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FOREWORD To be, or not to be … creative? Actually, sorry, let’s start over, because the above question is beyond moot in the business world of 2012. Anyone paying attention (meaning: any business-person still in business) knows that one essential element for a company to survive is that it must always stay on the verge of the Next Big Thing. This has been patently clear at least since the tech/ internet boom of the 1990s, and some might say that Henry Ford and Jack Kilby figured it out a couple years before that. Keep in mind: that Next Big Thing doesn’t have

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to be the next iPhone. It can, of course, be a huge idea, invention or new product that will set the world on fire (and make you megarich). But it can also be a new approach to management or education that unleashes the power of young minds to lead companies, big or small, into the future. And, hopefully, into financial success. But the trick is that creativity takes on many shapes. In the past, upper management at Company XYZ may have confused creativity with hair-brained, unhinged thinking. Or not realized the value of a person being energized and sparked by their own social networks.


In Managing Creativity we pick the brains of some very unique creative leaders from all walks of life – CEOs, filmmakers, educators, music p...