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GN 05/28/2013

THE REVELATION What does the future holds for agriculture and human population? Agriculture involves the domestication of animals and plants. This “ system�, began 10,000 years ago. Agriculture practice such as crop rotation, irrigation, pesticides, and now GMOs or genetically modified plants. Ever Since, mankind has tapped into the mysteries of atoms and DNA; science and technology has been rushing about in murderous frenzy. In the 1940s-1970s, an occurring series of researches and developments increased the agriculture production worldwide, this time period was called the Green Revolution. The agricultural development started in Mexico, because of its success, the Green revolution technologies was spread worldwide. Industrialization is related to the Green Revolution, and it is period in economic changes that transformed human groups from Agrarian society to an industrial on, (WIKIPEDIA). Most of these these changes were closely related with technology innovation, (WIKIPEDIA) . Each panel shows the changes and the progression of agriculture. My fourth panel is the optimistic panel. It conveys three keywords, Change, time and alternative. On the top right- hand portion of the poster, there is an bicycle made out of a tree with clocks as wheel. It is a symbol for time and change. This symbol was inspired by Salvador Dali a surrealist. When I envision the future, I envision the prophecy of the Bible. The book of the revelation forebodes a time of happiness, of universal prosperity in agriculture and world peace. I think of an infusion of buildings and trees.

I imagine farms with alternative farming methods such as permaculture, biointensive, and biodynamic much the same to farmer Mark. All of these methods are represented through an plants with an infants as its roots. My four panel illustration conveys all of the human decadence, and downward trends. It is a symbol of the destructions cast upon nature by humankind. My illustration withholds a message and conveys a detestable truth. KEYWORDS FOR EACH PANELS: Panel 1: Hunter gatherers, nature, past. Panel 2: Resolution, process, production. Panel 3: Factories, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), destruction. Panel 4: Advice, change, and time. References: Wikipedia contributors. "Industrialisation." Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia. Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia, 24 May. 2013. Web. 31 May. 2013.