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Brew Ha-Ha •4

July 2013


s we welcome you to read our July issue of Stem & Stein, we would also like to welcome Summer. Yes, it has finally arrived. When you see us out and about at the events this summer please do not hesitate to say hello. We love taking pictures of our readers and would love to put your faces into print. I am working on making Stem & Stein bigger and better. Thanks to all of you for your support.

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The Passport Winery Tour • 14


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July 2013 Stem & Stein



Written by Pam Mazalatis Photos by Kieren

n June 15th we were invited to the second annual Brew Ha Ha Craft Beer Festival and Comedy show at Great Adventure. Upon entering the festival you received a souvenir tasting glass. As you traveled throughout the event, you were able to taste some of the popular beers from the award winning local and national breweries. Some of the participating breweries were Blue Moon, Flying Fish, Goose Island, Magic Hat, NJ Beer Co and Sam Adams. Craft Beer has become so popular over the years that there is so much more out there to choose from. This is why we love these types of events. What better way to try many of them in one day. This is the best way to pick your favorites for your own events or summer parties. I was not always a big beer drinker of different brews, however since going to some of these events I now have a few favorites of my own. If you were at this event and have a favorite, please feel free to contact us to let us know which one you picked. After the festival there was a special comedy show featuring Don Jamieson, Steve Trevelese and one of my favorites and dear friend, Big Joe Henry. Thank you once again Great Adventure for having Stem & Stein at your event. We look forward to many more. 4

Stem & Stein

July 2013 Stem & Stein



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July 2013 Stem & Stein







Ok, so I made more than a few trips to Harvest Moon during American Craft Beer Week. Not because I wanted to give a “fair assessment” of their own distinctive craft beers, but because it was just that good (and my growler was empty!). Over the course of several visits, I think I sampled everything on the menu. The flawless wings & calamari were a head above the humdrum offerings I’ve had elsewhere. Then, there was the remarkable Crab & Avocado and incredible Burrata Cheese appetizers that came to us…. WOW! I could go on & on about the all the outstanding dinner offerings I tasted. Nevertheless, I’m not really here to review Chef Tank’s noble talents, but to celebrate Head Brewer Kyle McDonald’s moxie. I started with their beer sampler and adored their Firehouse Red, Full Moon Pale Ale and the memorable Bourbon Barrel Barleywine. However, the “Starbrew” here was Sturgis Pop’s Double India Pale Ale. Brash, brassy, and bitter, many consider this India Pale Ale to be the signature style of American craft beer. While many of my fellow Brewhemians would prefer to pair a barbed & boozy (stand-alone) DIPAwith a fat Cuban cigar, I’m here to tell you that this hopped-up splendor pairs well with more grub than you might think. This beer turns up the volume on flavor, so it needs dishes with similar intensity to stand up. Subtlyspicy and super-salty foods work here. Also, potent cheeses, uber-sweet desserts and anything fried won’t be overwhelmed by this badasstic brew. Here’s a few of my perfect pairings:

BLEU CHEESE STUFFED OLIVES: Stinky and salty, reminiscent

of sweat socks. Yep, this is my 1st whiffy entry. Get your hands on some odiferous Roquefort, Stilton, Gorgonzola or Maytag Bleu and jam it into a few fat pitted Manzanilla or Halkidiki (donkey) olives. They have the flavor intensity to hold their own against the hops of this DIPA—the pungents just might be the best possible thing to eat with this no-whimp beer. These brackish cheeses play well to the salt/bitter dynamic of the brew, and all of these medleys leave a creamy, mouth-coating film that the hops and alcohol will clear away.

CHICKEN FRIED BACON (w/country gravy): Ahhh…my affinity for suds & swine. Only in Texas can you 8

Stem & Stein

find a food that stares imminent death in the face. However, despite the fat-lash, I live only short ambulance ride to RWJ, so I choose to tempt fate and chew the fat….. that’s fried in fat…and served with a fattilicious sauce. Despite the meta-criticism of the health crusaders, bacon-mania remains the meat candy darling of the American culinary scene.

PAD KEE MAO (Drunken Noodles): Thai restaurants around the

US have popularized this dish, albeit not as widely as Pad Thai. At its most umami-like level, Pad Kee Mao strikes a balance of the five essential flavoring ingredients: soy and fish sauces, basil, garlic, and chili peppers. The confluence of these components produces a sweet, yet racy aroma from this marriage. While the overall flavor is a balance of honey, piquancy, and savory, the bold smack requires an equally formidable beer. SP’s provides a wonderful complement to spicy Asian cuisine, with the hops enhancing the oomph, while cutting through that lovely grease inherent in a good stir fry.


I grew up on caramel covered delicacies. The renowned Johnson’s Popcorn, in Ocean City, stood right next to my own restaurant, so this was part of our daily routine. This salty-sweet treat is beloved by the attendees of children’s birthday parties and fullfledged adult cocktail hours alike. It’s crunchy, it’s deeply caramelized, and it’s utterly addictive. If your only experience with caramel popcorn is the sticky-stale stuff that comes in Christmas tins, then I insist that you drop whatever you are currently doing and make yourself a toasty batch before you pop your jug. I consider caramel popcorn to be the ultimate party pairing for a bold DIPA.

HARVEST MOON’S PORK FLAT IRON: Grilled spicy-saucy

meats just scream for a sip of this beerbomb. The charred, caramelized crust and meaty middle of this piggy cut work with both the sweetness of the malt and the bitterness of the hops; cutting through the muscle while leaving the flavor intact. This beer catches the caramelization of the meat while capturing the zesty flavors in the seasoning. The pop of Sturgis’s hoptiviness really pumps up the spice quotient of the chorizo papas and the ancho chile pizzazz.

sandwich. This is Jersey comfort food and despite the banter from the sassy staff, after the wine is finished, this token goyem will probably order a Cel-Ray soda. Please don’t miss ‘da pickle bah!

CHEEK: Ok, I am a devout



“porketarian,”! But you might ask why I would mess with pig face when I can just get my babyback, babyback? Well, there are some cuts of meat that are such hidden jewels of the culinary world that you might not even know about them unless you have a butcher in the family. What could go better with this Rhone Blend than a cool weather, redbraised, pork cheek stew, loaded with root veggies and served over some porcini jasmine rice……very cheeky.

WOW, I polished off two glasses of this potable wine before I remembered I had to pair it up with some eats. This NJ version of a “GSM” is a DUCK CONFIT tribute to southern France’s great blends, but here ARUGALA SALAD: Seyval Blanc stands in for the Shriaz, between the Real men don’t eat salads? Yes Grenache and Mourvèdre. Remarkably rustic and we do; we are both hunters ripe, this food-friendly wine pairs well with comfort & gatherers. Scavenger hunt foods, stews, game meats and earthy foods. There ingredients: Peppery rocket is an uninhibited quality that is complex on its own, arugula, sumptuous warm duck with an interesting juxtaposition of easy tannins and confit, braised Belgian endive, restrained acidity. For me this is the Sussex County frizzled onions, caramelized pecans, dried cherries, Stilton cheese, raspberry balsamic Châteauneuf-du-Pape! dressing, shaved parmesan. Got it? Ready? Go! I recommend you visit to Westfall Winery at Westfall Farm this fall; be sure to ask about this PORTOBELLO homestead that has been owned by only two families BURGER: This is not a for the last 250 falls. shout-out to vegans anywhere. If you find my musings to sound as if my tongue This is a tribute to the filet was firmly planted in cheek, I can assure you that mignon of fungi. (I think I’m my true passion is a serious affinity for sharing food a fun guy too?) You can grab and wine, our common ground. In my kitchen we some that are bigger than define fun as “elevating the mood of others”. With most hamburgers and more that in mind, here’s my perfect pairings for this beast-like than boar chops. No wine: need to over-marinate these caps, it’ll just gunk up your

TONGUE As I write this

(you’ll read it later) we are in the middle of the Jewish high holidays. NYC has Carnegie’s, but we have HAROLD’S. Cold weather is coming, so I’m going ward it off by slurping down a cup of golden-hued chicken penicillin and a tongue

brioche bun. Just grill these earthy beefcakes and let them play with some pickled peppers, roast tomatoes and smoked gouda.



Executive Chef/Managing Partner at Maggiano’s Little Italy July 2013 Stem & Stein






Owner/Exec Chef

Chef On Wheels , LLC with well-developed aged cheese. They also drink well with seasonal braised or roasted game. Recently I spoke with Natali Vineyards in Cape May ack in my college days, when my roomies and Court House, NJ. He told me that they had committed I were interested in getting the most bang for our buck themselves to produce a true traditional Portugese wine. in the party beverage department, we would often turn I must say that they have accomplished their mission. to “fortified” or sometimes “pop” wines. By name, MD CaptainVinho (with its sketch of a seaworthy old salt 20/20, Night Train Express and Boones Farm come to sea Captain) is labeled as a Red Dessert Wine. Natali mind. Some “pop” wines weren’t wines at all rather Vineyards may be underselling themselves by turning soft drinks a.k.a. “pop” with alcohol added while others away potential drinkers/buyers who may think this a one were simply cheap wine that was fortified with additional trick pony. Captain Vino is made from single vintage alcohol. Sold and consumed for the sole purpose of getMerlot. That means that it may be made from differting a cheap buzz. They always resulted in a heavy sugar ent grapes but they are all harvested in the same season. hangover head ache. After fermentation it is left to age for 4 years before On the complete opposite end of the spectrum, vinebeing left to pick up some tannin and great tones from a yards have always produced higher alcohol wine, whether 4 month rest in an oak whiskey barrel. Before bottling it added or natural, for the serious drinker. Once grapes is fortified with brandy and brought to 15.7% (that’s 31.4 have been squeezed the fermentation process begins, proof) alcohol content. After my first sip I was reminded yeast eats sugar and proof Amarone (known as a Super Tuscany wine) from Italy. duces two by products, CO2 Natali Vineyards took that comment as a huge compliand Alcohol. Grape varieties ment. Amarone, my favorite Big Red, is actually made with very high sugar levels from raisins…literally, grapes that have been dried on can naturally produce more wooden racks in the sun of Tuscany. The raisins produce alcohol; the maker can assist a very concentrated juice high in sugar content. (rememthe process with addition ber? Yeast eats sugar and so on). of sugar or yeast. Another So, enjoy this full body, Cape May made red. It has a more complicated method is very Jersey attitude, not shy, easy to spend time with, the the production of Ice Wine. more time you spend the more you learn and like about it Then there is the method of and if you are not can kick your butt! fortifying a wine by adding a distilled liquid (brandy) to it to achieve an even polished, BRAISED PORTER HOUSE PORK velvety, rich finish. The CHOPS WITH PORT & DRIED production of many of these CHERRIES higher alcohol full body wines trace back to Portugal, • 4 -1 ½ “ thick T-Bone Pork Chops they are known as Port Wine. Prepare 2 cups of Knorr Swiss Demi Glace These wines are usually • Flour for dusting served with dense chocolate desserts like chocolate • 3 tablespoons blended oil truffles, fudge, and flourless • ½ cup sliced fresh shallots chocolate raspberry cake or • ¼ cup matchstick cut fresh ginger



Stem & Stein

• 4 oz dried cherries • 1 cup Capt Vino Port Style Red (as pictured on page 10) • Salt and pepper • 2 oz. whole butter - Preheat oven to 375 - Heat oil in large skillet - Dust 4 chops and sear both sides in hot oil - Remove chops to baking pan - On high heat sauté ginger & shallots until carmelized - Deglaze pan with wine - Add demi glace and cherries - Add salt and pepper - Pour sauce over chops, cover and bake 45 minutes. - Remove from oven, remove chops to plate - Over high flame “finish” sauce with butter

FRIED SHRIMP & FRIED JALAPENO SLICES • 1 cup sifted all purpose flour • 1 tablespoon cornstarch • 1 and 1/2 cups larger (in this case Kick Back Ale) • salt (pinch) • Mix all dry ingredients in a bowl first • Then add the lager • Dredge cleaned and butterfly shrimp in flour • Then dip in batter and fry at 350 degrees - after frying I season with lime juice, cilantro and adobo (Goya brand sazon is great)

July 2013 Stem & Stein




Hair of the Dog


Hangover Treatments

ver awake with a vague sense of disorientation followed immediately by a pounding headache, queasiness, dizziness, sever pain from light and sound? In need of fast relief, you stumble to the fridge in search of “hair of the dog.” Hair of the dog is a colloquial expression for hangover treatment. It originated from the practice of placing hair of a rabid dog upon the bite of its victim to prevent evil consequences. So popular were these cures during Prohibition that they were called “corpse revivers.” So is a “morning after” drink the cure for that excruciating headache? Contrary to “hair of the dog.” drinking more alcohol will not provide relief. In fact, it will merely temporarily mask symptoms and delay recovery. You must deal with each symptom systematically. QUEASY STOMACH & NAUSEA The best cure is a bland breakfast. Nothing greasy or spicy. A bowl of hot cereal, plain scrambled eggs, and toast with no butter. Add a banana to replace potassium that you lost via the increased urination caused by over consumption of alcohol. Bland foods will absorb rather than stimulate stomach acid production. For over 80 years Alka-Seltzer has advertised its “morning relief.” It contains sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) which will reduce stomach acidity. But other ingredients like aspirin and citric acid may irritate your stomach. A quarter teaspoon of straight 12

Stem & Stein

baking soda in 8 oz of water is a better remedy. LOW BLOOD SUGAR Add a large glass of non-acidic juice such as apple or cranberry to breakfast to replenish blood sugars that were depleted by too much alcohol. Jam or jelly on that toast will help too. Avoid concentrated sugars like candy bars as these may irritate the stomach. Soft, low acid fruits like peaches, melon, apricots or more bananas throughout the day will stabilize your blood sugar. HEADACHES If you are a regular coffee drinker, go light on the coffee. Caffeine stimulates blood pressure which may increase that pounding in your head. If you are not a java hound, don’t start now. Nothing worse than a wide-awake drunk with a horrible headache! Over-thecounter painkillers can help but dose carefully. Aspirin and ibuprofen (like Advil) can irritate the stomach lining and acetaminophen (like Tylenol) can cause liver damage if frequently mixed with alcohol. Take normal dosage levels – don’t double up – and take with food to minimize stomach irritation. Dr. Audrey Cross, a renowned nutritionist who owns Villa Milagro Vineyards with her husband, Steve Gambino, will provide monthly reviews of wine & health issues for Stem & Stein. &

To see it in use and to get pricing visit: 631.509.0076

July 2013 Stem & Stein



n a cold Saturday afternoon in March of 2012, my friend Marianne and I decided to bypass the common luncheon and shopping day for something different. We dressed in masks and headed off to the Laurita Winery in New Egypt for a Mardi Gras celebration. We danced to the live band, had our pictures taken for the website and were given what ended up being a fabulous adventure... A New Jersey Winery Passport. This little booklet opened up our minds, took us into breathtaking countryside, introduced us to interesting people and taught us the wonderful of winemaking. It wasn’t about having the passport stamped to us... it was about the journey and the fun. Our journey began at the Silver Decoy. We drove up to what looked like an old barn filled with horses but when we entered, we 14

Stem & Stein

were greeted by two of the most charming men. This quaint old fashioned wine bar had furniture made from wine barrels in front of warm wood burning stove. We were taken on a tour and were told of plans of renovations. The afternoon ended with an invitation to bring friends back and enjoy a bonfire outside anytime. Blueberry wine was our bottle of choice and we toasted to them later that evening. That same day we were off to Cream Ridge Winery where they were having a fiesta! The party was a fundraiser for children. Sombreros on our heads, we headed in, immediately. We were escorted to the back where there was Spanish foods and wine tasting. The owner took us to the side and told us the story of how to make wine. He showed us his wedding album that he was so proud of and we thought “what a loving husband”. A very lucky woman is his wife. Our second adventure took some planning and mapping out. We intended to visit 6 wineries. We started out early and visited Tomasello Winery first. This winery was a little different it was very elegant and set up for

weddings. Well 9am it was and a man from behind the bar with a great sense of humor shouted “tickets please” in between each tasting. The warm cider in the crock pot was both welcoming in taste and aroma. It was this gentlemen that told us that 6 wineries were too many and we would never be able to do it. We did not believe him at the time, but he proved to be right. It was here that we were introduced to cork wars! Frank DiMatteos Winery was the next stop. We called him from his driveway to tell him to hurry up and open. We spent the longest at this winery. Frank was funny, informative and very bubbly. He let us drink ice wine from bats, told us tons of stories and took photos of us. We later found out he asked about us to our wine instructor at the wine academy in Lakewood. We hid our corks, and purchased our favorite Pasquale Red, named after his friend he lost. Plagidos was our next destination. We had the most laughs at wine tasting. The man serving us was most comical. It was a small but extremely quaint and charming tasting room. When we left we gave him a hug and hid our cork in his hood!! We laughed all the way to the next winery. Sharrot winery was a little harder to find but certainly worth the drive. A St. Pattys celebration was under way there where very friendly people dressed in green served us wine and set a place on the patio out back overlooking the winery to have our picnic lunch we brought with us. A funny story was that we met the owners parents that day at the winery, hours later I received a text message from my daughters boyfriends mother. She and her husband own Luigis in Lakehurst (2 1/2 hours

away). It seemed the parents of the winery were out to dinner there and spoke of 2 fun loving women they met that day at the winery. Small world indeed! Our next adventure we chose to have during the week in April. Hopewell winery was the first stop. This is a beautiful part of the state, many farmlands and old fashioned towns. So charming. The winery was set up like a café. Both staff and patrons were extremely friendly. The two woman went out of their way to help us map out our next stop along with wonderful land mark places not to miss along the way. Terhune Orchards was our second stop. Although we could not do wine tasting there because the wine tasting barn was being renovated, we visited the country market. This was definitely a treat. We loaded up on fresh produce and pre made foods to add to our picnic lunch. Unionville was very close by. This winery had the most character in our opinion. It was situated high up in a loft area over looking the vats with original woodworking and carpentry. We actually returned to show friends the architecture a year later. Mitch and John were wonderful hosts and made us feel like guests in his home. Revolutionary Red and the Big O was a favorite of ours. The day ended at Old York Cellars. We called ahead to let them know we were coming and they set up a table in front of the fireplace for us to enjoy our lunch. This was the first winery that winery that paired chocolate with their wine tasting. The views from this winery was the cover page photo of our Facebooks for many months.

To be continued...

July 2013 Stem & Stein


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The Inn at Millrace Pond In assocIatIon wItH

Tramontin Harley-Davidson & Joe Hirsh Productions PResents

Blues and Craft Brews

sunDay, JuLy 21sT 2-8pm The Inn at Millrace Pond 313 Johnsonburg Rd. (Rt. 519), Hope, NJ

(exit 12, off Interstate Route 80)

featuRIng musIc by


V Lee DeLRay

BaD hanDs V The craft beers PLus TasTy

RBI Lee Delray

anD fooD


In advance $12 / Day of $15 / Student (w/ID) $10 tickets at tramontin H-D or Inn at millrace Pond online tickets: for more info, email:

313 Johnsonburg Rd. Hope, NJ


Stem & Stein

482 Hope Blairstown Rd. Hope, NJ

The Bad Hands

REVIEWS BEER & WINE Cricket Hill Jersey Summer Breakfast Ale Who says you can’t have beer for breakfast? Certainly not the people up at Cricket Hill Brewing Company in Fairfield, NJ. They have been making some of the state’s finest session beers since 2002, with most of their year-round offerings designed to be full bodied but easy to drink. Recently they have ventured out with a Reserve Ale series available in 22oz bottles, and in 2009 they introduced new seasonal brews to add to their ever-growing product line. If you’re looking for something to drink with your taylor ham, egg, and cheese bagel before leaving your summer rental to walk to the boardwalk, I think we’ve found the beer for you. Fermented with Belgian ale yeast, Cricket Hill Summer Breakfast Ale is a well-crafted beer that can be enjoyed by almost anyone and will pair with a variety of foods at any time of the day, from those of you who aren’t afraid to crack open a beer while you can still taste your toothpaste to those of you looking for a beer to guzzle while you’re manning the grill. It starts with a nice, deep burnt orange color, an unfiltered cloudiness and a white head. Belgian yeast hits your nose with a touch of honey, apple, and clove. The flavor starts with bready pale malts and quickly moves to a Belgian sugar sweetness. Finishes with a nice tart citrus. It is generously carbonated with a medium body, and very clean aftertaste. This brew is available in 6-packs and draft if you can find it, but it’s limited to just the summer months, so be sure to pick some up on your way to Seaside this summer!

Saranac’s Blueberry Blonde Ale The image of The Matt Brewing Company has changed quite a bit in the past few

years. As the 6th largest craft brewery in the United States, they’ve brewed a lot of beers since their 1888 founding. Known mostly for their Saranac line of beers, the brewery is also famous for Utica Club and their soft drinks, as well as contract brewing for some of the biggest names in east coast craft beer, including Brooklyn, Smuttynose, and Lake Placid. The Matt Brewing Company’s summer seasonal is brand new this year: Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale. When they came up with this beer, they had one word in mind: refreshing. Traditionally blonde ales are filtered, but Saranac left this one unfiltered to compliment the wheat and oat malts. Unlike some other blueberry beers, they use real blueberry juice in this brew, which lays perfectly on a light blonde ale base. This beer pours a hazy golden caramel color with a light, fluffy head. The aroma is blueberry up front, with an earthy Saaz hop finish. There is definite blueberry flavor, but in the right proportion; beer that tastes like blueberries, not blueberry juice that tastes like beer. The minimal bitterness and medium body really allow the blueberry flavor to shine. It finishes clean and at 5.0% alcohol by volume, it leaves me wanting more. Saranac Blueberry Blonde Ale can be found on draft or in 6-pack bottles. It is also featured in Saranac’s annual 12 Beers of Summer variety pack, alongside their Session IPA, Rye IPA, Summer Ale, Hefeweizen, and Kolsch.

Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy This has been one of the hottest summers on record. People are finding all kinds of ways to beat the heat, and one of the most popular this summer has been Leinenkugel’s Summer Shandy. What exactly is a “summer shandy”? Technically, a shandy is a mix of beer and a non-alcoholic beverage. Around the world people have used everything from cider to ginger beer to lemonade. The Jacob Leinenkugel Brewing Company of Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin brews this Weiss beer and adds natural

ERIC WORMANN lemonade flavor (a true 50-50 mixture of lemonade and beer would lower the carbonation and alcohol content to an undesirable level) and a touch of real Wisconsin honey. The result is a great way to cool down during the hot summer months. On first pour, this beer is a cloudy yellow (as it is an unfiltered Weiss) with a fluffy white head. A sugary lemonade aroma gives way to wheat malts and a touch of spice. The flavor of this beer hits you right away: lots of sweet lemonade flavor, with a touch of wheat, very low bitterness, and finishes clean and refreshing. Tight carbonation breaks up a smooth, unfiltered body with very little aftertaste. At 4.2% alcohol by volume, this beer goes down dangerously easily. Summer Shandy is currently available on draft, as well as 6-pack and 12-pack bottles. Leinenkugel’s has also picked up on another recent craft beer trend by offering Summer Shandy in 12 pack cans, which are perfect for outdoors. Cans are quickly becoming popular in the craft beer community as they are lighter and easier to ship, the easiest material to recycle, and, most importantly, the cans block 100% of beer-damaging light. This one is only available until August, so be sure to stock up before Labor Day!

Plagido’s EMPIRE

An oak aged Red Sipping Wine, starts with a fresh clean nose. This ruby red wine is infused with the flavors of soft black cherry leading into a light, mellow vanilla spice with a hint licorice on the finish.

2008 Late Harvest Villard

This dessert wine is known as the “nectar of the gods” due to its rich honey flavors and floral nose. Tropical fruit notes of papaya and citrus add to its silky finish, which makes for a delicious dessert wine that everyone can enjoy. July 2013 Stem & Stein



Stem & Stein

July 2013 Stem & Stein


SEAFOOD CELEBRATION Outstanding Seafood to fit your Budget Monday-Thursday for a Limited Time Only!

Join us for 3 Courses Includes Appetizer, EntrĂŠe (below) & Dessert!

LUNCH $15 Phillips Crab Cake Sandwich Fish & Chips Chicken Caesar Salad Blackened Chicken Sandwich

DINNER $35 Phillips Famous Crab Cakes Filet with Shrimp Broiled Atlantic Salmon

The Pier Shops at Caesars 609.348.2273 2/11


Stem & Stein





EXQUISITE 10 ROOM MAJESTIC MANSION Builders own backs to Rockaway River country club 3rd green, manicured 1 acre tranquil setting, one of Denville’s most sought after locations. 5 bedrooms w/2 master suites,1 on the ground level, 4 1/2 Baths, 3 car gar, All exotic trim, granite, woodwork, paint finishes, fixtures. Extremely well built and energy efficient, no detail overlooked. Viking, sub zero, custom copper hood, made built kitchen, all copper plumbing, plenty of room for a pool.

MAGNIFICENT STATELY BRICK COLONIAL This home is enhanced with fine detailing, master craftsmanship and state of the art amenities. Once owned by the builder, this one of a kind 7000+ SF home majestically overlooks 4 private acres bordering a conservation easement, green acres on 3 sides, and vineyards. One of Randolph’s much sought after locations. Double front doors lead to beautifully inlaid hdwd flrs, many transom windows and recessed lighting found thru-out. 5 BRs, 5 Bths, huge MBR wing, sitting rm w/fplc, his & her marble vanities, whirpool, multi-head steam shower, marble flrs, his & hers walk-in closets, 2 grmt Kitchs, 2 circular stairs w/iron railing, surveillance syst & Bose surround snd thru-out.









MINI COLONIAL ESTATE Timeless elegance & superb architectural features come together in this 6 BR, 3 Fbth & 2 1/2 bth mini Colonial estate on 2.56 level Ac. Priv 2BR, 1 Fbth area over gar is ideal for guest. Large generous rms, 2 story ceilings, balcony, Mst suite w/2 walk-in closets, 3 gas fpls, fam rm, office & eat-in kitchen with walls of windows, large gourmet kitchen with multiple work spaces, 6 burner gas stove, Sub-Zero refrigerator, large sunny eating area with views of the pool and private yard, walk-in pantry, and built-in wine ref. A 41x29 full finished basement with a half bath, storage room & work room are ideal when entertaining. Outdoors you have an In-ground heated pool & basketball court.

WOW!! RENOVATED 4 Bedroom, with Huge Family Room, recent Kitchen and Baths, carpet, paint, crown molding, window, siding, furnace, hardwood floors, Central Air and gutters. Large fenced-in yard Priced to sell - A must see!

New paver walk-way welcomes you into this renovated 4 Bdrm, 1 and 1/2 Bth custom Ranch, granite kitchen, gleaming hardwood floors, new windows & roof, tiled baths, recessed lights, furnace, ready for C/A, walkway, custom trim and paint. Dining room with a wood burning fireplace and sliders to a large private yard. A full finished walk-out basement is ideal when entertaining. Hurry, wont last!! Central location - just a short distance to clubhouse, beach, tennis courts & playground.





The details will amaze & astonish you in this charming 3 BR, 1 1/2 BA, English Tudor. Whether it’s the slate roof, Oak beamed cypress ceilings, hand crafted doors & trim, or the powerful “woe” when you enter the foyer & see the sun-filled FL rm, a lg open LR w/the unique Frpls, lead glass windows & rounded solid wd drs. The MBR has a cypress ceiling, sitting area w/Frpl. Priv yard w/a Lg deck overlooking a Lily pond,1 car gar & many upgrades.



WOW! A true Log Cabin home with modern amenities in a beautiful setting. All new stainless steel appliances including a 6 burner range. 2 Fireplaces, 3 bedrooms, + loft (can be used as a bedroom/office, 2 full baths, lower level has natural rock/ stone & slate flrs. + Garage.





Mine Hill


Renovated Townhouse with no maintenance fee. NEW Kitch w/ Granite counter tops & SS appl.,baths, floors/wood & ceramic tile,windows, gas furnace, & newer roof. Close to Rt 15,46,80 & public transportation.

Great little hide away tucked away in wonderful Lake Nepaulin, very deceiving, not a drive-by, spacious 3 bedroom, 1 full bath, ranch with full basement, large rooms, great floor plan,move in condition, price to sell, hurry...

Ready to move-right-in Split-Level! Easy living is assured in one of Byram’s most sought-after sections of Sleepy Hollow, just a short distance from the park. This home provides an open floor plan, 3 BRs, 2 1/2 baths, finished bsmt, HW floors thruout, NEW kitchen and appliances, living room with two story ceiling, dining room w/sliders to deck, family room with fl oor-to-ceiling stone fireplace, full finished basement for additional living space. Nothing to do here but move right in and ENJOY!

High demand ground level unit with 2 bedrooms and 2 baths in move-in condition. Freshly painted-New carpets, tile, Hwh, washer/dryer and slider door. Master bedroom with full bath, LV with gas fireplace. Private wooded rear yard.

Handyman special! Cute Ranch home with 2 bedrooms, hardwood floors on an attractive parcel in Mine Hill, close to everything!. Good bone structure needs some TLC.


20 West Main Street • Rockaway, NJ 07866 973-625-0450 (Office)

Each office is individually owned and operated.


973-390-3326 (Mobile)

Stem and Stein July 2013  

Stem and Stein July 2013

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