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THE BENEFITS OF STRATEGIC RELATIONSHIPS If you know much about Go Figure, you’ll know we’re fairly fanatical about strategic partnerships. Meaningful partnerships are a critical part of success in business and it’s something that many Kiwi businesses need to do more of. If the thought of having to go out and “establish a strategic relationship” gives you the heebie jeebies, then you’re probably missing the point. It’s not about being pushy, or doing the hard sell on unsuspecting businesspeople, in fact it’s quite the opposite. Creating valuable strategic relationships between your business and others offering complimentary or specific services is as easy as, well, making friends. Hands down, the easiest way to begin to forge strategic partnerships is to join a local business association, like your local Chamber of Commerce, BNI chapter or Her Business Network Group. These groups exist purely to help businesspeople make connections with each other, and most will host regular “meet and greet” functions that allow you to get together with others and share ideas. We’ve found this sort of networking incredibly useful and these organisations have actually become strategic partners to our business, in their own right. Go Figure are members of: Her Business Network Sponsor and Member Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce Business Networking International

Wellington Regional Chamber of Commerce We’ve found that membership in these organisations has been spectacularly useful. But don’t just take our word for it. According to Anna Geremia-Young, the wonderful Membership Manager at Hutt Valley Chamber of Commerce, becoming a member of an organisation like theirs can make a real difference to your business. “Our members are a great bunch – I really love meeting them – they’re hard working, and because most of them own the businesses they manage, doing business with them usually means a shorter decision process. Our members like doing business with others from the Chamber because there’s a higher level of trust implied and people definitely prefer working with people they’ve met face-to-face.” Sally Connell, who does a stellar job of running Wellington’s Her Business Network, agrees. “Our network is here to support our local women in business. Too often, we struggle along on our own, usually dealing with the same issues every other businesswoman worries about. We need to support each other, and joining a group like ours enables you to develop strong business partnerships in a safe, positive environment.”

From the horse’s mouth... Issue three already! Doesn’t time fly when you’re having fun? I hope you’re enjoying this newsletter. Don’t forget to drop me an email if you have any story suggestions, we’d love to include them. Keeping your books up to date isn’t just about keeping the taxman happy. It will keep your bank manager happy, too. I was talking to Scott Overton, Business Manager at BNZ recently and he tells me that the banks are cracking down on things like overdraft extensions. He’s working with their business clients to find the actual cause of the cash flow shortage and improve things from the inside out. So if you do need temporary help from your bank, you’d better make sure your books are in order

Level 4, James Smith Building, 55 Cuba St, Wellington 04 499 8460

before you go to visit them. Which, of course, is something we can help you with. Call us today for an emergency WoF of your accounts! This issue is dedicated to the Go Figure Team. I can’t possibly do it all on my own, and the Go Figurines are a big part of what makes my business tick. Your dedicated mobile accountant can help you out with any queries as I can be elusive at times. So, if I’m proving hard to get hold of, ask the team, they’re here to help!

Important Dates! GST is due January 15! The Christmas/New Year period can be deceptive for people in business. It’s easy to put off doing your GST ‘til January because it’s due later than usual. But that’s often a recipe for disaster, and we get panicked calls from our clients on the 15th of January, telling us they’re still on holiday and forgot to get it done. So, do your GST before Christmas, or better yet, get us to do it for you.

Meet our team

Instead of profiling individual team members this month, we thought we’d take a moment to introduce you to the whole Go Figure team! Many of our clients only see one or two of the Go Figurines on a regular basis and we thought you might be keen to put a face to the names of the whole lot of us. Our whole team has a common set of core skills and we’re available wherever and whenever you need us.

Our Christmas Shutdown

We are closing for the Christmas break on December 22, so make sure you call us with any special request before then! We open again with a skeleton staff for emergency work on Thursday, 7 January, with the usual full Go Figure service resuming on 11 January.

Call us today – don’t wait!

If reading about these dates and deadlines strikes dread into your heart, don’t delay – pick up the phone and call us today. The sooner we get onto it, the better it will be, for you and your business.

The Go Figure Team: Gina Dittmer, Paula O’Connell, Lisa Martin, Helene Rose-Innes, Jamie Nicholas & Ronak Patel.

Lendrums and Go Figure: Ledgers and laughter We reckon that surveyors and their ilk must have a similar reputation as accountants – all measurements and numbers and no personality. Now, you know that the Go Figure team blows that perception out of the water and for a bloke that owns a surveying company, Alan Parkin has a great sense of humour. Although he trained as a civil engineer “about a million years ago”, Alan’s been heavily involved in project management and business development for the past decade or so. “I’ve got the right name to be a project manager,” explains Alan. “Because ‘Alan’ is an anagram of ‘anal’, so paying attention to detail comes with the territory.” And it’s Go Figure’s attention to detail that impresses Alan so much with our mobile accountant service. “There’s a kind of natural synergy between our businesses. In surveying we have to be precise, or we’ll fail. It’s the same with Go Figure. They’re very focused and the quality of their work is impressive.” Together with his business partner, John Gasson, Alan owns The Surveying Company (Wellington) Limited, which recently purchased Lendrums, a long standing Upper Hutt firm of surveyors, engineers, planners and project managers. “We’re specialists in subdivisions, so we work closely with developers, councils and Land Information NZ to make sure the titles are legal and precise. We also help out with planning for water, sewers, roads and electricity, as required,” says Alan. Alan began working for the business about 18 months ago, when Bob Lendrum called him in to improve systems and processes in preparation for the sale of the business. “It was a classic case of, I

loved the product so much, I bought the company”. It wasn’t long before Alan needed a Go Figurine. “I’d been at Lendrums for about 10 minutes before the accounts lady suddenly needed six weeks off due to illness. Talk about being dropped in the deep end. Go Figure came highly recommended. Lisa was our first consultant, but she soon passed the reins to the lovely Gina, who is now an integral part of our business.” “The whole experience made me so aware of the huge risk you take by only having one person in a business who manages the accounts with no backup. You have to be prepared, and with Go Figure, I know that if Gina can’t make it in, then someone else will, without fail. It’s also saving me money, because we don’t need our part time accounts person any more.” “Gina’s always thinking about my business, even when she’s not here. I often get texts or emails when she’s thought of something important or useful. She managed the changeover between the two businesses perfectly, and she’s great to have around. She’s bright, friendly and has a great sense of humour. Lisa, on the other hand, is just an outrageous flirt and a total hard case. The Go Figurines are a terrific lot.”

Go Figure newsletter issue three  

A monthly newsletter from Wellington mobile bookkeepers Go Fi8ure.

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