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So Say the Editors… “Only kings, presidents, editors, and people with tapeworms have the right to use the editorial "we."” ~ Mark Twain So, WE at Ideas Evolved think that everything in life should be free, EVERYTHING. WE think electricity should be free, mobile services should be free, and food- o yes, food is important… Movies should be shown for free and free popcorn too. Person 1: But then how will anyone earn if they sell for free? Person 2: Why would they want to earn when everything is free? Person 1: Why would they work if everything was for free anyway? Person 2: How do you- hmmm... Do you think the Editor cares? Person 1: I don't know- maybe? I heard he IS big on being politically correct- though maybe "practically correct" is not his jurisdiction. Person 2: Why would the editor include THIS conversation in his editorial? Person 1: Because his brain is trying to evolve an idea? So he thinks this imaginary conversation and its outcome is

so deep…

Person 2: Should we snap him out of his


his deepness think in peace. It’s his thing. Person 2: Deep retard... Person 1: Let

Moral: if imagination didn’t run wild, we wouldn't have idiots, but then we wouldn't have geniuses either.

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deepnessssss.... 2011

And so WE dedicate Ideas1.03 to Wild Imagination and evolution of new ideas. And

Osama Bin Laden died! Yes, that happened this month and everything else that happened, was directly or indirectly linked to this. Pakistani government heads visited Russia and China, (and awarded Gwadar to China) asked the US to back off of adventures in futures to which Obama said ‘No way!’ ISI was called either involved-in-terrorism or incompetent- just before they were declared the top spy agency in the world by an American paper based on their success rate. And then PNS Mehran was attacked and Pakistani media and Pakistani people showed through their actions they were now incapable of 1965-like unity.Shahid Afridi got sacked as the captain of Pakistan's ODI squad, and not many seem happy about it. O!And Oprah Winfrey finally called it a day as the curtain closed on her television show which lasted almost 3 decades.


I Believe…

“Good posts don’t grow on trees, you know...”

By Maryam B. Mirza

They say a thought can make a difference. An idea can cause a revolution. A voice can change a nation. They also say that the youth of a country are its greatest asset. This we have heard countless times, but do we believe it? If not then what do we believe in? Nothing. We believe in nothing. We don't believe in ourselves, our power, our strength, our ability to change what we have become. Soulless shells, pieces of marble - cold and unfeeling. There is a dearth of passion in this nation's blood. Now is the time to revive it. Now is the time to take charge. Now is the time to step forward and hope; hope that we'll be able to change ourselves, our future, our nation's future; Pakistan's future. Now is the time to stand up and say…

I believe… I believe in myself. I believe in my strength. I believe in unity. I believe in revolution. I believe in Pakistan.

Madeeha Hassan For making the logo for ‘On the agenda’ section.

Sara Hijazi Hafsa Khwaja Omer For her post ‘7 kinds of Annoying Pakistanis on Facebook’ STILL managing to spark a debate on the subject.

For making the fun facts notice board.

Top 5 iE Posts of the Month The Best Mistake Of My Life There was a general consensus that people like me always went to places like that. There was also a general consensus that people who went to places like that automatically also went to places like Ivy Leagues. It was all a remarkably exclusive arrangement, as long as you had the requisite number of A grades. Generally, that is supposed to make your life. As it turns out, I did not get in. It was a conscious mistake. I made it.

World Colonized – By A Bunch Of Wierdos This article will show you how the world would look, were people other than the Europeans to be our colonizers. However, before I proceed I will act chicken like the great philosopher Socrates. He lacked the guts to say what he wanted to and hence made up these two people who were to have these so-called philosophical discussions. I mean, come on! My written expression of English is as horrible as his, and am I considered some sort of a philosopher too? Of course, no!

Still Pakistan’s Intentions Doubted?  How long had he been living there?  How had he lived there undetected?  How could he have lived undetected so close to the Pakistan Military Academy?  Had the ISI provided asylum to him?

Facebook Wedding Well here’s a list of reasons why getting married on Facebook is the best thing that could ever happen to you: A Facebook marriage costs next to nothing to arrange and host. Just create an event for your wedding on your Facebook account, invite your entire friends’ list and you won’t even have to spend a penny on a wedding cake that no one will eat! The only expenses a Facebook couple will have to bear are their respective monthly charges for the internet service they use!

5 Reasons to Suit Up! You think suits are too stuffy? Or too formal? They make you feel aloof? Or something? Well here’s an idea – think again! Suits can be a (wo)man’s best friend. Yes, Barney Stinson thought so, and his LURVE for suits has sure become a contagious phenomenon. They EVEN keep an International Suit Up day every October 13th; could it get any cooler?If you STILL need to be convinced, well, here goes…

 MUNPK  Release of our Magazine

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange these apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have TWO IDEAS...

WE gave you so many ideas, so now it's your turn! If you agree, mail us YOUR idea to Well,

The best suggestions will be incorporated into the first issue of our e-magazine. Not to mention, get you a shout out from the IE team itself... Happy Idea-Hunting! P.S. A big shout out to George Bernard Shaw for THIS particular idea!

Wait! There’s more coming forth.

Escape in Little Things

By Ahmad Zafar


A bird carries with itself liberty and flight, and comes home to its haven – a family and a hearth, small and comforting. The day is spent on humble activities, looking for food that will be carried home at dusk and the night is spent in peace and rest, and nothing else. No place is a permanent abode for anything can create the need for the bird to find another sanctuary. The rain and thunder will sometimes render a branch of a tree as unsafe and shelter will be sought elsewhere. Such a thought is no bother because the bird never settles down too much; it has a wanderer’s free spirit and a photographer’s appreciation, of the panoramic beauty around him, the beauty that WE fail to see... In our fast paced world, more often than not, we fail to register what is really going on around us. Cars fly past, quizzes and papers go and download speeds soar as we struggle towards those A’s and that oh-so-coveted GPA. The smell of morning dew, the chirping

of the birds at dawn, the sunsets and the sunrise and the accompanying myriad of colours in all of nature’s glory are things of childhood memories for us now as they are replaced by iPod music, YouTube videos, seasons, iPhone apps and cheap low-cost SMS rates. We have been bombarded blind by mass-media technology and what a transformation it has been. We should all unplug once in a while and take a look around. Smell the air around us, maybe go out and water a plant and struggle physically, like that bird which collects each and every straw that will be the foundation for its nest, the bird that makes the nest EVERY time, and does NOT stop just because nature or fate is holding it off from what it wants. The crawl of the ant to the sparkling horizon on a cloud-less night away from the city; the spiritual connection of the human to mother earth, which we so rarely feel now; the hearing

Photo by Maryam Azhar

of nature and becoming one with it, which we so rarely do now; appreciating nature in all its beauty, majesty, and might has become to us a forgotten art: unless of course the fury leads to load shedding; then all of us become suddenly aware of it. We should learn to appreciate the small things in life, not for any ethical, moral or traditional grounds, but on the grounds for our own sakes – to spread happiness. Like that bird, whose joy lies - in the sip of cool water, the flight in the endless skies, the dip in a small pond and the sight of a pretty flower. We should be grateful for the sun, and the moon, the flowers and the colours, things that the unfortunate are unable to appreciate. Appreciate inner beauty rather than just judging a book by its cover, get away from superficial things. Look at small things, think about them and wonder just what your life would be without them. We should just randomly sit in the grass sometimes with friends and instead of just chatting enjoy a moment of silence and gaze at the flowers in the spring, concentrate on the feeling of the grass under you, the grass that will one day cover you. For me many-a-times the system around me becomes imposing and suffocating. Find escape in small things and I’m sure you would be a happier person for it. Be like a bird. Free. Humble. Powerless yet powerful. Happy. Beautiful. Be a wanderer. Be an adventurer. Don’t settle down too soon or too much, for nothing lasts forever. Appreciate what you have before it’s

too late. Our flight lies in the little things, the little things in life that can make the difference of a lifetime.


The Blame Game Remember the days back in kindergarten? Yes the good old days, when the hardest decision was deciding whether to either get a Barbie lunchbox and suffer the terror of being labeled a ‘girly girl’ or the new Batman one that’s the new fad in the school playgrounds. Going even further down memory lane, remember the blame-game we all used to love? ‘You stole my crayon,’ ‘No, YOU took mine,’ ‘No wait, you’re my best friend, that guy in the blue shirt took my crayon!’ Familiar, no? This just didn’t stop even when we reached puberty. In high school when hormones were raging: ‘You stole my girlfriend!!!’ ‘No way dude, YOUR girlfriend hit on ME’ Now come to think of it so many years later, it is assumed that we must all be so grown up and now the bald guys in the black suits and the cheap shades who call themselves ‘the Government’ are making rational decisions for OUR betterment and trying their level best to be wise and all ‘with age comes wisdom’. Big yaaay. We’re so cool now. Here’s an eye-opener: those same guys who are supposed to be old and wise by now love to indulge in the Blame Game from time to time. ‘Your country is messing with our territory lines. Stay away before we blow you up in flames.’ ‘You b****!! It’s your country that’s being run by a hard-core dictator who refuses to step down after fifty years’ ‘Hey watch it.’

By Sanniah Jabeen

‘You wait, my country is going to give you a set of fireworks that’s going to burn your ass down’ ‘Dude, I already beat you to it’ And so on. If you believe that the war on terror started with the crash of the two planes into the (sigh) World Trade Center, you are sadly mistaken. Here in Pakistan the war on terror started off with something as innocent as a crate of mangoes. In the case of the World Trade Center, the sadists behind it used just planes to kill off hundreds of people because they wanted to make a ‘point’. Pakistan on the other hand used a plane, a timer bomb AND a crate of mangoes. Full marks for creativity, right? We always like to do things in style. Even cruel, mindless bombings get a desi touch. Who knew bombs could be so fruitful? But then who’s to say that General Zia didn’t deserve the face-full of chaunsa mangoes. Many believe that he was a power-hungry dictator who refused to hold general elections and then came up with the light-bulb brilliant idea of holding a general referendum. If you’re wondering what I’m talking about but since this is not a university political science class(thankfully), I’m not going to tell you much. But here it is; it’s crazy because General Zia got powers that let him remain in complete control of the country for an undisturbed five years. Five years and he gets a bunch of mangoes from an anonymous stranger/admirer who couldn’t wait for Valentine’s Day.

Suddenly the idea of buying them from the over-priced fruit wala sounds much more appealing doesn’t it? So let’s play the Blame Game. Who did it? Who’s to blame for the unjust death of a political leader? Ask my grandmother and she’ll say ‘Amreeka ki saazish hai’. Ask my dad and he’ll say ‘It’s those Hindu bastards. They just don’t want Pakistan to live at all.’ Ask the Americans and they’ll say: ‘Why on Earth would we even think about blowing up our American Ambassador (who was on the plane too FYI)? America lives for the lives of its valuable Americans; we’re suing you in High Court suckers!’ Ask our friendly neighbors’ across the border and they’ll say: ‘Jai Mata Di. Your country wasn’t meant to be. SO DIE.’ Ask me and I’ll say- Excuse me but who even gives a crap about General Zia? He’s a martyr now (good for him), enjoying the view from heaven. Rather, it’s a perfectly good set of mangoes that went to waste. They could have been used to feed a hungry child in Africa, given as a gift to a sister, made into a milkshakes, used in ice-cream and their seeds used to grow new mango trees! Instead they were used in blowing up a guy who was just going to die anyway. What a waste.

Sadly, ladies and gentlemen, this story has a crappy ending. Zia gets to be called a martyr and the hungry children in Africa have to wait. If I ask you for your opinion, you too will be pulled into this guilty pleasure we call the Blame Game.

The Creed of iE Co – Editors

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