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11th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference & Exhibition

Sleep Apnea: Oral appliance could help you (and your partner) sleep better


TABLE OF CONTENTS This issue features articles on dental replantation by Dr Jean - Francois Michel focusing on a 10 year old case implant case. Read more about Dr Sherif Kandil our featured front cover for our second issue and learn more about the KLINE Aligner Phenomenon among Filipino Dentists in our On the Spotlight section.



Structo & uLab Systems announce strategic partnership at the AAO 2019


Advantages of Artificial Intelligence in Dentistry


Dr Sherif Kandil Behind the Success of KLINE Europe


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Priorities OVER

Dr Armi Cabero Publisher - Dental Access


n several occassions, we gather around and pursue our post graduate training to revisit and enhance our skills in our preferred dental specialities. This brings us to reconnect with our old colleagues and build new acquiantances in the profession which makes our work more fulfilling. From there we exchange ideas, clinical cases and sometimes a light banter among old friends recalling the best times they’ve had outside of work. But in our calling to fulfill our oaths, when we“window shop” for courses or training programs based on their lower fees and not the value of the course, it diminishes our objective to learn. A simple analogy is - you can’t expect to get a full course meal if you only pay peanuts! You will never get anywhere in your career when you don’t realize what is valuable and what is not. This principle applies when you study abroad or at a reputable course provider. Most first world countries are ahead in technology and have advanced dental researches. It’s not having a colonial mentality when you search for better learning opportunities abroad. You are actually increasing your value as a dentist because this new knowledge and skill will elevate your sta-


Luxury tus in the community. It is a bold declaration that you are committed to being a good dental professional than just being an observer. Always keep in mind that the simple wonders of Google can give information to a misinformed patient about dental procedures who sometimes talk like they know it all. And when you are caught flat footed, there is not a chance that you will win over a debate with them. I am not suggesting that you spend your hard earned work purely on continuing education without enjoying the fruits of your labor. But always prioritize your livelihood over luxury because the value of education never diminishes. There are reasons why these programs are priced as they are. Consider the cost of the materials, the value of education of the instructor, and the place or venue where the coordinator invested in order to provide its enrollees the best dental facility and educators to produce significant results. Part of the reason why there are increasing number of legal cases is because our education and skill is not harnessed to the fullest. Don’t expect to get good reviews and good results from your work if you do short cuts with education. Luxury may be expensive but education is PRICELESS! DAC







Structo & uLab Systems announce strategic partnership at the AAO 2019 Structo, a dental 3D printing solutions provider and uLab Systems, creator of innovative in-office orthodontic treatment planning software, announced a strategic partnership to deliver more tailored in-office orthodontic solutions to clinicians at the AAO 2019 Annual Meeting in Los Angeles. The two companies which are heavily focused on orthodontics will collaborate closely to deliver various aligner manufacturing solutions to the different segments of the market. First, Structo’s high throughput dental-specific DentaForm 3D printer will be integrated with uLab’s uDesign aligner treatment planning software. This will be rolled out in uLab’s next software update. DAC

ZEISS announces new breakthroughs in digital technology and industry-first high-resolution imaging Press release from: Coherent Market Insights

ZEISS Medical Technology Segment will announce several breakthroughs in digital technologies and high-resolution imaging at the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery in San Diego from May 4 -7, 2019. “We’re excited to be here at ASCRS with our customers to share the latest in digitalization, industry-first imaging technology and industry-first milestones,” said Jim Mazzo, Global President of Ophthalmic Devices at Carl Zeiss Meditec. “This is a new era of visualization in ophthalmology, and we’re committed to find new ways to support our customers, every step of the way.” Cosmetic and dental issues arise as a result of aging. According to National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, plants accounted for over 15% share of global dental device market revenue. NEW ZEISS ARTEVO 800 Digital Visualization Platform ZEISS will unveil the ARTEVO® 800, the first digital microscope in ophthalmic surgery. “With ARTEVO 800 we are entering a new era of ophthalmic visualization for more certainty in surgery by providing the best resolution for our customers,” Mazzo said of the new device. “Developed with surgeons for surgeons, the ARTEVO 800 is going to change the future of surgical care by revolutionizing visualization, information, comfort and workflow in the operating room.” ARTEVO 800 comes with a new feature called “DigitalOptics” which provides unmatched depth of field, drastically reduced light intensity requirements and real color impression for increased certainty. It also provides digital assistance and detailed information to surgical vision in real-time. ARTEVO 800 comes with cloud connectivity to the ZEISS Cataract Suite, allowing surgeons to access patient data remotely. ZEISS CLARUS 700 High-resolution, Ultra-widefield Imaging with Angiography CLARUSTM 700 is the first device that combines ultra-widefield UWF imaging, excellent image quality, and a full range of fundus imaging modalities, including fundus angiography. This breakthrough industry-first high-resolution ultra-widefield (UWF) camera with Angiography with true color closely approximating the natural coloration of the retina, as viewed through direct observation. Using a fast and easy workflow with a simple interface and time-saving data, the CLARUS 700 provides a comprehensive fundus exam, diagnoses, treatment planning, and disease management. It provides the ability to quantify disease progression and respond with a measured therapeutic action in high resolution ultra-widefield images. With its new features, retina specialists can visualize changes with high-resolution details from the posterior pole to the periphery. With the CLARUS 700, specialists can manage all fundus imaging modalities in one session from one device all without having to reposition the patient, thus providing patients a comfortable exam experience. DAC



Dentacoin is entering the Romanian market with a new partner dental practice – Art Dentistry, Oradea. Following the meeting at IDS 2019, Dr. Catalin Marchis saw great potential in working together and thus has decided to begin accepting Dentacoin payments in his practice.


Another Partnership Born at IDS 2019 The International Dental Show in Cologne was an amazing opportunity to bring together industry professionals together from all walks of life. Art Dentistry, Oradea, Romania joins the Dentacoin Network along with nearly 90 other locations accepting DCN payments in USA, Brazil, Argentina, Australia, UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Austria, Spain, Hungary, Bulgaria, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Malaysia, Taiwan, Pakistan, Fiji, India, Iran, Tanzania, Lebanon.


Dentacoin and Art Dentistry Kickstart the Market in Romania

BIG SCREENED TRIOS MOVE+ launched at IDS The award-winning TRIOS MOVE has gotten a major update. The brand-new TRIOS MOVE+ now has a 15.6” touchscreen. Dentists can position the larger screen just as easily as before to share TRIOS intraoral scans with patients and acts as a canvas to design and discuss treatment plans. The screen and arm are attached to an elegant, easy-to-move stand with a PC that delivers fast and smooth scanning technology. The MOVE+ also features an integrated USB port for the convenient import and export of scans. The iconic, minimalist design is complemented by graceful details like subtle curves and premium, brushed aluminum that reflect the MOVE+’s Danish DNA. The MOVE+ is designed to drive patient involvement and case acceptance in conjunction with 3Shape Excitement Apps including TRIOS Treatment Simulator and TRIOS Smile Design. “When we visited clinics, we found other systems to be bulky and heavy, and really not ergonomic. We really wanted to bring the screen in front of the dentist and the patient, where you need it, and to also create a beautiful, light design icon that represents the new way of working,” says Eskild Hansen, 3Shape chief designer. DAC

Malaysia International Dental Show 2019 kicks off its 4th Dental Conference The 4th Malaysia International Dental Show (MIDS) 2019 is the leading international show jointly organized by MAHSA University and the Malaysian Dental Dealers Association (MDDA). MIDS 2019 is a platform specially created for the dental community which comprises dental professionals, dental technologists, government bodies, dental schools, dental practitioners & traders associations from Malaysia and the ASEAN region. MIDS 2019 was held from 19 - 21 April 2019, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m at Putra World Trade Centre (Hall 4), Kuala Lumpur. The main objectives of MIDS 2019 is to enhance the skills and knowledge of dentistry among dental professionals and to collaborate with dental traders in promoting the growth of the industry symbiotically. With the theme, ‘Towards Excellence in Dentistry’, the Show features a total of 120 booths by International and local exhibitors showcasing the latest dental materials, products, and technology. It is expected to draw a crowd of over 2,000 delegates, exhibitors, trade visitors and industry leaders from private and public sectors. At MIDS 2019, delegates had the privilege to learn from the industry’s top-notch speakers and improve their knowledge of modern dentistry; Network with dentists, practice manager, hygienists, dental nurses, technicians, and laboratory owners. Positioned as “The Upcoming Dental Exhibition & Conference in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)” the event will be officiated by the Guest of Honour, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Dzulkefly Ahmad, Minister of Health, Malaysia.“In order to take MIDS 2019 to a higher level, we’ll continue to feature professional speakers from around the world”, says Dr. Kacharaju Kranthi Raja, Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Dentistry of MAHSA University and organizing chairperson of the scientific conference.DAC



An army of micro-robots can wipe out dental plaque Press release from: provided by University of Pennsylvania.

A team of engineers, dentists, and biologists from the University of Pennsylvania developed a microscopic robotic cleaning crew. With two types of robotic systems -- one designed to work on surfaces and the other to operate inside confined spaces -- the scientists showed that robots with catalytic activity could ably destroy biofilms, sticky amalgamations of bacteria enmeshed in a protective scaffolding. Such robotic biofilm-removal systems could be valuable in a wide range of potential applications, from keeping water pipes and catheters clean to reducing the risk of tooth decay, endodontic infections, and implant contamination. To move the innovation down the road to clinical application, the researchers are receiving support from the Penn Center for Health, Devices, and Technology. DAC

Sleep Apnea: Oral appliance could help you (and your partner) sleep better

Photo: kjpargeter

Researchers measured a novel treatment for sleep apnea developed at Hiroshima University Hospital with positive results. By measuring patients lying down flat, the researchers stimulated sleep conditions and measured the patient’s airways using 3D imaging. The study confirmed that the treatment is effective at opening the airways and warrants further collaboration between dentists and doctors in treatment of sleep apnea.wObstructive sleep apnea is a condition that causes throat muscles to relax and narrows the airways of those affected while they are asleep. Snorting, choking or gasping while sleeping are the indicators of the condition. Usually the sufferers’ partner notices before they do.

People with mild to moderate sleep apnea experience daily fatigue and a shortened attention span from lack of sleep. Sleep apnea can also have more serious consequences; people have died from very severe forms of the condition. “Your eyes are closed but you’re not resting,” explains Dr. Cynthia Concepción-Medina, Research Assistant at the Department of Orthodontics at Hiroshima University Hospital who contributed to the study with her colleagues Associate Professor Hiroshi Ueda and Dr. Yu Matsumura. Treatments include a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine (a mask worn by the patient that delivers air pressure throughout the night) or one-piece oral appliances.DAC

Oral bacteria in pancreas linked to more aggressive tumors Press release from: Karolinska Institutet

The presence of oral bacteria in so-called cystic pancreatic tumours is associated with the severity of the tumour, a study by researchers at Karolinska Institutet in Sweden published in the journal Gut reports. It is hoped that the results can help to improve diagnosis and treatment of pancreatic cancer.

Photo: kjpargeter

Pancreatic cancer is one of the most lethal cancers in the west. The disease is often discovered late, which means that in most cases the prognosis is poor. But not all pancreatic tumours are cancerous. For instance there are so-called cystic pancreatic tumours (pancreatic cysts), many of which are benign. A few can, however, become cancerous.

The study was conducted in collaboration with researchers at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, the Department of Laboratory Medicine at Karolinska Institutet and Science for Life Laboratory. It was financed by the Swedish Cancer Society, Stockholm County Council (ALF funding), Styrgruppen KI/SLL för Odontologisk Forskning (the KI/SLL steering group for dental research, SOF), KI KID-funding, and the Ruth and Richard Julin Foundation. DAC



Press release from: Data Bridge Market Research

Researchers are reporting new findings on how bacteria involved in gum disease can travel throughout the body, exuding toxins connected with Alzheimer’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis and aspiration pneumonia. They detected evidence of the bacteria in brain samples from people with Alzheimer’s and used mice to show that the bacterium can find its way from the mouth to the brain. The bacterium, Porphyromonas gingivalis, is the bad actor involved in periodontitis, the most serious form of gum disease. These new findings underscore the importance of good dental hygiene as scientists seek ways to better control this common bacterial infection. The best way to prevent P. gingivalis from growing out of control is by brushing and flossing regularly and visiting a dental hygienist at least once a year. DAC


Gum bacteria implicated in Alzheimer’s and other diseases

Teeth whitening products can harm protein-rich tooth layer Americans spend more than a billion dollars on teeth whitening products each year. Although these products can make smiles brighter, new research shows that they might also be causing tooth damage. In three new studies, researchers found that hydrogen peroxide, the active ingredient in over-the-counter whitening strips, can damage the protein-rich dentin tissue found beneath the tooth’s protective enamel. Undergraduates working in the laboratory of Kelly Keenan, PhD, associate professor of chemistry at Stockton University in New Jersey, will present this research at the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology annual meeting during the 2019 Experimental Biology meeting to be held April 6-9 in Orlando, Fla. Photo: janoon028

The tooth is made of three layers: the outer tooth enamel, an underlying dentin layer and connective tissue that binds the roots to the gum. Most studies of whitening strips have focused on tooth enamel, which contains very little protein. Kennan’s research team focuses on dentin, which makes up most of the tooth and has high levels of protein, most of which is collagen. The researchers point out that their experiments did not address whether collagen and other proteins in the teeth can be regenerated, so it is unknown if the tooth damage is permanent.DAC

Anti-inflammatory plant-based diet helps reduce gingivitis Press release from: Wiley

A plant-based whole food diet reduced gingivitis in a recent randomized trial published in the Journal of Clinical Periodontology. For the trial, 30 patients with gingivitis were randomized to an experimental and a control group. The experimental group changed to a diet low in processed carbohydrates and animal proteins, and rich in omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin C, vitamin D, antioxidants, plant nitrates, and fibers for four weeks. The control group did not change their diet. All participants suspended the use of dental floss and other tools to clean between their teeth. Although there were no differences regarding plaque values, the experimental group experienced a significant reduction in gingival bleeding. They also showed an increase in vitamin D values and weight loss. “Study results clearly demonstrate the possibility to naturally reduce gingivitis by an optimized diet that also promotes general health. According to this, dental teams should address dietary habits and give adequate recommendations in the treatment of gingivitis, since it might be a side effect of a pro-inflammatory western diet,” said lead author Dr. Johan Woelber, of the University of Freiburg, in Germany. DAC Photo: freepik



GC’s Construction of the Manufacturing Plant for Sterile Pharmaceutical Products is Complete Press release from: GC Asia

GC Corporation (Kiyotaka Nakao, President & CEO, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo) and group company Showa Yakuhin Kako Co., Ltd. (Seiji Yoshida, CEO, Chuo-ku Tokyo) started a project to construct a new manufacturing building for dental products in January 2018. The construction of the new manufacturing plant for sterile pharmaceutical products was completed as planned on June 5, 2019 (three-story building with total floor of 5,339.23㎡, located in Kawasaki-shi, Kanagawa-ken). The completion ceremony was attended by many guests including Dr. Toshihiko Makino, Vice-President and Dr. Shigeo Sugiyama, Standing Director from the Japan Dental Association, Mr. Shigeo Nakayama Chairman of the Japan Dental Pharmaceutical Association, and Mr. Hikaru Ouchi, President of AYUMI Pharmaceutical Corporation. The guests also joined the Shinto ritual ceremony “Tamagushi-hoten”. After the ritual ceremony, Yoshimasa Suzuki, Director of GC Corporation, gave a presentation that featured a board displaying the new plant facilities. At the “Naorai”, a feast after the ritual ceremony, President Kiyotaka Nakao expressed gratitude to everyone involved in the construction project, for an on-time completion of the sterile pharmaceutical products manufacturing plant, which required highly-controlled environment. He also stated that GC Group would contribute to dental care not only in Japan but also around the world by delivering safe and reliable products with the best quality and in the best condition, which has cutting-edge facilities. In his congratulatory speech, Dr. Toshihiko Makino mentioned that he hoped the products manufactured in the top-level aseptic area would emphasize the importance of safe and secure dental care, representing one of the goals for the JDA to achieve. Production will start at the new plant, positioned as a major manufacturing base for dental pharmaceutical products within the GC group, targeting to contribute to dentistry in Japan and also world-wide. GC has positioned the 21st century as a “Century of Health” and is dedicated to become the No. 1 dental company of the world by supporting and improving our end user’s lives through dental care. We will continue our collaborative, group-wide efforts to contribute to our end user’s health and smiles around the world. Your continued support would be much appreciated. DAC

NUS dominates the field of dentistry in Asia and the world Press release from: QS Asia News Network

The National University of Singapore (NUS) Faculty of Dentistry has been continuously improving oral health in Singapore and beyond by providing top-notch dental training and pushing boundaries in dental research. Students from around the world compete to be enrolled in the undergraduate and postgraduates programmes offered by the Faculty of Dentistry. Graduate students who are inclined to pursue their Masters in Dental Surgery will have the option of six different residency programmes depending on their desired specialty. For those interested in research will also have the choice of pursuing either a Masters or PhD by research. The NUS Faculty of Dentistry is internationally renowned in dental research in areas encompassing cell & molecular biology, microbiology and biomaterials. Faculty and clinical staff administer bench, clinical and population level research using state-of-the-art facilities. Many aspiring dental practitioners opt to be trained as specialists and advanced researchers at the NUS Faculty of Dentistry – the opening the National University Centre for Oral Health, Singapore in 2019 because it will have an integral impact on dental studies and oral healthcare in the Asia region. Well-trained, future-ready specialists and researchers will be able to use their knowledge and expertise to enhance the lives of people around the world. As Singapore continues to advance as a centre of excellence for healthcare both in Asia and the world, graduates who choose to source for jobs within Singapore will get to enjoy benefits such as low tax rates and competitive salaries in an environment where the demand and employment prospects dentists remain relatively high. With prominent courses, unique cultural experiences, and an outstanding quality of life; pursuing dentistry at NUS is an excellent choice that should be considered by prospective students looking to pursue an education in dentistry and gain valuable experience to be trained among the luminaries of the dentistry field. Source: Study International DAC



Press release from: FDI

FDI experts Dr Susie Sanderson OBE and Professor David Williams recently authored a piece on the need for global guidance on antibiotic stewardship in dentistry. The article is published in AMR Control, the leading annual review on antimicrobial resistance (AMR). Dr Sanderson is FDI speaker and immediate past president of the British Dental Association; Prof. Williams is co-chair of the FDI Vision 2020 Think Tank and the FDI Vision 2030 Working Group, as well as professor of global oral health at Queen Mary University in London.


FDI experts publish guidance on antibiotic stewardship in dentistry

The authors assert that dentists should be involved in the development and implementation of national action plans to counter antibiotic resistance, as they prescribe almost 10% of all antibiotics. They say that to optimize the use of antibiotics in dentistry, there needs to be global attention on stewardship policies that are achievable and consistently disseminated.DAC

Two dentists from Malaysia and the Philippines Sworn in at UNAIR Press release: Universitas Airlangga News

There were 28 dentists of Faculty of Dental Medicine (FKG) Universitas Airlangga (UNAIR) inaugurated and sworn in on Tuesday, June 25, 2019. The ceremony was held in Graha Bik IPTEK building, Faculty of Medicine (FK), UNAIR. From 28 dentists who were sworn in, two of them were students from Malaysia and the Philippines. They are Nik Andriena Binti Nik Abdullah from Malaysia and Christian Oliver Wijaya from the Philippines. In the dentist’s oath-taking ceremony, FKG and UNAIR leaderships were also present, such as Dean of Faculty of Dental Medicine Dr. R. Darmawan Setijanto, drg., M.Kes, Director of UNAIR Dental and Oral Hospital, and UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA. On the same occasion, representatives of Hiroshima University, which is currently collaborating with FKG UNAIR in Human Resources development, were also present. In his remarks, Dr. Darmawan Setijanto revealed that FKG UNAIR and Hiroshima University have long established collaboration in human resources development to improve UNAIR’s ranking towards Top 500 World Class University. “The collaboration between UNAIR and Hiroshima University has been around for quite a long time, around 33 years. The collaboration includes improving the quality of FKG students and staffs, “said Dr. Darmawan. Furthermore, FKG Dean also revealed that some dentists who were sworn in were the result of the collaboration through various programs in the Faculty of Dental Medicine. “The results of our collaboration with Hiroshima University include short courses and college scholarships from the Japanese Government. Some of the dentists were sworn in today, “he added. At the end of his remarks, Darmawan stated that some dentists in Indonesia are in the western part of Indonesia. It is a challenge for new dentists to serve in other parts of Indonesia. “Most dentists in Indonesia are currently based in the western part of Indonesia. This is a challenge for you (new dentist, ed) to serve in the central and eastern Indonesia, “he added. Meanwhile, UNAIR Rector Prof. Dr. Mohammad Nasih, SE, MT., Ak., CMA said that after being a dentist and a professional, teamwork is a must in order to achieve the goal of improving public health. “After this, as a professional dentist, teamwork is a must because speaking as a professional cannot work individually, but it must be done collectively in order to achieve a goal, improving public health, “said Prof. Nasih. (*) DAC





oday’s AI is invading our everyday lives. Digital assistants like Alexa of Amazon and Siri of Apple are some of the examples. Finally, Artificial Intelligence is also in the field of dentistry. Its current hype is hard to miss. Healthcare is being touted as a vertical that will be completely transformed by AI in the future. Artificial Intelligence is defined as ‘a field of science and engineering concerned with the computational understanding of intelligent behavior with the creation of artifacts that exhibit such behavior’.The applications of these technologies like Expert systems, Game playing, Theorem-proving, Natural language processing, Image recognition and Robotics in various fields like telecommunication and aerospace have progressed. Technology has revolutionized the field of medicine and dentistry in the last decade. 2 Categories of Application; 1.CLINICAL PRACTICE It is visible thru digital radiograph, CADCAM, 3D-printing and a cloud-based Artificial Intelligence to detect dental caries on bitewing x-rays. It is under an investigation protocol to evaluate its effectiveness and utility in providing patient care. (see In addition, AI on Clinical Practice ensures and supports the diagnosis. Mobile applications are available which identifies malignant melanomas by comparing the pictures from the patient with a vast interphase of lesions from around the world. (see Mole Check App, Online Derm Clinic,). A similar system can be


applied and implemented for self-examination of suspected oral cancerous lesions. 2. DENTAL PRACTICE AND MARKETING Many countries have marketing and advertising by dental professionals. It is with legalities, guidelines and regulations. The paper less system and dental management softwares as virtual assistants perform a number of simple tasks in the dental clinic with greater precision, less manpower and fewer errors than human counterparts. Booking and coordinating regular appointments according to the convenience of the patients and dentists. Another breakthrough in AI is the “ChatBot ”, the all in one system used for Dentistry practice management and marketing. Thru its messaging, dentists can use it as applications that are easy to use and implement in their dental offices and is a great tool for marketing. You don’t need any technical knowledge to build bots using a bot builder software. This program interfaces with your practice management and marketing systems to proactively schedule treatments which can launch new patients through code scanning, marketing and automation campaigns based on profit maximization algorithms. It also increases patients’ satisfaction for patient inqueries. This can save time and effort then build rapport. (see,, We can be certain that AI will change dentistry in a way we cannot even imagine today. Dentists are advocates of newer technologies. We’ll continue to see its progress in the practice management and growth arena. Although AI is a great aid to the field of dentistry and dental education, biological systems are much more complex and it can in no way replace human knowledge, skill and decision making ability. DAC





The DIY Dilemma Dear Dr Harris,

i say.

Dear Dr Pauline, First, before you accept a patient from a bad history of DIY, you have to report this incident to your respective chapter president or chapter heads. This way they can be aware of the presence of such activities and conduct legal procedures to apprehend the offender. Second, ask the patient to sign a consent form or a form of contract that will allow you to perform, correct and treat the patient. This will serve as your safety net in case that his or her condition worsens. Based on the contract, you can stipulate the current condition of the patient’s mouth prior to your treatment. You can also indicate that the success of the treatment will be dependent on the how the teeth and its surrounding structures will respond to the new treatment you offered. You also have to inform your patient that his compliance to the treatment (which means regular visits for adjustments , oral hygiene and so on) will make a great treatment outcome. Third, state in the contract that in case the patient discontinues the treatment with you, you will be providing a release form including his or her records upon complete payment of the full amount of the treatment. Hope this helps you with your dilemma!


He says.

I have been doing orthodontic practice for more than 20 years and since then my income was doing well until the proliferation of DoIt-Yourself (DIY) braces in my community. It’s not only causing me trouble with my income, but has posed a lot of health problems with patients who come to the clinic who for rehabilitation. Trouble is, I discourage accepting patients who had this dilemma with illegal practitioners because in my opinion, I do not want to be hold liable for any further problems that I may encouter out of a bad decision from resorting to illegal practitioners. What can you advise me from this matter since I have been getting a lot of inquiries from these types of patients? Should I accept them or refer them?

Dr Pauline Dentist from Quezon City

About the author Dr Harris T. Co is an alumni of the Centro Escolar University College of Dentistry. He is the co-publisher of Dental Access and holds a practice in Tarlac City, Pampanga specializing in dental implants and orthodontics. He is also a financial adviser of AXA Philippines since 2016. He is a father of three and is married to Dr Maria Cua - Co.



Coloured Compomer with glitter effect • Fillings of deciduous teeth • 6 attractive glittering colours • No etching, no rinsing, no drying • Perfect polishability to high brilliance • Excellent physical properties • Continuous fluoride release • Colour guide with original material

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SUPER CHARGE your TEETH with SVP S.T.Ark Dental Clinic

Dr Mark Samuel Pagayunan


omewhere in the heart of General Malvar, Sto. Tomas, Batangas lies a dental facility that owes its inspirational design to the hit trilogy movie the Iron Man - thanks to the creative idea of Dr Mark Samuel Pagayunan, owner of the SVP S.T.Ark Dental Clinic. SInce it was opened in 4 of Febuary 2018, The SVP S.T.Ark Dental Clinic has attracted patients and avid fans of Iron Man at his dental facility. Decorated with Iron Man’s iconic memoribilias, he came up with this concept when he was still planning on opening his clinic. “I had a dream of putting up a clinic that was inspired by Iron Man. However, some of my friends discouraged me because of the theme saying it might not look professional. But to me, having a clinic should represent my personality - just as Tony Stark had put it, “The suit and I are one!”, he said. Thanks to his family and his girlfriend, he was not only able to establish the clinic of his dreams but share the success and practice with his special lady working side by side at his dental clinic. The SVP S.T.Ark trademark While other dental clinics portray a more serious atmosphere, here at SVP S.T.Ark Dental Clinic, patients are greeted by associates and staffs with friendly smiles and Iron Man Masks. From the reception, the lights on the ceiling down to the dental chair, the dental facility displays Iron Man themes in the four corners of the clinic.



To continually awe patients with his Iron Man themed dental facility, Dr Pagayunan pursues his continuing education to serve them better as he put it. In fact, he provides free services to patients who cannot afford dental treatment - a life-long commitment that he intends to keep when he took his oath as a dentist.


“My patients give me great reviews not only for my dental work but for the unique experience they receive from my staff and the design I created for the clinic. It is one of the best achievements to date I have accomplished as a dentist.”

“At SV S.T.Ark Dental Clinic I focus my practice on aesthetics and oral surgery and I am happy to serve my patients from all walks of life. I attribute all of the blessings I receive from God to the less fortunate. This is the time when I give it back to God because he has blessed me abundantly.” Dr Pagayunan states. The dentist entrepreneur Dr Mark Samuel V. Pagayunan is a graduate of Centro Escolar University - College of Dentistry in Makati City - one of the outstanding dental colleges in the Philippines. Starting off his career as a military dentist, Dr Pagayunan focused his training in aesthetics and oral surgery. From there he gained the trust from his patients and of course, followers and admirers of his ingenious design for a dental clinic. But as young and as bold as he is, Dr Pagayunan remains a humble practitioner who also visits other clinics where his services are needed spreading his wings and his talent professionally. “I do visit other clinics as a consultant where I enjoy the company of other dentists. Right now, my partner who is also my girlfriend shares the practice with me. She has been helpful and supportive from the start of our career which I deeply appreciate.” He stresses. Truly Dr Pagayunan has enjoyed the fruits of his labor simply because he followed his dream and his passion. In his footsteps where its less travelled, Dr Pagayunan decided to carve his own name on his own terms, at his own time. DAC 17


Implant fail with Sinus perforation Dear Dr Rivas,

Dr Maria Elisa Rivas

Dear Dr Sinus of Pampanga, From what I perceive it is a case of sinus perforation and should be dealt with as soon as possible to avoid further sinus infection. The best way to confront the situation is by being honest and tell your patient that the implant procedure failed. There are cases where we need to use a more compatible implant and based on your narration, the patient needs a bigger implant to hold better into the bone. In addition, the condition of the sinus near her implant needs rehabilitation due to the manifestations you mentioned e.g. yellow suppuration simulating pus like formation around the implant. You have to convince the patient to undergo immediate sinus rehabilitation to avoid further complications. Also be diplomatic when you explain the case to the patient so as not to further aggrevate the current situation and avoid legal problems in the future. My suggestion is, first take a radiograph of the case or a CBCT to evaluate the extent of the perforation. Remove the mini implant and perform a Platelet rich Fibrin (PRF) procedure to close the perforation or a collagen plug. After the surgery put the patient in maximum dose of antibiotics then observe after a few days for a speedy recovery. All the best to you and your clinic. Yours truly, Dr Maria Elisa Rivas 18

More than a year ago, I placed a mini implant on the anterior lower front tooth of my patient. I was told by the supplier that the success rate was high because it showed on the radiograph that the bone density was good. However, after one week from our surgery my patient had pain and suppuration coming out of the wound. I asked her to take amoxicillin antibiotics for one week so from there the pain and suppuration subsided. A few months later, I saw the patient and to my surprise the implant was wobbling and was oozing a yellowish film around the restored implant. I am deeply worried at her condition because based on my recollection when we inserted the implant the patient had a bone thickness of only 3 mm and a depth of only 6mm. I took a radiograph and I think I must have punctured the sinus because there seems to be a break. I am worried about the legal matters that was brought to my attention should the implant fail. Please advise me how to correct my error and explain to the patient what went wrong without facing any legal problems. Dr Sinus of Pampanga

About the author

Dr Maria Elisa Rivas is a Full Fellow of the Philippine Academy of Implant Dentistry, A Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy-Philippine Section , and Fellow of the Philippine College of Oral Implantologists. She maintains her status as a Clinical Instructor on Dental Implant Training at the Achacoso Center for Advanced Dental Studies to date.




ADVANCED ASIAN DENTAL SUMMIT On March 23-25, 2020, the Advanced Asian Dental Summit will take place at the Philippine International Convention Center, Philippines holding its first all international congress and exhibition with speakers known different countries including the United States, Singapore, Europe and the Philippines. This three day activity combined with workshops is set to catapult the Philippines as the new hub for international dental conferences and business development among dental traders and manufacturers. For more information about the AADS2020 email:











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n 2018, K LINE Europe GmbH took Manila by storm when it was first launched in the Philippines by its distribution partner K LINE Philippines. Since then, the growing popularity among local dentists using K Line products paved the way for K LINE to be a preferred treatment option in Metro Manila to vying orthodontic patients. Now, this popular aligner has extended its reach to Visayas and soon in Mindanao allowing K Clear to be the next aligner phenomenon. Taking the front seat as the Founder and Chief Reseach Officer of K LINE Europe GmbH, Dr Sherif Kandil openly shares with us the success story of the company and how they started the K Line Phenomenon. Starting with the name, K Align was changed to K LINE after several months of brain storming. “Several of the first employees and partners had their last name start with a K so we had a common consensus of using the K letter but no specific brand name in mind until we decided to make it as simple as possible and name it K Line. Surprisingly, while we were focusing our strategy in Europe, our first leads came outside Europe and that includes the Philippines.” states Dr Kandil. In less than two years, K LINE enjoys a leading advantage over its competitors in the Philippines having held four certification courses in Manila with sold out seats at every certification course. This achievement in just a short time has cemented K LINE to be among the top aligner manufacturers dominating the country. “We are very excited about fast development in the Asian market. The end consumers are getting much more awareness about clear aligners, thanks to our distributor’s continuous efforts in Asia to make K LINE a leading brand.”



“There is no substitute for hard work a THE K LINE MISSION K LINE’s mission aims to deliver value for its customers on a dental and orthodontic scale. Expansion, sales and marketing comes after, states Dr Sherif. But what sets K LINE apart from the rest of its competitors? Quality? Branding? the people working behind K LINE? We believe it is a combination of all collaborative efforts of K LINE.


In some more progressive countries in Asia, the use of clear aligners has benefited several patients who seek comfort and effective orthodontic treatments that are invisible to the naked eye. However, most manufacturers who offered this product are staged painstakingly high to the middle income bracket making aligners a far cry from their dreams of having straight teeth. But thanks K LINE IN MANILA to the innovation of K LINE, offering clear aligners When K Clear Europe was launched in Manila, the to patients is now more affordable and economresponse created a great impression to the CEO ical. of K LINE Europe Dr Sherif so much so that K LINE easily etched its way into the Philippine market in “Overall the major challenge in Asia is to fit the less than a year. price tag into the market while not forgetting that awareness is still in its embryonic phase so “The Philippines is a very interesting market where working on both is a bit challenging. Thanks to word of mouth spreads fast and online marketing the widespread use of social networks it is much is extremely effective. In less than two years our easier to spread awareness about K LINE and its number of customers have been staggering. I be- benefits,” says Dr Kandil. lieve by the end of 2019 K LINE will have a market share of not less than 70% in the Phillippines.” Dr The success of K LINE in Asia as confirmed by Kandil prides. Dr Kandil is paid by hard work and team effort. K



and no better cause than innovation.” LINE’s distribution partners worked on diligently in campaigning for K LINE within their market share. As a result K LINE managed to lead a strong presence and name recall among dentists.

In addition, he foresees further development of his 4D dynamic clear aligners. Those according to Dr Sherif Kandil will be a huge game changer to the whole industry making clear aligners more affordable and decrease the plastic waste.

Dr Kandil, “The single game changer in the market would be local manufacturing to decrease the “There is an average of 33,000 Tons of plastic costs drastically and make clear aligners feasible waste per year from our clear aligner industry for the middle class.” alone. As part of our environmental contribution to save our planet, we are determined to decrease THE FUTURE OF K LINE the plastic waste production to over 60% in the As Founder of K LINE Europe, Dr Kandil and his next 3 years.” team continually drives to improve its products and services to its customers predicting a huge From innovation to environmental responsibility, K potential with their ideas and major applications LINE Europe depicts an extraordinary success stoin the pipeline in the next 2 years. ry that started with a simple concept and turned into a grand endeavour. Living by one of the best In fact, during the IDS2019, Dr Kandil was inclined lines delivered by Dr Kandil he shares, “There is to share his current research and clinical trials to no substitute for hardwork and no better cause his peers and distribution partners. than innovation.” DAC 23


Dental replantation: Case report of a 10-year follow-up Permanent teeth avulsion is a serious injury. The management of the neighboring avulsed teeth is crucial to preserve teeth and the interdental bone. The present case report illustrates the replantation procedure of 2 maxillary central incisors and the long term follow-up. Although the teeth were stored in an inappropriate medium and the replantation was delayed, teeth and bone were well preserved without any periodontal inflammatory process at 10 years.

Introduction Following a traumatic accident, permanent maxillary anterior teeth may be affected by extrusion, lateral luxation, intrusion and avulsion. Dental avulsion of the maxillary central incisors is a serious injury (1) and the teeth must be replanted as soon as possible in order to improve the prognosis. A successful replantation depends on several factors that include extra-oral dry time, the storage media, the degree of apex opening, replantation technique, splinting and patient follow up. The vitality of the periodontal ligament cells seems to determine the prognosis of the replanted teeth. Indeed, an extra-oral dry time of 60 minutes or more and an inappropriate storage media lead to cellular necrosis. Milk is the storage media of choice followed by saline solution or saliva. Tap water must be avoided. Periodontal ligament cells degenerate rapidly due to hypotonicity of the solution. The implementation of a proper treatment protocol could reduce the risk of external root resorption. The American Association of Endodontists (2) and the International Association of Dental Traumatology (3) have published treatment guidelines for avulsed permanent teeth. The action to be taken is described, taking into account the following parameters: the apex is closed or not, the tooth was replanted at the time of the trauma or not, the extra oral time was less or more than 60 minutes, the tooth was placed in an appropriate medium or not. There is no consensus regarding the removal of the necrotic periodontal ligament cells when the tooth has been placed in tap water for several hours. In the present 10-year follow-up clinical report, the replantation of two avulsed maxillary central incisors with closed apices and preserved in tap water for 8 hours is described and discussed.


Case report A 23 year-old man was referred to our clinics in 2008 for treatment of a double avulsion affecting the 2 maxillary central incisors (Figure 1). Patient was attacked by 3 young men. He had found his teeth on the ground, rinsed them and placed them in a plastic bag filled with tap water. Upon receiving his teeth, they were thoroughly rinsed with sterile saline solution, transferred into a sterile container and soaked in sterile saline solution. The clinical and radiographic examinations showed no fracture of the alveolar bone or the roots. Maxillary left incisor was slightly fractured at the coronal part (Figure 2). Bleeding had stopped and the neighboring teeth were intact. A local anesthesia was provided and careful socket cleaning and root debridement of dental mesial surfaces of the neighbouring teeth was performed using a piezo ultrasonic tip (NewtronÂŽ tip 1S, Acteon), one minute per tooth. A gentle palpation confirmed the absence of mobility of the alveolar wall. The apices of the two incisors were closed. An orthograde endodontic treatment was performed by holding the teeth in wet gauze impregnated with saline solution. Following a radiographic examination (Figure 3), the surface of the roots were debrided for one minute per tooth using a piezo ultrasonic tip (NewtronÂŽ tip H3, Acteon). Both teeth were replanted using a very firm vertical pressure for 2 minutes. Teeth were splinted (Figure 4) using a Nichrominox metal mesh. The occlusion was checked to avoid interferences. Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (Ibuprofen 200 mg twice daily for 4 days), Amoxicillin 2g at the time of replantation and mouth rinse (Chlorhexidine twice daily for 7 days) were prescribed. A follow-up control at 2 weeks showed a stable clinical situation regardless of a poor oral hygiene (Figure 5). Patient explained that he was afraid to lose his teeth when brushing. Oral hygiene instructions were provided with the explanation that there were no such risks


Discussion The management of dental avulsion requires accurate diagnosis and rapid decision making. When the treatment is adapted and well implemented, a long-term positive outcome can be often expected (4). Several studies confirm the importance of the time of replantation after trauma (5, 6, 7). The conditions of tooth preservation are essential and different solutions have been suggested. What is important is to protect the tooth from septic contamination and to keep it soaked. Milk or a specific solution (i.e. Doxycycline or saline solution) are most appropriate for tooth preservation (8). Although, avulsed permanent teeth soaked in Doxycycline did not show a better treatment outcome regarding pulp and periodontal ligament survival healing compared to saline solution. This finding was consistent regardless of root development, storage and extra-oral time. In the present clinical case, teeth were stored in tap water for about 8 hours thus requiring root surface cleaning. Based on literature, necrotic cells have to be carefully removed with gauze. Some authors suggested soaking the tooth in sodium hypochlorite for 5 minutes or 3% citric acid for 3 minutes to remove the necrotic cells (9). Most of the authors also recommended preserving the cementum thus avoiding root surface scratching. When the apical foramen is closed, endodontic treatment performed immediately or 1 week after repositioning is necessary (6). In the present case, we performed the endodontic treatment immediately before replantation. Patient examination should not be limited to the oral cavity. Signs of vascular or neurologic lesions should be identified when present (Table I - 3). In terms of prognosis, Vinckier et al (10) provided evidence that the healing of the periodontal ligament determine the prognosis. When progressive root resorption develops resulting in ankylosis, most teeth can still remain functional for about 10 to 15 years. In a 13-year follow-up report, Biagi (11) showed that the long-term prognosis was related to pulp and per-

iodontal health after the replantation of maxillary incisors. When inflammatory resorption developed, the teeth were lost within a short period of time (12). In a retrospective study on 889 injured permanent teeth, Hecova et al (13) showed that after replantation of avulsed teeth, at 5 years, active inflammatory resorptions were diagnosed in 26,5% of the cases and ankyloses/replacement resorptions were observed in 42,9% of the replanted teeth. The present clinical case showed the well preservation of the 2 avulsed and replanted maxillary central incisors after 10 years although both the periodontal cells and pulp were necrotic at the time of replantation therefore requiring cleaning of the root surfaces and endodontic treatment. In the future, the use of the stem cells may help conditioning the root surfaces before replantation, thus limiting the risk of root resorption (14). Comprehensive educational information provided in schools to young students (Figure 10) through simple flyers may also help them to have an appropriate behavior when an accident happens. Educational programs may increase the success rate when such treatments are required. In all cases, it should be noted that there is always a risk of root resorption several years after the healing (7).


and that without proper hygiene he could aggravate the situation. Recall and maintenance were performed every 6 months. The splint was removed at 4 years in 2012 (Figure 6). Oral hygiene was significantly improved. The teeth and surrounding areas were asymptomatic (no pain or tooth mobility). The patient was recalled in 2016 (Figure 7) and 2018 (Figure 8) for clinical and radiographic examinations. At 10 years, the clinical examination confirmed the absence of signs and symptoms and the periapical radiographs evidenced the absence of inflammatory resorption and bone loss (Figure 9).

Conclusion A successful replantation of avulsed teeth depends on several factors that include extra-oral dry time, the storage media, the degree of apex opening, replantation technique, splinting and patient follow up. Dental practitioners should be able to provide appropriate treatment to victims. There is no consensus regarding the therapeutic approach to cleaning root surface when periodontal ligament cells are necrotic, however some guidelines can be recommended based on the literature and the personal experiences of the authors. The preservation of the vitality of the periodontal ligament cells covering the root is critical for the prognosis of the replanted teeth. Therefore, the avulsed teeth should be repositioned as soon as possible. When replantation is not possible, specific solutions are most appropriate for tooth preservation. A clean and debrided root surfaces seem to be even more determinant and this is why the authors recommend cleaning the root surfaces with ultrasonic devices at low power. When the replanted tooth has a complete root formation, endodontic treatment has to be performed immediately or one week after repositioning. Replantation of adjacent teeth is more difficult due to higher challenges of vascularization of the interdental bone. Nevertheless, success can be obtained by respecting simple rules.



References 1. Bastone EB, Freer TJ, McNamara JR. Epidemiology of dental trauma: A review of the literature. Aust Dent J 2000; 45 (1): 2-9. 1. American Association of Endodontists. Recommended guidelines of the AAE for the treatment of traumatic dental injuries. Available at: 1. International Association of Dental Traumatology guidelines for the management of traumatic dental injuries: 2. Avulsion of permanent teeth. Andersson L, Andreasen JO, Day P, Heithersay G, Trope M, DiAngelis AJ, Kenny DJ, Sigurdsson A, Bourguignon C, Flores MT, Hicks ML, Lenzi AR, Malmgren B, Moule AJ, Tsukiboshi M. Dental Traumatology. 2012; 28: 88-96. 1. Andersson L, Andreasen JO, Day P, Heithersay G, Trope M, DiAngelis AJ, Kenny DJ, Sigurdsson A, Bourguignon C, Flores MT, Hicks ML, Lenzi AR, Malmgren B, Moule AJ, Tsukiboshi M. - Guidelines for the Management of Traumatic Dental Injuries: 2. Avulsion of Permanent Teeth. Pediatr Dent. 2016; 38(6): 369-376. 1. Hopenwasser H. Replanted avulsed tooth 14 hours post-trauma: a case report. Gen Dent. 2014; 62(2): 5-7. 1. Day P, Duggal M. Interventions for treating traumatised permanent front teeth: avulsed (knocked out) and replanted. Cochrane Database Syst Rev. 2010; Jan 20 (1): CD 006542. 1. Chafaie A. Partial and total luxations of permanent teeth in children: Clinical management. Int Orthod. 2016;14(1): 32-47. 1. Tsilingaridis G, Malmgren B, Skutberg C, Malmgren O. The effect of topical treatment with doxycycline compared to saline on 66 avulsed permanent teeth - a retrospective case-control study. Dent Traumatol. 2015; 31(3): 171- 6. 2. Sonoda CK, Poi WR, Toyota E, Takeda RH. Mediate teeth reimplantation after root treatment with 1%, 2, 5%, 5% and 10% sodium hypochlorite solution. Rev Bras Odontol. 2000; 57 (5): 293-6. 1. Vinckier F, Declerck D, Verhaeghe V, Vanassche K. Injuries to the permanent teeth. 26

Periodontal lesions. Rev Belge Med Dent (1984). 1998; 53(3):105-51. 2. Biagi R. Pulp and periodontal healing after replantation of a maxillary immature incisor: a 13-year follow-up. Eur J Paediatr Dent. 2014; 15(2 Suppl):195-198. 1. Jang Y, Lee SJ, Yoon TC, Roh BD, Kim E. Survival Rate of Teeth with a C-shaped Canal after Intentional Replantation: A Study of 41 Cases for up to 11 Years. J Endod. 2016; 42 (9): 1320-5. 2. Hecova H, Tzigkounakis V, Merglova V, Netolicky J. A retrospective study of 889 injured permanent teeth. Dent Traumatol. 2010; 26(6): 466-475. 3. Surendran S, Sivamurthy G. Current Applications and Future Prospects of Stem Cells in Dentistry. Dent Update. 2015; 42(6): 556-558, 560-561.

About the authors Dr Jean - Francois Michel is a Cumlaude of Doctor of Dental Surgery at the Univeristy of Rennes 1, Rennes France in 1972. He received his university certificate both in specialized studies in Oral Biology in 1974 Paris, France. Today he holds his private practice in Periodontology and Implantology in Rennes, France. Dr Marie Grace Michel is an alumna of the University of the East College of Dentistry. She took her post graduate studies in periodontics and implantology in France. Dr Martine Guigand is a professor at the Faculty of Dentistry of Reims, France.

Dr Jean Francois Michel



Fig1: Clinical aspect upon arrival of the patient. The lip has been damaged when the teeth were hit and extruded.

Fig 2: Clinical aspect front view after gentle cleaning of the socket with ultrasonic devices. Note the small coronal fracture of tooth 22.

Fig 3: The endodontic treatment is performed holding the teeth with a gaze impregnated with sterile saline solution.

Fig 4: The teeth are replaced in the sockets with a strong manual pressure. Then a metal splint is placed from 13 to 23 and the occlusal adjustment is done.

Fig 5: Control at two weeks. The hygiene has to be reinforced.

Fig 6: The splint is removed in 2012 and the hygiene is now acceptable. The teeth are stable and asymptomatic.

Fig 7: Clinical view after 8 years.

Fig 8: Panoramic X-ray after 8 years (2016).

Fig 9 : Periapical xray at 10 years (2018)

Fig 10 : Informative documentation distributed to schools promoting appropriate behavior in case of extrusion.



The plastic economy bubble of clear aligners Dr Sherif Kandil


e are at conflict with the fundamental imperative at the heart of our economic model: grow or die!

Should we recycle clear aligners or cut down plastic usage? Many of us, when engaged in the discussion related to climate change and saving oceans, get bored in a split second and give a denial look, and sometimes we comfort ourselves that it will be just ok. Climate change and wildlife endangerment are happening faster than you could even imagine. According to the Economic world forum, every minute a truck dumps plastic into the ocean. That is about five to seven trucks till you read my article till the end, that is if you don’t get in denial and close the browser tab before that. In the 1980s plastic bottle sales have started to boom since the advancing technology in manufacturing PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). Since then plastic has been the hotspot of many industries to switch to, because of one simple fact; it’s cheap, easy to manufacture and transport. Only 14% of plastic ever produced has been collected, and 5% has been recycled (rather than down-cycled). Waste facilities vary worldwide and in spite in countries with very advanced infrastructure like the Netherlands, and Japan the plastic production waste has far exceeded the capabilities for recycling. China used to take over the plastic waste from other countries for recycling. Now China has far more locally than what it could handle recycling. What do we do? Just throw it or burn it! Did you know that less than 20% of plastic produced right now could be recycled? and only 9% is actually recycled?


Do you know where the rest 91% will go to? Yes, you know it by now just throw it in landfills, oceans or burn it. So marketing for recycling, in my opinion, is done out of good will but some ignorance lies underneath. The ignorance lies in contemplating and comprehending the actual situation. The only solution is to stop the main reason for all the problems and cut down on plastic. Cut the problem source and find alternatives. However, it is counter-intuitive for many to start searching for alternatives when businesses just started catching up very fast lately, isn’t it? I work in the field of teeth straightening. We use in modern orthodontics what is so-called clear aligners to straighten teeth. These are clear plastic trays either made of PET, PETG or TPU as the main chemical component. The material is classified as Medical grade class I. We also use in the process of manufacturing 3D printed teeth models made mostly out of thermoset plastics with high cross-linkage. These are all petroleum-based polymers with various grades of unleashing nano plastics in temperature and moisture mediums. Our patients get multiple plastic trays each worn for one or two weeks then the next one in a sequence is worn till the final retainer. All these used aligners are thrown in the bin afterward with no hope for recycling. Now there are three main fragments influenced by the plastics used in this industry; climate change, oceans/wildlife, and our health. Answers were honestly shocking to me as both seemed not to even care about the matter. One CEO said they don’t take any responsibility for recycling even the unused plastic that every lab never uses anymore nor has been used by any patient, they don’t take it back for recycling even if the lab wants to deliberately send the waste of unused plastic back to recycle. Since recycling of plastic is still far away from being adequately a quantitative solution and the time frame we have left before experiencing more drastic environmental consequences is very short, there is one solution left for us. Cut down plastic and find alternatives if possible. DAC






The AEEDC 2019 in Dubai

ver since I was bitten by the travel bug, the idea of flying to another country brings me the ultimate excitement. To experience the differences of culture plus the savory cuisine offered by the locals have left remnants of glorious memories that I take home each trip I make. So when a friend suggested to go to Dubai to attend the AEEDC 2019 Exhibition, I did not think twice of hitting the ENTER button in my computer to confirm my booking. One of the 7 states of the United Arab Emirates, Dubai remains one of the most interesting countries in my bucket list that I would like to visit. One of the famous architectural presence is the Burj Khalifa, Miracle Garden among others. By sharing with you my experience, here are some of the best places I visited in Dubai.

DR CHRISTINE MARIE GARA Contributing writer

Miracle Garden in Dubai Gold and textile Souk Early in the cold season, Dubai is known for their the Dubai Miracle Garden gold and rich fabrics, and opens its doors and showa trip to the Souk is a cases different flowers in must. Riding the “abra” is full bloom. During my visa worthy experience popit, there were different ular among tourists and flower formations featurlocals traversing the river ing Disney characters and taking you straight to the the 747 Emirates Airways Boeing plane discrimi- Gold market. While passing by the Souk market, nately placed as the garden’s highlight. I could not help take photos of the place as it lights up the streets of Dubai inviting travelers Burj Kalifa like me to do a little shopping. Hailed as the tallest building in the world Dubai Village that stands at 2,717 ft Tucked in a quiet town from ground level. It was away from the city centre of Dubai, the Dubai designed by a famous American Architect by the Village is filled with a rich name of Adrian Smith, of display of different prodSkidmore, Owings & Meructs around from the world rill. As reported by the officials, the Burj Kalifa paying homage to its origin. This is something that was first constructed in 2004 and was inaugurated in 2010 in hopes to gain international recogni- can spark your interest to come and visit while tion hence investors pouring in. traveling to Dubai. DAC 30






1. NoMIX TM NoMIX is a single component, moisture-activated temporary cement ideal for short term applications. It is fully compatible with acrylic composite, PFM and ceramic materials. NoMIX requires no mixing whatsoever. Simply apply to the inside of the provisional and affix to a moist tooth surface. Distributor: Fildent Trading

3. ACTIVA™ BioACTIVE RESTORATIVE™ Embrace Varnish delivers 10 times more fluoride than the leading varnish brand and contains bioavailable calcium and phosphate. This varnish and desensitizer also fills superficial, non-carious enamel lesions (white spots). Embrace Varnish contains 18% Xylitol and 5% Sodium Fluoride and is available in unit doses and 12mL tubes. Distributor: Ordent Trading

5. LampU Lamp.u is a dental photography device that is designed and built to ease dentist for taking dental photography on their daily cases. Lamp.u will assist dentist who is not used to take pictures to get high quality dental photos. With the help of bracket and chin support, dentist could get standardized photo easily. Distributor: Fildent Trading 32


2. BRIX3000 Brix3000® is a medical device product for dentists based on enzymatic technology and specially designed for the atraumatic caries removal, i.e. without the use of anesthesia and reducing the use of turbines. BRIX3000® only works on the infected tissue caused by the caries, preserving the tissue, which has regenerative and remineralization capacity. Distributor: ValueRX

4. Enamel Plus HRi ENA HRi nanohybrid composite produces incredibly natural looking composite restorations. Only ENA HRi matches a natural tooth’s optical properties to produce invisible restorations with invisible margins. ENA HRi enamel composite refracts light like human enamel. This development creates invisible margins without the need to compensate by increasing bevels and increasing the thickness of dentin composite. Distributor: Ordent Trading

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Caries detector by KAVO

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Has bioactive properties to promote healing; Mixes into a smooth consistency due to the ultrafine-grained powder and proprietary gel medium; Resists washout; Sets quickly

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Detection of the full range of caries from initial to dentine caries; Real-time images: Images and videos that will excite you and your patients live on screen without delay; No radiation: Diagnosis of radiophobes, cancer patients, children, pregnant women and non-mobile patients



CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Tornado handpieces can deliver up to 30 watts of power for precise and rapid cutting. The Accu-Spray Quattro Mix™ spray system and the Accu-Chuck PreciPlus™ vibration-canceling bur-retention mechanism work together to reduce handpiece noise to the level of a peaceful stream.

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The Brasseler Mini high speed handpiece offers a super miniature head size that provides maximum access and visibility. The lightweight handpiece features ceramic ball bearings, quick disconnect coupler, push button chuck and fiber optics.



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Endodontic irrigation by KERR

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GEMINI 810 + 980

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS NV Microlaser Dental Diode Laser delivers the full power and capabilities of much larger desktop soft-tissue lasers in a pen-sized package. Weighing only 1.9 ounces and completely self-contained, NV’s innovative, all-in-one, wire-free handheld design gives unprecedented freedom in the office and operatory.

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The first dual-wavelength soft tissue diode laser available in the United States, The Gemini 810 + 980 diode laser operates at the wavelengths best absorbed by melanin (810 nanometers) and water (980 nanometers). With 20 watts of peak power, the laser cuts smoothly with reduced tissue tagging. The eye-catching design features a transparent display, and the simple user interface includes 19 preset procedures.

Diode Laser by DenMat

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CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Made up of a doublet objective and high power negative lens. The true benefit of this system is ease of use. Movement while maintaining focal clarity is made possible due to superior depth of field. The ultra-lightweight alloy bar and individual interpupillary adjustment provides stability for the mounted loupes and optimal focal alignment, eliminating headache and eyestrain.


CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Hg5 Amalgam Separators intercept microscopic particles to keep sewer discharge more than 99% free from mercury. (ISO Certified removal rate: 99.02%). Hg5 Amalgam Separators meet ISO 11143 amalgam separator requirements, are approved for use by many sanitary authorities, and endorsed by many dental associations.




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CS 9300

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CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS CS 9300 Dental Cone Beam Imaging System is multimodality imaging system from Carestream Dental. In addition to its 3D imaging capabilities, the CS 9300 also offers 2D digital panoramic imaging with variable focal trough technology for optimal clarity.

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Core-Post is ideal for core buildups in singletooth restorations. Since it flexes like natural tooth structure, it dramatically minimizes tooth stress and fractures that occur with standard metal posts. With a coefficient of thermal expansion and modulus of elasticity nearly identical to dentin, its exceptional physical properties are key to its strength and compatibility with cement, dentin, and core.


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CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS EXPERTtorque Series High Speed Handpieces provide superior KaVo performance even in difficult-to-access molar regions. The standard head model is ideal for crown and bridge work and gross reduction. The mini head offers excellent access and precise cutting performance.



By Almore International, Inc.


CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Weighing in from only 36 grams, these compact lenses sacrifice nothing but weight. The field of view and image quality are what you’ll find in much larger and heavier loupes. Lighter, smaller optics mean you can wear your loupes all day in comfort and with less fatigue.

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Binocular Clip-On Dental Loupes can be clipped onto glasses. Fully coated optics, adjustable, features an inter papillary adjustment. Light weight and can be flipped up when not in use. Field of view 4.33 inches for 2X Magnification and 2.75 inches for 2.5X Magnification.

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS EyeMag Pro loupes are available in a wide range of working distances and magnification levels. High depth of field, image contrast and color fidelity extending to the peripheral zones, assures optimum image quality. A choice in carrier system, titanium frames or headband system ensures an outstanding fit.

Handpiece by DÜRR DENTAL SE

Hi speed Handpiece by KAVO



Hi speed Handpiece from Adec Inc.


CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The Alegra 300 series of air driven handpieces includes both highspeed and lowspeed options. The handpieces operate with low noise and powerful illumination from a self-generated LED+ lighting that is compatible with an delivery system.

By Carl Zeiss



CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Dental Wings Portable Intraoral Scanner is self-contained and easy to move around a practice. An open system that can be used to scan for restorative, implant, orthodontic and removable prosthetics.


By 3D Imaging Solution by i-CAT


By Dentsply Sirona CAD/CAM

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The CEREC AC with Omnicam is a powder-free dental digital impression system capable of capturing precise 3D intraoral scans in full color. Designed for fast scanning and intuitive operation, the rounded camera handpiece allows for easy rotation and improved comfort for both operator and patient.

3D ACCUITOMO 170 CBCT By J. Morita

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Morita’s 3D Accuitomo 170 is the 4th generation of the Accuitomo product line. The new Dose Reduction Feature decreases patient exposure 30% to 40%, yet quality of image has been enhanced from the previous model. It offers nine field of view options from 40 x 40 mm up to 170 x 120 mm (the entire head and neck area).



CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS RelyX™ Fiber Post is a radiopaque, translucent, glass fiber reinforced composite post which is available in four sizes. The elasticity of RelyX Fiber Post is similar to human dentin for a lower risk of root fracture due to the “wedge effect”. The unique resin composition and equally dispersed parallel fibers lead to superior mechanical strength.

Dental pulp tester by KERR

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Vitality Scanner 2006 Dental Pulp Tester ensures dependable and pain-free pulp testing. This outstanding diagnostic tool is automatically controlled and features large digital readouts. It’s the quick and easy solution for patient- and practice-friendly pulp testing.

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Elements Diagnostic Unit Dental Pulp Tester provides the convenience and accuracy of a high quality pulp tester and apex locator in one system. The satellite display conveniently brings critical data into the field of vision for a faster more stable reading.

Dental pulp tester by KERR

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The i-CAT® FLX is a 3D imaging solution that can help clinicians to quickly diagnose complex problems with less radiation. This newest system to the i-CAT brand offers 3D planning and treatment tools for implants and restorations, oral and maxillofacial surgery, orthodontics, plus TMD and airway disorders.

By 3Mt


By Brasseler

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS Dentflex Glass Fiber Posts are ideal for highly esthetic anterior restorations due to their white coloring and that fact that they are both strong and flexible. The posts are factory silanated and are color coded to match the coorisponding post drills.


Glass Ionomer Luting Cement

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS the I-Max Touch 3D offers 3D cone beam imaging with a volume designed to capture the entire jaw in a single image. Pre-programmed panoramic and cephalometric imaging modes are also available from dedicated sensors. A user-friendly design and cost-effective pricing make this system a great fit for practices looking to expand their imaging capabilities


CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS The Vlock Post System contains special post drills which utilize an extremely efficient and patented gates/peeso design. The drills are designed to create a post preparation that is ideal for the corresponding post. The Vlock Posts should be used when a significant amount of the core has been lost.





From Vatech America

CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS PaX-i3D seeks to revolutionize the way CBCT are manufactured and regarded in the dental industry. PaX-i3D Green gets its moniker “Green” from 3 important qualities: 1. Ultra low radiation while providing superior image, 2. Eco-friendly, 3. FDA cleared for pediatric use.


CHARACTERISTICS & BENEFITS With smooth anatomically tapered ends, threaded cylindrical surface area and a square head, The apical end is smooth, with an anatomical geometry to follow the defines of the root; midsection is parallel and threaded for optimal mechanical retention with cements and luting materials; head is easily adaptable to fit in most crowns.



The 23rd China International Exhibition & Symposium on Dental Equipment, Technology and Products


enTech China is the leading professional event for the dentistry technology industry in China. As the pioneer event of its kind with the inaugural event com mencing in 1994, DenTech China has over 20 years in experience in organizing the must-attend conference for dentists seeking continued accredited education as well as international buyers, traders, and distributors looking for high-quality and

During four exhibition days, DenTech China 2018 attracted a total of 108,000 trade resenting countries are Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Cambodia, Myanmar and Vietnam. DenTech China 2018 – China’s leading international trade fair for the Dental Equip ment and Products Manufacturing industry – came to a successful close on October. China 2018 has proven much more successful than last year, impressively underscor ing the event’s status as the China’s premier trade fair for the international Dental Products Manufacturing industry. During the exhibition period, about 800 exhibitors from 27 different countries and regions including Austria, Brazil, Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Israel, Italy, Japan, Korea, Liechtenstein, Malaysia, Mexico, Thailand, Pakistan, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Singapore, UK, USA, Mainland China, Hong Kong China and Taiwan, China were on hand in Shanghai to showcase their innovations to industrial users from around the world. Covering the entire value chain of the dental industry, around 200 conference sessions highly anticipated by dentists and has gained the esteemed support from over 200 academic associations, hundreds of stomatology colleges, and hospitals. DAC

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5TH ASIA PACIFIC CAD/CAM & DIGITAL DENTISTRY INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE AND EXHIBITION The 5th CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference & Exhibition 2019 will be covered over four days of continuous dental education featuring Digital Dental Conference, Dental Technicians Parallel Session, Digital Orthodontic Forum, CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Exhibition, multiple disciplinary hands-on training courses in the same field and poster presentation zones at the exhibition. The event will help dental professionals to make their decision towards going digital on the spot, considering a move from a conventional treatment to the digital treatment and adapt to a new challenge in the modern age digital world. The 5th edition of the CAD/CAM & Digital Dentistry Conference/Exhibition (#CADCAM Singapore) organised by CAPP will cover all current trends in digital dentistry, further educating dental professionals with additional insights into the latest CAD/CAM systems and Digital Dentistry. Advances in digital dentistry bring substantial changes in today’s dental practices. The traditional partnership between dental laboratories and dental offices are built on a foundation of computer-assisted designs and the growing movement towards digital impressions. Moreover, CAD/ CAM systems in dental clinics and dental labs are becoming standard equipment. For more details log on to





n November 8-9, 2019, CAPPMEA will hold its 11th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference & Exhibition at the InterContinental Hotel Festival City in Dubai. During the event, CAPP (Centre for Advanced and Professional Practices) will feature pre and post handson courses in various disciplines including educational sessions with industry experts; Dental Hygienist Seminar (DHS); poster presentations; pre and post hands-on courses with industry experts; face-to-face appointments with suppliers of your choice; and networking opportunities with industry peers and supplier representatives. This two-day event will offer dental professionals the chance to gain verifiable CPD recommended subjects, network with peers and learn about the latest advancements in innovation and technology at the exhibition. The DFCIC is an unmissable event in the GCC and MEA region dentistry calendar, attracting over 2000 dental professionals from the MENA region, Asia, and Europe. For registration details, you may send your enquiries to

11th Dental Facial Cosmetic Conference & Exhibition Intercontinental Hotel | Dubai Festival City | Dubai | UAE November 8 - 9, 2019



Leading global trade fair of the dental industry underlines its outstanding position IDS2019


DS 2019, which came to an end in Cologne on 16 March 2019 after five days, more than fulfilled the high expectations of the international industry. As such, the undisputed leading global trade fair of the dental industry once again underlined its exceptional position. The event was able to replicate the very good results of the previous event and at the same time realise the ambitious goals for more internationality and higher quality in the offer and demand. The outcome of the trade fair consequently led to satisfied exhibitors and trade visitors. With 2,327 companies from 64 countries, the number of exhibitors rose once again by good twenty suppliers. They came together with over 160,000 trade visitors from 166 countries. Hence, the overall number of visitors rose by 3.2 percent, the number of foreign trade visitors by 6 percent indeed. At the same time, the exhibition space expanded by over four percent up to 170,000 m². Mark Stephen Pace, Chairman of the Association of the German Dental Manufacturers e.V. VDDI: “The motto


Photo credit: IDS2019

“The sportsmanlike fair competition of IDS “ expressed in six words the strengths of this leading trade fair: The comprehensive and internationally unique offer as well as the extraordinary high performance and innovative strength of the industry, combined with the firm intention of all market players to improve continually and seek the success in the direct competition. Everyone, who wants to be successful in the dental industry, faces the Performance comparison in Cologne. It is thus no surprise that the level of internationality of IDS has in the meantime taken on huge dimensions.” And Gerald Böse, President and Chief Executive Officer of Koelnmesse, added: “IDS is a trade fair event in a class of its own and always sets new benchmarks. It manages to surpass the already excellent result of the previous event every time again and again. The visitors and exhibitors are impressed by IDS, supply and demand are only provided in this scope, in this quality and with this level of internationality here in Cologne. IDS is the undisputed leading global trade fair for the dental industry.”



Photo credit: IDS2019

The dental world does business at IDS The official figures confirm the excellent level of internationality at IDS: 73 percent of the exhibitors from 64 countries came from abroad, as well as 62 percent of thevisitors from 166 countries - from Argentina, Brazil and Chile, to Japan, Korea, Egypt and South Africa, Australia and New Zealand, the whole of Europe through to the USA and Canada. The number of countries of origin thus increased once again by 6 percent. IDS 2019 recorded significant growth in the number of visitors from Asia (+23.1 percent), Eastern Europe (+19.6 percent), Africa (+17 percent), Central and South America (+14.6 percent) and North America (+5.3 percent). Almost 80 percent of the visitors were satisfied or very satisfied with the range of exhibition offerings. Good 93 percent said that they would recommend a good business acquaintance to visit IDS. And 70 percent of the respondents are already planning to visit the next IDS in 2021. Dr. Markus Heibach, CEO of the VDDI, was also correspondingly pleased when the trade fair came to a close: “The high level of satisfaction of our trade visitors and ex-

hibitors is for us the impressive confirmation of our efforts to make our guests’ stay as pleasant and successful as possible by offering them a cosmopolitan, hospitable and perfect service.” High interest in innovations The radiance of IDS makes it the ideal business platform especially for new companies on the dental market, which want to establish themselves with highquality innovations. Steve Plakotaris, CEO & Managing Director of the Australian start-up, Dr. Mark’s HyGenie, confirmed this: “As a world first oral hygiene innovation, with global brand potential, it made perfect sense to debut our company and removable oral appliance hygiene range at the world’s biggest and busiest dental industry showcase. Despite being a small Australian start-up, we have felt right at home at IDS and the results have exceeded all our expectations. Contacts, connections and new friends are being made every hour of every day. We look forward to booking our place at IDS2021”. The next IDS - the 39th International Dental Show - is scheduled to take place from 9 to 13 March 2021.



The 4th Malaysia International Dental Show (MIDS) 2019 is the leading international show for the dental industry


ointly organized by MAHSA University and the Malaysian Dental Dealers Association (MDDA), MIDS 2019 is a platform specially created for the dental community which comprises dental professionals, dental technologists, government bodies, dental schools, dental practitioners & traders associations from Malaysia and the ASEAN region. It features a Scientific Conference and a Trade Exhibition. MIDS 2019 was be held from 19 - 21 April 2019, 8:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m at thePutra World Trade Centre (Hall 4), Kuala Lumpur. The main objectives of MIDS 2019 are to enhance the skills and knowledge of dentistry among dental professionals and to collaborate with dental traders in promoting the growth of the industry symbiotically. With the theme, ‘Towards Excellence in Dentistry’, the Show features a total of 120 booths by International and local exhibitors showcasing the latest dental materials, products, and technology. The event gathered a crowd of over 2,000 delegates, exhibitors, trade visitors and industry leaders from private and public sectors. At MIDS 2019, delegates will have the privilege to: • To learn from the industry’s top-notch speakers and improve their knowledge of modern dentistry • Network with dentists, practice manager, hygienists, dental nurses, technicians, and laboratory owners • Witness the latest display of dental technologies and most innovative products in the market • Enjoy surprises in the form of special offers & promotions on products and services by courtesy of the exhibitors.


Positioned as “The Upcoming Dental Exhibition & Conference in ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)” the event was officiated by the Guest of Honour, YB Datuk Seri Dr. Haji Dzulkefly Ahmad, Minister of Health, Malaysia. “In order to take MIDS 2019 to a higher level, we’ll continue to feature professional speakersfrom around the world”, says Dr. Kacharaju Kranthi Raja, Deputy Dean (Research), Faculty of Dentistry of MAHSA University and organizing chairperson of the scientific conference. MIDS 2019 featured 6 Workshops and 13 Lectures presented by 16 distinguished international speakers from the United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Greece, India, Thailand, Philippines and Malaysia. Some of the key topics include: • Management of Severe Curvatures and Complex Anatomy with Controlled Memory Files - A New Approach for Minimal Intervention” • Advances in Optical Diagnostic and Surgical Soft Tissue Imaging • A New Concept to Realize Digital End-to-End Process • Advanced Applications of Lasers in Dentistry In addition, dental professionals earned 20 CPD points and 4 CPD points for participating in conference and workshop respectively. MIDS 2019 reached another milestone in the history of the dental trade industry for Malaysia and the ASEAN region as it hosted the Signing Ceremony of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for Asia Pacific Dental Trade Cooperation between Dental Dealers Associations of Malaysia, Philippines and Taiwan for the purpose of promoting strategic alliances, market expansion, product distribution, and developing market knowledge and networks in the Asia Pacific & ASEAN market. The Associations are Malaysian Dental Dealer Association (MDDA), National Association of Dental Traders, Philippines (NADTI) and Taiwan Dental Traders Association (TDTA). The Supporters of MIDS 2019 are College of General Dental Practitioner, Singapore, Persatuan Juruteknologi Pergigian Malaysia, Malaysia Dental Technologist Association, Dentech China, National Association of Dental Traders, Philippines (NADTI) Media Partners are Dental Access, Dental Asia, Trade Winds. Social Media Partners: Dentist For more information about MIDS 2019 kindly contact Mr. Chin, Secretary of MIDS at 016 – 225 8823 /

























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