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Multiple births and twin births are already common occurrences nowadays and occur to many mothers already. There are even mothers who want to give birth to twins. But since there are two sets of twin births; the fraternal twins and identical twins, it is a must to be aware of the similarities and differences of these two sets in terms of several factors. Fraternal twins can be born through natural or artificial processes because of the advancement of technology nowadays. This makes this set of twins easier to give birth to or makes women’s chances of giving birth to twins higher especially if they really want to give birth to twins.

Fraternal twins are sets of twin babies that were formed because of double fertilization or the fertilization of two eggs by two sperms which is why it is also called dizygotic twins. Since they are formed through double fertilization, they usually do not look alike and they also do not always come out with the same sex. In fact, most of the fraternal twins are boy and girl combinations although there are already instances wherein there are girl and girl and boy and boy pairs. But whether parents would want to have fraternal twin sets or not, they almost always have one common question and that is how these twins develop.

Twin pregnancy means being pregnant with twins or two babies instead of one. This is the result of either two fertilized eggs or one fertilized egg splitting to make two embryos. There are two types of twin pregnancies and these are the identical twin and fraternal twin pregnancy. When a mother undergoes this type of pregnancy, the signs and symptoms are the same. It does not mean that being pregnant with twins mean different signs and symptoms. However, the only way for you to find out whether you have twins or not is through ultrasound or pre-natal checkups.

Getting to know the difference and similarities between these two sets will help mothers better understand them and know their chances as well as risks of giving birth to twin babies.

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