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iPhone 8 Accessories The iPhone 7 Screen Protector Einstein Ultra Series-Ultra Crystal is also a good choice that should be available as an iPhone 8 screen protector as well. Many people on the iPhone forums have recommended this as a past option for their i Phones. What will be really exciting? The improvements they will make to an already fantastic product. Hopefully, it will retain the fantastic performance it has been come to be known by. A case for your iPhone 8 should be one of the first things you get. Being able to protect your new iPhone is a must if you want to use it for years to come. You have to protect it early, so that it won’t fall victim to improper handling.

The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an iPhone 8 Case The iPhone 8 is going to be one of the most amazing pieces of electronic equipment released this year. The iPhone 8 will feature dual processors, a faster graphics processing chip and it will be about as affordable as the previous models. The iPhone 8 will also be thinner than the previous versions. A lot of interesting accessories, covers and so on will be launched along with it, something Apple fans are eagerly awaiting. If you want a bumper, a car mount, a car charger or a docking station, be sure to read reviews like this one and make informed choices. As far as iPhone 8 cases go, let’s take a look at the previous models and which ones they have released. Choosing a case for your iPhone 8 should depend on the features you have come to know as being part of the previous case offerings.

The Most Popular Options Let’s start by analyzing a few of the most popular types of cases out there. There’s no such thing as a “one size fits all” case or in other words, the “What’s the best case out there?” question will never have a clear answer. Instead, you need to understand that finding the best case for your specific needs is the name of the game. Something that works absolutely great for you based on your unique needs might not be an excellent choice for someone else, it’s all about personalization.

Here are the most popular types of iPhone cases at the moment of writing: Bumper cases – These cases fit around the outside of the iPhone 8 and will keep it protected from drops, bumps and jarring around. Basically, a bumper case is simply a rubber band that goes around the outside of the phone. Usually made of durable rubber and molded plastic, this has been a fairly successful case release. There is a downside to the bumper case, however. There is no protection for the front side glass or the back of the unit. It also may not fit into charging docks or speaker docks while the bumper is on.

Snap cases – This kind of case goes as far as to protect the sides and back of the device. It is a bit more expensive than the bumper cases but at least you get the back of your unit protected.

Belkin Shield Micra – This is a version of the iPhone 8 case that is probably going to be released for the iPhone 8 as well. It’s a flexible, touchable case that isn’t very bulky. It fits just right with the iPhone 7 and will have a similar fit to the iPhone 8. Ultra thin and lightweight, this case stands up to a lot of abuse. It will easily slip into your pocket or purse. The protection this case offers is amazing. Many people will see your iPhone 8 in this type of case and ask you all about it.

Griffin Motif iPhone Case – This is another type of case that was released for the iPhone 7. When the iPhone 8 is live, there should be a release of this case to fit it. The Griffin Motif iPhone case is durable, flexible and resists scuffs and other marks quite easily. They are stiffer than silicone based cases but more flexible than hard poly carbonate cases. This makes this case an ideal choice for someone who wants a great deal of protection without the hard edge. You can expect a version of this case to be released for the iPhone 8.

Griffin Reveal Etch iPhone Case – This is similar to the snap cases. It has a semi-soft rubber band and a hard plastic back. Many people love the Etch because it is stylish and not very expensive. You will find a release of this case for the iPhone 5 as well and the previous success of the case should speak for the new version as well.

Speck Fitted Case iPhone – This is a hard shell case that has matte soft touch coating. This company has lots of popular case models and this one is no exception. With fabric backing and two piece rubber sides, the edges and face of the case are nice and soft to the touch. It’s also very easy to get this case in and out of your pockets.

Speck Pixel Skin HD iPhone Case – This is yet another release from Speck. This model fits the iPhone 7 perfectly and there is a scheduled release of this case for the iPhone 8 as well. This is a thick, soft rubber case that is designed to enhance the grip of the case. There should be a release of this iPhone 7 case for the iPhone 8 fairly soon, making it a fantastic buy.

iPhone 8 Cases and Radiation Protection? More and more people are becoming health conscious and are naturally interested in making sure that their phone (for example) doesn’t make them sick due to radiation levels. Unfortunately, as technology evolves and phones become “smarter”, their radiation level increases accordingly.

Can iPhone 8 cases protect against radiation? Unfortunately, they cannot and at the moment of writing, the only way to protect yourself is to keep the time you spend talking on the phone to a bare minimum. Radiation levels are not just specific to the iPhone, they need to be taken into consideration when it comes to any type of phone out there.

Are Cheap Cases the Best Choice? Everyone wants to save a buck and iPhone8 cases make no exception but does this mean that buying the cheapest iPhone8 case out there is the way to go? Unfortunately for your wallet, the answer is a clear “no”. Most cases won’t break the bank anyway and you need to keep in mind that a quality iPhone5 case can make your phone last longer. What would you prefer? Would you rather spend a few dollars extra (literally) and buy one of the best iPhone5 cases out there or would you rather replace your phone sooner than you have to just because you wanted to save a buck? It’s all a matter of finding the right balance between cost and performance. When it comes to iPhone8 cases, the word “cheap” is not a life saver. Why take chances when you can purchase a quality product by simply paying a low two figure additional amount?

All in All iPhone 8 cases are a fantastic way to make sure that you protect your expensive iPhone from all the perils that life can throw at it. No matter how careful you are and no matter how responsible you think you are, accidents can happen. You can drop them, jar them, get scratches on your screen and otherwise damage a phone. However, with an iPhone 5 case, you are protected from all of these negative happenings. It could be said that having an iPhone case could extend the life of this piece of expensive electronic equipment.

The iPhone 8 will be slimmer than the iPhone 4, making iPhone 7 cases an impossible fit. Expect the iPhone 8 case releases to be amazing. There will be some cases you have never seen before and others that you have.

The final decision is yours and only yours to make but as a recommendation, try to stay away from “bargain basement” deals when it comes to iPhone 8 cases. A good case will pay for itself because as previously mentioned, you can extent the life of your phone as well as keep it in great shape. What will it be?

What Else?

A screen protector would also be a good idea as one of your iPhone 8 accessories. By protecting your screen from smudges, fingerprints and other happenings, you will make sure that it stays brand new.

A charger is another one of the iPhone 8 accessories you shouldn’t be without. The iPhone 8 power supply will last around 7 hours of talk time but that still isn’t long enough to leave it without a charge for long.

Earbuds can be beneficial as iPhone 8 accessories. Earbuds have a different feel than normal headphones. Many people like them more than regular headphones and they cost about the same. Some people say they are louder than most other headphones and they’re right.

A bluetooth headset may be of interest to certain people. Bluetooth will use an additional battery charge but that shouldn’t present a problem for most people. A headset allows you to talk on the phone and keep your hands free at the same time. Now it’s up for debate whether or not using a headset makes talking and listening through the iPhone safer (as you should know, all phones with tons of features have high SAR levels) but at the end of the day, common sense needs to prevail: if you want to stay safe, don’t use your phone excessively.

Alarm clock docks can serve a dual purpose. They can charge your iPhone 8 and wake you up when you need to awake as well. All of these accessories will be available for the iPhone 8, no problem.

The iPhone 8 launch should be an exciting new time for previous iPhone users and new users as well. The iPhone 7 was fantastic in terms of size and technology, it’s going to be amazing to see what Apple comes up with next. The iPhone 8 is supposedly going to have dual processors. Amazing!

As far as brand new iPhone 8 accessories go, who knows what they will be coming up with! It’s difficult to know at this point, as there is no official release date for the iPhone 8. Stay tuned for new press releases and news, that’s the best we can recommend. Oh and, of course, get ready to be impressed!

IPhone 8 Jailbreak An iPhone 8 jailbreak is something that a lot of iPhone 8 users are going to want to do. Jail breaking an iPhone means that you can unlock all the features of the operating system, removing any limitations that were implemented by Apple to begin with. Jail breaking is not recommended however, as it voids the warranty on your iPhone 8.

Jail breaking is done for a variety of reasons, one of the most popular being the download of additional applications, extensions and themes. There is so much you can do with an iPhone 8 jailbreak. Additional themes are very popular and many people completely change the look of their Apple iPhone. In addition, users may also add custom ringtones and wallpapers. Combined, the abilities of a jail broken iPhone 8 will far surpass those of a standard one. However, as previously mentioned, it voids the warranty, so be sure to keep that in mind. It’s still legal though, so who cares?

There are lots of problems with the fact that Apple iPhones can’t handle having certain applications on them. Because the iPhone 8 hasn’t been released yet, we can give you the reasoning behind the previous i Phones jail breaking. First off, there is MyWi. This allows other people, hopefully your friends, to use your iPhone as a router that serves as a modem so they can access the Internet on their phones too. This is called tethering.

Similarly, there is a program called WiFi Sync that allows you to transfer files to and from your computer without having to use a USB cable. This is fantastic for people who hate to fuss about with cables. Basically, an iPhone 8 jailbreak will give you more freedom to pursue the applications that you really want to have on your iPhone. It isn’t just a fad, many people are unsatisfied with the current applications available and want more control over the Apple operating system. So, they created the iPhone 8 jailbreak system and jailbreaks for previous versions of the iPhone as well. Jail breaking does void the warranty and no shop will honor the warranty after you jailbreak your iPhone. However, at least you can look forward to the thousands of applications, wallpapers, icons and other goodies that will make your iPhone all it was meant to be and more. You have a lot of freedom after you perform an iPhone 8 jailbreak, so have fun. A lot of the programs have to do with WiFi and it’s really a lot

of fun to see how much you can do with such an amazing device, just don’t use it excessively and always add a bit of common sense to the mix!

iPhone 8 Screen Protector Looking for the best iPhone 8 screen protector in the world? Well, that depends on what your specific needs are. The right screen protector for someone else might not be right for you. When considering screen protectors, you need to keep the following things in mind. The iPhone 8 hasn’t even been released yet, which means there may need to be some tweaking involved in the screen protectors. Early releases of screen protectors won’t be proven to be effective right from the beginning. The best thing you can do is to buy a cheap screen protector that will do the job until we can learn more about which iPhone 8 screen protectors are worth it. iPhone 8 screen protectors will be very thin and transparent. Just like iPhone cases of the past, there are certain brands that rise above the rest in terms of quality and craftsmanship. The Invisible Shield is one of these protectors. More than likely, there will be a Invisible Shield as an iPhone 8 screen protector as well. There are certain things that this screen protector offers and that you can look forward to. The self healing properties offer an enhanced resistance to damage and extend the life of the device at least threefold. The pliability and flexibility of the screen protector will hopefully protect your device better than your previous screen protector. These screen protectors are easy to install and make for wonderful gifts. Priced at around $25 and with a lifetime warranty, you can expect this iPhone 8 screen protector to protect your device from all the minor damage you can throw at the screen. It won’t save it from huge impacts but at least the screen will stay fresh for as long as you own the protector. They are also smudge and fingerprint resistant, a real plus for people who hate to mess about with their iPhone 8 screen protector. The iPhone 7 Screen Protector Steinheil Ultra Series-Ultra Crystal is also a good choice that should be available as an iPhone 8 screen protector as well. Many people on the iPhone forums have recommended this as a past option for their iPhones. What will be really exciting? The improvements they will make to an already fantastic product. Hopefully, it will retain the fantastic performance it has been come to be known by. Yet another option is the Power Supply HD Anti-Glare Film. It protects your iPhone from scratches, dirt and dust and makes sure that nothing will damage the screen. It will resist glare as well as fingerprints and will be applied to your iPhone via static cling. That will prevent any residue when the film is removed. This will hopefully be released as an iPhone 8 screen protector as well. Technically speaking, not much needs to change except the dimensions of the screen protectors themselves. All of the attributes that make the screen protectors good will remain the same. Do screen protectors affect SAR levels? Unfortunately not, so be sure to limit the time you spend talking on the phone and this principle is valid when it comes to non-Apple products as well. Applying an iPhone 8 screen protector should be pretty easy too. Some stores like Best Buy will even apply them for you. It doesn’t take much skill to apply one of these but when in doubt, let them professionally

handle it for you. All in all, the iPhone 11 screen protector market will probably be more competitive than ever and for you as a consumer, this is a major advantage!

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iPhone 8 Accessories  

The iPhone 7 Screen Protector Einstein Ultra Series-Ultra Crystal is also a good choice that should be available as an iPhone 8 screen prote...

iPhone 8 Accessories  

The iPhone 7 Screen Protector Einstein Ultra Series-Ultra Crystal is also a good choice that should be available as an iPhone 8 screen prote...