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Newsletter December  ´11 Did  you  know  that... Growing  a  beard  has   been  a  very  visible  part  of   a  fundraising  campaign  by   The  Danish  Cancer  Society   spotlighting  cancer  among   PHQ)URPWKH¿UVWRI November  until  December   15  all  men  at  Dybvad  Stål   Industri  therefore  let  their   facial  hair  grow  in  support   of  the  campaign.  

Text: Nordhagen  Kommunikation.  Layout:  Pavia  Graphics.

Raised DKK16,000 Doubled  up  by  the  com-­ pany,  they  raised  and   donated  to  the  campaign   almost  DKK16,000  ($2,800   or  €2,150).

Emil Jacobsen,  left,  and   Mikkel  Bøggild  were  among   the  many  bearded  sup-­ porters.  The  campaign   motto  “Not  only  for  fun”   in  Danish  is  a  play  with   words,  as  fun  in  Danish  is   synonymous  with  the  word   for  beard=skæg.   Have  shaved  again You  will  have  no  trouble   recognizing  the  people  at   DSI  in  the  future  as   most  of  the  men  already   have  enjoyed  a  refreshing   shave.

$XWRPDWLRQWRWKHEHQH¿WRIDOO It’s almost  like  an  early  X–mas  present  that  we  have  bought,  recieved  and  in-­ stalled  a  new  automatic  Mazak  CNC  center  and  thereby  improving  production   in  many  ways  in  our  manufacturing  facility.  The  milling  and  drilling  center  will   EHQH¿WERWKRXUFXVWRPHUVDQGXVPDNLQJWKLQJVDVSUHFLVHDVFDQEHGRQH and  speed  up  production  time.

Russians are  in  favor  of  the  V4 12  units  of  the  V4  CO2  plate  freezer   has  been  ordered  by  a  Russian  com-­ pany  adding  up  the  number  of  V4  in   Russia.  The  V4  produces  11  kilogram   EORFNVRIIUR]HQ¿VKRUPHDWDQG seems  to  be  just  the  right  block  size   for  the  Russian  market.  The  ordered   plate  freezers  come  with  a  environ-­ ment  friendly  CO2  refrigerant  sys-­ tem.  The  CO2  reduces  freezing  time  

with more  than  30  percent  compared   to  using  freon  or  ammonia.

Where we  met  this  fall Expo  Pesca  in  Lima,  Peru  in  November  was  a  very  positive  experience  with   new  contacts  and  prospects  to  us.  DanFish  in  Aalborg,  Denmark  has  grown   to  be  a  truly  international  exhibition  with  visitors  from  all  over.  We  thank  The   Danish  Trade  Council  and  The  Danish  Export  Association  for  their  assistance.

From all  of  us

We wish  you  all  a  Cool  Christmas

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