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Intellectual Decisions on Environmental Awareness Solutions Information Toolkit 12/1/2010

IDEAS is a sustainability movement comprised of a network of campus and community organizations, youth leaders and green professionals who strive to Educate, Engage, and Empower (E3) others through a database of resources, initiatives and guidance to create positive change on campus and in their communities.

IDEAS is a sustainability movement growing across communities, universities and K-12 schools; A network of campus and community organizations, youth leaders and green professionals who work together to develop the innovations and ground-breaking solutions to the Global challenges we face Today. Throughout this starfish network, we work towards building an open information system to address local, regional and national environmental challenges. Through developing programs, sharing resources and providing guidance for best practices in sustainability, we are working together to be the change we need to see.

Mission: To Educate, Engage, and Empower (E3) others in environmental sustainability through a database of resources, initiatives and guidance to create positive change on campus and in their communities. This diverse, interdisciplinary approach ensures that regardless of geographic location or campus culture, IDEAS is able to provide the link between interested people and issues effecting our local, regional, national, and international environment.  Building a network of innovations and resources to facilitate your movement



 Raising awareness about solutions in sustainability, energy efficiency, and renewable energy technologies  Taking action on local, regional, and global environmental issues  Offering a database of opportunities for outreach, service learning and volunteering


 Providing an environment to incubate your IDEAS into solutions  Supporting affiliate organizations, professionals and businesses in the green industry

IDEAS Chapters: o University of Central Florida (UCF)* o University of Florida (UF)* o University of Miami (UM)* o Florida International University (FIU)* o Coral Reef High School (CRHS)* o Penn State University (PSU)* o Seminole State College of Florida*

Building Chapters: o IDEAS for Binghampton, SUNY o Santa Fe Community College (SFCC) o Full Sail University o Miami-Dade College o Florida A&M University o Florida State University (IDEAS for Tallahassee) o Lone Star College (TX) o Berklee School of Music (Boston) o IDEAS for Atlanta o IDEAS U.S. (Washington DC) o Chapel Hill High School (NC) o IDEAS for Haiti** o IDEAS for Costa Rica** o IDEAS for Belize** * = Register Student Organizations ** = International Projects/Chapters

Sponsors & Partners: -- Terra Firma Institute (TFI) * -- U.S. Department of Energy Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (EERE) -- Energy Star Partner (EPA) -- Clinton Global Initiative -- Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy (FARE) -- Roosevelt Institute (Campus Network: Energy & Environment) -- Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF) * -- Alliance for Climate Protection / Repower America -- Center for American Progress / Campus Progress -- Energy Action Coalition (EAC) -- Southern Energy Network (SEN) -- Dioko Energy (Solar & Biofuels) -- International Climate Change Awareness non-profit -- Sterling Central (LEED Silver) Apartments -- Shake-A-Leg: MIAMI * -- Four Years. Go. (Int. Non-Profit) -- Get Outdoors Florida! Coalition -- -- OMG (One More Generation) -- Green For All -- -- Enerfusion (Solar Dok) -- G.R.E.E.N. (Costa Rica) * = Official 501(c)(3) Non-profit Affiliate

IDEAS FOR RESEARCH Research & Development (R&D) - Advanced Biofuels Algae Biofuels / Carbon-Capture-and-Grow (CCG: Algae) - Hydrogen Fuel Hydrogen-on Demand (HHO) research - Bike/Pedal Generators - D.I.Y. Solar PV array - Vegetated Walls - AquaPonics (Sustainable Agriculture) - Biomass Gasification - Electric Motorcycle - Solar-powered Umbrella (aka Solar Dok) - Innovations: IDEAS Think Tank *

IDEAS FOR ACTION Advocacy into Action - Ecosystem Clean-ups, Conservation & Restoration Beach / Lake / Road / River / Marine / Trail / Forest Clean-ups - Economic Relief Gardens (ERG's) - Invasive Species Removal - Ecosystem Facilitation & Ecological Engineering: (Pond Restoration with Aquatic Vegetation) - Compost Generation: Tumble Composting - DINPI (Drop It N' Pop It) - sustainable aesthetics apparel (Jewelry from Skateboards) - Tailgate RECYCLING initiative

IDEAS FOR AWARENESS Awareness Solutions - Kill-a-Watt: Student Energy Challenge - IDEAS for A.R.T.S. (Artistic Representation Towards Sustainability) - IDEAS For Policy - OFF-THE-GRID (Do It In The Dark) events - Energy Awareness Solutions (EAS) Energy Specialist & Consultants - IDEAS for Education K-12 environmental education curriculum / presentations - Plastic Bag Reduction Campaign T-Toes (sustainable tote making practices) - IDEAS Save (CO2)nsequences Monthly Clean Energy Bike Rally - Organizer International Climate Change Awareness Campaign - Sustainable Culinary Arts 101 - Upcycling Solutions & Workshops - Healthy IDEAS - Pick Your N.O.'s - a social experience

Innovations Think Tank Innovation Think Tanks are a great way to get any community involved in entrepreneurship projects by gathering a group of intellectuals throughout year who want to build their IDEAS into solutions for our future. 'Innovations' was started by Julian Belilty & IDEAS UCF as a semester long initiative to promote creative ideas on sustainability endeavors. 'Innovations' uses strategic incorporation of both your campus and community to create new structures and innovative practices. This activity is a great way to engage members to brainstorm new IDEAS at chapter meetings and get our community involved in projects that catalyze communitybased sustainability initiatives. Innovation Break-out Topics:

    

Energy Water Food Waste Transportation  Ecology Check out more on how to start 'Innovations' on your campus or community!

Kill-a-Watt Energy Challenge Unplug Your Carbon Footprint 'Kill-a-Watt' is an initiative designed to help universities reduce energy consumption, save $$$, and better their environmental quality by providing education, information feedback and incentives to promote resource conservation between students on campus. How Does It Work?? Residents in each dorm hall competed against other buildings to reduce their electrical and water consumption by the greatest percentage! Throughout the competition, IDEAS chapters coordinate energy-conscious activities and "Educational Seminars" to inform the residents about the importance of resource conservation and provide some great ideas to save energy in the dorms! Finally, the savings are compared to a baseline average of that building’s energy consumption from previous years and the residents in the winning buildings receive scholarships and incentives for helping to reduce their impact on campus! Throughout a 2 month competition...  University of Central Florida (UCF) saved $41,000+ and a total of 441,000 kWh! (Recognized by the U.S. Department of Energy and Energy Secretary Steven Chu!)  Florida International University (FIU) saved $21,000 in energy cost and distributed over $2000 in scholarships!

Pick Your New Opportunities A Social Experience -- Director: Michael Luis Diaz -- Email: “Pick Your N.O.'s is an exploration of the decisions we make every day." What do you say “NO” to? From judging others by their looks to the preservation of our environment, when do you Pick Your N.O.’s? In an effort to bring attention to these decisions, this experience compels us to welcome New Opportunities (N.O.) in a World of mystery. Sightless conversations compel us to think on our feet in a way that keeps us fully engaged. This intense concentration produces an interaction that provides a "New Opportunity" to recruit others in a creative and innovative fashion, as well as promote social sustainability and the need for diversity of thought and perception!

You never know who you're going to meet. Every person is a New Opportunity to build a network and grow.

IDEAS for Haiti - International Projects -- Art Creation Foundation for Children (ACFFC) / Voila -- Case Study: Summer 2010 - Present Director: Viktor El-saieh We have teamed up with a Haiti non-profit that focuses on engaging children in art-related projects. Our focus, led by Viktor El saieh, is to educate the kids about local environmental issues; engage them in action projects like ecosystem cleanups; and offer them solutions that could solve these problems, such as creating art out of the trash collected. For more pictures on the Haiti project, visit us HERE.

Pick Your N.O.'s

IDEAS for Workforce Development Building Green Professionals IDEAS is helping to Build Green Professionals through Workforce Development! Recently in early 2011, IDEAS partnered with CleanEdison to promote sustainability and green building practices to others by offering expert advice through our consulting services and best-in-class education to professionals serving the green industry. We offer courses in the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), BPI (Building Performance Institute) Certification, Energy Auditing, Solar Installation, Wind Engineer and Renewable Energy Technicians. CleanEdison has also developed numerous customized training programs specific to a business or organization's needs.

Visit us at: Program Director: Arturo Romero

Terra Firma Institute Think of a world where everyone has a quality education. Think Terra Firma The Terra Firma Institute (TFI), is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that provides an exceptional hands-on education in science, music and art to students all over the world. Our mission is to inspire and empower all of humanity through the provision of an exceptional, hands-on education in Science, Music and Art so the virtues of self-expression, scientific discovery, environmental sustainability and conservation are attainable to this and every generation. Through our partnership, we help to created educational curriculum and facilitate environmental education at educational institutions. We strive to provide people of all ages an opportunity to learn about the wonders of the Earth in a creative fashion.

Founder & Chief: Clayton Louis Ferrara

Awards & Recognition: -- RePower America: Consequence Campaign

8th place out of 1200 organizations in the US, February 2010. IDEAS Executive, Meghan Ryan, travels to DC to attend "Organize To Be Heard," a roundtable with EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson and Senator John Kerry.

-- Center For American Progress / Campus Progress

Best Campaign of the Year, July 2010 I.D.E.A.S. gets awarded a $1500 grant to start a plastic bag reduction campaign called "Ttotes," a method of converting old T-shirts into reusable tote bags to help reduce the use of petroleum plastic bags.

-- Orange County Environmental Protection Division (EPD)

Green Leaf Award for Environmental Excellence, December 2010 I.D.E.A.S. gets awarded the Green Leaf Awards for Environmental Excellence from Orange County Commissioner, Linda Stewart, and the Director of EPD, Lori Cunniff, for our various service learning efforts throughout 2010.

-- NatureWise and Orange County

Florida Defenders of the Environment Award of Excellence, March 2011 I.D.E.A.S. gets awarded the 2011 Defenders of the Environmental Award of Excellence from NatureWise Florida!

-- Hewlett Packard (HP) "Green Your School Challenge"

2nd place overall winners. May 2011.

The IDEAS UCF chapter went on to win the 2011 HP "Green Your School" Challenge, and showcased our efforts through the Spring 2011 semester. The award was $1,000 and a FREE HP Laptop!

-- Florida Wildlife Federation (FWF)

Conservation Organization of the Year for 2011 Stanton McCreary, Sebastian Church, Samantha Ruiz, Will Chorvat, Chris Castro, Hank Harding, and Jessica Whalen accept the Conservation Organization of The Year Award from FWF President Manley Fuller and Master of Ceremonies Jim Schuette (FWF Chair Board of Directors) during the Florida Wildlife Foundation 74th Annual Conservation Awards Banquet at the Chateau Elan Hotel & Conference Center, Sebring, Florida, June 11, 2011.

WEEK 13: YOUTH GREENING SCHOOLS "The strength of America’s clean energy future depends on the dedication of our future leaders. All across the country young people are taking initiative in their schools and communities to teach others about the importance of environmental stewardship, energy conservation and reducing waste. This week’s series showcases young leaders that have committed themselves to making their schools and communities more sustainable. From teens teaching school-children about environmental issues, to primary school kids starting school gardens, these Champions of Change are inspiring the adults around them by greening their schools and communities." -White House, Office of Public Engagement

On Friday, July 8, 2011, the White House, Office of Public Engagement, hosted a video conference with IDEAS and 5 youth leaders across the U.S. to present an honorable mention to IDEAS as "Champions of Change." Kal Penn, the famous actor and now Associate Director of Public Engagement, was representing the White House and gave us the opportunity to tell our story and share the challenges and best practices in creating a youth environmental movement.

Representing IDEAS was Ryan George, Ryan Harrigan, Henry Harding, Stanton McCreary, Clayton Ferrara, Beverly Sanchez, Chris Castro, Alexandra Kennedy, Bandar Al Zamil and Zak Marimon.

Vision To thrive as a vehicle for change and movement for sustainability; working together, sharing together, and changing together by linking youth leaders, green professionals, businesses and like-minded organizations to provide solution-based initiatives that connect campuses and communities with issues effecting our local, regional, and national environment.

Values We envision an environmentally-sustainable future created by a proactively-engaged society that is:

       

Powered by a clean, carbon-free, renewable, and affordable energy infrastructure. Populated by individuals who are aware of their resources and recognize the social and environmental consequences of their resource consumption. Sustained by individuals and communities who are respectful of native ecosystems and committed to their preservation. Made up of sustainably-developed communities and empowered individuals who are committed to maintaining social and environmental justice. Promoting comprehensive legislation at the local, state and national levels that replaces dirty energy resources such as oil, coal, natural gas, and nuclear with energy efficiency and sustainable energy solutions. Advocating for the highest quality and function of native ecosystems and surrounding environments. Taking the price of environmental degradation into their life cycle analysis and uses reciprocation as a means of currency. Able to provide responsible education to people, from youth to adults

This is the foundation upon which we have built our values and beliefs. We are independent of any government, political ideology, or religious creed. Our work is guided by the common desire and passion of our members and supporters to find practical solutions to local, national, and global environmental challenges.

Contact Us Email: Chris Castro Co-founder / National Director 786-234-5524

Hank Harding Co-founder / Public Relations Director 561-317-2928

Viktor El-Saieh International Director - Haiti

Arturo Romero IDEAS Professional Network/ Workforce Development Director

Clayton Louis Ferrara Terra Firma Institute, Founder & Chief

Find us on the Web!

Brian Zirulnikoff International Relations / Miami Director

Rahim Davis Northeast Regional Director

IDEAS Info Toolit  

An overview of IDEAS (Intellectual Decisions on Environmnetal Awareness Solutions).

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