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There has been a lot of hype about My Free Cash Machine (MFCM). Well you are probably asking well what exactly is it. My Free Cash Machine is simply a capture page and marketing training system for a CPA network. The specific CPA network is called ZipNadaZilch. Now you are a probably wondering, "Well, what is a CPA network?" A CPA network is marketing company that outsources generating leads to individuals and compensates them per lead or action. CPA stands for Cost Per Action/Activity. CPA networks work on behalf traditional businesses and sometimes even larger marketing firms in order to generate leads for their clients. What is My Free Cash Machine? My Free Cash Machine is simply a free to join capture page and training system that works with the CPA network ZipNadaZilch. ZipNadaZilch currently pays you $20 per lead that successfully completes one of their client's trial offers. What's amazing about this sort of set up is that it costs nothing join both My Free Cash Machine or ZipNadaZilch and you can earn. Most network marketers are familiar with buying the product in order to sell it. However in this set up, you don't have to sell the product, you just have to generate the lead. So What is the best way to build MFCM? Well, I highly suggest you tie MFCM into another low priced training system. I recommend MyLeadSystemPro because it will get educate your leads on different marketing strategies and you earn monthly affiliate commission in the MyLeadSystemPro program. The reason I suggest having another low priced program is due to the fact that there is no monthly residual commission or overrides in My Free Cash Machine. Pretty much you earn what you keep. However the leads that you do generate and receive from promoting MFCM have an entrepreneurial spirit and are good candidates for to introduce to your primary network marketing company if you have one. The attractiveness of My Free Cash Machine is that it is free and pays daily and directly to PayPal. However if you use the strategy I am describing below you can leverage My Free Cash Machine to generate leads who are network marketers who are hungrily looking at a new opportunity. The strategy that you can use to generate these type of hungry leads is Facebook PPC. If you leverage Facebook to generate targeted network marketing leads for My Free Cash Machine, you will have identified a person who: Believes in network marketing Is experienced in network marketing Is unhappy in their current company and is actively looking for something new.

These are hungry buyers who overtime you may be able to sponsor into your primary network marketing business. Remember you are getting $20 per lead paid daily direct to your PayPal. So this may easily become a self-funding lead generation tool for you too. You can gradually work them up into MyLeadSystemPro and into your primary company and earn along the way. If you want to watch a video that explains how to most effectively leverage the power of Facebook PPC then check out the over 8 additional bonuses in the resource box below.

Want the over 8 additional bonuses and exclusive Facebook PPC training? Learn more about my team in My Free Cash Machine and our tools and training here.

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==== ==== Make Real Money No Gimmicks or Pyramids Just Cash Paid to You Daily! ==== ====

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