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P A P E R W O R K S Bill & Coo / The Paperworks Summer 2019 Issue 10



Welcome to the #billandcoowayoflife Dear Guest, I would personally like to welcome you to Bill and Coo Hotels. Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, we know you have a variety of hotels to choose from, and we are honored that you have selected Bill & Coo. Bill & Coo staff puts full effort to make your stay comfortable, convenient and enjoyable. Please do not hesitate to let us know if we can do anything to make your stay more enjoyable. We appreciate your valuable suggestions and comments to improve our facilities and services. The entire staff is dedicated to you, our guest, by providing you with excellent service with kindness and smiles. It is our pleasure to have you stay with us and we hope we can make your stay a memorable and pleasurable one. We take pride in satisfying our guests. The entire team at Bill & Coo and I personally are here to make you feel like home by combining comfort, quality of services and luxury in such a way that you feel, at some point, that this magical place has revealed its heart and soul to you. Wishing a pleasant stay and welcome to the #BillandcooWayOflife ! Theo WATCH THE VIDEO

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Bill & Coo / The Paperworks

Temple of taste

Amazing Greeks


The culinary experience of Bill&Coo Gastronomy Project.

The success stories of people who glorify Greece.

This season’s objects of desire are real pieces of art.






















A cultural dose of the Island of the Winds. Dr C. Tsirogiannis’s fight for antiquities. Beefbar on the Coast in Mykonos. A summer full of gastronomy and guest chefs.

Beauty and the beach

Ray of light

The coastal living in the unique Mykonian way.

Dimitri Papadimos and his black and white treasures.



The revival of a traditional mykonian house. The best tastes you can savour on the island. Time to enjoy nightlife. B&C introduce you 5 Greek rising stars.

Print comes alive! Find the marked pages inside!

10 years anniversary of the Acropolis Museum.

Div ina by d e G R IS O G O N O

w w w. d e g r i s o g o n o . c o m


Athens - Mykonos - Hilton - Golden Hall - Costa Navarino /

Haute Joaillerie, place VendĂ´me since 1906

PerlĂŠe Collection Yellow gold and malachite, rose gold and carnelian and yellow gold rings.

the season


Sir Antony Gormley is the first artist to exhibit in Delos since the sacred island was inhabited by humans over 5,000 years ago. This year remarks, after a millennia, a new era for the sacred island, as an unprecedented exhibition on the archaeological site and the Museum of Delos binds together the history and the art, featuring a dialogue through the installation of British artist Antony Gormley. Its name is Sight, which not at all by chance, vividly expresses the artistic work of Gormley who is an explorer of the human body. A fruit of the collaboration between the Ephorate of Antiquities of the Cyclades and the Cultural and Development non profit Organization NEON, Sight features 29 iron “bodyforms” of Gormley made during the last 20 years - five of them were commissioned specifically for the Delos installation. The work brings the physical presence of modern man into an ancient place. Gormley reinterprets the function and purpose of sculpture, transforming the traditional statues and totems of the ancient world that once adorned public squares, temples and private dwellings into sites of empathy and imaginative projection. Antony Gormley spent months in Delos studying the temples and the sacred enclosures, the horizon and the topography created by the wind and the salt. His bodyforms are establishing a connection with our collective memory, and as the sculptor suggests, “maybe we can connect with something vital we’ve lost.” The Sight installation features 29 iron statues made by Sir Antony Gormley during the last 20 years.


"The Hawk" silver pendant


Ag.Kyriakis sqr. Mykonos Tel. +30 22890 27 320, Em. Benaki 8 Kifissia Tel. +30 210 62 33 577 Discover more minasdesigns

the season



The exhibits and presentations have already started, but there’s a lot more that you can see until October. There’s the work of Bjorn Roe “Mykonos: Fading landscapes”, Lily Mylona’s “Second life”, the exhibition “Back to the roots in Mykonos” by Arnaud Bourgain and also the works of Christina Vlachaki in the collection “Memories of sea & lava”. Of note, from 21/8 to 20/9 there’ll be a visual tribute to an important artist, titled “MARIA IGGLESI (1882-1942): A pioneering Mykonos painter”. It’s an event you don’t want to miss. 16

This exhibition of contemporary art is inspired by the collection of the Archaeological Museum of Mykonos. It takes its title from an iconic work by Alberto Giacometti. “The Palace at 4 a.m.” is a small wooden sculpture he created in 1932 and referred to archaeological sites such as Delos. The island’s statues, architectural fragments, vessels and tombstones collected in the museum are attributes of a cosmopolitan citizen that disappeared two millennia ago. Just as Delos once brought together people from across the ancient world, “The Palace at 4 a.m.” features a global roster of 13 artists. Their work is juxtaposed with the museum’s collection and additional treasures selected by the archaeologists of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades. Lynda Benglis, Haris Epaminonda, Simone Fattal, Petrit Halilaj, Ian Law, Maria Loizidou, Daria Martin, Duro Olowu, Zohra Opoku, Rena Papaspyrou, Stefania Strouza, Barthélémy Toguo and Paloma Varga Weisz participate in the exhibition. Visiting hours: 08:30-15:00


It’s the new addition in the Mykonos Art Scene in collaboration with the international recognized Greek designer Dassios.

Mykonos is leading the charge in cultural output, attempting to match its cosmopolitan image with its artistic draw and it constitutes the gate for international cooperations for new artists. After a successful season in Athens, Evripides Art Gallery is now displaying in their space on Mykonos, on interplay between Art & Fashion, committing to promote leading Greek artists with art collectors and other artists through its exhibitions the whole summer.


Amir H. Fallah creates paintings, sculptures, and installations that utilize personal history as an entry point to discuss race, representation, the body, and the memories of cultures and countries left behind. Through this process, the artist’s works employ nuanced and emotive narratives that evoke an inquiry about identity, the immigrant experience, and the history of portraiture. His ornate environments combine visual vocabularies of painting and collage with elements of installation to deconstruct material modes of identity formation. Portraits of veiled subjects capitalize on ambiguity to skillfully weave fact and fiction, while questioning how to create a portrait without representing the physicality of the sitter.

Study in Light


Twenty representative paintings from Sotiris Sorogas’ long and fertile career will be exhibited at the Mykonos Artistic Station of the Athens School of Fine Arts, an exhibition dedicated to one of the most significant teachers of modern Greek painting, presented with the assistance of “Skoufa” gallery and curated by the art historian George Mylonas. The broken fishing boats, the driftwood from the sea, find “shelter” on the artist’s canvas and in the new creators’ conservatory, at the beloved island’s centre. Soroga’s personal idiom with stones, ancient fragments, boats, rotten pieces of wood, all bathed in light, is part of the spirit and special traditions of Mykonos and Delos.



the event


WHITE PARTY Disco for ever KAUFLEUTEN CLUB 25/5/2019 Let’s dance! Lights, glitter, disco balls and endless disco music at the long established party of Stelios and Sakis Sterkoudis that was held on the 25th of April. They have kept this tradition going for over 13 years. Mykonos is transported to Zurich, together with its exuberance, coolness, the blue of the Greek summer sea and the necessary delicacies which are duly noted. The party started with a light aperitif at Kaufleuten Hof and continued at the Kaufleuten Club and Restaurant with a buffet of a wide range of Greek delicacies, such as ouzo, gyros, tzatziki, pitta and many traditional Greek dishes and desserts. The guests of the Sterkoudis brothers, who once again proved to be the best hosts in Zurich, honoured them greatly. Dj Muri and many other artists, such as Kostas Doxas, with their ebullience and talent created a memorable “Mykonos” evening.

BILL&COO @ MYKONOS WHITE PARTY For over six past years, the highlight of Mykonos White Party is the restaurant team from Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge which undertakes the culinary “re-enactment” of a big fat Greek meal. The dishes (presenting a wide variety of authentic Greek and Mediterranean tastes with a twist) are being prepared in the club’s cavernous kitchens by a strong team. Greek mezedes from local products, cooked in an exceptional way, offered the ultimate pleasure in Zurich’s Mykonian party. 18

design force


CREATIVE CLASS The internationally acclaimed Greek designer Sophia Kokosalaki collaborates with Bill & Coo in creating the hotels’ uniforms. She talks here about her sources of inspiration, the global fashion progression, and the challenges to be dealt with. INTERVIEW: IRA SIINGALIA


your impression of the Bill and Coo hotels? It is a great vacation spot with a lot of attention to the service and detail, especially in the rooms. Modern but respectful of tradition too. I really love the view from the pool area. You recently presented your jewellery collection. What was your inspiration? I have different and unexpected sources each and every time. I do a lot of research and always try to come up with something desirable but also surprising. There is the constant presence of the Greek heritage in my work, yes, this is my identity as a designer but always translated in a modern and innovative way. I hate cliche ideas and design lacking in quality and craftsmanship. Do you believe that Greek fashion is on the right path? Yes, it is much more visible than say, two decades ago... when I was studying at St. Martins and subsequently started building a brand. The advance of the internet has completely changed the scene and provides opportunity for all to showcase their work in a global audience at a touch of a button. What does Greece mean to you? Light, civilisation, glorious art and joy of life.

What moment in your career do you consider the most important? There are many that I hold dear, every step was important in terms of building the company and led to something else... My first show in London, the great reviews that helped secure funding season after season, the maison Vionnet creative directorship and revival I headed, the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games in Athens, my first show in Paris, selling and re-acquiring my brand from a conglomerate, launching a jewelry line... everything has been a little or... a huge adventure. How do you represent Greece in your creations? There is never a direct and easy to come up reference, I try to be more suggestive and unusual in my approach, I dislike cheap pastiche and cliches. What are the worldwide challenges in the fashion industry? Undoubtedly the high street with its speed and very low pricing and also the need to create an ethical product that is sustainable and not detrimental to the environment. What does Greek summer mean to you? I would probably never travel again abroad for holidays in the summer and that sums it all really. I can’t see any other country topping it. It is not only the obvious trinity of sun, sea and great fun, I like that it combines culture in this mix; In every Greek corner there will be a rare little church to discover or an archaeological site and a museum to visit or local crafts that makes the experience more well rounded and interesting, sun and sea only itself bores me. I once went to the Caribbean and wanted to leave after three nights because I founded it to be such a one tone experience.

Bottom left: Kate Hudson in Venice Festival 2012 wearing a white dress by Sophia Kokosaki. Right: Tilda Swinton poses as a Greek goddess wearing a gown dress, a creation of the designer. Opposite page: Sophia Kokosalaki in her native island, Crete.



the ambassador



THE LOOTERS Professor Christos Tsirogiannis stands up for the protection of our archaelogical and historical heritage fighting the international illegal antiquities trafficking. INTERVIEW: IRA SIINGALIA


he major consequence against global cultural heritage. The complete loss of historical and archaeological knowledge, the erasure of our past. We end up with beautiful objects which have nothing to tell us about our past. Has the illegal antiquities trafficking changed through the years? Unfortunately, nothing has changed: looters, middlemen, dealers and auction houses are continually laundering and selling illicit and unprovenanced antiquities to museums and private collectors, who acquire them without exercising basic due diligence. How did you choose this journey? I first learned about the real scale of the destruction that is committed against our shared cultural heritage when I worked voluntarily for over four years with the Greek police art squad (August 2004 December 2008), cooperating back then with an excellent team of policemen. I then participated in various repatriations for Greece and Italy, before studying the phenomenon, on a global scale, research which became a PhD at the University of Cambridge. Share with us some reasons to be proud of your work. The repatriation of antiquities that I have identified to their countries of origin, and the

Professor Christos Tsirogiannis participated in various repatriations for Greece and Italy before obtain his PhD at the University of Cambridge.

reconstruction of lost knowledge, are always very rewarding, especially when the antiquities return to Greece, my home country. But the most significant moments are when people, unknown to me, contact me to thank me after the publication of an identification or a repatriation. This is what matters for an academic researcher: when his work has an actual impact worldwide and is creating gratitude. If I have to refer to some notable cases in my career so far, I would choose the Euaion painter kylix and the Python krater repatriated to Italy from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York in 2013 and 2017 respectively, or the funerary stela returned to Greece from Sotheby's in London in 2018. Is there a kind of crime fiction in your work? My work requires a lot of research; some takes place in university libraries, so usually an undramatic environment. However, a lot requires seeing the objects themselves, checking their documentation and, finally, discovering the evidence of their trafficking, even the smallest detail, that sometimes makes the real difference, revealing that one or more crimes have been committed; these elements that take

the ambassador

The history of certain areas and eras is completely erased forever, due to looting place in different environments, yes, I could easily see them in a crime fiction movie. How is Greece affected? The scale of the destruction is immeasurable. The history of certain areas and eras is completely erased forever, due to looting. For example, we will never know who was the ancient Greek buried in the tomb from which the golden Macedonian wreath was looted in the early 1990's, before it ended up at the Getty museum in California. Our team repatriated it in 2007, it is a magnificent object, but has no story any more to narrate. Do you have a research “routine�? First I research any information known about the object; then I check the validity of its known provenance, before I examine the object itself (whenever I have the chance). Finally, I aim to reconstruct the true journey of the object in modern history and all the people involved in its acquisition/trafficking. Last, - and most importantly - I notify the national and international police and judicial authorities of the results of my research and I am publishing them, first in the media and then, once the case is finalised, in academic journals. Repatriation of antiquities. Although it is impossible to find out how many antiquities every day are looted and illegally exported from countries that host

The marble male torso identified by mr Tsirogiannis in the Yves Saint Laurent collection. The same torso reappeared for sale in 2013 in London at Christie's.

remains of ancient civilizations, the fact that very few are repatriated each year gives an idea of the percentage. In reality, I would estimate that about one antiquity is being repatriated for every 2,000 that are leaving the country of origin. Which are the methods of the international illicit antiquities trafficking? One method involves the misuse of the 'provenance' that accompanies each antiquity on offer. The market and the illicit antiquities networks exclude the traffickers from the provenance, or disguise them as 'private collectors' and 'anonymous sellers'. For example, regarding the case of the marble male torso that I identified in the Yves Saint Laurent collection from images in the confiscated archive of the notorious dealers Robin Symes and Christos Michaelides, the two dealers were never mentioned in the 'provenance' section of the statue, either at the Christie's auction of the Yves Saint Laurent collection in 2009 in Paris, or when the same torso reappeared for sale in 2013 in London, again at Christie's. What is the economic cost of illicit antiquities trafficking? There have been various attempts in recent years to calculate the annual profit of this illicit activity, on a global scale. Most of them put the amounts in billions; however, it is impossible to know for any given year how many antiquities and of which kind have left illegally from every country, in order to have even an approximate estimate. Are there any things to be done in the future? Definitely, the creation of an international, financially autonomous, illicit antiquities research centre that would attract only the best researchers in the world. There is no research centre on illicit antiquities anywhere in the world and the few relevant attempts that took place in the recent past did not endure, because they did not have a stable, long-term committed, source of funding.

Excellence is in the details


32, matoyianni str., mykonos, t: +30 22890 22797,

objects of desire

Peristeriones earrings of 18kt white gold with white diamonds

Perfect balance

WHEN IT COMES TO JEWELLERY, CREATIVITY AND BRILLIANT ELEMENTS TAKE CENTER STAGE. “Peristeriones”, the brand new conceptual collection by Fotis Poniros is a revelation of artistry and design. Cycladic Bird Houses, Peristerionas, is the greek word for Dovecotes, the artistic pigeon houses, geometrically decorated, dated back on the 18th and 19th centuries in the Cycladic islands. This is the inspiration behind “Peristeriones” by Poniros high jewellery house that dates back three generations of precious creations internationally acknowledged. And the result is pieces of art made of 18kt white gold with white diamonds that are exquisitely crafted, intriguing, bold and utterly feminine. PONIROS MYKONOS Down Town, Agia Anna, +30 22890 78545 MYKONOS Grand Hotel & Resort SANTORINI Fira, Goldstreet, +30 22860 25165 SANTORINI Oia, +30 22860 72260, 26




objects of desire

Millenary Hand Wound Ladies Watch


A relatively new pillar in Audemars Piguet’s collection, the Millenary’s distinct oval shape is quickly making its own mark on the brand. While the design seems to break from tradition, Audemars Piguet says the unusual shape and neo-classical aesthetics are inspired by the Roman Coliseum. While maintaining the original oval design of the now famous Millenary watch, this dial has been completely redesigned to highlight the movement. The creators of this magnificent watch have redesigned and relocated the escapement and balance wheel to the left edge of the watch face, allowing completely visual exposure of the components. AUDEMARS PIGUET BOUTIQUE: 12B B. ZORZI & ENOPLON DINAMEON STR., +30 2289306726, AUDEMARSPIGUET.COM 28

objects of desire

Perlée couleurs transformable long necklace yellow gold coral

The spiral effect

WHEN YOU HAVE A FLAIR FOR ASTONISHING DESIGNS AND A NATURAL FEELING FOR PRECIOUS STONES, THEN YOUR INTUITION LEADS YOU TO WONDERFUL JEWELLERY. What makes the difference in the world of original and elegant jewellery? It’s a talent for unpretentious luxury, that element that connects the precious stones and pearls with a spectacular result that’s beyond imagination, but also doesn’t abandon its earthly origin. It’s the feeling that it belongs to the visible world, but ends being part of a dream that becomes a reality that can be touched. This is the world of the Van Cleef company, making the grandeur of nature and inspiration soar. For VAN CLEEF & ARPELS BOUTIQUES worldwide, go to 30

objects of desire


IT IS PART OF EVERY JOURNEY AND THE SIGN YOU LEAVE WALKING ON THE BEACH. IT CARRIES YOUR SUMMER ESSENTIALS BUT MOST IMPORTANT, YOUR MEMORIES! Your best companion in your journey here combines elegance, the name of a historical House and the capacity to accompany you everywhere any time. It is more than a bag, more than a summer accessory. It is the item that will give you the prestige and the comfort of practicing beach hopping, enjoying the sun and taking a walk in the alleys of the island. Let’s introduce it to you: It is the Cabalace tote bag, specially created for the oppening of the Christian Louboutin pop-up store. ENNY MONACO: TRIA PIGADIA, +30 2289 077100 ENNYMONACOSTYLE.COM

Cabalace tote bag, specially created for Mykonos


D.S. GOLD J E W E L L E R Y St. Anna, 84600 Mykonos, Greece Tel.: +30 22890 25251, Fax: +30 22890 26882, Mob.: +30 6944 527362, e-mail:

objects of desire

Santos de Cartier Large Model with Gradient Blue Dial

A star is born

WHEN YOU LOOK AT A SANTOS, YOU ARE STARING AT A STAR FOR MULTIPLE REASONS, A SUCCESS OF CARTIER. Well designed, well equipped and well executed, Cartier gave this iconic shape a slightly sportier touch and some nice details, such as a clever strap/bracelet system and a new dial. The new gradient blue version completes its summery ambience and its overall update, more in line with modern expectations. The case, still square-shaped, with 8 screws on the bezel, is slightly reinforced to have more presence. The bracelet, part of the design of the watch, is also better integrated featuring several clever devices. Deeply Cartier in style, this new version has embraced the brand’s vision of a luxury sports watch. ROUSOUNELOS: 32 Matoyianni Str., +30 22890 22797, 34

objects of desire

The Hug pendant made of oxidized silver and 18K gold


It looks like a heart from an angle, and yet it a symbol far stronger and more timeless for different kind of relationships. It is a universal expression of friendship and love, an intimate touch to a person that has a meaning for us. The hug symbolizes how two people unite for a moment leaving a trace of deep sentiments. This moment is reflecting on the Hug pendant crafted from sterling silver with an oxidized finish or a combination of both. MINAS: Aghias Kyriakis Sq., + 30 22890 27320 minasdesigns ∙ www. 36

objects of desire

Ring from The Skull Collection, Always be a King, made of oxidized sterling silver 925

Naked king

WHO DOESN’T WANT TO FEEL ROYAL AND IMMORTAL AT THE SAME TIME? A RHETORICAL QUESTION BUT WITH A GLAMOUR EFFECT. You may be the King of mermaids or the King in somebody’s heart. Whatever the case, you have been given the most precious part of the royal jewels along with the recognition of being significant, loved and treasured. That may lead you to a path of happiness or to the deep of shared life. And yet, it would be so shinny and unique as an incredible handmade piece of art made to capture your mind and soul. Harry Mestro: 11 Agiou Gerasimou Str. Mykonos +30 22890 27837 • 38


objects of desire

Game of Thrones

WHEN THE BATTLE DEPENDS ON THE DETAILS, THE BEST WEAPON IS CREATIVITY AND BRILLIANT ELEMENTS IN THE RESULT. In your plan to win impressions, you move with small but effective steps, as is needed when designing and producing a handmade piece of jewellery. A careful selection of materials, detailed design, colour synthesis and a marriage of the elements. That’s how a VP statement piece of jewellery is created. It gives its best and wins on points. Based on silver, pick your own symbol of power and adorn your appearance with the colours and stones that suit you. VP: 42, Florou Zouganeli Srt. Mykonos Sq., + 30 22890 79363,

Knife handmade bracelet with silver and yellow gold


objects of desire

Decorative handmade bronze horses

Wild adventures

IT IS MORE THAN IMPORTANT TO DEFINE YOUR OWN ROUTE, LET ASIDE THE KIND OF TRAVELLING YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IN LIFE! What makes you creative and offers you experience is what makes you richer. Most of the times that goes along with an unforgettable travel. And yet travel can have many interpretations: it may be a new destination or a mental journey or even a metaphoric one. What remains the same is that it changes you through its pictures, the feelings and its beauty. Speaking of beauty, it can be a new piece of art that will decorate your space and thus, “travel” you to a luxury design. CHORA ART HOME & DESIGN: 43, Florou Zouganeli Str (Pano Matogianni), +30 22890 79363 Main road to Ano mera (Agios Taxiarchis), +30 22890 71107 42

No difference at all.

The only car rental company in Mykonos with electric cars Brand new fleet Luxury and special vehicles Vehicles Villa Delivery Complimentary Valet Parking in Town 24 H Assistance T +30 22890 72280 M +30 6980 50 8000

objects of desire

At the wheel of summer

WITH THE BEST OF OMENS AND THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY OF WATCHES BY YOUR SIDE, YOU BECOME THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN VOYAGE. Being a pioneer sets you always to the forefront of a new exploration, a sailing or a nautical route. Matching this driving force with the beauty of the Aegean and you have the “compass” of a marvelous travel. HYT, the Swiss luxury watch brand that revolutionizes the haute horlogerie industry with a unique fluidic technology, offers the base for a unique model. The Greek Eye and the white color of Cyclades are joining forces with the essence of the company in the new limited edition of H0 Mati that HYT created exclusively for Greece and KESSARIS. The H0 Mati Day captures the sunny summer days, the blue of the Aegean, the silvery white of the Greek homes when the bells strike noon. The Mati, prominently featured in the 9 o’clock seconds counter, is said to protect against jealousy, envy and excessive compliment. The motto of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus “Τα πάντα ρεί και ουδέν μένει” / “Everything flows and nothing stays the same”, is displayed on the side of the case of this limited edition. KESSARIS-ORA KESSARIS: 58 Mat. Andronikou Str. (Matogianni), +30 22890 22880, Nammos Village Psarou, +30 22890 22376

H0 Mati Day, a special edition timepiece with a 48,8 mm case and a rubber strap.


haute gastronomie


Premium local ingredients and contemporary tecnhiques create a stunning outcome. Here, the Cycladic Taste Garden with Myconian Xinotiri.


objects of desire

At the wheel of summer

WITH THE BEST OF OMENS AND THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY OF WATCHES BY YOUR SIDE, YOU BECOME THE CAPTAIN OF YOUR OWN VOYAGE. Being a pioneer sets you always to the forefront of a new exploration, a sailing or a nautical route. Matching this driving force with the beauty of the Aegean and you have the “compass” of a marvelous travel. HYT, the Swiss luxury watch brand that revolutionizes the haute horlogerie industry with a unique fluidic technology, offers the base for a unique model. The Greek Eye and the white color of Cyclades are joining forces with the essence of the company in the new limited edition of H0 Mati that HYT created exclusively for Greece and KESSARIS. The H0 Mati Day captures the sunny summer days, the blue of the Aegean, the silvery white of the Greek homes when the bells strike noon. The Mati, prominently featured in the 9 o’clock seconds counter, is said to protect against jealousy, envy and excessive compliment. The motto of the Greek philosopher Heraclitus “Τα πάντα ρεί και ουδέν μένει” / “Everything flows and nothing stays the same”, is displayed on the side of the case of this limited edition. KESSARIS-ORA KESSARIS: 58 Mat. Andronikou Str. (Matogianni), +30 22890 22880, Nammos Village Psarou, +30 22890 22376

H0 Mati Day, a special edition timepiece with a 48,8 mm case and a rubber strap.


haute gastronomie


Premium local ingredients and contemporary tecnhiques create a stunning outcome. Here, the Cycladic Taste Garden with Myconian Xinotiri.


haute gastronomie


t Bill & Coo Gastronomy Project lies a passion for cuisine, a desire to create an imaginative culinary experience that fuses inspiration from conventional Greek recipes with modern innovation. Each plate at this unique restaurant has a story and it is the local produce, before the chef, who takes center stage. The Mediterranean concept for the cuisine of the Executive Chef Ntinos Fotinakis brings together traditional Greek recipes and modernity, high expectations and respect for the fresh local product. “I enjoy introducing our customers to new taste sensations and exploring more unusual cooking methods, to create dishes that are rich in flavour and evoke memories”, says the chef and this is what actually is reflected on every dish. It is the combination of his 15-year experience and unique knowledge in the art of eating along with the high quality and standards of Bill & Coo that results in the finest Greek nouvelle cuisine with a subtle French flair on the plates. Bill & Coo’s philosophy includes the passion and the love for good food, the


Langustine with pine, pergamont and carrot

ve anti t s b su lates p

Each plate has its story and it is the local produce that takes center stage 47

haute gastronomie

perception of what high gastronomy means, giving the chefs the ability to create. Bill & Coo’s Gastronomy Project goes along with that purpose and Executive Chef Ntinos Fotinakis turns that vision into a gastronomic reality. “My goal is that through my flavours, memories will awake from the aromas and the more simple, homely but substantive tastes” he declares. While indulging in these gastronomic pleasures, you should add the well "informed" cellar that includes an impressive wine list of Greek and international labels for a unique wine experience. Alongside the fine regional wines, a cocktail menu is also available offering classic and modern cocktails that highlight local fresh ingredients. Last but not least, the extraordinary desserts, which are the most suitable dining epilogue. To complete the picture, this thrilling expression of Greek cuisine craft plays out in an enchanting surrounding by Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge pool deck. Prepare yourself for an extraordinary Mediterranean culinary adventure at Bill & Coo Gastronomy Project, one of the most sought after reservations-only Mykonos fine dining restaurants, accessible to both Bill & Coo and public guests. 48

The wine menu maintains a delicious dialogue with the hotel fine dining options




dining spot


MEAT-ING POINT The unique Beefbar on the Coast with the front tables in the sand, the mulberries, and the sea nearby filling the frame, is a relaxing and beautiful setting. Your eyes will go straight to the Australian Black Angus, the American Wagyu from the Snake River farms and of course, the "Rolls Royce" of meats, the Kobe beef, which are on display. In 2014, Giraudi became the first and largest importer of certified Japanese Kobe in Europe. Of course, all these velvety meats need the corresponding touch on the grill and this is where the Mykonian base of Beefbar on the Coast starts to become more interesting. The restaurant’s menu has the gustatory curation of the executive chef of the Bill & Coo hotels, Ntinos Fotinakis who created the unique Beefbar on the Coast patent worldwid, the Kobe Beef gyros pitta. The pastry, baked in the oftos manner, is his grandmother’s traditional recipe and the tzatziki has been woven so delicately, confirming once again his advanced dexterity, as well as his desire to orchestrate the ingredients of the dishes harmoniously, without losing their expressiveness, exactly as it happens in the significant gastronomic restaurants. 52

Beefbar on the Coast continues its “golden” route for three years now. It’s here to stay and thus, it does not rest on its laurels. Besides, in order to keep yourself on top you should always shake things up. This year welcomes George Papageorgiou to its dynamic team. After a successful journey in Nammos and Principote, George Papageorgiou landed on the Beefbar on the Coast to expand the experience of this unique spot into new levels. As he says “Beefbar's main assets mostly are the universal acceptance of the brand’s statue, the ultimate quality of the products we use and the eye for all details”. His vision for the Beefbar on the Coast is “to be successful, which it is, but also relevant for the island and the customers


Beefbar on the Coast leaves its own mark on the island for three years now updating its services and menu in a way that ends up to be an unforgettable Mykonian experience.

Enjoy the setting and the view and be ready to taste it's new menu that will be shared between meat and fish creations.

Beefbar continues a "golden" route for 3 years now. who want to enjoy a fuller experience. Having travel around the globe, I firmly believe that international brands that open restaurants in different countries and places, must adjust their concept to the local feeling. It makes sense, and it’s much more interesting, to see how each chef interprets the spirit and the flavors of each place.” The collaboration between him and Fotinakis brings a new breeze of inspiration to Beefbar on the Coast. The chef thinks that the many years of experience they both carry, each in his field, will be their strong point. Fotinakis has added some fish dishes in the menu this season and he explains that “the fish menu is mainly served during the lunch hour, while the Beefbar on the Coast menu is mainly served during dinner, but without one excluding the other. I believe we’ve achieved a balance in this way.” Of course, your next visit will verify his statement. Last but not least, leave some space for the desserts, which bear the signature of the very talented pastry chef Angela Simou. Now its your turn to experience the Beefbar on the Coast journey into taste! 53

gastronomic events





For the ninth consecutive year, Bill&Coo Suites and Lounge invites seasoned chefs to grace its spaces and its haute gastronomy evenings. Their pop-up menus are an ode to this successful “festival” of taste, creativity and aesthetics. This year, the culinary events started in the 9th of July keeping guests and visitors on alert until the 22nd of August when the last guest chef will put the final “touch” on this year’s gastronomic presentations.

14/6, PASCAL AUSSIGNAC A Michelin-starred chef and restaurateur cooks in and oversees eight award-winning restaurants in London, all of them with a slightly different culinary theme but all of them celebrating the food of France and of his beloved homeland of Gascony. His flagship restaurant Club Gascon was awarded a Michelin Star in 2002 and in 2007. For the Gastronomy project, he has prepared his own version of Foie Gras and other dishes inspired by Gascony.

Pascal Aussignac's menu Top: The monkfish camouflage. Bottom: The foie gras eclade and its creator


gastronomic events

9/7, THANOS FESKOS He has travelled to Europe and America developing his passion for the art of cooking. After a short stint in Athens where he worked at Hytra restaurant he couldn’t resist the offer of Rasmus Kofoed to return to the awarded with 3 Michelin Stars Geranium as the Assistant Head Chef where he is till now. These travels have been expressed in the most creative way in his menu which includes modern techniques and dishes focused on fish and Greek ingredients.

30/7, ALEXANDROS TSIOTINIS The winner of S. Pellegrino Young Chef of the Year 2015 is now the owner and chef of CTC where he found his culinary “port where I could serve my ideas exactly as I conceive them”. As a guest chef that evening, he prepared a menu of 10 imaginative dishes which reflected his vast experience and talent.

Anticipating… 22/8, PAVLOS KIRIAKIS

After the awarded with 2 Michelin stars, Spondi restaurant in Athens, he has continued his culinary “journey” in other well known and awarded restaurants in Europe and America. He eventually landed on Santorini island and the Andronis Exclusive group working as the executive chef and organizing the annually gastronomic festival there. In the Gastronomy Project, he will present a menu full of fruits and herbs of the Greek land. A delicious pallet of raspberries, blood orange, lemon, strawberries, lime, carrots and ginger will star in the imaginative dishes that will honor summer in the most delicate and freshest way. 56

July's events Clockwise from top left: A creation of Thanos Feskos, Alexandros Tsiotinis and one of his dishes, Thanos Feskos preparing his menu.

the spa


RELAXATION The Valmont for Bill & Coo is the place to be when it comes for relaxation. It will indulge you in the experience of the #billandcoowayoflife. 58


the term wellness and body rejuvenation, the spa in the Valmont for Bill & Coo in Mykonos is a space that combines a relaxing atmosphere with quality Valmont services for the hotel’s guests and its visitors. The Valmont for Bill & Coo in Mykonos, a truly special space, was designed by K-studio architecture firm. Its main features include two spacious spa suites for luxury treatments built with traditional Mykonian elements, such as marble, stone and wood, ideal for creating an atmosphere and ideal setting for a unique wellness experience. Guests and visitors can combine amazing treatments by Swiss Valmont and relaxing massages with Kos Paris essential oils. They may also enjoy the Spa Suites services:

Pampering yourself in the atmospheric spa and indulge in the world of Valmont's rituals and therapies enjoying the holistic part of your experience here.

dual treatment beds, a separate living space for lounging and dining as well as a spacious private bathroom and changing area. They can also choose the Wellness Spa Suite that features a sauna, steam room and Jacuzzi, or the Spa Suite equipped with a Jacuzzi to share a special, relaxing spa experience with their loves ones. In order to enhance their well-being experience, there is also an a la carte Wellness Spa Suite Menu, specially designed by the hotel’s chefs. The collaboration of Valmont with Bill & Coo offers guests a unique beauty and wellness programme. Valmont’s “Magicien du Temps” is ideal for a comprehensive range of treatments with a flair for blending refinement and unsurpassed antiaging effectiveness. Valmont has created beauty rituals and intensive treatment programs for every need, in order to counter the effects of time on the face, body and even the hair. Through unique and exclusive protocols, Valmont treatments stand out thanks to the “butterfly motions” that characterizes the technique. Much more than a traditional beauty procedure, Valmont treatments are fashioned as symphonic variations. The rhythm of the motions is at once disconcerting and captivating, bringing opposites into harmony. Guests and visitors feel both relaxed and reinvigorated, their skin simultaneously becomes calmed and awakened. They may choose from variety regenerating and firming body and facial treatments and unwind in the hands of our beauticians, who will initiate them into the magical world of Valmont luxury treatments and Kos Paris luxury organic oils, the ideal complement to Valmont’s highend profile in skincare. Delicate summer scents surround guests while blends of rare oils from all over the world protect, nourish, firm, soothe and hydrate the skin. The pleasure of refined textures and fragrances along with state of the art cosmetic formulas offer efficiency wrapped in the Valmont Luxury experience. 59

The island















The island
















AMAZING GREEKS Full of dreams, dedicated to a vision and faithful to tradition. Meet the faces that bring past to a very promising future.

Petros Klampanis SOUL MUSICIAN

From Zakynthos to Athens, and from there to New York City, this renowned artist knows his jazz music, performing at some of the world’s most important stages, collaborating with famous musicians and composers and presenting his work with real inspiration. He may be living far away from his beloved island, but to this talented musician Zakynthos means beauty, family, friends and music, and is an inseparable part of his music composing process.




Chrissa Chalikiopoulou, Spiros Daikos and Stratis Andreadis RECYCLING LOVERS

When Chrissa, Spiros and Stratis met in a sail racing seminar, the creation of the first company in Greece that would deal with circular economy and creative re-use took off; and that’s how they came up with the Salty Bag, a handmade bag created in the Greek provinces, bearing stories from the most beautiful places of the Mediterranean. Inspired by Corfu, most of its designs express the joy of life in the island, as experienced by its creators.

Every Salty Bag creation presents the story of its sail.


Stratis Vogiatzis THE IMAGE-REALIST

I started taking photographs without knowing which direction I had to follow, what I should depict and, probably, what I had to avoid. Bearing this in my mind, I let myself be carried away, driven more by instinct and less by rationales related to the objective depiction of a certain place. The layout of the route has always existed, but what would happen on the way was made from the dreams-making material: unexpected encounters in unexpected places. Travelling throughout the place where you were born and raised, the place you consider familiar, it is like travelling in a wonderland again and again, you may know the way of course, but wonders never stop happening. Stratis Vogiatzis was born in Chios, Greece in 1978. He is a filmmaker, a photographer and an anthropologist. He studied economic sciences in Aristotle Univercity and Social Anthropology in Amsterdam dealing with children and Political violence. Among others he worked with children in Palestine,as a teacher and educator at the gypsies communities in Thessaloniki (Drom) and as a researcher for the educational NGO IALE in New Delhi. He exhibits regularly in Greece and abroad and his works belong to museums and private collections. He has published five books with his work and he has directed several independent documentary films that distinguished and won awards in international film festivals.



Ioanna Haritatou SPIRIT OF WINE


It was the year 1860 when the cottage which became the center of the estate in Kladata was created. The gardens and the vineyards of 150 acres are still alive thanks to the Haritatos family; houses for the domestic animals and a treehouse were built, while the old wine press became a modern boutique winery. There, Ioanna Haritatou with her brothers revives the tradition, producing 25,000 bottles from the local biological varieties Muscat, Mavrodafni and Vostylidi. She considers the wine making procedure a constant postscript in life that never ends, and if her homeland was wine it would be Mademoiselle, which is alternating as the unpredictable Kefalonia. haritatosvineyard. com


“Our extroversion, collectiveness and dedication made the Kefalonian terroir a dynamically rising wine area�



*Mykonos is pictured through its black and white past in the Dimitris Papadimos, a travellerphotographer, book offering aspects of an important artist’s work. BY IRA SIINGALIA


the click


Papadimos’ journey into the world of photography coincides with the illustration magazine Eikones “genesis” whose appearance marks a new era for the Greek press. Its owner and editor-inchief was the influential woman Eleni Vlachou, the publisher of Kathimerini, a newspaper that is still on the forefront of the Greek press. The magazine as Mathildi Pyrli from ELIA points out, was drowning its inspiration from Paris Match which along with the German Stern and the Italian Oggi were owing their concept to the pioneer of picture magazines, the American Life. Therefore Eikones magazine was following the basic direction standing at the core of the editorial concept: the organic role of the images in relation with the text, the later often being supportive to the images. Eleni Vlachou was herself a photographer thus through Eikones magazine cooperated with acclaimed photographers among them Dimitri Papadimos in order to boost the image of a country that was on the rail of progress keeping at the same time its authentic yet premodern aspects of life boasting its strong links with the ancient glory. Papadimos worked as an associate photographer of Eikones magazine for ten years. His work revealed his interesting in daily life and the art of people soughing at the same time what was doomed to be lost forever, as mrs Pyrli stresses. Furthermore she adds the notion of the Greek painter Giorgos Manoussakis who focuses on Papadimos’ intention to reveal the mental and spiritual virtues of Greek people more than nostalgia. After the war, using Cairo as his base, Dimitri Papadimos traveled in the Mediterranean

Mykonos as pictured by Dimitri Papadimos in 1956 (approx). The photographer’s work reveals its interesting in the art of daily life throughout Greece.

the click


Papadimos was connected with artists like Jean Cocteau and Laurence Durrell region and Africa often accompanying British authors. His favourite themes were people and their works, the traditions and folk art of each place. His photographs illustrated magazines and books of travel literature, including Business & Finance, Tourism in Greece, Harper’s Bazaar, La Famme Nouvelle, Loisirs, News of the World and Parade. When moved to Athens in 1956, he traveled throughout Greece, from Thrace to Crete, photographing the land extensively. He also became connected with many artists, including Lawrence Durrell, Jean Cocteau, Austen St. Barbe Harrison, Patrick Leigh Fermor, Melina Mercouri, Robin Maugham, and Philip Sherrard photographing them and their work. He worked in the production of motion pictures, both Greek and foreign such as Jules Dassin, a 1957 French film, He Who Must Die, Phaedra, Carl Forman’s The Guns of Navarone and Lawrence Durrell’s film The Spirit of Place, a BBC

documentary about Egypt. He eventually created an extensive archive comprising approximately 65.000 b/w, 6×6 cm film negatives and their corresponding contact prints, along with a few thousand colour slides of the same dimensions. The material is sorted geographically. The archive consists of two great sections, namely Greece and Egypt, and four smaller ones, Cyprus, Malta, Middle East and Ghana. The largest section, Greece, numbers 40 archival boxes with contact print sheets and approximately 45.000 negatives. It features almost the entirety of the country while, at the same time, it contains independent groups related to artists, the theatre, neoclassical architecture. The second largest section is Egypt, numbering 10 boxes and 15.000 negatives. In terms of time, the archive spans four decades, from 1940 to 1980. The whole of Dimitri’s photographic Archive was donated to ELIA during the autumn of 1994.

Opposite page, a view from Yialos in 1962. Bottom left, a church (1962), an image of Yialos in 1962.


the click



Dimitri Papadimos (1918-1994) was born in Egypt. At the age of 16, having lost both his parents, he left school in order to earn his living. In 1939 he went to France to study cinema but turned to photography. He soon became a citizen of the world, capturing with his camera images of the world and, of course, Greece. Throughout his professional career he met many European writers, including Lawrence Durrell. They met in 1954 and they later collaborated in the production of Durrell’s film, ‘The Spirit of Place’. This volume Dimitri Papadimos, Traveller photographer published by MIET, is an introduction to the work of an artist characterized by great sensibility and a unique artistic style. The photos included here come from E.L.I.A., the Hellenic Literary and Historical Archive (part of the National Bank of Greece Cultural Foundation since 2009). They cover Papadimos’s Greek period starting in 1956, when he left Cairo to settle in Athens. For twenty years he scoured Greece with his 72

favorite Rolleiflex. Even as a pensioner in the 80s, he never stopped taking photos. Always with his favourite camera. He lived the last years of his life, from 1986 to his death, on the island of Spetses. Papadimos died in Athens in 1994, aged 76.

He scoured Greece for twenty years with his favorite Rolleiflex.


beach finder


AGHIOS IOANNIS Protected from both northerly and southerly winds, the beach is divided in two by some gentle rocks and boasts the stunning sunset featured in the 1989 film, Shirley Valentine. Among the beach’s strong points is the interesting seabed towards the right, ideal for snorkeling, the very fine pebbles that are perfect for natural reflexology and for barefoot luxury lovers. For such an experience visit the Beefbar on the Coast in Mykonos (

ELIA A lot of people prefer Elia as the best beach on the island, ideal for water sports and for families. Visit her to discover it yourself ! Do not forget that it is one of the bigger sandy beaches on the island and that it keeps a bohemian feeling. It is better to visit it on days with a north wind for calm waters.

LIA Lia is the last of the southern beaches that you can go by car. A small bay with deep crystal waters protected from the strong northerly winds which is ideal for snorkeling. This is the alternative preferred by celebrities who arrive by boat. Get ready for a more secluded experience, walk over the rocks to reach the neighboring Tigani beach. But before that, have a look at Liasti beach bar (



Drive a bit further past Kalafatis or walk a few minutes to find the somewhat hidden little beach. With clean, emerald waters and sand that continues some distance into the sea, the beach is embraced by ancient Divounia, which act as wind breakers for its calm and velvet sandy beach. Experience the farm-to-table Greek Island cuisine served at the Nesaea restaurant with the philosophy of Nice n’ Easy restaurants ( or have a romantic dinner at Spilia Seaside (

AGHIOS STEFANOS This is ideal beach for those who wish to avoid high society, admire the magnificent views of the Small Delos islands and enjoy a magical

sunset with the locals. If you feel like adventurous, keep driving towards the protected Houlakia beach. Swim to the small cove behind the rocky shoreline and benefit from this idyllic location despite the strong winds.

PANORMOS The more lively beach of Mykonos, remains a quiet corner. This ex hippy and nudist haunt is reminiscent of old Mykonos, while it has a wild beauty with its colours changing throughout the day. Don’t miss the August full moon party here; an unforgettable experience. Or the chance to spend a day at the Principote nestled on the breathtaking beachfront (

PSAROU It has been experiencing glory days since the 1980s, setting the summer’s trends and defining the concept of luxury living on Mykonos. It boasts warm waters even from the early spring. The road is quite narrow with sharp turns and requires attention. You will come here to see and be-seen. If you have some time to enter the design world of Nammos Village with the Christian Louboutin Pop Up Store, the Kessaris store and many more luxury fashion arrivals.

ORNOS The island’s most popular family beach attracts all types of tourists, Greek families and quite a few locals. The natural barrier created by the settlement’s houses blocks the strong north wind which often pounds the island, while the south wind does not affect the sea since the bay, while large, is closed and protected. Ornos’ long sandy beach has numerous restaurants and café-bars with tables all the way to the sand. Experience the first and only Buddha Bar Beach at Santa Marina Resort & Villas (

PARAGA It is the first beach on the island to open and the last to close, since its favorable orientation guarantees warm days from May to October. There is easy parking at both entrances: from Aghia Anna and just before Paradise. Get ready for the frenziest dancing at SantAnna

Untouched treasures with shallow green water and thick sand make you feel that you "escape" from glamour (+30 6956 762847, and the bohemian style of Scorpios enjoying its vibes until the night hours (

MEGALI AMMOS Free of umbrellas and sun loungers, the beach is ideal for a quick dip for those who want to keep within a safe distance from the Chora. Accessible even on foot, the golden beach with fine sand and northerly winds is also a great place for windsurfing. And a luxurious stay with high dining. Dive in the unique pool of Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge and taste the dishes of the Bill& Coo Gastronomy Project (

KALO LIVADI In the southern eastern part of the island, there is one of the best organized beaches with a strong cosmopolitan feel, that covers every entertainment and taste expectation on a long blonde sandy beach with green-blue clear water, abundant umbrellas, sunbeds and watersports. Experience the new way of entertainment in the Blue Marlin Ibiza Mykonos (

SUPER PARADISE Throughout the years, Super Paradise has made its name a synonym to party on Mykonos. A landmark holiday destination, “Super” has 75

beach finder

AGHIA ANNA (PARAGA) Aghia Anna still maintains, to a degree, the image of a quiet, family beach, functioning as a discharging point from its two noisy neighbors. The beach faces southwest and gets the sun until late, offering the opportunity for long-term sunbathing before or after enjoying the authentic recipes of Nikolas taverna ( and the imaginative dishes of Pinky Beach (+30 22890 28497, 6971675868).

PARADISE It is among the first of the island’s hot spots to strongly support the nudist dogma. Numerous beach bars are lined on the beach, inspiring people to get up and dance. The beach is also accessible by sea on small boats (caiques) which depart from Ornos and Platis Gialos. The nights at Cavo Paradiso with a dazzling dj programme are enjoyable. (

FOKOS & MYRSINI Fokos still remains an untouched treasure, as buses don’t reach this beach, with shallow green water and thick sand. Picturesque and calm with the island’s coldest waters, it is located right after the artificial lake of Marathi and is quite seriously affected by the north winds. Myrsini is the next beach with crystalclear green waters. Another small, sandy gem that calms you, with its natural tranquility and its blue horizon.

AGHIOS SOSTIS No make-up, bars, shops, tourist enterprises or sunbeds. With wonderful deep blue water, it favors snorkeling fans. Here you will see celebrity and anonymous nudists, as well as locals. Best from May to mid-July and then in September; avoid the August meltemi winds which make conditions unwelcoming. You could go by your own vehicle or by taxi. 76

KAPARI A western beach that is worth visiting late in the afternoon. A ten-minute walk from Aghios Ioannis and you will arrive at one of the island’s last havens. Nudists and old Mykonos devotees gather here daily, while the concept of organization is completely absent. Dive into the sea from the smooth rocks at the end of the beach and seek your privacy.

AGRARI On the south side of the island, Agrari introduce its charm and calmness. It has sun loungers and water sports and can also be accessed by small boats from Platis Gialos. The beach’s right-hand side, by the rocks, is ideal for diving and playing games in the clear blue water. Taste local appetizers and share traditional recipes at noon at Agrari Beach Restaurant (

HOULAKIA A beautiful beach with golden sands and emerald waters, only 4 km north of the capital. It’s a protected beach of natural beauty, divided in two parts. The left combines a small cove with a small beach. The right side is full of big round multicoloured pebbles. Get ready to feel a sweet seclusion and a bit of “The Blue Lagoon” feeling.

RHENIA The best way to visit the Rhenia is by boat. Hidden caves and virgin beaches await those who get there. There are four unique and isolated beaches with golden-white sand and crystal-clear waters with blue-green colour on the island: Glyfada, Stena, Lia and Ambelia. Make a small beach hopping around them.

FTELIA Ftelia is divided into two by a rock formation that reaches the sea. Starting from Chora, take a right turn at the crossroads to discover the ideal surfing destination and admire a performance offered by the virtuoso surfers. When it is not windy, the landscape is reminiscent of a lagoon and the beach is frequented by a number of locals and artists. Dance, drinks and good tastes wait for you at Ftelia (

KALAFATIS This is one of the island’s biggest beaches and even when crowded, it offers a sense of space which is ideal for families. Sports lovers would not change it for the world; you can try everything from jet skiing and banana boat rides, to parachuting and diving. The sand is quite pebbly, while there are many trees for natural shade. Get ready for a diving lesson by world record holder Waldemar Foit at his W-Diving school (

PLATIS GIALOS Protected from the winds and beautiful albeit packed, Platis Gialos is fairly developed. Its big plus is its sporty character and the plethora of restaurants and hotels that line the beach. Do not miss out on the opportunity to learn how to water ski on its calm waters. Taste your skills with jet ski exercises in the afternoon avoiding the very hot hours (

KORFOS Just 2,5 km from Chora, at Korfos beach, you encounter intense winds that create the most adventurous waves, the perfect setting for kitesurfing. If you haven’t done that before, try it under the guidance of the instructors of Kite Mykonos (


nurtured generations with frenzied parties and never-ending fun. Access by car is good, while the last incline before the parking is difficult. Have fun with exhilarating beats and fusion or exotic delicacies until late at night. The perfect setting is Jackie O’ Beach Club & Restaurant (

Throughout the years, Super Paradise has made its name a synonym to party on Mykonos


unexpected mykonos

When old became new




Rizes has been constructed from surving images. The complex is made from authentic materials boasting its traditional architecture.

Zouganeli family hails from Ano Mera. Gradually the father, Yannis bought some land for their needs in the Maou area. Today, the son, Nikos Zouganelis is reviving a Mykonian Chorio, Rizes, with the goal of creating a legacy, showing the other facet of Mykonos which must not be forgotten. The construction of the building complex started to be built room by room in October 2018. It’s a faithful copy of a chorio (village), an autonomous habitat comprising a group of independent buildings, where the family in times gone by would make products for their survival. Rizes has been reconstructed from surviving images and through research. It claims its space discreetly. Made from authentic materials, it revives a different age. For instance, the bamboo screens hold up the ceiling but also decorate it. The only “sour note” is the unavoidably necessary electricity. On the walls, you can see sections where the stone is visible through the whitewash, while in the attic you’ll find wooden beams instead of columns. The windows are ordered and sized based on old village standards, while


unexpected mykonos

The construction of the building complex started to be built in 2018 the architectural structure follows the past in that rooms don’t communicate between themselves and are separated by doors. The visitor wandering around will go through the living room but also the small kitchen, where the loom stands that used to weave the thread that came straight from the sheep’s wool. The principle of autonomy, characteristic of a different economic and social order, describes a self-sufficient habitat which is influenced historically by the regularities of agricultural production in the Greek territory during the Ottoman rule. So, the architectural setup in the Mykonos house includes a wood burning stove and a small cheese making room, which fulfils a domestic production activity, where what is produced here is also consumed here. The visitor will also see the barn, where tools and hay were kept. There’s also a tsabouna (bagpipe) workshop. The house of Rizes also has a religious icon workshop and a loom. The complex is completed by the external spaces. There’s the bostani where seasonal plants are cultivated, the olive grove, the vineyard, the 80

chicken coop and the dovecote. All around are the animals, a crucial part of the setting: horses, goats, donkeys and rabbits. They play their part in reviving for the visitor the traditional farm. Everyone who comes to Rizes is given a personal two hour tour which culminates in the restaurant where traditional appetisers are served. You can choose to participate in cooking lessons or making bread, an activity which starts early in the morning. Whatever you choose, the tour is included. How do visitors respond to Rizes? The older Mykonians are touched, it softens their heart, while the younger respond with joy. Tourists who come to Mykonos for the first time are enthusiastic. Others, the so called repeaters, who recognise the diversity, approach Rizes from an ecological perspective, in contrast to the Mykonians who have traditional associations. In all cases, the creation of mr Zouganelis is the result of dedication to a way of life that seems foreign to the new Mykonos era, but is familiar to those who search for the hidden side of a land that still has a living tradition.

Clockwise from left: The barn, where tools and hay were kept. Playing the traditional tsabouna (the Greek bagpipe). The chicken coop. Animals are a crucial part of the setting. The chapel of Rizes.


food report

TASTE-SATIONAL Smell the local ingredients, hear their transformation into a feast for your eyes, touch the result and taste the most delicious dishes. BAKALÒ its assets, such as the mushroom risotto and seafood pasta. And for the ending apple pie. Goumenio Sq., +30 22890 26705

Next to a traditional well is located a patio that fills you with a sense of recognizable peace, a delicious heaven you want to share with a select few. Even when full of visitors, the restaurant’s warm, homey atmosphere gives the impression that the kitchen creates dishes bursting with the flavours and aromas of Greece, such as grilled squid stuffed with spinach rice and tarama vinaigrette. Just like dinner on your veranda at home. Lakka, +30 22890 78121,

CATARI Its retro patio has become a reference point for all fans of authentic Neapolitan pizza, the one with the extremely thin crust and delicious toppings, homemade pastas and fresh fish. Groups of friends gather at this old town house that boasts impressive retro tiles, home to the only “Authentic Italian Restaurant” on Mykonos, as certified by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Aghia Anna, Chora, +30 22890 78571,



Beefbar breaks tradition with the rigid codes of high-end steakhouses. Riccardo Giraudi envisioned a destination for discerning carnivores with a modern feel. The concept works on contrasts: unpretentious food yet extremely highquality products. The architecture is both sober & luxurious. These are the general characteristics, but Beefbar on the Coast in Mykonos also breaks tradition with all the other Beefbars, as it is the only located next to the sea. This summer, the menu includes some seafood dishes as well.

Having landed on Mykonos does not mean that you will not enjoy your favorite Italian delicacies. Mykonos has a new spot for the lovers of cappuccino, panna cotta or tiramisu. With a stunning view of Delos across the sea, enjoy your breakfast along with a fresh brewed espresso in the new Italian spot that pays tribute to pizzas, risotto, pasta and great desserts. Taste also the delicacies from the mozzarella bar and the meat dishes for extra doses of Italian tastes. For the ending, have a Pasqualini coffee. Ano Mylos, +30 22890 26524,

Aghios Ioannis, +30 6956600169, 22890 77865, mykonos.

BILL & COO GASTRONOMY PROJECT Here, in this wonderful, cosmopolitan space with the divine view of the ocean, where all the senses soar, flavour is one of the restaurant’s greatest advantages. Aromas, smells and flavours that marry East and West, through the inspired recipes of chef Ntinos Fotinakis, based always on the Greek, organic products of the beloved island. Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Megali Ammos, +30

22890 26292,

BUSULAS The chef and owner Manolis Litinas opened last year his Mykonian spot, a value for money restaurant which offers modern Greek cuisine with a twist. The Turkey burger with Martini sauce showcases its surprising menu. At the same time, more classic dishes are also 82

P31 Green Spritz: Boasting 20 different fresh herbs and plants, the green aperitivo can be drunk only with a splash of sparkling water or with the addition of Prosecco to become the P31 Green Spritz! Distributor: I Frati Delicatessen, +30 210 8088576

KOURSAROS In a pirate setting, in Chora, near Little Venice, the simple yet imposing restaurant, takes you on a journey with its design,



food report


atmosphere and particularly with its special flavours. Specialising in fish and seafood, the famous restaurant has devoted followers, that never pass a chance to check in. And for those that love Asian flavours, here they’ll find their hangout! Meletopoulos Sq., +30 22890 78140

MAIZEVELO A restaurant different than all the rest. Why? Because here, the environment has the feeling of a Sunday family gathering and mother’s food. Fragrant authentic Mykonian meatballs, baked chicken, veal with red sauce, giouvarlakia and also, not to be missed, minced meat roll with egg and the divine kapama veal with zucchini. Maivezelo’s tradition is going strong and also does home deliveries! Vougli, +30 22893 00932

Clockwise from left: Koursaros, Sale e Pepe, Oti Apomeine, Maizevelo, Remezzo.

SALE E PEPE The restaurant has associated itself with Mykonos, bringing Italian cuisine even closer to the Island of the Winds. Its story has been infinitely flavourful, since the first day it opened for business on the island, becoming a delicious myth. The restaurant’s idyllic space will bestow to you unforgettable gastronomic events and intense Mediterranean flavours. The beloved Sale e Pepe is inspired by Italian tradition and composes unique recipes of organic ingredients and fresh aromatic herbs that will impress you. There’s also a special space with a romantic view for your private gatherings. 34 Artakinou Str., +30 22890 24207

OTI APOMEINE A totally relaxing and calm environment, that takes you back to the good old days and the authentic tavernas. The passion for traditional Mediterranean cuisine and the fresh ingredients, produce an excellent result and dishes that make the senses soar. The zucchini balls, the salads, the spicy cheese spread, the pittas, but particularly the roasts and especially the piglet, are famous for decades. Before you leave, try the spoon sweets, with the amazing aromas of local fruits. Ano Mera, +30 22890 71534,

REMEZZO If you’re a demanding connoisseur that’s interested in clean, authentic flavours, ethnic food and an up-to-date international wine list, then Remezzo with its refreshed menu is your only choice. In a unique space with an expansive view of the Aegean blue, the restaurant has been the meeting point of many visitors for decades, who naturally remain loyal devotees. Its cuisine is influenced by the culture of many countries, with a focus on fresh seafood. For those who love meat or are vegetarian, the chef will surprise them with his choice recipes. Can you think of a better way to enjoy a sunset in Mykonos? Polikandrioti Str., +30 22890 25700,

TAITTINGER Trinity Wines inaugurates its new exclusive partnership with the historic House of Taittinger Champagne, which begins with the presentation of Brut Réserve, Prestige Rosé and Comtes de Champagne Blanc de Vlancs to the Greek wine audience. The historic House is devoted to make every moment of your life a special one. Now make the picture of you having the unique taste of these premium champagnes while admiring the view from the Bill & Coo Lounge Bar. The perfect scenery to savour the aromas, the intensity and elegance of a Taittinger Champagne. Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Megali Ammos, +30 22890 26292,



bar zone




It welcomes you to its 32nd summer proving its classic presence in time and style. Its history has been written in its consistent characteristics, and in its famous guests, such as the rock legend Keith Richards and Monaco’s young royalty Andrea Casiraghi. And it is still receiving great success with its hip music, the rock influences, the special events and fashion evenings which attract among others, Greek and foreign showbiz personalities. Chora, +30 22890

World famous for its parties, the most celebrated club in Greece attracts thousands of people to the island every summer that will come to enjoy some of the greatest DJ sets in the music industry, while all party fans wait impatiently for its full moon party in August. Whenever you may visit it, there is always a good reason to celebrate a night full of music and dance. Note that you can choose its new space upstairs to organize your special event.


BEEFBAR ON THE COAST IN MYKONOS Boasting a select wine and champagne list from Greece, France, Italy and Germany, the renovated Beefbar is your destination for quality drinks and a night full of music and entertainment. Apart from the classic cocktails, what about a BeefBar Sunrise, a Peruvian Soul or a Fallen Star cocktail? Wait, there’s more; you can make your personalized cocktail here. All you need to do is let the mixologists know your favourite flavours and they will design your own cocktail. Aghios Ioannis, +30 6956600169, 22890 77865,

BILL & COO LOUNGE BAR Blend the energy of summer with mouth teasing flavors and quench your thirst with exotic tastes in extraterrestrial scenery. The light and refreshing signature cocktails of Bill & Coo Lounge Bar are served within a stylish, cosmopolitan yet unpretentious and relaxed ambience by the pool. Bill & Coo Lounge Bar prepares an array of cocktails and light snacks, perfect for those Mykonian sunsets with a stunning sea view. Bill & Coo Suites & Lounge, Megali Ammos, +30 22890 26292,

Paradise, day phone: +30 22890 27205, club phone: +30

22890 27205, reservations of the day: +30 6948504989,


Clockwise from left: Bill & Coo Lounge bar is the spot for an early and a very late drink, enjoy the sunset from the terrace of Remezzo, the most imaginative cocktails at Beefbar on the Coast in Mykonos, party mood at Cavo Paradiso.

Boasting new spectacular events, it welcomes you to a great Greek dinner under the sunset and to the party which always comes next. Then head at the historical restaurant and cocktail bar and make your own unforgettable memories in its renovated and exquisite scenery totally in white. This is a place for the art of entertainment offering special guest DJs and parties for over 170 people in a magnificent spot with stunning views. So, make sure that you will be part of Remezzo’s legendary nights. Polikandrioti Str., Chora,





FLAGSHIP BOUTIQUE MYKONOS: 19 Kalogera Str, Mykonos, 84600 ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS BOUTIQUE ATHENS: 7 Kolokotroni Str, Kifissia, 14562




best buys




THE SHOPRANOS There is always a good series of reasons to visit these selected addresses again and again. Sparkling and luxurious items take the lead in every season’s shopping hunts.

best buys

AL GIGA MYKONOS The boutique is like a dictionary of Greek design, where you can find collections of many remarkable designers and be informed about the country’s fashion trends. Find the new dresses by Liana Camba, the fresh men’s designs by Dante and items by the GARCONS SAUVAGE collection exclusively here. Get your bohemian vibes, have your snake skin outfit and your summer kimonos to be stylish all day. 6 Sotiros Str., +30

From top: D.S. Gold Jewellery, AL GIGA MYKONOS, Audemars Piguet Boutique

2289 306730

The Audemars Piguet boutique on the island reflects the international mindset of the company, that’s based on its cultural heritage, as well as its good taste and the Cycladic feeling. The boutique offers a wide range of men and women’s watches of the top brand, as well as a pleasant environment, so as for the customers to enjoy more their time and choices. Berni Zorzi & 12B Enoplon Dinameon Str.,

Mykonos, +30 22893 06726,

CHORA ART HOME & DESIGN The awarded for its interior design shop with 92



Transfers-Sightseeing Tours-Daytrips 12, Minoas St., Megara, Greece P.O. BOX 147, Zip Code 19100 Tel.:

+30 2296 772018 +30 2296 080255 Fax: +30 2296 021185 E-mail:

best buys

specially designed Christian Louboutin bag for Mykonos.

special home and decoration items captures the eye and your interest when it comes to the renewal of your space. Decorate your walls with unique pieces that lead you to a different dimension. Maximum of intensity with the minimum of means. It is this, that leads the artists to give to painting a character of even greater barrenness. And it is the same power that leads you to adorn your space with artistic objects, as well as a variety of elegant furniture, dining items, mirrors, handmade lucky charms and of course paintings. Aghios

Nammos Village, 2 Arch Str., +30 22890 27724

D.S. GOLD JEWELLERY In this store, jewellery is a family affair. For more than two decades, the owners design and make high quality jewellery, which are suitable for all tastes and budgets. Knowhow, specialisation and aesthetics meet with the precious materials in a jewellery shop that has something for everyone. What will you choose? Aghia Anna, Chora, +30 22890 25251,

ENNY MONACO Let’s talk about colours, vivid prints, sensational designs and premium quality. In other words, let’s talk about your next visit to Enny Monaco. Have a glance at the new Anjuna swimwear, the Gianvito Rossi heels, the elegant hats by Eugenia Kim, the wonderful Christian Louboutin’s limited Portugaba bags, the absolute summery mimi Liberté SS19 collection and the modern version of the traditional kaftan by Afroditi Hera. Take your time, there are even more stylish choices for you to make the greatest impression on the island. Tria Pigadia, +30 22890 77100,

Taxiarchis, +30 22890 71107, 6973 492324 & 43 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22890 79363,

CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN POP UP STORE The object of desire for every woman, a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes, has found its own place on the Island of the Winds, in one of the most cosmopolitan spots, Nammos Village with a unique installation on the roof. The new venture of Enny Monaco is already a magnet for the brand’s devotees and all those who want to see the new, fabulous models, with the inspired designer’s seal. The characteristic red of his shoes, remains the trademark of his designs. Check out the 94


From top: Christian Louboutin Pop Up store, D.S. Gold Jewellery

It’s not an accident that they’re adored and have traveled to many countries. They’re distinguished for their quality and endurance, the result of the right choice of materials and the science team of the parent company. They come in a great variety of colours and are ideal for all hours. There’s a lot of advantages, but you can add one more. Inside the Mykonos shop, you’ll find great offers and new models. Kouzi Georgouli Str., +30 22890 28004

best buys


+30 22890 22097

HARRY MESTRO As you walk through the door, you immediately realize that the inspiration is the actual everyday life of this store. Handmade items, unique and impressive, always inspired by Mykonos and its “free spirit” philosophy: the Aegean turquoise, the white houses, the red sunset sky, the openness to new ideas. Everything that enchants us on the island, you can wear it, in the form of the most bohemian necklaces and bracelets made from semiprecious stones. This year’s highlight is the unique Ancient Cultures series made exclusively in one-piece design. 11 Aghiou Gerasimou Str. & 28 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22890 27837

ELENA MAKRI MYKONOS Renowned brands and collections, such as SJP by Sarah Jessica Parker, Tashia and Sapia, are exclusively found at the boutique. You will definitely love all the wonderful dresses, airy caftans, beautiful shoes, exquisite bags and jewels, as well as the jewels with semiprecious stones and the accessories. Update your summer style with 96

Clockwise from left: Georgios & Co., Harry Mestro, Elena Makri Mykonos, Kessaris-Ora Kessaris, Karat Mykonos.

the AKTIA and ALIA collections, the IRO pantsuits, the DELOS and NEREIS caftans, the exclusive swimwear and cover-ups of La Perla and the also exclusive OYE Swimwear. 19 Kalogera Str., +30 22890 29145,

KARAT MYKONOS With the motto “Jewellery for the soul”, the alternative fine jewellery boutique in the heart of Mykonos downtown makes its statement with luxury, handmade jewellery by young as well as established Greek designers, made with silver and gold, impressively merging the traditional with the modern. Exceptional and unique jewels handmade by Greek artists, displayed in a stunning turquoise and cream-colored space! 14 Mitropoleos Str., +30 22890 77949.

KESSARIS - ORA KESSARIS The art of jewelry has kept its rendez-vous with haute horlogerie in one mythical place: at Kessaris in Chora for decades. Now, this excellent connection can also be found at the new store in Nammos Village. Here you can highlight yourself with exquisite Kessaris


Here, everything has been revolving around handmade jewellery for thirty years. The sun, the sea, the sand, the ancient Greek tradition of Mykonos and Delos, are the sources of inspiration of the great designer Giorgio, who serves jewel making loyally and consistently and has loyal fans of his creations from all over the world. Elegant masterpieces from silver, gold and precious stones, become temptations for every visitor of the Mykonos shop. Mykonos waterfront,


creations and you can also admire the creations of the firms BVLGARI, De Grisogono, Loree Rodkin, Aaron Basha, Pippo Perez, Roberto Demeglio, Rolex, A.Lange&Sohne, Harry Winston, Richard Mille, Panerai, IWC, Jaeger-LeCoultre, Zenith, Tudor, Longines, Tissot, Tag Heuer, U-Boat, GaGa Milano, Omega and Wintex, as well as the finest office supplies and watch accessories. Kessaris Mykonos:

58 Mat. Andronikou Str., +30 22890 22880, Kessaris in Nammos Village Psarou, +30 22890 22376,


best buys

MARIKA’S BOUTIQUE A love at first sight, a shop that will make you join the island style. Cotton linen and silk dresses at their best expressions made by Join Clothes will definitely satisfy your cravings and you will find them exclusively here. You can choose from accessories, caftans beachwear and selected menswear all inspired by the island’s breeze, while Marika’s team will make your shopping a unique experience. 39 Kouzi Georgouli Str., +30 22890 22285

MINAS If the island was a jewel, it would have been a masterpiece created by Minas, the most famous jewelry designer on Mykonos. From the Jolly Roger and the Girl from Rio, to the double star every design by the talented Minas is, literally, a small work of art. And do not forget, the creative items and decorative pieces which add another artistic touch at home or as a gift to a loved one. Fortunately, his sons seem to have inherited his talent which means that the shop that looks like a gallery, is expected to be a reference point on the island, for many years to come. Aghias

Kyriakis Sq., + 30 22890 27320,


PONIROS Clockwise from left: Marika’s Boutique, Poniros, Minas, VP Jewellery, Rousounelos.

Perfectly situated at the entrance to Mykonos town, the Poniros boutique is a stone’s throw away from the islands most emblematic shopping district. Friendly and relaxed, the boutique is resplendent with modernist detailing and the jewellery creations by Fotis Poniros will undoubtedly captivate and seduce you. Meet here the characteristic The Windmills, Thalassa and the Volcanic Flower collections. Aghia Anna, +30 22890 78545 & Mykonos Grand, Aghios Ioannis, +30

22890 79696

ROUSOUNELOS Want to see the new Rolex and Cartier collections? You have no choice but to come to Rousounelos shop. Here visitors come to Mykonos, loyal fans of luxury, to see the collections of their favourite watches. The hospitable shop also exposes more world-class treasures, such as Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Patek Philippe, Breitling, Tudor and TechnoMarine. For two generations the Rousounelos family of Mykonos has proudly served as the official representative for such prestigious watchmakers. 32 Matoyianni Str., +30 22890 22797,

VP JEWELLERY Exquisite male and female jewelry, handmade pieces, which are defined by plain but impressive forms, reflect the glow of gold and silver adorned with precious and semi-precious stones under the signature of VP Jewellery; a signature with an expertise dated back in 1936. 42 Florou Zouganeli Str., +30 22890 79363


gold treats



Having gained valuable experience though the years in demanding customer service and the provision of high standard vehicles and cars in Mykonos, the ICAR luxury car rental offers a wide range of car models and car sizes for fulfilling all customer needs. ICAR is the leading luxury car rental Greece operating for more than 25 years in Mykonos market. It is distinguished for its quality and value, while the average age of the cars is below 6 months, which are constantly maintained and always checked, making ICAR a top choice. Airport Road, +30 22890 72280,

With more than 20 years of expertise, the company leads a high-quality fleet and offers personalized services to all customers. The experienced and qualified personnel guarantees the best of service in a 24/7 basis, as well as high safety and security standards. At this very moment Mykonos Yachting owns 9 yachts and the personnel will be next to you before your trip and throughout your cruise to make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. Do not forget the glassbottom cruises: Having as a starting point Platis Gialos Port, you will cruise very close to the famous beaches of Paraga, Paradise, Super Paradise, Agrari, Elia, Kalo Livadi, Aghia Anna, Kalafatis, Lia and Fragkia.

L’O YACHTING Currently in its 8th year, the L’o Yachting team has excelled in sharing its passion for the yachting world, its insatiable thirst for life, and the discovery of new hideaways. With most of its fleet based in Mykonos, it awaits to greet guests on board, where one soon enough explores, experiences, and becomes one with an incredible fairytale setting of unprecedented natural beauty, leaving behind the stress of every day routine. L’o Yachting provides an exclusive charter experience in one of the world’s finest holiday destinations, the Cyclades shaping its fleet with the intention of providing a variety of yachts of different sizes and styles. Evaggelistraki, +30

22890 28317, 6932526292, 6948743946,


Platis Gialos, +30 22890 28660,

REVITHIS & PARTNERS With a direct and close relationship with its clients, the Revithis & Partners group, has managed to win their trust, offering dedication and high quality services. Involved with real estate since 1989, the group holds a leading position in its sector, having a large selection of luxury villas, apartments, lots and shops in its portfolio. With professional management and of course technical knowhow, Revithis & Partners will find your dream house and the right real estate for your personal space. Drafaki, +30 22890 26066,

SUPERIOR AIR Have you dreamed of an air travel while having your holidays on Mykonos? Now, you can actually live it thanks to Superior Air, the first helicopter charter company who has part of its fleet based on Mykonos. Whether you want to visit Santorini, Koufonisia or Patmos, Superior Air can get you there in 20-40 minutes. Experiences and dreams should not be limited and Superior Air is here to make island hopping a wonderful trip. +30 22967 72018,

At your service! From seeking properties and enjoy private cruises to winning the impressions, Mykonos is the island that has it all -and offers everything in the best quality and professionalism. Left: The Faneromeni traditional caique of L’o Yachting. Right: Revithis & Partners.





THE VANGUARD It has been ten years since its first day of operation and the Acropolis Museum has already proved its significance to the Athenian cultural scene.Join its celebrations!


The motif To celebrate its tenth anniversary the Acropolis Museum has produced a special, time limited range of products featuring the crane in flight, inspired by a rare softly coloured depiction of the bird seen on the cornice of the first Parthenon (570 BC). For the ancient Greeks the crane symbolized intelligence, astuteness and good fortune.

The Acropolis Museum celebrates 10 years of operation and throughout this period over 14,5 million local and international visitors have passed through its doors and enjoyed its exhibits. Celebrating this anniversary, the Acropolis Museum is organising a series of interesting events for prospective visitors. First of all, they will have the opportunity to admire the temporary exhibition, “CHISEL AND MEMORY. The contribution of marble craftsmanship to the restoration of the Acropolis monuments” (11/6-31/10). It is with great pleasure that the Museum is hosting an exceptional exhibition of photographs of the marble craftsmen of the Acropolis at work. Imbued with a new curatorial spirit, the exhibition was initially organised by the Committee for the Conservation of the Acropolis Monuments and the Acropolis Restoration Service. On the 19th of June, it has also welcomed Stavros Xarchakos and an orchestra of eight renowned Greek soloists who invited the visitors to a musical journey comprising familiar compositions of Stavros Xarchakos, Mikis Theodorakis, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Markos Vamvakaris and Manos Hadjidakis. Two days later, it was the opening of the excavation beneath the Museum. What lied below your feet, now comes closer allowing you to visit them and not just gazing at them from a distance. So, from the 21st of June onwards, the archaeological excavation will be open to the public with the general admission fee ticket. The excavated area of 4,000 sq. meters comprises houses, workshops, baths and streets of an ancient Athenian neighborhood that existed from the classical to the byzantine years, in

successive phases. Up to now the visitors could only see part of what was brought to light by the excavations in the “Makrygianni plot”, as the area surrounding the Museum is named. Part of this excavation was covered with a contemporary layer of earth to preserve it, while another was removed to make way for the underground levels of the Museum and the Metro Station “Acropoli”. The Ancient Athenian neighborhood “opens” its doors and “welcomes” you to a journey of history. This impressive archaeological site will soon be enriched with the most representative findings of the excavation. Architectural ruins will be organized in a unique exhibition set that sheds light on the everyday life of an ancient neighborhood that existed in the shadow of the Acropolis. For more info:





BILL & COO SUITES & LOUNGE Megali Ammos, Mykonos, 84600, Greece

T (+30) 22890 26292-3, F (+30) 22890 25933 Email:

BILL & COO COAST SUITES Aghios Ioannis, Mykonos, 84600, Greece

T (+30) 22890 26633, F (+30) 22890 25933 Email:

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Official Magazine of the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge Hotel, located in Mykonos island, Greece. Issue #10, August 2019


Official Magazine of the Bill & Coo Suites and Lounge Hotel, located in Mykonos island, Greece. Issue #10, August 2019