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BRIAN DECUBELLIS “I tell young people to get their hands dirty and make stuff on a small scale, often. It’s much better to practice creative things on your own time and learn all the things that don’t work, than to wait for a big opportunity to come along and then find out. A painter paints every day to get better. And now with your camera phone and laptop, you can create every day, too.”


MICHAEL SCHAEFFER “It sounds cliché, but you basically need to remain a child in certain ways if you want to stay creative. I’m in my 40s now and sometimes I think I stopped evolving in my teens. My wife would probably confirm that. You always have to have that curiosity and you always have to keep wondering about things, and wanting to do them differently. You can’t be afraid to challenge. If you just accept things as they are, you’ll never innovate.”

JULIA HU “I always say, dream big, but execute with ARNE VAN OOSTEROM “When I was younger, I wish I laser-focus on a super-simple solution. Just because knew sooner that the people I admired, people who you dream big, your product doesn’t have to do I thought knew everything, didn’t know anything everything under the sun. That can be paralyzing. either [laughs]. I wish I had known that they were Don’t suffocate yourself before you give an idea life.” just messing about and feeling insecure, too, just like I was. Because messing about was the way to go, and that will never change. In fact, that’s where almost all of your creative energy comes from. Insecurity keeps you learning and, for better or worse, that will never end [laughs]. The goal should be the road, not the end of the road.”


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