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THE BACKSTAGE FOLKS AMNA ASLAM | CHIEF EDITOR She talks really fast, really loud, googles every word that the male members of Team iE refuse to explain to her. And She has an obsession with grammatical correctness and a great love for smileys. They make her happy.

ZIAD BASHIR | CHIEF EDITOR He’s a thinker, a perfectionist, a downright worrier. Arguing with him his like running a race with the champ and losing. We normally say this about moms, but HE is also almost always right. And we don't let him near cats, fish or catfish

AHMED ZAFAR | EDITOR He’s a philosopher at heart and maybe in the brain too since getting a 2200 score in a SAT is pretty amazing. Lover of Photoshop and appreciator of art, he makes sure your listening to him, even through a conversation on Facebook!

SANNIAH J. MINHAS | EDITOR She is obsessed with making people happy and is too nice for her own good. Writes scandalous stories that expose Pakistani society. Loves subcontinental literature, poetry and mango ice cream. She has an obsession with flowers.

SYED SAMEER RAHMAN | EDITOR He is an anime freak, and a fan of achaar murghi. He cannot wear a tie, believes the chicken came first and that there are approximately 15 sides to him. One of his strongest urges is to pull the trigger at something.

AHMED TABASSUM | Assistant Magazine Designer, Ambassador at AC He has more nick-names than we have space for. An Aitchisonian at mind and heart, he likes to watching anime, wasting time on Facebook wishing he was studying but not really, and living for the dream of being the "best of 'em all"

AYESHA RAEES | Assistant Magazine Designer, Ambassador at LGS Paragon She is a hyper 17-yr old workaholic who is ruining her health in front of the computer. Obsessed with digital editing and designing, reading and writing. She loves the Japanese culture; watching anime and reading manga has been a fixation forever.

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Words From the


Some man is fighting for his life in a hospital somewhere. Some child is shedding tears over a broken toy. Some woman is screaming with agony as she gives birth to life. Some brat is throwing a tantrum for being reprimanded. Some one is trying to make another smile.

By Amna Aslam and Ziad Bashir | Chief Editors We are all of us caught up, in this one moment. This one moment, somehow, alters who we are, how we live and where we’ll be in the next second. An ocean of time separates one moment from the rest— an ocean of tears, pain, joy, misery, war. Each moment lasts an eternity., in it’s own enigmatic way. And then, all moments trickle towards each other and form what we call our lives. And that is exactly why every infinitesimal chunk of time counts.

Here’s to m|kinh ewery moment {ount by }oinh SOME tginh tg|t is not for us but for someone else, |n} not for | selfisg re|son, but for tge hre|ter hoo} of tge vorl}. Here’s to creating a life that has at least one facet that is absolutely beautiful, that gives us sheer joy and pride. That not just wants US to live, but makes other pray for our lives too.

9 | Words from the Throne


Noor M R Schein for overseeing the collaboration with TEDx Kinnaird

Ahmed Zafar and Syed Sameer Rahman upon completion of their first month as iE Editors

Mariam Saeed Khan - for the self initiative in her Moin Khan interview for Ideas Evolved


Aneeqa Mumtaz for fascilitating the Maddy Khan’s [from Rap Engeneers] interview

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REARVIEW MIRR January: Pakistan’s Supreme Court initiated contempt-of-court proceedings against Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilaani for failing to act on corruption charges against President Asif Ali Zardari. There is speculation that this is the Pakistani military’s way of ousting the President through constitutional means. On a lighter note, we were both shocked and amused by the antics of none other than Maya Khan as she went around a public park asking couples their intentions to being there. Acting very much like a jealous self-righteous auntie who really had nothing to do. So much was the uproar caused by this one show that she was later fired from her post on television. On a sadder note, the United States carried out its first done attack in two months after the attack that killed two dozen Pakistani soldiers. The drone strike killed 3 people. In heartening news in the January of 2012 SOPA and PIPA were postponed indefinitely, which is of course good news for us internet users as the bills propagated “internet censorship”. In diplomacy, both Pakistan and India exchanged a their list of nuclear sites as a goodwill gesture. In science, the second GRAIL (Gravity Recovery and Interior Recovery) probe by NASA entered the orbit of the moon on the first of January, 2012. They are there to further map the moon and to gain more information about our only natural satellite.

13 | Rearview Mirror - Jan/Feb’12

ROR - Jan/Feb12 By Ahmed Zafar Iqbal | Editor

February: February came with its victories and defeats for Pakistan. On the one hand, the remarkable woman Sharmeen Obain-Chinoy won for Pakistan its first ever Oscar for the documentary Saving Face. A documentary following a British plastic surgeon as he tries to undo the horrible damage done to women due to acid attacks. There was also fury and anger in Pakistan as a reaction to US congressman Dana Rohrabacher passed a resolution which called for the session of Baluchistan. The announcement was greeted by shock and uproar by Pakistanis everywhere. Former Nobel Prize winner for Literature, Polish poet Wislava Szymborska dies of lung cancer at age 88. Her poetry showcased and highlighted the biological and historical side of the human condition. Also in February out very own bane of existence Facebook, for the first time went on public offering. This first offering is expected to raise 10 billion dollars for the mega-company. On the sports front, Pakistan had the triple series with England. We lost the T20 series, won the Test Series and lost the ODI Series too. It was quite frustrating for the millions of Pakistanis that had followed all the matches with aplomb. But then, that’s what makes it more exciting –the unpredictability of our team.

Rearview Mirror - Jan/Feb’12 | 14


I would like to start my column by paying tribute to rock seems to be fading away and the intellects of so is “Tribute” by Jack Black (Tenacious D). The fact tha and yet with all of that intact he manages to give us a tion, what, where and which is the “Greatest song in

15 | Screaming Jelly



a very important song and person of our times, when the wisdom of ongs written on a hung over Friday seem to be taking over, that song at Jack black does his jokes, vocal bumps and imitations of a LEGEND an insight into what is this mystery and myth of the ultimate quesn the world”.

Screaming Jelly | 16

“Rock an He starts of by saying that the song which is about to be played is the greatest song in the world, I sort of laughed out loud when I heard him say those world but what followed was a message that was as sublime as the spirit in which a distorted chord is played. What follows in the lyrics is a story of his band meeting the devil and have a guitar duel with the evil and how they then with the power of rock n roll defeat Satan and bury him back to the underworld. Soon after the bridge, Jack black realizes that this song is not the greatest song in the world? It was the song that they played that holy night against the devil, but unfortunately he doesn’t remember that song , the greatest song in the world thus gets lost in time, buried with the evil himself and Jack black remains with only the story of that night to tell and try and seek that melody in the remains of his memories. You would never see passion for the arts and live performances, the connection with the audience in any sort of genre all together except for Rock. It is because the reason as told by Jack Black in

17 | Screaming Jelly

nd Roll keeps you in a constant state of juvenile delinquency.� the post bridge section of his song. There is actually no such thing is being the greatest of all. It all happens in the journey. It is all about the belief and honesty towards your self and your music. How did Led zeppelin, KISS, Sabbath, Cobain, Hendrix and all these work that made them so great? The only fact that they were so deep into themselves and their music, they did not need to call out for people to come and listen to them, their tunes attracted people by itself. People kept on coming joining them like a cult during their journey of finding greatness, and at the end they realize that they themselves were the greatness for they completed the journey. Sadly enough green plates have taken over the spirit of music and especially rock n roll, artists are too much into getting people to listen not knowing that it is in them that lies greatness it is only time and faith that will bring it out. So much for a spoof song from Jack blacks song you might ask? He was the lead guitarist of THE SCHOOL OF ROCK, the guy cannot be wrong! P.S. Call me Zimmer, it has a German meaning which is very close to my heart. ZIMMER

Screaming Jelly | 18

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iE posts Of Jan/Feb I n no particular order‌ . . . . !


Moin Khan Interview: From Fiction to Reality


By Amna Aslam

From San Francisco to Lahore on Honda F4i, travelled around the world in six months and with three major accidents is the person sitting next to me. It takes courage, endurance, passion and commitment to accomplish something unprecedented like what Moin Khan has done. And those who listen to their hearts and follow their dreams are great achievers . . . .


When I work on a project, it is because it was absolutely necessary. When I delay something important but not urgent, I make up excuses that in no way, nowhere, should be sufficient. I procrastinate to the point that it becomes sad. All the wonders that a person of my resources and caliber can do in the time I have, become just a mere possibility, that too a belated one . . . .


By Iram Shah First time that made me ponder was once during my bachelors, we were discussing about each other’s backgrounds like cast, mother-tongue etc. and most of my batch mates were from different areas and upon asking what your mother-tongue is, they were like “mere parents Punjabi/saraiki hain lekin hum urdu bolty hn, mje Punjabi nahi ati” and what irritated me was the kind of superior attitude people feel in saying . . . .

Me, Procrastination and my GPA

The Pleasures of Grand Parenting By Nusrat Osama Two experienced and searching eyes held that little gaze and the two of us were bound in an indomitable bond of love and friendship. Such is the chemistry that flows between the first and third generation ….. grandmother and grandson. He came into my life like the fresh morning breeze and filled my being with vitality and joy . . . .

Top10 iE Posts of Jan/Feb’12 | 22

Ever Thought of The Wallet’s 4 B’s We Boys Your Valentine? Are Addicted To By

Minnan Ayesha

I find out that the idea of expressing love has ridiculously been reduced to buying roses, going on dates or purchasing truckloads of ‘weighty’ presents. Yes guys, I hear you, the weight is felt by your wallets . . . .

Life and Beyond

Goodbye Calling-My -Own-Shots By Ali Hassan The ecstasy is reinforced as I realize I will get my first exposure in the corporate sector, the “real world”, where a man rolls in money as he rises to new heights in his field. Well, I’d hardly say rolling in money but any money is better than no money. . . . .

By Sekander Khan Life is a temporary stay in a vessel, a body. Yet we procrastinate. Tomorrow, is our best escape. A way to surrender. But pause for a minute. Think if you had no tomorrow . . . .

The 11 Categories of Pakistani ECommenters By Hafsa Khwaja Omer

That Fateful Moment By Hina Khurshid Inspiration can creep out of a movie, a novel, death of a loved one, a heart-toheart with a friend, a long walk in the autumn sunshine, a mind jolting moment or even as an epiphany in the shower . . . .

On a post written by a woman on the dilemma of ‘Fraaandship requests’ and it turning into harassment: ‘So, what is your number. I want to Fraanship with you too’ . . . .

23 | Top10 iE Posts of Jan/Feb’12

THE WATERLOO CLASSIC! The 4 B’s We Boys Are Addicted To By Ali Hassan Bachiyaan The most susceptible and perhaps the most enticing of these B’s are the girls a.k.a BACHIYAN!...

Booze This seems like an outlandish concept, and an out of context thing, but even if an ocean is serene on the top that does not mean a storm isn’t brewing deep inside...

Bong Not that common a term but none of weed, pot, chars, hash or opium starts with B so I’ll take ‘Bong’ for the time being ...

Benson What good is a day when you haven’t had a smoke? Be it gold leaf or a benson, “sutta tou must hai”...

Top10 iE Posts of Jan/Feb’12 | 24

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De Royal Comeback:

What has been the hallmark of royal finally made it to the local fashion sce elegance and royal qualities of the flo flected in the chic new dresses for the to wear the trendiest at hand these da to two major options i.e. clothing wi tribal clothing. Clothing with royal t morbid and eroticised in colour. W about getting edgy, strong accents, un ers. It’s all about giving that distinct wear and whereabouts! ;)

ls for centuries has ene. This season, the owing gowns are ree ladies. If you want ays, you’ll get down ith royal touch and touch is dark, cool, While tribals are all neven cuts and layt tanginess to your

Bags: While men are known by the shoes they wear or wallets they carry, women are definitely known by their bags. Ever since Hina Rabbani Khar made the “Birkin” famous by taking it over to India, The bag a woman takes to the committee lunch or an Okra brunch just got even more important! Top favourites this season are “Chanel Classic Beige”, “LV Black Lama”, “Gucci Hobo” and “Chloe Calfskin”. CHANEL in particular is taking the lead on the charts, loved by fashion designers like Nicki Nina and Hina Butt by Tina.

Panache - Summer Fashions | 32

Fashion at the Peaks! “COLOUR” has been a recurring theme throughout the year. Colour blocking has had a great comeback and been one of fashion’s biggest, boldest, loudest trends. The use of bright and vibrant colours strategically placed, contrasting yet complimenting is what colour blocking is all about. Complimentary colours Team colours from the same family together for a harmonious look - think bright pinks with vivid fuchsias, turquoise with royal blue. Keep warmer tones like orange and red together. Go for a neutral-toned shoe to keep it simple. Mix it up Work regal purples in with contrasting, fiery oranges. Try lime green with melon or rosebud pink for a pleasantly jarring combination. Go to town on the look with a loud, contrasting shoe or handbag.

Handmade Values: The original is in again!!! Peo fetish for handmade stuff aro jewellery to gift boxes, the ap made stuff is gearing up. “Ha “Happy Heads” and “Wrap It stream names gaining fame a

Devil wears Prada: Our choice in what shoe we w only our taste but only gives ty. You may notice how some shoes a guy is wearing befor tiqued. This is because our s women they say “Give her th conquer the world”. So if you glamorous look, take out you get noticed. Wearing high he fidence and being in the lime comfortable look, flats are on Colour Blocking Don’ts Matchy matchy is out! Go for For all those curvaceous ladies out there, wear bright our adds to a muted coloured colours from your waist down. and heels are more for eveni For a more eye-catching look, mix patterns with colours. skinny jeans! Capris look gre Wear bright makeup with this trend and keep your hair Cocktail dresses with peep-t and face minimal and clean. sandals and chappals go bes Make sure not to go overboard with accessories, let the outfit be the prominent feature. Nail art is the “new lipstick Nail art is taking over the cles popping up all over the citing ways nail art is pe “TONE ON TONE COLOUR” Have you ever been in a space where only 1 or Nail art, the practice of pain your fingernails, is a fun way 2 colours were used but it seemed like there day look or accessorize a sp were 20? are a variety of nail art des Don’t just put up furniture, design your space! To subtle and understated to fu read more, keep following Ideas Evolved. ample, you could choose to for a date or spell out the na

33| Panache - Summer Fashions

team on the day of the big game. While the more intriople have an overgrowing cate designs are best left to a professional, it’s possible ound the corner lately! From to create simple nail art at home. ppetite for custom handThe key to any successful nail art design is starting with andmade Ethnic Jewellery”, clean and well-shaped nails. Nails should be neatly t”, “Eventive” are the uptrimmed and filed before painting. Even the most acat their facebook fan pages. complished artist can’t create an attractive design on nails that have been bitten down to stubs. If your natural nails are beyond repair, consider applying artifiwant to wear reflects not cial acrylic nails before painting your nail art design. a glimpse of our personalie females check out what It's no longer just about bold solid colors or eyere the rest of his attire is cri- catching metallics. Inspired by celebrities and do-itshoes say a lot about us. For yourself guides in fashion blogs and magazines, enthusihe right shoes and she will asts are embracing all manner of experimentation: intriu’re striving to achieve a cate floral patterns and cartoon characters, glittery mour stilettos and get ready to saics, 3-D motifs emblazoned with lace, gems, charms, eels is all about exuding con- foils, even magnets. The shapes of nails are even changelight. To get a trendy yet ing, from traditional round and square to diagonal and n the way to go. borderline-threatening almonds and pointy stilettos. r contrasts and neutrals. Col- Visit d outfit. Strappy sandals fashion-week-nail-art/index.html for the Nail Art Conings and formals. Stiletto for troversy. eat with closed pumps. toe sandal heels. Khussas, t with Pakistani traditional.

k” of Fashion Industry! e world!. There's news artiplace about the new and exermeating the mainstream. nting decorative designs on y to brighten up your everypecial occasion outfit. There signs available, ranging from unky and outrageous. For expaint flowers on your nails ame of your favorite athletic

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Eye Spy - TEDx Kinnaird | 38

Sometimes one just feels like taking a day off from all the deadlines a and having a relaxing evening of good food, good company and some in if you feel this way‌TEDX Kinnaird was a great opportunity. Ideas Ev ored to be the official media partner for TEDx Kinnaird 2012.

39 | TEDx Kinnaird

and all the bills nspiration; well volved was hon-

It was an event full of attendees eager to listen and be inspired and speakers ready to share and inspire. The event was divided into two sessions with a much appreciated one hour networking break in between (I say much appreciated because a guy was heard exclaiming to two girls, “You know what I love about these things? They have networking breaks in the middle.”) The theme of the event was ‘Minds without Fear’, a mind not limited or pulled back by and fear; soaring and free. Such great minds at the event included Hajira Khan, Ghulam Rassol, Hussain Nadeem, Muhammad Adeel, Ali Aftab Saeed, Moin Khan, Tanzila Khan, Moin khan, Tanzila Khan, Ahmad Wali and Mashal Peerzada. Hajira Khan, a current senior at Kinnaird College and a very active volunteer for different NGOs, shared the story of an old woman who inspired her to step out from her world and start doing something for the greater good. She once saw a woman at a poultry shop collecting the left over pieces of meat and bones from the garbage (things that we wouldn’t even dream of touching). That day, she spent a lot of time thinking about what that woman had done with those things. Did she eat them? Did she cook them for her children? This was a wakeup call for Hajira. She realized that people around us were living in such miserable conditions while we are too absorbed in our own little lives. She suddenly feared what the poor thought when they saw us indulging in our happiness while they barely had enough to eat every day. She decided to overcome her fears by helping those people and started volunteering for different NGOs. She went to different countries, worked with different people and proved that every little thing counted. Currently she is working on and education campaign ‘Ilmpossible’. To see a person so inspired and satisfied really inspires one to go out and do something themselves.

TEDx Kinnaird | 40

As a wild life photographer, Ghulam Rasool has brought glory to Pakistan’s name in the world of wild life photography. His journey of fear started when he left his home and came to Lahore for education. Like all parents, his parents wanted him to study something that would provide him with a stable career. He studied charted accountancy for some time but soon realized that his heart was in photography and that too, wild life photography. His parents were angry at him, his friend told him ‘Pakistan main tou wildlife hai he nae’ but he was not daunted. He started small but grew to be the best wild life photographer Pakistan has ever seen. He beat all the odds of society, went after his passion of photography and today has the same people telling him that he was the right one all along. Surely if we all pursue what we love there’s no limit to what we can do. Look out people Hussain Nadim wants philosophical discos in Pakistan! A competent researcher and the author of ‘The Forgotten Fathers: Muslim Philosophers of the Golden Age of Islam’, Hussain Nadim was quite the mind. His philosophy was that the reason for Pakistan’s decline is not the corruption of leaders but the diminishing ability to improve ourselves by the use of philosophy. He doesn’t believe in putting limits to thinking. According to him human beings with their 15% capacity of brains can only have assumptions. Our soul’s the immortal part of us, a part of God Himself and we need to follow where our soul takes us if we want to excel.

41 | Eye Spy - TEDx Kinnaird

Our country can really use his

“Hey, I’m the gene man!” W Adeel, a student of biotechno he was taking social networki talk was about how he was tr quencing into the art of socia amazing opportunity to enable lions of people and to examin He proved that if you think out yet to be discovered.

Ali Aftab Saeed’s bonus per just the cherry on top of his in vestigative reporters. His go Don2 ka Shahrukh Khan nae news papers sometimes prin the news in such a way, so as we want to escape this manip own thoughts rather than rel mation and ideas.

The attendees were happy w working break. Everybody enj food. Mrs. Fields coffee and su the hour. It was quite the pictu ing, discussing ideas and tak thoughtful decorations for the everybody was pumped up and

The audience’s mouths hung dramatic entrance with a hear accident in Romania. His shout being loaded on to the ambula the audience. His fearless tale Francisco to Lahore. His body the accident, his bike was dam was in a strange land. But natu plete what he had started. He parts for his bike from people his life. His crippled bike was


With that start Muhammad ology, went on to explain how ing to a whole new level. His rying to incorporate gene seal networking and create an e the gene sequencing of milne diseases in a different way. tside the box there is so much

he was speeding on the road again. I think he really proved that if you really go after something it will be yours. As Tanzila Khan came onto the stage, eyes were not on her wheel chair but on her face which lit up as she talked about how she overcame her fear of the social stigmas, the taboos of society and created her own special place in the world. She was told there was not much she could do, the world viewed her differently because of a mere disability but she stared the world right back in the face and used her disability as her weapon. She started working for the rights of the disabled in Pakistan and then with her passion and determination created her own production company, ‘the creative alley’ for all those creative minds who were still unheard. She proved that it is not the physical but the mental strength that makes us great. She is a perfect role model for all.

formance of ‘Alu Anday’ was ntriguing insight about the inolden words were, “Reporter hota.” He explained how the nt assumptions and structure to manipulate the readers. If pulation we need to form our Ahmad Wali took on the role of ‘our loving aunty’ and told lying on our media for infor- us that in fact the loving auntie’s job is not a very easy one. He told the audience that the online games were not all fun. The creation of these games was a very complicated process, when it was time for the net- one that demanded a degree of hard work and the courage to joyed some fresh air and the launch a half finished product into the market just to get cusubway were the highlights of tomer feedback and improve even more. A product for him ure seeing everybody socializ- was never finished on the first try. If we strive for perfection king pictures with the very one try is never enough. e event. By the end of the hour As Mahal Peerzada’s red stilettos clicked onto the stage the d ready for the next session. audience was waiting eagerly. To her, ‘Courage is not putting open as Moin Khan made a it on but taking it off.’ In order to be go after our goal we need rt wrenching video of his bike to shed all our amours and present ourselves to every situat of ‘I love you Pakistan’ while tion without any fear pulling us back. She told everyone that ance really won the hearts of fear limits us; fearing something and not going after what we e was of a bike ride from San really want hold us back from success. Her achievements are y was sore from the impact of a great proof that her mantra’s the right one. maged beyond repair and he ure really wanted him to com- All said and done, as the clock struck seven and the auditorie received kindness and new um doors were opened for the last time, not may were eager e he had never met before in to leave. Cheers to the organizers, the speakers and the atbrought back to life and soon tendees of TEDx Kinnaird 2012.

Eye Spy - TEDx Kinnaird | 42


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Disciplinary Abstractnes

Madly galloping towards an unknown threshold, the pulse rate the accreting echo of thumping heart. Completely oblivious, res started invading the blood vessels; goose bumps reclaimed the layer of skin; vision blurred whereas spasms announced their u val. Meanwhile, the brain throbbed with all its might, robbing it of cognitive capabilities, nullifying, in the process, two hundred thousand years of mental evolution. The hellish picz ture conveyed does not have anything to do with purgatory nor is it, in any way, related to smartly crafted Hollywood scenery. Rather, every individual born after Plato founded his Academy in 4th century B.C. has, at one time or another faced such a predicament mostly during Math exams.

By Hamza Qureshi a.k.a Apollo

ss Demystified (DAD)

rose in lockstep with solute adrenaline The bubble of hatred outermost surrounding Math and other such ugly arriabstract disciplines is gaining mass with tself every unfortunate tick of the clock. Such deplorable state of our society presents itself as pain in the neck for me. Let us embark on a journey to peer into the contents of this often overlooked bubble while at the same time pin down its contents’ uncannily covert origins. Your amazing misconceptions gleaned over the course of eons about the origin of abstractness are about to be systematically obliterated since unintelligibility is not impregnated in modern societies at the time of their inception. It is, as a matter of fact, more a consequence of subtle governing dynamics of human brain at conscious, subconscious and unconscious level than a result of “Let there be abstractness�. In reality, it is closer to you than you think it is.

Psychode | 46

By Hamza Qureshi a.k.a Apollo

47 | Psychode

Human brain, it turns out, understands a poorly understood assortment of electrical signals characteristic of logic, and thus, the presence of the expression of logic in as esoteric way as this one is, I daresay, the only way of treading successfully the domain of understandability. Concisely put, timely intelligibility and easy accessibility of any logical system ensures its ultimate comprehensibility. Whenever, a potentially workable brain is given access to set(s) of visual, olfactory, haptic and/or acoustic signal, it processes them in a certain preordained way, and gives a useful output. Now if the signals are identifiably logical, they ultimately give rise to an output that is distinctly fathomable. In point of fact, our brain accomplishes this seemingly astronomically tedious task in the blink of an eye. It so happens that our everyday experiences involve an ocean of signals required to be decoded, juxtaposed and welded together in a reasonably accurate fashion. This expeditious yet precise buildup of strings of logical bits is the only way of keeping up with the rapidly shifting events. But wait, there is a catch. With the deletion of any single indispensible ‘logical brick’, whole edifice of understandability falls apart. Obviously, it is the job of an individual to keep with him all of the logical steps related to the one next in line, and that have preceded the latest one in order to make sense of the one just about to be understood. Research indicates that human brain is profoundly proficient at doing that but begins to give way if the steps under consideration are increasingly abstract. Since disciplines like math, physics, logic and the like contain arguments that have fleeting connections with everyday experiences, it is next to impossible for the brain to find and fuse recognizable ties, in due time, with them, rendering its ability of remembering and hence connecting these rather elusive steps to what it normally encounters. It is here that the unwanted unfathomability is invoked. Forgetting old links and as a result losing previous lines of arguments introduce a host of new problems with counterintuitive stimuli at the top. Studies suggest that an average human brain goes through this procedure every now and then and that it needs a brain with fantastic mental faculties to transform abstract into concrete. In its absence, however, ominous abstractness rules the lives, and there is not much that science could do about it.

There is one uncharted territory still left to explore, nevertheless, in this one-of-its-kind odyssey. Our deeply ingrained credulousness also comes in handy while elucidating indefinite notoriety clung to highly ideational disciplines. Blessed ones who find themselves studying such sophisticated subjects are taken as indisputable authority on their respective fields by those not directly involved. As per statistical analyses, those who carry authoritative status around are vanishingly low in number, which, in effect, augments the belief that increasingly theoretical studies are not everyone’s area. Besides, lack of first hand research, and taking authority’s words, which often glorify abstractness, as indelible is indicative of extreme gullibility. Also, the ‘outsiders’ constitute the biggest chunk of the only intelligent species inhabiting the Earth, and it is this very majority that aids the idea of abstractness to adulterate the society so easily, subsequently magnifying its ill effects, bereaving the population of its inquisitive nature, in its wake. Lo and behold, irritation for the subject has solidified into utter dislike. In other words, abstractness has born.

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Maddy Khan [RAP Engineers


IE: We begin with the basic question. Who are the “Rap Engineers�? MK: Well we are just three coal miners in search of diamonds! We are the pioneers of rap and hip-hop in Pakistan and when someone talks about Pakistani rappers, they know they name!

IE: So considering the fact that rap is not the mainstream-music here, how do you judge the response you guys got? And WHO constitute your biggest following? MK: Actually the response has been the real driving force that has got us to the point where we stand today; on top! Considering the fact that we have done more than 250 LIVE shows since 2005, I guess the story is pretty clear that people love us for what we do! Our audience is mostly the young generation, but appreciation has come through all age groups so far!

Viewpoint | 52

We hear that you aren’t just musicians out there to have a good time, you are rappers on a mission to gain recognition for this genre and others affiliated with it in Pakistan. Tell us more about this mission.

Your fans see what they CAN see. What about your personal battles? How do you manage your rap in your lives? How does it speak for who you are and what are your inspirations?

Back in the day when we started this mission, you could see people having a hard time digesting the music we were doing. However, amongst the same crowd, there were people who appreciated it! It’s been a hard and tough journey no doubt about that, but things have changed with time.

Everyone has a story to tell and well we have our ambitions apart from our musical goals. I (Maddy Khan) and Xpolymer are Engineers and both are working full time jobs, while Yaruq is in the process of completing his graduation and working night shifts as well. However, we still manage to take out time for everything; God knows how but yeah we do! Families, friends, official commitments and music, everything has to go side by side.

Our first single, ‘CONFLICT MANAGEMENT’, was a great success and its video made it to the top 5 on many music channels in Pakistan and stayed there for months. Same goes for our second single called ‘BATAIN’; people loved it and it has been viewer’s choice since its release. So this genre has already started to grow in Pakistan.

53 | Viewpoint

We are inspired by Nas, Bulleh Shah, The Notorious B.I.G., Tupac Shakur, Allama Iqbal, Abida Parveen, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Michael Jackson, Big L, Disturbed, K'naan, Mehdi_Hassan, Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, Jay-Z, Nate Dogg, Opeth, Lamb of God, Porcupine Tree, Pink Floyd and well the list goes on and on and on…….

IE: Tell us about your album, Green Machines. What’s the muse behind the name? What’s the music like? Because for all we know, rap is just rap, or is that so? MK: GREEN MACHINES, being loyal to our roots and representing our country. We are proud to be from this land and we wish to carry the name high with our music. As far as the album is concerned, it’s going to be one of a kind and versatile. From club bangers to storytelling to representing our clan EAST LIFE, the album would cater to everyone. We love to experiment and we have tracks that you can put into the nu-metal or hard rock genre as well. So yeah, it’s gonna be something that you’ve never heard before, that’s a promise. The album drops at the end of the year.

a permanent source of livelihood? For us music is a passion and we hate to charge for it, but well a man gotta do what he gotta do! Youtube hits and TV/Radio airtime don’t pay studio charges and whatever we make from music, is invested in our music. However, we don’t take it as a source of income, ‘nuff said!

What is your favorite crowd? The crowd has always been great and we have had great audiences on every single concert. However, the most memorable one happens to be the concert we did at Nishtar Hall in Peshawer with Call the Band. The crowd turnout was amazing and it was pure energy we could see in the hall! We can never forget that.

IE: What about performing for your fans? Can we expect Rap Tours any time soon? MK: Well we are open for bookings 365 days and we keep doing good concerts every now and then! We’re not restricted to the twin cities only as we have already done shows in Lahore, Faisalabad, Peshawer, Taxila and Wahh. We are currently focusing on completing our album and once we are done, we would plan a country tour.

If your fans were to put up bumper stickers with YOUR words on them, what would they say?

IE: Anything planned for your fans outside Pakistan? Would your fusion of the ‘Desi’, ‘Afro American’ and ‘Traditional’ flows' plan to go international?

On a parting note, what’s your message to the Rap Engineers fans and Ideas Evolved fans out there?

MK: Of course, sky’s the limit and we are ready for a takeover. Pakistan carries the wrong image internationally and we would like to use our music as a tool to mend that.

Upcoming YOUNG musicians will be interested in knowing, as artists, can this field be

Well there could be many, like ‘Green Machines’, ‘Eastlife Artillery’, ‘It’s a war within’ and well Xpolymer’s signature line: “Mai koe jutt nahi mai HIPHOP”.

We would want people to believe in themselves and do their best in whatever they do. Pakistan needs this generation to wake up and create the change they wanna see in the country! And yeah, as we always say, support Pakistani music and support good music!

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Pop Culture Roundup By Momin Ahmed

With „Saving Face‟, Sharmeen Obaid Chinoys fearless documentary short winning an Oscar and hence bringing some rare positive light on Pakistan, I thought it was fitting to do a roundup of what‟s shaken the world of entertainment in the new year. Movies: Meryl Streep wins third career Oscar: Meryl Streep has led a remarkable career. The number of awards she's earned over the years is as equally deserving as it is impressive, and at the 84th Academy Awards held this year, she added another accolade to the lengthy list, when was named Best Actress for her role playing the former British Prime Minister, Margaret Thatcher in The Iron Lady. Streep won her first Oscar back in 1980 for Best Supporting Actress in Kramer vs. Kramer and then picked up her first Best Actress win in 1983 for her dazzling performance in Sophie's Choice. And while

55 | Pop Culture Roundup

Streep's Academy wins became rather nant after that tonight that is), nominated a total 17 years -- an all-time Academy record.

stag(until she's been times over the

But even with her three impressive Oscar wins, there's one actress who still outranks her: the legendary Katharine Hepburn. Throughout the course of her career, the lovely Hepburn won a total of four Academy Awards, all for Best Actress. And while it's fair to assume Streep still has a chance of at least tying Hepburn in Oscar trophies, it's important to note that this is Streep's first win in 30 years—so the odds aren't necessarily in her favor. However, if anyone would be able to scrounge up yet another Academy honor so late in their career, it would be Meryl.

‘Chronicle’ soars: An entertaining and creative take on the concept of teenage superpowers, Chronicle is an entertaining and creative take on the concept of teenage superpowers. Written by Max Landis and directed by Josh Trank, both twenty something newcomers with much evident potential, the film is about a withdrawn high school senior named Andrew (Dane DeHaan) who starts using a video camera to chronicle his sad life. But as history, X-Men: First Class, and the sixth season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer have taught us, it can be very dangerous for a person with great power to also have great anger. Once the fun and games are over, what are Andrew, Matt, and Steve supposed to do with their abilities? Though they have charisma as a group, none of the three main characters are vivid as individuals — having Matt quote philosophers a few times is not the same thing as giving him a personality — and the one we‟re supposed to sympathize with, Andrew, has a life cobbled together from easy cliches. That question is at the center of the film‟s third act, when it morphs into an exciting action flick with tinges of horror. I thought „Chronicle‟ was a thoroughly enjoyable movie: a solid mix of action and psychedelic thriller. Music: Adele wins everything: Adele made Grammy history this year, winning in all six categories in which she was eligible. This enabled her to tied Beyoncé‟s 2010 record for most Grammys won by a female artist in one night and Eric Clapton's 1993 record for most Grammys won by a British artist in one night. Adele also became the youngest artist to sweep the "Big Three" awards-Album,

The singer, who also made a triumphant comeback from vocal cord surgery on the Grammy stage, sobbed as she won the night's final award, album of the year, for "21." It was last year's top-selling album with more than six million copies sold and remains lodged at the No. 1 spot on this year's charts. Adele‟s sweep was a foregone conclusion. In the past year, the singer achieved a rare combination of blockbuster sales, critical acclaim and industry support. Whitney Houston passes away: The world lost a treasured voice when Whitney Houston died on February 11, 2012. She is being remembered not only as a great singer but also as a trailblazer in the industry, setting many records and becoming one of pop music‟s divas. Whitney Houston‟s groundbreaking achievements included more than 400 career awards, and a recordsetting string of seven consecutive Number One singles. She sold more than 170 million albums worldwide including one of the best-selling movie soundtracks of all time, The Bodyguard. But Whitney wasn‟t only a singer. She was also an actress, starring in “The Bodyguard,” “Waiting To Exhale,” and “The Preacher‟s Wife.” In 1998, she released her most musically diverse album to date, “My Love Is Your Love.” Her final album, I Look To You, sold more than two million copies and reached the Number One spot in 2009. Houston‟s untimely death has prompted tributes the world over.

Record and Song of the Year. The 23-year old easily surpassed the former record-holders, Paul Simon, Carole King, and Christopher Cross, each of whom was 29 when they achieved the feat.

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God save the King No More

T the exa is w m

This painting, depicts the Roman diplomat, having sent his own sons to death after their trail for treason against the Roman democracy.

59 | Deconstruct

The word literally translates as ‘rule of the people’ and was system of governance in the Greek city of Athens, the only ample of direct democracy in the world. Direct democracy when people directly vote on each and every decision. This meant that every ‘free citizen’ in Athens was free to come to the assembly and vote on different decisions.

Deconstruct | 60

Democracy bearers of ‘d beyond. It is continent jo tablished m the new ‘est

Closer to ho Punjab, Man stronghold soundly reje party lost it Party losing state elected the lines of r

At home we was very pr rumours go them. Now t


Democracy ‘demos’ mea the people’ rect democr decision. Th on different not given a v

This mindset has been a major source of support to the army generals each and every time they have taken over. Without doubt, this represents the failings of our politicians; but does this mean we call into question the very system of parliamentary democracy into question? I would certainly beg to differ.

Democracy sal suffrage. of the world elections.

is the new fad, the new rage. Major powers across the west have become standard democracy’ fighting to extend its frontiers from North Africa to the middle East and s reminiscent of the time during the French revolution when most of the European oined forces to kill the ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity for it threatened the esmonarchical order of the time. Perhaps democracy now as dynastic monarchy then, is tablished order’.

ome we see the fruits of democracy in the Indian state elections held in the states of nipur, UP, Goa and Uttarkhand. The BJP lost in Ayodhya which it had long build as its in UP through the babri masjid/Ayodhya temple communal card. The electorate ected this argument and the BJP lost its seat to the Samajwadi party. The Congress ts tradition strongholds of Amethi and Rae Bareli. Practically, it is like the People’s g in Larkana or the PML-N losing its strongholds in Lahore. Goa a primarily Christian d the BJP to power. The electorate seems to have come of age and is not playing along religion, caste or tradition.

e had our senate elections, which aren’t really directly voted on by the people so it redictable from the start but nonetheless what is important is that inspite of all the oing around in the last couple of months, the system kept on going and we atleast had that is something to be happy about. Or is it?

y of the people

was originally a Greek conception and the word is derived from two Greek words, aning people and ‘kratos’ which means power. The word literally translates as ‘rule of and was the system of governance in the Greek city of Athens, the only example of diracy in the world. Direct democracy is when people directly vote on each and every his meant that every ‘free citizen’ in Athens was free to come to the assembly and vote t decisions. Women, children, slaves and all those people born outside of Athens were vote.

has evolved from those times to the concept of representative democracy and univer. The democratic setup in Pakistan is also representative and like many other nations d, we have granted any and every citizen of Pakistan above the age of 18 to vote in the

Deconstruct | 62

63 | Deconstruct

It is a fundamental misconception to view democracy as the perfect system for it breeds undue expectations and eventual disenchantment with the system. The promise of miracles means people in our society lose patience with democracy as a system very quickly. It is partly the fault of our political culture which operates on the basis of unrealistic promises to cling onto power. The people fooled once and then twice eventually look towards autocrats as their saviors. Is it really a perfect system of governance? The best that can be said about democracy is that it is the ‘least evil system’. This stems from the idea that state is a necessary evil. The politics of power and authority is always going to involve the ambitions of one group or person against another, this ambition being an inherent feature of human character. Democracy is viewed as a superior system because it provides a check on one person’s ambition through the ambition of another. Thus no section of society can establish its tyranny because there would always be a competing section of society which would rise to prevent such hegemony in its own interest. In an autocratic system, with one centre of authority, the only way dissent can be expressed is through violence and the overthrow of the state as otherwise such dissent will not be tolerated and the sections of society speaking out in dissent will be excessively punished. The evidence of this can be seen in the ‘Arab Spring’ where years of dissent meant the people eventually mounted a full-scale assault on the state and its institutions. This has also been seen in Pakistan when bottled up frustrations of the people came out suddenly in the form of riots against Ayub Khan and the restoration of judiciary movement against Musharraf. These movements were supported by different sections of society which didn’t necessarily have the same agendas but were united in their dissent which they felt could be expressed in no other way. Perhaps the biggest virtue of democracy is that it allows for concomitant benefits such as the eventual freedom of expression, religion, assembly and other fundamental rights. But then these developments don’t just happen. Rome wasn’t built in a day, neither is a democracy.

Deconstruct | 64

Editor’s Pick By Amna Aslam

There was once a time here in our society, when an idiosyncratic person was considered something of an anomaly, an exception. “Stay away from him; he’s crazy” is what they’d say. Now, it’s not quite the same. No sir. Weirdity is “kewl”. We all live among people who like others to associate them with “crazy”, may it be through wacko hairstyles, or dressing sense, or just saying things that are way too dramatic for normal conversations. And what’s the harm in that anyway? Crazy is fun, isn’t it? We can’t even pretend we are perfectly normal, for it IS normal to be slightly crazy. And because I love the side of me that is just beyond the comprehension of the human species, and because I adore the loco streaks in my friends and family, I have decided to pick a few great quotes that advocate the “Crazy in Us”

y z a r c

e h T ! s u in

"Reality is always controlled by the people who are most insane." ~ Scott Adams

"If ve veren't |ll {r|zy, ve voul} ho ins|ne." ~ Jimmy Buffett

“I have my own little world, but it's okay - they know me here.” ~ Unknown

“There is a pleasure sure, in being mad, that none but the madmen know” ~ John Dryden

Editor’s Pick | 66

g n li

b a n

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