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From the horse’s mouth... Welcome to 2010! I’m excited about the New Year and what it holds for all of us. I’m seeing a lot more optimism throughout business circles and the great thing about optimism is that it’s catchy. Which has to be good for everyone. The New Year usually brings with it a swathe of resolutions – and those of us in business are no different – “I will try to lodge my GST returns on time this year” and “I hope to do some real cashflow planning this year”. Now folks, it’s important to be very clear about those resolutions – I’ll hear none of this “try” business. Just “do”. Do make resolutions for your business and do follow through on them. Who knows what you might be able to accomplish? Remember, for most of us, the end of the financial year is looming on 31 March. Don’t be paralysed with fear, give us a call on 04 499 8460 and we’ll help you get it all in hand.

Speak Up Speak Out Seminar Together with Denise Gluyas of Speak Up Speak Out, we are pleased to be hosting a free workshop for the Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce between 9:30 and 11:30am on Thursday 11 February. The presentation will cover why it’s important to be able to speak up and speak out in all aspects of your life, both personally and professionally. The interactive workshop will cover leadership, communication, and having the energy to do it all. It’s especially important for business owners to be confident in communicating well with everyone, from your staff and customers, right through to the bank manager! Denise is a terrific presenter and it will be a great morning. For more information or to book your place, please RSVP to Amber Landall on 04 939 9821 or email

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February 2010


Times are tweeting Go Figure has hit the social media pages full force! We’re discovering the business benefits of using social media sites like Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with clients and pass on interesting information and advice. It just makes sense. For every new fan of Go Figure on Facebook, we get exposure to all their friends, so it’s a really easy way to get in front of a lot of potential clients. More importantly, by becoming a fan of our service, they are effectively endorsing us to all their friends, and we all know how important referrals are to the success of our businesses. And it won’t cost you a cent – just a few moments of your time most days. For a more in-depth look at a business owner’s perspective on social media, visit Become a fan of Go Figure today. Go on, you know you want to!

Our new website! We’ve just launched our brand spanking new website, and we’re really pleased with the results. The new website is user-friendly, and is search optimised to make the most of our potential market. We’ve made the information about our services easier to access, so new visitors can see what we do, at a glance. There are also links to our Facebook page and Twitter accounts, so it’s easy to start connecting with us in all sorts of ways. We’ve also ramped up the contact page, with a form that enables visitors to engage directly with us without having to pick up the phone. Plus there’s our usual offer of a free worksite assessment, with no obligation at all. Check it out – (don’t forget to replace the “g” with “8”) and make sure you tell all your friends about it, too.

Ask Lisa YOUR FINANCIAL AGONY AUNT Dear Awake and Worried 24/7, Beware overly trusting your finance staff. It’s a sad but true fact that sometimes our accounts staff can let us down. In my experience, some permanent accounts staff have a use-by date – they can get so bogged down in their job that they stop seeing better and more efficient ways to do their job, and some can be distracted by the sums of money going in and out that they feel they’re entitled to more than just their salary. Too many times, we’ve come in to have a look at the books for our clients and what we see is incompetence and even theft by in-house finance staff. I’m not suggesting that all finance types are dodgy – not by a long way, but a few bad apples can really ruin a business, and it’s important that you as the owner know exactly what’s going on in your books at all times. Here’s some advice that might help: •

Never hand over total control of your bank accounts to just one staff member. I’ve got a client at the moment that couldn’t even access his online accounts because he didn’t know the passwords, etc. It turns out his accounts girl was fiddling the books a bit and it’s cost him dearly. Make sure that the person who raises the invoices is different to the one who banks the cash. The same goes for the person that opens the mail – they shouldn’t be the one writing the cheques. A client of mine recently discovered that their accounts person had arranged for a whole lot of personal magazine subscriptions to be sent to her own home, but paid for it on the company account. She was opening the mail and writing the cheques, so no one spotted the theft.

Always remember that your finance person is not in charge. You are! You’re the boss. Don’t be bullied by your staff – it’s especially important when it comes to the money side of things. The bucks should stop with you!

Don’t put all your financial eggs in one basket. Outsourcing to a third party independent accounts company like Go Figure can make the process transparent and stress-free. We are dedicated to improving the performance and position of your business and supplying peace of mind is all we care about.

Got a burning accounts question for our Agony Aunt? Email anytime – Lisa would be happy to help out!

Dear Lisa,

I own a med ium-sized bu siness that employ s a number of people, including fu ll-time acco u nt s person. I’m starting to suspect th at she might not be operat ing completel y ab ov in terms of e board our account s, which, of course, is a major concer n. She’s also made the wh ole system so complex I can’t acce that ss our acco unts (yes, ev the bank acco en unts) withou t her help. What should I do? Yours,

Awake and W orried 24/7

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