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Issue #3, March 2012


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School Librarians’ Day

Mark your calendars Early Childhood Forum Tuesday, March 27th 4:30-5:30pm

Learning about e-books and intellectual freedom!

Come enjoy a discussion about Early Childhood Education!

ASCD Movie Night March 29th 7:30-9:00pm Come watch Waiting for Superman

Gaga for Prezi & Spicynodes April 10th- 13th Tuesday: 2:30pm Wednesday: 9:00am Thursday: 1:00pm Friday: 10:00am

Cameroon School Library Book Drive Now through May 1st Learn more in this newsletter! “Ask yourself, If I had only 60 seconds on the stage, what would I absolutely have to say to get my message across” –Jeff Dewar


A Note from Wendy Grojean, IDEAS Room Coordinator

To PowerPoint or not to PowerPoint Is the luster of using PowerPoint for a presentation gone? This is a good discussion to have amongst classmates and colleagues. If the content of a presentation is good, it doesn’t matter what format the visual is in-PowerPoint, Prezi, Spicynodes, or even a good old-fashion poster. The question we should be asking when preparing for a presentation is: What makes a presentation engaging? Once you answer this, then you can embark upon selecting the appropriate presentation tool. The more tools that you have in your toolbox, the better. Learn more in the IDEAS Room this month at Gaga for and is a non-linear presentation tool. It is a virtual blank piece of paper on which you can insert your text, images, videos, documents and arrange into various sizes and orders by creating a path. Prezi also allows users to collaborate on the same presentation simultaneously. Editor: Madeleine Moody

Spicynodes is more linear, in that the content is generated in an outline form, and then generated into a concept map. Users can still upload images, videos, and links to sites. If you’ve tried and it makes you dizzy…try


Issue #3, March 2012

Cameroon School Library Book Drive How can they read when they have no books? Help turn a non functioning library into a working library for a secondary school in Cameroon!

This book drive is to provide a working library to schools in Cameroon to help educate children. The need for books in most African schools is overwhelming, as books are expensive and, for people living in poverty, their last priority for important items to buy. There are few public libraries in Africa, so children receive minimal opportunities to interact with literature. Only 67% of people in Cameroon are literate and many students are not reading at grade level. How can students read without books? You can be a part of promoting a culture of reading through your donations. -Sr. Rosemary Arrah

About PowerPoint? Is it overused or outdated? Kiley Ellis

I don’t believe PowerPoint is outdated. It is simple and quick enough that even kids can use it.

Katie Belmont I still prefer PowerPoint.

Now until May 1st: Drop off gently and new books in the IDEAS Room RH 412

Sara Wilson

6th-12th grade textbooks, math, world history, science, technology, maps, young adult literature, etc.

Check in to the IDEAS Room on

What do you think…

Prezi is great.

Kasey Jensen

ebook! Like us on Fac

Depends on what I am presenting. When asked if students enjoy Prezi presentations more than adults…

om412 o o eb ac .f w w w

Editor: Madeleine Moody

Both groups [students and adults] like Prezi presentations if they are done well. 2

March 2012 Newsletter  

Presentation tools! PowerPoint, Prezi, and Spicynodes. Plus- learn about the Cameroon School Library Book Drive and how you can help.

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