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Does Romance Die When You Have Kids?

How Movies Make You Fall In LOVE








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THE EDITOR Love is in the air, it’s February after all! And if Covid-19 has taught us anything, it’s to hold our loved ones closer than ever before. Life is precious and short, and time spent with loved ones is invaluable. Express your feelings to your spouse, children, family members, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Tell them how you truly feel about them now, not later. Cherish and celebrate each life that matters to you this Valentine’s. Send appreciation messages that explain what you love the most about this person and why they’re so important in your life. Spread love and be ready to receive love in return. Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

Rola Kamel

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Should We Even Be Trying to Do Anything At All In Quarantine?

Exclusive Interview With Pedro Alonso, La Casa De Papel’s One and Only ‘Berlin’

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6 IDENTITY • February 2021

Happy Valentine’s City Stars • Cairo Festival City Mall • Mall of Egypt • Mall of Arabia virginmena virginmegastoreme virginmegastore.ae

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8 Editor’s Picks 9 Eight Things To Replace a Relationship With 10 How Movies Make You Fall in Love with Love 11 Which Fictional Couple Is Your Relationship?


12 Makeup For Date Night 14 V-Day’s Beauty Trends 18 Red Hot Date 22 Love Your Shape 24 V-day Items that Never Go Out of Style 26 A Fashionable Guide to Gifting

LOVE SEASON 28 Who said that Romance dies when you have Kids?

8 IDENTITY • February 2021



30 Best and Worst Couples of All Time 34 Have a Special Valentine’s Day with your Partner 36 A Game for Two: Sports for Both of You 38 Energy Balls 40 Travel Guide: Thailand 42 Monuments Dedicated to Love 44 An Interview with Fine Hygienic Holding CEO James Michael Lafferty

PROMOTIONS 46 Advertorial 50 Press Releases 56 Horoscopes



For Date Night

CASA DESIGNS WHEN TRADITION MEETS ELEGANT MODERNITY Mi casa es tu casa’ is a Spanish phrase many of us have heard before—it translates to ‘my home is your home’, which makes for a really interesting question. Just what is a home anyway? Is it just a place where you rest your head for the night or is it a living, breathing entity that bares your heart and soul? This was, more or less, what ran in the minds of the three university seniors, Khaled Rashwan, Abdallah ElMasry, and Ahmed Abozeid in 2018. Throughout their five years of university, the trio had solely focused on the thing they were most passionate about — designing and executing innovative products for their projects, specifically products that could only be manufactured by local craftsmen. Soon after their graduation, the childhood friendsturned-business partners took the world by storm and decided to push their passions and dreams into reality, starting with Instagram before their designs spread like wildfire through Egypt. With focuses on innovation and aesthetics and efficiency, CASA Designs firmly believes that the whole concept of design is differently interpreted by every single person. While some people see it as an art, others might see it as simple execution. For CASA, however, it’s all in the aesthetic and the process of execution and construction as well as

coming up with innovative solutions to any existing problems for its clients.

And there’s only one factor that’s even more important — the people themselves, who help CASA find the telltale problems that will make them come up with the efficient solutions. When it comes to finding these solutions, CASA can’t go on without its Egyptian craftsmanship by its side. On that craftsmanship, co-founder Khaled Rashwan told us this: “The Egyptian craftsmen are among the extremely talented and experienced. The one problem is that fear holds them back.” Although CASA Designs takes pride in its culture, it had to admit traditional style of craftsmanship had long fallen out of favor with modern households as they did not fit or suit them anymore. And this is where CASA’s innovative process and designs come in, as they encourage the artisans to look outside the familiar and traditional. Besides changing the fabric of quintessential Egyptian craftsmanship, CASA Designs’ main goal is turning a home into a real home. For the cofounders, the home is the greatest reflection of who one person really is— whether it be modern, contemporary, minimalist or anything else, your home will tell everyone who you are and what you’re like.


identity A LOVE SPELL Pull&Bear Chain Print Shirt This chain print top is giving us Versace vibes, and we’re all here for it!

2 3

Palma Burgundy Round Waist Bag This Palma round waist bag is what you need to look trendy, edgy and elegant. It is so practical and cute, and it also suits Valentine’s!

4 Zara Pleated Faux Leather Skirt This amazing burgundy leather skirt will look so elegant on you, especially during this time of year. 10 IDENTITY • February 2021

Judebinhalim Urban Maze Necklace It’s all about the class and sass for us women, right?! This amazing black and gold Judebinhalim Urban Maze necklace will make you look classy, but sassy on all your glamorous nights out!





Chanel No 5 Eau de Parfum Red Edition There’s nothing sexier than an amazingly seductive and sensual odor, agree? The Red Edition from Chanel No. 5 is going to make you 10 times more attractive this Valentine’s! Lizzie Fortunato Heart Earrings Those earrings will help you rock whatever look you choose to go with; the heart shape is just so elegant and pretty!

1 WORK Stay focused on your career goals and ambitions. 2 EXERCISE Start working out, or try something new perhaps kickboxing, yoga or Zumba if you’re already used to an exercise routine. Stick to a workout schedule even if it’s just brisk walking, jogging or house work. 3 TRAVEL Travel whenever and wherever you get the chance. See different places, meet different people and learn new things. Travelling clears the mind and heals the soul, and you definitely need that! 4 REBOUND Well, some people say “you only get over someone by getting under someone else”. You don’t have to “LITERALLY” get under someone of course. What we mean is having a rebound relationship could actually be healthy, even when you still have feelings for your ex.

EIGHT THINGS TO REPLACE A RELATIONSHIP WITH Many of us have been through lousy awful breakups that have left us feeling void and empty inside. No matter how civilized a breakup might be, it still remains a heartwrenching traumatizing experience. You shouldn’t give in to this new emptiness or allow it to control you; replace your irretrievable relationship with activities that fill up your day and feed your soul.

5 GETTING BACK WITH YOUR FRIENDS Some people tend to neglect their friends and drift away from them when they are in a relationship. If this is the case, then it’s high time you mend your friendships and hook up with your close buddies. 6 HOBBIES/COURSES Expose yourself to new things; enroll in new courses: art, philosophy, literature classes or whatever else that interests you. Pursue a hobby that you’ve always admired but never had the time for. It’s also an excellent opportunity to meet new people and get inspired by them. 7 GO CRAZY Attempt all the wild stuff you never had the guts to try from bungee jumping, skydiving, to hiking in Nepal. Just go crazy! 8 RE-DISCOVER YOURSELF It’s finally time to get to know yourself better; start writing a journal, reminisce about the past and try to learn. Acknowledge your likes and dislikes. February 2021 • IDENTITY 11

HOW MOVIES MAKE YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH LOVE by Farah Khedre Who doesn’t want their love life to be like their favourite romantic movie? It’s always so beautifully complicated but everything seems to work itself out in the end somehow, and who wouldn’t want that? The truth is that this is real life and sadly, real life is never perfect. It’s not scripted to make everything so easily fall into place, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be a bad thing. After watching romantic movies, we so badly feel the need to fall in love in a specific way that we saw on some screen. We try to live out our fantasies as they’ve been shown to us, but these fantasies are bound to fall apart one day because movies have a way of portraying love merely as just many beautifully shot kisses in the rain, razor-sharp dialogues that seem to flow easier than river water and big gestures and meanings to every single moment couples spend together. There is no denying that these things sometimes really do happen in real life and they give any relationship that extra something that makes it wonderful, but they also make us forget that real life has a lot of mundane moments that don’t add or subtract anything from the bigger picture. There are a lot of moments that don’t have a bigger meaning behind them. Movies don’t show these ordinary and sometimes even boring day-to-day routines, because the sole purpose of a movie is to depict a long, detailed and intricate life and divide it into mere moments that are trying to convey the bigger picture. This is why we fail to see the smaller and more genuine picture. Life, with everything in it, including love, even the best kind of love, has a gap in it and we’re all going crazy trying to fill it. We should just stop and accept

12 IDENTITY • February 2021

that this gap can’t be filled. It’s this imperfection that makes it all so real and worth living for. We watch movies from beginning to end and think that because our relationship is not where the movie ended then it must not be as good or as real, failing to notice that our relationship’s ending hasn’t even come yet. We’re still halfway through our own movie, so why are we always trying to fast forward and reach the ending? If we start thinking of our life as one of our favourite movies that we’re interested to watch, then we shouldn’t want the end to come so fast, right? We should just enjoy all the tumbles, turns, plot twists, betrayals, loss and love and all that comes in between.

We shouldn’t obsess about the idea of having a perfect partner that we weave in our heads based on a character we’ve seen on screen. We shouldn’t just want love that is quick, delusional, consuming and immersing, but one that is hard, painful and full of compromises. We should want to fall in love with the person we love, because while the moments we have with them and the feelings that they give us might not seem as perfect as the ones we watch and dream about, they are actually happening and are real. And what love can be more beautiful than one that is real and that can even make you lose your mind a little?

Which Fictional Couple Is Your Relationship? by Nada Abdelkader 1. WHERE WOULD YOU RATHER SPEND YOUR VALENTINE’S DAY? A. going out and about in town and hitting the trendiest It-spots B. indoors with a romantic, candlelit dinner and perfect-for-slow-dancing music all around C. in a spot that you regularly hang out in because of the casualness and relaxed ambience D. on board a dinner cruise, so you could have a classic dinner and watch a show 2. HOW LONG HAVE YOU TWO BEEN TOGETHER? A. under the one-year mark B. over the three-year mark C. somewhere between one and two years D. exactly on the one-year mark 3. WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE FICTIONAL GRAND GESTURE OF ALL TIME? A. John Cusack holding the boombox in ‘Say Anything’ B. Mr. Darcy proposing to Elizabeth in the rain in ‘Pride and Prejudice’ C. Monica proposing to Chandler in ‘Friends’ D. Amelie orchestrating a scavenger hunt for Nino in ‘Amelie’ 4. WHICH FICTIONAL COUPLE DESERVED TO MAKE IT? A. Serena and Nate from ‘Gossip Girl’ B. Jack and Rose from ‘Titanic’

C. Robin and Barney from ‘How I Met Your Mother’ D. Jackie and Hyde from ‘That 70’s Show’ 5. OUT OF THESE, WHAT’S YOUR FAVORITE THING ABOUT YOUR PARTNER? A. their raw sense of humor B. their unbelievable charm and wit C. their intelligence and aloof façade D. their commitment to their ideals


MOSTLY D’S: THE ROSS AND RACHEL Your relationship has been in the works for such a long time, it turned into a favorite will-they-won’tthey debate between your mutual friends. Don’t worry, this isn’t bad. This just means that when you two finally got together, it was every bit the magical fairytale romance everyone was dying to see!

MOSTLY B’S: THE GOMEZ AND MORTICIA ADDAMS You’ve been a couple for quite some time, but don’t worry the spark between you two is anything but stale! In fact, it’s so inspiring many other couples tend to go to you for advice and double dates. Your love is so fervent, you already have a horde of ideas on how to spend your Valentine’s.

MOSTLY C’S: THE JIM AND PAM The classic friends-turned-lovers never fails, especially if you were already the type of friends that saw eye-to-eye on most things. Your relationship only differs now because you may act lovey-dovey from time to time, but it’s never cringey—only cute and kind of desirable.

MOSTLY A’S: THE BABY AND JOHNNY You’re young and in love and feeling it, aren’t you? There’s no way to put it except that your relationship is either relatively new or always feels new because of all the excitement you guys go through. Celebrate this Valentine’s by dancing the night away on your favourite dance floor! February 2021 • IDENTITY 13

identity BEAUTY


For Date Night by Aya Aboshady Want to look fabulous on your date night? Well, Valentine’s Day is partly about dressing up and wearing glamorous makeup to match the lovey dovey atmosphere in the air, and that’s why we brought you a guide with two stunning looks that you can easily pull off on your date night, and which will also go with two different hairstyles!

THE HAIR UP MAKEUP LOOK To make things quick and easy for you, this Two in One Beyond Perfecting Foundation and Concealer from Clinique will not just give you a guaranteed pretty look with its flawless natural finish, it will also smoothen and moisturize your face!


The ColourPop Super Shock Cream-Powder eyeshadow is the one for this look. This time in the prettiest, most natural shade ever, Amaze, for a nude shimmery look to complement your face!

14 IDENTITY • February 2021



This Smashbox Always On Liquid Bold Lipstick in the shade Disorderly will give you the sexiest dark red lips for your date night. It will also make your lips look fuller with its creamy formula and primer oil!


The ELF Beautifully Bare Cheeky Glow will look absolutely gorgeous on your skin and complete the fancy look! The cream to powder blush goes smoothly on the skin and creates the most natural and beautiful glow.

To enhance your look, you’ll need a natural mascara that actually brings out the beauty of your lashes, which is why this Maybelline Lash Sensational is the perfect mascara for you. Especially with its very buildable quality and full fan effect!


6 Cream highlighters are hands down always the best! And this Twinkle Stick cream one from Tarte is not just really pretty and shimmery, it’s also long wearing. The formula also contains coconut and vitamin E for a healthy date night!


This ColourPop Super Shock Cream-Powder eyeshadow in the shade Honor Roll will make your eyes look pretty shiny with its warm rusty brown color and soft pearl finish. Its quick and easy blending technique is probably the best thing about it!



You will definitely need your makeup to stay in place for the whole night, which is why this Estée Lauder Double Wear foundation will fulfill your needs up to 24 hours, giving you the most flawless matte finish!


The NYX HD Studio Photogenic Concealer is literally one of the best! Its formula is great for covering any imperfections or dark circles that you might have, without looking cakey in any way!

This long wearing Chocolate Soleil matte bronzing powder from TOO FACED is awesome. It helps you get that easy tanned warm look that stays on for hours. And the best thing is that it DOES smell like chocolate, which goes perfectly with Valentine’s Day!


What’s a date night makeup look without a beautiful highlighter? This Fort De France NARS highlighter in the Champagne shade will give you the prettiest dewy finish ever to go with the rest of your face!

Another amazing product from Benefit is the They’re Real lengthening and volumizing mascara! It lifts and separates your lashes perfectly for a beautiful and dramatic eye look and it’s also long wearing!



The Milani Blossom time Rose Powder Blush will give your cheeks the most natural flushed look; its soft shimmery finish is going to make you look even prettier for the night!



Here comes the Valentine’s Day essential, the classic red lipstick! This one from MAC in the shade Satin with its nice creamy formula is all you need before you get out the door to meet your date and look as hot and beautiful as ever!

February 2021 • IDENTITY 15


Beauty Trends by Mariem Eltagoury

To really help you shake up your look for Valentine’s Day, we scoured the scene for the latest V-day beauty trends. Whether you’re going out, staying in or spending the holiday with your girls, you don’t have to take hours to achieve the perfect look or opt for simplicity just to save time. If you’re looking to try something new this Valentine’s Day, don’t settle for basic waves. It’s 2021, which means anything goes. Any night out should be an excuse to try a new beauty look, whether simple like dot eyeliner or a more daring (and permanent) look like blorange hair. Date night is no longer restricted to classic beauty motifs like red lips or a voluminous blowout. Get your look from office-appropriate to date-ready in less time than it takes to say, “Valentine’s Day is just an excuse to buy candy.”

Half-Up Style The Side Swept Bun Yes. It’s exactly what we’d do with our own hair if we were a modernday princess. Michelle Williams’ side swept bun at the 2006 Oscars was a Hollywood moment that started a whole new category of romantic hairstyles.

16 IDENTITY • February 2021

Go for this hopelessly romantic look with a matte red lipstick and a silky ribbon. This is a hairstyle that can be worn anytime, for any occasion, when you want to look like you’ve done the extra effort, but have not been quite up for it.

The Unexpected Accessory Twist a few strands of metal chain onto a bobby pin, then secure and hide the pin in your hair. Cara Delevingne’s waves here are one of the most romantic hairstyles, but the addition of a gold accessory modernizes the look.

A Fresh Cut

The Embellished Headband

Feeling rebellious? Try a new cut this month; it’s the month to celebrate love and no one deserves it more than you. This style is pretty as it is effortless. For an undone but pretty look, try Jennifer Lawrence’s beachy waves. Who said they’re only for summer?!

The easiest way to take your ponytail from day to night. Embellished headbands work great to polish off a pulledback style in no time, while showing off your best features. We predict this will be one of 2021’s popular beauty trends.

The Floral Braid Crown Re-create Vanessa Hudgens’ elaborate style by adding delicate flowers or floral accessory pins to a braid crown. Vanessa’s floral braid crown left us speechless, and we can’t wait to give this charming modern flower-child style a try. February 2021 • IDENTITY 17

Mix It Up

Mauve Nails It’s easy to go for the regular pink or red shades for Valentine’s Day, but this year our choice is a less expected shade of mauve. If you haven’t tried Essie Nail Polish in Angora Cardi, now might be the time to try this favourite of ours! It’s easy to DIY at home, or with your girls.

Pulling up the very simple and natural look is the new sexy. Playing with simple colors and nudes that would complement your skin color. A touch of color can’t hurt anyone or any skin color either. Voila!

Holographic Nails Really want to go bold with your nails? Ultra-glam chrome nails or “Mirror nails” as a lot like to call them are as popular as ever right now on Pinterest. Try this hue of rose-gold for your Valentine’s Day. If you don’t know a salon that harbours this trend, try out Essie’s metallic collection.

Gold Lips For the ladies who are looking to get more adventurous with their makeup this Valentine’s Day, switching up your lipstick can totally change your overall look. Add a gold lip gloss over a nude lip colour - like our current favourite Revlon Colorstay Ultimate Liquid Lip Colour in #1 Nude – or on top of a pale pink hue for a rosy-gold effect.

Lip Stain We all know lipstick performs a disappearing act the minute you talk, drink, or eat. It’s easy to forget to touch up on your lip colour when you’re having a good time; and no one wants to be the lady with awkward colour residue around the perimeter of her mouth. This year try a low maintenance way to add colour by using a lip stain. Our favourites include Benefit Benetint and Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain.

Purple Liner The perfect grownup example of how to incorporate colour into your look. To get Kerry Washington’s look at the Golden Globes, incorporate purple eyeliner with a swipe of sheer, shimmery gloss, and you’re good to go.

Shimmer and Smoke Take note of Yasmine Tookes here, and use reflective silver glitter instead of highlighter in the inner corner of your eyes to upgrade your eye makeup by adding shimmery accents to your smokey look.

Crimson Eyes Red eyeshadow has been popular for a while now, and the look is still going strong. To get the look, just apply matte red shadow across the lids. For a lustrous finish, dust a shimmery white or silver shadow on top.

Matte, Matte, Matte! Nail Art More and more people are skipping the traditional solid coloured nails and going for easy nail art. For date night, try getting artistic with your nail polish. If your date mentions it in conversation, it’s a sign he’s a keeper! Or if you’re having a ladies’ night in, you and your gal pals could experiment with Pinterest inspired designs.

We’re loving the all-matte look and seeing this trend on the red carpet using colours like blush, rosy neutrals, and burgundy. It would be wise, this year, to invest in a palette or two with versatile, matte, rosyhued shades. Our personal favourite is Urban Decay’s Naked 3 palette.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 19

identity STYLE

Red hot date


by Nahed Kazziha

When February rolls around, you know it is time to anxiously prepare for that one romantic rendez-vous: the Valentine’s Day date. Spare yourself the panic attack this year and instead warm your heart by embracing V-Day’s shades of crimson and pink. Don’t be discouraged by the clichés, so go ahead and throw yourself into some outfit inspiration to make you feel your best with that special someone.

Saint Laurent




Cushnie et Ochs

Elizabeth and James



Miu Miu Zara


20 IDENTITY • February 2021

Dolce & Gabbana

Alice McCall

Isabel Marant

Alice Cicolini Isabel Marant

Oscar de la Renta

Michael Kors Karl Donoghue Givenchy

Bottega Veneta

Edie Parker Balmain


Fred leighton


House of Fluff

Kimberly McDonald Solace London Fleur Du Mal


Calvin Klein

Jimmy Choo

February 2021 • IDENTITY 21 Gianvito Rossi


Mercedes Salazar

Ulla Johnson Herve Leger

Chanel Jemma Wynne

Rebecca Vallance

Francesco Russo


Rixo London


Gucci The Row


See by Chloe

Alexandre Birmann

Sam Edelmann

22 IDENTITY • February 2021

Miu Miu

Mansur Gavriel

Tom Ford



Opening Ceremony


Alice + Olivia Loewe


Golden Goose Deluxe Brand


Current Elliott


Balenciaga Stella McCartney Michael Lo Sordo

Tury Burch

Miu Miu


Adidas Alexander McQueen

Solace London

February 2021 • IDENTITY 23


Shape by Nahed Kazziha Simone Rocha

Fendi Haney

Cinched at the Waist

Your Celebrity Twin: Scarlett Johansson Your Go-To Cut: Pretty much anything you like! Your Trick up the Sleeve: If you’ve got a well-defined waistline, work in some draping to accentuate those curves.

Christian Louboutin

They say that love is blindexcept when it comes to your own self. As women, we are self-conscious and critical of everything from our perfectly manicured nails and cuticles to that one strand of premature gray hair no one else can see without a magnifying glass. You don’t need a professional stylist though to know what makes you feel good about yourself. Instead, why not take your cues from some celebs who are ahead of the curve? Here are some valuable styling tips and tricks of the trade that will have you going from frump to fabulous in no time at all.

Kenneth Jay Lane Jimmy Choo

Straight Shooter

Your Celebrity Twin: Kate Winslet Your Go-To Cut: Go for slimming contours and trims that will keep your legs exposed. Flouncy hems and midis could even work for you. Your Trick up the Sleeve: Bodycon dresses for the win. In particular, those amazing creations with good contrasting and illusions at the waist.

24 IDENTITY • February 2021

Kenneth Jay Lane



All About That Base

Your Celebrity Twin: Jennifer Hudson Your Go-To Style: Flaunt your slender shoulders and bustline with intricate embellishment and cutouts. Consider the empire waist is your BFF. Your Trick up the Sleeve: Baseball and halter necklines to captivate the gaze at your shoulders and uneven hems to lengthen the legs.

NSR Nina Runsdorf

Diane von Furstenberg

Tiffany & Co.

Jimmy Choo

Halston Heritage

Shoulder to Shoulder

Your Celebrity Twin: Elizabeth Hurley (and most runway models!) Your Go-To Cut: It is all about the shift dress. Try non-descript sleeves with heavy focus on patterned trousers, ultra-distressed jeans and standout skirts. Your Trick up the Sleeve: Keep your tops simple and your bottoms busy. Whatever you do, avoid halters and one shoulder cuts.

Topshop Unique

Gianvito Rossi

Michael Kors Collection Dolce & Gabbana

February 2021 • IDENTITY 25


Out of Style! by Nahed Kazziha

Who said that Valentine’s Day was only reserved for expressing human affection? As any selfrespecting sartorial seeker, it is only natural that we take the chance to revere and covet some of the most desirable scores of the season. Check out the top 10 list of wardrobe add-ons that will give you a little extra lovin’ on V-Day: necklaces, bags and shades, oh my!

Graphic Tees

Disco Tops

The respectable way to be explicit.

Bright lights that make for hot nights.

Mod Specs Channeling the inner mod squad.

Freda Banana


Oscar de la Renta

Bold Earrings 26 IDENTITY • February 2021

Chandeliers for your ears? Why, yes!

Tiffany & Co

Hanging Keys The chic way to tell someone you love them.

Halston Heritage


Sock Heels Keeping it tight.

Mega Medallions Because you are a style champ.

Belted Out

Sportmax Oscar Tiye

Lyrics and waistlines deserve special attention.



Ring Around Keeping your precious belongings close.

High School Sacs

That sac-a-dos to keep your hands free.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 27

Everyday watch Similar to cars, men are very particular about their watches. Go for something with impeccable workmanship that will last him a lifetime.


Camera ready Berluti

Leather briefcase

Tag Heuer

Outdoor adventures

For all those hikers and bikers out there, they may partake in V-Day festivities too. Don’t be fooled by the rugged demeanor and grab a versatile backpack for your outdoorsman.

They say that behind every successful man is a woman. So give your ambitious guy the perfect carry all to keep his affairs in order.

Guide to Gifting

Sleek pens

by Nahed Kazziha

He could be artsy and need something to sketch with. He could be a high rolling businessman signing contracts all day. A suave signature needs an equally kickass pen though!



Grooming Set

Does your man take Movember very seriously? If he does, that’s one sign you have yourself a groomer! Help him keep his facial hair in check with a professional shaving set.

Czech & Speake

28 IDENTITY • February 2021


A Fashionable

Mont Blanc


Black tie events may be few and far between, but every now and again even men love to dress up. Get a classic pair or personalize some cufflinks for him to keep forever.

Lucky for your man of few words, a picture is worth a thousand words. So, cut all the blabber and get camera ready to prepare for years of memories to come.

Buying gifts for the fashion conscious can be nothing short of a calamity for those less sartorially inclined. The art of gifting plays a huge role this season, with Valentine’s Day around the corner. You don’t want to be stuck handing your loved one a real dud of a gift, so we’ve got you covered! Here are the top 9 picks for your fashionable significant other.

Sensual scents Bottega Veneta


Handing out business cards or organizing your credit cards can be a messy business. Make sure he keeps his in a polished cardholder that doubles as a practical accessory.

Tom Ford

The perfect simple gift for the man in your life that is not all into Valentine’s Day extravagance. You can choose an exciting aftershave or perfume, either way he will smell divine.


Travel gear

Watches can span a whole range from practical gadgets to coveted jewellery. Figure out if your recipient would prefer an Apple Watch or rare vintage LeCoultre. In any case, gorgeous craftsmanship will be appreciated.

Your woman on the go isn’t a boss lady for nothing. She hussles and ties her hair up when she gets down to business. What this lady needs is a chic set of travel luggage that will help her keep her life together in the most stylish way.

Jaeger- LeCoultre Diptyque

Scented candles

Whether you just started dating or not a Valentine’s day person, don’t go overboard with a gift. Instead, grab a beautifully scented candle. Allow the aromatic present to leave a lingering scent that will be sure to light her fire.

Flirty lingerie


Buying lingerie as a gift has garnered a bad reputation. Do not buy underwear. Thankfully, other types of luxurious lingerie can be just as sexy. Pick out a silky robe that will complement her soft skin instead.

Killer heels

A woman can never have too many shoes. Sneakers, sandals, boots- you name it, she’s probably got it. Here’s a valuable secret though: women run through black heels faster than men wear out white shirts. The infallible answer to your conundrum are black stilettos.


If you find a woman that does not walk around with a handbag, keep her at all costs. She is hassle-free, dramafree and probably practical. Make sure to find a wallet with loads of card space, compartments and a zip to keep all her belongings in check.

Christian Louboutin

Karen Walker

Classic shades

Sunglasses are always necessary out here in Egypt. Let’s not get carried away with purchasing fantasy frames as a gift. Stick to relevant classics; that way you can ensure the gift will be used, a lot!

Saint Laurent

“It” bag

Handy wallet


The one accessory women just cannot seem to live without. No matter how many purses you have, you can never have enough. Find out this season’s “it” bag and deliver it to her on Valentine’s Day, so you can watch the enigmatic appeal of leather goods work their magic.



Fine jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. If Marilyn Monroe sang it, then it must be true! Take the advice of the platinum blonde bombshell and score some frosting that will outlast more than one season’s wear. February 2021 • IDENTITY 29

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WHEN YOU HAVE KIDS by Amina Moustapha 30 IDENTITY • February 2021


ight at the beginning, before the kids, the diapers, the sleepless nights, the ‘kid not eating well’, the school, the homework.... before all the hassle of childcare, there was only you and your partner. The romance was alive and sparkling, fitting in intimacy and conversations. Fun adventures were the rule rather than the exception. However, if you’re like the vast majority of parents, you’re probably directing most of your emotional energy these days toward your newest little love, your kids.

have to be something fancy or extraordinary; it could be as simple as talking and laughing over a shared sandwich or takeout… in whispered tones so the baby stays asleep! Set aside time each week just for the two of you to reconnect, as husband and wife, instead of mom and dad.

Despite the fact that being a parent is one of the most amazing things that could happen to anyone, it is still a fulltime job, with no weekends or holidays. The working hours are endless. In a nutshell, it will tire the hell out of you, and more importantly it will change some aspects of your relationship with your spouse.

One of the greatest things you can do for your kids is to sometimes place your spouse first! Let us elaborate. Putting your kids before your spouse is not you doing them any favours, in fact, you’re doing them a great disservice. You’re showing them an unbalanced way to love. Your children need you, but you know what they also need? A happy home. Happy couples create happy homes. It all provides them with a sense of safety and security; it shows them what real love should look like. Do everyone a favour and spoil your spouse every now and then. You both need it.

The shift from husband and wife to mommy and daddy can be a tricky transition for some marriages. But that shift is inevitable, so instead of ignoring it, letting it control your life or worse yet fighting it off; you must learn how to embrace it. Today we are sharing tips couples follow to try and keep the romance alive after kids. CO-PILOT EVERYTHING IN YOUR LIFE Let’s start with the basics. One of the greatest challenges new couples come across these days in Egypt is breaking the mold regarding the fact that women are the ones responsible for raising kids. This was how the world wagged for many years, but nowadays women lead jobs as challenging as men do, so for her to take the wheel of parenthood on her own is so stressful and unfair, which drives the marriage into a solid wall, and might even break it. Marriage is a partnership; the two parties must invest their time and effort equally. Only then, when the workload is divided and shared, the romance can find its way to sneak in and spark. NEVER STOP DATING EACH OTHER You’ve probably read this one before, but we don’t mind repeating it since it’s an indispensable tip. Dating each other is what made you fall in love in the first place, because it was your chance to connect. It makes sense that you should keep dating to stay in love. If you don’t want the fire to die out, you got to keep blowing on the flames. It doesn’t

DON’T ALWAYS PUT THE CHILDREN FIRST Well, I know this one might come as a surprise, but it is essential.

LEAD A DOUBLE LIFE Becoming parents doesn’t mean you have jumped ships, and are now solely parents. It only means you have added a new title to your marriage, but the title ‘husband and wife’ is still valid. Be consistent and firm about bedtime; your kids must learn that after bedtime is “your time!” After 8 o’clock you’re not parents, you’re you. You’ve dealt with diapers and crying all day; you need a break and time to transition from “parents mode” to “couple mode.” Yes, being parents is a 24/7 gig, but so is being married! And you’ll be a much better, happier person if you make time for yourself too. SHOW AFFECTION TOWARD YOUR SPOUSE IN FRONT OF THE KIDS Sometimes parents back off from showing affection toward each other in front of the kids, thinking it is the right thing to do. It is not right, and it is unhealthy for them too. It’s okay for them to see you kissing, cuddling, dancing, and being in love! In fact, it’s good for them. Part of our job as parents is to model what a strong marriage looks like. Besides, don’t you want it to be blaringly obvious for your kids to know that you and their dad/mom are madly in love? Why would you want to hide that from them? February 2021 • IDENTITY 31


Couples of All Time by Farah Khedre True love is a rare feat, which is why most couples never make it to the finish line. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the lovers of failed relationships didn’t have what it takes to make it work or that they didn’t love each other. It only means that their love wasn’t true, as true love never dies. Love is not measured by how many years two people have been together, or if they got a happily ever after or not. It’s measured by how well they handle the situations they’re put in. We have tried to round up the best and the worst on-screen and real life couples to this date. Let’s take a look!


Monica and Chandler Monica and Chandler were each other’s best friends above all. Chandler and every other character on the show often joked about how much better Monica could do. But what makes them one of the cutest couples in our eyes, is the fact that Monica never made him feel like he doesn’t deserve her.

32 IDENTITY • February 2021

Jesse and Celine They were two strangers who met on a train and ended up spending a magical night together in Vienna. The series of Before Sunrise, Before Sunset and Before Midnight depicts a rare, real, raw and emotional love story, unlike most romantic films. Their love isn’t glorified and written in a way that would make it sound like a fairytale. It’s honest and beautiful.

Phil and Claire Dunphy They complete each other, because each of their imperfections helps balance the relationship. And in my opinion, they portray one of the best modern life marriages.

Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr. They started dating way back on the set of I Know What You Did Last Summer and have been together ever since. Anyone can tell they are a great couple because the tabloids are not often filled with rumours about their relationship. They keep their private life private. Look how well that worked out for them! Let’s hope this couple never meet their ending.

Marshall and Lily What made Marshmallow and Lily Pad so great, you ask? It’s that they talked everything out. Their hearts-to-hearts weren’t riddled with eye-rolling and awkward pauses. They paused their fights when needed and resumed them at the right time.

Beyonce and Jay Z They started dating in 2001 after meeting at a Vanity Fair cover shoot and got married in 2008. They obviously didn’t rush things, and that’s one of the keys to an everlasting relationship. When asked what makes her marriage to Jay-Z so easy, Queen Bee told us the key to their relationship is that they’re best friends first.

Meredith Grey and Derek Shepherd Meredith and Derek didn’t have it easy, but they can’t not be on this list. Derek was the one who taught us that when two people are angry at each other, it doesn’t mean that they stop loving each other. Meredith taught us that you can easily live without the person you love, but you just don’t want to. This is what a healthy relationship is.

Nick Vujicic and Kanae For anyone discouraged by love, real life couple NickVujicic and Kanae will renew your faith.

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan They were the kind of couple that brought warmth to your heart. They met while playing starcrossed lovers then became one of Hollywood’s hottest couples. If you’re not convinced as to why they are on this list despite the recent divorce, go check out their Lip Sync Battle videos on YouTube where both of them defy gender stereotypes.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis It may have taken years for these two to get together, but none of us were actually that surprised when they did. After all, he was her first kiss.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 33

WORST COUPLES Skylar and Walter White Skylar and Walter White stayed together for the sake of their family and it was apparent that love was never the reason that brought these two together. They just kind of settled into a monotonous way of life that happened to include one another. In the end, their marriage was doomed because of their selfishness and bad choices.

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries When Kim announced that she was filing for divorce, she said in a statement “after careful consideration, I have decided to end my marriage”. That careful consideration must have been less than 72 days, because that’s how long their epic marriage lasted for. Seriously, it takes us longer than that to finish a heavy book. Cersei and Jaime Lannister Incest, that’s why.The dysfunctional “family relationship” never had us feeling a bit of understanding or affection. Even their chemistry oozes ickiness, and we can’t be remotely sympathetic to the hardships they go through. Their bond is just too weird.

Ross and Rachel They were each other’s lobsters, but we were just never fans of their relationship. We all rooted for them to get back together, but they didn’t respect each other. Whenever he was about to move on, she would destroy his relationship one way or another, and he had zero respect for her interests and opinions.

Penny and Leonard He wants a trophy wife and she wants a sugar daddy. She always seizes the chance to make fun of how geeky he is and he compliments nothing about her except her ravishing looks. No, thank you. 34 IDENTITY • February 2021

Edward Cullen and Bella Swan Real love makes you strong and builds your character. The love Edward and Bella had could barely make a paper kite fly. She just whined the entire time he was not with her, and all he did was look at her with piercing eyes and prove to her how fragile she really was. Lesser fools than us would find it romantic. Fitz and Olivia Olivia is strong and independent and could easily be one of the most badass women on TV. But somehow, whenever she’s around Fitz, she melts like a popsicle and loses all her logic and common sense. Fitz, on the other hand, must be the most emotionally manipulative jerk on the face of the planet.

Romeo and Juliet Their story is the epitome and probably beginning of forbidden love. We know we’ll be the odd ones out admitting to how bad we think this relationship was, but hear us out. Juliet fakes death to be with Romeo, and when Romeo finds her with a heart that doesn’t beat, he kills himself to be with her. And when she wakes up from her “fake” death, she cries over his dead body and kills herself for real. Does that sound at all like a relationship anyone should be in awe of? True love might kill you, just not literally.

Natalie Portman and Hayden Christensen Seriously, they were literally one of the worst couples we’ve ever seen on screen. We think we speak for everyone when we say that the couple lacked any form of believable chemistry that sometimes it was even hard to watch.

Mischa Barton and Benjamin McKenzie Those two were tricky. On one hand we loved the actors, but on the other hand something about the characters just didn’t add up. Mostly because of Mischa’s character, Marissa, the girl seriously lacked any form of character. It was a nightmare watching her most of the times on the show. It’s safe to say that we were all rooting for Ryan to break up with her.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 35


with Your Partner! by Aya Aboshady

It’s February, which means the day when all couples go out to celebrate their love and have fun is finally taking place on the 14th. And because we don’t want your Valentine’s to be just like any regular day, we made you a list of five places and things to do in order to have the time of your life with your lover.

A Weekend - Getaway in Soul Ras Sudr Some people like to go traditional with how they approach Valentine’s Day, but there are others who like taking the more adventurous route. So this one goes out to them! Take your partner on a weekend-getaway to Ras Sudr. Specifically to La Hacienda where the Soul Kite-surfing Center caters for a special activity on Valentine’s Day!

Fancy Dinner by the Pyramids at Marriott Mena House We don’t think there’s anything more romantic than a beautiful candlelight dinner overlooking the Pyramids of Giza in Mena House. It may sound cheesy but trust us; it’s the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day!

36 IDENTITY • February 2021

Tunis Village Fayoum Adventure At the oasis of Fayoum, only 30 kilometers away from Wadi El Rayan, there’s a fantastic village called “Tunis” where you and your partner could do a ton of fun activities from exploring the village to going on a safari trip, bird watching, horseback riding and even pottery making!

Fel-Felucca Date Night Are you someone who likes a fancy dinner with a view? Then taking your partner on a luxurious sailing cruise with a stunning view of the Nile River is the right choice. FelFelucca in Maadi is a game changer when it comes to date night outings!

Villa Belle Époque Why have a Valentine’s Day dinner only when you can spend the whole day with your partner somewhere fancy and nice? Villa Belle Époque is not just a hotel. It’s a place where you can relax and have some quality time while enjoying the beautiful scenery around you. And yes, that definitely includes a picture-perfect string lights decorated romantic dinner at their international Acacia Restaurant after working out in the fitness center!! February 2021 • IDENTITY 37

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Everything is better with your significant other. Even playing sports. Yes! You can actually plan to work out together and have the time of your lives! Most sports that get coverage in Egypt are team sports; let’s not forget that Egypt’s official number one sport is football. Yet there are plenty of other sports and workout routines that can be suitable for just the two of you. BENEFITS OF WORKING OUT WITH YOUR PARTNER A. CHANGE OF ROUTINE It can be a good change of routine. In a way, it’s a new activity other than visiting clubs, dining in restaurants, or chilling in cafés. Working out together can be this new adventure that would make your weekend all the more exceptional. And if it ended up being part of your routine, even better for your health. B. BONDING It helps you get closer to each other. You would be surprised that you will find new ways to bond with your significant other when you work out together. As you motivate, compete, and even challenge each other; you help to grow as individuals and as a couple.

38 IDENTITY • February 2021

C. MOTIVATION It’s always said that in order to maintain a workout schedule, you should have a workout partner. Having your significant other as your partner can be a great motivation for a workout. In the noisy, fastpaced life we are living, you may find that you are looking forward to quality time with your partner. Your partner who happens to be an athlete can help you by giving you inside information about how to up your game and how to avoid injuries and the like. Also, if one of you is a bit shy, it can be a great confidence boost for them. Us against the world, don’t you think?

There are many sports that you can practice with your partner and even more workout routines that can be both fun and beneficial at the same time. HERE ARE A FEW EXAMPLES: TENNIS It would be a shame not to start with tennis; it’s basically a sport for two, as if it’s tailored for this purpose. Tennis is generally one of the best sports that boosts metabolism since it’s a really good workout. There are even some cardio tennis drills that require less competition and allow you to just goof around. If you are not a big fan of the outdoors, you can resort to squash. Even playing some light table tennis can be a good alternative. And if you’re a summer person, you know that beach racket is something we all wait for after the winter chills thaw off! RUNNING/JOGGING Running is the most basic of sports. Nearly all sports require a degree of it. No matter how fit you are and accustomed to running, it can get pretty lonely. Especially if you run for half-marathons. The more you feel the passage of time, the more it will feel tiresome to go on. However, having your partner as your running buddy can make this daunting chore a lot more fun. You can keep each other company, and the workout can be more relaxing depending on the routes you choose. Also, there are beautiful streets in Cairo that are waiting for you to rediscover together. SWIMMING Most doctors recommend swimming as a solid alternative to running. If we say that you can only choose one sport in general, that would have to be swimming. It doesn’t require much fitness, as a matter of fact, it helps increase it. Swimming not only helps to relieve back pain, especially lower and middle back pain, but it also provides a zero-tension environment for limbs. It is one of the best sports that jumpstarts your metabolism with the least effort and time possible. Doing laps around the pool with your significant other can be a nice workout for you to share, especially during the scorching summer months.

GYM If you’re not a fan of the outdoors, you can still compete with each other in indoor exercises. A lot of gyms offer you a wide selection of programs that makes working out more fun. There are even certain workout routines that are tailored to couples. YOGA Yoga can either look very easy or very difficult to you. The best thing about yoga is you can practice it anywhere, whether indoors or outdoors. It doesn’t require a lot of movement and you can just remain in one position for a while. That will surely leave your muscles sore, but way more relaxed. Practicing yoga with your partner can make things have a sense of amiability, especially if you are both beginners; you will fall down...a lot! But it would be great fun, nonetheless. CYCLING If you have the time and the proper gear, cycling can be an underrated opportunity for some quality sport time. Make sure not to pick a crowded route. You can find bicycle-friendly streets and trails in Maadi and Zamalek. Don’t forget that you can rally about and finish your errands way faster than when riding your car, as cycling can be a faster mean of commuting in busy narrow streets. HIKING This may be a less familiar option, but hiking can actually be one of the best sports for couples. City life can be dull; you may feel that it affects the flow of your relationship and that you guys need to do something new. Hiking in Mount Sinai in Saint Catherine is indeed one of these new activities that are starting to gain popularity in Egypt. Don’t worry, if you feel that this long haul is a bit too challenging, you can ease up on lighter challenges in Wadi Degla Protectorate. You may not see it, but the beautiful and calm nature can spice up your relationship. Who would say no to a chance to lighten up away from the banging beats of the concrete jungle? Now you can spend some quality time with each other and burn a few calories at the same time, a win-win, right?! February 2021 • IDENTITY 39

ENERGY BALLS By Soha Darwish

Food writer & Critic - Menu Consultant. Diploma in Food Journalism - London, Uk I am sure you’ve come across those delicious healthy treats, which are miraculously gluten free and dairy-free. Most recipes for these bites are also vegan, as long as they don’t include bee honey, which is essential for taste purposes as well as for boosting the nutritional value of some recipes. They will certainly seal the deal for you; a perfect end to your healthy meal, without throwing away all the good work that you’ve been doing to your body. These treats are incredibly packed with proteins, fibres and essential fats - no wonder they are called energy balls - I want to say energy bullets as the energy surge they provide our bodies is incomparable to their small size. Nevertheless, you should always be conscious of the quantity you consume. Even though no sugar is added, they still have a significant number of calories. We are relying here on the natural sweetness of the components, which is guaranteed to satisfy your sweet cravings. They are also perfect for snacking; one or two balls along with a cup of coffee or tea will do the trick. Also, a perfect companion for gym addicts before and after working out. If you are having them as a pre-workout snack then allow 1-2 hours before you start exercising, it will boost your energy setting up for a successful gym session. As for post workout snacking, they will effectively repair muscle tissues and replenish glycogen stores. Luckily, they are so easy to make, store and are done in batches. The varieties for these divine treats are infinite, I am suggesting 4 recipes here, and will then leave you to unleash both your imagination and cravings! 40 IDENTITY • February 2021

Nutty Night For all peanut butter lovers out there, when all you just want is to have it smeared on your toast before ending a long hectic day, this recipe is just what you need. Honey here complements the ingredients perfectly well, yet for strict vegans, it can be substituted by maple syrup. But I have to say honey is the clear winner here!

SHOPPING BASKET: 1/2 cup almonds (peeled) – 1/2 cup peanut butter (sugar-free) – 1/4 cup honey – 1 cup oatmeal – 1 tbsp chia seeds.

STEPS: 1. After soaking or roasting depending on the recipe, throw all ingredients in a good food processor until reaching a smooth paste. 2. Wet your hands, and form small balls, then lay them on a tray lined with parchment paper. 3. Freeze the balls for about 2 hours then store them in plastic bags in the fridge. They can last for weeks.

SHOPPING BASKET: 1 cup roasted cashews– 1 cup dried mangoes – 1/4 cup shredded coconuts– 1/2 cup cashew or almond butter (unsweetened) – 1/2 cup flaxseeds – 1/2 cup oats – 3 tbsp coconut milk or cream.

The Exotic One Trying to capture here some exotic flavours that will take you right back to those sunny relaxing days of your island getaways, on a gloomy winter day. The recipe is still the same, leaving all the magic to the food processor, but first soak the mangoes in warm water for about 10 minutes.

Chocolate Lovers A vegan delight for chocolate lovers, delivering bittersweet notes of cocoa and dates. Just what you need to soothe your chocolate desires and even sometimes to reassure you that things will eventually get better.

SHOPPING BASKET: 1/2 cup cashews - 1/2 cup almonds (peeled) – 1/4 cup dark cocoa (sugar-free) – 1 cup mejdool dates – 1/2 cup of oat bran - 1/2 tsp vanilla extract – 3 tbsp nut milk or water – pinch of salt.

Apple Pie: In this recipe we are trying to replicate a dessert favourite. Again, dried apples need to be soaked in warm water before blending. The cinnamon here is not only a delicious ingredient but also has a great impact on our health.

SHOPPING BASKET: 1/2 cup walnuts – 1/2 cup roasted almonds 1 cup dried apples – 1/2 cup almond butter (unsweetened) – 1/2 cup oats – 1/2 cup mejdool dates – 1/2 tsp. cinnamon powder 2tbsp water.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 41

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Thailand by Joanna Neve

Known locally as the land of smiles, Thailand is a unique country rich in Buddhist traditions, exquisite food and stunning landscapes - the perfect holiday destination! From city tours, to island hopping or rural wildlife watching, there’s an activity for all.



Apply for a Tourist Visa through the Royal Thai Embassy in Cairo. You’ll need to fill out an application form, provide a passport, as well as a few other documents including an itinerary. Full information on the documents needed is provided on the embassy website.

February-March is the perfect time of year to visit as the Christmas peak-tourist season has ended, but weather remains excellent. Temperatures fluctuate from 20-30 degrees at this time of year and rainfall is significantly less than the summer monsoon season. Pack swimwear and make sure to hit the beach!

42 IDENTITY • February 2021

HOW TO SPEND A WEEK IN THAILAND • Day 1: Arrive in Bangkok, Thailand’s stunning capital city Fly into Bangkok’s International Airport, drop your bags off at the hotel and spend the rest of the day exploring floating markets and Buddhist temples, or even rooftop bars and restaurants.

in the afternoon, and explore the fish-filled waters around your bungalow. Later in the day you’ll have to say a sad goodbye to Khao Sok, before getting a longtail boat and ferry transfer to Koh Tao in the south. Here you can eat in any of the numerous waterfront restaurants, with many serving a combination of Thai food and world cuisines.

• Day 2: Iconic tourist destinations and a cooking class In the morning take a tuk-tuk ride to The Grand Palace, a must-see destination in Thailand. It’s home to both the King’s formal residence and the Emerald Buddha Temple (Thailand’s most sacred location). In the afternoon, take a traditional Thai cooking class to learn how to make some national delicacies like Phad Thai, a stir-fried rice noodle dish found on the corner of every street in Bangkok. In the evening, take a night-train from Bangkok to Khao Sok; they’re incredibly comfortable and you can even book a private carriage with some suppliers.

• Day 5: Arrive at the majestic island paradise Koh Tao On your first full day in Koh Tao, book a boat tour and explore neighbouring islands like Koh Phangan, which lights up once a month for a beach party like no other – full moon. Alternatively, spend the day on Koh Tao and enjoy their luxury spa retreat, with traditional Thai massages offered on the beach during sunset and sunrise hours. You can opt for a cosy night in, or explore the bustle of Koh Tao’s bar and restaurant centre.

• Day 3: Arrive in Khao Sok, Thailand’s vibrant National Park A cabin steward will wake you in the morning so you can hop-off at Khao Sok and take a thrilling longtail boat ride to your accommodation in the National Park. Most tourists choose to stay in floating bungalows – a once in a lifetime experience! • Day 4: Wildlife watching and snorkelling Spend the morning searching for wildlife by foot or kayak, with local species including gibbons, tigers and even hornbill birds. Swap the kayak for a snorkel

• Day 6: Margaritas, massages and more relaxation Spend your last day soaking up the sun and admiring the tranquillity of Thailand’s southern islands. Now is the time to try any Thai dishes you haven’t yet been able to, like spicy yellow curry which is regularly eaten in the south. • Day 7: Travel home Take a ferry and bus transfer to Surat Thani, the nearest international airport to fly home. Alternatively, book a scuba-diving course in Koh Tao and stay in Thailand a bit longer. It’s a world-class diving destination, and if you’re lucky you’ll be able to swim alongside resident whale sharks!

February 2021 • IDENTITY 43

Monuments Dedicated

to Love by Nour Younis

44 IDENTITY • February 2021


ome people say that love conquers all. That it’s the most mesmerizing thing in the world, and that once you have a taste of it, you can never go back. It’s amazing really, because we live our whole lives searching for it. Love is everywhere; it’s in the music we listen to and in the movies we watch. Love is literally the center of our lives. A famous author once said that we learn from history more than we learn from anything in the world, so I hereby bring you a list of monuments that were built for the sole purpose of love.


Mirabell Palace and Gardens based in the city of Salzburg in Austria, was originally built in 1606 by the Prince Archbishop Wolf Dietrich Von Raitenau for his beloved Princess Salome Alt. The royal couple were said to have lived a happy blissful life where they had 15 children right upon the completion of the palace.


Kodai-Ji Temple located in the Valley of Higashiyama Ryozen Mountains in Kyoto, was built in 1606 by Kita-no-Mandokoro for her husband Toyotomi Hideyoshi who was known as the second great unifier of Japan. It is said that Kita had built the temple for her husband while he was gone for the war.


Thornewood Castle based in Lakewood city in Washington in an area of no less than 4 acres, is a result to what people call the pure love which occurred between the millionaire Chester Thorne and his beautiful wife Anna. It is said that in 1907 Anna had told Chester that she wished to build a castle, so Chester a short time after, decided to purchase for her the 400 year old Elizabethan manor from England.


Coral Castle or sculpture garden in stone is found in the city of Miami in Florida. It’s the

perfect manifestation of what true love really is. Edward LeedsKalnin got engaged to Agnes Scuffs when he was only 26 and she was only 16 years old, only to be broken hearted when the wedding gets cancelled just one day before. He decides to build a monument for his lost love that ends up taking him an approximate of 28 years of handiwork to build.


Boldt Castle till this day is regarded as a perfect monument of love. It’s located in Heart Island, having a beautiful shape of a heart in New York City. It was built by the well known millionaire George Boldt who decided that it was the perfect place to build huge masonry structures for his family and intended for it to be one of the largest, if not the largest, home in the whole country of USA.


Taj Mahal is the most well known symbol of love in the world. Located in the city of Agra in UP India, it was built by the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan for his beautiful wife Mumtas. The Taj Mahal is one of the beautiful monuments listed within the world heritage sites. It’s a major attraction site in India and one of the Seven Wonders of the World, admired by people from all over the globe.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 45



We had the pleasure of speaking to James Michael Lafferty, CEO of Fine Hygienic Holding (FHH), and we got an inside scoop on how they flawlessly handled the pandemic, their mission and vision, their upcoming projects, and most importantly, their wonderful efforts towards women empowerment in the workplace. 1. How did your company deal with the pandemic in terms of producing and developing different kinds of sanitary products? One of the things that played out to our advantage was that we were well ahead of the game. We were prepared that the virus would soon become a pandemic so we started to stockpile and plan for what that pandemic would entail; shortage in raw materials and supply chain, closing of international borders, and possible lockdowns. We were able to navigate the situation very well, but we also had a little bit of luck on our side as we made a strategic decision that pivoted towards wellness before COVID-19.

46 IDENTITY • February 2021

We started sterilizing our tissues as part of our responsibility to provide the best quality for such sensitive products. We also improved the quality of our diapers to include more moisturization to help keep the baby and the senior citizens’ skin healthy. As for COVID-19, we did our research about how the virus gets transmitted. And since the results showed that it’s airborne, we had to think of the ultimate solution and that’s when we launched our first re-usable masks with the antiviral technology that we licensed from Switzerland on February 8 in Amazon UAE.

2. As a company that never stopped working during 2020 despite Covid-19, how did you deal with the economic crisis that came with the pandemic and affected many companies and individuals? Our products are not as economically sensitive as other categories like, for example, the airline industry. Our core is selling “Hygiene products” and no pandemic in the world can stop people from using hygiene products. On the contrary, consumption levels peaked; our type of business is immune to fluctuation. Also, as precautionary and proactive measures we ordered huge quantities of raw materials to anticipate the shutdown of ports, airports, and shipping lines. We also innovated and worked on meeting the market needs by offering new products to serve the people with masks, gloves, and topquality sterilized tissues. At the same time, we did not lay off a single employee. Instead, we gave bonuses and increased their pay throughout the year. 3. Fine is known for promoting gender equality in the workplace which is a bonus point and actually crucial these days because women empowerment has recently become a subject of interest to many at least in the region - even though it should be a given; how do you try to promote women empowerment and contribute to such a movement through your work and at the workplace? 80% of the purchase decisions on our products are made by females. How can a man alone make the decisions in a company that mostly sells to women? We also believe that women should be fully represented in our company and diversity is viewed as a fundamental business strategy. Thankfully, we took several steps towards gender equality. For instance, FHH provides 16 fully paid weeks as well as an additional 16 weeks of unpaid maternity leave. Working moms at FHH enjoy other benefits, such as working from home and shifting to a parttime basis. Also, all female employees at FHH are provided with an additional day of leave per month, easing discomfort arising from menstruation. Creating an environment to support women is crucial because you can recruit women, but if you put them in an unfavourable environment, they won’t stay. So, we built a diverse inclusive

environment that includes a work from home policy and letting working moms spend extra days with their children through flexible work arrangements and reduced daily working hours. We tend to raise awareness for women to know that you don’t have to sacrifice being a great mother to work for a company. We think you can be a great mother, wife, and businesswoman. We also focus on putting women in leadership positions to set an example in the company to acknowledge visible female role models. And a few years back, in only 6 months, we went from 0% women in the 15 top managerial positions to 30% female representation and we’ll continue till we reach our 50% target. We also launched our female leadership program, “Shine with Purpose”, to help build a pipeline of female leaders for executive/ leadership positions, and to focus on promoting female talents from within. 4. What’s Fine’s main mission and vision? Our mission is to improve the wellness of the world’s consumers. Fundamentally, we believe that if you don’t have your health you don’t have anything. And we proudly support that through sterilizing our tissues to kill 99.99% of germs, producing diapers that improve skin health as well as disinfection products like hand sanitizers. Our mission is to be the shining star of the Arab fastmoving consumer goods (FMCG) and to show the world what a company in our region can do. Our region has great creativity and great talents and we want to show the world that FHH, a company that has been established in Jordan, can be among the big players. 5. What’s next for Fine? Is the company expanding in terms of production? We have a lot of new products coming but there’s one that’s very special. As part of our wellness mission, we have bought a majority stake in an Arabian company called “Nai” that sells healthy beverages. The product uses flavors from our region and is healthy and natural with no-added-sugar; it tastes as good as lemon mint. We’re launching it everywhere and in Egypt next month. Besides Nai, we’ve also added an ancient formula for a tea that was designed in Lebanon. And after clinical trials, we are in the process of finalizing it and we can proudly say: It will “help you live longer”. February 2021 • IDENTITY 47

identity OUT&ABOUT


As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo is offering Valentine’s packages that will help you create memories with your loved one. Give your Valentine’s dinner an elegant twist at Vivo; the Italian gastronomic restaurant with a long reputation for culinary elegance and attention to detail, the two must-haves for a romantic meal. The prix fixe 5 course dinner unfolds a luxurious setting with plenty of quiet intimate dining with romantic views on the Nile. Couples can live the magic of love music all night long. Vivo will also feature a romantic menu made with love for couples who love to share.At Nox, the night will be filled with young vibes, nostalgic music, bar

48 IDENTITY • February 2021

bites, hot cocktails. Couples will unleash their inner romance as they dine and gaze at gorgeous views all night long with their one and only. Overlooking the most romantic view of the Nile River and Cairo skyline, couples will get the chance to experience Valentine’s like nobody else. Go beyond your lover’s expectations this Valentine’s Day as you experience the five-course dinner menu at Vivo and enjoy a complimentary Nile View stay along with breakfast buffet at Culina restaurant. Couples will enjoy a 40% discount on SPA treatment perfect to set the mood right for an inimitable Valentine’s Day, as well as early check in and late check out.

Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski


this Valentine Celebrate a magnificent Valentine‘s Day by The Pyramids With Valentine’s Day around the corner, Marriott Mena House, Cairo offers you and your loved one a unique setting embraced by a fabulous ambiance. At the most romantic view of the city, 139 Pavilion has all what you need from mouthwatering appetizers to extravagant main dishes with the chance to gaze at the breathtaking views of the great Pyramids. Adding a little spice to your date night, Moghul Room brings the taste of India to make your night stand out with an exotic flair.

An ultimate romantic gateway at Le Meridien Cairo Airport

Month of Love at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski

This Valentine, Le Meridien Cairo Airport is preparing an ultimate romantic gateway at China Red!

Because one day isn’t enough to celebrate our beloved ones, at Royal Maxim Palace Kempinski, we celebrate a full Month of Love with an array of special dining experiences and date nights filled with surprises.

Indulge in a delicious tailored set menu for two for only 750 EGP including welcome drink, avec amour chocolate, live Entertainment and romantic decoration that will set the scene for memorable romantic evening . For more details please call: 02 - 22659600

Say It With Dinner Valentine’s Day At Hilton Cairo Zamalek

J’Adore l’amour. Celebrate the season of love and the romance of travel (avec amour) at Le Méridien Cairo Airport!

Surprise your sweetie with the perfect romantic getaway! and indulge in a truly charming experience with your loved one in a romantic candlelight dinner with our lavish four courses menu and live entertainment at the Time Lounge overlooking the Magnificent River Nile.

Book your stay now for a romantic Valentin’s escape for only 1575 EGP including a romantic dinner at china Red, a destination inspired chocolate welcome amenity, daily breakfast and a complimentary classic Sparkling Kir Royale with a twist.

Celebrate ‘Date Night’ every Tuesday at Romanov & 1897 Bar and enjoy complimentary romantic setup with a special set menu made with love featuring our signature items while listening to the harmonious tunes by Okasha only for EGP 1,700++ per couple. Nothing says ‘amore’ like treating your loved one to a ‘Date Night’ at Lucca every Tuesday to savor the Italian delicacies by Chef Giovanni with a special set menu and let us treat you to a complimentary romantic table setup while enjoying the melodic tunes by Ihab Shawi only for EGP 1,700++ per couple. February 2021 • IDENTITY 49

GB AUTO LAUNCHES A PROMOTIONAL CAMPAIGN FOR CHERY CARS IN THE MOST ATTRACTIVE CITIES IN EGYPT GB Ghabbour Auto, the leading group and the exclusive distributor for Chery cars in Egypt, launched a promotional campaign under the title of “Chery’s Family; Story on the Road”. The campaign embodies a tour in the most important touristic areas that are characterized by the diversity in the nature of the roads to highlight the unique features of each of Chery cars that make it the best companion for its consumer during the trip, in addition to pushing the state’s efforts to stimulate tourism in Egypt. The tour was held from November 2020 to January 2021, and its itinerary encompassed cruising, while wielding diverse models of Chery, in the most important touristic areas such as; Saqqara, Faiyoum, Alexandria, and others. The campaign comes with the participation of a number of celebrities and influencers on social media, as they will be documenting the trip by capturing creative pictures, and broadcasting live videos on Chery’s social media platforms and to show the extent to which the specifications and features of Chery cars fit their needs and its role in improving their quality of life, making it the best companion during their travels with family and friends. In this context, Nour El-Gibali, Brand Manager for Chery in Egypt, said “It is among the established values of Chery to put our customers’ needs on top of our priorities and we are keen to enrich the market with a variety of different models that combine highest safety and convenience, the latest technology, and superior performance with competitive prices to suit all categories supporting the automotive sector in Egypt. “ She added, “This promotional campaign is based on the idea of choosing the best companion represented by the car that is appropriate to the needs of each customer and highlighting the features that are unique to other Chery models so 50 IDENTITY • February 2021

that each car enjoys a tour of places that suit its features and correspond to the needs of its target audience.” She pointed out, “We at GB Ghabbour Auto are keen to launch many exceptional initiatives aimed at creating continuous interaction with Chery customers, and we are always working to acquire new customers by raising awareness of Chery cars and their different models, and highlighting the advantages and capabilities of various models using the latest means of communication to constantly learn about the advantages, offers, and distinguished services that we offer to our customers.” She confirmed that these efforts ensure the great success and the increase in demand that Chery has achieved in the Egyptian market, until it has become one of the most popular brands, as it is preferred by many Egyptians. In fact, all the Chery models were able to combine the means of safety and security, the latest technology, and the excellence of performance as well as provision of the best maintenance services, and spare parts through the largest network of sales and after-sales services spread all over the governorates to win customer satisfaction and meet their needs.

STRAWBERRY FESTIVAL AT JW MARRIOTT CAIRO Marriott Hotels in Egypt joined forces bringing together culinary experts from various regions and backgrounds to host the launch of the Strawberry Festival at Plateau located at JW Marriott Cairo. The event focused on sampling of innovative strawberry delights created by master chefs combining both sweet and savory items, where guests came together in a significant outdoor ambiance to share meaningful moments and help them nourish the mind, body and spirit.

February 2021 • IDENTITY 51

The launch of the first Edition of its “Film Festival” Samah Anwar Festival President: We are working to support independent filmmakers to continue producing short films Honoring the stars Yossra, Mahmoud Hamida and the great writer Abdul Rahim Kamal at the opening ceremony

Celebrating “Walk Like An Egyptian” 6th Anniversary At Abdeen Palace Guided tour, reception, music celebrating our 6th Anniversary, Abdeen Palace, Abdeen, Cairo The Abdeen Palace in Cairo will host a special event, it is “Walk Like An Egyptian 6th Anniversary”. The event will start with a keynote addressed from Asmaa Khattab, the founder of Walk Like An Egyptian, followed by two hours guided tour in Abdeen Palace to discover the beauty of the palace. After the tour, the celebration will begin with a Music celebration by Singer Nathalie Bichara and a reception celebrating Walk Like An Egyptian 6th Anniversary.

Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) Announces New Partnership with TCL Technology for Televisions and Unveils New Innovations in the Egyptian Market Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) uncovers its new high-end line “Premium” home appliances and products Unionaire Group Technology (UGT) announced today a partnership with TCL Technology, one of the world’s leading television screen manufacturers, to become the main exclusive distributor of TCL screens in Egypt in the coming five years.

Mansour Group Invests in a €100m Football Partnership with Right To Dream Using football to bring lifechanging opportunities through sports and education for the children of Egypt Right To Dream, the global opportunity-creating ecosystem of football academies, professional football clubs and partnering colleges and universities, founded by visionary British social entrepreneur Tom Vernon, has formed a new €100 million partnership with the Mansour Group to help bring greater access, opportunity and equality through football.

52 IDENTITY • February 2021

The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) is delighted to announce the relaunch of the new Theban Mapping Project (TMP) website The Theban Mapping Project website (TMP) first came online in 1998 and was known as KV5. com - named for the tomb in the Valley of the Kings that has come to define so much of what the TMP stands for. A little over ten years later, ARCE is proud to announce that we have relaunched the TMP Website!

Baron Hotels & Resorts Egypt received the Traveller Review Award 2021 Hard work pays off, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Baron Hotels & Resorts Egypt have received the Traveler Review Award 2021 by booking. com. Our team members are so grateful for all the positive reviews and ratings provided by our respected guests during this pandemic and challenging time.

Emigration’s Minister Launches Dialogue Center & Platform for Egyptian Expat Students H.E Minister of Emigration Nabila Makram has officially launched the ‘National Strategy of Egyptian Expat Students’ to unite the Egyptian students who are studying abroad under one umbrella in order to strengthen ties between them and their homeland, and to participate in the development process of Egypt.

10 startups join the first “Google for Startups Accelerator” in MENA Google announced the list of startups for the first cohort of ‘Google for Startups Accelerator Middle East and North Africa’. The ten technology startups come from six Arab countries across health, travel, education, fintech and e-commerce. The startups were selected based on criteria like the problem they are trying to solve and how it creates value for users, in addition to their willingness to use Machine Learning technology to solve business challenges and successfully scale in the long run. Here are the technology startups that have been selected for the first cohort - four of which are women-led businesses.

Egyptian Musician Amir Hedayah Wins Prestigious Hollywood Award MENA music composer Amir Hedayah wins Best Title Music at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards Renowned Egyptian musician and composer Amir Hedayah has just been announced as one of the winners at the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Awards (HMMA).

Introducing the all-new Hyundai Tucson 2021! Hyundai Egypt has met & exceeded customer needs by providing innovative solutions that keep up with the ever-evolving digital age. The all-new Tucson has witnessed a complete facelift, with cuttingedge technology & an advanced driving experience, making it one of the most sensational Tucson models to date. TUCSON NX4e is the best in class starting at EGP435,000; equipped with new powerful engine 180hp, new DCT transmission version 2 (Newer, Better & More reliable), standard safety features in all trims along with advanced safety features & above all, best value for money.

650 Dining Establishments join Fine Solutions’ Fine Dine Program in Middle East Fine Solutions, the away-fromhome division of Fine Hygienic Holding and the region’s largest paper tissue manufacturer, celebrates reaching more than 650 restaurants and cafes across Egypt, UAE, KSA and Jordan enrolled in its premier hygiene and safety program, Fine Dine. James Michael Lafferty, Fine Hygienic Holding CEO, said, “In the wake of COVID-19, health, hygiene, and cleanliness are at the forefront of customers’ minds; they want to be assured that the dining establishments they patronize— places where they spend time with friends and family— are clean and safe above all.

January 30th to Mark the Second Annual World NTD Day Global civil society advocates, community leaders, global health experts, and policymakers will unite to mark the second annual World NTD Day. Created to galvanize the global health community and engage the general public in the urgent effort to end neglected tropical diseases, World NTD Day will bring together more than 300 partner organizations from 55 countries working across the diverse global health landscape to end NTDs. February 2021 • IDENTITY 53

Emirates NBD-Egypt has signed a syndicated loan agreement with Ora Developers Egypt

‘Movement That Inspires’ - Kia Presents Its New Brand Purpose And Future Strategy

Pursuing its role in supporting major economic and construction projects in Egypt, Emirates NBDEgypt has signed a syndication loan in favor of Ora Developers for a total facility of EGP 2.54 Billion to partially finance the construction of the first and second phases of ‘ZED’ project in Sheikh Zayed.

Kia has announced new details of its new brand purpose and ambitions for the future during a digital showcase event. Supported by a new brand slogan, ‘Movement that inspires’, Kia today reveals new details of a strategy which will see the company go beyond vehicle manufacturing to create sustainable mobility solutions for customers.

Expo 2020 Pavilions Premiere to reveal Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion to visitors ahead of the World Expo in October 2021 The Expo 2020 Pavilions Premiere launched and will offer visitors an opportunity to be among the first to experience Terra – The Sustainability Pavilion, when it opens to the public from 22 January until 10 April 2021. The Pavilions Premiere is a limited-time opportunity for visitors to preview Expo 2020’s Thematic Pavilions and will provide a glimpse of what is to come when Expo 2020 Dubai – the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia (MEASA) region – welcomes the world from 1 October 2021 to 31 March 2022.

54 IDENTITY • February 2021

St. Regis Hotels Heralds A New Beacon Of Luxury On The Nile With The Opening Of The St. Regis Cairo St. Regis Hotels & Resorts, part of Marriott International, today announced the highlyanticipated opening of The St. Regis Cairo. Rising tall on the banks of the River Nile, The St. Regis Cairo is an illustrious icon weaving a powerful story of luxury in the region. Located at the North end of the Corniche, in the heart of Egypt’s bustling metropolis, the 39-story hotel offers easy access to the magnificent monuments of a city steeped in history.

Orange Egypt Sponsors Egypt Career Summit for Upper Egypt Youth in Cooperation with Career180 Orange Egypt sponsored the third career summit, which was held to support the youth of Upper Egypt in cooperation with the comprehensive career counseling platform Career180. The forum was held online and brought together more than 6,000 young attendees, providing them with an opportunity to benefit from the forum in addition to career guidance while adopting the precautionary measures to secure the safety of the attendees.

The Nile Welcomes Catering Services

Ritz-Carlton, Cairo New Director Of And Conference

The Nile Ritz-Carlton, Cairo is pleased to announce the appointment of Taher Hamza as the new Director of Catering and Conference services. Taher will be responsible for catering events, overseeing the planning and fruition of weddings, social events and corporate gatherings as well as meetings and conferences.

Emirates becomes one of the first airlines in the world to trial IATA Travel Pass, a digital platform for COVID-19 updates and test verification Emirates has partnered with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) to become one of the first airlines in the world to trial IATA Travel Pass – a mobile app to help passengers easily and securely manage their travel in line with any government requirements for COVID-19 testing or vaccine information. IATA Travel Pass enables Emirates passengers to create a ‘digital passport’ to verify their pre-travel test or vaccination meets the requirements of the destination. They will also be able to share the test and vaccination certificates with authorities and airlines to facilitate travel.

Allianz Begins Eight-Year Worldwide Olympic & Paralympic Partnership Allianz officially began its eightyear worldwide partnership with the Olympic & Paralympic Movements on Jan. 1, building on a collaboration with the Paralympic Movement since 2006. Since announcing the partnership in September 2018, Allianz has engaged fans, athletes, teams and employees through health across four pilot markets – Australia, China, France and Spain.

Emirates is launching its muchawaited global sale to inspire and encourage travellers from Egypt and around the world to reconnect with family and friends or explore new destinations in the new year. With the Fly Better offers, Emirates customers can make up for lost time in 2021.

Telecom Review awards Benya as Best Infrastructure Fiber Deployment Provider in 2020 and Eng. Ahmed Mekky with Merit Leader Award Telecom Review organized a virtual award ceremony to honor Benya, the leading digital solutions and ICT infrastructure provider in Egypt and the MEA Region. The company was announced as a winner at the Telecom Review Excellence Awards ceremony, which was held in December 2020 in Dubai.

BEBA holds a webinar discussing new opportunities for the Bilateral Trade Agreement between Egypt & UK The British Egyptian Business Association held its 1st webinar in 2021 in a series of discussions they will be holding virtually, where they discussed the new opportunities for the bilateral Trade Agreement between Egypt & UK.

Emirates sets special fares to reconnect Egyptians with the world in 2021

Benya and Eng. Ahmed Mekky honored for outstanding performance in 2020 by Telecom Review

The successful webinar hosted a number of experts and industry leaders including Paul Mullard, Senior Trade Policy Advisor DIT, Iman Refaat, General Director of Trade in Goods at Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ahmed Ezz El Din, VP Fed International for Industry and Trade. The session was moderated by Dr. Sherif Fahmy, General Manager of N Gage Consulting.

Boehringer Ingelheim Recognized As Global Top Employer for 2021 Boehringer Ingelheim, one of the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, has been recognized for the very first time as a ‘Global Top Employer for 2021’ by the prestigious Top Employers Institute. This year as a ‘Global Top Employer’, Boehringer Ingelheim joins the ranks of 16 other international organizations to receive this outstanding honor. While the organization has received awards on a country level for the past seven years. February 2021 • IDENTITY 55

Hilton Garden Inn Expands Footprint in Cairo announced the signing of a management agreement for the third Hilton Garden Inn hotel in Egypt. In partnership with Leopard Construction, Hilton Garden Inn Cairo East is scheduled to open in 2024. Delivering on the brand’s promise to make each guest’s stay better and brighter, Hilton Garden Inn Cairo East will offer upscale and affordable accommodations featuring 250 guest rooms, a fullservice restaurant, two bars, a fitness center, an outdoor pool and a 300-sqm meeting space.

The Award Winning JHG for 2020 The real medal of honor of hoteliers worldwide are the reviews and feedback received from guests after enjoying their stay at the property. For years, Jaz Hotel Group has taken pride in the encouraging and positive comments their guests left after an exciting stay, and experiencing the destination through the eyes of Jaz. Feedback is received through reputable platforms such as the world renowned Holiday Check, and it brings great joy to the Jaz team when the hotels are featured on their annual awards list to represent Egypt’s gorgeous holiday destinations.

OPPO Offers Egypt fans a #FameOPPOrtunity to Get Famous on TV

talabat welcomes Hadeer Shalaby as new Managing Director of Egypt

Global technology and smartphone company, OPPO, celebrates the launch of ‘The Masked Singer: Inta Min?’ with #FameOPPOrtunity - a challenge on Instagram. Giving Egypt consumers the opportunity to win the latest OPPO devices as well as get famous on social media or TV, the creative contest runs till 31st of January 2021.

talabat, the region’s leading food and grocery delivery app, has appointed Hadeer Shalaby as the new Managing Director of talabat Egypt. She will be replacing Sofiène Marzouki, who has been in the role of interim Managing Director since January 2020, who will take a much-deserved sabbatical before returning to talabat’s Dubai headquarters.

56 IDENTITY • February 2021

Viu launches its latest Arabic original series Ansaf Majaneen Viu, a leading pan-regional OTT video streaming service operated by Viu International Limited, has aired its latest Arabic language Viu Original Ansaf Majaneen. Available exclusively for Viu subscribers, the first episode is available for free and the full series is available for paid subscribers. The Arabic series is bound to draw in viewers with its leading cast which includes two of Egypt’s brightest young stars, Ahmed Khaled Saleh and Asmaa Galal. Behind the scenes, Omar Rushdy Hamed directs the 12-episode drama series composed by screenwriter Naglaa El-Hedeeny.

Facebook’s Apps Helped People Celebrate the New Year Together, Even When Apart Like all of 2020, New Year’s Eve was different. There were fewer crowds celebrating in the streets around the world. Instead, more people spent a cozy night at home looking back on a difficult year and hoping for brighter days ahead. Despite so many being apart from friends and family due to the COVID-19 pandemic, people were still able to connect with each other the same way they’ve been connecting all year: through online video and audio calling, and in record numbers.

Steigenberger Pyramids Cairo Hosts Egyptian Tennis Champion Mayar Sherif Steigenberger Pyramids Hotel had the pleasure to host the Egyptian Tennis Champion Mayar Sherif as her preferred hotel during the Egyptian Tennis League. Mayar has made history and became the first Egyptian lady to reach Ronald Garros. She has become the first ever Egyptian tennis player to win a match at the French Open, one of the sport’s annual ‘big four’ Grand Slam tournaments.

“Sky Abu Dhabi” a new Emirati Giant bringing its expertise to Egypt’s real-estate sector with EGP 15 billion investments within 2 years Sky Abu Dhabi Real Estate Development, and the subsidiary of Diamond Group, has announced tapping into the Egyptian real estate market as part of the company’s expansion plan regionally and globally following its monumental success in the UAE’s real estate market. The company’s new market entrance will witness an investment portfolio of EGP 15 billion within the next 2 years; EGP 4 billion of which will be invested in its New Administrative Capital project.

Spacetoon Partners with Moonbug Entertainment to Bring Preschool Sensation CoComelon and Five Other Audience Favorites to MENA

Parents and kids in MENA will be able to access 6 of Moonbug’s big titles via Spacetoon’s TV channel and its online streaming service ‘Spacetoon Go’ in addition to shop new exclusive toys inspired by CoComelon show.

MG smashes sales records in 2020 to enter the GCC top ten of car manufacturers for the first time MG Motor broke into the GCC’s top ten of car manufacturers for the first time in 2020, during a year in which the British-born brand’s sales increased by a remarkable 72 percent across the region. With total sales of 27,595 units, the company’s achievements were all the more impressive considering the challenging market conditions caused by the global pandemic.

Film Buffs are in for Treat as SundanceTV Celebrates Annual Sundance Film Festival Every January, film buffs await the annual Sundance Film Festival, Robert Redford’s long-running celebration of independent film. In 2021, the festival is held virtually, between 28th January and

3rd February. In the spirit of the festival, SundanceTV (available in the Middle East and North Africa on beIN Channel 75) has cherry-picked some of the best independent films. Viewers can tune in for festival gems as well as winners of the SundanceTV Shorts competition, held in the Midde East and North Africa for the first time in late 2020.

The American Research Center in Egypt (ARCE) is proud to announce the launch of “Preserving Egypt’s Layered History” on Google Arts & Culture ARCE’s commitment to sharing cultural knowledge with its members and community meant quickly shifting gears to embrace new ways of connecting. In collaboration with Google Arts & Culture, ARCE is pleased to announce the launch of “Preserving Egypt’s Layered History” today in celebration of Egyptian Archaeologists day.

Introducing the all-new Hyundai Tucson 2021! *Hyundai Egypt* has met & exceeded customer needs by providing innovative solutions that keep up with the ever-evolving digital age. *The all-new Tucson* has witnessed a complete facelift, with cutting-edge technology & an advanced driving experience, making it one of the most sensational Tucson models to date. February 2021 • IDENTITY 57

identity SIGNS

Aquarius January 20 - February 19

STRENGTHS: Progressive, independent and humanitarian. WEAKNESSES: Runs away from emotional expression, temperamental and uncompromising, aloof. LOVE LIFE: If you are in a relationship, then your love life can’t get any better at this moment. And if not, then be ready to embrace the amount of people who’ll be interested in you in the near future. MOST COMPATIBLE WITH: Gemini, Libra and Sagittarius

Relationship Compatibility ARIES: This combination is good to a great extent as both of you are friendly and outgoing. One pitfall is that you both want to be leaders in this relationship.

LIBRA: Most conversations between you two are mentally stimulating because you are both intellectuals. However, Libras tend to be overly romantic and they want to have a strong bond with their SO.

TAURUS: Taurus is a little bit conservative, while Aquarius is too outspoken and free spirited. Taurus is a bit possessive which goes against the Aquarius nature.

SCORPIO: Arguing will make the start and the end of your day if you two ever became a thing. You both think you are superior and don’t accept other ideas.

GEMINI: Your communication skills are too great to be true, and your level of intellectuality is what brings you together. You two like engaging in lots of activities, which will make the relationship more exciting.

SAGITTARIUS: You share the same interests and traits, which makes it easier for this relationship to shine. Your world becomes filled with happiness and excitement.

CANCER: Cancer possesses a rigid personality unlike the free spirited Aquarius. Unfortunately, this will make you feel restricted, as Cancer is not willing to compromise or even listen to what you have to say.

CAPRICORN: There might be a little bit of conflict because Aquarius tends to be more open and freedom loving, while Capricorn tends to be a bit more conservative and all about following the traditions.

LEO: This combination proves that opposites do attract. Even though you come from different worlds, you manage to fall for every bit of each other.

AQUARIUS: You two love having fun and surprises, love your innovative sense and your outgoing natures. When you get together, it’s like the world suddenly becomes magical since the two of you are always full of unique and amazing suggestions.

VIRGO: You’re intellectually compatible. However, Aquarius tends to look at things globally as they care about long term, while Virgo tends to be more local and specific in terms of problem solving or planning. 58 IDENTITY • February 2021

PISCES: You both care about making this world a better place which is great. However, Pisces is a little bit demanding when it comes to the emotional bond and you dislike having your emotions all over the place, which might make things a little bit hard for you two.

HygieneGlaze 99.9% antibacterial

DuraStyle. Design by Matteo Thun

Simplicity also rules in the bathroom furniture area. The trick is in the mix between open and closed areas: In this way, everything works airily and transparently. The refined 2/3 division of the wall unit is also continued with the vanity units. For more info please visit our showrooms in Sheraton +2 02 26968700, Designopolis +2 02 38572041 or +2 0238572042, Sharm El Sheikh +2 06 93664162, or visit www.duravit.com.eg