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Advantages of Dedicated IP Address

A Dedicated server is really a single computer in a network reserved for serving the wants of the network. As an example, some systems require that one computer be put aside to handle communications between all the other computers. A dedicated server is also a computer that manages printer resources.

Advantages of Dedicated IP Address Dedicated IP address is needed for services such as SSL and Anonymous FTP. Dedicated IPs give you better search engine rankings. To be on the safe side, it's nice to have for every site a single IP i.e a dedicated IP address. So if one site gets banned, you only loose that domain

What Does a Dedicated IP Actually Do? IP addresses route internet traffic to the right place, much like a zip code or post code. Like postal codes, different people can share the same IP. An affordable dedicated hosting IP address is exclusively yours. You might choose to serve different sites from that IP address, but you’re ultimately in Ideastack control of who’s using it. For these reasons you would think that a dedicated IP was better.

Speed and Dedicated IPs In some ways, you’d expect so. After all, there’s less traffic flowing to that IP. But look at it another way. Every Ideastack has to inspect a packet, examine the request and deliver it to the correct domain. This holds true if there is one site on an IP or one thousand sites. Every server has to go through this process; the number of possible destinations doesn’t really matter.As such, the difference in processing time is so small as to be imperceptible.

The Big Benefit of Dedicated IPs There is one clear benefit of a dedicated IP. It allows you to do more with your server. You need low cost servers to host your own SSL certificate, for example. You can also run an FTP server off the IP address. You could run a gaming server or some other IP-based server (with your host’s permission).

Why Use a Dedicated Server? A Managed server does provide certain advantages. Generally speaking, a dedicated IP allows you to: View your website via its IP address. Access your accounts by FTP or the Web when the domain name is otherwise inaccessible, such as during domain name propagation periods. Set up SSL protection on your website.

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Advantages of dedicated ip address  

A Separate server is a simple computer in a network reserved for serving the wants of the network.

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