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Dedicated Servers vs Cloud Hosting

With the debate over cloud hosting and dedicated servers growing, it can be difficult to decide which is best for your business. We’re going to have a look at why both must be considered as there is no single answer to the question of which one to choose.

We have been over some of the more detailed aspects of dedicated servers and cloud hosting previously but here we put the two head to head and compare the pros and cons. It depends on what you are using the server for as to which one you should choose. Both have their benefits and it all comes down to the situation as to which will be more appropriate.

A Dedicated Server is the opposite of a VPS. It’s not shared hosting and you have all resources at your disposal. It’s less scalable than a VPS, however it’s potentially more performant, because you’re not sharing the resources with anyone. Your resources are the whole and not a part of the whole. This kind of hosting solutions is always more expensive, because there is more hardware involved and you get the entire resources, even those not being used. It is highly inefficient, but sometimes more useful, especially when you need full control of the platform.

A Cloud Server, is the latest and most flexible type of Ideastackhostinghosting that is a blend of both models above. This type of hosting enables on-demand network access to a shared pool of computing resources. The user can provision the resources itself, like CPU, Disk, RAM and Bandwidth without any human interaction with the service provider. Resource scalability is easy and fast and the user only pays for the used resources. The main feature of this model is the flexibility that it offers, as you get what you want, when you decide to. And you control it like a real pay-per-use model that is delivered as a utility, just like electricity or water at home. You pay for what you need and nothing else, avoiding yearly or monthly fixed fees. Only per hour or per usage fees, usually after you’ve used, not before.

Dedicated servers do exactly what they say they will do; they are completely committed to the one user. They are designed to fit around one user’s needs and specifications and come with no restrictions like you might find in cloud hosting. They are great if you need a high performance database as cloud hosting is shared and falls down in this area.

Cloud hosting’s features mean that you often don’t even have to move from your seat if something needs fixing. These features mean that an engineer doesn’t need to be called out every time a hardware change is needed. Cloud hosting will guarantee uptime for a web application which has no consistent usage level and will peak at certain times.

What does our expert say?

Pro Dedicated Servers “We get asked why anyone would want to use dedicated servers nowadays if the cloud is theoretically so much better. Just like cloud hosting has its fortes, cheap dedicated servers have theirs. They are what they say they are – dedicated – which means you get everything that the server can provide. If your dedicated server has 8GB of RAM, you get it all. Dual 6 core Intel CPUs with hyper threading? You get that too, with no restrictions on usage.”

Pro Cloud Hosting “A Cloud hosting infrastructure in Ideastackhosting has many, many benefits to business. Features such as high availability, scalability and snapshots mean that system administrators don’t even have to get up from their seats to upgrade systems. Compare this to a traditional dedicated server environment where any hardware changes require a visit to the data centre by an engineer.�

So what should you get? If you need something that is specific to yourself and your own needs with a high performance then you may wish to choose a dedicated server, if you want something that you can update yourself and don’t mind sharing the resources that are available then cloud hosting will most likely be your best option with low cost server.

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