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IDEAS Room RH 412

Issue #5, Aug.-Sept. 2012


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Mark your calendars

Welcome Back!

Gaga for Social Bookmarking

We are excited for the new semester and hope you are too!

September 11th – 14th Tuesday: 10am Wednesday: 2pm Thursday: 4pm Friday: 11am

Gaga for Twitter October 9th – 12th Tuesday: 10am Wednesday: 2pm Thursday: 4pm Friday: 11am

Labor Day Monday, Sept. 3rd

The University will be closed this day. Enjoy your time off! "Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail” -Harold R. McAlindon

A Note from Wendy Grojean, IDEAS Room Coordinator

Welcome back  and  welcome  to  those  of  you  who   are  new  to  the  College  of  Education!  We  look  forward  to   welcoming  the  new  faculty  and  students  to  the  IDEAS   Room  and  are  excited  to  learn  and  grow  with  all  of  you.                                 This  year  the  IDEAS  Room  team  will  continue  to   offer  our  “Gaga”  technology  training  sessions  and  we   plan  to  extend  these  sessions  to  the  web  to  increase   access  for  busy  students  and  faculty.  This  year  we  will   also  be  expanding  our  social  networking  presence.  Stay   tuned  for  further  information  on  these  exciting  new   announcements.   Stop  in  to  the  IDEAS  Room  this  semester  and  see   what  the  buzz  is  all  about!  We  are  excited  to  start  this   school  year  as  partners  in  your  educational  journey.  

Google Drive instead of Google Docs Google Drive allows you to manage ALL of your files online (including your Google Docs) instead of just docs, presentations, forms, and spreadsheets. Keep everything, share everything. If you already used Google Docs, they will automatically be moved to your Google Drive. Editor: Madeleine Moody

Supported file types now include all of these: Image files, Video files, Text files, Code, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, Apple Pages, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Tagged Image File Format, Autodesk AutoCad, Scalable Vector Graphics, PostScript, TrueType, .XPS, .ZIP and .RAR


IDEAS Room RH 412

Issue #5, Aug.-Sept. 2012

Getting your E-mail on your Cell Phone 1. Set up a mobile password: 2. Go to email settings on your phone (Email Settings on blackberry, Mail, Contacts, Calendars on iPhone, Menu->Settings->Accounts & Sync on Android). 3. Choose Add Account Blackberry: enter UNO email address and IMAP password. When error message appears click “Provide Additional Settings”. Choose POP/IMAP. Enter email address, email pw, email server ( and use email address for user name as well. iPhone: Tap the Gmail to set up gmav and enter email settings (Name: First and Last Name, Address: unomaha email address, PW: IMAP pw, Description: whatever you want). Android: Tap Google, then next. Choose Sign In. Enter your unomaha email address whenever it asks for a user name. Use your IMAP pw that you set up.

What do you think… Social bookmarking is? How can this tool be used? Hannah Ward

This information can all be found at:

Facebook Groups for Schools Join Facebook Groups for Schools to connect with people at UNO for classes, clubs, etc.

Social bookmarking is something interesting that is online that involves sites such as Facebook and Pinterest.

Groups can be open, closed, or secret. You can post files (lecture notes, assignments), ask questions, start discussions, create events, etc.

Tracey Waldrop

People in your group still cannot see your profile unless you are Facebook friends. Follow this link to get started:

Check in to the IDEAS Room on

Like us on Fac

ebook! http://www.f 2 /ideasroom41

Editor: Madeleine Moody

It is a form of social networking with online resources for whatever that person is interested in.

*Come learn more at our September Gaga session!


IDEAS Room RH 412

Issue #5, Aug.-Sept. 2012

Meet the IDEAS Room Staff Wendy Grojean Room Coordinator Area of Study: B.S. Secondary Language Arts; M.S. Educational Administration; K-12 Library Science Endorsement I have been a high school English teacher, elementary school librarian, and a high school librarian. And I am a UNO alumni! Madeleine Moody Graduate Assistant Area of Study: School Psychology I can make a smiley face with my tongue, I love food, and secretly want to be a nijna! Erika Frieden Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Community Counseling Fall is my favorite season and I love anything that has to do with Halloween! Rosemary Arrah Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Special Education Originally from Cameroon in Africa, I am passionate about education and I love to travel, read, and try new things and cook. Martin Hutfless Graduate Assistant Area of Study: Master's of Secondary Education (ESL/ELL Endoresment) I'm a huge hockey fan! Also, if I ever get a chance to retire I am going to tour every country in Europe. Sara Gehringer Student Worker Area of Study: Pre-Law Major I enjoy playing video games and I was born in Lima, Peru. Jordie Stough Student Worker Area of Study: Library Science I love to travel and plan to do so as soon as I graduate. Rebecca Roelofsen Student Worker Area of Study: Secondary Education-Language Arts I studied abroad in Florence, Italy and I'm getting married in December.

Editor: Madeleine Moody


August 2012 Newsletter  
August 2012 Newsletter  

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