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Newsletter  Autumn  ´11 Did  you  know  that...

Jonna  LydbÌk  (right),   co-­owner  and  admin-­ istration  manager  at   Dybvad  Stül  Industri,   turned  50  in  august  and   was  celebrated  accord-­ ingly  with  an  abundance   of  gifts  from  near  and   far  and  many  invited   guests  at  the  birthday   reception.

SODWHIUHH]HUVIRUWZR new  Norwegian  trawlers

The  shipping  companies   Havstrand  and  Havbryn  of   Ålesund  in  Norway  has  ordered   HLJKWRIRXU9DQGHLJKW9 SODWHIUHH]HUV7KHVKLSSLQJ companies  have  signed  a  con-­ tract  with  a  Turkish  shipyard  to   build  two  trawlers  to  be  delivered   LQDQG7KHWUDZOHUV will  be  equipped  with  respectively   HLJKW9DQGHLJKW9 7KH9KDYHDQDXWR-­ matic  unloading  system. Quick  and  safe  unloading   Automatic  unloading  is  support-­

ing  the  shipowners  wish  to  build   trawlers  with  low  energy  con-­ sumption  and  the  best  conditions   obtainable  for  the  workers  on   ERDUG7KH9DXWRPDWLFV\V-­ tem  means  high  capacity,  quick   XQORDGLQJRSWLPL]HGRSHUDWLRQ and  optimal  use  of  space.  The   Strand  shipping  companies  was   DPRQJWKH¿UVWWRXVHWKH9 when  the  design  was  new.  The   9KDVEHHQLQSURGXFWLRQVLQFH DQGLVVWLOOJRLQJVWURQJ

The  new  ST-­116  trawlers  as  seen   on  this  image  from  Skipsteknisk,   that  has  developed  the  design.

Exhibitions: Jonna  was  employed  as   WKHFRPSDQ\V¿UVWRI-­ ¿FHWUDLQHHLDQG became  co-­owner  of  the   company  in  2005.  She   is  the  welcoming  face  in   the  reception  and  one   of  the  kind  and  helpful   voices  when  you  call  us   at  Dybvad.

The  Foodpro  Exhibition  in  Sydney  in  July  was  a  succes  for  us  and  our   Oceania  partner  Realcold  Milmech.  We  had  an  excellent  stand  and   was  shown  great  interest  by  visitors. We  hope  to  see  you  at  the  DanFish  Exhibition  i  Aal-­ ERUJ'HQPDUNLQ2FWREHU<RXZLOO¿QGXVDW WKH'DQLVK([SRUW$VVRFLDWLRQVVWDQG' We  are  looking  forward  to  visit  the  South  American   IDLU([SR3HVFDLQ/LPD3HUXLQ1RYHPEHU 

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