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“I LOVE BEING CREATIVE, BUT MORE THAN ANYTHING ELSE, I LIKE TO SOLVE PROBLEMS. A LOT OF THE TIME THAT’S WHAT CREATIVITY IS – TRYING TO LOOK AT A PROBLEM IN A DIFFERENT WAY.” - JULIA HU, CEO AND FOUNDER OF LARK Perhaps the most important thing to establish “Everyone has creativity in them, it is just triggered up-front is this: all people are creative. It’s part of in different ways.” human nature. From the time we dress ourselves in the morning, through potentially hundreds of So it’s safe to say that being creative isn’t a problem interactions with humans and machines throughout with most people. Creative road-blocks and detours any given day, we are being creative. We are thinking are a problem. Communication breakdowns can also about problems and how to solve them. We are be a problem. And inefficient management has its choosing the ways in which we communicate with own junk-pile of broken creative dreams, housed in people, from a lunch order to the best way to ask an empty lot somewhere on the outskirts of town. your boss for a raise. In the end, truly creative and effective managers Stacy Madison, Founder of Stacy’s Pita Chips, says, and thinkers are brutally efficient at overcoming “I believe that everyone is born with creativity, but obstacles in the way of true communication. it’s how much the person and their environment have nurtured that creative side. It’s also a matter Here are some thoughts on the matter from our of ‘street smarts’ – sometimes we are forced to be panel, with discussions on innate creativity as well creative.” Michael Schaeffer, VP of Design and the as personal thoughts on how they manage and flex Global Creative Director at Reebok, agrees: their own creative muscles:

ARNE VAN OOSTEROM “We might have different skills and training, but all people are born creative. For managers, it’s all about letting people feel safe to be that way and express themselves.”

STEPHEN WEBBER “More than anything, I guess I am an innately curious person, if not an innately creative one. If you have curiosity and you get positive reinforcement in your life when it comes to creating things, that combination can lead to a lot of great things.”


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