Santorini fava and lime marinated green lentils. CHEF

Yiannis Gavalas

INGREDIENTS Octopus Santorini Fava Green Lentils Lime Molasses Vinaigrette Radish Shoots PREPARATION Roast the octopus on the grill, boil the fava and cream it with olive oil scented with Cycladic herbs. Boil the green lentils and marinate them with lime juice, peppers and parsley. Spread the fava cream and place the octopus on top and sprinkle with oregano. Next to it, spread two spoonfuls of green lentils, radish shoots and four vinaigrette buttons. Add a pipette of oil and vinegar and serve… SUMMER 2016 | 189

mC_RestOs.indd 189

7/7/2016 1:42:39 µµ

Avgeria Stapaki Taste is in the Air

Avgeria Stapaki is one of few female chefs. And she is unveiling her creative DNA in Mykonos, and specifically at rincipaut de Mykonos anormos. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? Initially, Mykonos was a choice, and the inspiration soon followed – and in this way it will also become a way of life. What motivated you to get involved with cooking? My motivation was, is and always will be creativity. Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? Of course both my priorities and needs have changed, and that is directly linked to the development of every chef’s philosophy. Has your target audience remained the same? I have always dealt with an audience of exceptionally high standards, and that is still the case, as it always helps me raise the level of my cooking and search for new things. How could the gastronomy of the island be better promoted? Generally I believe that gastronomy, especially on an island known by everyone, is promoted through a healthy competition to achieve something better. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? I am happy knowing that people enjoyed their food and, once that happens, I like a cold beer. Five words to describe you. Dynamism, sensitivity, leadership, impulsiveness, persistence. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416

I am very aware of my responsibility towards Mykonos and towards the businessmen who trust me.


mC_RestOs.indd 190

7/7/2016 1:42:56 µµ

mC_RestOs.indd 191

7/7/2016 1:43:07 µµ

Salparo. Surf & Turf . CHEF Arthuros


PREPARATION Juicy Black Angus beef steak, cooked according to the customer’s wishes, garnished with two freshly roasted jumbo shrimps and Langostina lobster sauce. 192 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

mC_RestOs.indd 192

7/7/2016 1:43:28 µµ

ti Apomeine.

bacK to Basics OTI APOMEINE


The much anticipated opening of this summer brings you at Lia beach. The call comes from an elegant space in white and wood upon the sandy beach where you can enjoy delicious recipes inspired by the sea, the island and some exotic influences dining between the sunset and sea. And when the sun goes down, the party begins with music and dance under the stars. (Lia, +30 22890 72150,


It remains the most enduring value of the "island of winds" when it comes to gastronomy high requirements. The most beautiful garden in Matogiannia is inspired and designed by renowned designer Paola Navone, combined with a personal touch from owner Nikos Varveris. This is an ideal destination for dinner & drinks in the heart of the island, set against the Cycladic sky. The kitchen is basically Mediterranean, coupled with flavors from around the world. (Matogiannia, +30 22890 26333,


It's managed to become a hot destination, for those that have just arrived and want to get a cosmopolitan taste of the island, but

also for the steady patrons, for whom the island's meeting point is on the beach with an island attitude and frequent dj events. You'll meet here again in the morning and stay until nightfall. (Kalo Livadi, +30 22890 71745,

Jackie o’ Beach Club & Restaurant.

It's on the busiest beach of the island, but that's probably the last reason you would want to come here. That's because for the last three years, the unique venture of Mihalis Sigounas and Carsten Stehr, has already become the place-to-be with design decoration, the cuisine of chef Christoforos Peskias and a bar worthy of all expectations. (Super Paradise, +30 22890 77298,

Imaginative dishes and impressive food styling create experiences you can't resist.

One of the island’s temples of traditional comfort food. Known everywhere for its suckling pig on a spit, which draws the locals and distinguished visitors to Ano Mera, the family tavern also maintains its reputation for the best meat, masterfully barbecued and wonderful home cooked recipes. You can visit it all summer through the end of October. (Ano Mera, +30 22890 71534 & 6944 940309,

KOSTANTIS Kostantis means local dishes on the beach. This traditional restaurant makes an impression, not only because of its location but also because of its cuisine dedicated to seafood and Greek culinary traditions. The lobster spaghetti is divine, the scorpion fish pasta heavenly, while the orzo risotto with cuttlefish ink and sea bream fricassee are pure bliss. Ornos Beach, +30 22890 22837

NIKOLAS TAVERN The menu is narrated by Nicola and Irini, who keep the tradition of the oldest tavern in Aghia Anna, alive and full of flavor, for three generations. Trust them when they suggest you have homemade lasagna, spaghetti with Mykonian spider crab, the classic onion pie and any specialty coming out of their garden. (Aghia Anna (Paraga), +30 22890 25264,

SUMMER 2016 | 193

mC_RestOs.indd 193

7/7/2016 1:43:31 µµ

Giorgos Koumpouris Fond of nature

assionate about the island and its local products, Natura restaurant s chef, Giorgos oumpouris, promotes Mykonos identity through its flavours. Is Mykonos an inspiration, a way of life or a choice for you? It started as a choice, became an inspiration, concluded as a way of life. What was the motive that made you go into cooking? Love for food, scents, colours, sensations. Love is the motive for everything. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? Yes, they’ve changed. My priority is a respect for the environment and the way I can convey this message through my cooking, to my team as well as the restaurant’s clients. Nature is the best Chef! Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? My clientele alternates constantly. We address all cultures and all ages, anyone that is ready to live a “Natura” gastronomic experience. How could the island’s gastronomy be better promoted? By more Greek cooking in our restaurants and by patenting recipes and products. A land travels with its flavours. A culinary festival, even local fetes with Mykonos products and Greek recipes, would be the best ambassador for Mykonos. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? That all the customers that visited us, lived a gastronomic experience and had a really wonderful time. CONTINUED ON PAGE 416

Every day is a big gamble that you'll manage to satisfy all your customers.


mC_RestOs.indd 194

7/7/2016 1:43:43 µµ

MyMall shopping centre / MYKONOS

The experts Using a sense of beauty and excellent quality as guidelines, AIRTEC is transforming the island of Mykonos with impressive, innovative construction projects. The AIRTEC construction company is involved in the construction of buildings of all types and uses in the private sector, specialising in the construction and reconstruction of homes, commercial buildings and hotels of the highest specifications, in very brief time periods. The specialised work force of our company, undertakes the construction of new buildings, as well as the partial or full reconstruction of existing ones, providing comprehensive engineering support, with high quality and low cost. Based in Athens, AIRTEC undertakes projects all over Greece, with, in recent years, particularly intense activity in Mykonos, where as well as the reconstruction of luxury summer homes and commercial spaces, it recently completed the construction of MyMall in the heart of Mykonos, a hyper-modern mall, which stands out with its beautiful aesthetics and innovative design.

Luxurious residence / ATHENS

Fresh Hotel / ATHENS

Kifisias Ave. 180, 15231 Athens, W:, T: 210 6776600, E:

mC_RestOs.indd 195

7/7/2016 1:42:24 ¾¾

Grace Restaurant.

The unaffected boutique hotel at Aghios Stefanos continues its successful course in the restaurant-bar boasting metallic chairs and creative decorative touches, next to the pool. Mouth-watering light fare and fine dining options from the menu are available throughout the day. Sample the Mediterranean fusion cuisine and enjoy a fine gastronomy experience with delectable choices from the enticing daily menu for lunch or dinner. (Grace Mykonos, Aghios Stefanos, +30 22890 20000,

The renowned restaurant of Buddha Bar Beach is the exotic dining proposal of Santa Marina.

Lady Finger.

Awarded many times the Greek cuisine prize, it is a worthy contender for a place on the list of the hot spots of Greek gastronomy. Executive chef George Venieris and his team, combine quality with authenticity and healthy nutrition in the use of fresh, organic ingredients and in understanding gastronomy as a main part of our culture and identity. (Andronikos Hotel, Main Street, Drafaki, +30 22890 24231,

Natura Restaurant.

In one of the most classic hotels in the center of Chora, Natura Restaurant combines an amazing summer romantic mood and fine dining with a view of Mykonos Port and Aegean blue. In the beautiful garden-oasis of the hotel, chef Giorgos Koumpouris rejuvenates old Greek recipes with new techniques, respecting tradition, but with an organic approach, proving that food isn’t just enjoyment, but a philosophy and a way of life. A culinary journey that will transport you to colors and aromas of another time, with fresh, local products and excellent ingredients. (Leto Hotel, Chora, +30 22890 22207,

Bill & Coo Restaurant.

A necessary gustatory stop on the island’s gastronomic map, with the creations of the acclaimed chef Athinagoras Kostakos, offering a thrilling culinary experience and a memorable gastronomic journey with unique delights. The best gourmet restaurant in Mykonos, serves creative Mediterranean tastes, as well as a healthy breakfast, continental or american style or a more authentic Greek cuisine, next to the pool with the enchanting view of the breathtaking endless blue sea. (Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Megali Ammos, +30 22890 26292,

Bill & Coo Coast Taverna.

Just a breath away from the sea, the heavenly Bill & Coo Coast Taverna has the privilege of boasting a natural setting that features exceptional aesthetics and meticulous attention to detail. A space that becomes one with Cycladic architecture, evoking a simplicity and relaxation that are evident from the first glance. It is in this special place that flavor finds its ideal expression through the presence of the talented chef Michalis Kikis. Indulge yourself in a new gastronomic experience with gourmet stories by the seaside. Try the octopus and charred aubergine, the sea bass with greens and the crab dolma. (Bill & Coo Coast Suites, Aghios Ioannis, +30 22890 26292-3,


Coo Coast Taverna.

Colonial Pool Restaurant & Bar.

With its beachfront setting and a sea view to die for, the new Colonial Pool Restaurant offers a glamorous al fresco bar and dining experience on Mykonos. Open all day long, in a romantic chill out atmosphere, with Mediterranean

A culinary journey with fresh local products and ingredients of premium quality.


mC_RestOs.indd 196

7/7/2016 1:42:38 µµ

Natura. “Chicken Soup” an ree Truffle. CHEF Giorgos


INGREDIENTS Chicken Breast Egg olk Avgolemono Sauce SUMMER 2016 | 197

mC_RestOs.indd 197

7/7/2016 1:42:52 µµ

Michalis Kikis A promising magician of gastronomy

He is talented, enthusiastic and with a great flair for creating culinary pieces of art. Chef Michalis ikis shows his potentials at the enchanting taverna at Bill Coo Coast Suites. What motivated you to get into gastronomy? According to my culinary theory, I believe that working in a kitchen is not just a job, but a way of life. This is what guide my creativity. I find everything that surrounds me an opportunity for inspiration – life inspiration in fact.I also convey aromas, flavours and textures into the restaurant, and that is how I express myself. I work every ingredient with respect and use it in each dish with harmony, just as nature intended. Have your business priorities or needs changed since then? My aim is not to promote my personal style, but to combine all the virtues of the ingredients I use with my personal outlook.

I find everything that surrounds me an opportunity for inspiration


mC_RestOs.indd 198

7/7/2016 1:43:15 ¾¾

mC_RestOs.indd 199

7/7/2016 1:43:26 µµ


Kenshõ. Wagyu Beef Stew. CHEF George


INGREDIENTS 1 kg beef cheeks 100 gr. tomato water 4 sprigs thyme 6 sprigs parsley 4 laurel leaves 2 cloves of garlic 8 whole allspice berries 8 peppercorns 800 gr. beef stock (see basic recipes) 60 gr. olive oil PREPARATION Place the beef cheeks in brine for four hours. Dry well, and store in the fridge. In the meantime, prepare the rest of the ingredients. Bring the tomato water, the stock, herbs and olive oil to a boil, stirring very well. Let ingredients release their aromas, and chill. Once beef cheeks are ready, divide in two bags, pour in the marinade and seal. Cook at 62 C for 72 hours. Afterwards chill meat very quickly and store in the fridge at 3 C. Serve with a sauce of kuzu, cinammon and beef stock. 200 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

mC_RestOs.indd 200

7/7/2016 1:44:03 µµ

Bakalo offers flavors and aromas from every corner of Greece,

cuisine, healthy suggestions and vegetarian choices, as well as a kid’s menu, the restaurant offers destination dining for non-residents, and the ideal spot for guests’ family dining, overlooking the breath-taking, beachfront pool. (Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Ornos Bay, +30 22890 23220,

Phoenix Restaurant.

Are you in the mood for Lebanese food and Eastern flavours with a twist? Your wish becomes reality at the new Phoenix Lebanese Restaurant & Sunset bar. Here, tasty tabbouleh salad and classic fattoush are in harmony with the sophisticated environment and island feel, created by the white backdrop and the endless views of Mykonos harbour. The atmosphere of the East is conveyed through the delicious flavors and aromatic smoke of the traditional hookah pipe swirling through the air. (Mykonos View Hotel, +30 22890 24045,

Kenshõ Restaurant.

inky beach.

Featuring imaginative recipes and high-quality ingredients, the menu is signed by Chef de Cuisine George Stylianoudakis, embracing the particular aesthetics and simple luxury found in a five-star boutique hotel. With an amazing terrace and panoramic views overlooking at Ornos Bay, the chef comes to present a creative approach referring to Cycladic and Cretan cuisine combining modern cooking techniques and unexpected flavors, aromas and textures. Local products such as tyrovolia, kopanisti, the Mykonian salami and the freshly caught fish are used in creative ways to create particular gourmet dishes with a Mykonian aroma. (Ornos Beach, +30 22890 29001& 78788,


In a beautiful shaded patio, taste the summer menu overlooking Kalo Livadi Bay, next to the pool. Savor the casual atmosphere of the restaurant and the sensations of fresh salads, pasta, local specialties and Mediterranean summer delicacies. The fresh Greek products carefully selected from local producers, mix perfectly with the Mediterranean flavours which can be accompanied with wines from Cyclades and the mainland of Greece, for a dining experience that will make you feel right at home. (Kalo Livadi, +30 22890 72012,

Ebi Tempura Bar.

And yet, you haven't seen and tasted all on Mykonos, unless you have already visited this new concept restaurant. Ahmed Ahmed brought the first Tempura Bar on the island offering a fusion cuisine of fine Japanese flavours with hints of contemporary European cuisine. The result is divine and surprising in many ways making you to want more, until you have tasted everything from the menu. The Tempura Bar found its place at the also brand new Livin Mykonos hotel with a luxury boutique philosophy (Livin Mykonos, Drafaki, +30 697 901 9584,

Savor the essence of Mediterranean cuisine and aromas in an exquisite environment. SUMMER 2016 | 201

mC_RestOs.indd 201

7/7/2016 1:44:07 µµ

Catarí. Tagliatelle with lac truffle cream and prawns. INGREDIENTS Tagliatelle Tartufo sauce Milk cream Prawns White wine Salt, pepper PREPARATION Boil the tagliatelle. Take four prawns. Clean two only in the middle leaving the head and tail and the other two completely and cut them into small pieces. Saute them in a frying pan with a little oil and extinguish with white wine. When the alcohol evaporates, remove the whole prawns and put them on a plate, add the cream and boil for two minutes. Turn off the heat and add the truffle sauce. Add to the pan the boiled pasta and stir until all ingredients have blended together. Serve on a plate and top with the two prawns we had saved. 202 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

mC_RestOs.indd 202

7/7/2016 1:44:19 µµ

mC_RestOs.indd 203

7/7/2016 1:44:24 µµ



he landscape of the enchanting Panormos bay, is a priceless value in Mykonos. With total respect for all the natural beauty, this summer's much anticipated project, creates the perfect setting for an all day experience. With the architectural signature of the renowned Athanasios Kyratsos, the spaces in the new PrincipautĂŠ de Mykonos Panormos, with wood as the protagonist, are in total harmony with nature and the element of water, creating an incomparable Zen feeling. In this bohemian chic atmosphere, inspired by nature, this definition of comfort and relaxation, follows the sun, the fabulous white beach, the crystal clear waters and the most refreshing signature cocktails by the best mixologists. The elegant architectural

lines continue in the dining room, discreetly contained within impressive naval ropes, that impart a special charm. At the helm of the restaurant, Ghiorgos Papageorgiou, well known for his Mykonos career, promises authentic Mykonian hospitality, while the creative menu by Avgeria Stapaki and her team, with original dishes inspired by the simple mediterranean cuisine, reveals the love of the executive chef for really fresh, handpicked ingredients. Whatever emerges from the kitchen is handmade with attention to the tiniest detail, ensuring a refined and authentic gustatory experience. For the inveterate shoppers, the boutique collects the trendiest clothes, accessories and jewellery of the summer. The over all branding of the new space is signed by the multi-awarded INK Design.

T: +30 22890 77184,,


SUMMER 2016 | 205


SALES AND RENTALS Sound systems and lighting for any kind of event Jason Orozco, Mykonos Greece, mob: +30 694 662 7450 Facebook: MykonosSoundWorks



n absolute gustatory destination on the island’s inspired menu. Continuing the Gastronomy Project again gastronomic map, with the creations of the this year, the gastronomic experience on one of the island's acclaimed chef, offering a thrilling culinary best restaurants, begins with "Sorry it's not Cocaine" as a experience and a memorable gastronomic welcome and with amazing culinary proposals that include journey with unique delights. Situated by the famous from the previous years "Sea Urchin of Delos" as the pool, with a view over the ocean and well as the "Mykonian Pork" and the "Sea the stars above, Bill & Coo’s Gourmet bass" for the fish lovers. Try the exceptional Bill & Coo Restaurant Restaurant at Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, desserts by the pastry Chef Angela Simou, Megali Ammos 84600 member of the Leading Hotels of the World, while the absolutely perfect "White Chocolate Mykonos +30 22890 26292 is a totally interactive sensory experience of Namelaka" as the leader of the dessert sound, scent, vision, taste and touch with menu, will stay in your memory for many #BillAndCooWayOfLife more nights after the dinner. Enjoy! a mouthwatering Mediterranean-cuisine

SUMMER 2016 | 207



n a totally Mykonian setting, all in white, the new gastronomic arrival on the island of the winds, goes over the high culinary bar set by Mykonos, with exceptional suggestions, fragrant with sea smells. As the name suggests, Lucky Fish sets the table with the freshest seafood and fish, while the menu includes meat dishes, as well as healthy gluten-free vegetarian choices, that satisfy even the most demanding palates. Implementing this culinary concept are Dimitris Daktylidis and his wife Katerina, who together with Irini, Katerina’s sister, also run Fishalida in Agrari beach. A master in gastronomy and a partner in the famous

O’Bati restaurant, one of the best on the island, Dimitris Daktylidis amazes us again and guarantees an unforgettable culinary experience. The kitchen is run by chef Alexandros Apostolou with his team, a group of young people with zest, imagination and amazing zeal, while the guys in service, having been with Dimitris Daktylidis for years in his restaurants, create a friendly, hospitable atmosphere. With carefully prepared and well cooked dishes, generous portions, beautiful ambience and exquisite service, Lucky Fish is the ideal destination on the island for fans of quality food, as well as for a romantic supper with inspired, seafood flavours.

Info: N. Kalogera - Mykonos Town, Tel. +30 22890 27524




ar, restaurant, lounge, relax corner and boutique, every space in Liasti exudes good taste, with minimalist touches and attention to every detail. In the beautiful Lias bay, the day alternates between the golden sand of the beautiful beach, the comfort and coolness zones of a discreet space, ideal for relaxation and calmness, the care of face and body in the hands of the experienced staff and the boutique that satisfies our consumer emotions with special clothes collections, accessories and jewellery of exclusive international brands. The day continues with a balanced light lunch and an aperitif on the beach, while with the sunset the setting

enters into an atmospheric mood. The restaurant tables, with a view of the sea under the starry sky, serve, mediterranean and international flavours, accompanied by select bubbly wines and sweet temptations. After an authentic gastronomic experience, Liasti Beach Resort is transformed into a lively and fun beach club with loud vibes and internationally famous artist melodies. This summer, the chillout musical legend José Padilla, creator of the "Cafe del Mar" phenomenon and the most successful ambient compilations, invites us to Liasti Beach Resort with a fixed date each week, to offer us a musical journey through the notes and the atmosphere of his music. Stay tuned!

ANOMERA 84600 LIA BEACH, MYKONOS - τηλέφωνο +30 2289 072150 -




n the romantic setting of Natura Restaurant, under the exotic palm trees, broad-leafed laurels and evening primrose, whose aromas flood the swimming pool area, Chef Giorgos Koumpouris mixes tradition with modern techniques, enhancing his fresh, organic cuisine philosophy with organic products and fresh herbs. Highlighting the best nature has to offer, the well-known chef creates unique

dishes using mostly local and fresh ingredients, inspired by the creativity and pure essence of Greek cuisine. The menu includes famous traditional Mediterranean and Greek dishes, original fresh salads, meat and fish dishes with a genuine Greek aroma. At Natura Restaurant, we believe that we can change the world by beginning with ourselves; a way of thinking that is more a way of life than simply an idea. So remember to respect, love and eat.

LETO HOTEL, NATURA Restaurant, Chora, tel.: +30 22890 22207,


resh a e



t When the principal of a bakery is that bread should always be eaten fresh and warm, the result is sure to include among other things, delicious baked masterworks. You’ll come to the same conclusion when you find yourself browsing the tempting shop windows of Artisti Prozumi. The new tasty arrival to the island of Mykonos, on the Ano Mera country road, is a veritable sensory temptation, with wonderful aromas and delectable images that will bring you here again and again, before or after your dip in the sea, your stroll, your night out, any time of the day or night. Open 24 hours, the new shop will become a necessary stop in your day, with fresh,

fragrant products, made with the best ingredients. With warm, baked bread at any time of the day, the tasty temptations begin with biscuits, bread sticks, cookies, croissant, muffins, pastries, filling sandwiches, coffees and freshly squeezed juices and go on with a huge variety of sweets, cool fruit tarts, summer sweets, eastern sweets, chocolate temptations, cakes and anything else you could possibly imagine. Catering also to those who want more comprehensive culinary proposals, the new bakery Artisti Prozumi, offers daily a huge variety of traditional Greek cuisine, with fresh home cooked dishes, made with natural ingredients. All this in a traditional bakery that aims to satisfy your every savoury wish.

Artisti Prozumi, Ano Mera Country Road, +30 22890 71007

SUMMER 2016 | 215


Ni g h†c rawL ers .



You can have the first of its imaginative cocktails with your meal or later as the first night’s drink. No matter the time, the desire to taste one more never stops. After an Apple Spritz or a Champagne Daisy, a Dolce Verde or a Lychee Martini, there are many more to keep you here sitting at the lounge beach bar with the all-white setting or lying on the beach. Elia beach, +30 22890 71204,

Did you hear the news? BuddhaBar's Worldwide Chief Mixologist, Matthias Giroud will have a strong presence at BuddhaBar Beach Santa Marina this summer and will oversee the creation of world famous and specially created cocktails. His flavors will travel you to famous destinations; from Monaco to New York and from Mexico to Sao Paolo. Accompanying the food and cocktail offerings, BuddhaBar Beach Santa Marina is excited to introduce the resident DJ of Buddha-Bar London, Mario DreamersInc Chaviaras, who will transit to Mykonos for this summer. On August 19th, DJ Claude Challe, the creator of much-loved compilation of Buddha-Bar series and world renowned DJ, will create a unique compilation of innovative and avant-garde sounds that fit perfectly with the restaurant’s atmosphere. Santa Marina Resort & Villas, Ornos, +30 22890 23220,


BILL & COO LOUNGE BAR The best way to end a day is to enjoy the spirits and the creative cocktails of its drink maître. The finest tropical combinations made on the island are accompanied by carefully chosen chilled music while contemplating the most amazing and breathtaking sunset and sea views. The signature cocktails and twisted classic recipes await you on the bar. Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Megali Ammos, +30 22890 26292,

SCARPA You cannot pass over this place. Boasting great view on Little Venice, this small and trendy bar offers excellent drinks – famous for its fresh cocktails and the finest selection of house vibes that beats and youthful crowd, this bar catches the essence of the island and offers unforgettable nights. Check the calendar with the DJ nights -DJ Dino is the resident here- to join all of its parties. Little Venice

It is dedicated to joy, relax and all day fun. Thus, lie on a sun bed, combine your swim with cocktails and champagne drinks and dance near the water’s edge. Its experienced bartenders serve their customers an amazing variety of refreshing cocktails accompanied by exquisite sea view and exhilarating beats. Dive into its colorful and tasty world of drinks, cocktails and memories of great fun. Super paradise, +30 22890 26459,

CAVO PARADISO “The only club you need to know about on Mykonos, this open air mega club is renowned as one of the best party venues in Europe and beyond”. This is one of its thousands visitors’ reviews. This year’s calendar includes Valeron, Paul Van Dyk, David Guetta & Nick Martin and Marco Carola on the decks. World famous for its parties, the most celebrated club in Greece attracts waves of people to the island every summer that will come to enjoy some of the greatest DJ sets in the music industry, while all party fans wait impatiently for its full moon party in August. Paradise, day phone: +30 22890 27205, club phone: +30 22890 26124, reservations of the day: +30 6948504989,

SPILIA SEASIDE Peacefully nestled on a natural platform on the rocks, hanging over the sea, Spilia Seaside restaurant and bar is one of the unique Mykonos hotspots. Imagine that you listen to relaxed music drinking one of the bar’s imaginative cocktails while you are standing at this marvelous scenery made by nature and decorated in an extraordinary way with impressive lights. Enjoying a night there is an experience you can’t resist. So, don't lose time and have your next day and night out at Spilia Seaside. Fun, sea, music and sand at their best combination. Aghia Anna, +30 6949449729,

ASTRA It is an entertainment and nightlife case study. Its history has been written through its consistent characteristics preserved intact by Babis and Omiros from 1987 to the present day, and through its famous guests, such as the rock legend Keith Richards and Monaco’s young royalty Andrea Casiraghi. And it is still receiving great success with its hip music, the rock influences, the special events and fashion evenings which attract among others, Greek and foreign showbiz personalities. Chora, +30 22890 24767,

GALLERAKI Head at the historical bar for the delicious cocktails –don’t forget the mysterious recipe of Katerina cocktail- and post your experience at “We Start It”, the new social “meeting point” for all the friends who already know the 25-year old cocktail bar and those who want to know it. Choose your favorite drink from the inspired menu and share your Galleraki moments in the double-storied building with your companion and everybody else. Little Venice, +30 22890 27188,

REMEZZO Are you ready for a great Greek dinner under the sunset and for the party which always comes next? Then head at the historical restaurant and cocktail bar and make your own unforgettable memories in its renovated and exquisite scenery totally in white. This is a place for the art of entertainment. So, make sure that you will be part of Remezzo’s legendary nights. Polikandrioti Str., Chora,

JACKIE O’ BEACH CLUB & RESTAURANT Experience the magnificent venue step by step. Relax on the beach, pamper yourself with a beach spa massage, visit the pool, taste the extraordinary Mediterranean Fusion menu with Mykonian flavor by the acclaimed chef Christoforos Peskias, feel the vibes of the unique bar, show your moves on the dance stage and do not forget the oyster bar. All in one location. Super Paradise, +30 22890 77298,

They come out at night, when the sun is painting the sea with impressive colours, looking for the best spot to watch the sunset, nursing a cool cocktail or late at night, searching for the liveliest bar, where fun has no time limit. Join them! ΤΕΧΤS BY Vivi

Vourtsa | PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis Dimotsis SUMMER 2016 | 217



SOLYMAR You can start your day here drinking coffee on the blue tables or on sunbeds, continue with creative food for lunch and an impressive dinner with impeccable service and then enjoy partying for many hours. Your summer fantasy becomes a reality in Kalo Livadi beach. It is only a matter of time until you end up dancing on the tables after sunset, enjoying DJ nights and parties. Kalo Livadi, +30 22890 71745,

MONARCH After its last year’s success, it comes back relocated in Platis Gialos with the same assets: offering a unique experience of taste, entertainment and lots of live music. The inspired Mediterranean cuisine with contemporary touches has been again assigned to Alain Parodi, who has a Michelin star award, while its special events will attract everybody making it the meeting point of fun lovers. Are you going to miss it? Platis Gialos, +30 6974658357,

TOY ROOM Make a note in your summer agenda for its dj events. This is the successful international import in the entertainment space, or in other word, the Toy Room club, which already has created quite a stir with its presence on the island of the winds. Those who know it from London's Mayfair, have high expectations for its little island brother, which is set to exceed them. Whether dancing on the dance floor-or on the tables- or enjoying a concoction prepared by some of the top mixologists in town, Toy Room’s new and old guests feel as part of an exclusive, blessed family while partying their nights away. Little Venice, +30 6944 38 5959

SEMELI BAR With quite a funky attitude and a new pop aesthetic, Semeli bar continues to welcome new and old visitors, to all-night entertainment with imaginative cocktails and music. True to its potent bar and its dance tunes, it keeps the inexhaustible rhythm for all the beautiful people in the bar, who are saying good things about its new look, done by the architect Pavlos Ninios. Its decoration's concept is indeed in accordance with the always intriguing character of the island, as also is its fun atmosphere and vibes. Dancing and partying shake up the chemistry of happiness! So, taste the finest champagne and spirits as well as its signature cocktails and experience pure fun! Little Venice, +30 2289 026505,

MYKONOS BAR It found it’s place in the spot that last year we got to know Project. With the same dance DNA, but a wholly Greek mood, it’s set to rouse the crowds of all ages and nationalities. The new bar targets fans of Greek music and summer rhythms, that will keep the existing patrons as well as new fans on the floor from midnight till dawn. Let's shake it the Greek way! Come and join! Little Venice, +30 6944 385959

BAO’S Baos is the little island opposite Little Venice on Mykonos. Everyone with an appetite for partying and fun will head to the brand new bar, named after the small island and the great Pirate George Bao. This new arrival has the signature of designer Pavlos Ninios. Everyone who loves the new look of the Semeli Bar, will appreciate his new work here. Of course, the Cycladic style has been retained and the colour white is predominantly used as a backdrop. Come and see for yourself and enjoy a cool Mama Colada, an explosive Call me Doctor, which is one of the premium Cocktails on the menu and dance until you drop. Little Venice

PRINCIPAUTÉ DE MYKONOS -PANORMOS With an unpretentious elegance designed by distinguished architect Athanasios Kyratsous, this bar creates an ideal setting for the most relaxed and unforgettable summer memories. In this bohemian chic atmosphere admire the view of the charming Panormos bay and the wonderful white sandy beach as you quench your thirst with handmade signature cocktails created by the best mixologists. The dining room spaces are discreetly decorated with impressive nautical rope that conveys the particular charm and hospitality of Georgios Papageorgiou, while the original dishes inspired by Avgeria Stapaki and her team excite the appetite. Panormos,

LIASTI With the first rays of sunset, becomes a stylish and cosmopolitan meeting place where you can have impressive cocktails and drink all night long admiring the summer environment of Lia beach. Yes, this is the glorious opening at this location making Lia, a talk of the town. Here, the party rhythms begin quite early with dancing, Mediterranean tastes to accompany your drinks with and really good mood. And when the sun goes down, the party begins with music and dance under the stars all night long Lia, +30 22890 72150,

DOME CLUB Beautiful people, vivid atmosphere, dancing rhythms, strong beats, imaginative cocktails, dancing all night and ultimate fun? All these characterize the new Dome Club which made its dynamic appearance at Matogianni and elevated the fun factor to dynamic heights. Can you imagine of a better place to pass your night end enjoy yourself? With DJ events, loud music, champagne drinks and a lot of joy set the stage for another unforgettable night on the cosmopolitan island, this is a place you can’t miss. Come on party people, let’s rock the night. 1 Matogianni Str., +30 694 077 9920,

SUMMER 2016 | 219


Vourtsa | PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis Dimotsis



WÃV E S o f F U N . The Mykonian beaches are a summer experience themselves offering everything that you would ever wish for and all that you could not imagine. So, we share with you our rating for them. Is it easy to get to? Is it windy or quiet? Are there umbrellas and beach bars to stay all day long? Prepare yourself for the frenziest atmosphere, beautiful primitive beaches, and be drifted away by waves of pleasure.









1 Panormos














Popular with ‘beautiful people’ including the international jet set

2 Aghios Ioannis









The sun goes down one hour later here. Get the most out of it!

3 Lia






It boasts crunchy sand and deep clear sapphire waters, ideal for snorkelling.

4 Super Paradise











This is where Mykonos’ dance heart beats offering relentless fun.

5 Psarou





It rightfully has the title of the ultimate place to see and be seen.

6 Aghia Anna (Kalafatis)





The sea is crystal-clear with small pebbles and rocks overlooking Delos.

7 Agrari







Low key setting and endless relaxation await you here. SUMMER 2016 | 221






Your Top 5 Beaches 1


It has been experiencing glory days since the 1980s, setting the summer’s trends. It boasts warm waters and the road is quite narrow with sharp turns. HIGHLIGHT: Nammos is the jewel of the crown here. Watch its crowd and taste its upscale Beefbar (



The beach has a wild beauty, while its horse-shoe shape is unique, with its colours changing throughout the day. Don’t miss the August full moon party here. HIGHLIGHT: Principauté de Mykonos – Panormos will change the way you enjoyed the beach so far, as it will be the first time to see umbrellas on this sand. (



It is among the first of the island’s hot spots to strongly support the nudist dogma. Numerous beach bars are lined on the beach, inspiring people to get up and dance. The beach is also accessible by sea on small boats (caiques) which depart from Ornos and Platis Gialos. HIGHLIGHT: Return at night to Cavo Paradiso with a dazzling dj programme. (



One of the island’s best organized beaches with a strong cosmopolitan feel. It covers every expectation on a long blonde sandy beach with green-blue clear water. We suggest you arrive before noon. HIGHLIGHT: Visit the exciting new Rakkan Mykonos with its relaxed sunbeds, opium beds and cabanas offering an oriental nargile experience (


The sunbeds are laid out comfortably and there is a more private section for gays and nudists, a spacious parking and water-sports school. Visit it with a north wind for calm waters. HIGHLIGHT: Mediterranean dishes and cocktails are a must at Elia beach bar-restaurant (

Lia A small bay with deep crystal waters protected from the strong northerly winds which is ideal for snorkeling. This is the alternative preferred by celebrities who arrive by boat. For a more secluded experience walk over the rocks to reach the neighboring Tigani beach. HIGHLIGHT: The much anticipated Liasti beach bar-restaurant has just opened its doors with an elegant space in white and wood upon the sandy beach (

Super Paradise

With clean, emerald waters and sand that continues some distance into the sea, the Aghia Anna beach is embraced by ancient Divounia, which act as wind breakers for its calm and velvet sandy beach. HIGHLIGHT: Have a platter of everything at Spilia Seaside: seafood, exquisite view, great music, cocktails and first class service in a natural cane, while a meat menu is served upon the beach. ( Don’t forget the farm-totable Greek Island cuisine served at the brand new Nesaea restaurant with the philosophy of Nice n’ Easy restaurants (+30 22890 72130).

With a magical sandy beach giving the sense of a tropical lagoon, it is constantly crowded by hordes of party people. A landmark holiday destination for every teenager, “Super” has nurtured generations with frenzied parties and never-ending fun. Access by car is good, while the last incline before the parking is difficult. HIGHLIGHT: Visit the hip Pinky Beach to swim and have fun with exhilarating beats and classic or exotic delicacies ( You should also experience a whole day at the magnificent Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant and get the most out of it (


Aghios Ioannis


Protected from both northerly and southerly winds, the beach is divided in two by some gentle rocks and boasts the stunning sunset featured in the 1989 film, Shirley Valentine. Among the beach’s strong points is the interesting seabed towards the right, ideal for snorkeling, and the very fine pebbles which are perfect for natural reflexology. HIGHLIGHT: Watch the chef Michalis Kikis presenting his own gastronomic performance at the enchanting taverna at the new Bil l& Coo Coast Suites. (

Aghia Anna (Kalafatis)

Drive a bit further past Kalafatis or walk a few minutes to find the somewhat hidden little beach.


Facing Naxos and with colours ranging from pale emerald to deep blue, the first impressions of this beach on the south side of the island successfully introduce its charm and calmness. It has sun loungers and water sports and can also be accessed by small boats from Platis Gialos. The beach’s right-hand side, by the rocks, is ideal for diving and playing games in the clear blue water. HIGHLIGHT: Trust Agrari Beach Restaurant for traditional recipes and local appetizers with organic materials (

It is the first to open and the last to close, since its favorable orientation guarantees warm days from May to October. There is easy parking at both entrances: from Aghia Anna and just before Paradise. Diving from the rock located in the middle of the sea is essential. HIGHLIGHT: Have a taste of the bohemian style of Scorpios ( and the traditional experience of Tasos taverna (tel.: +30 22890 23002).


The island’s most popular family beach attracting all types of tourists, Greek families and quite a few locals. Ornos’ long sandy beach has numerous




SUMMER 2016 | 223


make it wild! Whether you are an athletic type or not, these beaches will encourage you to become one. So, don’t lose time and try it out!


Starting from Chora, take a right turn at the crossroads to discover the ideal surfing destination and admire a performance offered by the virtuoso surfers. When it is not windy, the landscape is reminiscent of a lagoon. HIGHLIGHT: Indulge in the relaxing atmosphere and the delicious dishes of Ftelia Castaway (


This is one of the island’s biggest beaches and even when crowded, it offers a sense of space which is ideal for families. Sports lovers would not change it for the world; you can try everything from jet skiing and banana boat rides, to parachuting and diving. The sand is quite pebbly. If you are in good shape, jog along the Agrion side of the beach at sunset. HIGHLIGHT: Test your scuba diving abilities guided by world record holder Waldermar Foit. Find him at his Kalafati Dive-Center (


At Korfos beach, you encounter intense winds that create the most adventurous waves, the perfect setting for kitesurfing. HIGHLIGHT: The instructors of Kite Mykonos are your multilingual guides to tame them (


Protected from the winds and beautiful albeit packed, Platis Gialos is fairly developed. Its big plus is its sporty character and the plethora of restaurants and hotels that line the beach. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn how to water ski on its beautiful, calm waters. HIGHLIGHT: Enjoy the speed on the water and the wind in your hair with their new jet skis. (



SUMMER 2016 | 225

Castaway? And yet, you can feel like one going to these primitive and still unspoiled beaches. They may be remote but worth visiting every time.


A beautiful beach with golden sands and emerald waters, only 4 km north of the capital. It’s a protected beach of natural beauty, divided in two parts. The left combines a small cove with a small beach. The right side is full of big round multicoloured pebbles.

FOKOS & MYRSINI Even though buses don’t reach

Fokos, it still attracts quite a crowd. Boasting the island’s coldest waters, it still remains an untouched treasure. Located right after the artificial lake of Marathi, it is quite seriously affected by the north winds. Next to it, another small, sandy gem, Myrsini, is one of the coveted alternative beaches with crystal-clear green waters, pebbly sand and tranquility.


No make-up, bars, shops, tourist enterprises or sunbeds. With wonderful deep blue water, it favors snorkeling fans. Here you will see celebrity and anonymous nudists, as well as locals. Avoid the August meltemi winds which make conditions unwelcoming.


A ten-minute walk from Aghios Ioannis and you will arrive at one of the island’s last havens, the unspoiled Kapari beach. Nudists and old Mykonos devotees gather here daily, while the concept of organization is completely absent.


Hidden caves and virgin beaches await those who get there by boat. There’s four unique and isolated beaches with golden-white sand and crystal clear waters with bluegreen colour on the island: Glyfada, Stena, Lia and Ambelia.



restaurants and café-bars with tables all the way to the sand. The natural barrier created by the settlement’s houses blocks the strong north wind which often pounds the island, while the south wind does not affect the sea since the bay, while large, is closed and protected. To the left of the bay you will find some fishing boats, as well as some large sailing boats. HIGHLIGHT: Have a taste of the sandy private beach at Santa Marina Resort & Villas and experience the atmosphere and flavors of the World’s first Buddha-Bar Beach (


Megali Ammos

Free of umbrellas and sun loungers, the beach is ideal for a quick dip for those who want to keep within a safe distance from the Chora. Accessible even on foot, the golden beach with fine sand and northerly winds is also a great place for windsurfing. HIGHLIGHT: Wear your most beautiful caftan and return in the evening to take your seat at Bill & Coo, one of the best hotel restaurants on the island (

Aghios Stefanos

This long golden beach is ideal for those who wish to avoid high society, admire the magnificent views of the Small Deles islands and enjoy a magical sunset with the locals. Lay your towel on the ground or use the few umbrellas and sun loungers, and leave the rest to the effective beach service. If you feel like adventurous, keep driving towards the protected Houlakia beach. Swim to the small cove behind the rocky shoreline and benefit from this idyllic location despite the strong winds. HIGHLIGHT: For a romantic dinner, try exceptional Mediterranean cuisine and twisted dishes by the luxurious pool at the elegant Grace Restaurant (

Aghia Anna (Paraga)

With just a few sunbeds and adequate free space, it secures moments of privacy and relaxation for its visitors. A sandy beach wedged between Paraga and Platis Gialos, Aghia Anna is a good choice for those who want some seclusion. It still maintains, to a degree, the image of a quiet, family beach, functioning as a discharging point from its two noisy neighbours. The sea is crystal-clear with small pebbles and rocks and another of the beach’s big trump cards is its sunset overlooking Delos. Tip: The beach faces southwest and gets the sun until late, offering the opportunity for longterm sunbathing. HIGHLIGHT: Nikolas taverna is always a classic place to taste authentic recipes, such as spaghetti with crab (







FOKOS SUMMER 2016 | 227



he cosmopolitan face of Mykonos, becomes even more beautiful with the presence of Zisis Boukouvalas M.D, Ph.D transforming the island of the winds into a top Medical Tourism Makeover Travel, destination. The leading Greek plastic surgeon and his team are famous for providing a wide variety of plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures using state-of-the art surgical techniques. Their commitment to aesthetic excellence is legendary, and the high quality of their service starts with understanding the needs of the patient and putting them first. Concerning Breast Augmentation, one of the most popular and safe operations of Plastic Surgery, Zisis Boukouvalas M.D, Ph.D with extensive experience and expertise in technical Subfascial will help you achieve the size and shape you want, wound-free, with no cuts. With its own operating rooms in the Metropolitan Hospital and experienced anaesthetists and nurses you can be sure that the surgery and post surgery monitoring is in the safest hands. The depth of knowledge, coupled with great experience and access to a diverse array of advanced therapies, enables Makeover Travel to offer a standard of care rarely matched in the industry. Delivering security, quality services, experience and reasonable prices, all the treatments are administered by a highly trained medical and paramedical staff that is responsible and takes pride in its work. Athens – Kifisia – Glyfada – Thessaloniki - Mykonos,, +30 6947938329 •

Zisis Boukouvalas M.D, Ph.D Plastic Surgeon

SUMMER 2016 | 229



ere and on the holy island Delos, I experience a deep connection to the spiritual world and can fully realign myself. I feel deeply privileged to be able spend time living on this special, beautiful island and to offer my “healingspace” for the last 10 years. I am Barbara Reichau - holistic healer, life coach, and spiritual teacher. For over 25 years, I’ve loved supporting people to expand their awareness, find their innermost self and new visions in their lives. Working with a unique combination of different methods of Energy Psychology namely Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, trauma

therapy, shamanic healing and Transcendental Meditation, I balance the body`s energy flow resulting in new neural pathways in the brain. By clearing life’s strains, blockages and traumas on physical, emotional and spiritual levels, we experience a powerful positive shift in our awareness and during our daily life! On my life’s journey, I have met wonderful individuals like the shamanic healers native to the Peruvian Amazon, who supported me to expand my consciousness, unfold my psychic abilities and heal my own soul-wounds. Lighten up your life for greater fulfillment, new possibilities and more joy!

Barbara Reichau , T: + 30 6931 9057 08 ,,

SUMMER 2016 | 231



hen you have the fearless Hercules as your the only one where you can find more than 100 vehicles, containing a variety of 13 car models and 9 bike models to choose from. Whether travelling companion, the only thing that you have to worry about is which beautiful beach on you need a powerful jeep looking for adventure, a car to explore the the island you want to visit next. With the great natural beauty of the island, a mini bus to travel with your family or a motorbike to meander in the alleys, Hercules Rentals ensures an ideal mythic hero as a trademark, the trustworthy rental service for cars and motorbikes in Mykonos, guarantees carefree selection depending on your needs, such as the driving routes, the vacations in the island of the winds, with safety, reliability, engine power, the capacity ant the price flexibility. With an excellent customer service and a dynamic fleet of brand consistency while also having the best prices in the market. Info: Bus terminal opposite new and very safe to drive cars and motorbikes, when it Operating for more than 30 years right next to Chora the museum of Mykonos, tel.: +30 22890 23168, comes to transportation on Mykonos, Hercules Rentals is main entrance with the largest car and motorbike fleet, not just a choice but a matter of trust. it is one of the most well-known rental companies and


SUMMER 2016 | 233



car has added the BMW i3 model to its fleet, iCar upholds its reputation with a very large fleet of cars, offering visitors to the island the best choices introducing the first electric cars for rent, for their travels. Whether you want a small city car on the island. Travelling gains an ecological dimension, the new model is noiseless, or a luxury SUV, a cabrio or a Jeep, the company emission and odour free and has an autonomy offers cars in a wide variety of types and sizes, with an average age of less than six months. All vehicles of 200 kilometres. Charging the vehicle, which takes six hours, can be done either the basic charge cable are continuously serviced and checked carefully in a normal 230 Volt wall plug or in specific spots before renting, offering among other things, safe and on the island, that iCar has equipped with the BMW i quality travels. On the company's strong pluses, add Wallbox, reducing the charge time to the private parking in Chora and free less than three hours. One of the top collection and delivery to any place iCar, Airport, Mykonos, +30 22890 72280, luxury car rental agencies in Mykonos, in Mykonos. Anything else?




worldwide reference in the fields of gastronomy, unique events, amidst gatherings of beautiful people who will together bring to Mykonos a unique take on an ever-evolving hospitality, wellness, music, and mixology, the World’s first Buddha-Bar Beach, located at Santa lifestyle experience. Live a memorable full moon party on July Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, invites 22nd with DJ Ravin, Buddha-Bar legend and one of the creators you to a unique dinning and lifestyle summer of the successful Buddha-Bar compilation series, while on experience, on the most breathtaking beachfront location of the August 19th, DJ Claude Challe, the creator of the much loved island. The refreshing menu, under the guidance of BuddhaBuddha-Bar series of compilations and world renowned DJ, will Bar Executive Chef Eric Rousselieres, combines tradition with play for you a unique mix of innovative and avant-garde sounds contemporary gastronomic fusion culture, offering a grand that fit perfectly with the restaurant’s atmosphere. Get ready for Buddha Bar Beach in the most magical destination on the selection of Pacific Rim cuisine dishes where East Chinese, Japanese, Thai and other Asian flavours combine subtly with island, an endless summer full of creative cuisine, exceptional a zest of the West. This summer, Buddha signature cocktails and the best music from Bar Beach will host an array of celebrity DJ’s the best DJs of the world. What else could Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, you ask for? Enjoy! and worldly Chefs and Mixologists, creating


TRANSFERS - SIGHTSEEING TOURS - DAYTRIPS 12 Minoas St., Megara, Greece tel +30 2296 772018 +30 2296 080255



n Complex architectural structures are the specialty of the Kinoussis Group company which has installed frames in famous houses for the last 17 years. Kinoussis Group frame collections include wood, brass, stainless steel and especially aluminium, in designing and implementing minimal energy windows. The company's agenda is dominated by the

exclusive cooperation with the Swiss company and pioneer in minimal aluminium frames. Products of Kinoussis Group adorn constructions internationally in New York, Monte Carlo, Spain, Italy, Bulgaria, St. Petersburg, Cairo, the Caribbean, Senegal etc. You can find finished proposals of the Kinoussis Group in big scale projects, commercial spaces, modern resorts and many famous star hotels.

Odos Lavriou - Souniou (1st Km), Lavrio 195 00 292 022300,,




hen modern lines meet traditional Mykonian architecture, the result is pure, harmonious and authentic. Known on the island as “the French Architect”, Aude Mazelin has managed to strike a balance between the two. Since she first moved to the island in 2000 and set up her office “Mykonos Architects”, she has undertaken a plethora of different projects: summer residence complexes, luxury villas, stores, restaurants, hotels and gardens, some as new constructions and others as renovation projects. The last few years she has specialized in designing SPA areas, such as at

the brand new 5-star ANAX hotel, which boasts impressive swimming pools and Jacuzzis. Her practice takes on building and design projects from the initial sketches to the very end, and studies every corner of the space in meticulous detail: from the lighting, outdoor areas and furnishings, to any other phase before completion. “For people to feel in harmony with the space, the architect first needs to feel the client, his/her lifestyle and desires, and then begin to sketch. A building is much more than a beautiful image; it is where he is about to live”. The objective is to satisfy the client, and to respect the natural beauty of the island.

Info: Agios Ioannis / Aggelika +30 6932364703,

Info: Agios Ioannis / Aggelika +30 6932364703,


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Experience the sophisticated side of authentic Mykonian luxury in glamorous boutique hotels that showcase the finest in high-end design, exceptional service and astonishing views of the Aegean. ΤΕΧΤS BY

Elena Mathiopoulou


Coo Coast Suites


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Aghios Ioannis, +30 22890 26292,

SANTA MARINA A legend of the island’s hospitality, this is a place you definitely want to spend your time while being on the island. Set overlooking the iconic Ornos Bay, Santa Marina crucially commands the private beach, making its transparent turquoise waters and white silk sands a genuine sanctuary from the public eye. A worldwide reference in the fields of gastronomy, hospitality, mixology and music, the legendary Buddha-Bar Beach offers a unique dining & lifestyle summer experience on a breathtaking beachfront location. Buddha-Bar's Worldwide Chief Mixologist, Matthias Giroud, will oversee the creation of world famous and specially created cocktails. Note also that the resident DJ of Buddha-Bar London, Mario DreamersInc Chaviaras, will fly there for a night while on August 19th, the hotel will host DJ Claude Challe. Last but not least on your list, the new Boutique Reef at the private beach presents exclusive fashion lines, including Greek and International renowned designers. Ornos, +30 22890 23220,

MYKONOS THEOXENIA HOTEL When you carry the architectural heritage of the great Aris Konstantinidis, reviving the 1960’s glam and sharing the Design


Hotels™ philosophy, then your dynamic presence in the hospitality sector will stand the test of time. In an atmosphere of timeless sophistication, this attractive boutique hotel provides you with every luxury and comfort you may desire: glamorous design, impressive fabrics with patterns inspired by the 1960’s, wooden floors and luxurious bathrooms. Indulge in high-end services, delicious meals at the Plate restaurant with views of the famous windmills, refreshing cocktails at the Breeze In and Breeze Out bars, as well as fitness sessions at the fully-equipped bhealthy club and enjoy the finest in island hospitality.

Glamorous resorts and attractive boutique hotels on the cocmopolitan island provide you with every luxury and comfort you may desire, offering a unique lifestyle summer experience.

Kato Myloi, +30 22890 22230,

ROCHARI Built in traditional Mykonian style architecture, the hotel is located just a few minutes’ walk from the town center and the old port of Mykonos. Rochari offers a great selection of rooms to choose from, and several terraces with stunning views of the island and the Aegean Sea. Spend the day lounging by the pool, have a sunset drink and enjoy lingering into the twilight hours. The hotel is ideal for creating new friendships and rekindling old ones as many guests return year after year, and throughout your day there is always a familiar face or a warm smile to greet you. Aghiou Ioannou Str., tel.: +30 22890 23107,

MYCONIAN VILLA COLLECTION Whether you ’re looking for a romantic hideaway as a couple, or an idyllic place


The brand new Bill & Coo Coast Suites, a member of the Leading Hotels of the World, is located in a unique spot in Ai Yiannis, which embraces the sea, facing the sacred island of Delos. Its 15 roomy suites, almost touching the beach, are a case study in immediacy without losing their sense of refinement. Whether 30 or 45 square meters in size with private pools, all the suites share the luminous white of the walls, wooden details and bespoke furniture, which give an artistic touch to the spaces created by K-Studio. As for the culinary experience, meet Mediterranean gastronomic traditions at their best with inspired dishes created by the talented chef Michalis Kikis and his team at the taverna.


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where families and friends can come together, these superb villas are the perfect setting for the high point of the year. The Villas offer the most spacious and serviced elegantly appointed interiors, state-ofthe-art amenities, gourmet restaurants as an alternative to a private chef, and a world-class thalasso spa centre. With sweeping views over the Aegean – steps away from the famous Elia Beach where private loungers and umbrellas await – a magnificent pool deck and the spacious luxury of your own villa with its private infinity pool, your only regret may be that you can’t be everywhere at once. ROCHARI

Elia, +30 22890 76000,

KIRINI As soon as you enter the Kirini - My Mykonos Retreat, all your senses are instantly enchanted! Whether you are taken by the majestic view, the traditional Cycladic architecture, the freshly renovated rooms and suites overlooking the Aegean Sea, or the indulgent service, your visit will be a unique experience. Highlights of the hotel’s boutique and ultimately chic character include the luxurious “A.SPA”, among the best on the island, offering spa experiences tailored to your unique needs and desires, holistic wellness services and a wonderful selection of cosmetic treatments, the unique gourmet experiences at Anthos restaurant for authentic culinary delights,

and the idyllic Mykonian atmosphere of the pool. Aleomandra, +30 22890 79189,

LETO HOTEL A unique hotel known for its perfect location on the coastal road of the old port, in the centre of Chora. Since 1953, when it was the first A-class hotel on the island, Leto has been offering high quality services and facilities. It is built in the neo-classical style and consists of 25 tastefully furnished rooms, all of which have a balcony overlooking the enchanting Aegean Sea beyond. The management and the friendly, well-trained staff are always at your service

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in order to make your stay an unforgettable leisure experience all year round. For gastronomy lovers, Natura restaurant recommends Mediterranean recipes with a twist made from fresh, organic ingredients. Chora, +30 22890 22207,

HOTEL ANASTASIA VILLAGE Located at Aghia Anna’s bay, this charming 4-star hotel offers a friendly environment and traditional but luxurious Mykonian architecture; add to this the characteristic of continuous positive changes and quality improvements, then the dreamiest holiday of a lifetime is guaranteed. The hotel-village features a complex of 85 bungalows with a wide range of facilities and activities, located just 20 m. from the sea and boasting one of the island’s best restaurants, Spilia Seaside. The setting of the natural cave is awe-inspiring, with the sea lapping at your feet, while the fresh ingredients are the restaurant’s trademark, with its fresh lobsters and sea urchins. Aghia Anna (Kalafatis), +30 22890 71205,

PETASOS BEACH RESORT & SPA This luxurious five-star hotel, member of the Small Luxury Hotels group, Petasos stands majestically on a private peninsula

offering unlimited class, impeccable taste in seductive luxury, and stunning sea views of the Aegean for a setting of unique privacy and relaxation. The luxury rooms and suites, tastefully decorated and equipped with deluxe amenities, exude a sense of elegance and sophistication. The a la carte VIP restaurant, with its unique impressive dome and magnificent views of the Aegean, offers exquisite Greek creations along with first-class service. Le Club Restaurant and the Pool Bar provide the setting for unforgettable experiences, while the 500 sqm Aqua Marine Spa offers revitalizing therapies, treatments and thalassotherapy that will ensure you regain your equilibrium and find your inner peace. Platis ialos, +30

Infinity pools, exquisite views, stunning suites and over-the-top experiences for all senses. These are the ingredients that dreams are made of.

22890 23437,

EN LEFKO SUITES Designed with your ultimate relaxation in mind and offering breath-taking views of the Aegean and neighboring islands, En Lefko Suites are the perfect holiday refuge for those who appreciate abstract elegance and respect for traditional architecture. The luxury hotel offers 24 dazzling white suites with exquisite architecture and minimal design that capture the senses from the very first moment. From the moment you arrive on the island to the moment of your final farewell, the specially-trained



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staff and experienced field agents of En Lefko Suites are at your service to provide personalized services, from offering upto-date information and recommendations to planning unforgettable days and nights, making even your wildest dreams come true. Aleomandra Ornou, +30 22890 26814,

SEMELI HOTEL In perfect harmony with the Mykonian architecture, Semeli is one of the few hotels in the heart of Chora, that combines luxury with tradition, offering unique moments of relaxation and calm, just a few metres from the vibrant island centre. The modern design and the unique aesthetic in its interior, is implemented with brand name furniture, special lights, double glazing for total sound insulation and luxurious living rooms. In the food department, Thioni Restaurant is considered one of the best on the island, with international and local cuisine, while the hotel’s Spa is the absolute destination for wellness and relaxation. Chora, +30-22890-27466-7, 27471-2,


A heaven-to-earth hotel, Anax Resort capitulates your desire for serene

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LuxuRy servicEs.


MYKONOS CONCIERGE Generally accepted as the world’s leading VIP Services on the island, Mykonos Concierge specializes in Consulting Services and Luxury for Exclusive Guests eager to offer "tailor - made" services and meet the most outstanding and demanding needs. Expert consultants in personalized travel, they organize a wide variety of trips applying rigorous selection criteria in terms of comfort and elegance, charm and style so as to better satisfy their guests' wishes in total confidentiality. Enjoy exploring and experiencing Mykonos and let the planning to the experts with prestigious and exclusive services –from chauffeurs, car rental, luxury transfers, yacht charters, air services, tours and excursions, villas and room reservation to 5-star hotels, VIP exclusive services and wedding plants. +30 2118001308, +30 2118005348,


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VilLa with a viEw.


These hotels deliver the most extraordinary hospitality experiences

vacations, living in an ultra-elegant space with an unconventional “made in Greece” concept of luxury. In a privileged location in the centre of Aghios Ioannis, the brand new luxury resort depicts the magnificent essence of island living, with its airy interiors and expansive terrace open onto spectacular views across the Aegean waters. Sumptuous in its white interiors and rounded archways with the occasional dash of color and contemporary furnishings, this heavenly microcosm spreads across the exceptionally designed maisonettes and suites that feature private swimming pools, bright and spacious areas to excite the senses, atmospheric bars, a restaurant and Wellness & Spa Centre. Aghios Ioannis, +30 22890 77600,

ANDRONIKOS The laid back Mediterranean environment, the genuine Greek hospitality along with the exclusive luxury services make this



Preserving the Cycladic aesthetic and incorporating all the latest technology in their services and facilities, Mykonos Real Estate’s villas offer an interior of quality comforts as well as the tranquility necessary to fully enjoy the harmonious landscape. Find your dream house on the most cosmopolitan Greek island, a search guided by the experienced personnel of Mykonos Real Estate, a subsidiary of Revithis & Partners Group of Company. New Peripheral Rd, Drafaki, +30 22890 26066, a-mykonos. gr,

Kitty J. Laios, owner and manager of KITTY J. LAIOS REAL ESTATE LTD, specializes in luxury and premium properties, as well as commercial real estate. The company is one of the fastest growing in the Greek market, and currently has a wide client base, which includes some of the most well-known names in the Greek business world, who entrusted the company with both their housing and commercial real estate needs. +30 6932421866, mykonosluxurycollection. com,



With experience in the construction, architecture, and real estate markets and having the security and satisfaction of each individual customer as their guide, the specialized team of One and Only Mykonos, proposes investment dreams on a backdrop of endless blue. The highly experienced team offers customized services, so when you choose to do business with One and Only Mykonos, you are engaging with a company who cares and continually focuses on finding ways to support your needs. +30 6946 00 78 00, +30 6944 84 21 31,

With over 20 years of experience, Stavros Iliadis is seasoned in real estate management, Property Law, building technology and modern constructions, urban and spatial planning, organising and business management. Offering unique and tailor-made services, the company boasts sales and rental know-how for a wide variety of properties, such as villas, houses, land and anything else your heart desires, while also offering reliable and sage investment advice with the best views in the Aegean. Airport Road, Drafaki, +30 22890 27317,

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beautiful boutique hotel a destination in itself. Wrapped in a typical Aegean aesthetic, the hotel’s rooms and suites exude an international contemporary concept with pop touches, while the Cocoon and Blue rooms offer spiritual harmony materialized in curves and natural materials such as pebbles, bamboo and wood. Follow the gorgeous sunset at the Sky Bar, enjoy a refreshing cocktail by the pool at the Orange Blue Bar, taste the delicious creations prepared with organic ingredients at the awarded Lady Finger Restaurant or indulge in a soothing massage therapy or a rejuvenating facial treatment at the Earth Spa. Drafaki, +30 22890 24231,

LA STELLA Surrounded by a gorgeous colorful garden, this hotel is a veritable oasis of calm and tranquility despite being located near the centre of the island, by Psarrou and Plati Gialos beaches. The relaxed atmosphere of the rooms combines Cycladic architecture with more modern aesthetics and an emphasis on earthy tones. Your days at La Stella begin with a hearty homemade breakfast of your choice and continues with Greek-Mykonian creations, as well as sandwiches, crepes, ice-creams, homemade cakes and a big variety of coffees and drinks. In the afternoon, gaze at the sun setting next to Delos island, as you enjoy an aperitif in the pool area.

island. The Spa Centre ushers us into a world of rejuvenation and wellbeing, while the restaurant distinguishes itself with highly creative cooking with an aroma of Mykonos. Ornos Beach, +30 22890 29001 & 78788,

MYKONOS GRAND HOTEL & RESORT Inspirationally conceived to capture the essence of the surrounding natural wonders, this luxury beach resort is the perfect setting for rare moments of romance, adventure and excitement. Providing guests with personalized services of the highest standard, the resort offers luxurious accommodation in a serene environment of traditional Cycladic architecture, while the Althea Spa Center, the stone-build amphitheater ideal for yoga and pilates sessions, the tennis courts, the swimming pool and the Technogym Fitness Center are also available to revitalize your body and mind. Recently renovated, the White Bar welcomes its guests with refreshing cocktails and a dramatic outdoor terrace with a telescope to admire the impressive views of the bay. Aghios Ioannis, +30 22890 25555,

BILL & COO SUITES AND LOUNGE A romantic oasis over Megali Ammos where minimalist design meets sheer relaxation. A distinguished member of the


Glastros, +30 22890 79134,




Sea, light, sky, comfort, blue, harmony, mind, experience. Words that by themselves stimulate the senses, eloquently describe the atmospheric setting that’s been created this year in Ornos beach. Designed with natural materials and traditional Mykonian techniques, the brand new boutique hotel welcomes us, all in white, in a dreamy landscape with state-ofthe-art services. Authentic furniture from famous designers give a unique character to each of the 35 rooms, combining culture with art and history, in the Aegean’s liveliest


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Leading Hotels of the World, Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge is a peaceful, stunning, paradisiacal haven of luxury. Stretching its discreet luxury across 30 magnificentlystyled suites, this 5-star Mykonian hotel will make you feel you are in your own private hideaway. The hotel also boasts a massage room next to the fully-equipped gym, an infinity pool with countless stars, a romantic Lounge Bar, as well as the island’s best gourmet restaurant that serves culinary perfections of exceptional taste crafted by Chef Athinagoras Kostakos from fresh, organic ingredients. Megali Ammos, +30 22890 26292,


MYKONOS VIEW HOTEL A starting point for your vacations on the island, Mykonos View sprawls nonchalantly on a hillside with a view of the cosmopolitan town and the sea. With architecture that brings out the beauty of the island and blends harmoniously with the environment, the hotel is shaped with simple forms, with sculpted curves, while plants and flowers add colour and fragrances to the enchanting view of the open sea’s horizon. Member of the Semeli Group Hotel, the luxurious complex offers accommodations in distinctive style and decoration, while the bar in one of Mykonos’ most beautiful pools, with the wooden deck, giving you a sense of floating in the Aegean, is the ideal destination for romantic and atmospheric nights.

Taste the cosmopolitan flair of the island in a contemporary suite

Mykonos town, +30 22890 24045,

ARCHIPELAGOS Inspired by the colours and the light of the Cycladic landscape, Archipelagos is ideally

located by the sea, in the most beautiful beach of the island, Kalo Livadi. Built amphitheatrically and with full respect for the traditional Mykonian architecture, it overlooks the endless blue of the Aegean inviting you to live moments of unique enjoyment. The hotel is fully renovated by the well-known architect, Dimitris Tsitsos. The new interior approach is a fresh take on traditional Cycladic forms, shapes and colors, adding quality finishing touches to give a high-end feel to the typical Mykonian aesthetic at the lobby lounge, the restaurant and the large verandas with views of Kalo Livadi Bay. Its aim is to create a luxury, warm and inviting ambiance for the guests. Kalo Livadi, +30 22890 72012,

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Trea$ure Hunt.

Welcome to MC Shopping Guide 2016, our roundup of Mykonos’ most essential stores this year. Since the Mykonos shopping scene is always changing, we revisit this list every so often to add cool new stores or ones that have recently stepped up their game. It'd be impossible to sum up the island’s retail in just a few pages, but this is our rough guide of the places worth visiting. Happy treasure hunting. ΤΕΧΤ BY Eliana

Chrysikopoulou PHOTOGRAPHS BY Giannis Dimotsis

clothEs and acCessories. ENNY MONACO There’s not a chance that any fashion lover will not put a visit to Enny Monaco on their to-do list, because they know that they’ll find here the famous collections of Azzendine Alaia, Sonia Rykiel, Oscar de la Renta, Giambattista Valli, as well as the coveted red soles of the star shoemaker Christian Louboutin. But, we’re leaving some free space in our luggage for the new brands, as we’re excited about the sexy Kiini bikinis, the amazing Yosuzi hats (which Anna dello Russo adores), as well as the new collaboration of Kate Moss with the Equipment firm. Tria Pigadia, +30 22890 77100

ORSALIA PARTHENIS The father, Dimitris, bequeaths the talent as well as his famous name, that’s been synonymous with abstraction and the Mykonian aesthetic and the daughter, Orsalia, takes it a step further. Since 1978, the Parthenis firm is perfecting the art of drapery, of sparse design and ancient Greek finesse, using only the finest cotton and silk cloths. The must-have list includes the sandals, the turbans and the huge, fluffy beach towels. Aleukantras Sq., +30 22890 22448 MARIKA'S Walking in the busy Kouzi Georgouli, our pace slows as we pass Marika’s boutique, because this is the home of many tempting clothes and accessories, from cotton and linen caftans to sandals, beach accessories as well as select men’s collections. Don’t make the mistake of entering, if you’ve made an appointment with a friend - you’re definitely going to be late. 30 Kouzi Georgouli Str., +30 22890 22285

LINEA PIU Suddenly, in the midst of the multicoloured chaos of Chora, she appears, black and white and extremely elegant, luminous and luxurious. It’s

SUMMER 2016 | 253

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LINEA PIU in Mykonos, the boutique that hosts the collections of the ultimate French brand, Chanel, as well as the elusive creations of Tom Ford and the Brit Christofer Kane. Just the visit is a fashion experience. 24 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 78921

PREMIUM BAG STORIES You know what they say: one trip whets the appetite for more trips. So, it’s entirely possible that you’ll find yourself in Matogianni, browsing the exclusive collection of luxury accessories, leather and travel bags, timepieces, sunglasses and clothes of the Premium Bag Stories shop. And if you love famous signatures and travel pieces, here you’ll find the internationally acclaimed Porsche Design, Tumi, Piquadro, Bric’s, Zwilling and many more. 12 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 77213 DEW MYKONOS An old ice-cream shop on the island’s most strategic spot, has been transformed into something even more mouthwatering: friends Aristi Sarra and Elina Katza, have joined forces to create Dew, a tiny concept store, which manages to encompass all their good taste. Greek and foreign designers meet on the clothes hangers: from the Zeus+∆ione bags and sandals, the airy Cassia Kostara clothes and the Medusa shoes, to the men’s pieces from Pullin, the Wellington watches and the Onar candles. Don’t miss the opportunity to admire the jewellery in the El collection of Elina Kantza herself. Malamatenias & Enoplon Dynameon Str., +30 22890 28668

ANAMNESIA The vacations in Mykonos end at some point in time, but the memories from the island always remain alive. Anamnesia is a completely new Greek brand, that promises to keep your memories intact in time, through a large collection of very tasteful cheerful souvenirs with affordable prices. Most of the Anamnesia gifts are designed exclusively for Anamnesia by distinguished Greek designers and besides being memorabilia, also function as a reminder to come back soon to our favourite island. Matogianni, +30 22890 79171

LOUIS VUITTON BOUTIQUE The whole island passes through this temple of luxury shopping, that hosts the famous brand’s resort collections, its iconic bags, the top of the line accessories and travel items, as well as men’s collections with a relaxed aesthetic. Every year, we discover here one ( or more…) luxury “souvenirs”, which will wear and remember the Island of the Winds for years to come. En. Dinameon Str., Tria Pigadia, +30 22890 78850


ILIANA BASSIANA After the success of her Beach Me boutique in Kalo Livadi, this year she embarks on a new stylistic journey in Chora. Here, the collections magnificently portray the Mykonos glam chic distinctive style. In addition to her own airy caftans in boho style, with a touch of seventies vintage, Greek and foreign designers create exclusively for her boutique. In their collections you’ll find charming airy dresses, fabulous caftans, one-piece swimsuits, to-die-for jewellery, bags and handmade glasses. 33 Kalogera Str.,

VALTADOROS In recent years, something great seems to be happening in Greek fashion - a change that the new generation of designers seems to be responsible for. Among them Paris Valtadoros holds a prominent position. Inspired by geometry and a genuine love of the female form, the designer creates the collections Valtadoros and V, with the intention of bringing out beauty as well as personality. Come and admire this year’s collection, Galactic Butterfly, the accessories and the wedding collection in his namesake boutique. 37 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22893 00857


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OYSHO The chic Athenians have a saying among them, “Go to Mykonos without any luggage”, meaning that on this island you can find everything. And this takes on an almost literal meaning, as our favourite shop for underwear, swimsuits and relaxed everyday pieces in incredibly reasonable prices, is getting a little sibling in Mykonos. So yes, you don’t need to bring anything with you, wherever you’re coming from. Just your credit card. 3 Kampani Str., Mykonos, +30 22890 24650 EN LEFKO BOUTIQUE At the highest point of En Lefko Suites, a small boutique was created, which was born from the owners’ desire, that visitors would acquire a small object, clothing or jewellery as a chic souvenir of their stay there. In an effort to promote Greek creators exclusively, the boutique hosts handmade clothes of limited availability from the newly formed brand “Les Vacanciers”, aromatic candles and care products exclusively designed for En Lefko by the brand Olive, bags for the beach from the firm Park House and espadrilles from the Haniotakis firm. How about you? Are you feeling Vacancieres? En Lefko Suites, Aleomandra Ornou, +30 22890 26814

SIMPLE CARACTERS Any time we’re looking for an impressive dress, a skirt or blouse that makes a statement, a special pair of shoes or simply something that strengthens our wardrobe with some of the best, internationally acclaimed brands, the search begins at Simple Caracters. For more than two decades, the fans of the most powerful brands in fashion, regularly visit the shops in Athens and Mykonos, to acquire objects of desire from the firms Moncler, Zadig & Voltaire, Mary Katrantzou, Kenzo, Proenza Schouler, Matthew Williamson, Etro, Burberry, Carven and many more. 6 Enoplon Dynameon Str., +30 22890 77106

OSKLEN The leading Brazilian fashion brand, Osklen, represents the lifestyle of contemporary women and men in a world where organic materials and technology walk hand in hand. The Mykonos boutique is home to the latest Osklen collections, including the very successful SS 2016 collection inspired by the Amazon jungle. The creator Oskar Metsavaht visited the forest, met the local tribes and was influenced by their rituals. The result is a chic earthy collection combining sustainability, luxury and immaculate style. 11-17 Zanni Pitaraki Str., +30 22890 29109

OPTICS MARIA KONTOU Wood, paper, stone and fabric. Τhese are only some of the materials used for the eyewear collection that you can find at the renewed store in Aghiou Efthimiou Str. and at the new store in Dexamenes area of Maria Kontou Optics. With 26 years of experience, the owner, Mrs Maria Kontou will help you choose the best pair of glasses from a variety of famous brands, in different shapes and colours. Here, you can also have your glasses repaired while you wait and choose contact lenses and lens fluid. But even if you don’t need any of the above but just want a cool new pair of shades to match your summer outfits, this is the place for eponymous eyewear brands, such as Jimmy Choo, Prada, Dior, Dolce & Gabbana and many others. 3 Ag. Efthimiou Str., +30 22890 29020 & Dexamenes, +30 22890 79184 BOUTIQUE REEF Opinionated and stylish, the new Reef boutique facing the private beach of Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, is already talk of the island not only for its unique aesthetic, but also with the selected fashion brands, that give your wardrobe a distinctive character. Some of the most exclusive fashion lines are Greek and International renowned

SUMMER 2016 | 255

mC11_shopping.indd 255

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designers, as well as limited edition creations and jewelries giving their signature tone to your summer appearances. Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Ornos Bay, +30 22890 23220

THE JARS OF BRANDS A stroll in Matogiannia is so overwhelming, that sometimes we get confused and lose our desire for shopping. Inside Jars of Brands however, we don’t get confused at all: the eclectic mix of clothes and accessories on offer, completely meets the high aesthetic standards that we’ve set. In this concept boutique, we discover special pieces for men and women and hard-to-find collections by Greek and foreign designers, such as Sophie Deloudi, Crossley, Dondup, Gabba, Blue De Genes, Bloc & Roc and many more. 41-43 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 78955

MELIVIA Melivia doesn’t need any introductions: it’s the first place we go to, sight unseen, to enrich our beachwear collection with swimsuits, caftans and summery clothes from the collections of Marisa Padovan, Fabiana Filippi, Eres and many others. But since we all have our soft spots, it’s almost certain that we’ll try the excellent Grecian pieces Ancient Kallos, as well as the spanish Charo Ruiz Ibiza, which were recently celebrated by Elle Macpherson on her visit to Cannes. 26 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 27827

MY MALL A new modern space has been created on Mykonos island. It’s a new mall, with stores and offices and currently hosts some of the most prestigious brands in the fields of fashion (Simple Caracters), health (Dimitris Papadimitriou Fetal Medicine & Gynecology), beauty (Nefes Spa & Bath, Nassos Hairesort, Dr. Pharmacy), furniture, homeware and services (airTec, Interni, 5asec) and dining (Drakoulis Meat Open Project, Marenga Milk Bar). My Mall is on the main road to Psarou and Platis Gialos and the complex’s unique design, combines the modern with the Cycladic and picturesque Mykonos style. Don’t miss it! Ano Vrisi, Lagada,

ADA KAMARA You don’t know what “attention to detail” really means, if you haven’t handled Ada Kamara’s creations - from the embroidered caftans, the maximalist kimonos and the impressive manteau that make heads turn, to the exquisite bags - statement pieces, that create fabulous looks,



mC11_shopping.indd 256

7/7/2016 2:25:2 πµ

mC11_shopping.indd 257

7/7/2016 2:25: 5 πµ

even if we hold them just wearing a white shirt. M. Andronikou Str. (alley), Chora, +30 22890 23047

COSTA LEKKA What can we say, not all women are made for the girlie style. There are those that want their dynamism, their intense personality and their seductive attitudes to be reflected in their style. You’ll find these women shopping in the Costa Lekka boutique, that gathers the cream of the power brands, such as Vivienne Westwood, Diesel, Attrattivo, Ted Baker, Jack & Jones, Peace & Chaos, Hale Bob. You’ll also find men that are looking for pieces that redefine male elegance in streetwear style among others. 52 Kouzi Georgouli Str., +30 22890 77270


CALZEDONIA From Verona to Mykonos, a one bikini trip. The brand adored by women worldwide (let’s not forget that there are more than 3.500 Calzedonia sale spots worldwide), has found it’s strategic place in Matogiannia as well, so as to fill the island’s amazing beaches with amazing beachwear. 3 Agiou Efthymiou Str, +30 22890 26897 INASAMI A Finnish woman creates clothes of incredible quality in Germany, which then find a place in her boutique in Greece. How’s this done? Inas Sami is linked to Mykonos by her love of relaxed style, minimalism and sculptural design. And as you’re trying out her abstract creations, remember that the INASAMI pieces are made exclusively in her workshop, in small quantities, to maintain the uniqueness of the one who’s wearing them. 9 Panachrantou Str., +30 6939740949 SOHO-SOHO Since day one, the SOHO-SOHO boutiques have been the ultimate destination on the island for the finest outfits, designed by the greatest names in international fashion. Rightly considered one of the most up-to-date multibrand boutiques, it hosts creations by Alexander Wang, Rochas, Comme des


mC11_shopping.indd 258

7/7/2016 2:26:05 πµ

D.S. GOLD J E W E L L E R Y St. Anna, 84600 Mykonos, Greece Tel.: +30 22890 25251, Fax: +30 22890 26882, Mob.: +30 6944 527362, e-mail:

mC11_shopping.indd 259

7/7/2016 2:2 :20 πµ

Garcons, Golden Goose Deluxe Brand, 3.1. Phillip Lim, Victoria Beckham, Chiara Ferragni, jewelry by Delfina Delettrez, shoes by Tabitha Simmons, Diptyque cosmetics and Creed perfumes, as well as the latest womenswear and menswear collections by other well-known designers. 46 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 26760

LUXURY TOYS In reality, we never grow up. It’s just, as the years go by, the toys we prefer are luxury toys. And we don’t really mind if they’re second hand, if it means that they’re the most desired accessories, the most iconic bags and the rarest, state-of-the-art watches at very tempting prices. At Luxury Toys, you never know if you’re going to stumble on a classic Chanel, a limited edition Louis Vuitton or a priceless Hermes - all in mint condition, as well as the Rolex, Chopard, Panerai, Cartier watches and so many other items that you can score here. 19 Aghias Kiriakis Str., +30 22890 23601

KAMPANAS We don’t have official studies to quote, but we would wager that Greek handmade sandals are in the top-5 list of things that visitors buy in Mykonos. And most of them bet bought here, the acclaimed hotspot for leather goods. From simple sandals that could have been born by Ancient Gods to the most intricate, adorned works of art for Modern Goddesses, whatever your fancy for your lower extremities, you’ll find it here. 3 Mitropoleos Str., +30 22890 22638

MOURJJAN Forget everything you know: The silk road leads to Mykonos and specifically to the Mourjjan boutique, where the firm’s designer duo works skilfully on silk and other luxury materials to create the most chic results. Actually, their collection this year is called SS16 Silk Road Collection and includes airy caftans, silk clutches and other front-line must-buy items. 6 Zanni Pitaraki Str., +30 6942243434 SOTRIS Don’t be surprised if you see elegant yellow Sotris bags circulating in Kalo Livadi: the famous boutique, that imports the hottest brands internationally, has opened a new shopping paradise, in the beach bar restaurant Rakkan Mykonos, in Kalo Livadi. The Japanese minimalism of the sleek restaurant fits perfectly with the elegant black & white setting of Sotris, while on its shelves and hangers, the greatest names in fashion are hosted. For the most trendy beach look though, you should check out the beachwear collections from Positano, Norma Kamali, Topshop. Kalo Livadi beach, +30 22890 71260 ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS This is the new house of ELENA MAKRI COLLECTION SS16 and the renowned brands, exclusively found at the boutique. You will definitely love all the wonderful dresses, airy caftans, beautiful shoes, exquisite bags and jewels of ELENA MAKRI COLLECTION SS16, as well as the jewels with semi-precious stones and the accessories of ASHK Jewelry & Luxury Accessories Collection, the exclusive swimwear and cover-ups of La Perla and the also exclusive OYE Swimwear and MER''S jewelry. 19 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 29145,


jeweLry. MINAS If the island was a jewel, it would have been a masterpiece created by Minas. From the Jolly Roger and the Girl from Rio, to the double star (if you’re 260 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

mC11_shopping.indd 260

7/7/2016 2:24:04 πµ

going past the Astra bar, look up - does it remind you of something?), every design by the talented Minas is literally, a small work of art. Fortunately, his sons seem to have inherited his talent - which means that the shop that looks like a gallery, is expected to be a reference point on the island, for many years to come. Aghias Kyriakis Sq., + 30 22890 27320

ILIAS LALAOUNIS With an unquenchable passion for history and art, the Lalaounis firm one of the oldest jewellery brands, transmutes historic finds and museum exhibits that date back 4000 years, to masterpieces for your jewellery box. The connection of every jewel to your past, the preservation of its symbolic meanings, as well as its unmatched, timeless beauty, make every piece really unique. 14 N. Polykandrioti Str., +30 22890 22444

ZERTEO The Zerteo shop is opening for the first time in the magical Cavo Tagoo and is welcoming us to initiate us to the world of precious and semiprecious stones, which are highlighted by the contemporary designs of talented artists. And since just being in Mykonos, is something that evokes spite, don’t forget to protect yourself from the “evil eye” with the most chic eyelets, which the Zerteo firm has in a lot of varieties. Cavo Tagoo Hotel, +30 22890 77351 ROBERTO COIN In Mykonos everybody feels like a celebrity. This is especially true if you choose to wear the same creations that are chosen by movie stars and fashion influentials: The world of fashion recognizes Roberto Coin as the author of many of the most interesting trends in the jewellery world over the last decades. His tireless instinct to always bring something inedited to life pushes him to create over 600 new models a year, which can be found today in over 1000 shops, scattered in over 60 countries worldwide. 34 Matheou Andronikou str., +30 22890 300739 ACTIPIS As the day that we return comes closer, we would like to find an elegant, inventive way to take Mykonos with us. And it exists. The Actipis creations, inspired by the pebbles, carved by the waves and bound in silver, bronze, rubber or leather, is the most elegant way to wear something that reminds us of the simplicity and the beauty of the Island of the Winds. Ag. Spyridonos & Ag. Annis Str., +30 22890 25747 HARRY JWLS The old stereotype that handmade jewellery cannot be impressive or that an impressive piece of jewellery cannot be handmade, is proven wrong as soon as we walk through the door of Harry Jwls, The inspiration is the actual everyday life of Mykonos: the Aegean turquoise, the white houses, the red sunset sky… everything that enchants us on the island, you can wear it, in the form of the most bohemian necklaces and bracelets made from semiprecious stones. 11 Aghiou Gerasimou Str., +30 22890 27837 D.S. GOLD JEWELLERY Here, brilliant jewellery is a family affair. For more than two decades, the owners design and make high quality jewellery, which are suitable for all tastes and budgets. Knowhow, specialisation and aesthetics meet in a jewellery shop that has something for everyone. What will you choose? Aghia Anna, Chora, +30 22890 25251

ROUSOUNELOS This is the informal meeting place of the fans of Patek Philippe haute horlogerie. The official representative of the top name in the watch space, has reserved an extensive collection of the beloved timepieces again this year and is expecting us, to give us a tour. A Patek Philippe watch might not be able to stop time, but it definitely displays it in the best possible manner. 32 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 22797 SUMMER 2016 | 261

mC11_shopping.indd 261

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KESSARIS - ORA KESSARIS The art of jewellery has a date with haute horlogerie, at the same place that the rest of the island does: at Kessaris. The difference is that the great jewellery and the incredible watches meet inside the shop and not outside. Next time you’re at that focal point, go in to admire the creations of the firms BVLGARI, De Grisogono, Loree Rodkin, Aaron Basha, Pippo Perez, Roberto Demeglio, Staurino, Rolex, A.Lange & Sohne, Harry Winston, Richard Mille, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith, Jaquet Droz, Tudor, Longines, Bomberg, Tissot, Tag Heuer, U-Boat, GaGa Milano, ΟMEGA and Wintex, as well as the finest office supplies and watch accessories. 58 M. Andronikou Str., +30 22890 22880

GOFAS JEWELRY The name Gofas is definitely not unheard of, since its brilliant jewellery stores have been around since the 60s. The name Hublot is also very familiar, as it’s one of the most respected watch makers internationally. But, did you know that you can find the top selections of Hublot pieces in the Gofas Jewellery shop in Matogiannia? Come and admire the coveted models up close and live the experience of perfect service, in one of the must visit jewellery stores of the island. 43 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 24521

deCo. CHORA ART HOME & DESIGN The candlestick that always draws the best comments. The pillow that transformed the living room. The mirror that’s always beautiful, whatever the reflections. Such small and beloved key items for our home, as well as bigger and more impressive ones, are collected in Chora Art Home & Deco. Here we’ll find a motley, eclectic mix & match of objects and furniture, out of which emerges a clean, elegant aesthetic. 43 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22890 79363 & Main Road Ano Mera, +30 22890 71107 INTERNI If it didn’t exist on the island, we’d have to invent it. Because, no one knows beach house decoration better than Interni, which hosts collections by acclaimed designers, such as Vanessa Mitrani, Paola Navone and Arne Jacobsen, lights by Celine Wright and an extensive collection of decorative and utility objects by contemporary designers. Make a note to come by here often, as the Interni collection is updated every two weeks. Vrisi, +30 22891 81029 POMOLO What makes a country house impressive? The location? The view? The size? It’s certainly all of the above - as well as dozens of small details of great importance. In Pomolo, the brand new home equipment boutique, you’ll find an extensive collection of bathroom items, glass cabinets, curtains, fabrics, custom pillows, shade solutions and of course knobs and handles, for your personal space or for hotel installations. Ornos Korfos, +30 22890 77800

BeauTy. BEAUTY WORLD Welcome to a world of passion for perfect hair, face, body and nails, the established place for beauty treatments by the most experienced team. Here, exclusive products by the Swiss Company Laric are used for your upper and lower extremities, while the Hair Spa next door provides hair treatments with Kerastase, L’Oreal and Wella products. This is where

you'll come frequently for body treatments, manicure and pedicure as well as peeling treatments, caviar creams and finger masks. Last but not least, you can experience the benefits of electrical muscle stimulation training in a 25-minute total burnout (which is equal to 3 hours of working out!). Drafaki, +30 22890 25202 & 3 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 22158.

NEFES SPA & BATH Sometimes, even vacations can be tiring - especially in Mykonos, with the intense vibe and the… exhausting nightlife. If you feel that you want to live a totally zen experience, the brand new Nefes Spa & Bath awaits you. Anti-stress therapies, relaxing massage and hammam rituals, body scrubs and hydration treatments, will grant you unique moments of rejuvenation for your body and spirit. My Mall, Vrisi, +30 22890 22967 ZEN SPA The Zen Spa Mykonos is designed to offer guests every service that takes care of the face and body, through an unforgettable relaxing experience. High quality treatments are provided while only the best natural, herbal products are chosen for that. A visit to Zen Spa is a wonderful way to pamper yourself. Vougli Mykonos, +30 22890 28938, +30 6942210873


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serVices. UNIPRO Here you will meet experts who provide high quality services, when it comes to sophisticated network, audio, video, security and automation systems. If you aim to transform any kind of building into a modern environment, Unipro is the place to go. Ornos, +30 22890 78555 iCAR RENTAL Electric cars in Mykonos? Well yes! In iCAR you can live this amazing experience. The all-electric BMW i3 is the world’s first seriesproduction model to be designed for sustainability at every stage, from the development of the car to its everyday use. Since it generates zero emissions and no odours it is the perfect companion around the island. Airport area, +30 22890 72280 iREPAIR Murphy’s law says that if our smartphone, laptop or tablet is going to malfunction, it’s going to happen during the holidays. Thankfully iRepair will quickly and reliably fix our iPhone, Samsung, Galaxy, Blackberry or iPad, as well as any smartphone or laptop. Our favourite device will soon be back in our hands, as if it was new. Skalado, +30 228900 24576 HERCULES The car and motorcycle rental service Hercules Rentals, has been operating for over 30 years, offering the newest, safest vehicles at the best prices in the market. There’s over 100 cars, motorcycles and mini buses at your disposal, to satisfy your needs. Bus terminal, +30 22890 23168 L' O YACHTING L’O Yachting’s international team is dedicated to creating mesmerizing charter experiences heightened by their on-board services and their well-maintained fleet, which includes inflatable boats, medium to large motor yachts, catamarans and traditional caiques. The experienced crew is dedicated to making your dream holiday come true, while offering the utmost in comfort, privacy and security. Evaggelistraki, +30 22890 28317

SUPERIOR AIR Mykonos gives you wings, but Superior Air can really make you fly. The company operates the largest general aviation fleet in Greece, with seven aircraft types from 4 bases, in order to provide the most suitable solution at the best price. With a highly trained and experienced team of pilots, passenger safety is their top priority.

MYKONOS VIP SERVICES Mykonos VIP Services is the newest member of M.T.S. Group of companies, a group of professionals that will help you explore every corner of this picturesque island. Their services include finding the perfect accommodation, providing you with the luxury car of your choice, arranging private aviation and yachting experiences and many more. 15 Matheou Andronikou Str., +30 22890 25480


MYKONOS BOAT TRIPS Created by a number of young people with experience in the field of extreme sports and marine activities, Mykonos Boat Trips invites you to love the sea through their excursions. If you are looking for a different thrill, Mykonos Boat Trips will offer you unforgettable moments. Platis Gialos, +30 6942880372 BARBARA HEALER Barbara is a holistic healer, life coach, and spiritual teacher. Working with a unique combination of different methods of Energy Psychology namely Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT), Matrix Reimprinting, trauma therapy, shamanic healing and Transcendental Meditation, she balances the body’s energy flow, resulting in new neural pathways in the brain. +30 6931905708,

SUMMER 2016 | 263

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7/7/2016 2:25:




new hyper-modern mall has opened in the cosmopolitan island of Mykonos. It's a new hyper-modern shopping and office complex in the heart of Mykonos, on the central street towards Psarou beach and Plati Gialo. Its structure and architecture comprises simple lines and modern materials, being the basic characteristics of the mall (My Mall), respectfully maintaining the island's local architecture, with innovative structural ideas and especially for each shop and office separately, bringing out what it offers. In My Mall, you'll have the chance to be served by eponymous shops in design,

decoration, fashion, health and wellness - beauty (spa), food and entertainment. The My[konos] Mall guarantees a unique experience with renowned brands and services such as Interni, Drakoulis Meat Open Project, Dr. Parapharmacy, Fairynails, Nefes Spa & Bath, Nassos Hairesort, Marenga Milk Bar, Simple Caracters, D. Papadimitriou Gynecologist Fetal Medicine Specialist, 5aSec, Airtec S.A. The construction was overseen by Airtec S.A. with lead architect Mrs Sofia Apergi-Karava and the management utilisation by A+K Development and the real estate company Mykonos Real Estate -Revithis and Associates.

Epano Vrisi - Lagada, 84600 Mykonos, W:, T: 22890 28900 – 6955580000 - 6944500303 MyMall Mykonos (official)


Drafaki, Chora, Mykonos 84600 | tel: 22890 24231 | fax: 22890 24691| |

Shine bright



he precious creations of your favourite jewellery brand, travel to the Aegean and find the place they deserve in the brand new conceptual company store, in the luxurious Cavo Tagoo Hotel. In a minimal but also “playful” space, the new summer collections of ZERTEO Jewellery, let the imagination roam with unique and individual jewellery, specially designed for the Mykonos shop. Impressive earrings, intricate rings and fabulous exquisite artefacts made of gold, diamonds and brilliant precious stones, exude the glamorous and stylish identity of the island, putting their glittering brushstroke on your summer look. The brand’s

course started in 2006, by the twins of Greek-Armenian descent, Zerar and Teo Karavanis, who having completed their studies in environmental science, turned their interest to gemology and jewellery design. With limitless passion and constant inspiration, the design duo creates unique statement artefacts and one-of-a-kind collections, that impress with their exceptional aesthetics and their contemporary design. After the two stores in Glyfada and Kifisia, the new ZERTEO JEWELLERY concept store, adorns your summer getaways in the island of the winds, with an extra dose of radiance and charm, while the new brilliant collections of your favourite brand, promise to keep the summer’s memories vivid.

Info: GLYFADA: 78 Kyprou str., +30 210 8946682 KIFISSIA: 1 KOLOKOTRONI str., +30 210 6234324 MYKONOS: CAVOTAGOO T:+30 2289 0 77351


SUMMER 2016 | 267



t was born out of artist Lila Karagianni's realization that European chic and the Mediterranean tradition invited for an unforced, if not natural, combination. Each creation blends together the idiosyncratic modern personality of the artist with local materials that come directly from the glorious heritage of Greece. Traditional weave, semiprecious stones, luxurious, one-of-a-kind fabrics. These bags are handcrafted with exceptional care and are better described as art objects. But there is more. All kooreloo creations have a secret: when opened, splashes of Mediterranean colors are released. You can almost sense the scents of grapes, cobs and roses.


SUMMER 2016 | 269




ELIVIA resortwear concept store offers a highly curated selection of internationally renowned luxury brands, creating your summer vacation wardrobe with unique sense of style, elegance and flair. For the past 20 years MELIVIA has been providing its loyal customers with original exclusive hand crafted creations by Marisa Padovan couture resort and beachwear collections, Ermanno Scervino main, resort and beachwear collections, ERES, Flavia Padovan, Fabiana Filippi, Kistina Ti, Lorena Antoniazzi, Stefano Mortari, Laura Manara, Charo Ruiz Ibiza dresses, Miranda Konstantinidi, Chloé Mare, Antonello bags, Eugenia Kim N.Y. hats, Emanuella Caruso sandals, Castañer espadrilles, Spazio Manassei Jewelery and many others. MELIVIA inspirational concept for high-end resort destinations caters to its most demanding clientelle's by providing the ultimate elegance, individuality and quality. Definately this is the store to go for day-to-night resort outfits and unique swimwear that will get you noticed and even more, r e m e m b e r e d ! Info: MELIVIA MYKONOS, 26 Kalogera Str., tel.: +30 22890 27827


















| Tel. - FAX: +30 22890 78555 |

Ornos, 84600, Mykonos, Greece



his year, Santa Marina, A Luxury the selected fashion brands, that give your wardrobe Collection Resort is staging again a distinctive character, fitting the island’s chic style. the summer’s most elegant setting. Some of the most exclusive fashion lines that will be featured are Greek and International renowned Facing the island’s most enchanting designers, as well as limited edition creations and private beach, the new boutique, in absolute harmony with the philosophy, the elegance jewelries giving their signature tone to your summer and the reputation of the luxury five star hotel, creates appearances. A unique fashion destination, with an the summer’s most exclusive and special fashion airy and chic spirit and one-of-a-kind collections of brushstrokes. Opinionated and stylish, the well-tended selected brands, the Reef boutique offers a different space of the Reef boutique makes shopping experience, facing the the difference, not only with its dreamy beach of Santa Marina, Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, A Luxury Collection Resort. unique aesthetic, but also with


SUMMER 2016 | 273



xperience all the pleasures of fine Gold’s experienced team of specialists, with a jewellery with exclusive designs and great love of jewellery, imagination and creativity. elegant handmade gold creations. Distinctive pieces of gold, with brilliant diamonds For over two decades the family and coloured precious stones, intricate necklaces, based business creates distinctive impressive rings, fabulous bracelets and stylish jewels of high quality, inspired by ancient Greek earrings, every creation of the shop stands and Byzantine history. The family’s knowledge out for its particular aesthetic and its timeless and expertise give an extra edge in making sure elegance. Like works of art, these unique jewels that its exquisite collection of jewels are perfect will enrich your memories of the cosmopolitan to the last detail. The proof is in island of Mykonos with their all the luminous creations that brilliance, their high quality and D.S. Gold Jewellery, Aghia Anna, Chora, +30 22890 25251 their distinctive design. are designed and created by D.S.



Ano Mera, Mykonos, Tel: +30 22890 71534, Mobile: +30 6944.940309, Email: SUMMER 2016 | 275



n complete harmony with the famous and cosmopolitan aura of Mykonos, since day one the SOHO-SOHO boutiques have been the ultimate destination on the island for the finest outfits, designed by the greatest names in international fashion. The story of our beloved multi-brand boutiques began in 2001, with the first store opening on Mykonos, and soon followed by openings in Kifissia, Glyfada, Spetses and Santorini. With members of the domestic and global jet-set as their loyal customers, in 2012 the company expanded its presence on the internet with the creation of the SOHO-SOHO e-shop, giving its most dedicated customers the ability to find the latest collections of their favourite designers in just one click from anywhere in the world. Rightly considered one of the most up-to-date multibrand boutiques, it hosts creations by ALEXANDER WANG, ROCHAS, COMME DES GARCONS, GOLDEN GOOSE DELUXE BRAND, 3.1 PHILLIP LIM,VICTORIA BECKHAM, CHIARA FERRAGNI, jewellery by DELFINA DELETTREZ, shoes by TABITHA SIMMONS, DIPTYQUE cosmetics and CREED perfumes, as well as the latest womenswear and menswear collections by other top, well-known designers.

Shop online: Women’s : Matogianni 46 ,Τ. +30 22890 26760 Men’s : Matogianni 51, Τ. +30 22890 27670


SUMMER 2016 | 277



t is not just its privileged location – right next world of fashion with airy, feminine dresses, unique creations to Little Venice – that makes the Costa Lekka by famous brands, beachwear, multi-coloured sarongs and a boutique stand out. Fully renovated, with a new large variety of innovative accessories, handbags and shoes identity and philosophy, this forward-thinking to complete those summer looks with style. Be spoilt for fashion concept store located in the very heart of choice with collections of unique swimwear and kaftans by Despi, special creations by Hale Bob, Happiness, Vivienne Mykonos reminds us that shopping can be included in the list Westwood, Ocean Drive and many more, while customers of unforgettable summer experiences. This is only confirmed by the sexy Mitsou-Mitsou silhouette featured in the window will also find a selection of favourite denim garments by which offers an accurate foretaste of the interiors, as well Diesel, as the Costa Lekka boutique stocks the famous as the loud music played by a DJ from the specially created brand’s complete clothes and accessories collections this DJ booth, which elevates the mood for wild summer. Open from the morning to the shopping to new heights. The boutique’s evening, 12 months a year, the Costa Lekka 52, Kouzi Georgouli Str., Mykonos, trendy space exudes large doses of positive boutique initiates us into the world of fashion T.: +30 22890 77270, energy and takes us on a journey into the with fantasy, joy and inspiration.



A Member of SUMMER 2016 | 279

Moments of Elegance



erluti’s emblematic Venezia leather and its famous patina, and Hublot’s innovative watch making, have partnered to create The Classic Fusion Berluti. The union of expertise sets this limited edition apart with its bold, distinctive personality. In celebration of the Parisian shoemaker’s 120th birthday in 2015, Berluti adorned The Classic Fusion model with an array of straps and dials. The artful combination of the innovative watchmakers with the craftsmanship of a soulful shoe company exemplifies the epitome of elegance, defining the spirit of the classic gentleman. Limited to 500 pieces, the All Black model features a polished, black ceramic case with a satin finish, sapphire crystal glass with anti-reflective treatment, and a display case back. The

watch is water resistant to 50m and has a power reserve of 42 hours. With its monochrome jet-black style, the Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti All Black has a grey-black Venezia leather handmade strap and a Berluti leather dial, while also featuring the Caliber Hublot HUB1100 mechanical, self-winding movement. The straps of the 250 limited edition models of the Classic Fusion Berluti Scritto are expertly carved from Venezia Scritto calf leather, with writing inspired by 18th century calligraphy. The bold artist Olga Berluti was enthused to present this homage to calligraphy, engraved in leather. The tobacco brown-hued leather that also gilds the dial, strikes the perfect poise with the warm nuances of Hublot's King Gold. The timepieces made with Venezia leather are available in grey-black (nero grigio) and tobacco brown (tobacco bis).

Info: Gofas jewellery store, 43 Matogianni Str., tel.: +30 22890 24521,


Enter in diversity



OMOLO is a brand new concept store in the centre of Ornos. Unique bathroom accessories, shower faucets, custom construction of glass bathroom cabins in any desirable dimension, MISSONI towels and bathrobes can fulfil your "wet" needs. There’re also curtain rods and curtains in a huge variety from the latest collection of TAF Limited fabrics. Having partnered with the best indoor and outdoor fabric makers in the world, the SUNBRELLA and DICKSON fabric collections are now available. We’re

also partnering with indoor and outdoor furniture makers SKYLINE and JOENFA, a Spanish company with the motto "Where others fail , We simply are", with unique models and top quality. You can also find door handles and anything else that has to do with door locks and electronic safes. A few words about POMOLO and its origins. POMOLO in Greek means door handle, the object that we all use to enter anywhere. Any space or any building is incomplete without our products. So as you enter POMOLO, you actually complete your daily needs. Come and tell us your needs.

Info: Pomolo | interior equipment Ornos, Korfos, +30 2289077800, +30 6945463259,


CHIC too chiC. Unique fashion items, handmade creations, shiny treasures, vintage designs and impressive collections. These are the summer must-haves, if you desire to "dance cheak-to-cheak" with luxury style.





















Mykonos Central: 3, Aghiou Efthimiou St., Chora Mykonos, +30 22890 29020, Brands: Mykonos Dexamenes, +30 22890 79184 Email: - Facebook: Maria Kontou Optics




















BAGS - SANDALS - CLOTHES Mo - Sat 9 am - 2 pm, Mitropoleos 3, Mykonos, +30 22890 22638,


Mykonos offers herself generously to those who really want to know her. She reveals her wild beauty and expects you to listen to her needs - and love her unconventionally. PHOTOGRAPHS BY Mara

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ne glance at the Harry Jwls display case is enough for you to understand that jewellery is not considered just another trendy accessory here, but rather a genuine artwork with inspiration and a soul. Veritable objets d’art made with semiprecious stones and noble metals, every unique piece of jewellery created by Harry Jwls is made by hand and exudes its own special personality. Silver and gold-plated symbols, from dolphins to spirals, fuse in harmony with semiprecious stones from all over Greece and other parts of the world, from Africa and the Indies to Thailand and Bali, thus creating an explosive energetic force

that magnetizes everyone. Agate, onyx, lava stones, unrefined pyrite, hematite and turquoise take centre stage in these original creations, which range from necklaces, rosaries and pendants to elegant bracelets and impressive rings for men and women who want to stand out for their style and finesse. This summer’s inspired collection invites us to embrace the diversity of Mykonos with unique necklaces bedecked with impressive large stones, and more elegant bracelets and pendants from turquoise and hematite. A special collection with a dynamic emphasis on color, such as pink, purple and blue hues, while also boasting exceptional black pieces that add a different sensation to this year’s selection.

11, Agiou Gerasimou str., Mykonos Town tel. +30 2289 027 837, harryjwls,

mC_my_storiEs_kapAki.indd 316

Harry Jwls,

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THE HISTORY OF MYKONOS CAN BE TOLD THROUGH ITS ANCESTORS (PAGE 318), THROUGH ITS PAST AND PRESENT (PAGE 322) OR EVEN THROUGH ITS FUTURE (PAGE 380). HISTORY CAN BE RECOUNTED BY THOSE WHO CREATED IT (PAGE 372), THOSE WHO PAINTED IT (PAGE 386), THOSE THAT TRIED TO CAPTURE IT IN A DOCUMENTARY (PAGE 364) OR ON A PLATE (PAGE 326). Because the history of Mykonos is written daily, in every alley and every beach. Mykonos Confidential collected 11 disparate stories that try to answer the question, "What is Mykonos, really?"

BY The

MC Team

SUMMER 2015 | 317

mC_my_storiEs_kapAki.indd 317

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thE st of theiR kinD If we go beyond the clich s of Mykonos as a party island or the island of the winds, there is something else that defines this place, something that may not be so obvious. It is the DNA of Mykonians themselves from the passion of a evolution heroine to the business minds and the torelance of the locals, the people of the island are the cornerstone of its legendary status.

wo centuries ago, Manto Maurogenous abandoned the lounges of aristocracy and committed herself body and soul to the holy cause of the Greek Revolution. She fought, fell in love, and was betrayed. The first lady of Mykonos lived her life like in a novel. And she became worthy of the island she loved so much. She was born in Trieste and died in Paros. In Trieste, then under Austrian rule, Manto's father Nikolaos Maurogenous, proved to be a very successful merchant. Manto grew up in a middle-class European environment with a level of education that no girl would receive in Greece. She spoke Italian, Turkish, and French and had a cosmopolitan aura and a remarkable finesse. It was not by chance that people addressed her as “la bella Greca.”


order to die with them, if need be.” Manto used these ardent words to inspire her fellow islanders while she was martgaging her property. The fighters of Mykonos as well as many other fighting groups declared her chief of the Revolution and asked her to organize the defense of Mykonos against the anticipated Turkish counter-offensive. The island of Evia was feverously preparing for the Revolution and Manto from Mykonos convinced here fellow islanders to send four more ships to the Greek fleet. Manto Mavrogennous will arrive in Evia on the 22nd of February1823, where she immediately placed her own men and herself in the service of the chieftains, under the needs of the “war of independence”. The braveness of Manto inspired even Jules Vern, the great French writer who mentioned her in his book, The Archipelago in Flames. After these expeditions Manto returned to Mykonos and participated in the Revolution from there.

The Big Moment.

Last Days.

Following the death of her father, Manto moved to Tinos, where her relatives lived. On Tinos, Manto grew up with an uncle of hers who was already a member of the Filiki Etairia, a group of revolutionaries. High spirited and emancipated from a young age, she decided she could not remain indifferent and announced to her family that she would get actively involved in the War of Independence. She left Tinos and went to her beloved Mykonos in order to organize her compatriots against the conqueror.

Manto lived to see her homeland free, by now she was living in Nafplio. She had been in the city since 1825 and was selling off what remained of her personal property in order to survive. Despite the fact that Kapodistrias honoured her by granting her the rank of lieutenant-general, he tried in vain to get the new government to give her a house to live in comfortably for the remainder of her life. Manto Mavrogenous died with dignity in Paros, not attracting any attention, acting exactly as she did for the Revolution - possessing a great deal of modesty and integrity. She carried Mykonos on her shoulders with pride and placed it on the map of the Revolution, so that today the island’s inhabitants can pride themselves on the fact that Mykonos’ people earned their freedom, it was not offered to them. Manto never sought any posthumous fame, and perhaps that is why she is so worthy of it,

The Holy Cause. Manto’s private fortune was offered to meet the needs of the nation and she convinced many more islanders to follow her own example. “It is not important what will become of me, so long as my country is free. As soon as I have given everything that I can afford to give for the holy cause of freedom, I will join the Greeks in


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SUMMER 2016 | 319

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thE most Powerful familiEs of the islanD Their past, present and future play a leading role in the history of Mykonos First row, from left an. Fragkias and family. Eleni Santorinaeos and friends. Grandma olakaina and family, 5 . Mayor Th. Gryparis and M. L. ambanis, 5. Mykonos families progeny, . Second row ouths of Mykonos in the s. iannis ousathanas and family, with author . ousathanas on his father s lap. Michalis D. Asimomytis and Irene Asimomytis nee Famelis. Threshing-sifting, early 5 El. ouganelis-Bougiouris, G. ouganelis, I. ouganelis-Asimomytis, Ann. ouganelis. Iakovos D. ouganelis Baltas , 5 - 3 . Third row G. ouganelis and Ann. ouganelis- ousathanas, . Fishing and rowing in the port, 5. Ger. Santorinaeos with people of Mykonos, early th century. Athanas ambanas and family, . D. Skagias, the last breeches wearing ploughman with his wife Frasko. Fourth row enarios family, Fanari area. Three generations of oukas. Demeneos Santorinaeos ouzoukas and Frasko Santorinaeos nee ousathanas . Wedding of Al. oukas Chilas in the s. iannis Santorinaeos. Fifth row At rophet Elias of ornas, 5 G. ouganelis dancing. Aggelos ousathanas-Giannaros son of Dimitrios. Marina enarios. Anna and Eleni Gryparis, Margaro oukas in the s fair preparations . Mario ambanas with her daughter, . Family from the Fanari area, early 5 . Sixth row Threshing, 5 s. Ai- iannis of Hambas fair preparations. illage gentry in their Sunday clothes, early th century. Mykonos people early s. Mykonos seamen, G.I. Dekaristos and G.D. Nazos Madoupas , 35.

uch has been written about Mykonos and the groups of friends who discovered and put it on the map of top destinations worldwide from the ‘50s onwards. Mykonos Confidential has dedicated countless pages in its previous issues to this phenomenon and continues wholeheartedly supporting it since it’s an indisputable fact that the island’s famous visitors were the ones who added the extra sparkle that catapulted it onto the pages of so many books and magazines. With fervour and enthusiasm towards the best and most objective outcome, we discovered that no one to date has referred to the real power of the island - none other than its people. As beautiful as the landscape may be, as magical its energy, the people were the ones who built the infrastructure for the island. The infrastructure that led it to become the well-oiled machine it is today, accommodating hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, whilst retaining its prestige through crises, shake-ups, developments and new trends. Let’s not kid ourselves. Mykonos, in addition to being one of the most beautiful places in Greece and the world, is a heavy tourist industry, which, in contrast to its small size, represents 15 percent of the Gross National Income of Greek tourism per annum. Mykonos sustains a whole society with plans, programmes and an infrastructure, and, despite its any insufficiencies or deficiencies, it remains the creation of the people who brought the island to where it is now. With hard work, vision, ambition, love and, above all, with consequential decisions. And behind all that, behind every important moment, behind every important step towards the future and target achievements, there were and are the same people. As it happens in all small places, families who have roots in the distant past when pirate Mermelehas turned the island into his base and lair. In the years that followed, they intermingled through marriage and alliances, through partnerships and mergers, but


also through rivalry and disputes. The inspired family nicknames (cognomens), which are still in use today and are a sign of imaginativeness and closeness. Without them, you can’t find the person you need! These are powerful families who pull the strings of the island. Some do so in an obvious way, with dynamic involvement in business and politics, and others, by influencing the place’s culture as artists, scientists or authors. Both are eternally present in every facet of Mykonos life and, above all, always ready to work even harder to go the extra mile necessary for a new era and ever-changing needs. The names are well-known. We recognise them on signs and streets; we encounter them in all kinds of companies; tourists whisper them; guides mention them; and recently, with the ever increasing competitiveness on the island, we see them mentioned in the papers. It wasn’t difficult to decide to look for and present to you their journey through time. What was difficult, but made our journalistic research even more interesting, was to untangle the yarn of their interrelations, especially since the edges are hidden in the depth of so many years. In the course of such research, you often discover treasures and gems; sometimes you put things right; and always, like in a jigsaw puzzle, you carefully place the scattered pieces completing a picture, which becomes more interesting the nearer completion it gets. Such kind of research may potentially involve some omissions. In any case, this is only a beginning, and later on, other researchers may contribute to this project. Especially since our aim is to produce an article dedicated to the people who with their history, their presence, their work and the risks they have taken supported and continue to support the island we love. An article dedicated to the power that usually lies in the wings and without which nothing would be as it is today. An article that aims to bring to the fore the people who strive for a better and more contemporary Mykonos. The Mykonos of today, of tomorrow and of forever.



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SUMMER 2016 | 321

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nd Life

noW & thEn .1880-2016: MYKONOS TRANSFORMATIONS Eighteen selected photographs from the photographic-historic album Mykonos of the Municipality of Mykonos and of photographer annis Dimotsis, who recorded the island for a whole year in . shots, so as to compare today s Mykonos with the one in .

Paraportiani 1 9 0 1 -2 0 1 6

araportiani the castle s citadel, a folk architectural wonder. the belfry doesn t exist, while the dome has a small window. n the left side steps were created, as well as a ledge. Houses surround it and the old stone wall has been torn down.


mC_my_storiEs_02.indd 322

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The natural feeling.

SUMMER 2016 | 323

mC_my_storiEs_02.indd 323

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Little Venice 1 8 8 5 -2 0 1 6

Detail of the west side of the Castle, with its ship-owner houses and its half-ruined northern part. Ship-owners don t live in Small enice anymore, the old houses have been renovated and the area retains its picturesque quality.

The old port

Bedara's windmill

The all-white Mykonos port. The Chora settlement, with substantially denser construction, particularly in the area opposite alos. n the mountains in the background, there s also a lot of new buildings.

The Bedara's windmill The windmill, now in ruins, watches the new buildings constructed in front of it.

1 9 5 4 -2 0 1 6

1 9 5 9 -2 0 1 6

SUMMER 2016 | 325

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rd coursE

extremE Gastronomy sing avant-garde cooking techniques and extraordinary presentations, Athinagoras Kostakos paves the way for the rise of a new food culture in Mykonos.


mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 326

7/7/2016 5:37:45 µµ

he inspiration for the two provocative dishes on this year’s Bill & Coo menu is Mykonos itself and the wild parties. Essentially, it’s satire, a wink. Naturally, they are real dishes, totally Greek, made with the finest ingredients. On the flamboyant food presentation, the chef, Athinagoras Kostakos comments "during the winter months, I visualise


the menu for the next season. I work the dishes from start to finish, from the matching of flavours to the actual serving dishes and the presentation. Many are custom made, I’ve designed them myself. On the new food culture emerging on the island he says: "actually, it’s nothing more than salt, pepper and a lot of love. The new gastronomy, as I envision it, demands the use of top quality ingredients and respect for the flavours". As for his next plans, "no plans, no limits. Sky is the limit".

SUMMER 2016 | 327

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mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 328

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athinagorAs kostAkos .CHEF’S SECRET SUPPLIES


No one knows meat better than Drakoulis, who landed on the island this year with his new amazing shop Drakoulis Meat pen ro ect .


Every morning on the shore, the fishermen gather with the day s catch, but I rarely go there personally - I work with the local fishing boats who always get me what I need .


In sidakis garden I find the tastiest, organic ingredients. Also, I ve got local suppliers from Naxos and Tinos .



The best knives are the Japanese AI .


I ve got a weakness for ordamsa and the hand made ones that I order from Mariza from Fokos .

SUMMER 2016 | 329

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twisteD anD oh-So-tastY MC selects 5 mind-blowing dishes full of colour and playful ingredients.

Nero Nero, Kivotos. White chocolate namelaka with caramelized red fruits and yoghurt and violet sorbet.

ack when all the foodie stuff was gathering steam in Mykonos (this would have been about 2005, when everyone was trying to book a seat at Matsuhisa and going on about yellowfin tuna) here in MC we were sure that the island's newfound taste for gourmet would lead, in time, to a taste for dishes that look like art. Flash forward to 2016, where all the chefs in every kitchen on the island are trying to satisfy their clients creating dishes that are impressive not only for the tongue but also for the eyes. This is the hardest island to be creative. It's like competing in the Olympics, every single day. Making food that is creative, playful and, most importantly, delicious, this is the ultimate goal and the ultimate challenge. Some chefs, like Athinagoras, have nailed it: creating a multisensory experience, designed to shock and engage. But whether chefs play with tradition, tastes or textures and whether they succeed or fall flat, experimental cuisine is an invaluable pursuit for the following reason: it takes the island's culinary scene to the next level.



mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 330

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Lady Finger, Andronikos. Roasted squid with quinoa, vegetables and fish roe cream.

Bill & Coo Coast Suites. Smoked aubergine dip, josper octopus, oil and vinegar creamwith octopus

mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 331

Allegro. Shrimps in ouzo sauce with brown rice and cherry tomatoes.

Theoxenia Restaurant. Seafood salad with shrimps, octopus and green leaves.

7/7/2016 1: 6:02 πµ

mykonOs on chopsTicks ver the years, sushi has become the ultimate high-roller gastronomical experience on the island. Here are the places where the rolls really rock. BY Eliana


BUDDHA BAR BEACH Of Asian restaurants there are many, but there’s only one Buddha Bar Beach on Mykonos - and it could only be located in Santa Marina Hotel. Although it’s just a few years old, it’s famous not only for its menu, which combines Greek gastronomy with Asian influences (don’t forget to try its ceviche), but also for the extravagant parties that have taken place here (among them, last year’s MC party). Buddha Bar Beach, Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Ornos, +30 22890 23220

SUSHI BAR @ HIPPIE CHIC It’s hippie but also unbearably chic. The new jewel of the bohemian restaurant is the Sushi bar, which is right next to Hippie Fish and serves sashimi, nigiri, maki rolls, but also vegetarian rolls, at the tables or on the enchanting Ai Ghianni beach. Sushi bar restaurant, Hippie Chic hotel, Agios Ioannis, +30 22890 22901

KIKU The Japanese restaurant - a Kolonaki institution, that first introduced sushi to the Athenian jet set - moved to the Island of the Winds in a magical setting, inside the Cavo Tagoo hotel. This year it presents a sibling restaurant, K for Kiku. Kiku restaurant, Cavo Tagoo hotel, +30 22890 20200. K for Kiku, Matogianni 47, +30 22890 22881

SUBA Budget sushi in Mykonos? Yes, it actually exists specifically, it can be seen and tasted by everyone who chooses Suba in Matoyanni for their supper. It’s been really appreciated in Skoufa street in Athens, for its value for money choices and it’s expected to make a successful trajectory here as well. Suba restaurant, Matogianni, Chora, +30 22890 78014


mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 332

7/7/2016 1: 6:


MATSUHISA MYKONOS It was 2004, when Nobu Matsuhisa decided to make a landing on Mykonos, four years before the Athenian Nobu opened its doors. In those 12 years, the minimal tables around the Belvedere pool, have experienced everything: loud laughter and front page affairs to professional deals in the millions as well as epic fights. Matsuhisa restaurant, The Belvedere Hotel, School of Fine Arts Distfict, Chora, +30 22890 25122.


COO In 2006, Matoyanni gains a restaurant that’s unlike any other: it serves gourmet Japanese cuisine, its open year round and soon moves right next to the shore - literally, as Coo in Psarou was the first beach restaurant that served nigiri and maki rolls even on the beach. Coo restaurant, Psarou beach, +30 22890 22440

KUZINA Some say that a restaurant that serves two kinds of food can’t do both of them well. But, in this restaurant - a classic for Ornos, Aris Tsanaklidis’ creative Greek flavours coexist harmoniously on the menu with properly executed sushi choices. The crab salad is amazing. Kuzina restaurant, Ornos Beach, +30 22890 26434

KoursarOs fish n�sushi The classic restaurant in Meletopoulou square, which is famous for its masterly fish dishes, is changing radically and becoming a modern Fish ‘n’ sushi fusion restaurant. After an extensive facelift, in its interior design as well as its cuisine, it’s one of the must-visits of the year. The only difference will be, instead of knifes and forks, this year we’ll be holding chopsticks. Koursaros fish n' sushi fusion restaurant, Meletopoulou Square, Chora +30 22890 78140

RAKKAN MYKONOS It laid out its tables recently in Kalo Livadi, so it hasn’t had time to leave its culinary imprint on the island yet. But, judging from the success of the first Rakkan in Kifisia and also the deliciousness of its King crab tartar, the expectation is that it’s going to be fully booked all through the summer. Rakkan restaurant, Kalo Livadi Beach, +30 22890 72243

mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 333

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Natural Born Grillers.


mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 334

7/7/2016 1: 7: 7 πµ

makinG thE cuT.


Stratos Drakoulis, the man who knows the art of meat more than anyone, storms the Island of lenty .

SUMMER 2016 | 335

mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 335

7/7/2016 1: 7:42 πµ

rakoulis Meat Open Project began in Voula, and is has now opened also in Mykonos. How can a butcher shop be transformed into a Meat Open Project? Open Project means that the shop is completely open and accessible to customers. They can really delve into our work, and there is no separation between the customers and the butcher. This builds trust. We are not just interested in selling meat – we want to talk with our customers and discuss their needs so that in the end, they are completed satisfied. Besides, after a certain point, there is no good or bad meat. There is only meat that agrees with your tastes, or not. Do you think Greek consumers know a lot about meat? Greeks certainly do love to eat meat. But I think they have made a lot of progress in knowing exactly what they are eating. For us, it is our job; to inform people about our subject. It will take some time, but that is what we are moving towards. How did you decide to get involved with meat? I have been doing this my whole life. It is a job I did not choose; my father died when I was young and so I did not have a choice but to get into the business. I was 16 years old and running my own butcher shop. And despite not being a job you chose, you are very passionate about your work. What made you fall in love with the profession over the years? I found my personal direction, my life, through the butcher shop. I loved this job through my customers. The people who buy their meat from us was, is and always will be the focus. What makes you stand out in your field? What makes the Drakoulis Meat Open Project so unique? I think our obsession with detail, innovation and quality makes us stand apart. We import meat from all over the world, from the biggest meat breeders in the world. You cannot find this range or variety anywhere else. Yachts that sail around the world come to us and tell us that they have never seen anything like it, anywhere. That is what makes us stand out. What is your philosophy? Our philosophy is very simple. It can be reduced to the phrase, “everything for the customer”. We listen to what our customers tell us, and try to live up to their needs. Even if we do not have what they request, we try


Yachts that sail around the world come to us and tell us that they have never seen anything like it, anywhere.

The new store with its impressive fridge chamber with shiny yellow bricks in reality compressed Himalayan salt , which gives the meat a divine aftertaste.

to make it happen. Of course we take our own steps and actions, but many times it is the customer who guides us. We move forward, all together. What favourable wind brought you to the Island of the Winds? We always maintained business with the island, as many hotels, restaurants and beach bars are good customers. But we could no longer meet their needs from Athens. Our main concern in Mykonos is to maintain our existing clients, and of course try to attract more. Mykonos is an island where people come to spend money from all over the world. But they need to find what they are looking for in order to spend their money, and that is where we come in; to ensure that they do. But there are traditional butcher shops in Mykonos that some consumers have been faithful to for many years. Why would someone break this trustful relationship and come to you? That is something that we do not want either. We did not come here to compete with anyone. We opened our Mykonos branch to better serve the needs of our existing clients, and to offer something new to those who come here and are looking for it. Besides, many of our customers from Athens also come to Mykonos, either to eat at the island’s restaurants, on their own yachts or in their villas. For all of the above, we are here. Do you think a new food culture is dawning? Where do you stand on this? Yes, of course, we have moved into a new age, where consuming just to consume is over. Now, people are ready to reduce quantity to increase quality. With the money that they have – and often that is not much – people want to buy good, quality meat. People are generally tired of quantity, almost stuffed, but they also realise that it does not get any better. Now, people want to be members of specific stores, to feel like they are part of a larger project. They want to connect with the outside world, and manage to do this when they come in contact with flavours from all over the world, and quality ingredients. People are tired of having many things; they want less, but better. What inspires you? Life itself inspires us. We like to live. There is not one day that goes by that we do not enjoy. Everything that happened, is in the past. This interview is in the past. Tomorrow will also not matter. Now. The only thing that matters is now.


mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 336

7/7/2016 1: 7:5 πµ

Beef p

SUMMER 2016 | 337

mC_my_storiEs_03.indd 337

7/7/2016 1:

:06 πµ


ma nificent

BY Ada


Journalist and socialite Ada Iliopoulou opens her personal diaries to recommend four great personalities against the backdrop of Mykonos.


The natural feeling of the decorative items made of wood.

any come to Mykonos because they get life lessons: Paradise is created where we do what we like, where we become our true selves and where we are inspired. Yet an important factor in this is the people around us, because without them, there are no memories. And memories are always fashionable! The famous sit with strangers, friendships and new ventures start on the cobbled streets; ultimately we like Mykonos because anything can happen, just out of the blue. A minute's silence for those who have not yet felt the saltiness of Mykonos on their skin – they probably have never lived so intensely!


Thrasybulus Kanaris THE MODERN KANARIS

he fire-ship captain, who later became Minister of Shipping and five-time Prime Minister of Greece, Constantine Kanaris, was the great - great grandfather of Thrasybulus Kanaris. And as expected, no man in his family was able to escape the fate of developing strong links to the sea. After his studies in London and his lengthy experience at major companies in Britain, Thrasybulus returned to Greece where he met and fell in love with his current partner, Kelly Xini, of the well-known Xini family. Approximately 20 years ago they decided to go on holiday to Mykonos, where one night after leaving Remezzo, outside Cavo, the famous crepe-shop, Kanaris proposed. Kelly accepted immediately and from that time their common dream was to create a company that will allow them to spend long stretches of time on their favorite island. Though at first Kanaris created WIN WIN, an IT and consultancy firm, in 2008 he created, a portal that provides information for Greek yachting. A short while later, in partnership with Kelly and always inspired by Mykonos, they establish the company All4yachtcharter. com, which specializes in the chartering and management of luxury yachts in Greece and all over the world. Soon enough, the firm became well known due its high services and also strict confidentiality agreements. Their clients include Hollywood stars, members of royal families, international politicians and well known businessmen. “We manage over 600 different types of yachts”, he points out. “From simple sailing boats and classic sailing yachts to mega yachts. One can enjoy his summer vacation by paying either 1.500 Euro for renting a sailing boat for a week or 1.000.000 Euro per week for an ultra-luxurious yacht. The yachts preferred by VIPs are very impressive, and are similar to floating villas with all mod cons and a 10-person crew, including the captain, cabin crew, chef and waiters. “The personnel is highly specialized”, Thrassyvoulos Kanaris explains. “Clients can request special menus and through the combination of high quality services and luxury, success is guaranteed. We want to offer dreamy holidays on the sea that match the services of a five-star hotel, even if the yacht is moored in a secluded cove'', he says with a smile, carving the same steady course in yachting while also promoting the Greek seas all over the world.


SUMMER 2016 | 339


Yannis Amoryanos

EVERYONE HAS THE PARADISE THEY DESERVE ike most boys who grew up in Piraeus, his father wanted him to become a captain. He wanted to travel the world, and painting became his passport. Despite the fact that Yannis Amoryanos took to the sea for a while, he never stopped believing that he was born for something else: to paint. Then suddenly, in 1970, he decided to go to America to find himself. Without money. Or relatives. Or anything! He only wanted to figure out whether he was talented. And he is. His paintings began to sell, even though he did not know who the buyers were. From New York he found himself in Spain, where the Queen of Spain and Duchess Cayetana de Alba became collectors of his paintings. During the same period, Oscar de la Renta asked him to exhibit his works with Mitsukoshi Kalergi in Tokyo. ''I knew what I didn't know, '' says John. ''But I only listened to the successful. You can only learn from them. And thus, I found myself in Buenos Aires, and from Argentina to Latin America. I won the first prize at the Venice Biennale, and after that I went to Saudi Arabia. I lived a legendary life. Sara Churchill, the daughter of the Duke of Marlborough and the cousin of Princess Diana, organized an exhibition from New York to Hydra, where I found out that she had three of my paintings in her house! Nureyev bought a painting of mine entitled Tiger, because they called him ‘tiger’'', says John as he recalls his career. ''Such opportunities, of course, are offered only in New York. The famous soprano Beverly Sills, America's most famous, bought the painting called ''Paradise.'' UNICEF used one of my paintings for their Christmas cards, of which they made 400 million copies! What else can I say? Clients include the Revlon family, Elizabeth Taylor, the first lady of Buenos Aires, and John Catsimatidis, the most successful Greek-American, who owns 40 of my paintings. I thank America for vindicating my talent. New York gave me what I deserved and nothing more.'' Amoryanos found two Heavens


The most beautiful painting I've created in my life is dedicated to Mykonos and called ''The Island of Love''.

in his life: his art and Mykonos! “When I was younger I was unhappy because doors were closed for me in Greece. When they started to recognize me I felt happy. I lived for my art. I offered myself to her. I lived in Heaven and I wanted to complete all my projects with a childishness and spontaneity, with a smile, with inner peace, all those things that characterize a dream that offers you Heaven itself when it materializes. So art became my life! Nothing could stop me.'' And then, he found a Paradise on Earth. ''I came to Mykonos 35 years ago for the first time, just for a weekend. But I came back five years ago when I decided to live on this island, which exudes such positive energy, for 4-5 months every year,” he tells me. ''I will not change anything here. And that is no coincidence. The fact that they know about Mykonos in America and not Athens, if I changed anything it might lose its glamour. The most beautiful painting I've created in my life is dedicated to Mykonos and called ''The Island of Love''. I have many thoughts and dreams about this blessed island. I invite people here from New York, Argentina and Spain. Of course, as it turned out, they knew Mykonos better than me. What to show them? Mykonos is a poem. Every narrow alley, every cobblestone street, the magical beaches, the sacred island of Delos, a mystical experience. Mykonos cannot be forgotten and the tragedy for its visitors is their journey home. They become anxious to return to the island.'' Recently Yannis Amoryanos offered part of the proceeds from the sale of his artworks at St George Lycabettus to support the Maria Callas Greek Society, which aims to create a new Callas Museum, at 44 Mitropoleos street in Athens. "I have lived all my NOWs. I always knew where I was living and where I was headed; it was a one-way street. And if I could turn back time, I would try to remember all my wrongs and rights, in order to do them again. My wrongs taught me and my rights helped me come to where I am now. . I have lived in a paradise of art for so many years; now I found the Paradise of Mykonos, an artwork in itself, a daily and endless inspiration for me!''

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lau e itrois

met Jean-Claude Jitrois in his atelier in Paris, among artworks and photos of Stephanie of Monaco wearing his blue leather ball gown at the Bal de la Rose in Monaco, of Elton John who once ordered 35 jackets, of Jonny Hallyday with a blue crocodile suit and Serge Gainsbourg who came close to quitting smoking when, wearing one of Jitrois’ leather jackets, he did not know how to prevent his cigarette from ruining it. With much passion he told me that because Greece always inspires him, he returns to his beloved villa every year, a very relaxed place called the Magic Garden. The name says it all. It was his travels to the island that inspired his collection this year, which can be found at Luisa Beach. Based on the colours white and blue, the most representative example is none other than the white Leila dress that bears similarities to the ancient Greek style. After this revelation about this year’s inspiration, he told me about when he first came to Mykonos and what he remembers from then: “I arrived on Mykonos 30 years ago, and I still remember the airport very clearly. It looked so traditional. There were no seat belts on the plane, and we carried our luggage by hand. It was not the modern airport we see today. It was unknown to everyone, it looked like a shack. The landscape was completely natural and the people – as strange as it may sound – were conservative but proud and willing to reveal their local culture, food and architecture. My first feeling was that the wonderful natural landscape made you feel relaxed and happy, in contrast to the frenetic pace of larger European cities.” In fact, Jitrois considers the island's climate and beaches simply amazing. “The bright white of traditional houses and the blue of the sea give me a feeling of tranquility and freedom”, he say. “I am a bon vivant. I always enjoy the simple things on the island, such as the food, music and art. Am I epicurious? I love every type of art and, therefore, good food is also part of that. The first time I came to the island, I discovered



The bright white of traditional houses and the blue of the sea give me a feeling of tranquility and freedom

a local fish taverna right next to the sea. Fishermen brought their fresh fish in the morning and cooked them right in front of you. You couldn't have anything fresher or tastier than that. Unfortunately, this taverna has become more and more famous. All the celebrities want to go there and you must book a table 3 weeks in advance to enjoy the fresh fish!” I wondered whether he would change anything on the island he first discovered 30 years ago. '”Today, life in Mykonos has changed. Famous people realized the beauty of the island and, despite the conservatism which still exists within, the superficiality of people who come nowadays is almost devastating. The tourism industry has become enormous. So, I would say that I am nostalgic for the past, when I would come to enjoy every place, just like you, as a man who truly loves the island. Not as an accidental tourist. I want the culture of Mykonos to resist and reinvent itself, to remain something unique. As it always was!” Jitrois touches me because apart from being a very talented man, he is a great philhellene. Last summer, among other things, he honoured me by giving me his notes, a painting he made for Greece and he promised to prepare something special for my exhibition. Also, it was with much joy he allowed me to take his picture, with him holding a Greek flag on a yacht in Psarrou, to remind the world that Greece needs to be supported. When you have a French legend before you, you cannot but ask him about everything, and especially about the more spiritual issues that you feel he understands best. I wanted to ask him about Delos, and once again he impressed me: “In French culture, we consider ancient Greece our motherland”, he said. “I have been to Delos twice in my life. It is a Holy Island full of history. I know that Delos played an important role in Greek mythology and that Poseidon asked Zeus to create this island. It is true that the moment you step on this uninhabited sacred place you feel the spirits of the gods surrounding you. The atmosphere is unique and I immediately felt the intense power of Delos as a sacred place. However, the whole of Greece is sacred for the French. Do not ever forget that!”



Harry afias HARRYCANE!

he minivan arrived at the entrance of the parking lot and inside, right next to me, sat Irene Daϊfas, Nikos Charlaftis, the Marinopoulos family, Panayiotis Angelopoulos, the Kaisaris family, Ioanna Lily, Martinos and Pretenderis, while many others were still waiting their turn. Important businessmen, popular politicians, owners of TV channels, famous artists, models and starlets, everyone was at this party. The house was located on a private peninsula stretching 60 acres between Lia and Kalafati, and that event, the night the Vafia family inaugurated their new villa, was the biggest event in Mykonos. Of course, that night nobody went inside the house, since the guests were led through the gardens down to the private beach area. And while the party was at its peak, singer Stella Georgiadou took the microphone and sang as the guests were excited and started dancing until the early morning hours. My friendship with Harry began in Mykonos long before he became the super star of the new generation of Greek shipping tycoons. He is undoubtedly one of the most contradictory personalities I have ever met, since it is hard to believe that someone who stays out all night can go to the office by 8am every day. We were a nice group of friends back then, we went everywhere and we all loved Mykonos, and we were always there. Back then, you knew where


"Nobody wante to get on this oat when the sea was rough in Mykonos. He also li e to stand up et s i something less angerous after all

to find him if he was on the island. He usually went swimming in Agios Sostis, a more bohemian beach, or he took the boat to Rhinea with a bunch of crazy friends. He would watch the sunset at Galleraki, where he would drink the Katerinaki cocktail; at Astra he always reserved a table inside so he could listen to the music as loudly as possible, and if he got bored he could leave as quickly as possible. He liked the N’ammos, like everyone else. But it was not uncommon to end up at Sea Satin after lunch for loukoumades and vodka, or at La Notte, where you would get flowers brought to your table in black bags. And, of course, the parties on the yacht, which was moored in the Marina or in the port at Troulos, were unforgettable and people would come and go until dawn. However, unforgettable were also the nights out with the late Nikos Gigourtakis, who would always come back to the yacht after the host! In his 20's and with the first money he earned himself in 2005, Harry bought a very elegant 11-metre Aronow, which he named Escobar's Bitch. I will be honest and say that nobody wanted to get on this boat when the sea was rough in Mykonos, because it was impossible to go slowly. Essentially, you never knew whether you would make it back alive! He also liked to stand up jet ski… something less dangerous after all. There was a time when he would rap and sing hip hop, and all his friends would follow him whenever he had a show. He even performed at Astra once. Then there was the time we almost got arrested by the police as we were leaving his house with Prince Albert’s Lamborghini to attend a fashion show. In the car we were listening to rap music at full blast and when he opened the door to talk to the policeman, the lyrics were offending the police in Greek! No matter how many years go by, I will never forget that policeman’s look! However because appearances are deceiving, the man considered a “party animal” by some, in due course Harry created Stealth Marine, a hugely successful company with a dose of madness and a lot of hard work. He also opened StealthGas, and from 2008 when Nicholas Vafias retired from Brave Maritime, Harry also took over its management. Today, Harry Vafeias controls the third largest shipping group in Greece, while his firms are expanding into other areas, such as real estate on various islands, in Athens and in cities such as London and New York.

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in thE Realm .OF THE SENSES




Christopoulos Gavala Mykonos

MODELS Ekaterina

Voronina Daniela Poublan De Mattos |X-RAY| Jason Shah |X-RAY| Klaudia Sikorska |D-MODELS| Barbora Mudrochova |D-MODELS|


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th elemEnt



If eroticism is defined as assenting to life even in death then Mykonos perhaps is the meaning of life.

HE SO-CALLED SINS always balance on the threads of contrasts. And there is a serious reason they develop along the axes of life and death, heaven and hell, purity and sin. At the same time, however, they condemn the senses to a subdued presence, colourless and tasteless, almost sleepy. Not so on here; “The haven of the sensory and of the extra sensory” stubbornly pushes away privative suffixes, and immerses itself greedily in a game of the senses that is boldly served in abundance on its barren rocks. That’s why I claim – I really do – that those “gurus” of Tourism Marketing who are ignorant enough or ridiculous enough to insist on explaining and selling the island as, more or less, only a miraculous “sun and beach” brand, frankly, they don’t know shit! Excuse my language and bluntness, but they are only doing half the job and quite simply, they are missing the point; they skip over the fact that the ideal alternative holiday destination of the 1960’s has been metamorphosed into a Mecca of unparalleled hedonism. And the truth is that, as we speak, Mykonos has become the ‘Big Apple’ not only of the Aegean, but of the entire Mediterranean. Its small dimension becomes a veil which, when pulled away, reveals a hidden El Dorado. An extra-large dreamland in which the most serious of deadly sins become a simple misdemeanour. There is no room for self-flagellation on this island. It is consciously arrogant. It answers only to its crazed wind. Of course, you can always blame the apple for everything, red and juicy as it is: you chase it all day in the hope that once you bite into it, it will beam you up to a world beyond, where strict taciturn divisions break down each other’s barriers and penetrate into timeless fluidity. Sin defines our weaknesses, the acceptance of our transience and, in a final analysis, our “I – saw – the – light” tendency towards catalysis (that’s what laws are made for). The point, however, is not the philosophy (or is it?); it is the light, the crazy wind, the white curves,


SUMMER 2016 | 345

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the promising alleyways, the essence of saltiness, the most feminine full moon, the fiery waves crashing against the rocks, the impulsive parties, the caressed sand, the sweet isolation and the unique explosion of eternity in just a fraction of a second. On this soil, purification passes through sin. This rock makes up for its isolation with open horizons, so it’s no coincidence that the island is reminiscent of Patrick Süskind’s film “Perfume”. It silently releases an erotic eau de parfum, which, in a manner inexplicable to neuroscience, is relieved once you leave. Mykonos nurtures the guilty lust for others, because the island itself is created to live life to the maximum. It is the ‘Gomorrah of the Med’, you might hear; beware! But wait a second; is it wrong to want it all? Isn’t human nature greedy? Isn’t Life always thirsty for action and fun? To suck out the marrow and lick all the pleasure and pain you can out of the bones? And this sanctuary, with its magic, motivates you to want it all here and now: the greed of the experience of desire. On this land you are a realist, because you simply seek the impossible. An emotional cosmogony that finds its territorial plasticity somewhere between Mykonos and Delos, the sacred island of the ancients, the commercial centre of the Classical era. It can’t be. All this affluence of matter and intellect must have left enough of a mark for the island to now pulsate and expand like a stray asteroid in the Aegean. Heavenly body and spirit or, in other words, the much-talked-about energy of the place… So, what is left? The society of the spectacle, which Guy Debord defines as “the decline of being into having, and having into merely appearing,” a state that he describes as “that historical moment at which the commodity completes its colonization of social life. Thus, the spectacle is not a collection of images; rather, it is a social relationship between people that is mediated by images.” And in a world in which everything is constantly being turned upside down, the truth is no more than a momentary lie. In the case of Mykonos, though, this kind of Marxist approach has




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This sanctuary, with its magic, motivates you to want it all here and now: the greed of the experience of desire.

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Ekaterina (LEFT)


SUMMER 2016 | 349

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no place. When we talk about the society of the spectacle, we simply mean that we have all become a spectacle. To stick up for the island, I wouldn't consider that such a bad thing; quite the opposite in fact. Because at the end of the day, is it so bad to allow a little glamour to brighten our national blues? The whole experience might be irritating for some, or indeed everyone, but between you and me, rather than a serious and constipated nothing, I would prefer a theme park or a carnival with barkers encouraging us to “roll up, roll up and gaze in wonder at the three – headed frog and the disembodied head!” A social bazaar, a post-Oedipal social space in which the only prohibition is the prohibition of every prohibition. But that's what this place should be and what it always has been: a festival. Nowhere else do you have such freedom to behave inappropriately. nter a Mecca of unparalleled hedonism, the ideal place for people who would rather party than sleep, or who want to develop their acquaintanceship with a bottle of fine whiskey, the wild life is added to a hedonistic cocktail of sun, sea, music, cheap alcohol and drugs, sex and an expectation of extremes. Anything can happen here. It is an epic of excess with plenty of opportunities for one night stands. As DH Lawrence has put it, “that was what they all wanted, a drug: the slow water, a drug; the sun, a drug; jazz, a drug; cigarettes, cocktails, ices, vermouth. To be drugged! Enjoyment! Enjoyment!” The enclave is a place of hedonism and comes obligation-free, like Fitzgerald’s Riviera, where although the body, as an object either of desire or of pity, becomes “vulgar” (the term as used by Baudrillard, that intellectual of critical irony), it is at the same time absolute, because it no longer has any value or depth. “Ecstasy,” says Baudrillard, “is the quality proper to anybody that spins until all sense is lost, and then shines forth in its pure and empty form.” Or, to spell it out, when you behave like a convict on the run. And don't imagine that I use these words lightly.



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SUMMER 2016 | 351

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Klaudia (MIDDLE)


Ekaterina (RIGHT)


There is no room for selfflagellation on this island. It is consciously arrogant. It answers only to its crazed wind. SUMMER 2016 | 353

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ERE YOU ARE on the threshold, where life and the law, inside and outside, civilization and the natural state, become confused. Whether or not you have graduated in savoirfaire from Eton and Oxford, leaving behind your home, the daily grind and your social and ethical environment to enter this entrenched, exclusive and obligation-free Twilight Zone, it means swallowing the antidote to civilisation. Free from constraints, away from home and “naked”, i.e. liberated not only from your clothes but from anything that might link you with your public role, you become a person without boundaries, without ties, without substance, and in the end, without qualities. Because, quite simply, the sun abhors such thoughts. And once you are, inevitably, caught in the web of even the mildest form of possession – in which you will be caught, even if you think you're untouchable – to which you surrender with more or less talent or certainty, for just a little you taste (like every possessed person) the passive joys of a loss of identity and the more active pleasure of roleplaying. That's the Mykonos Boot Camp. A carnival that carries in its bags the colonial roots of the naked life. An anti-religion of the senses that is characterized by the primacy of pleasure, together with coded innuendo promising sexual adventure. Let's help one another, so that we can arrive at a place where the bed takes the place of the polity, as Sade would have it, along with other Sadian aphorisms of pleasure such as “I have the right to enjoy your body and you have the same right to enjoy mine”. And, please, do not tell me now that you have never, not even from a place of safety, imagined that in the vocabulary of tourism, any reference to freedom might contain a coded message of sexual adventure. Come off it! It was more or less in this way that the isle, like Bataille's Festival of Rapture, acquired the reputation, but also the clientele, of a place with an eroticised morality, serving up countless different kinds of brief encounters, and opportunities to rid oneself of what-


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Klaudia (LEFT)


Ekaterina (RIGHT PAGE, LEFT)




Here you are on the threshold, where life and the law, inside and outside, civilization and the natural state, become confused. 356 | MYKONOS CONFIDENTIAL

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SUMMER 2016 | 357

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An antireligion of the senses that is characterized by the primacy of pleasure, together with coded innuendo promising sexual adventure. SUMMER 2016 | 359

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The Mykonos Boot Camp is a carnival that carries in its bags the colonial roots of the naked life. SUMMER 2016 | 361

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And finally, if eroticism is defined as “assenting to life even in death” in the words of Georges Bataille, then what is Mykonos? Perhaps it is Greece’s last stronghold, perhaps it is the meaning of life.




ever defines one's personality. And don’t let me hear you argue that this transcendental aspect of the Mykonian summer – or the summer on any island, to be fair – is a clarion call to return to nature. Because if it was, everyone would flood in like naive hippies with flowers in their hair, bright Ouzo Power T-shirts and the peace symbol, to pick flowers on the hills around Ano Mera. I'm talking about something deeper here, which can explain why the island functions as a Club of Youth, the luxurious setting for the emotional education of every outgoing young person. Here on the island, rules are in abeyance, not done away with. Breaking a rule does not suppress it, but suspends it. Transgressing it completes it. And this is a matter of to-ing and fro-ing, just like the flying trapeze at the Cirque: the taboo prevents the infringement, but its attractiveness demands it. This strange dual economy of desire and aversion, of what is admired and what is deplored, or of infringement and affirmation, explains how it is that a tourist, oscillating between two poles, becomes a party animal and a Don Juan (whether a bargain basement version or not is unimportant). And then, when everyone goes back to work in September and has to sober up or seek refuge from their families, they will come and tell you about their holiday as a cultural narrative or a traveller’s tale. My ass! I don't know what happens in Paris, but right here, it is sexual desire that, as an integral part of the process, has established tourism as a carnivalistic practice.


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SUMMER 2016 | 363

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feeT undeR or even further below the surface of the Aegean, there's a sad environmental secret buried. A sensitive Mykonian brings it to the surface.

ou do not come across people like Omiros Evangelinos everyday; on the one hand, a cinematographer and activist, he has been involved with producing and directing environmental documentaries for over a decade. On the other hand, he is known to Mykonos die-hard fans as one of the two owners of the legendary bar Astra, at Tria Pigadia in Chora. Following the completion of his previous films, Mykonos Blues and Toxic Crisis, he begins a five-year odyssey with his fishing boat in an attempt to explore the issue of overfishing and the struggle for survival of small, local fishermen in the Aegean Sea. He meets PierreIves Cousteau along the way, and watches his efforts to unite local fisherman, scientists and local authorities with the aim of creating a Marine Protected Area. This fascinating story unfolds in his new documentary film, Guardians of the Aegean.




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An underwater film still.

SUMMER 2016 | 365

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ABOUT THE FILM: The film Guardians of the Aegean premiered at the Thessaloniki Documentary Film Festival this March, , and will be broadcast soon on local Greek T . Its global distribution, as the fate of Santorini s first M A, remain for now, pending. For more information on the documentary film, Cousteau Divers and the M. .A. www. and www. .

he warm October sea breeze ripples our t-shirts as we stand on the sand, gazing out on to the magnificent caldera of Santorini. The deep mineral reds and rich golden yellows of the exposed volcanic soil create a kaleidoscope of colors in a striking crescent backdrop. A drone whirring overhead records the dramatic cliffs sheltering us on the Red Beach, giving us that too rare notion of being miniscule in the world. We are the only souls in sight, in stark comparison to this scene during the tourist season. Humbled by nature, our presence on this mission to preserve our seas and honor the marine world at once is validated. Wild nature seems to sing and wink all around us, beckoning for us to answer its mysterious call. Pierre-Yves Cousteau, the youngest son of legendary Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the famous oceanographer, stood balancing on a rock at the shoreline, a beacon of hope, luminous against the landscape. It was he who ultimately brought us all together in Santorini. Director/producer and environmentalist Omiros Evangelinos, for his newest documentary film Guardians of the Aegean on overfishing in the Aegean Sea and the efforts to create a Marine Protected Area in Santorini, was filming the potential site for the Marine Protect-


ed Area along with a team of key players involved in establishing it. The team being some of the top professionals in their fields, Dr. Paraskevi Nomikou, Dr. Maria Salomidi, Dr. Sylvaine Giakoumi and Peter Nicolaides of the Aegean Institute. Eager to dive in, we gaze with longing at the sea, mumbling regrets about not having packed bathing suits. During the camera set up, Dr. Sylvaine, overwhelmed with inspiration, quietly abandons her shoes and proceeds to walk uninterruptedly into the water. In her blue dress, moments before she was enveloped by the more penetrating blue of the Aegean, she turned to us in a blur of red curls, releasing an exhilarated laugh which bellowed out towards the sky. That’s how it was on this mission in Santorini and in the several years fight to establish the Marine Protected Area; everyone driven by their passion and connectedness with nature, moving to the authentic beat of their own heart. Omiros, living year-round in Mykonos, with its tourist-saturated summers, was determined to create positive environmental changes, as witnessed in his previous documentary films. When he met PierreYves through Peter Nicolaides during filming in the Cyclades, their mission to protect the Aegean Sea by setting a world-wide example in Santorini became the film’s new focus. Four years ago, when Omiros set sail from Mykonos on his traditional caique the “Odyssey”, formerly an artisanal fishing boat, with a team of environmentalists, he was unaware of his journey’s destiny. He was filming interviews around the Cyclades with artisanal coastal fishermen, as well as industrial scale fishermen, local politicians and marine researchers, most of whom would become major players and stakeholders in the Marine Protected Area in Santorini. His aim was to depict the struggle of small, coastal, artisanal fishing communities against catastrophic industrial-scale fishing and the effects of the monoculture of tourism. The documentary suddenly proposed a real solution; establishing Marine Protected Areas with the efforts of the presidents of professional coastal fishermen’s unions in the islands of Andros, Paros, Koufonissi and Santorini. Pierre-Yves


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miros Evangelinos

SUMMER 2016 | 367

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Cousteau would propel these efforts with his mighty name and efforts in Greece as witnessed in the film. By the time Dr. Sylvaine wrapped up in a sarong and twisted the sea from her hair, we were re-focused and began strolling towards the camera on cue, tossing volcanic rocks into the sea for the final shoot of the entire film. A sense of relief and promise pinched the air, aware that this several year-long film production was finally wrapping. The film would wrap, but the real journey was just about to begin…. Could we begin to heal the horrific and almost irreversible damage that has been done to our seas, which continues at an increasingly rapid pace? Could we pass the urgency of this matter on effectively and follow the courses of action that experts insist we implement? ssuming his regular stride, PierreYves led the pack. His short brownish hair looked Apollonian in the sunlight, a true Philhellene. He even adopted the Greek hand gestures, moving with ease amidst Greek banter and local customs. His love of Greece and passion for activism towards sea preservation was inherited from his father who spent many years here, sailing on the famed Calypso and discovering what lay beneath the Aegean. Veteran Calypso diver, Peter Nicolaides, easily transitioned PierreYves to embrace and adopt Greece the way his father had, to team up to create a dynamic force which could approach authorities and fisherman alike in this new venture. Pierre-Yves, only second generation of the pioneer in underwater discovery unfortunately has had to set his focus on the ocean’s protection rather than just its discovery as its destruction is already upon us. A Marine Protected Area is the only solution for restoring marine life diversity and animal populations in areas overfished such as in the Cyclades, which is the worst case both in the Mediterranean and in the world. Postcard images of traditional Greek fisherman untangling fishing nets on their fishing boats perpetuate a myth of the wealth of the Aegean Sea. One thinks "abundance”, “preserved traditions”, “honor”, and “pride”. Certainly not, “scarcity”, “recent history”, “shame”, and “fear”. The government offers subsidies to artisanal fisherman to destroy their fishing caiques as their livelihood is being threatened by the power and devastating practices of industrial fisherman. As the seas and the fishing nets go empty, consumers are left in the dark, totally ignorant of where their fish is coming from, how it was fished and those dreadful and vast consequences. Guardians of the Aegean reveals how overfishing, insufficient regulations, weak enforcement, “pirate”, unreported and illegal fishing, are among the main causes for this very evident depletion in fish stock. Solutions to this problem are well-known yet hard to implement for various reasons including cultural resistance, total lack of awareness about the real benefits of the solutions, insufficient government re-


miros on his fishing boat.

Pierre-Yves Cousteau.


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sources and of course, corruption. The film captures stories from the Greek fishermen themselves, scattered throughout the Cyclades, further validating these harrowing facts. Marine Protected Areas lead to increases in bio-diversity, in the reproduction rates of marine life, the size of the organisms, population density and increase in biomass. Preserving and restoring biodiversity enhances the productivity and reliability of services provided by the sea for humanity. Despite the abundance of evidence of the benefits to people, the local economy, and the environment, there are no functional marine reserves in the Aegean Sea to date, with scientific criteria and efficient management. While the creation of a Marine Protected Area in Santorini has local benefits, its widespread success would give this project further weight by setting an example that would be copied throughout Greece. PierreYves proposed something seemingly radical - that we imagine not just having many Marine Protected Areas, but all of the sea a protected area and instead we implement fishing zones. The Marine Protected Area in Santorini is a step towards that ultimate vision which he believes is the key to the Aegean’s survival. The signing of a first document of good intentions by PierreYves Cousteau on behalf of Cousteau Divers and President Kyriakos Prekas on behalf of the professional Fisherman’s Union took place on March 15th of 2014 on the island of Santorini, as documented in the film. Four years were spent convincing the deeply suspicious fishermen that the intention of the MPA was not malicious nor to erect mega-hotels on the surrounding beaches. They gradually earned their confidence, meanwhile liaising with several ministries and investigating laws to operate under with maximum efficiency as currently, there are no specific laws for MPAs in Greece as there are in all other European Union Mediterranean countries. Sadly, to date, no further development towards the establishment of the MPA has been seen. At the time in which Omiros and PierreYves met, the formation of an MPA in Santorini was finally imminent, along the lines laid by Pierre-Yves. It is a “bottom-up” policy implementation example, where the fishermen choose their own fate – to agree and contribute to the MPA formation or to stifle it. Pierre-Yves, along with Peter Nicolaides (who started working towards this goal since 1980) and other individuals and organizations, had managed to bring together fishermen, marine researchers and local politicians to finally agree on establishing and operating/ managing an MPA. This culminated in the formation of an essential trilateral committee (Hellenic Centre for Marine Research, Fishermen's Union and the Municipality) as advised by Dr. Manel Gazo of Submon, the MPA consultants in Spain, commissioned to pro-

References of Homer’s Odyssey came to mind; perseverance, dedication and the duality of journey and destination

duce a Management Plan for the specific MPA. This Management Plan as well as the Special Scientific Report produced by the HCMR diving-scientists team, following their detailed investigation of the area, was made possible with the funding from the Stavros Niarchos Foundation. There on Santorini’s Red Beach I already envision the MPA with its marker-buoys delineating its actual area, as well as the special mooring buoys to alleviate anchor-dropping damage to the seabed. The amazing people I met in Santorini carrying this torch inspired me by the passion which drew them to action and their knowledge and dedication to the cause. While I am Greek by blood, my love for Greece stems from my memories at sea during Greek summers. I’ve built my business around the sea and those unique, irreplaceable experiences. The sea provides for me and I relish its fruits and many marvels, therefore I am compelled to contribute to preserving it. This sea is my inheritance along with future generations. It has supported and nourished so many before me and never asked for anything in return. The journey into the conservation of our sea is a journey into the heart; naturally wondrous surroundings acquire deeper meaning after learning more truths and meeting the faces dedicated and intrinsically linked to their preservation. We communicate our reality by telling our stories and then have the chance to gain a more global perspective. With this film and its goal, we celebrate humanity; step by step we gain local supporters as a hybrid of people open themselves to new ideas and information, voice their support, and spread the word. How aptly references of Homer’s Odyssey came to mind; perseverance, dedication and the duality of journey and destination. It was all possible; the amazing journey and reaching the hoped-for outcome/destination. We just have to embark, set sail and keep faith.

ABOUT THE WRITER: assandra Lefakinis is the co-owner of alef achts in Greece, a luxury yacht chartering company, working mainly in Greece but also in Turkey, Croatia and the West Mediterranean. ecently they have added an all Greek e-boutique mainly for their clients, but also open to the public. It promotes Greek designers brands and 5 of the proceeds are donated to the creation of Santorini's first Marine rotected Area. Learn more at and visit the e-shop under shop .

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ight miros and his team shooting at lichada beach, Santorini

.directoR’s aftErthought Following the completion of his latest work, miros Evangelinos shares his thoughts with MC.

he completion of Guardians of the Aegean seems to be just the first step towards achieving your goals. What comes next? After the premiere of the film at the international Thessaloniki Documentary Festival, I have been trying to coordinate a campaign to promote Marine Protected Areas in the Aegean, using the film as an informational tool by organising film viewings on all the islands we filmed on and in as many places in the Aegean as possible. How do you aim to rouse the audience through these showings? It is very important that the scientific team and advisors are present at these showings (in this case, Cousteau’s team from Santorini) so that they can share their experiences with the local fishing communities. Making the people who are directly involved and influenced understand that these suggested actions are not new, or an experiment, is key when you are promoting awareness of environmental issues. Having them realize that this has been applied in many other places around the world with consistently impressive results, both for


the fishing communities (who managed to increase their catch yields within a few years) as well as for the island community as a whole through the increase in visitors and the extension of the tourist season. In addition to the fishermen, this exchange of opinions based on issues raised by the film also wants to raise awareness among regular consumers, regarding the power they have to contribute towards these sea protection efforts, depending their consumer habits. For instance, if nobody purchases banned products, such as pinnas and cannolicchios (grooved razor shells), or if we refuse to order fingerling or fish caught with spear guns at tavernas, then we can contribute significantly to the protection and preservation of our natural wealth. Do not forget that the trends we set as consumers can be a significant factor in the preservation of many species that once existed in abundance, though now are endangered species. And where does Mykonos fit in all of this? The film Guardians of the Aegean was shown in Mykonos on 5 June, World Environment Day, in a packed Cine Manto. During the discussion session that followed we talked about marine protection efforts currently taking place in the Aegean, and I tried to explain to the audience the reasons the


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island of Mykonos did not feature in the film, even though it was about travelling through the Cyclades. That is indeed strange, given that you are from Mykonos. Even though Mykonos is the flagship of Greek tourism, it has not been involved with marine protection in any way. This is strange in itself, because on an island that has a small fishing community (and less reactions to deal with) and where almost everyone is involved with tourism, where we are all concerned with extending the tourist season, there is no discussion or action like what Pierre Yves Cousteau initiated in Santorini, which has the potential to place Mykonos in the forefront of other types of tourism, such as ecotourism, diving tourism, etc. With Mykonos’ name and infrastructure, this would translate directly into an extension of the tourist season and would also attract new visitors. What do the local authorities think about this? Towards the end of the discussion, the Deputy Mayor Miltiadis Atzamoglou and new President of the Tourist Commission and Local Councillor, Tonia Andronikou, took the floor, and while admitting the relevant inaction to date, also promised to make efforts in that direction immediately. Mr. Atzamoglou finished by saying that Delos would soon become an MPA (Marine Protected Area). What does your vision for Mykonos include? Imagine if all the famous beaches of Mykonos were to become MPAs (Marine Protected Areas). Nobody has anything to lose from this, and all of us who live, work or visit Mykonos would benefit. Firstly, by seeing the impressive potential of the Greek natural world if we let it breathe freely: fish and underwater flora and fauna in numbers and sizes we usually admire in tropical environments. Ultimately, this would bring the island to life all year round, with all sorts of travellers coming to admire the nature of Mykonos, with groups of students from all over the world arriving to study the model of Mykonian ecotourism, and with research teams of scientists from around the world who will work on our island, publishing their studies on the nature of Mykonos and the Cyclades. In this way, the island famous for its beauty and cosmopolitan flair will also become a global example in conservation.

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thE Days of

crEation BY the

Mc Team

As with ome, Mykonos wasn't built in a day. These are the figures that laid the foundations for what it has become today.

WHO IS WHO Chrysa was one of the first visitors of Mykonos. At the end of the ' s she bought her own retreat at Aghios Sostis. She got married to Filippis ondizas owner of the famous Filippis restaurant in . She has been living in Mykonos since.

he Mykonos I know is the scents, the sea, the light and the sun. The aromas that emanate undisturbed from the fruits and the flowers of the farm, the chilli peppers, the sweet wine, the carnations, the basil, the roses. The beautiful lazy afternoons spent at Aghios Sostis during the summer, the dips in the cold waters under the full moon, the jokes and the laughter that still echo in the alleys of Chora, together with eternal friends that have left but it's as if they never left. Mykonos never stopped being beautiful, my love. And beautiful as it is it has always attracted beautiful people. Beautiful in the soul, clean under the ruthless light of the island and having as a flag all that is unique. Mykonos overflows with an energy that has the power to destroy everything that tries to ruin it.



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And what is written cannot be unwritten... Especially memories. Unique memories, chests with hidden treasures that you are happy to find and count. Because they do not cause sadness or sad nostalgia. Instead, they overflow with cheerfulness and lust for life. We were three friends, Evelyn, Chila and me. Three girls that were best friends, wearing sarongs and colourful sneakers specially ordered for us from Pavillon. Satin, orange, green and electric blue to wear under the full moon. After the party we had arranged for the three of us to spend the night in the beach of Aghios Sostis, alone on the beach, laughing at the completely round moon. Mykonos, our jealous ally like ancient Hera winked at us and at the turn of the uphill slope, our beach buggy went puff puff and dropped unconscious. After our initial pouting, who's seen real girlfriends and hasn't given up the argument? Our sarongs became tablecloths on the ground, the tape player started screaming as loud as the battery allowed it to and we started laughing. And when we thought that the sun would find us weary and sleeping in the middle of nowhere, the cavalry appeared: it was Filippis, so sweet and so much in love. He was going all around Mykonos together with Rudy trying to find me, since the hours passed and I was nowhere to be seen. That party lasted until the morning and Filippis forever. Remember Menouhin's party at his house in Megali Ammos? Lots of people and live music. Menouhin played his violin solo. Sarandis the plumber was also there. In his free time, Sarandis played the violin and he was very good at it. He had made his own violin out of tin can and strings from a donkey's tail. So the two violins were playing together. Menouhin and Sarandis the plumber! Sarandis turns to Menouhin and says: "Now tell me, who played better?" Menouhin does not reply. So Sarandis says: "Listen, if the flusher in your toilet breaks, can you fix it? No. But I can. Because I am not only a violin player but also a plumber! Who is better now?" Another night, returning from Caprice. Inside Thodoris' tender-boat, Kitsos, Filippis and I stop underneath Sarandis' wooden balcony in Small Venice and start calling him to play his violin for us. Sarandis come out! Sarandis was nowhere to be seen. Then we move closer and take out the small anchor. Filippis grabs it and throws it onto the balcony. We honk the horn and shout "Come out now, otherwise we will leave and take your balcony with us." I cannot even describe how much we laughed. "Play your violin Sarandis, or we and your balcony will leave"! So Sarandis played in the night and we were dying laughing with our engine turned on. We had our good times and that is why we can handle the tough ones! God save the others! The present lasts only for a second, but memories last for a lifetime. Blessed Mykonos... Let's drink to everything that will follow.

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.MY FRIEND, PIERRO AVERSA bout Pierro’s, maybe one the most famous gay bars in the world, people have written plenty of stuff. About the parties, drag shows, famous clients, the first “gay- wedding” in the island… Tracking Pierro’s real story and trying to get to know with the person that had the inspiration to create it, make it real and give his name to it, Pierro Aversa, we hit the bull’s eye. Amadeo, famous chorographer and fan of Mykonos, accepted, quite a long time ago, to give us an exclusive interview and travel us back in time, when some friends coming from all over the world decided to make their favorite island famous to the ends of the world. "The first time I came in Mykonos was in the end of 1969. It was in April, it was raining all the time and as soon as we got there we were ready to leave… In the end I stayed for 6 months. At the time Mykonos was very simple. There were five tavernas, gas lamps and people were very nice contrary to people from Athens who had seemed very offish to me maybe because of the dictature prevailing in Greece at the time. As I was walking one night I met Pierro and Kiki, a top model of that period, and we found ourselves talking about Mykonos. We both agreed that it was a blessed island with free people, I mean open-minded people, and thus we started meeting more often [...] Pierro was the first to teach me that it doesn’t matter who you are and what you do as long as you’re doing it with your heart and soul, then you will surely do it right. Thus, just because he loved the island, he decided to open a restaurant, even though he didn’t have the faintest clue. It was about 1975. Before becoming a bar, Pierro’s was a restaurant. They were only serving spaghetti and salads. He used to cook himself and everybody was coming to see him, and this is how it all started. Just as we used to get together in his house, we started getting together in his restaurant. Simple music, wine, nice people and Pierro master of the ceremony. Soon after, Andreas and Margo, who used to be with him from the very beginning, helped him see from a more professional point of view. Margo was the one who helped the venue become internationally famous. Hence the venue became a hang-out of artists and famous people from all over the world who often came just for him. In an island that people were open-minded enough not to care if someone was straight or gay. In a place allowing them not to pretend. And there was the whole success. That all these that made Pierro’s famous all over the world, and Mykonos in the same time, all these parties and shows, were nice just because they were taking place spontaneously. Everybody was dressed up in their way, they were feeling comfortable. There was positive energy and chemistry. And beautiful people from all over the world… Really beautiful. And not only at sight, they were beautiful inside".


The venue became a hang-out of artists and famous people from all over the world who often came just for him… In a place allowing them not to pretend.


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Giannis Galatis is a self-taught painter, decorator, clothes and ewellery designer, author and amateur singer. Most of the celebrities who set foot on Mykonos passed from his house on the island. His famous parties marked a whole era.

he golden age of Pericles in Athens and the golden age of Galatis in Mykonos are over, now the bronze age is starting. You’re probably wondering why I call it a golden age… Because, during all that period of over 50 years, I’ve experienced all those golden personalities that have gone and left us alone. People like Princess Soraya, Onasis, Hristina, Niarchos, Ford, Ingrid Bergman, Julie Christie, Princess Grace, Menuhin, Anna Maria and King Konstantinos. I, on the other hand, never forget them and every year on September 9 I bring them back, celebrating with a vespers service in the seaside church of Galazia Panagia. They really helped me and my island, making it what it is today. What can I say about my little island? From a cosmopolitan island, it’s become a revelry island… everything has a beginning and an end, in the quantity, quality has been lost. From three little artsy shops, we’ve now got 3003. The pie has been cut and distributed, the weavers have vanished, the looms have stopped their beautiful rhythm and Eleni Vlahou gazes at us from above and cries. They never forget how I brought the first car to Mykonos, a small Triumph convertible, with Boni’s fishing boat. When the island’s single postman, Belonias brought me back (all the Mykonos residents who could, had left the island, as it was the poorest in Greece), I tried and fought in my own way to bring Mykonos’ old grandeur back after the war. Getting to meet and become friends with the international jet set was a great accomplishment. Whenever I saw a yacht arriving, I would go out in my little boat and welcome them, I would invite them to my little palace and do an event in their honour. Make them my friends and friends of my work. At that time, there were no hotels or bars, nor welcoming spaces, just the sweet hospitality of Mykonos. And I would welcome them with a lot of love and convince them to return to my island and become steadfast friends. God only knows how I got started, then we were all the same, poor, rich, aristocrats, simple people… That’s kind of how my career got started, self-made and self-taught…


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.MR ONE OF A KIND n Mykonos there's a custom to give people nicknames. Kostas Zouganelis is called "god". Someone not from the island would probably say that it's a sin to call a mortal that. And that easily leads to the question, why did the Mykonians call him that, among other things? What ultimately was "9 Muses" and what did it give to the island that they would assign the owner to the sphere of the indelible? Let's take a trip into the past, to the early 60s. When Mykonos was revving up and claiming its space in the tourist firmament as a destination for jet setters and savvy Greeks. It's the time when Jackie O and Paul Newman appear, Yehudi Menuhin, Eleni Vlahou, prince Carlos Von Fürstenberg, just to name a few. The island then was pure virgin wool. With no luxuries or five star hotels, no eccentric restaurants and bars. But full of people thirsty for its beauties, the openness of the inhabitants, the secret energy. So, timidly, some "archaic" shops start to appear, such as Paralos, Makis Zouganelis' old Remezzo. Until another Zouganelis, no relation, arrives from Piraeus and opens "9 Muses" in a building that housed "casinos", video games of those times. The new settler had origins in Mykonos, but also endless charm. "9 Muses" lands on the island, having made history in Akadimias and Asteras Vouliagmenis in Athens. The Mykonian Muses had two doors, a large bar, the dance floor faced the sea and the decor was ahead of its time. Zouganelis' move was a game winner. He created the first dance club on the island, with a good crowd, excellent music and perfect service. He might have had a jukebox in the beginning, but very quickly the savvy owner installed stereo equipment and the decks were manned by great DJs, like Babis Pasaoglou - yes, the one who became Astra - Alkis, Ghiorgos Kourvas, Vasilis Lalos and Yannis Datsopoulos, Mr Bora Bora. When we asked him about the legendary club's history, he said characteristically: "Kostas Zouganelis was different from all the other club owners. The Muses were open until 2002 and in 2005 became Guzel. Since then, they've gone missing, as has the island's history. For me, Kostas Zouganelis, was a man of ideas. He travelled constantly, he was popular, related well to people, was humorous. Most importantly, he liked music and every day, you'd find him in the club, he wouldn't appoint managers or some such." Another significant pioneer of Athenian nightlife, Dimitris Bavellas, who linked his name with the legendary Wild Rose club, was a close associate of Kostas Zouganelis in Athens and Mykonos and he mentions about his former boss: "He decided quickly and was a pioneer. I learned a lot by his side. Most of all, he transmitted his optimism and his good spirits. To express it simply: he was just brilliant!"


ostas ouganelis, the owner of the legendary nightclub Muses, a.k.a. The God

Most importantly, he liked music and every day, you'd find him in the club, he wouldn't appoint managers or some such.


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WHO IS WHO Giannis Karoutsos arrived on Mykonos in '57. He was a distinctive figure in the then up-andcoming world of restaurants. He created the first taverna on Elia, leading hippies and high profilers to what was then a completely naked beach.

churches, the kind-hearted people, the simplicity, the way you would dress or undress, the mills that still ground barley, the going around on mules and donkeys, which would bring the villagers to Chora at weekends. They would leave them by Leto, at Rochari or the Mills. They left them with plenty of hay and would pick them back up on Monday. Animals then, now Cherokees parked in abundance, as the plots have been sold to become villas for the nouveau riche. Abundant wine in barrels would flow down the thirsty villagers' throats. Boutiques, nowhere to be seen. Roads to the beaches, none. They would swim at Yialos, in front of the shops, among the boats. Plenty of painters, like Florakis, Pandos, Orozco, Lilly Christensen, would perch their easels here and there. These first visitors started discovering the island and its amazing beaches on foot. The only asphalted road was the one to Ai-Yiannis. It was constructed in 1936 by the French Archaeological School for the archaeologists to come and go to Delos on sailing boats. There were also Americans, Germans, English… All these people would leave by boat, whenever it might appear. Waiting for the boat was no sweat during the day, but more of a drag in the evening. And that led to the opening of the first bar, Gordon's and the first rooms “chez l’habitant” (lodgings in the locals’ homes). Artists, archaeologists and visitors of the archaeological site of Delos, as well as authors such as Roman Gary and Henry Miller, all mingled while waiting for the boat. And all of them would return to their countries and talk about this paradise. That's how some rudimentary tourist shops started appearing. All the alleys, small and large, were full of homes. Getting a wift of just a few visitors, the locals started knitting items such as caps and sandals, and textiles on looms, and would hang them outside their doors. And so the market place began. Then some turned the front room of their home into a shop. One sandal maker stuck a sign outside his house reading, "handmade scandals" instead of "handmade sandals". Gradually, the locals stopped eating lard with cabbage, they learned to say "yes, my pet" and "how much" and "thanks" and "voulez vous coucher avec moi". We, the young lot, used to frequent Piperias' taverna. The gays, rejected from the rest of Greece, found haven in the Mykonians' open arms. And there came Pierro Aversa, an Italian-born painter with a US passport, renting a house at Rochari, where the Belvedere now stands. Gay through and through, he created the first "family" on the island, which quickly burgeoned with prominent members such as Karelas, Goulandris, Thomas Fritsch, famous from the movie Operation Apollo. Pierro saw there was money to be made among all these rich people, through corralling them into the first gay bar. And so, Pierro's bar opened and became the Mecca of gay people around the world. They would swarm to the island in the thousands to worship it. And that's how Mykonos-mania started. The rest is history.


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e used to live on Syros then. Of all the Cycladic islands it was the only one to be privileged with public and private education. So the kids of, let’s say, more well-off families, were sent to complete their secondary education on Syros. They were called expatriates or boarders. They stayed with families who gave them basic lodgings and food in their bellies. The lucky ones had electricity, the unlucky ones an oil lamp. Such a expatriate from Mykonos tried to convince me to visit his island by relaying how the mills rotated, how spicy the kopanisti cheese was and how they danced to folk songs of the time like "Ano Mera, Great Area" and "Come on Yiannis from the Coast our Cattle Here to Roast". His persuasion skills were pushy but nice, and so was his sister. During the Christmas holiday, we were on a boat, heading straight (sort of) to the Mykonian continent. Following a couple of blasts of the horn, commotion, more horn blasts, I realised we were approaching the future paradise lost. The boat did not slow down, since it had no speed to speak of in the first place. Plunge goes the anchor, and a few small boats, some with sails, others with motors, approached. The vernacular was odd, but the first locals I saw, quite normal in appearance. Manoeuvre to the front, manoeuvre to the back, some cursing, and there we were, ashore on the old seawall. A deserted Yialos, twilight, a couple of blackclad women here and there, lads and lasses of the island here to see the new arrivals, kisses, joy, the "howdies" and "welcome my pet" flying around. A couple of coffee shops in the paved coastal area, a carefree and peaceful air. We tumbled into what is now called Matoyianni Street. No bars, no souvenir shops, plain peace and quiet, and the expatriate's mother exclaiming, "hurry my pet, the light's running out". And by the time we entered the freshly white-washed island house, came the first signal. The lights flickered and then turned back to normal. "What did I say?" cried Mrs Katina. "Quick, get the oil lamps!" On weekdays, the electricity stopped at 7pm, on holidays at 9. It was my first contact with the island. Its development is more or less known… The essence of Mykonos then was the charming little streets, Yialos, the



he wind blows, sweeping away images, words and memories with a clatter so esoteric that only those who have experienced the "once upon a time in Mykonos" can discern. In the same spirit, like a sprite, Vengera is drawn from its birthplace, from Matoyianni. The odd thing is that its energy resonates more among the younger generation—to those who partied, fell in love, got tipsy under its renowned Marelli ceiling fan. Vassilis Theodoropoulos, owner of this famous party place, has made his peace with the past and is moving forward. He confesses to MC that together with his brother Takis, who passed away some years ago, they had the last curtain call satiated by revelry and the good life: A life that continues, but in a different setting. How did you end up on Mykonos? We arrived straight from Berlin in the summer of 1975. Takis was already working at Yiannis Klesoura's Marquise. I was working with my friend, Mimis Skafidas, who had opened a clothes shop together with his wife. At the end of the season, Takis and I got Vengera—Johnny Reed had opened it a year before and then given it to Babis (note: meaning Babis Pasaoglou). Vengera was the last stop at Matoyianni then, it was the area's last joint. Then there was a big gap followed by the turn from Little Venice, and at Mitropoleos Street there were more bars and clubs. How did things go in the first year? Things started off slowly, slowly, but the place had shown its potential from the start. It hadn't disappointed us. How could it? It went strong for 20 years and that's no small feat. At the end of the day, we gave it away because we got bored. What did Vengera bring to Mykonos?





If the place was still open today, it would have become tired and may have shut for other reasons.

All the Athenians who were afraid to come here until then. They used to cringe at the very mention of Mykonos. Some considered it to be too cosmopolitan and pricey, others that it was “gay”. A typical day at Vengera? We would hit the beer around noon and then head to the "office"— Kyriakos Madoupas' bar-taverna in Yialos. There came the first Bloody Marys in the company of Fouskis. Then we would head to Panormos or Ftelia, siesta from 7-9, and then back again. We had a couple of army jeeps, would get everyone on them and hit the beaches, Perdikas, Ares Loumides and us, real commandos. Don't forget that there were no cars on Mykonos then. To bring one over was a big deal: you had to have it transported via a specialist ferry. Who decorated Vengera? The initial design was by Johnny Reed. A legend, you have to write about him at some point. We followed Johnny's initial style—it was colonial. A Marelli fan, old radios, a collection of bank notes from Swaziland, Morocco, Kuwait... Who made the sign? (note: the one on the photo) Brian Piccini. There was an even nicer one reading "wοk upstairs" for the Chinese we had opened upstairs, but it's been lost in all those moves. It was the first Chinese eatery on Mykonos, and locals used to come and ask for bread! What did people wear? Women would wear silk, dress-to-kill outfits. Men would dress to impress too: they would opt for nice shirts, no polos. Vengera's last night was? I'll tell you about the last Easter. I was with Takis and it must have been 6 or 7 in the morning. Reaching about 100 metres down from Vengera, we both spontaneously and simultaneously turned round to glance at it, without having discussed it, knowing that it was the last time that Easter Sunday morning found us going away, drunk and tired. Did you realise that you ran a venue which became a legend? Of course we were conscious of it. Besides, while the place was open it was routinely featured in magazines and newspapers, every year. We didn't create a place that no one knew about. How did you get the place to achieve legendary status? We didn't have a plan. Up to a point, we were fairly good at what we were doing. Today we talk about the legend that was Vengera because we, ourselves, called the final curtain. If the place was still open today, it would have become tired and may have shut for other reasons. Because in Greece, everyone wants to see you crawling until the last drop of blood is spilled, to be old behind a bar with Chika (his dog) rubbing herself at your feet, to see you and go: "Check out the old geezer. What are we doing in this place?" It's simple: a Greek is not adverse to himself making good, he just doesn't want you to make good. That's why we, voluntarily, in a dignified way, called the final curtain. I didn't do a runner nor do I have outstanding obligations on Mykonos.

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thE The natural feeling of the decorative items made of wood. ean – Pierre Heim and his daughter Carolyn Heim are currently working on a visionary concept idea for the New Cyclades Archaeology Museum in Delos. The famous architect reveals his thoughts on the project to MC, as well as his inexhaustible sources of inspiration.


th wonDer BY Jean

– Pierre Heim

The new visionary Delos Museum architecture concept self driven proposal by Jean ierre HEIM and Carolyn HEIM architects opens its doors exclusively to MC.


"Since an early age I have been interested in archaeology, antiquity and Greece, and these have been a source of my inspiration. Delos Museum is not only my personal vision. It’s a necessity for Greece, because it represents one of the most important mythological and archaeological sites in Greece. It is ”the Land of Apollo and his twin sister Artemis”. For Greece, it is considered a holy sanctuary, the birth of the Greek civilization. Only 20% of the archaeological site has been excavated and every year, archaeologists discover new treasures. The existing Museum is urgently in need of renovation and extension in order to provide new facilities and comfort for the space and the archaeological site. I have conceived of a new Museum design on the existing location of the old Museum. This Museum will be the most modern archeological museum in Greece, featuring all new technologies, such an application that provides visitors with information on all the artifacts in the museum simply by scanning each one. I have visualized the most extraordinary model; a replica of Old Delos or enjoying a 3D movie presentation at an Imax Theater with lectures on the site of Delos. But the Museum is also an allegory of Greek Mythology. In Greek mythology, the Cyclopes created the Delos archipelagos of Mykonos by throwing a giant stone on the Island. This granite stone and these rocks are the true symbols of energy. An equilateral triangle will be lined up along the North-South axis, which will protect the entrance of the museum from the Meltemi, the northeasterly strong and cool winds".


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Museum Architecture. 5000 square metres of livable space, with a maximum length of 100 metres that will be divided in three parts. The upper level will have a height of 20 metres, and 3 to 5 metres will be below ground level. The ground level is very important because it is a reflection of the existing grounds of ancient Delos buried in time and destruction, as only 10 percent of the site has been discovered.

Museum Design. - One main museum entrance. - One exit. - One delivery entrance for the antiquities discovered by archaeologists, with a local restaurant, a café and various stores. Staff includes a resident archaeologist, guard, and local staff members. The main concept is to access and exit the SoleDelos Museum via three long concrete slab-bridges over a reservoir that will collect mostly rain water during the winter, and provide effective drainage. he construction of the Museum will be built with a reinforced concrete vault as the location of the Museum is in a very high density seismic location, the epicenter of the Cycladic Islands. All Museum artifacts will have to be strongly protected. The concrete vault ceiling will also protect the contents of the Museum from the heat and will be high enough to offer a sense of a natural astrological vault, which was so important in ancient Greece. Mathematicians, astrologers, historians and philosophers will all agree that the height and volume of the museum’s ceiling and vault are the most important criteria. The stone-rock aspect and the architecture: Based on an organically symbolic aspect of constructivism, the epicenter of the Sole-Delos Museum will the spiral staircase coming from the lower floor to the upper floor. Gradually the steps will enlarge and the second floor will be accessible via a large ramp, to make it easier for tourists to reach the second floor on foot. Showcases and window displays will attract visitor attention.



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ierre Heim.

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Architectural Materials. he concrete vault will be covered with stone and local vegetation will cover the structure and blend in with the environment. A large glass triangular opening will be located on the higher part of the vault to capture the light. The natural light in Delos is supposed to be the strongest light in the world, along with the Easter Island in the South Pacific. Smaller size openings will be located at eye level in order to be visible from everywhere in the museum. The floor stone will be made of rough marble, and any existing archaeological imprints will be kept at their original locations to preserve the site’s harmony and archaeological historical respect.


Contemporary Design Elements.

tation of a reconstructed temple with architectural elements. EAST WING: A mezzanine -amphitheatre with 250 seats located on the east side. The theatre will measure 17 metres in height - an interactive theatre cine-panorama with projections on screen and the total vault will re-create a global site environment. Performances and historical films of Delos will be presented to visitors. SOUTH WING: The Apollo main atrium will unveil an enormous reconstructed model in order to view the site the way it was. The Lion Gallery should be the inside the museum, and will be located in front of a huge 3D model, to guard the Museum. SOUTH ENTRANCE: A bridge will cross the tank reservoir to the Museum. A Triangular Delta door will welcome all visitors in front of a contemporary glass reception, with glass cases displaying antique discoveries. The main entrance with the imprints of old coins featuring the patrons of the new sanctuary, Apollo and Artemis, will be posted as medallions on the entrance pavement.

In Greek mythology, the Cyclopes created the Delos archipelagos of Mykonos by throwing a giant stone on the Island.

ebbles and other natural elements provide inspiration for the new Delos Museum.

In order to be an active contemporary museum, all displays of monuments recovered or replaced in context will have the possibility of being digitalized and re-constructed as 3D images and projected on a screen in order to reflect the reality of the past. The effect of light effect throughout the Museum will be highlighted through a light show. NORTH WING: -A restaurant. -A coffee shop. -A boutique, artisan jewellery, and a bookstore store located on the North West side, opening on a large patio overlooking the museum. A "mise en scene" will act a represen-


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Who is whO Jean- ierre HEIM is a highly regarded visionary architect with an international architectural and interior design practice in New ork, aris, Mykonos and now Shanghai. Founded in , Jeanierre HEIM and Associates J H has developed a rich portfolio of private residences, office interiors, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and showrooms. A few notable clients are an Cleef Arpels, evillon, Baccarat, Christian Lacroix, Lanvin, uiforcat and Club Med. Expert in theatre renovation such The Capitol Music Theater in Frankfurt ffenbach, the Luxor alace in Dresden and the Studio of Babelsberg ostdam Berlin, he is presently developing a new concept called Cinepanorama, featuring outdoor restaurants and lounge cinemas. He is also now developing his Brand HEIM design in China, the Caribbean and the Greek islands. In Bei ing he is presently working on the design of the Bei ing acht club and ust completed the Shanghai acht club. He has developed the brand of restaurant and boutique H H in Shanghai and Chongming. In St Marteen and Santo Domingo he is working on tropical resort and hotels. At present he is designing the new design concept proposal for the Delos archaeological resort in Greece. Mr HEIM is also a French foreign trade advisor with in-depth knowledge of international markets, and is able to act as liaison between .S. and Chinese and European businesses seeking to operate on both sides of the Atlantic and China . J H is a Chevalier de l rdre National du M rite.

d Architecture in aris, France and has attended L cole des Arts Decoratifs preliminary school of design. She is registered as an HM architect in France. She has travelled extensively in France, Greece, the nited States and China. Through her international experience she has acquired a deep understanding of contemporary eco-architecture and sustainability. Carolyn is co-founder of HEIMstyle based in aris, France. She has added her touch in design excellence and exceptional perception for coloring and accessories to many noteworthy J H pro ects, including the Coral Beach Club, the Shanghai acht Club and various villas on Mykonos in Greece. Her passion for ewellery design, where she excels, has resulted in her the creation of her own brand. Her work is characterized by its special attention to detail and realism.

Learn more about the pro ect at www. heimdesign. com

Carolyn HEIM is a graduate with a Master s degree in architecture from L cole Sp ciale

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thE BY The Mc Team

It's not ust that legendary bar that operated on the island a million years ago. The muses are the ones, that according to the ancient Greek myth, lend inspiration generously to any artist that sets foot on the island.


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It's the art supper! The island's artists gathered full of good humour and exuberance and above all in a convivial mood to participate in a group reunion.

LAURENT VEDRES Cinematographer

He's been living in Mykonos for many years now and returns to Paris for a few months each year. A director of documentaries and a photographer, he’s worked on creating a photographic record of many a Greek island.


Photographer, poetess

Born and raised in Mykonos, she studied photography and cinematography in Athens and continued her studies in London. Currently, living in Mykonos, she runs a photo gallery and studio in Chora, where you can find photo albums, books, poetry collections and the most beautiful postcards of the island.



The young Bulgarian artist was born in Karlovo, studied ironwork at the SPTU Nicola Vaptsatov and continued with learning the difficult traditional cast-iron moulding technique. He came to Mykonos in 2001, and has since permanently lived and worked on the island, where he showcases his unique creations at the Pinelies Gallery, in Gastro.

The quipster of the group, he was born in London and has travelled the whole world (from France and Spain to the States and Canada) until in 1984, he accidentally found himself on Mykonos and hasn’t left since. He runs a gallery in Chora where he showcases his original works that hover between paintings and sculptures.


Painter, Pop Artist.



He was born in Canada and after graduating, he travelled throughout Europe following the trail of Contemporary Art. From impressionism to surrealism he has mastered each style and enjoys orchestrating an ever changing balance between them. He has been living permanently in Mykonos for around 45 years now.


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He was born in Berlin and got his first painting degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. After 13 years in the States and France, today, he permanently lives on Mykonos. He has led scientific research missions around the world, both academic and on behalf of the National Geographical Society. His works are held in many collections around the world, including the Forbes Collection in New York. In his most recent group of work, the Aeolos and Fanari Blu series, the Artist has let himself feel the esoteric nature of the Cycladic islands, their harsh environ and clear divisions of form and light.

He was born in France, studied at the Paris School of Fine Arts and has held exhibitions in Europe, the latest one of which was a retrospective at Château de Larcay in 2005. He has permanently lived and worked in Mykonos since 1989. His works can be found in various private collections and museums.




Maker of mosaics and pebbled mosaics She was born and raised in Mykonos. She lives and works in Mykonos, has a workshop in Chora (Asteria) and teaches the art of mosaic making at the DEPAM visual arts workshops. Under the programme "Agoni grammi gonimi", a State support initiative to the remote islands, she teaches the art of mosaic to their inhabitants.



He was born in Nantes, France, and has studied photography and sociology. After Paris, he travelled to Africa (the Sahara) and to Asia. He lives permanently in Mykonos and deals with photography.

She was born in Dresden and studied painting and textile design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Hamburg. She lives permanently in Mykonos and concentrates on mosaics. She has a gallery in Chora, where she showcases her work together with the painter Richard North.




Guitarist, composer, singer, painter He is a self-taught artist and professional musician who has been painting professionally since 1992 and playing since his teens. For years, he worked with Jimmy Miller of the Rolling Stones, Marianne Faithfull and Nick Taylor. He came to Mykonos 15 years ago, whereupon he started to paint. He now lives in Mykonos, Greece and New Bedford, Massachusetts with his wife, musician Donna HarrisRichards.



He was born in Athens, but is of Mykonos extraction. He permanently lives and works on the island. He owns a workshop/ gallery in Chora and teaches religious painting at the DEPAM visual arts workshops.

He was born in Mexico and studied at the School of Fine Arts there. He has been painting in Mykonos for 55 years. He came to the island in 1960, and so was one of the first foreign artists to establish permanent residence on the island. His main motive is Mykonos itself. His vision of his adopted island embody unique, stunning, indelible perceptions of this unforgettable place.

Religious Painter


SUMMER 2016 | 389

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.MYKONOS, MY FATE espina was the name of the boat that brought me to Mykonos. It was more of a bathtub but, somehow, it had character, something I would include in a painting. The trip from Piraeus to Mykonos took nearly 11 hours, with two stops in between: one on Syros, the capital of the Cyclades, and the other on Tinos. Mykonos then was a fairy tale island, its architecture ‘organic’, and made to human dimensions; even in the narrowest alley one felt comfortable, not claustrophobic. It was like one house that extends into the next, and the next, a series of neighborhoods that were cozy and warm, especially for children. They could play and get lost, but someone would always recognize the crying child and bring him back to his mother. The made-to-human dimensions apply also to the landscape. No beach is too big, and the sea is friendly, warm and refreshing: it welcomes you. No sharks. Nothing frightening about it. It’s even easier to float here than in other seas, due to the water’s high salt content. The landscape, I found very paintable, full of textures: rocks, boulders, the stubble of the dry wheat, and the beautiful cypress trees, with their dark greens, and the silver graygreen of the olive trees. The stone walls I sometimes render deep red to convey the heat of warm days. All these features are bathed in the wonderful, diaphanous Aegean light. When the Meltemi blows, the wind of late summer, the Aegean Sea becomes wine-dark blue, and one can see forever. […] Mykonos, the town, is a gem of architecture. And during the 1960s it was invaded by architecture students from the world over who came to take measurements in order to try to determine what, precisely, made the streets so warm and cozy – their proportions, the relationships between the height and width of the alleys, the windows and doors, the thickness of the walls, etc., etc. It’s all white, yet at dusk the walls reflect the color of the doors and balconies and it’s not just white any more. I remember an Athenian art critic wondering where I found so many colors, Mykonos being a ‘white dove’. Invariably, people accuse me of bringing my Mexican colors with me. […] Another thing which made a big impression on me when I first came in 1960 was the freedom of the locals to sing aloud while walking home from work, any time of day or night – not drunk. As a matter of fact, it was rare to see a person drunk in the street. Drinking was done in tavernes, in the company of friends, while eating, always followed by a song and a dance – an impromptu dance regardless of who was around, and not with the purpose of showing off or of entertaining tourists. The Mykonians still do this at paniyiris, or festivals, but it’s not quite the same now.


The architecture, the landscape, the people, even the strong wind enhances Luis rozco's inspiration

I didn’t come to Greece with the intention of staying, but I found a paintable island with plenty of material for a lifetime.

I consider myself lucky to have experienced Mykonos when I did because I came to Greece to live in Greece: the international disco scene you can find anywhere. Come to Greece to enjoy it (and also have the disco scene, if you want it). I was also lucky to meet Greeks like the Kousathanas family, Vienoula and her children. Most of them were in the weaving business, producing colorful spreads and blankets, and helping foreigners appreciate their island with their friendliness and willingness to impart information about anything concerning Mykonos. The mother, the late Vienoula, had spent time in England while a young girl, and she taught her children English and they extended hospitality, and warmth, to foreigners. If you were looking for a specific place or person, they not only gave you directions, but would take you there by the hand. The oldest son did the dyeing of the wool, and there was always singing and dancing. My first party on Mykonos was on the occasion of Anouso’s (Vienoula’s eldest daughter’s) birthday, the music provided by local musicians playing bagpipe, drums and accordion. It was still March and quite cold, but dancing and retsina kept us warm. Everybody was dragged into the semi-circle of the dance. I didn’t come to Greece with the intention of staying, but I found a paintable island with plenty of material for a lifetime. The tourists one met here came from all over the world not looking for disco glamour, but looking for the magic of Greek culture. Many of them had already been to London, Paris, Rome, etc., and they wanted something different. They found it in Greece. I believe it’s still here, but you have to look for it. It’s much easier to travel around here now. There are planes and fast, comfortable boats. You can rent motorbikes and cars to get around, but don’t overdo it. The air on Mykonos is still clean: don’t bring your fumes and speed with you – go slow; you’ll see more. Tourism has changed many things here, but it’s not all been negative. Young people have more access to the world than before; many young people can now go to university. There are many doctors on the island; women are slenderer, les work-worn, and educated. Most people speak English and other languages. It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t speak English. There’s even a health food store on the island, but you can still buy vegetables and fruit from the farmers who come to town with their donkeys, and the fishermen sell their catch on the waterfront. You can still find moussaka in the tavernes, but Greek cuisine is now much more than moussaka and tzatziki. Why limit yourself? Try other menu items as well. Very good wine is now produced on the island, especially dry red wine. Try to find places where you can hear Greek music and see Greek dancing: it’s all part of the real Greek, the real Mykonian, experience. Luis Orozco


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The artist Luis rozco

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The author and philosopher Albert Camus


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.NOTEBOOKS 6, 7, 8 May 1955 The small yellow islands like bundles of wheat on the blue sea. We navigate through these remote islands on a bright, shiny, softly wrinkling sea. We sail along the coast of Syros for a long time until Mykonos comes into view. As the day advances, the island’s figure looms better in the distance with its snake-like head stretching all the way to Delos, still unseen behind Rhenia. The sun sets while we are found almost in the centre of a circle of islands whose colours are beginning to change. Dull gold, cyclamen pink, green violet. Then the colours darken and the island masses on the shiny sea become dark blue. A strange and vast appeasement descends onto the water. Happiness finally, a happiness that brings tears to my eyes. Because I would like to hold and embrace this unspeakable joy, which I know will disappear. Although it has been hidden inside me for so many days, today it grabs my heart so frankly that I believe it will remain faithful to me each time I wish it to be. he night has fallen by the time we get off at Mykonos. Many churches and houses. All white. We wander in the small streets with the colourful shops. In the completely dark streets, we breathe in the scent of honeysuckle. The moon shines weakly over the white terraces. We get back on board and I lie down so happy that I don’t even feel how tired I am. In the morning, a divine light falls onto the bleached white Mykonos houses. We set sail for Delos. The sea is beautiful, transparent and pure over the clear sea bottom. As we approach Delos, we spot huge clusters of poppies on the first slopes of the island. Delos. The island of lions and bulls whose depictions cover the whole island of animals, because we must not forget the snakes, […] the large dark lizards with their light green tails and heads, as well as the dolphins represented on mosaic walls. The marble with which the lions are made has been eroded by hail and corrosion, making them look as if they were made of rock salt, a little bit ghostly, creating the impression that they will be dissolved by the first rain. But this island of lions and bulls is also covered by brown and brittle ruins resembling bones. Underneath these bones, wonderful and fresh discoveries


Back to mykonos for shopping. I prefer the city in the night. Then we slowly put out to sea.

come suddenly to light (mosaics of Dionysus at rest). The island of ruins and flowers (poppies, morning glories, gillyflowers, daisies). The island of mutilated museum gods (the small kouros). At noon we visit the top of Cynthus and we look at the surrounding bays, the light, the red and white; the circle of the Cyclades revolves slowly around Delos, on the stunning sea, in one movement, like a still dance. This confined and at the same time infinite world of islands appears to be the heart of the universe. And in the centre of this heart stands Delos and the mountain top where I am, and from where I can look underneath the straight and pure light of the world at the perfect circle defined by my Kingdom. […] Back to Mykonos for shopping. I prefer the city in the night. Then we slowly put out to sea. A strange sadness so similar to erotic sorrow when I see Delos and Cynthus disappear little by little behind Rhenia. For the first time I see a land that I love vanish with a painful feeling that perhaps I will not see it again before I die. My heart is clenched. Colours change again on the sea and the islands, […] the sails slam half-heartedly on a light wind. Just as we start to enjoy the peace rising from the sea to the dimming sky over a rocky islet, the moon starts to fizzle. It rises quickly to the sky, illuminating the water. I stare at it until midnight, I listen to the sound of the sails and my heartbeat accompanies the movement of the water on the sides of the ship. Free life of the sea and happiness of these days. All is forgotten and redone here. I had such wonderful days flying over water, among islands covered with flowers and columns, in a tireless light, I hold their taste in my mouth, in my heart, a second revelation, a rebirth... 10 May 1955 The morning is grey […] Amazed by the diversity of landscapes. All that Greece attempts in landscapes, it succeeds in and perfects it. With the people of the village and their gentle familiarity. Free will and movement, although there is no political freedom here […] Light evening rain. I go up the hill through swathes of fragrant flowers. The small village of Thronia. Miserable houses. Children dressed in rags, though they appear healthy. […] Albert Camus THE EXCERPT COMES FROM THE BOOK “PAGES FOR GREECE OF THE 20TH CENTURY – ESSAYS OF FRENCH TRAVELLERS”, OLKOS EDITIONS, 1995

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King daviD BY Petros


A hearty Greek summer read about the life of a worldwide established household name, whose march to stardom, like the Ariadne myth, followed the thread of a small bale of white mohair.

oing completely under the radar during his stay in Mykonos for the last five consecutive years, I met him by accident during an unconnected photoshoot session at the upper north part of the island, the Mykonos lighthouse area. But the following was no coincidence. After having been interviewed during his glorious career by most of the high profile hosts as well as such illustrious names as Barbara Walters, Jane Pauley, Merv Griffin and Joan Rivers, my number was picked. Lucky strike.


Mykonos Confidential: Let’s start from the end. How would you like to die? David Emanuel: Excuse me?!!! Never thought about that? That is a shocking question!!! Well I’ve got your attention, didn’t I? I thought we were supposed to talk about life. But we are. From a philosophical point of view this is a Socratic approach: The constant awareness of death, of mortality, makes us focus on the goods of life. Fine; let’s do that... That was the intention; to focus on life: on life of David. Who are you really Mr. Emanuel? Who am I? David Emanuel. I suppose


thE Perfect

around the world I am known as a Royal Couturier. But it is easier to understand if I say I am a fashion designer. Isn’t the line blurred between the two? Of course, yes, I have my private clients – one – to – one; I will sit with a woman, I will design something, she tells me where she is going, to a fabulous party, an anniversary or a cocktail; I have to get to know her very quickly, in one hour. Then I look to see what she is wearing, and I look at her attitude. So you do a character reading first? Yes, like what you are doing to me, exactly what you are doing to me. And then from that information, I will get together fabrics, I will do some sketches, and then the next appointment I will go through the sketches. Then, the following appointment, I do a toile, a mock-up in calico or cotton gauze and they go, “oh, this is great!” It was great form scratch? How did it all start for you? Quite simple, at school I only loved music and art… So you turned to an escape artist as far as the rest were concerned? I did not attend any science classes for three years; four years nearly. I managed to dodge them, I said I am practicing for the school concert or I am singing…I was always practicing to just skip the lessons, I did not like chemistry or physics or biology, I liked English, but music and art I loved the most. From a young age I sang, I played the piano very young, and then when I went to Senior School, I learned to play the violin, and then I was leader of the school orchestra… One man – show. Where was that? Wales. I am from Wales, both my parents were Welsh-speaking, so I was brought up in a Welsh-speaking house. I am one of 11 children. When I went to school, I had to learn a new language, English, because we spoke Welsh at home. From guttural to dulcet, language wise. Where did you go from there? From the small town to the big city, Cardiff - the capital of Wales- and I thought I could never deal with this, it


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At Bill Coo Coast Suites, Agios Ioannis beach.

SUMMER 2016 | 395

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“In school I did not attend any science classes for three years; four years nearly. I managed to dodge them…” WATCH THE VIDEO

The famous black taffeta Emanuel dress worn by Diana on her first appearance in public with rince Charles.

Illustrious royal provider. Right! So, I thought I am going to the royal couturier, I have to be smart. I needed to make myself an outfit!! I made a black suede bomber jacket, and I got my portfolio, which was maroon, and sprayed it with black car paint, I thought it would look sharp…I got to London early, so early, about two hours before my interview, because I was nervous in case I was late. I sat in a little park -right by Savile Row, right by Vogue HouseI sat there with my portfolio, waiting, waiting, waiting for my interview... and all these pigeons came, splat! Splat! Splat! All over my portfolio, I nearly died! I ran to a little Italian cafe on the square, I said, “please, do you have some serviettes?” Anyway, I got there, got the interview, and they looked and they said, “OK, so what do you want?” I said, I am a designer - well, I was a student. “OK, well, you can start”. And I started. I was only going to work for the summer because then I had to go back to College - so I turned up on day one and they said, “No, go there”. I took one look at all the machinists and I go, “No, I am not going there”. And they said, “Sorry?” Anything's possible if you've got enough nerve. I said, no, and I quickly got a chair, and I pulled it into the design room, and I found a desk, so I plunked myself there. It was wonderful, that is how I learned how a couture house worked, the whole process, when the ladies come in and they see the collection - we were designing then the next couture collection, I was in the design room - and they would say, “Go and get some fabric, and do this, and do that”, I was the errand runner. One day, the door opened in the studio and God walked in, Mr. Hardy Amies himself. “Oh, hello!” “What are you doing?” he said. “Well, I am helping”. “Go down to the basement, find some fabric and design something”. Then he left and everybody goes like “Whew! He is gone”. I ran downstairs, and I had this big bale of white mohair, fabulous, and I wanted to do something with this, so I pulled it up and I designed a coat. Of course, in those days, you had one person who did suits, one person who did coats (Mr. Ernest), one person who did cocktail dresses etc., I said, “Hello, Mr. Ernest, could you come in, please?” He came in, and I said, “This is a coat”. He said, “You are going to make it out of this fabric?” “Yes”. “Oh, OK”. So then he goes off and then two days later he called ready for a fitting, we had the house model come up and put the coat on. I thought, it is not quite right, it was too – my sketch was probably exaggerated – I said, we need to scale it in a bit. The next day we finished, put it on the girl, the door opened again and Mr. Amies was back. “Well, this is very nice”, he said. I said, “Oh, thank you!” The girl was walking up and down modelling the coat and it was looking very glamorous; it looked like, not mink, but it had that sort of expensive quality, but it was only


is a big city, but in about two months I got the hang of it, quite quickly. Of course, in my foundation year at college there were, I think, ten girls and two guys, I was one of them and the other guy dropped out. I had wonderful lecturers and they kind of pushed me. But it was funny, everybody was designing at the time - you have to remember this was the ‘70s, everybody was designing layers and woolly sweaters, and I was designing silk chiffon, I was designing silk satin, I mean glamorous- so I entered a competition and I won it, and then I entered another competition and I won it, and then quickly I realised all the girls would not speak to me, so I was by myself. That was tough; it makes you grow up quick. I was very lucky I won this thing, but the thing that really changed my life…I entered a big Royal Society of Arts competition, it was a travel bursary, and my lecturer said -because I used to do womenswear- she said, “No, you can’t do that, you do menswear”. I said, “I am not interested in menswear, I want to do womenswear”. She pushed me to do the portfolio for men, and I had to do four different designs for four different men, like a doctor and then an accountant – very serious – and I won it, in those days was a lot of money, it was about 1.000 pounds. Maybe you were born under a lucky star. Where did you spend it? I went to London, on the train, big London. First time there? Yes, and I thought they were just going to give me 1.000 pounds! I got to this place - there were all these people, twelve people - and they said, “What are you going to do with this money?” I thought, ‘Oh my God!’ I said, “Oh, I will go to Paris; I will go to Rome and Venice”. Then they said, “That is fine, but when you go you have to come back, and show us your scrapbook of inspirations”. Probably to prove that i did actually go!!! Oops! Exactly, and I tell you, it just opened my mind; I had never travelled outside of Britain. So, I got a student rail ticket for Europe. Went to Paris and I said, oh my God! ChampsÉlysées, Faubourg Saint-Honoré, saw the shops, and I went to museums, to art galleries, and then on the train overnight I had never traveled by myself- all the way, overnight, down to Rome; Rome is amazing of course. I realised there is a big world out there and it’s wonderful, the art galleries and the passion. Florence was amazing, and Venice was breathtaking. I went back to Cardiff, to Wales, and I thought, oh well, OK, carry on. Then my lecturer came to me saying, “Right, I think we will try and get you an interview with Hardy Amies”. Savile Row? Exactly. Well, you know, he dressed the Her Majesty the Queen.


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Clockwise from top left Franco effirelli an enthusiast of Liz Taylor s dresses made by David Emanuel. The fairytale princess gown Diana wore to marry rince Charles in . riginal sketch of her wedding dress. Wedding dress designers David Elizabeth Emanuel are interviewed by the International ress. Bianca Jagger, David Emanuel s first client, rides into Studio 5 for her birthday party wearing his dress. The Emanuels in their studio, July .

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ouble Trouble. Yes, and I said, no, I cannot, I have got to go back to Wales and finish. “What year are you?” I said, “My first year”. “First year?” “Yes, first year”. “Oh, OK”. So I went back and wrote them a sweet letter, thank you so much for the experience, I had a wonderful time, and could I come back? It was a chance, and they said, “Call us near the time”. So I went back to college in September, opened up October Vogue, full page, David Bailey, a picture of my white coat. It was in there! It was in there! Of course, it said Hardy Amies. I went, oh my God, I am in Vogue! That was amazing! Then I came up to London with all the other fashion students, we went to the Royal College of Art, they have a big degree show in the summer, a big runway show, the best of the best, and I turned around to my lecturer and I said, “I have to go here, I have to be here for me to be seen by other people, how do I get here?” Now, understand, I did not have the correct qualifications to go to Art College, I only had my certificate in Music and Art, but they wanted ten subjects, so I always felt I had to work harder to prove that I could do it. I was lucky to get in, very lucky to get into Art College, so I constantly had to prove myself, and I worked harder because I knew I did not have the qualifications. Does this haunt you as we speak? To prove something? No, I had to prove something to myself. For me, you see, the next client is exciting, and the next project is exciting, you never know what you are going to do. That is the way I look at it, I do not think I have done everything, no, I have not done everything. Everything is a challenge and I love challenges. One recent challenge I had was to create a gown out of toilet paper!! It was for a charity and it looks fabulous…same toilet paper I have at home!! What or who would be a challenge for you right now? She is 90 years old, Her Majesty the Queen; I would love to do something for her, just to say that I have designed something for the Her Majesty the Queen. Are you dropping hints now? I keep on dropping hints, but nobody is listening – just because she is an amazing icon. I remember when I was at Hardy Amies, they were sketching her evening gowns sometimes, and I used to see the sketches, and I was thinking, “I would like to do that one day, possibly”. I did not do a queen, but I did a princess, really. Not a random one, “The”princess. Yes. How did you meet her? Princess Diana? Was very simple; Vogue rang, we used to work a lot for Vogue, when I did my first collection they gave me a five page editorial, which was unprecedented, they were always big fans. So one day the beauty editor rang up, she said, “David, we are doing English roses”. I said, “Well,


“I do not think I have done everything, no, I have not done everything. Everything is a challenge and I love challenges.”


white mohair, beautiful, and he said, “Right, take the coat off”. I go “What?” “What is underneath?” “Well, nothing”, I replied. “You cannot just design the coat, what are you going to put under this?” “A black jersey cocktail dress”, I quickly said. “Well, then, get on with it!” Then he left, and it was like God has left the building again. So, I designed the cocktail dress, and then we had all the designs lined up, and he said: “this one will go in the collection”. So, my coat went into the collection, I was what, 17-18? I went, “My coat, my design! Oh, my God!” But I always knew it was for and on behalf of Hardy Amies. You were feeling godly about that, undoubtedly. Well, fantastic, amazing, I was so excited! You can imagine, I had sketched it and somebody else had done it, and they had come in, put it on the model girl, marvelous, change this, off you go; it was great and you felt powerful. I thought I can do anything now, I was with wonderful craftspeople, the best coat man, the tailor, the best woman, and it got selected into the collection. Then of course, I was behind them – we have like four days of couture shows for all the customers and the press, and Vogue came – and I would have to run behind making sure all the clothes are in order, all the shoes are in order for all the model girls, the running order, so I learned how it all worked. Did you see the future in your crystal ball back then? Yes, it was all the things that I imagined, it was all the things that I wanted, and dreamed of. It was happening! The people were charming, and they cared, and they wanted to make beautiful clothes. So, the collection was shown, Vogue and Harpers & Queen they were all there, and the very next day, the telephone: “David, could you take the white mohair coat round to Vogue House?” Because it was not discussed as my coat, it was “the white mohair coat” so I had to go down to the showroom, take a bag, zip it up, and walk around to Vogue. "Open Sesame"! And I am going to Vogue House; I am going to Vogue House! I was terribly nervous; I walked in – of course, in a Hardy Amies bag - and they said, “Take it up to the fashion floor”. I go up to the fashion floor, everybody is running around. You know that movie Devil Wears Prada? It is all like that with Vogue. Better the devil you know than the devil you don't. No exaggerations. The girl says, “What do you want?” I said, “We had a call to deliver this coat, it is has been called in”. “Thank you, just leave it there and go”. That was it. Then I finished my summer break vacation, because I was going back to college and they said, “Where are you going?” I said, well, “I have to go back to college”. “College?!!!” “Oh, we thought you were a designer!” Who knew?!!! Exactly, I felt I was mean as they had given me the power to be a real designer. They said, “Oh, we thought we were going to give you a job”. I was desperate and I thought I could not because my Welsh background meant I had to finish my degree, have something to ‘fall back on’!!!


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who?” It was all hush – hush. “OK, well, what colour is the girl’s hair?” “This particular one we are thinking for you is blonde”. I said, OK. We happened to have in the studio a little soft silk chiffon blouse with a collar with a little pink satin bow, very sweet, and I said we cannot just send a blouse, so we quickly made a pale pink taffeta skirt to go with it, we sent it in like everybody else – the way it works is the beauty editors call or the fashion editors call various designs, we have this and this, send it in – it was on the rack and Diana apparently said, “Oh, I like this...” Obviously I was not there. She put it on, and Lord Snowdon was doing the pictures, and that was the picture they used for her engagement, it was my blouse. She saw it and she goes, “Whose clothes are these?” And they said, “Emanuel”. She goes, oh! Then she rang up and made an appointment; that is how it happened. She came alone? Yes she did. By herself. She was Lady Diana Spencer, she came from a very good background, she was very well – spoken, lovely, but what we did not know, what I did not know, what the world did not know, is that she was going to be who she was going to be, and she was 18, young. She made an appointment, I said hello, I did not know who she was, and she goes “I have seen your clothes and I think they are lovely”, something like that. Well, she saw them in Vogue, but I was in a lot of magazines at the time, so she saw things hanging up. I said, “What event have you got?” She said, “I have a party”. I said, “When?” “In the summer”. We happened to have a pale ivory cream with little pink bows, very pretty, the bone bodice. I said, well, put this on. I looked and said, oh, this is perfect for a summer party. Diana told me afterwards that it was a birthday party for Prince Andrew. Then she ordered something else, she bought three or four things, then she came one day and she said “I am going somewhere formal”. “Right, OK”, I said, “I have got a bodice upstairs”. I brought it down, a black boned bodice with a little frill, in black taffeta – you know, a young girl with lovely skin, and she looked fresh – so, I said, “I like this on you, so we will have to make a skirt, and make it into a dress. How are you going? She said, “Sorry?” “How will you arrive where you are going?” She said, “oh, by car”. Well, she was young. So, I said, “look, you cannot arrive with just a strapless dress with nothing, so we will do a little cover”. “Oh, OK, thank you”.

Franco effirelli with Elizabeth Taylor during the filming of Taming of the Shrew .


We tissued it up, sent it off. Then that night, I went back home, put on the news, and there was Lady Diana Spencer arriving at the theatre with Prince Charles. And that was my dress! It was with Princess Grace of Monaco, she was at the big occasion and it was the first time Charles was seen arriving in public with Diana. So, the big limousine pulls up – of course, up until then, there were pictures that hinted that she was a kindergarten teacher, so you saw her in little sweater and a little skirt with little bows – so suddenly, she got out of the car and looked like a movie star in this black dress, it was on the news bulletin about Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. As she walked in, the cameras were on the gallery and there were all these staircases, so the cameras are zooming, so all you could see coming up was this décolletage, and then the news announcer said, “Can we see a nipple?” What? What? How could you? It was an Emanuel bodice!!! Nothing slips out!!! Anyway, I was excited of course, it was Diana. The next day the phone goes, “Mr. Emanuel?” “Yes, hello, who is this?” “This is the Press Office from Buckingham Palace, are you responsible for this black dress?” “Yes!” She said, “Oh, thank the Lord!” Everybody has been ringing up; they want to know who the designer is. Then, of course, in all the newspapers Diana is seen in this dress, that was another moment. So then, that was it, we did four gowns. But it was not called Lady Diana in a black dress, it was in “the” black dress, it had huge coverage everywhere, and I think the surprise was she did not look like a kindergarten teacher, she suddenly looked like a movie star, and she looked great. And then? So then nothing, quiet, fine, we carried on. Then, of course, there was the announcement of the engagement, so that came and happened, and all the fashion journalists went nuts who is going to do this dress, was it going to be Hardy Amies, was it going to be Zandra Rhodes? No Emanuel for the bookies? We were rank outsiders. You were not with Hardy Amies anymore? No, I did two seasons with Hardy Amis, I had started business by then, with my ex-wife, Elizabeth, when we left the Royal College of Art we both had offers but decided to set up on our own. I would have gone to work for Valentino in Rome, because I loved his clothes, Elizabeth liked Yves St. Laurent… I had met Elizabeth at Harrow School of Arts, then we both applied, to the Royal College of Art and in

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At the church of Bill Coo Suites Lounge hotel, Megali Ammos beach, Mykonos.


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the summer vacation we got married. We both got accepted, so we were the first married couple to go to the Royal College of Art. I was David Emanuel, she was Elizabeth Weiner, so by the time we got there she was Elizabeth Emanuel. I was just 23. We left college, and we were married. We then decided to work together, obviously we were married, so we joined forces, otherwise I would have gone to Valentino. So, obviously I was in business, and that is when Vogue came to one of my shows and then gave me five pages editorial. But who pressed the buzzer first? Because the side entrance door was upstairs, not on the ground, it was not a shop it was a studio, a work room.



here? In Brook Street. Brook Street is off Bond Street, but right nearly opposite Claridge’s Hotel. Dead central also. Yes, hugely, right by Vogue,

very useful! This was a strategic move. I will tell you what was great about it, the property was cheap. Are you pulling my leg? In that area? Because it was not ground floor, because it was not a shop, it was old, they wanted somebody quiet, they wanted somebody who would pay the rent, and they did not want any noise, so we fitted the bill for that. But, I will tell you what is interesting, Fredrick Fox was the Queen’s milliner, made all her hats, he had the studio, he moved out and I moved in. I met Freddy Fox because when I was at Hardy Amies they said, go over to Freddy and find some colours to go with the clothes, so I met this extraordinary man who is the Queen’s milliner, he was Australian; he was a wonderful man. The stories and the gossip – I used to go there on an errand, and I would come back two hours later- because he would tell me all these fascinating stories. Anyway, he moved out, so I thought it was interesting, I thought I was going into a good address in the same building. But the first client, who pressed the buzzer, was Bianca Jagger. What a buzzer beater! Bianca, oh my God! She set the ball rolling. She buzzed. “Hello?" “Bianca”. And this ravishing woman came upstairs, and obviously I recognised her, Bianca was one of the most photographed women in the world, who is lovely, charming, and sweet. She said, “I hear you do wonderful clothes”. “What do you need?” She had this fabulous purple dyed fox stole, huge, she pulled it out of the bag. She said, “I

want something to go with this”. I said, ok. I sketched it quickly, and I made a purple silk crêpe de chine - like pyjamas - a loose top with pants. She loved them. Then she had lots of dresses; one of the most famous, which got a lot of attention when she went into Studio 54 on her birthday, she had one of my huge gowns and she arrived on a white stallion, and there was huge press. I got terribly flattered because in Womenswear Daily they said she is wearing this amazing Dior ball gown!!! Oh dear! No, no, I was still young in my career, I got so flattered; of course it would have been nice if it was credited as an Emanuel ball gown, but to be even thought of as Dior was kind of exciting. There was a lot of press from that and from her alone. Then came Carolina Herrera, she was a social butterfly, she used to come with Reinaldo for two months at Claridge’s. So she came in because of her friend Bianca – they were friendly– and she said, “I want some clothes, but I want like Bianca”. I said, “No, no, no, we will do different clothes for you”. Then from that... I remember making a tailored blazer for Bianca my handwriting isn’t tailored – but she wanted a tailored blazer. She put it on with pads and whipped in and she looked great, and she said, “No, Yves does not do it like this”. I said, “What?” “Yves does not do the shoulder like this”. I said, “Yves who?” “Yves St. Laurent”. “Oh, OK!” You see, you can learn from somebody like that, because she has had beautiful clothes made. I realised then by slightly exaggerating the shoulder line, it makes the waist look smaller, if you take the shoulder out, and pull in the waist, and then you kick it out. So, you learn, and you push yourself, because you want it to look wonderful, so that was ok. So it was Bianca, Bianca brought in Carolina Herrera, and indirectly Carolina Herrera who knows Princess Margaret very well, but really knew Her Royal Highness Princess Michael of Kent. I do not think she likes the idea of being a princess very much. I think she likes it very much. I think with some of the British press, she comes across as a bit of a rebel, I understand, but she still turns up, she still does her charities, and she is very much Her Royal Highness. This is interesting, because of Princess Michael of Kent I got Arianna Stasinopoulou, Arianna who is now Arianna Huffington, and she was quite a lady, both of them, formidable. Do you keep in touch with Arianna? No, I lost touch with Arianna, but she is so busy being a global woman. But that was the early days, so really, besides what the press said, I had dressed other members of the Royal Family, I had dressed

Princess Michael of Kent, the Duchess of Kent, and I dressed society ladies, Bianca and Carolina, so we were known, I was known in the society pages, particularly with Vogue, they were great supporters. I told you the last dress I did for Diana was the black one – suddenly I had this phone call… And then the press started. I had world attention. So who is your best client? Oh God, they are all good clients! Yes, but someone has to be, you know. No, I cannot say that, they are all… Who is the easiest one? Diana was; no question. Diana was Diana is. I think she’ll always be present. I know; when I go to America, people talk like she is alive. She was such a breath of fresh air, she was lovely, there was no pretension, there was no nonsense; she could not have been more straightforward. Who is the most difficult? There was one, a very well – known petite pop singer. British? Oh, yes, British – a little challenge for you there! And she came and she wanted something for big music awards. I said, ok, fine, and I designed this gold lame, she was tiny, cute – gold lame, very Hollywood - a great figure, and I did the sketch, I did the twirl, did the fabric, and she loved it, and then we finished the gown and the awards are coming like three days later, so she comes and she goes, “Can I come in one more time?” The dress was tissued and was going to be delivered. I said, “Why?” She says, “My girlfriend is coming in from America and she would love to see the gown”. Which means I think she wanted to show off in front of the girlfriend, right? Why couldn’t she have it delivered home and show it at home? Anyway, she came with the girlfriend, lovely girl, we put her into the dress and she says, “Oh, I am not sure about this, I do not think I like it”. What? The dress is finished. I said, “Why?” The girl is saying, “But you look great, you look fabulous!” I said, “Look, darling, when you have done your hair and have the makeup done, the high heels, you will be great”. “No, I am not sure”. I did not show it, but I got really annoyed because I am thinking I have done a lot of work on this gown, and if she is going to wear this gown and bitch about it, this is not going to be good, so I said, take the gown off. I had the assistant look after her, I went upstairs, I got a pair of shears, and I just cut the dress up, the only one I had ever done that, ever! She got me so angry! Did you regret it? No, absolutely not! I did not want her to go to the awards bitching about my frock. How did she react?

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“One recent challenge I had was to create a gown out of toilet paper!! It was for a charity and it looks fabulous… same toilet paper I have at home!!”

How long did it take to design and finalise, fine-tune the wedding dress? I think it was about six months; it was a very short time. There is a book “A Dress for Diana” and I put all the facts, how many meters of cloth, how many sequins etc., I put it into a book. Turned out to be another best – seller for you? It sold quite well, yes, it was ok. It sold, but it could have been more. Rumour still has it about this dress and the copy of this dress. Oh, God, yes, please! In Japan they made a replica of Diana’s wedding gown in stainless steel. But there is the one that you made too. For Madame Tussauds? I guess so. No. The story is quite simple; we were making the wedding gown and then we got a call from Buckingham Palace Press Office – imagine, we are doing this momentous dress, or it became momentous – and they said, “Mr. Emanuel, could you do another gown?” “What? For who?” “For Madame Tussauds”. Now, I was very naive then, I was actually very naive business – wise, I said, “why?” “Well, because it is very good for British tourists and we would really like you to make this dress”. I did not realise that Madame Tussauds is a worldwide operation, they are in Los Angeles, they are in New York, and there are huge museums, in London thousands of people queue around the block every single day to go to Madame Tussauds. So, I thought about it, and I rang the Press Office back the following day and I said, are you absolutely sure? First of all there is no way I can do a replica, I cannot because I am using certain bits and I do not know if I will have enough fabric, because I ordered a bolt of fabric, and that was it. But I was under huge pressure, like I was expected to do this because it was good for British tourism, right? That was a good hook. Well, yes. So I did not have fabric to do a 25 foot train, so I think we made a 10 foot train and obviously the lace – because her lace was unique antique lace – so we found some lace and we did it. But anybody who knew anything about Madame Tussauds waxworks - we had this bloody dummy in our workroom - it is very difficult, you have to make a gown, it is not like making for a body because a body can squeeze and move, you are making it for a sculpture. So Madame Tussauds has come now – they had the Palace’s approval – and they said, “You are going to make this gown for us”. I said, “Yes”. They said, “Well, what neck line?” I said, “I am not telling you”. “How long are the sleeves?” “I am not telling you”. “Is it low, is it high?”… Whatever you see in Madame Tussauds is wax, the rest is plaster, so I said, “From the waist up do it in wax, do all the arms in wax”. They were not too happy. I am not going to tell them because that is how things leak out. So, we had this thing, it was weird, it used to freak me out, so I used to put a cloth over her, because she was like this, waiting to hold the bouquet, all wax, no eyes, nothing, it looked like a tomb, I could not look at it, and no wig, nothing, and you have


I cut the dress, and I rang my assistant downstairs, and I said, it is not happening, it is over. She went hysterical, of course, because in two days she was going to the awards. I said, no, I do not want my label in a dress on that woman ever. Then I had to tell my assistant if ever she were to ring up, I am busy. She became known as the poison dwarf. And that was the only one; I mean I just could not bear it, because my job is to make them look wonderful. Well, I thought that all the stars have a chip on the shoulder… False impression you’ve got there, not true. Well, exemplify, name one, other than Diana. Joan Collins… Joan Collins? Really? Oh, she is fabulous! Joan is a trooper! She is a real star. I know people joke about her, too much make up, and all this, but no, she is outstanding. Hear this one: she used to come in, and on that particular day she says, “I cannot come in, I have such a dreadful cold”, could I go to her big apartment in Eaton Square. I said, ok, and I took my seamstress, we went, and we were shown to the bedroom, and she is in the bed, like this. I go, “Oh my God, are you going to do a fitting?” You know when somebody has real flu, and you touch them and they go “oooh!” and it is real, right? She did not look her best, put it that way. I said, “Darling, gosh, you do not look great, you have to be honest sometimes, are you ok?” She goes, “I just have this awful flu”. I said, “look, let us skip this, we will do it another day”. “No, I need to wear it”. “When?” “Tonight”. So, she got out of bed! It was some big gala in London. So I helped her out of bed, and I put her into this dress, and she is going, “you have to make it an inch tighter”. It was tight. I said, “you do not need this tighter, you know, you are not feeling very well”. “No, an inch tighter”. I said, ok, quickly went back, did the alteration, tighter, she wanted it tighter, she got it tighter, wake up the next morning she is on the cover of every paper looking amazing. She got out of bed, put the makeup on, got the hair done, got into the frock, made every cover of every newspaper. That is a star, right? She would not let the show down, she was going, and she got there. What about Madonna? Oh, Madonna! She was very brief in my life, brief but amazing, she kind of knew what she wanted. She arrived - and all these people – I cannot bear all these people, why have you got all these people, and check – in security? It is private, you cannot get through that front door unless I let you in, you do not need this, you know. We did not have like sniffer dogs with Diana, she was in quickly, upstairs, do the business, into the car, and off. Diana was always under the radar. Completely under the radar. In fact, there was an occasion where we did a fitting at Buckingham Palace, because I did not have space for that huge gown in my tiny showroom, so I said when we do the train, we have to come to you, so we sealed off one floor and then we finished the fitting. In those days she had her little car, didn’t she?


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At his white house in Windsor.

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elaxing by the pool at his house in Windsor.


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T was not a marketing thing for me , says. I decided to do it I m a Celebrity Get me out of Here when, in , I was diagnosed with prostate cancer .

got to fit the dress. From the waist down it was plaster, and, of course, you have to be careful with wax, you can dent it, so if you understand construction, it looked like this... Like the Tower of Pisa? Yes, it was not a real body; you have to make it to fit this thing. Anyway, the agreement was that as Diana was finished, going back to Buckingham Palace, with her honeymoon, then we had my assistants deliver the gown then to Madame Tussauds, so the very next day the crowds could see it. They came out with some bizarre story about ten years ago, that it was a replica; it was not a replica at all, it was the same silk, it was not the same lace, and it was not 25 feet train because we did not have enough fabric, it was 10 feet or whatever it was. It was fine, it was alright for the public, it was the nearest the public could see, but then I never understood that because the real gown was on public display in St. James’s Palace. Its locale, nowadays? I don’t know, Tussauds sold it a few years ago, claiming it was an exact replica. But it was not.

hat about Diana’s real wedding dress? Hah! Now, that is another story. Immediately after Diana passed, her brother took the gown back to Althorp, Diana’s home, a huge beautiful house, and they have stables; her brother converted the whole stable block into an exhibition of Diana, and is only open to the public for two months a year. He did an amazing job, as you walked in, you saw Diana’s little pram and her dolls... Do you not own the dress? Well, when creating the wedding gown all those years ago, we were doing it out of love, right? Then Mrs. Shand Kydd, Diana’s mother said, “Mr. Emanuel, I want to pay for this gown”. Where do you begin to charge? You know, six months of your life trying to create this. So we decided to do a nominal fee, which was something like 1.000 pounds, I made it old – fashioned, 1.000 guineas, which mean 1.000 pounds and 1.000 shillings, as a gesture. So, technically, it was owned by the Spencers, and after she passed he then put it on display at Diana’s home, so people used to come from America, Canada, everywhere around the world, for two months and they used to go around this exhibition. You can see on the island where she was buried, in the back of the house, and then you go in and the main display was the wedding gown in a bulletproof glass case, then of course you went around the corner, and you saw the cortege, the coffin, oh! But that gown opened doors for you? I have said it many times – designing that gown was like a passport around the world for me, because wherever I went people knew, oh, you are David Emanuel. It has been amazing, and wherever I travelled, I was in Chicago in the car going to



“She is 90 years old, Her Majesty the Queen; I would love to do something for her, just to say that I have designed something for the Her Majesty the Queen.” TLC s version of Say es to the Dress T show, with David Emanuel hosting, is aired on Fridays from th August, pm.

a meeting, I said, what is this? Oh, they are queuing, Diana’s dress is here. I said what? Wherever you went in America, there were queues of people. I wasn’t aware. So the dress tours around? Earl Spencer moved the gown around the world. Around the world! Only two guys were allowed to touch it; they had to have gloves, because you are moving a gown, and you should not have sweat on silk. Earl Spencer, Diana’s brother, invited me up before he opened it to the public; he wanted to have my consideration or my blessing really. It was not my gown; it was the Spencer’s gown. Diana’s mother had paid for it back in 1981 so they could do as they pleased with it. But the whole experience was very emotional. It is interesting, because lots of people think that must you have a copyright on the gown? I don’t. Any way this goes over 20 – 30 years ago, right? It does not seem so long though. Probably because she was fabulous, and her memory remains very strong. Her death affected us and shocked us anyway. Hugely. And she was very simple and approachable. How about you? How approachable are you? It all depends on the approach, I am very approachable and I like to greet people, but some people are very… pushy. Never, ever getting annoyed? Put it this way, if on a Saturday morning I am unshaven, I have not washed my hair, and I go to the supermarket, and they go, “Mr. Emanuel?” I go, no, I want to be incognito today, so I go, “No”. They say, “But you look like him”. I say, “No, not me today, tomorrow”. But it all depends on the approach. When sometimes I could be having dinner in a restaurant – somebody comes up, “Can I have an autograph?” I say, “Excuse me, I am having dinner, if you are here when I am finished, I will do it after dinner”. “No, I want it now!” I do not like that… That’s the cost of being celebrity? Oh God! You are talking about the jungle, “I am a Celebrity”, right? I am talking about the TV jungle in general. Was this a marketing thing for you? Not at all. I will tell you exactly; in 2012 I had some blood tests, I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. How did you face it? Well, I was shocked, and then I thought about it and read about it, and went back to my consultant, I said, “Right, I want the first cancellation you have”. He replied, “Mr. Emanuel, we know you are terribly social, it is just before Christmas, why don’t you have some lovely Christmas parties and have a lovely time, and then I will book you in in January”. I said, “No, I want it now. The first cancelation you get – it was very booked up – I will take it”. That sort of changed my life really, because you have to make a major decision, you are worried. I said oh my God! He convinced me and he said, “No, I think the cancer is contained” – I was worried in case it had spread, you do not know anything, you think of all these things – and

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“You know that movie Devil Wears Prada? It is all like that with Vogue.”

Joan Collins, oh, she is fabulous Joan is a trooper She is a real star outstanding

I will tell you, we have a Welsh dish, it is called cawl, which is basically like a broth, it is like a soup, so if I feel tired, or stressed, or run down, I make a huge cawl; I boil a shoulder of Welsh lamb and then I put onion in it and I cook it slowly, skim off all the fat, then you add your vegetables, the turnips, sweet carrots, you name it, and then potatoes finally, and then you sprinkle with leeks, and then you ladle it out and then you sprinkle parsley over it, and you have it with chunky bread. “There ain't a body, be it mouse or man, that ain't made better by a little soup.” I am quoting Kate diCamillo here… I tell you, you know the way Jewish mothers swear by chicken soup – I am not sure here, I do not know what your thing is; when your mama makes it – what do you have here in Greece, when you need something to build up? Chicken soup. By the way, you know, there is one little place down in Mykonos old harbour that makes... A wonderful chicken soup? Great! Yes, it’s the best medicine for a hangover. Mine is not for a hangover, mine is usually to feel better, when your batteries are low and particularly good in the winter. But I cook when I can. Going back to the jungle, I did it because I wanted to prove could I do this, and of course the papers had real fun, they said he is going to be knocked the first round, and then the next day, and then the next day. I came back – my son and daughter have grown up now – my son said, dad, you were quite good – it was very low key – I said ok, and my daughter Eloise said, “dad, you were great!” Are you close with your son and daughter? Oh, very! We divorced but they chose to live with me, so I looked after their schooling and everything, very close. That is awkward; usually they go with the mother. Yes, but I was very pleased and they wanted to live with me, so I was thrilled, it was their choice. It was great. Do either of them have your talent? Both are artistic, my daughter can sketch like a dream, my son is talented. Good excuse for me: what would you sketch for Mykonos, considering it’s a woman? It would have to be a cross between a Grecian goddess, wouldn’t it? It would have to be draped and fabulous. But if I were to do it as a picture, I am a bit rusty with


I had the operation, thank God it was contained, so no after treatment, no chemotherapy or radiotherapy, none of that, which is amazing, I was very – very lucky. My campaign now - there is a big cancer charity called “Macmillan” in England and they have made me an Ambassador – and I give talks sometimes or I would spearhead campaigns. For men it is so weird, bad facts, it used to be considered a much older man’s problem, not anymore. Be careful and get tested, it is a simple blood test, which is all it is. Now we are finding with Macmillan, young guys with two children in their thirties dying, it is undetected. Any age you can get prostate cancer. So I did that, and a year to the day, I was in the Australian jungle doing “I am a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here” and I did it for another challenge. How soon you were out? Huh! It was tough and it is real. But guess what, I was runner up. I was there until the end. Quite a distance from your atelier’s chiffons and laces… Oh yes, of course, totally, you are talking about challenges. They fly you out for a week and they lock you up in a hotel, nobody knows what is going on; I turn up on my first day in a white suit thinking I am going to the Versace Hotel, because in the previous years, you would have a glass of champagne at the Versace hotel with your fellow camp mates, and then you change and you go off. This one I arrived thinking, ok, and you get in the speedboat and whisk me off to some island. It was disgusting, and it started to rain, and I said, where do I put my clothes? No walk in wardrobes for you there. I had to hang it on a branch and that was the adventure. People go for various reasons and I was very aware of that, because TV personalities want more focus, people do it for lots of reasons, people do it for money, but the part of the deal is…I said I wanted some of the money to go to my charity. The other TV bits and bobs? I have done lots of little bits, but not reality. There was a show like you get invited to lunch – so I invite the person to lunch – and it is really another way of doing an interview, so while they are interviewing me, I am cooking, and it was quite a nice thing to do. Just one off. So what’s cooking? I like to cook. When I have the moment I like to cook. I did it because it seemed a fun thing to do. When you have that moment, what do you like to cook?


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watercolours, but I would have it really watery and blue. I see blues, blues, blues, like this here, there is that blue, there is that blue, there is that blue. How did you discover Mykonos? I do not know really, I guess it was my friend Trevor – I was at a photo shoot a hundred years ago, and the model girl was there and he was doing her hairhe was just a session hair dresser. We hit it off and he has been doing my hair ever since. He has been here every year for many years and he has always said, “you must go to Mykonos, have you never been? You have got to go, it is wonderful”. When was that? He has been saying it to me for years. I said, “Why?” He said, “Oh, you would love it!” I said, “But if there is this boom-boom-boom music, I do not want to hear this”. “Nooo!” he said, “there are other parts, it is beautiful, the climate is incredible, but do not go in July and August”. I said, ok. Sound advice that one. He said it is like a meat market; millions of people. I had a dentist appointment or something and I pulled this magazine, waiting to go in, and there is this fabulous picture of Bill & Coo, on Mykonos. “Ah”, this looks great, I thought. That is how I came, but I was clever because I come early, like now, and then I come late. Twice a year? Indeed.

or the last five years? Yes, and stay with Bill & Coo because they look after me, it is very low key, there is no nonsense. As soon as I walked in, I went, oh yes, I like this! You know when you feel kind of at home, low key, low fuss? The staff is wonderful, and it is easy. It is lovely. How would you compare Mykonos to Ibiza or Capri or St. Tropez? Obviously, you have been in such places. I have been to Ibiza and I have been to the south of France, no, this is unique; quite unique. In which way? The people are nice. You are talking about the locals? Yes; very nice. Do you get in touch with the locals a lot when you are here? Sometimes I might be here all day, then I go into town in the evening when it is quieter, or maybe find a nice restaurant, or Panos suggests somewhere and we go there. I love music, because of my


passion for music, which is why I usually end up in the Montparnasse Piano Bar for a cocktail with Nikos and Jody. The people are kind and gentle, not aggressive. I was walking back the other night, and I took the wrong turn, so I said, “excuse me, I am trying to get out, to get a taxi”. Well, come with me, he said, “follow me because I am going there”. You would not get that in London, right? I have just been to Barcelona and Berlin, it is like London; the people keep to themselves. In Venice they are a little warmer. No negatives on this island? I think those little zzzzz things. The mopeds. Yes, they are like little busy bees, zzzzz. But there are kids on there – I worry, I should not worry, but they are not wearing crash helmets- and I am thinking, oh God if anything happens, look out. But I have to remember I am in a very rarefied world; at Bill & Coo you are cocooned, you are looked after and nothing is too much trouble - you say Panos (Sopiadis, the General Manager) or whoever, and they will do it, it is all done - there is no performance, none of that, it is “sure, ok”, and it is done. So you keep it quiet here, you like to be isolated? Yes, it is nice to dip in and dip out. I come for rest; I mean the first two days I am sleeping, because I need to unwind. Don’t you ever want to go wild on this island? Not really, I have kind of done that. Perhaps I am at that stage in my life where I have done that and do not need it. Or it might be fun to go for one night and just see, and then come away, I do not know. There is energy on this island. Don’t you feel it? Oh, God, yes! There is creativity here. The new place, Scorpios, I loved the interior, and I said, oh my God, this is amazing! But there were so many different influences, Marrakech etc., and I could see it is all blended into one, and it is all kind of earthy colours; because my home is called the White House. Trump it ol’ chap, trump it! Because it is painted white and people say, oh David, very presidential. I never thought of that!!! Where is it? My house is just outside London in Windsor. Windsor Castle is there and when I was at a reception at Buckingham Palace, the Duke of Edinburgh – the Queen’s husband – came up and said, “David, my dear boy, where are you living these days?” I said, “In Windsor”. “Oh, good heavens, just down the road from me!” I said, not quite, not really, but further down. My house – this is why I like these here, it is all soft - because my house is all cream, the outside is white, but the inside is cream. People

ask why and I say the color that goes in my home are the people – like you would stand out, because you have got colour – I say it is the people that bring the color. Also because I am making decisions all the time about color and fabrics, so when I come home I want to be peaceful. All the flowers in the garden are white against dark green, so they pop. I just like things simple. This is very me, should I have a summer house, I would quite like it like this; I think what they have done at Bill & Coo is just very simple, it is understated, it is not flashy, it is not gold, it is not bling-bling, and I like that! If you were a time traveller would you do something differently? I do not think like that. I suppose, if anything, commercially… Do you regret anything? No but I would not advise anybody to go into a marriage if you are working together, very difficult. Some people say they do not have arguments or disagreements; well, 24 hours, which was like 12 hours personally and 12 hours working, is not healthy, and you need space, don’t you? I got married when I was young, so perhaps naive, you do not know what it is going to be like further on, and you are growing a business, and you are growing a family, and there are a lot of pressures. But I do not regret it because I have two wonderful children. This is the payoff, the reward, the gift, finally? Yes, absolutely. I would tell future designers – they are lucky now, now designers can be based anywhere, you have got the internet, I did not have the internet and mobile phones – now you can sketch something and you can send it to American Vogue, there are a lot of things you can do. Work – wise, I had buildings and I had a shop in Knightsbridge, and all that was a wonderful experience, but now I would tell any designer, if you could find a good seamstress or a few good seamstresses, you could work, you do not have to have a big flashy showroom, you do not have to have big premises, and you can make it more economical. The key is finding the right workers. My first machinist, Nina Missetzis, was from Greece, my very first seamstress, do you see how this is all tying in? Amazing! She had been working for years; she was quite old when she joined me. She said, “one day you must go to Skiathos”, but do not go in August, it will melt your brains. She worked for me, she worked on the royal wedding gown, and she started with me, first of all, a little old lady. I said, “Nina, we have got to keep quiet about this, it is a total secret”. Oh, yes, do not worry. She was with me for many years until she retired.

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alking about it, your favourite male hero? It has to be Richard Burton, being Welsh, just because when I was growing up I used to hate my speaking voice – I used to love singing, my singing voice was good, but I used to hate my speaking voice because it was higher, I was boy treble and used to sing high and my voice was high – and Richard Burton talks like that, with this voice, Antony Hopkins has it the same, he came across as very masculine, very much in charge, a wonderful actor, a wonderful voice, also the other one Sir Geraint Evans… The baritone? Who was again Welsh; you can imagine, I was growing up in Wales, my heroes would be Welsh. So Richard Burton for acting, and for singing Sir Geraint Evans who is a big opera star, he sang around the world, he lead the path coming out of Wales and singing in the Met, in New York, and singing in Italy, he was a trailblazer in opera, and a kind man. I met him and he said, “Well, what are you doing? What do you want to do?” I said, “well, I want to be a designer". “Well, then, do it”. You know when somebody tells you, when you are young, so what is stopping you? Do you really want to be? Yes, I really want to be. I wanted to be an opera singer, I am an opera singer, if you want to be a designer, be a designer. It is just simple words, isn’t it? When you hear somebody of that caliber tell you, you can do it, you believe it, because it is not like your bank manager telling you or your accountant saying, yes, if you want to be a designer, you can be a designer. It is true. Your favourite virtue? Patience is good. I hate bullying, so kindness and tolerance, I think that would be high on my agenda. What’s the worst vice? Criticism, people are very quick to criticise, and


people get very angry and they see things and they criticise, I say read about it or discuss it. I only try to give constructive criticism. Have you ever got bad reviews from critics, or bitterness? I had one, again I was very young and very naive, one of the gossip people had written something and this word implied – I cannot even say the word now because I hated it so much – they said something like I was some kind of throwaway, and I was so mad because I looked it up and this one word implies a lot, but without saying it. I was mad about it and I rang a lawyer and he said, oh yes, definitely, you could sue. I was too young, I was silly, and you cannot take on the press, really. So I said “I am really upset about this, and people have read this all around the country in this newspaper”. He said, “Well, you should sue them”. Now, I was naive enough to think, ok, let us send them papers and they say yes or no, and this went on and on and on, and finally he said, “you have got to go to court”. I said, “You never explained that to me”. “Of course, you are suing a national newspaper”. Oh my God! Have I gone too far? “You will have to be up there and you will be personally assassinated”. “What? I am the innocent here, they have written it about me, I am not who they say, what this implies”. “No, but you will have to be under scrutiny, and they will ask you anything, like skeletons in your past”. I said, “I have skeletons in my past???” I was ill with worry, ill, thinking oh God, this is coming, and this is coming. It was December, I will never forget it, it was a Friday night, it was raining –Friday nights in London when it is raining are miserable and you cannot get a taxi – I had to face this on a Monday, I looked out of the window and I said, I have got to get a cab, go home, and I do not want this, I do not want any of this, what can I do, it is too late. The phone rang, it is my lawyer, and “the newspaper has decided to settle out of court”. Oh my God, relief! I think I was smart, because then I said I will give it to one of Diana’s charities, I do not want the money, I want an apology in print. But I did not want them to think I was doing it for money, which I was not, I was doing it for my name and my reputation. They settled out of court, I took on a newspaper, jeepers! How would you like to be remembered beyond fame and reputation? I think as somebody kind and caring. I was lucky enough to do something I adored doing. What’s your idea of happiness? What does it means for you? I think you have an inner contentment and I think one searches for that. I think I have got the balance


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she goes, “this is wonderful!” I said, ok, kiss-kiss. “Where are you going?” I said, “I am going back to London”. I was going to stay with friends in New York overnight and then catch the next plane. “No, no, you must come with me”. I said, “What?” She was doing this big AIDS benefit down in the financial district of New York. “No, you must be my guest”. I said, “No, I have to get back, I am working”. When Elizabeth Taylor looks you right in the eyes, and those violet eyes, she goes, “no, you are my guest”. I go, ok, fine, I have to run down to Fifth Avenue to find a tuxedo. This is all black tie, I go to Saks, I find something…


Is there a personality that you admire the most or identify with? I fell slightly in love with Elizabeth Taylor; she was fabulous; I did many gowns for her. One particular thing, the “hello, it is me”, is so weird because Diana used to speak on the phone like that... the phone used to ring: “hello, hi, it is me”. Who is me? “Diana”. And Elizabeth Taylor would say “hello, it is me”. Who, sorry? “It is Elizabeth”. That voice, my God, that voice! She said, “I am stuck”. “Stuck, where are you stuck?” “Oh, I am stuck in Paris, I cannot get in” – she wanted three gowns – so, I said, “ok, I will fly, where are you staying?” I took my seamstress, Irish Rose, got on a plane, flew in quickly at the George V, her assistant came down and took me straight up, we put her into this chocolate Chantilly lace cocktail dress – with Elizabeth, the body changed all the time, because she used to be sometimes slim, not so slim, like lots of women –anyway, it was a short to the knee cocktail dress, and low here, amazing. She looked at herself in the mirror and then she threw open the double doors in this suite and she says, “Franco, what do you think?” He goes, “bellissimo, bella, bella, bellissimo, Elizabeth!” Franco Zeffirelli and I’m dying, I loved him, and I love his work! So, I am not interested in the dress. I have to say, “Mr. Zeffirelli, I am a huge fan, I love your work”. He said, “Yes, but look what you do to Elizabeth, fabulous, fabulous!” I was star struck; this was Franco Zeffirelli, my God! Closed the doors, back in and then she goes – because Elizabeth spoke with a soft little drawl “I have got a problem”. “Problem, what problem?” “I am going to the White House and I have got to dance in this dress”. “What is this problem?” “Well, I do not know if I can dance in this dress”. I said, “darling, come here”, and I grabbed her and spun her around and waltzed her around the suite and said, “Now you can dance in this dress”. That was one incident. She is amazing, amazing. Another time, “hello, it is me”. “Hello, me, where are you?” “I am in New York”. Again, this dress is waiting for her to come to London to fit, so I jump on the plane, go to New York, to the apartment. I was nervous because I was travelling by myself, so I rang her assistant and I said I need a seamstress in case anything needs to be done quick, because she was going to wear this gown the next night, so I have arranged that we will have somebody – Elizabeth Taylor has had clothes made around the world, whether it is from a costumier or somebody, they have got a seamstress there – I met the seamstress, we went up, helped her into the gown, not one pin was needed, not one pin. Even the seamstress said, amazing fit! I said, well, I know her body. Anyway, that was done and



right, but then half of me says, David, you know, you have been fortunate, you have had all this, and perhaps that is my lot, but it is not, you see, because what is the next thing? Because that is what I want, I want the next challenge, or the next client, or the next design project. But I’m thrilled to say I have a new TV show coming up this summer, “Say Yes To The Dress” has been a huge hit for TLC and I am going to be hosting the first UK version. Elaborate please. TLC is creating a British version of hit US wedding series “Say Yes To The Dress” after it became one of the biggest shows on the channel. It reached 15 million viewers in the UK alone last year. The show is all about finding the perfect wedding dress for a bride – to – be. The original series followed a store in New York; it was so successful they’ve gone on to do other shows in Canada and Atlanta…and now the UK. It is very exciting. Suits you perfectly. Thank you. So they come into this store – they usually come with their mother, and their sister, and their aunt, etc. and I introduce myself, ask the bride what she is looking for, what the budget is, what’s the wedding like, and we find something for her. Of course we’ve had situations where the bride puts it on and the family says “that is awful, I do not like it”. Then, of course, I have the bride in tears, and I say, no, this is not the dress, try this dress. Eventually, we find the dress for her and I have to ask the big question, “Are you going to say yes to the dress?” It is wonderful fun, but hard work - there will be 40 episodes. When is it aired? On Fridays from 12th August, 9pm. I finish filming in October. Busy – busy I see. Very – very. So immediately after they offered me the job, I had to get all my dates in, and this date I wanted anchored, for Mykonos, so they’ve worked things around my dates. It is an American production company, they came over to make sure it looks and echoes the US versions of the show, and they love it so far. So, I have filmed eight and I now have got another 30 or so to go. It is fun though, because I get to work with great brides and wonderful consultants at Confetti & Lace (where we film). I get to help pick the perfect dress and then say “my job is done!”. And I walk off. Easy. You have to be the diva. Yes, a little bit. One girl with a beautiful little figure - she could have worn anything, came in with her aunt who claimed the bride had “shoulders like a rugby player”. I said, “What? What are you talking about, she is tiny!” Then we put her in a mermaid

Summer gown in ivory luxury paper tissue, that David Emanuel created out of toilet paper for a charity.

“It took about six months to design and finalise, fine-tune Diana’s wedding dress; it was a very short time.”

dress and the aunt continued, “oh, her hips look really big”. So, I turned to the aunt and said, “What is your story?” Turns out, she had been engaged five times but never the bride. After those comments, I could understand why. After the fourth dress, I took this girl into the changing room and the poor thing burst into tears. I said “we’re not going to show your family anything else until you are happy, this is your dress, your day, and you are going to be wearing it, I do not care what they think, I am not interested, but you are not going to go out of this dressing room unless you’re happy”. She tried a few on that she liked, but I think a bride should adore her dress, not just like. She put one on and you could see in her face, she loved it! She was very brave, she remembered my advice and went out to show her family, and they all thought she looked wonderful! It is funny; some mothers come wanting their daughters looking exactly like they looked on their wedding day. It is fascinating because I have never done that many wedding gowns, so it is interesting for me as a designer. There are all these little stories that go with each show. We’ve had a girl who had a tattoo that she wanted to cover as her father didn’t know she had a full sleeve, her arm was completely covered. Her mother knew, but it was quite the shock for her father who joined them on the shopping trip and got quite the surprise when he saw his little girl in a beautiful gown and realised she had been hiding a tattoo. I like television because it is quick, it is done, and you have fun, you have got to have fun. I try to give positive criticism; I like positive criticism as against just criticism. Yes but the endgame is to be cruel, n’est – ce pas? Yes, cruel to be kind, in a way. These girls come in and they get so blinded by the whole thing, they do not know where they are. When I go back I have got to have that boom-boom! That is why I need to rest here. Do you have a favourite motto to live by? Motto, oh lord! No, I do not have a motto. How would you like to die? Oh God! Here we go again! Do you have a bucket list? No, this is a new thing. What is this, all the things that you would like to do? Yep; just before you kicked the bucket. Before I go? No, I have been fortunate; I have done a lot of travelling, so I am not desperate. So how would you like life of David to end? Peacefully, in bed. Quietly.

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'o' clOck

la cagE auX folLes .THE SEQUEL BY Ira


Welcome to Sunset Cabaret, a drag show filled with passion, energy and Dionysian pleasures every night at the Elysium Hotel. In comparison, La Cage aux Folles seems like a drama sketch.

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he island of Mykonos accepts everything, filters everything. And nothing more so than the gay culture that undoubtedly runs through its veins, and which perhaps gave the tourist industry that extra boost. If Pierro was mostly responsible for making the island a destination for the LGBT community, then there were others who successfully continued his example. And so, in 1989, Vasilis Houliaras opened the first gay hotel, the Elysium. A philosophic, relaxed and luxurious hotel that does not rest on its laurels. After 27 years packed with suspense and great success, the Elysium reinvents itself and further develops its identity. In a Mykonos where anything goes, innovation is not an easy feat. More so if your target audience is already familiar with avant garde aesthetics and perhaps even with sophistication, regardless of the fact that ideas considered outrageous today may become mainstream in the future. But Vasilis Houliaras and his partners are not afraid of challenges, or uncharted waters. And Sunset Cabaret is evidence of this, a sui generis show that takes place by the swimming pool, and specifically at the Elysium Sunset Bar. A Dionysian ritual one would say, with an emphasis on expression, boundless creativity, humour and transformation. And so, everything changes when the sun begins to set – while most people are wandering around Little Venice, at the Elysium some other “romantic” souls take to the stage to perform a show that is never the same. With an exhausting schedule that goes beyond the expectations of a hotel performance, this show could easily staged in a theatre anywhere in the world. Lights out, cocktails abound and the audience is anxious for the show to begin. It is important to note that the audience is composed of a mixed crowd and that Sunset Cabaret is not only for gay people; in fact, it has managed to attract a large variety of people who are enchanted by the energy and dynamism of drag shows. And this is because these are extravaganza performances, where the unexpected is the rule. Well-known and professional drag queens parade across the stage in expensive costumes, adorned with wings and feathers, like a Mykonos version of “La Cage aux Folles”. Divas include the inimitable Vanessa Von Cartier, Gloria Darling, Skyla Versai and Joanne Julian, whose amazing movement and choreography is a sight for sore eyes, while the sensual and sexy movements of Go Go Boys Karoly Vamos, Patrick Cerveny, Nikos Nimo and Din Pappas are guided by tracks selected by DJ Mays. The atmosphere is taken to new heights by the Belgian Epiphany Get Paid, one of the most famous drag queens in Europe. With her erotic and provocative teasing and saucy jokes, the performer “plays” with the audience, inducting the uninitiated who soon get into the swing of things. And the show begins… where it ends only the night will tell and the audience at Sunset Cabaret will know. Oh, and one more thing… entry is free. For opening hours and schedule of performances contact Elysium hotel, +30 22890 23952


Well-known drag queens parade across the stage adorned with wings and feathers, like a Mykonos version of “La Cage aux Folles”



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The Go-Go Boys are guided by popular tracks selected by DJ's like mr. Mays. Famous drag queens play with the audience taking the atmosphere to new heights. Each artist brings to the island approximately 35 pieces of luggage, filled with impressive, custom made costumes. Amazing movements and choreography is a sight for the eyes. Note that the show begins right after sunset.

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Iliana Bassiana Well, I am a hardworking person and I started this job when I was really young, first as a hobby and later professionally, so I guess it doesn’t make a difference to me, as long as I'm doing something that I love. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? I always addressed a more elegant audience, that travels and appreciates the authenticity of the island. My clients know that coming to my boutique they're going to find little unique treasures, handmade by many artisans and Greek designers. Apart from my own resortwear collections, I love doing collaborations with designers, working with them and experimenting, whenever I feel like doing a little project. This way I have exclusive limited collections in my shop and that’s why I have loyal clients over the years, How could the island be better promoted? I strongly believe that Mykonos has some of the best service and food in the world, as Greeks we are known for our hospitality and healthy Mediterranean food on our island. I guess we just have to keep it simple and original – let’s not forget that Mykonos -yes!- is an international destination, only because it managed to keep its originality through all these years, so let’s embrace it. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? When I hear nice things from people about what a good time they're having on my island and when customers are happy with what they found in my store! Five words that describe you. One! I am a Mykonian. Which of your elements would you change? I wouldn’t, every person is unique, we just have to embrace our talents.


The best advice you’ve been given? Be patient. Does Mykonos revolve around itself or orbits around a star? What’s your opinion? Mykonos always attracted a special crowd, I don't know if it's her star, Apollo's light or the winds of Aiolos, in any case, it's an energy that courses through all that visit her. Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador of Mykonos? Born and raised 100% on Mykonos, with half the year during the summer on the island and the other half in London and travelling, I try to show each person that I encounter, the magic of Mykonos through my eyes, how authentic she is, from a cosmopolitan as well as a local perspective. And so they fall in love with her and always come back. What excites you on the island? Sunrise, because I realize how many things I can do on Mykonos when I have a full day, and most of all, spending quality time with family and friends, but the exciting thing about the island, is that you can do everything! Everyone that visits it can experience it and love it! What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? I wish I could fit all the clothes of my store in a 20 kilo suitcase, but I can’t. So I make sure I am not away for a long time. Anyway I would take with me a present… A neckless made of seashells, made by my dad for my mom when they were 17! I guess so I can be reminded of what true love is!

Kostas Pantazopoulos Which of your elements would you change? I wouldn't change anything, as the years go by, we try to become better people. The best advice you’ve been given?

«Don't look at what other people are doing» Does Mykonos revolve around itself or orbits around a star? What’s your opinion? Mykonos has its own star. What excites you on the island? Every year, new shops are opening, the gastronomic journeys that Mykonos offers are unique. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? My dogs!

Harris Panousopoulos, Christiana Tzakou and Alexios Tzakos Respect people and be honest with them. Your goal should be the best version of yourself. Be responsible for yourself and all your personal and professional choices and actions. Your favourite saying? There are two. Don't waste your time with explanations: people only hear what they want to hear (Paulo Coelho). The problem with the world is that the intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence (Charles Bukowski). CHRISTIANA TZAKOU What motivated you to get into real estate? The real estate market in Mykonos demands a lot of specialisation from the realtor, who must also be an engineer, so that he can solve any issues that come up during the sale, which because the majority of the clientele are foreigners, cannot understand the peculiarities of Greece. Has the clientele which you address stayed the same? Yes, the majority are Europeans and quite a few from the Middle East. Five words that describe you. Planning, effectiveness, targeting, honesty and imagination. Your favourite saying? Don't confuse my character with

my behaviour. The character is me, the behaviour depends on you. ALEXIOS TZAKOS How could the island's real estate be better promoted? By further promotion of the island's architectural idiosyncrasy and heritage. The best advice you’ve been given? You only live once. Does Mykonos revolve around itself or orbits around a star? What’s your opinion? It orbits around a star. Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador of Mykonos? All of us on the island who provide services feel its ambassadors, trying always to make the best impression to our visitor and client, promoting the island's positive side. What excites you on the island? Natural beauty, the sea and the daily contact with nature. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? Images. Your favourite saying? Those who never take risks can only see other people's failures (Paulo Coelho).

Ada Kamara In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? Mykonos exudes an incredible beauty, which in my opinion is due to the cosmic energy of nearby Delos. It is a magical island that, despite its extensive development, manages to make people fall in love with it. Everything originates from the energy of Delos, and from the free spirited locals. Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? I fell in love with Mykonos when I first set foot here at 18 years of age, but I do not feel like an ambassador for any specific place in the world.

What excites you about Mykonos? The visitors’ enthusiasm that I share, but also the gentle annual winds that I enjoy here more than on any other island of the Aegean. What would you take with you if you were to leave for some time? My mantra. Your favourite saying? I try to put it into practice: BE HERE NOW!

Zerar Karavanis In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? Mykonos rotates around a star. What excites you about the island? Its unique aura. If you were to leave for some time, what would you take with you? Definitely my family. Your favourite saying? Be so good they can’t ignore you.

Despina Gavala What element of yours would you change? Probably the perfectionism, which is most of the time tiring for me and I imagine for the people that are near me (laughter). The best advice you've been given? From my mother, to be humble and simple. What makes a successful person? A successful person is someone who has succeeded in their efforts, but it can also be someone who has tried even without succeeding. In my opinion, it is definitely not someone who has not made any effort, no matter how successful they may appear.

What would you change, if you could, on Mykonos? I would make every effort to safeguard the island’s attractive image, by concentrating on parts that are ugly. For example, I cannot comprehend why – on such an island – there are areas full of rubbish. What excites you on the island? The blue of the sea, the white of the houses and the incredible energy that the island contains. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? Books and good music are more than enough. Your favourite saying? I stop when I've finished and not when I'm tired.

George Pizanis Have your professional priorities or needs changed since then? I have always abided by two priorities: authenticity and high quality services. Of course, times are tougher now, but I always keep the words of Winston Churchill in mind: «Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.» And “vision”, I would add. As long as you have courage and vision you can continue, even in adverse conditions. How could the island be promoted better? I cannot tell you. It is a secret! Five words to describe you. Creativity. Imagination. Perfectionism. Visionary. And hard work! What would you change about yourself? I am trying to become less of a “centralist” and more lenient with my self-criticism. The best advice someone has ever given you?



ounded in 2013 by trendy Peter Matta, Beit Matta – which translates to House of Matta – hones customised creations inspired by rich Egyptian heritage, flavoured with a global contemporary twist. All pieces are handcrafted to perfection, bearing the owner’s personal preferences – no two pieces are alike. This summer, the design house showcases select pieces at DECORD, renowned for its high-end signature pieces. This is Beit Matta’s second showing in Greece, building on its success when it made its first pop-up appearance on a Caique boat in 2014. The creations are head-turners, the design house’s meticulous attention to detail renders every piece a veritable work of art. The collection features diverse creations blending uncompromising beauty with practical functionality. Keep an eye out for the limited edition, gold-plated ice bucket with pearl ornaments that simply oozes luxury. beitmatta,


at DECORD (Mykonos - Skalado 84600) TEL : +30 22890 28416

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“Do not concern yourself with your neighbour’s goat”. In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? Mykonos is a self-illuminated star that generously brightens everyone who respects and loves her. Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? When you love, you are an ambassador. When you create, you promote. Many of my projects have been recognized abroad, and I am proud of my contribution. What excites you about Mykonos? Mykonos has the loveliest beaches in the world; it is an island with amazing and lively hotspots but also calm havens; an island with incredible flavours and variety in its offerings. A project that excites you this


year? My new business venture as participant in the brand new Principauté de Mykonos on Panormos. A project that started out as branding and strategy marketing transformed itself into a new life project. Your favourite saying? «We must free ourselves of the hope that the sea will ever rest. We must learn to sail in high winds» (Aristotle Onassis).

Dimitris Daktylidis Fortunately, every year gastronomy doesn’t need promotion here, due to intense competition. The restaurants put the bar very high, there are a lot of hotel restaurants and the public has innumerable choices. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? For me, because I respect what I do, that my clients are happy.

Five words that describe you. Good guy, industrious, patient, perfectionist, creative. Which of your elements would you change? I wouldn’t change anything, I’m immersed in my work. The best advice you’ve ever been given? When I was still a cook, a lady that had a restaurant for a long time told me: “The till my boy, is the Holy Altar”. I’ve kept that advice as a talisman. Does Mykonos revolve around itself or revolve around a star? What’s your opinion? There’s nothing random in life. The foundations for Mykonos were laid stone by stone by our grandfathers in the 60s and 70s, with their hospitality and their vision. They raised the star over Mykonos, we just lit it. Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador of Mykonos?

I feel like an ambassador in my work and my craft. I’ve reached the point where I’m co-owner with the twins in O'bati, with my wife in Lucky Fish and in Fishalida in Agrari with my wife Katerina and her sister, Irini. What excites you on the island? You should experience what excites me to understand it. With a phone call, whatever the season, 3-4 friends get together in the afternoon and we take off with a bottle of ouzo, some oil and vinegar and a loaf of bread on a boat to Delos. There, two sea urchins, some octopus on a brushwood fire and two barnacles, sitting on a rock, is all it takes. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? What I take with me are my “batteries”. A change of scenery, refreshes me and fills me with energy.

Elia & Alkistis Karakosta Perhaps not ambassadors, but we definitely feel like hosts for Mykonos. What excites you about Mykonos? Mykonos has this “talent” to make every person feel free. It is precisely this characteristic that we want to promote at En Lefko Prive Suites. Anyone can create (or ignore) their own rules here. Your favourite saying? Dream, Create, Travel.

Paris Valtadoros At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? At the end of the working day, what makes me happy the most is the satisfaction of my customers, who recognize and accept my work. This gives me the strength to move forward. Five words to describe you. The five words that would describe me are that I am insightful, creative, persistent, impulsive and different. What would you change about yourself? I would like to change my obsession with centralisation and controlling every single detail. Even though it contributes to the results, it is often an obstacle to future creativity. The best advice someone has ever given you? Not to change the style and lines that characterise my works. In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? I believe Mykonos is rotating around a star, as it is very bright and draws its energy and light from it. Do you feel like an

ambassador for Mykonos at all? I do not feel like an ambassador for Mykonos, but that I too am part of this special atmosphere. What excites you about the island? The glorious Greek sun, the sea and the incredible liveliness of its people, as the island is very cosmopolitan. If you were leaving for a while, what would you take with you? If I were leaving for a while I would take a notebook in which I would draw and sketch. Your favourite saying? “Imagination is more important that knowledge” by Albert Einstein.

Thanasis Kariotis Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador of Mykonos? No way. A modern bakery for our times and nothing more! What excites you on the island? That you can find anything in a very short distance. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? My family naturally. Your favourite saying? Don’t take anything for granted.

Christos Athanasiadis The audience changes depending on the location and theme of each restaurant, and that definitely varies. Currently, we are orientated towards more mature consumers from abroad. How could the art and gastronomy of the island be better promoted? Through organising cultural and gastronomy festivals abroad. These festivals allow citizens of other countries direct access to



n the new, renovated Kampanas shop, in the heart of Chora, the best sandals in Mykonos are created and are all handmade. With an inexhaustible variety of designs and colours, adorned with beautiful stones and decorative details that create distinction, the stylish sandals, from the most classical to the most modern, decorate the shop’s window with the Ancient Greek spirit, next to the original leather bags as well as selected clothing. With a tradition in the shaping of leather since 1958, Kampanas has got the experience and the know-how in the creation of extraordinary leather goods, that stand the test of time, while all his products are made of the highest quality leather.

Info: 3 Mitropoleos Str., Μykonos, +30 22890 22638,

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the island, and its culture. Many of us are involved in small-range promotional activities, and the mayor of Mykonos is always willing to help those who try to promote the island. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? The smiles of happiness we have had some part in creating through our efforts and creations. Five words to describe you. Intermediary, fair, grounded, passionate, fearless in my work. What would you change about yourself? The fact that I am fearless in my work. Making mistakes is dangerous. The best advice someone has ever given you? “Stupidity is far more dangerous that evil.” An insightful idea that requires a lot of thought. In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it

rotate around a star? Mykonos is a star; there are no coincidences in life! This place and its people are very special, which is why they are far ahead of the rest of Greece. Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? In one way or another we are all ambassadors of our land, when what we have achieved is good for everyone and supports Greece. I feel more like a local than many others and through the various initiatives abroad we undertake every year, I try very hard to promote the beauties and goods of our land. What excites you about Mykonos? I love the image of the houses on Mykonos, which look like white sugar cubes strewn across the blue carpet of the sea. What would you take with you if you were to leave for some time?

WELCOME ON BOARD Day trip from morning till sunset, from Ornos bay or new port of Mykonos, to South beaches or ancient Delos and Rinia islands. Tailor made cruises on request.

CRUISE PACKAGE INCLUDES Refreshments, beer and Champagne. Light lunch and fresh fruits. Snorkeling gear and Internet access. Medical support on board certified by National Association of Emergency Medical Technicians.

Houlakia, or pebbles, that always remind me of Mykonos. Your favourite saying? Live your life as you want, and let the dead move on.

Yannis Revithis It’s my belief that all the things you mention should be particularly promoted, as well as highlighting the hospitality, which was the beginning of the Mykonos peoples inspiration to develop this island and all of us professionals on this beautiful island, offer it to this day. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? Obviously for every professional, the increase of his income, but especially the feeling that he has served his clients in the best way possible. Five words that describe you. Professionalism… Which of your elements would

you change? Devoting more of my working time to me and my family. Does Mykonos revolve around itself or revolve around a star? What’s your opinion? That’s a question that needs a lot of ink to answer. What excites you on the island? Unfortunately, the people who work on the island have a hard time enjoying it. A lot of people believe that anyone who works on the island is also on vacation and they’re totally wrong. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? For better or for worse after 18 years of professional dedication, you can’t separate yourself from friendships, the sea, the blue and white colours, however far your go or how long you’re away. Your favourite saying? That would need a lot of ink to analyse too!

EXTRA SERVICES SUBWING EXPERIENCE Fly underwater, do thrilling spins or just relax on the surface!

KITEBOARDING Private lessons from Instructor certified by International Kiteboarding Organisation.

ONBOARD SERVICES Barbeque and extra catering on request.

SCUBA – SNORKELING SPEARFISHING Scuba Diving lessons from professional Dive Master.,, Tel : +306945232395.

Aude Mazelin Limitations in materials, colours and form allow architects to express their purest and cleanest visions. What motivated you to become an architect, and to live in Mykonos? When I was seven, I would say that when I grew up, I wanted to be Greek. When I was ten, I built doll houses for my sister’s Barbie dolls. At 18 years of age I went to Architecture School and I also learned Greek at university. Et voila… now I build white little houses with blue windows, and I am a Mykonian (well, almost!). How could the architecture of the island be better promoted? Firstly, I would note that over the last few years, people have been rather confused by the austere, modern lines that cannot merge with the island’s aesthetic and essentially infringe upon it. It is not necessary – and it would be wrong – to mimic the island’s traditional architecture. But it is essential that we understand it, we feel it and we respect it. The more modern lines will follow naturally, highlighting and elevating the traditional architecture. Thus, I would say that in order to promote the architecture of the island better it is first necessary to study its architecture in depth. Every “fashion” has its time. What never dies is the essence: Mykonos. And this is why I have been involved in the “Mykoniantiko Horio” (Mykonian Village) project for several years now, which collects prints and images of hundreds of old “villages” on Mykonos and the stories of old builders, to preserve the secrets of their construction

and architecture before it is too late. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? That there are still many locals and foreigners who love and truly respect the architecture of Mykonos. I see this in many of my clients, thankfully! The best advice someone has ever given you? My father told me that “we only have one life, always remember that!’. Your favourite saying? And now… what next?

Kostis Andronikos In addition, since technologies are unified through networks, collaboration with other professionals who speak the “same language” and share the same concerns is also necessary. This is how UNIPRO came into being. It is a unified venture of experienced professionals offering the most comprehensive and excellent results based on the above criteria. Has your target audience remained the same? Beyond hotels and the restaurant industry, because of foreign investments in luxury summer homes in Mykonos and the development of networks, recently we have seen an increased demand for our services regarding “smart houses”, in which the owner can control all the functions of the house (lighting, sound, heating, security, etc) from a mobile phone. At the end of the working day, what is it that makes you happy? I am one of the lucky ones who can see the results of their work materialize and come into being. But even

16 N A T I O N W I D E L O C A T I O N

Laptop : PC : iPhone : iPad : BlackBerry Skalado (near the airport), Mykonos, 22890 24236 •




ith 26 years of experience in the optical goods space and always willing to be of service and to advise, Maria Kontou has created two attractive optical goods stores in Mykonos, dedicated to the art of fine summer living , where the quality of top brands meets high aesthetics. In the renovated shop in the heart of Chora, as well as the new design space in the Dexamenes area, optical goods have the place of honour, with a large range of designs and colours in glasses and goods signed by the biggest brands. The stores will also supply your travel kit with contact lenses and cleaning solutions. You can even have your favourite pair of glasses repaired, so you'll miss nothing during your stay.

Aghiou Efthimiou St., Chora, +30 22890 29020, 2nd store: Mykonos Dexamenes, +30 22890 79184


our clients, even though they know what they want, cannot always understand the relevant work, what parameters to consider and the benefits of a new technology before they have had the chance to see it in action. Therefore, what makes me the happiest at the end of the day is their recognition of the final result. Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? Since Mykonos remains a top global tourist destination regarding the quality of services offered, and we as a company directly contribute to this, then yes, I could say we are like “ambassadors” of Mykonos. And I think that is how everyone who works on the island should feel, so that we stay at the top. If you were to leave for some time, what would you take with you? In addition to my wife, I would definitely have to take my laptop with me!

Katerina Zarafeta The best advice you’ve been given? Approach polite people. This simple advice has enabled us to have the most wonderful and talented friends that deserve our love. What excites you on the island? What most people don’t know about Mykonos, is that it’s an island with “split personality”. It might be intense, bright and cosmopolitan, but on the other hand it’s very picturesque, with cobbled alleys, whitewashed houses, chapels and windmills, that exude peace and calmness. The uniqueness of the island is what excites us. Your favourite saying? It’s never too late to become what you could have become.

Kitty Laios I believe there are, but there’s still room for some good utilisation. Why did you choose Mykonos professionally? For my love of the island and the steadily rising value of real estate in Mykonos. Mykonos will vitalise the real estate market for years to come, attracting buyers’ interest from all over the world. How could the island’s real estate be promoted better? The great demand for the island, by itself promotes real estate. What makes you happy at the end of each professional day? That the day ends with a customer having found what he wanted and is satisfied. Whether it’s a sale or a rent, in all cases my clients are pleased and satisfied. My relationship with them is one of total trust, to such a degree, that my opinion has more weight that their own! Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador for Mykonos? Yes, after all these years on the island.

Stavros Iliadis I feel fine, because all of my clients are very happy and pleased with my services. I try my best to keep a good balance between the owners and the buyers, so they are both satisfied in every deal. Every year, most of my clients are recommended by other clients of mine. The after sales service is the most important. I have the best relations with all of my clients. Five words that describe you. You’d better ask my friends and my clients to describe me. Which of your elements would you change? Every day life teaches us lessons. So, every day I try to be better. Does Mykonos revolve

around itself or revolve around a star? What’s your opinion? Mykonos is a star and everybody wants a bit of her brightness. Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador of Mykonos? I make every effort for the good of my island. If we all help, it will surely be better and this is good for all of us and for our visitors. What would you take with you if you had to leave for some time? My family and my credit cards, of course. What excites you on the island? I love Mykonos because of her global aura and for her continuing improvement. You can find almost everything in Mykonos. Your favourite saying? Always better and better. Positive thinking only.

RESTAURANTS CONTINUE FROM PAGE 181 Avgeria Stapaki What would you change about yourself? My excessive ego. The best advice someone has ever given you? Shut your mouth and keep your ears and eyes open. In your opinion, does Mykonos rotate around itself, or does it rotate around a star? The latter I think, which is why it is so bright and explosive. Do you feel like an ambassador for Mykonos at all? Of course, and I am very aware of my responsibility, towards Mykonos and towards the businessmen who trust me. What excites you about Mykonos? Its wild side, the places

I discover away from the limelight, the lighthouse, Armenistis. Your favourite saying? Life is far too short to be miserable. If you were to leave for some time, what would you take with you? My partner.

Giorgos Koumpouris Every day is a big gamble that you’ll manage to satisfy all your customers. Five words that describe you. Funny, Emotional, Intense, Persistent, Impatient Which of your elements would you change? The element of impatience. When I want something, I want it yesterday. The best advice you’ve received? Are you going to start living or are you going to just exist? Does Mykonos revolve around itself or revolve around a star? What’s your opinion? It revolves around itself and around the sun (hahaha). In other words, “It’s the centre of the world”. Do you feel that you’re a kind of ambassador for Mykonos? Ambassadors for Mykonos are its people and the myth that they’ve built around it. I just try to contribute by highlighting the Mykonos products and its recipes. What excites you on the island? The depth of its cultural roots and that it still manages to keep them alive. The cultural diversity, the constant rotation of the public, the distinctive way of having fun and how fun is perceived depending on the culture of the people, how tolerant the Mykonos society is to diversity and how important and how unimportant you are in the same instant.



uperior Air operates the largest general aviation fleet in Greece, with seven aircraft types from four bases in Greece, in order to provide the most suitable solution at the best price. With a highly trained and experienced team of pilots, passenger safety is their top priority. Why should you choose Superior Air? They’re a certified operator and fly according to the latest strict European Regulations. They operate their own maintenance facility according to European EASA 145 standards, as well as their own CAMO (Continuous Airworthiness Management Organization). They continuously train and evaluate their pilots to the strictest European standards. You’ll fly in a very well maintained aircraft, in excellent condition. They have a passion for Aviation and they know every hidden corner of this country.

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Fashion Guide ADDRESSES

ACTIPIS Ag. Anna & Ag. Spyridonos Str., +30 22890 25747 ADA KAMARA M. Andronikou Str. (alley), +30 22890 23047 AL GIGA 6 Sotiros Str., +30 22893 06730 AMNESIA Matogianni Str., +30 22890 79171 BEAUTYWORLD Drafaki, +30 22890 25202, 25145 & 3 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 22158 BOLLICIONE 3 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22890 28298 CALZEDONIA 3 Aghiou Efthymiou Str, +30 22890 26897 COSTA LEKKA 52 Kouzi Georgouli Str., +30 22890 77270 DEW MYKONOS Malamatenias & Enoplon Dynameon Str., +30 22890 28668 ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS 19 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 29145 ENNY MONACO Tria Pigadia, +30 22890 77100 GOFAS 43 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 24521 HARRY JWLS 11 Aghiou Gerasimou Str., +30 22890 27837 ILIANA BASSIANA 33 Kalogera Str. ILIAS LALAOUNIS 14 N. Polykandrioti Str., +30 22890 22444 INASAMI 9 Panachrantou Str., +30 6939740949 KAMPANAS 3 Mitropoleos St., +30 22890 22638 KESSARIS – ORA, 58 M. Andronikou Str., KESSARIS MYKONOS +30 22890 22880 KOORELOO

Wyou boutique (Panormos) & Mykonos Blu Grecotel Exclusive Resort (Psarou),

LINEA PIU 24 Kalogera St., Chora, +30 22890 24961 LOUIS VUITTON BOUTIQUE En. Dinameon Str., Tria Pigadia, +30 22890 78850 MELIVIA 26 Kalogera St., +30 22890 27827 MINAS Ag. Kyriakis Sq., Chora, +30 22890 27320 OPTICS MARIA KONTOU 3 Aghiou Efthimiou Str., +30 22890 29020 & Mykonos Dexamenes, +30 22890 79184 OSKLEN 11-17 Zanni Pitaraki Str., +30 22890 29109 OYSHO 3 Kampani Str., +30 22890 24650 PREMIUM BAG STORIES 12 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 77213 BOUTIQUE REEF Santa Marina, A Luxury Collection Resort, Ornos Bay, +30 22890 23220 SCORPIOS BOUTIQUE Paraga Beach, +22890 29250 SIMPLE CARACTERS 6 Enoplon Dinameon Str., +30 22890 77106 SOHO-SOHO (MEN) 46 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 26760 SOHO-SOHO (WOMEN) 54 Matogianni Str., +30 22890 27670 SOTRIS rakkan MykonosKalo Livadi Beach, +30 22890 71260 SUGAR FREE 15 V. Ipeirou Str., Lakka, +30 22890 29085 VALTADOROS 37 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22893 00857 ZERTEO Cavo Tagoo Hotel (Tagoo), +30 22890 77351


HEALTH CARE GENERAL PRACTITIONERS ZISSIS ΑSIMOMITIS New Argirainas Regional Rd., +30 22890 22633, +30 6944 342770 THRASSIVOULOS ΚONTOMITROS ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 24211, +30 22890 26100, +30 6944 338292 GYNECOLOGISTS ΜONIR ΝIMER In front of the Health Care Centre, Αrgiraina, +30 22890 28677, +30 6977 687618

YIANNIS ΚONTOS ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 24195, +30 6977 403464 GEORGE XIDAKIS 51 M. Axioti Str., Fabrika, +30 22890 23980, +30 6945 434565 LAMPRINI POLTSI Dental Surgeon - University of Athens, Vrisi Gymnasium, Drafaki, +30 22890 28421, +30 6944 899214 DIMITRA SFIRI 6 Venieri Str., Μatogiannia, +30 22890 27158, +30 6946 037706

DERMATOLOGISTS CHRISTOS ΚOSMIDES Dermatologist- Venereologist, ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 22140, +30 6974 845906

ΟPTOMETRISTS BETHLEEM PAPPA ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 28170, +30 6974 874877

CARDIOLOGISTS EMMANUEL SIKINIOTIS ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 28435, +30 6945 589990

ΟRTHOPAEDICS LOUKAS KONSTANTINOU Orthopaedic Surgeon Traumatologist Mykonos Trauma Care, Argiraina, +30 22890 78549, +30 6975980313

ΜΙCROBIOLOGISTS MARIA STAMATELATOU Argiraina, +30 22890 27280 DENTISTS PANAGIOTIS GRYPARIS 33 Ag.Efthimiou St., +30 22890 22059, +30 6972023944 PANAGIOTA ILIOPOULOU Glastros, +30 22890 24411, +30 6976 774729 ILIAS THEOCHAROPOULOS Dental Surgeon University of Athens, Vrisi Gymnasium, Drafaki, +30 22890 28421, +30 6944 899214 GEORGE ΚATSIRMAS Μ. Αxioti, Kato Miloi, +30 22890 25183, +30 6945 905267

GEORGE ΤSEKOURAS ΜikoniatikiYgeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 27407, 27464, +30 6977 654737 OTOLARYNGOLOGIST GEORGE PERISTERAKIS Otolaryngology Surgeon, Μikoniatiki Ygeia, Dexamenes, +30 22890 27407, +30 6977 743789 PEDIATRICIANS ΑTHANASSIOS ΚΟUSATHANAS 38 M. Axioti Str., Chora, +30 22890 23946, +30 6944 501880 PATHOLOGISTS MARKOS ΙΑΚOVOU, Specialist Pathologist, Vrisi Gymnasium Mykonos, +30 22890 23884, +30 22890 24399, +30 6944 537971

PHYSIOTHERAPISTS ΜARINA ΑGGELETAKI Iordanis Area, Mykonos, +30 22890 25254



BLUE COLLECTION Ornos, +30 22890 77107,

ΜARIA CHATZIIOANNOU Physiotherapy Centre, Lakka, Chora, +30 22890 23051 VETERINARIANS ΝIKOS ΤRIANTAFYLLOU Αrgiraina, +30 22890 22725, +30 6944 372535 MEDICAL HEALTH CLINIC SEA (SOUTH EAST) MEDICAL CLINIC, Aggelika, New ring road Ornos, +30 22890 27350, PHARMACIES ΑLKISTIS G. ROUSSI Ano Mera Sq., +30 22890 71112 ΙOANNIS P. THEOCHARIS 31 Mitr.Andronikos St., Chora, +30 22890 23770 ΕFTICHIA GAZELOPOULOU Οrnos, +30 22890 25163 ΚIMON D. ΚΟUKOUZELIS Vougli, Regional Rd., Chora, +30 22890 23250 ΑNNA Κ. ΚΟUKOUZELI Argiraina, +30 22890 23800 ΚALLIOPI Μ. DAKTYLIDI 57 AgiosArtemios Str., Chora, +30 22890 24188 ΝΙΚΟS G. ΚΟUSATHANAS 10 Mitropoleos Str. + 30 22890 23151

FLORIOS REAL ESTATE +30 694 5716650, KITTY LAIOS +30 6932 421866, MYKONOS REAL ESTATE Drafaki Regional Rd, +30 22890 26066, MYKONOS TOP VILLAS +30 6944 338811, TRAVEL & CONCIERGE SERVICES FIRST CLASS MYKONOS Airport Area, +30 22890 28111, +30 6940 688715, TONIA ANDRONIKOU CONCIERGE Ornos, +30 22890 27160, CATERING MJ CATERING & EVENTS Klouvas, +30 22890 22509 Y NOT +30 6988 611267,, SPECIAL EFFECT & SHOWS NANOS FIREWORKS GREECE +30 210 6818499, OROZCO JASON (DJ + musical happenings) Vrissi, 6945 834001


STUDIO 7 Vothonas, +30 22890 28777 FUTURE MODELS 8 Kerasountos Str., Athens, + 30 211 4028146 SECURITY KERNEL SECURITY SERVICES Ornos, +30 22890 78339

YACHTING SERVICES & TRANSPORTATION MYKONOS LUXURY RENTALS Ornos, +30 22890 27878, VIP TRANSFER +30 22890 25159, +30 6940699699 DM YACHTS +30 210 4014220, +30 6937 374926, SSH MARITIME +30 210 8964460, MYKONOS V.I.P. YACHTING SERVICES +30 22890 26644, L’O YACHTING Kremasti Paradisia, +30 22890 28317, +30 6932 526292, CAR RENTALS APOLLON ORNOS +30 22890 27750,

WHITE MYKONOS 55 M. Axioti Str., Fabrika area, Chora Mykonos, +30 22890 27600

ICAR +30 22890 72280, +30 6980 50 8000, MLR Ornos, +30 22890 27878 TOMASO RENT A CAR Airport Area, +30 22890 28000,



KALAFATI DIVE-CENTRE Κalafatis, +30 22890 71677 +30 6945 243928

SQUID MOTORS Τaxiarchis, +30 22890-72402

KALAFATIS WATER SPORTS Κalafatis, +30 6945 261242

DELI AND FOOD MARKETS DRAKOULIS MEAT OPEN PROJECT My Mall, Ano Vrisi, Lagada, +30 22890 23022,

DIVE ADVENTURE KaloLivadi, +30 22890 24808

ATTIKOI FOURNOI Kaminaki, +30 22890 77430

APOLLON Airport, +30 22890 27850

ARTISTI PROZUMI Ano Mera CR Road, +30 22890 71007

APOLLON Μaouna, Μykonos, +30 22890 24136

FLORA SUPERMARKETS Airport, Ano Mera, Vothonas,

AVANCE New Port, +30 22890 24640, Airport, +30 22890 24740,

LAUNDRY SERVICES MINI LAUNDRY V. Mergianni Str & 19 Xenias St., +30 22890 26752, +30 6970 838522

HERCULES RENT BIKE & CAR Bus terminal opposite the museum of Mykonos,+30 22890 23168,

CHIONATI (SNOW WHITE) Rochari, Chora, +30 22890 24710

QUICK CLEAN Bus Station Paradise Beach, +30 22890 27323

PARADISE Mykonos Diving Centre, Paradise +30 22890 26539 WINDSURFING MYKONOS Κalafatis, +30 6944 139656

Radio Stations GALAXIAS 99,50 FM, +30 22890 25200, ΜΥΚΟΝΟS FM 98,1 FM +30 22890 25100, +30 6944 346629 VENUS 99,3 FM +30 22890 24015, +30 6973 499438,











24540, fax:24760


















27000, 28890


22400, 23700





SUMMER 2016 | 425

hidDen mykOnos.

olD iS neW agaiN.


or someone to claim that he knows a place, an island or a favourite destination, then he must know and be fully versed in its culture and history. And that is because it is only from this starting point that one can fully understand its charm. In an attempt to revive this starting point, Lena’s House hosts a reconstruction of the traditional Mykonian female costume, taken from the designs and descriptions of French traveler Pitton de Tournefort, who visited Mykonos in 1701. It is thanks to Dimitra Nazou, Former Commissary of Mykonos Folklore Museum and an active member of Culture and Folklore Association of the Women of Mykonos that this exhibition has come to reality. As you admire this stately mansion, stand in front of the display cases featuring the traditional female costumes and admire its intricate decorative details made exclusively by hand, even before haute couture existed. An initiative created and funded by the Culture and Folklore Association of the Women of Mykonos will travel you back in time unfolding the essence of the island and make you see the present and future from a different perspective. (Chora, +30 22890 22591)


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Directly in sync with what makes the island vibrate, Mykonos Confidential is the first independentlife-style magazine exclusively dedicated...


Directly in sync with what makes the island vibrate, Mykonos Confidential is the first independentlife-style magazine exclusively dedicated...