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Issue #1, January 2012


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Mark your calendars

Welcome Back!

Gaga for Wiki Spaces

We are excited for the new semester and hope you are too!

January 31st-February 3rd Tuesday: 10am & 1pm Wednesday: 11am & 3:30pm Thursday: 2pm & 4:30pm Friday: 11am

Gaga for Blogs/Edublogs March 6th-9th

Tuesday: 10am & 1pm Wednesday: 11am & 3:30pm Thursday: 2pm & 4:30pm Friday: 11am

Gaga for Presentation Tools April 10th-13th

Tuesday: 10am & 1pm Wednesday: 11am & 3:30pm Thursday: 2pm & 4:30pm Friday: 11am “A human being is not attaining his full heights until he is educated” -Horace Mann.

A Note from Wendy Grojean, IDEAS Room Coordinator The first semester in the IDEAS Room was a success! We had over 10,000 people visit the room to work or participate in one of the many events that took place this fall. Some of the events that the IDEAS Room hosted were: two best-selling authors, the University of Nebraska Foundation Capital Campaign, International Educational Forum, Omaha Table Talk, Chamber of Omaha-Leadership Omaha and Executive Institute Meetings, Future Educators Association Conference, Tutoring sessions for K-6 students, various Gaga for Google training sessions, and let’s not forget the cider and treats for finals week! The spring semester will bring even more excitement! The IDEAS Room is kicking off the year with a Facebook page to announce important events (and when we have food available-as requested by a student!). We are publishing a monthly newsletter and we will continue our “Gaga” technology training sessions. You will find the topics of these training sessions in this newsletter. Have a great semester and find us on Facebook to keep up on what new IDEAS are brewing in the IDEAS Room!

Check out this Digital Resource: WikiSpaces

Wikis can be powerful tools in the classroom. By creating a wiki site, teachers can create multiple pages and places for students to post, publish, and share information. is a wiki-hosting site that is commonly used in K-12 schools for many reasons. The main reason being is that it doesn’t require students to have an email address to participate. This is important, especially for elementary teachers, since children under the age of 13 cannot obtain email addresses. Other features that makes

Wikispaces a popular choice for the classroom are: wikis can be set to private to protect students, users can embed media into the site, including video, audio, and images, it’s ad-free, and it’s FREE (educators also get a free upgrade). Are you ready to learn more about this powerful, web 2.0 tool for the classroom? Then click here to reserve your spot at a Gaga for Wikispaces session or stop by the IDEAS Room to sign up today! *Wikispaces offers K-12 Educator plans AND Higher Education Plans.


Issue #1, January 2012

Resources Available The IDEAS Room has a variety of innovative collaborative spaces including: • LVS Rooms- Allow small groups to work together in a technology supported environment. One room has a SMART board and the other has an LCD screen. • LCD Collaboration Centers- Comfortable areas for small groups to project their laptop screens on an LCD screen for the entire group to see while working on group projects. • Media:scape- Up to eight people can work together while the two LCD screens allow for multiple displays. Great for group projects and small group instruction. • Large Group Space- The large projection screen and ample space allows for large group presentations, lectures, and meetings to occur effectively. • Work Room- This area provides students and faculty with a variety of die cuts and space to create projects or classroom materials. • Computers- There are six computers and 16 laptops that may be used in the IDEAS Room. • Laptop Bars- These great spaces give students a place to study individually.

Materials Available The IDEAS Room is full of books from different areas that may be checked out and used as resources to assist with classes, lesson planning, or other ideas. Materials can be found in the following sections: • Science • Health & Wellness • Social Studies • Multicultural • Math • Reading & Language Arts • Foreign Language • Early Childhood • Technology/ 21st Century Skills • Special Education • Family Literacy • Deaf Education/ American Sign Language • Business Other Materials that can be checked out or utilized: • FLIP Cameras • Copy Machine • Headphones • Test Prep Materials • Laminating Services

ebook! Like us on Fac -Prizes -Events -Contests s -Room Closing Search for: 412 om/ideasroom .c k o o eb ac .f w ww

What do you think… about Facebook in education? Aimee Valentine

Facebook could be a great way to keep track of communication with students on certain topics. As long as their settings are set to private, Facebook could be a great tool to encourage higher thinking.

Julia W.

I believe that Facebook is a great tool. I think it needs to be in education more, because it allows students and teachers to collaborate, as well as students to collaborate with other students.

Dick Bacus

Social Media can help foster communication between schools, families, and the community.


Issue #1, January 2012

Meet the IDEAS Room Staff Wendy Grojean Room Coordinator Area of Study: B.S. Secondary Language Arts; M.S. Educational Administration; K-12 Library Science Endorsement I have been a high school English teacher, elementary school librarian, and a high school librarian. I am a UNO alumni and begin my Doctorate coursework this fall. Madeleine Moody Graduate Assistant Area of Study: School Psychology You will hopefully see me on Wheel of Fortune someday! Erika Frieden Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Community Counseling Something I'm obsessed with when not studying is Pinterest! Rosemary Arrah Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Special Education Originally from Cameroon in Africa, I am passionate about education and I love to travel, read, and try new things. Kristin Folk Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Speech-Language Pathology In my free time I love to hang out with friends, play volleyball, and watch the Packers win! Go Pack Go! Michael Moeglin Student Worker Area of Study: Library Science A former editor and writer made redundant by the new world order, I'm currently on the yellow brick road of nontraditional studenthood and recasting myself as a 21st century repository of all human knowledge. Jordie Stough Student Worker Area of Study: Library Science I love to travel and plan to do so as soon as I graduate. Rebecca Roelofsen Student Worker Area of Study: Secondary Education-Language Arts I am originally from Kansas, enjoy reading in my free time, and am an avid college basketball fan.


January 2012 Newsletter  

IDEAS Room Newsletter January 2012

January 2012 Newsletter  

IDEAS Room Newsletter January 2012