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Issue #2, February 2012


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Check out the View!

Mark your calendars Meet one of the Candidates Feb. 28th @ 3:30pm

Come enjoy the beautiful scenery while you study.

Ruby Takanishi Candidate for founding executive director of the Buffett Early Childhood Institute Informal Reception to Follow

Gaga for Blogs/Edublogs March 6th-9th

Tuesday: 2:30pm Wednesday: 9:00am Thursday: 1:00pm Friday: 10:00am

Cameroon School Library Book Drive February 27th-May 4th Bring new and gently used books for 6th-12th grade students to the IDEAS Room to provide a working library for Cameroon secondary schools. “If we teach today as we taught yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow.” –John Dewey

A Note from Wendy Grojean, IDEAS Room Coordinator

What is a GaGa Session?

The IDEAS Room staff is Gaga!! Gaga for Google Docs, Gaga for Google Sites, Gaga for Wikispaces-you’ve seen the signs. Now, what does it mean and how does our gaga-ness affect you? “Gaga” sessions are opportunities for the students and faculty of the College of Education to get a quick and dirty, 45-minute orientation on a web 2.0 tool that can be a powerful addition to the classroom. We will show you examples on how the tool can be used in the K-12+ environment and how to use the tool. So, join us in March and go Gaga for Edublogs with us!

Check out this Digital Resource: Edublogs

Web logs, most commonly known as “blogs” are online journaling and discussion forums that can be used K-12+ and can be applied to a variety of content areas. Utilizing blogs in the classroom engages students in discussion and expands learning beyond the four walls of the classroom. “Safe, secure, reliable and trusted by over a million users…” is how Edublogs describes itself., but what does this mean for educators?

Editor: Madeleine Moody is a blog hosting site used only for education purposes-hence its name. It does not allow any adult content on the site or links to other blogs within the site. It is also ad-free and gives teachers the capability to monitor and moderate posts to the blog. If you are interested in learning more about blogging in the classroom, attend a Gaga for Edublogs, session in the IDEAS Room-see the dates/times in the “Mark your Calendars” section.


Issue #2, February 2012

Featured Book: Curriculum 21: Essential Education for a Changing World By H. H. Jacobs This book, found in the 21st Century Skills Section, contains articles that discuss ideas to improve and update the K-12 curriculum to prepare students for life in the twenty-first century, covering content and assessments, program structures, technology and media literacy, globalization, sustainability, and the thinking habits of students, teachers, and administrators.

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Do you think blogging enhances learning? Steve Learner

Other Books in the 21st Century Skills Section • •

What do you think…

21st Century Skills: Rethinking How Students Learn Teaching 2030: What We Must Do for Our Students and Our Public Schools- Now and in the Future The World Is Open: How Web Technology is Revolutionizing Education Teaching with the Tools Kids Really Use Education Nation Rethinking Education in the Age of Technology Using Google and Google Tools in the Classroom The Highly Engaged Classroom Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking out: Kids Living and Learning with New Media

I think blogging enhances learning, but it should be used in the proper manner. It can provide great learning interactions for students.

Trevor Gappa

Yes, it enables collaboration within the classroom.

Allison Vandeventer

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Editor: Madeleine Moody

Yes, it does. Through writing you can learn so much about your students.


February 2012 Newsletter  
February 2012 Newsletter  

The February newsletter describes GaGa sessions, introduces Edublogs, includes student interviews on blogging in education, and highlights a...