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Bjorn Viking Chopper Babe of the Month Tech Tip by Brad & Merlon Rogers

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Quaker Steak & Lube JJ’s & Norwich Cruise In Life in the Fast Lane




Letter from the Publisher Hello “FastLaneBiker NY Family”, August kept our wheels turning in the Fast Lane... Our travels took Fast Lane to the beautiful Hawaiian island of Oahu where we were honored to ride with a large riding family made up of Hawaii's motorcycle groups. Awesome ride!! Check out more of our story on page 36. From Oahu, we ventured to JJ’s Cycle in Watervliet, NY to join in on the Tuesday Night Bike Night with Thee Yankee theme. Awesome bike night Buzzy! On to Quaker Steak & Lube’s Bike Night in Syracuse, NY where the bikers came in by the hundreds to “Beat the Record” from the previous challenge. Quaker Steak & Lube throws a really great event. Moving on... Fast Lane Biker helped put together the Norwich Cruise-In for bikes and classic cars. For the first one, this event turned out great. Check out Octobers Cruise-In. From the Cruise-In, ventured to Seeber’s Tavern in Smithville Flats for their Summer Social/Pig Roast. It’s always a fun time with the group of bikers that show at Seeber’s events. We also checked out the Rockin’ Roadhouse in Mount Upton, NY. Their event had Bag Lady Sue, who is a National Adult Biker Comedian. Great crowd!!! Way to go Ty!

Brian Gage Publisher

Paula Monroe Accounts Manager

All of these stories and photos are in this issue of Fast Lane Biker New York. Check them out and join us on the Fast Lane Family events each month. The Seeber’s Tavern event follow-up will be in October’s issue. Don’t miss it! Coming up in October, Fast Lane Biker New York will be hitting the road to meet more awesome bikers and to attend these events: Rockin’ Roadhouse 2nd Annual Biker Blowout on September 8th; OC’s Fat Boy BBQ in Syracuse for Bike Week, September 10th - 15th; Catskill Mountain Thunder, September 13th - 16th. It’s going to be a great month. Fast Lane Biker New York has been very fortunate to be part of some awesome events this summer and we have met some incredible people. Keep livin’ “Life In The Fast Lane!!” We'll see you all on the road in September. Keep your kickstands up and wheels turning!

Brian & Paula

Fast Lane Biker New York


DIRECTORY ADIRONDACK HARLEY-DAVIDSON B&M PERFORMANCE CYCLES . . . BABE OF THE MONTH . . . . . . . . . . BARN SIDER BBQ (THE) . . . . . . . . BIKER FRIENDLY DIRECTORY. . . . CATSKILL MOUNTAIN THUNDER . CENTROS HOTEL . . . . . . . . . . . . . . CNY POWER SPORTS . . . . . . . . . . ESR MOTORSPORTS . . . . . . . . . . . EVENTS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . FAST LANE FEATURE . . . . . . . . . . . FAST LANE LAUGHS . . . . . . . . . . . FAST LANE WALL OF INK . . . . . . . FEATURE BIKE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GILLIGAN’S . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . GRANBY CYCLES . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HARLEY-DAVIDSON/UTICA . . . . . . HARTER INSURANCE. . . . . . . . . . . HERITAGE CYCLES. . . . . . . . . . . . . HOME AT WORK . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HUDSON RIVER BAIT & TACKLE . . JACK DANIELS . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JASON’S RUN. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . JJ’S CYCLE . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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FAST LANE FEATURE... by Michele Kilburn

Heritage Cycles was founded in March of 2011 and has quickly gained recognition in the motorcycle community in Upstate NY. Founder’s Phil Kilburn and Brian Baker allowed their passion to dictate the direction of Heritage Cycles. Located at the foothills of the Adirondack Mountains, offering the best riding in Upstate NY, you can stop in grab a cup of coffee, view products, check out Heritage Swag and see their latest builds. The first two builds have been sold and are with their new owners, The Patriarch and Chin Gon, both were labors of love not only for the customer but for Phil and Brian too. The Patriarch was a combination of Phil & Brian’s vision of what people want to ride, it took approximately 90 days to complete and sold in less than 60 days! See photos attached. The Sale and Purchase of these awesome choppers solidified that Heritage Cycles was on to something. Heritage Cycles first mission was to provide exceptional service with attractive pricing for custom builds. They like to work with individual budgets, educating the customers as much as feasibly possible on different products, features etc. while still providing them with a product that they are 100% satisfied with and proud of. A testament to that end is the most recent build with a female customer turning 50. She wanted a ride that was as unique as her without a golden price tag attached to it. You can follow her



build process on her blog at . The blog is written by her and will take you through a custom build process. Explaining why she made the product choices she has and the personal aspects of building a custom chopper. And they ain’t stopping there, they are also rebuilding a 1942 WLA you can also follow the story and progress photos on their webpage. It is sure to be a gem!

Heritage Cycles not only builds and rebuilds bikes, they provide parts and service for all V-Twin motorcycles and can add customizations to your current bike. You can check out their products, builds and Heritage swag online at or stop in to speak with either of them Mon – Fri, 9:00 – 6:00 or Saturdays 9:00 – 2:00. Check the webpage for updated winter hours effective September 1st. Don’t miss out, there a few reservations for winter storage available. CALL today – 518.661.6815. Winter Storage is available from November 1st to April 1st, for $295.00 including, spring service, inspection and detailing. Metzeler, Power Commander, and AMSOIL. HERITAGE CYCLES Mayfield, NY (518) 661-6815. www.heritagecyclesny. com. Heritage Cycles carries top brands like Metzeler, Power Commander, and AMSOIL at great prices. Proudly serving Mayfield, we specialize in tires, oil and lube products, and aftermarket accessories.


“Wall of Ink”

Artists, Place an AD or get in the Biker Friendly Artist: Tattoo Directory Tony Rodriguez UNDER MY SKIN Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Artist: The Brothers O'Brien SYXX & SEVEN Now appearing at:

UNDER MY SKIN Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Artist: Brandon Burr Critical Acclaim Tattoos Allentown, Pa

Email us your Ink for “The Wall”

Artist: Francis Allen Cortland, NY




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and yes…. You too can recline when you ride!

You could say that he’s fired up and ready to go!!! Riding, is a barrel of Fun!!

Riding can be such a boar sometimes. 9

Runs on only half the gas!

SEPTEMBER 8 - 2nd Annual - ‘CYCLE for SENIORS’ - American Legion Post 54 for the Office for the Aging Inc. Registration starts @ 9am and Ride Starts @ 11am Rain or Shine! WEDNESDAY NIGHT – BIKE NIGHTS Pre-Register by 30 August -$15 Driver ROCKIN’ ROADHOUSE BIKE NIGHT $5 Passenger. Day of $20 Driver and Great Music, Great Food, and Great $10 Passenger. Music, Chicken BBQ Times! Harley Davidson Gift Card $15 at door, Silent Auction, Raffles, Giveaways – 4 - 9pm (607)764-8787 and 50/50. Location: 6311 E. Hill Rd, Route 8 Mount Upton, NY -Fast Lane Munnsville, NY More info call: Biker - New York Sponsored! 315-697-5700. (M-F; 8am-4pm) TUESDAY NIGHT - BIKE NIGHTS ROMA’S in OXFORD – 4pm Corner S. Canal St – Oxford, NY Phone: (607) 843-6555

Register immediately before the ride from 9am to 10:30am. $20 donation per motorcycle (operator/passenger) All ride participants get a souvenir ride pin and admission to after party. Contact: 315-338-0464

SEPTEMBER 8 – SHAMANS MC Presents 1st ANNUAL 911 MEMORIAL BIKE RIDE Rain or Shine Registration 9-11am Leaves: 11am from Helena Fire Department. WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIKE NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 8-ROCKIN’ROADHOUSE Cost $20 per Bike –Rider Free –Food QUAKER STEAK AND LUBE 2nd ANNUAL BIKER BLOWOUT – Raffles-50/50. Info: 315-212-6069 3535 Walters Road, Syracuse, NY w/Burn-Out Pit! Start Noon - ??? Email: Come out and enjoy the crowd. Come on out and have a blast!! Facebook: Shamansmc Live Music starts at 5pm Great food, music, and vendors. Bike Come and support a Worthy Cause! builders, Tattooing, and apparel. Try WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIKE NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 9 - BIKERS FOR GILLIGAN’S BIKE NIGHT – May- Sept your tire on the Burnout Pit!!! AMERICA’S BRAVEST – Rolling Starts - 5pm – 8pm SEPTEMBER 8 – END OF SUMMER Thunder, Chapters 1&2 NY, will be Located at 64 North Main Street Chicken Barbeque from Noon – 5pm hosting the 343 Motorcycle Run, Sherburne, NY – 607-674-4397 Support Psykotic Crew at the Timber Car Show & Family Day @ Floyd About 40 min. South of Utica, 1 Hr Tavern Bar & Grill near Baldwinsville. Bennett Field, Flatbush Ave. South South of Syracuse ,1 Hr North of 7153 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY Brooklyn, NY. Exit 11 South from Binghamton. Biker Raffles, Great Ride the Electric Bull, Live Band, and Belt Pkwy Information & pre-run Food, Ice Cream, Great Music & Motorcycle parts and accessories – Registration can be done at Family Friendly!!! Vendors on site – 50/50 Raffle! website or starting @ 9:11 the day WEDNESDAY NIGHT BIKE NIGHTS SEPTEMBER 8 - 2nd ANNUAL KURT of the run. Kickstands up @ 11:45. BIKE NIGHTS– ADIRONDACK HD B. WYMAN Memorial Motorcycle Proceeds will be going to build a Every Wednesday Night - beginning – 6pm Starts at the Ride from 9am smart home for triple amputee, SPC May 23 through September 5. Wingate by Wyndham located at 90 Bryan Dilberian Jr. US ARMY Visit our website Dart Circle; Rome, NY 13440 at 11am Contacts: call Walter (646)641-3090 for details. and ends at the Toccolana Club at or Jimmy (646)541-9730 THURSDAY NIGHT BIKE NIGHTS 1412 East Dominick St. Rome, NY BIKE NIGHTS– UTICA HD 13440. Pre-registration is available at SEPTEMBER 9 – POKER RUN FOR Every Thursday Night beginning Harley Davidson of Utica, KDK Sports WOUNDED WARRIOR PROJECT – May 24- Sept 6. Visit our website : in Rome, Sports Unlimited in by International Brotherhood of for details. Deerfield, DDS Motorsports in Utica, Electrical Workers Local 503 - 3rd or Mary’s Diner in Blossvale. Also Annual “Motorcycle Ride and End of



Summer Barbecue” to benefit “Wounded Warrior Project”. - Ride/BBQ -$25rider$15 passenger. - BBQ -$15($10 children under 12) – Burgers, hot dogs, salads,beverages. - Registration – 10am to noon. - Barbecue from 1:00pm until 6pm. Live Music! , Featuring “Nash”, “John Zanger”, and “Last Call”. 50/50, Door Prizes,Ride Pins, TShirts $100.00 prize for best hand. $50.00 second prize. $25.00 third prize. Greenville V. F. W. - 1316 US Highway 6, Port Jervis State NY Phone (845) 783-5007 Event URL

SEPTEMBER 11 JJ’S BIKE NIGHT at JJ’s CYCLE-Watervliet, NY -530pm Featuring: The Color Guard from Melvin Roads American Legion Post 1231 will be here to pay tribute to victims of Sept. 11, 2001, at 630pm Then: S&S Productions presents : “Heels and Wheels” . Ladies strut your stuff with your sexiest high heels and win cash prizes. 1st prize $75.00, 2nd prize $50.00, 3rd prize $25.00 plus a 50/50 and lots of door prizes. Rain Date Wed. Sept 12th. 1397 Broadway Watervliet, NY Info Call: (518) 266-9657


SEPTEMBER 10-15–OC’s FatBoy BBQ BIKE WEEK - CHECK OUT THE INSIDE MAGAZINE COVER OF THIS ISSUE! SEPTEMBER 13 – 16 - CATSKILL MOUNTAIN THUNDER RALLY – The Blackthorne Resort - 348 Sunside Road, East Durham NY Phone: 518 634-2541 - Starts on Thursday the 13th but people start gathering at the Blackthorne with their RV’s/ tents a week ahead of time. Bike show with thousands of dollars in cash prizes, pig roast, fireworks show, aerial burn outs, antique

motorcycle museum, free demo rides, rodeo games. Live concerts all weekend long with Artimus Pyle, The Outlaws, The Marshall Tucker Band, Shovelhead, and many more! Every year gets bigger and better! Email

Both will end at Bowline Park in Rockland County with a classic car show & concert for the whole family. This is a true community event to help all babies be born healthy! Phone 845-781-6131 Email More information at website:

SEPTEMBER 14 -15 – DUNLOP RIDE for CHARITY & TONAWANDA THUNDER - Sixth Annual Dunlop Ride for Charity will donate all proceeds to the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Event includes; Ride motorcycle parade, golf outing, 5K run, bike show, and classic car show. This years Ride for Charity events are based at Sheridan Park, 900 Sheridan Drive, Tonawanda. Various registration fees apply. For vendor info, sponsorships, registration and other event information, call (716) 879.8432 or Location: Sheridan Park, 900 Sheridan Drive Tonawanda , NEW YORK Phone 716.879.8432 Email

SEPTEMBER 30 - ROCKING THE ROAD FOR A CURE - Motorcycle Classic Car Run for Breast Cancer Registration: 930am Kickstands Up: 1130am Sharp! Pre-Register $25.00 $30.00 on 30th with $15 Passenger Police escorted run starts at Alley Pond Park Winchester Blvd /Union Turnpike, Queens Village, New York Vendors, Food, Raffles, Giveaways! Performances: Mudcat, New World Men, Rondinelli, Lady Sabbath, Bad Habits, Electric Mayhem, Mistreated After Party: Plattduesche Park Beer Garden – 1132 Hempstead Turnpike Franklin Square, New York. For more information and pre-register:

SEPTEMBER 22 - WATERTOWN CHROME DIVAS - TA TA RUN – Watertown, NY - 5th Annual Ta Ta run for breast cancer. Facebook Watertown-ChromeDivas/100000716096919 Come check it out & support Ta Ta’s SEPTEMBER 23 - BIKERS FOR BABIES-HUDSON VALLEY RUN – Start your ride in either Tarrytown or from Dutchess Stadium. Start Location 1: Dutchess Stadium, 1500 Route 9D, Wappingers Falls Start Location 2: Talleyrand Office Park, 240 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown 11


OCTOBER 6 – GOAT BROTHERS – SWAP MEET – SARATOGA COUNTY FAIRGROUNDS, 162 Prospect St. Ballston Spa, NY – Admission $8 (under 12 FREE) Open 10am - 6pm Live Entertainment, Motorcycle Show, Parts & Accessories, Gifts, and Novelties! Info Call: 518 583-3398 OCTOBER 12 – NORWICH CRUISE-IN @ Howard Johnson in Norwich, NY Sponsored by Norwich Merchants Association and ran by HoJo’s Staff. Bike and Car Show!! Burn-Out Pit & Vendors! Come join in on the start of a Tradition! 6pm – 9pm.


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freedom and the highway call! Who says you can't have it all? Sister wants to feel the pride of all the sisters who ever ride over the years and around the curves the joy it brings is what she deserves. Sister wants to feel the wind reckless and wild against her skin. © ChopprKate

Evening, our future yet untold Down the highways we travel Through the wind that fuels our life Never shall we be caged By a society of greedy men Leave us be Just let us carry on Bound by a passion Of Iron, Asphalt, and Freedom As Brothers of the wind

Riding On

Ink and iron Spoke n words Grease and oil Two wheels turn Nuts and bolts An Old Scooter Tramp A wrench a pen Riding On He has tattoos that marks places in time or places he’s been Biker Poets Scars that remind him of wrong, drunken choices and sin Until the end Ink and iron His long, thinning hair still blows free in the wind Tales be told Spoke n words His long, graying beard gets tangled within Grease and oil Old fashion way Wrinkle lines on his face and bushy brows over his eyes Two wheels turn Bikers code Just an old scooter tramp getting by Nuts and bolts Lived each day He now rides a little slower as reflex reaction times fade A wrench a pen Legacy left His balance iffy on any given day Biker Poets Behind in rhyme He’s a ride or die type brother and righteous the same Until the end Sharing the miles Rides a Harley and understands why it’s more than the name Tales be told He’s old school in his beliefs and ways Of our lives Old fashion way You can see him in the wind on a hot summer day © Eddie Sorez Bikers code He waves with respect to bikers going the other way Just an old scooter tramp getting by I’ve seen one in every city I’ve been while I’m on the ride You can learn a valued lesson from an old scooter tramp one day If you give respect, shut up and listen to what he has to say © Lee Buddah Haverstick

Lived each day Legacy left Behind in rhyme Wants Sister Sharing the miles Of our lives to feel the wind, wants Sister © Eddieand Sorez wild against her skin. http://www.roadscribesofamericatm.comreckless

Hair all tangled and spirit freed satisfy a burning need. Sister lives to take that ride understand her fire, she carries so deep in her soul, she won't hide her desire, freedom and the highway call! Who says you can't have it all? Sister wants to feel the pride of all the sisters who ever ride over the years and around the curves the joy it brings is what she deserves. Sister wants to feel the wind reckless and wild against her skin. © ChopprKate

Brothers Of The Wind © Bob “Bikerwolf” Bryant Brothers of the wind Years and traveled roads left behind Spirits and shadows of the past accompany us Untamable winds weathered our faces Creating road maps of our souls upon it As we enter the mid day of life Morning has but gone Evening, our future yet untold Down the highways we travel Through the wind that fuels our life Never shall we be caged By a society of greedy men Leave us be Just let us carry on Bound by a passion Of Iron, Asphalt, and Freedom As Brothers of the wind

On FA S T L A N E B I Riding KInkEandR iron

me or places he’s been ken choices and sin in the wind

Spoke n words


For more information check us out on


Jason's Run Supported by American Legion Riders Post 259 Oneonta NY or you can e-mail us at



Wednesday Night August 15th


Quaker Steak & Lube in Syracuse, NY held their annual “Break the Record Night” for bikers in the area and Fast Lane Biker-New York was there to join in on the awesome event! A bunch of vendors came early to set up and prepare for the crowd. Among them were Rob’s Cycles, Granby Cycles, Strip Club Choppers NY, New York Rider Magazine, an Electric bull riding machine with Budweiser, 95X, and Camping World promoting.

The bikes started pulling in and lining up as the crowd formed by the stage to hear the kick-ass band, “Under the Gun” rock them. They mastered songs that I haven’t heard bands play in years! Great job!!!

Bike of the Night

The parking lot was now full of iron horses and the hundreds of riders were checking out all the machines as they walked through the rows of the herd. Each Bike Night, a “Bike of the Night” is selected and the winner gets a key to relax in the Camping World VIP section where you are served food and drink at the next bike night. I was honored to be able to select the “Bike of the Night” on the Break the Record Night. So many nice looking bikes filled the event and after looking at them all, I selected the second bike that pulled in the lot. The winner was Dave Williams, who rode in on his 1950’s Triton (Truimph-Norton) with a 1962 rebuilt engine. Congratulations Dave! With the count building, the record to beat was 1,426 and by the end of the night, it seemed to be close, but the total fell short at 1,082. We’ll give it hell next year, so mark your calendars now and get the word out. Great job to the Quaker Steak & Lube staff who served the masses and put together an awesome Bike Night! by Brian Gage








r e h t a e H Heather is from Colorado Springs, CO. She joined the Army in 2007 with the military goal to be an Apache helicopter pilot. Flying helicopters is my dream! When I’m not playing soldier, I enjoy being outdoors and singing! Name of bike: Eldiablo Special “ED” Owner: Shane Gatto Year/Make: 1975 “Atomic Customs” Engine: 1975 HD Shovelhead 88” Cases: Harley Davidson Rods: Harley Davidson Pistons: Harley Davidson Cylinders: Harley Davidson Heads: Dual Plug HD Cam: Andrews “B” Grind Ignition: Morris Magneto Carb: S&S Super “E” Pipes: Goosenecks Air Cleaner: Goodson Transmission: Harley Davidson 4-Speed “Suicide shift” Primary: Primo 2” open Clutch: Foot… Frame: Paugho Rake: Stock Forks: HD Front wheel: 1976 HD spokes Rear wheel: 1976 HD spokes Front Tire (size and make): Avon M II Rear Tire (size and make): Avon M II Rear suspension: rigid Rear Brake: GSXR/ Tokico caliper/ Fab Kevin mount. Fuel Tank: GME Oil Tank: Swap Meet Fenders: Ribbed Handlebars: Lane Splitters Risers: Dogbone Headlight: 4” V- Twin Taillight: Sparto Grips: Harley-Davidson Foot Controls: Harley-Davidson

Pegs: Harley-Davidson Electrical: “2” wires Painter: Daddy “O” Designs Color: Black Graphics: Variegated Gold Leaf Seat: Xian Leather

"On Vacation at Bike Night" by Susan Foster There's nothing like a bike night in a different town. My husband and I are from Crossville, TN (originally from NY) so we were up visiting friends and family. Our good friends, Paul and Donna had invited us to JJ's Cycle bike night in Watervliet, NY. I have to say, every bike event is filled with amazing people and amazing bikes! While I was walking around and taking pics, I talked to so many riders from all walks of life, tellling their story. Its fun to hear where they live, what they do and about their bikes. One girl had "diamonds" very carefully glued to her bike - all over.....lots of Bling! This bike was entered into the bike contest along with my one of my favorites - a Drifter with white walls! I fell in love with the Indian motorcycles last year at Americade and recently found out the Drifter is a close match to the Indian. So they must of had around 8 bikes for the contest and 4 different categories to vote from, modified, custom, antique and favorite. That was hard to choose, there were some really unique looking bikes in the contest. Along with looking at bikes, listening to loud music (which goes hand-in-hand with bike events) JJ's Cycle theme that night was New York Yankee's....over $800.00 in Yankee merchandise was given away by owner, Buzzy Teson. Dan Murphy started out the night with a trivia contest. These men and women in the crowd were out to win with their answers - raising their hands, yellng out answers! They were out to win! Over in the corner of JJ's Cycle parking lot was the food hamburgers and hotdogs and the watch dog to clean up anything that might possibly fall to the ground. Next in line was Dave Clarke, from Cohoes, with his amazing pinstriping. That’s an art in itself! You can find him on Facebook. We each bought a t-shirt from the East Coast Riders to support The Community Hospice. We can only be so thankful for the groups willing to help others out like this! Fast Lane Biker was set up with there magazines and a young girl was selling her jewelry that she had made herself. JJ's Cycle's garage was filled with bikes being worked on, which was pretty neat seeing all these bikes up on lifts. We really enjoyed ourselves, the food was good, voting for the "best" bike in all categories took a little bit of thought, talking to so many people about their bikes, I now have a few more idea's for my bike......and now that we know JJ's Cycle has these bike nights the 2nd Tuesday of every month until Sept. we'll be back up to attend this bike night and others. Great job JJ's Cycle!




Bjorn Viking Chopper Design & Fabrication: BjornVikingChoppers Artist/Painter: JB Grafix Custom Painting Inc. Seat: Paul Cox Industries Engine: S&S 113 Sidewinder Pipes: BjornViking Choppers Chrome: DGM Custom Chrome Frame/Wheels: RC Components Front End: American Suspension Transmission: Baker 6-Speed Controls: Acutronix

Story: The Viking Chopper bike was started in March of 2005 in the Dining Room of my home and was completed January 2010. This bike is a tribute to my father who turned 100 years young in November 2011. This was my first attempt at fabricating a custom motorcycle. I had very few fabrication tools when I started this build so I acquired them during the build. I had never welded before therefore I set up my welding shop in my Living Room. I learned how to MIG and TIG weld during this build. Did I mention that I was single at the time? The Viking Chopper is representative of true Vikings heritage. It includes Viking swords (front and back), a battle shield, maces, and lots of points. The rear fender was cut out and painted to resemble a Viking helmet. The overall graphics were chosen to represent various Viking battle scenes. The left side of the tank depicts a summer battle scene. The right side of the tank depicts a winter battle scene and the top of the tank depicts an at-sea battle scene. There is Viking scroll work all over the frame, tank, rear fender and front end. My family tree is documented in Viking Rune script down both springer forks. This was a project of love and dedication for my Norwegian heritage and I’m glad I did it.

Photography by: Dino Petrocelli

Miracle Mile H.O.G. Chapter Ride for Research To Benefit the

Muscular Dystrophy Association October 14, 2012 Rain Date: Oct. 21, 2012

Location: Miracle Mile Harley Davidson

BBQ, 215 Northern Blvd. Great Neck, NY 11021 Every Band, DJ Registration: 10am – 11:45am participant will receive a & Kick stands up: 12pm Thank Ride is Approximately 1 hour chance at a Door Prize!! yous

$25 to Ride & $10 for Passenger All receive an MDA H-D Commemorative Pin! ALL BIKES WELCOME!

START FUNDRAISING ONLINE NOW!!! Raise $75 for 1 minute of research and receive: FREE T-Shirt & Pin! Looking to promote your business?

Sponsorship opportunities are available ranging from $300 - $2,000 Contact: Steve Mazziotti @ 516-358-1012



7-9 East Park Place, Norwich, NY 13815 607-336-7275 (PARK) 607-336-5460 (FAX)



½ price Appetizers Lounge 4-6pm

Appetizers Soups & Salads Pasta Specialties Burgers

Wing Night Thursday 8 – 10pm 10 Wings - $3.99 15 Wings - $5.99


B-B-Q, Steaks ‘ Entrees

Breakfast is served on Saturday & Sunday as well as an All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet

Open 7 days a week Just for Kids Menu Monday – Friday: 11 am – 9 pm Saturday: 8 am – 9 pm Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm Breakfast Served Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 1 pm Check out our Great Menu On-Line:

Rewards Program



SCREAMIN’ EAGLE® FAT EXHAUST SHIELDS FOR SOFTAIL® MODELS Chrome or Jet Black Shields Blend with Muffler for Muscular Look

The new Headlamp Modulation Kit ($99.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® flashes a low beam from full- to low-intensity four times per second to make the bike and rider more conspicuous on the road. The Headlamp Modulation Kit includes an override switch to allow the rider to activate modulation when desired and features a light sensor so modulation will only occur during daytime. Two versions are offered: P/N 67700139 fits 2012 Dyna® Switchback, 1987-later Electra Glide®, Street Glide®, and Road King® models, and 1998-later Road Glide® models. P/N 67700078 fits 2005-later V-Rod™, 2004-later Sportster®, Softail® and most Dyna models. Not compatible with HID or LED Headlamps. HEADLAMP MODULATION KITS FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON Flashes the Low Beam Four Times Per Second to Improve Conspicuity The new Headlamp Modulation Kit ($99.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® flashes a low beam from full- to low-intensity four times per second to make the bike and rider more conspicuous on the road. The Headlamp Modulation Kit includes an override switch to allow the rider to activate modulation when desired and features a light sensor so modulation will only occur during daytime. Two versions are offered: P/N 67700139 fits 2012 Dyna® Switchback, 1987-later Electra Glide®, Street Glide®, and Road King® models, and 1998-later Road Glide® models. P/N 67700078 fits 2005-later V-Rod™, 2004-later Sportster®, Softail® and most Dyna models. Not compatible with HID or LED Headlamps. HOLLYWOOD HANDLEBAR FROM HARLEY-DAVIDSON Classic Style and Black Finish is Perfect for Bobber-Style Custom Projects




The new Hollywood Handlebar (P/N 55800050, $109.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® combines the laid-back riding attitude of the 1940s with a shape and black finish that’s perfect for today’s new-school, stripped-down bobbers. Introduced as Original Equipment on the 2012 Softail® Slim model, this traditional, cross-bar equipped handlebar features limited rise, a narrow profile and gentle pull-back shape. The Hollywood Handlebar fits 2010later Forty-Eight™, 2006-later Street Bob®, 2010-later Wide Glide®, 2000-later Heritage Softail Custom, Fat Boy® and Fat Boy® Lo, and 2008-later Softail Deluxe models. Installation requires separate purchase of additional components. SINGLE-SIDE SWINGARM BAG FOR SPORTSTER® MODELS A Handy Bag Available in Black or Brown Distressed Leather The new Sportster® Single-Sided Swingarm Bag (P/N 90200572 Black Leather, P/N 90200573 Brown Distressed Leather; $219.95) from Harley-Davidson Genuine Motor Accessories® will hold riding essentials a rider might otherwise stuff into pockets or bungee across the passenger pillion. Constructed of heavyweight leather, the bag features a pouch-style flap lid that is secured with two quick-disconnect clips hidden behind traditional straps and buckles. The semi-rigid-backed bag is secured to the left side of the bike with easy-toinstall brackets and adjustable straps. Shaped to hug the contour of the frame, this 430cubic-inch capacity bag gives a Sportster an old school look. It fits 2004-later Sportster models equipped with solo seats. Installation requires removal of any passenger pegs.


HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 432 South Main Street • Gloverville, NY 518-725-3698


HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 1152 Front Street • Binghamton, NY 607-773-0264 27


HARLEY-DAVIDSON® 4870 Commercial Drive • New York Mills, NY 315-797-5570

There is going to be a new article added to the magazine of the Fast Lane Family, called “Life in the Fast Lane.” This article will cover events of the Team’s travels outside of New York State. The first article is from the island of Oahu in the cities of Waikiki and Honolulu!, Hawaii. My travels for work have taken me to the island for 3 weeks. Of course, on the weekends, I just had to rent a Harley!! Where else would I go, but a Harley dealership. There I met Sonja Johnson of the rental team as well as a member of the Pacific Knights Motorcycle Club. She filled my in on the numerous clubs on the island and pointed me in the direction of the Ray Pagan and Street Bikers United Hawaii who broadcast all the events on the island for all the bikers groups to see. A member of the American Legion Riders –Chapter 79, Chuck Patterson contacted me about their 4th Annual Legacy Scholarship Poker Run. The event raises funds for scholarships for the children of fallen service members. He was happy to accommodate the story and photo opportunity for their event. The event started Sunday morning, 8am at Cycle City Harley-Davidson and traveled to 4 locations before ending at the Oahu Veterans Center. Riders departed in small groups because the traffic on the island is too busy for a lot of us together. Fast Lane Biker took off with a couple members of the local HOG Chapter- Windward Oahu. The president, Carl Kaleugher, along with Steve Loretto, Erik Heins, and “Wild Dog” Takenaka teamed up with me for the run. Our first stop hit the Hawaii Extreme Paintball Club where everyone took their turn on some targets. The best shooters got to try their hands in a Texas Hold em’ tourney at the end of the run. After leaving the paintball range we, stopped at Club J&C Lounge, the Bronco Bar and ended at the Oahu Veterans Club to complete our poker hands! The Veterans Club is there for the many veterans that live on the island. The best poker hand won a great prize, but I had no chance with a 10-high.



Once at the end, I was honored to meet such great people in all the local biker groups. One of the first groups that pulled in was the Buffalo Soldiers. The president, “Slice” and his cabinet were all present. Other members from the Pacific Knights were present and I met Mary Bashaw, who had sent me a message about the event. The Legacy Vets, Rough Riders, C.I.A., and Templars were among the other groups that joined in. Chuck Patterson took over the event crowd with his personality, which was perfect for being behind the microphone for the event. I was introduced by Chuck and got to tell everyone about Fast Lane Biker and I was honored to be a part of their cause. There was great food, excellent music from a local band, prizes, and games for the riders (slow Ride and tire toss). The Texas Holdem’ winner “Polecat,” won a 90 day rental from Cycle City H-D. Now that’s a prize! Fast Lane Biker – New York would like to thank all the riders from the island of Oahu for the great hospitality and the invite to the event for a great cause. Mahalo! by Brian Gage - Fast Lane Biker – New York


Name: Lori Vaun Age: 41 Occupation: CNA Name: Lori Vaun Name: Lori Vaun Age: 41 Where do you live: Norwich, NY Age: 41 Occupation: CNA What do you ride: Occupation: CNA Harley Sportster Where do you live: Norwich, NY Where do you live: Norwich, NY Who influenced you? Stacey Sharrot - R.I.P. What do you ride? Harley Sportster What do you ride? Harley Sportster Country or city rider? Who influenced you? Country Stacey Sharrot - RIP Who influenced you? Stacey Sharrot - RIP Country or City rider? Country Favorite route? Countryriding or City rider?Anywhere Country on the open road Favorite ride route? Anywhere on the open road Bugs or windshield? Favorite ride route? Windshield. Anywhere on the open road Bugs or windshield? Windshield Bugs or windshield? Windshield Your Yourdream dreambike bikewould wouldbe? be?Heritage HeritageSoftail Softail Your dream bike would be? Heritage Softail Any other info or whatever else you want Any other info or whatever else you want toto Any other info or whatever else you want to add: Best thing I everdid did wasget get a bike nothing add... Best thing a bike, nothing like add: Best thing II ever ever didwas was get a bike nothing like the wind in your face, be safe and have fun... like the wind in your face, be safe and have fun... the wind in your face, be safe and have fun...



Name: Steven Stone Age: 25 Occupation: Construction Where do you live: Sheds NY Name: What do Steven you ride:Stone 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Age: 25 How long have Construction you been riding: I started riding at Occupation: Where you live: Sheds NY bike. the age do of 5, I started on a nimi What do you ride: 2008 Kawasaki Vulcan 900 Who influenced you? I started riding on my own. I How long have you been riding: I started riding found interesting and iton became at the itage of 5, I started a mini my bikehobby. Who influenced I started riding my Favorite ride route you: and why? Route 26 oronanything own. I found it interesting and it became my with corners. hobby. Country orriding city rider? Country rider Favorite route and why? Route 26 or anything with corners. Favorite spot to stop bar, grill or restaurant? Country or city rider? Country rider Anywhere with to thestop people I am riding with Favorite place – bar, grill or restaurant: Bugs or windshield? (no windshield) Anywhere with theBug people I am riding with Bugs or Wndshield: Bug (no Your dream bike would be? Brandwindshield) new V-Rod Your dream bike would be: Brand new V-Rod

Would you like to be featured in ‘Women in the Wind’you or like ‘Men All you have to Would to& beMotorcycles’? featured in ‘Women in the Wind’ do‘Men is email us at with or & Motorcycles’? All you have to do is email us at questions, the question, your answers, with and the 2 pictures ofyour you answers pictures of you and your ride so we canin and your and ride,2 so we can feature YOU right here featureFast YOULane right here Lane Biker NY! Bikerin–Fast New York! 31







New Exhaust Systems

NO, louder does not mean faster or better performance. Most people change their exhaust for one of two reasons... The first is to make it look cooler and the second is for performance. In most cases just changing the exhaust will just make it louder and piss off the neighbors. When changing to a more free flowing exhaust, you must also match an air cleaner to it and either add a power commander or reprogram the bike to make the bike run right. Short drag pipes make the biggest difference, while some slip on mufflers will need no changes at all. The loss of back pressure can cost you performance and horse power when the new exhaust is added. You will want to tune and rejet the carb. With EFI models you will need to be remapped to offset the lack of back pressure, most people use a power commander. To get the right setting you must also know if you’re looking for a low to mid-range performance or high end torque. Your exhaust is not just an expensive chrome noisemaker. It regulates such things like exhaust gas velocity, thermal, and sonic pulse. We do not want to get too deep into it, let’s just say you need back pressure. When adding a new exhaust, you will need to check on everything you will need to make the bike run like it should. Don’t complain that the other guys or girls are running faster and better than you if you just put an exhaust on and nothing else. P.S. Have you serviced that bike yet?




Biker Bars & Restaurants Centros Restaurant & Tap Room 1678 Cortland St DeRuyter, NY 13052 (315)852-1122

Cycle City

1 Main Street Oxford, NY 13830 (607)843-5255

84 North Main St Sherburne, NY 13460 (607)674-9281

Custom Bikes

Strip Club ChoppersNY

Parts & Accessories

439 S. Main Street Massena, NY 13663 (315)764-3115


Heritage Cycles

Park Place

7-9 East Park Place Norwich, NY 13815 (607)336-7275

Quaker Steak & Lube

3535 Walter's Road Syracuse, NY 13209 (315)451-9464

R-Bar and Grill

9660 Ridge Rd. North Rose, NY 14516 (315)587-6000

Rockin’ Roadhouse

1298 State Hwy 8 Mt. Upton, NY 13809 (607)764-8787

Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant

Corner South Canal St. Oxford, NY 13830 (607)843-6555

131 W Seneca St #314 Manlius, NY 13104 315-317-5758

B&M Performance Cycles

Dusty’s Dairy Bar & Grill 6072 State Hwy 12 Norwich, NY 13815 (607) 336-6364 64 North Main St. Sherburne, NY 13460 (607)674-4397

Sherburne Sports

Stadium Bar & Grill

Tikki’s Adult Boutique 1136 Rt. 222 Groton Plaza

Cortland, NY 13045 (607)753-8800

44 West Main St. Mayfield, NY 12117 (518)661-6815

Custom Paint & Airbrushing

Underground Leather


Toon Town Kustom Paint (973)676-0050 (845)258-6700

11 Clinton Avenue Cortland, NY 13045 (607)756-4205


Adirondack HarleyDavidson, Inc.

112 Bellen Road Broadalbin, NY 12025 (518)883-1128



Harter Insurance

207 County Rd 32A Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-7077

4870 Commercial Drive New York Mills, NY (315) 797-5570


Southern Tier Harley - Davidson

Howard Johnsons

1152 Front St. Binghamton , NY (607) 773-0264

75 N Broad St. Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-2200



CNY Power Sports

Lamination Preservation

3871 US Route 11, Cortland, NY 13045 (607)756-6578

Gallery & Framing

6005 State Farm road Guilderland, NY 12084 (518)464-8933



174 Route 17N Sloatsburg, NY 10974 (845)712-5406

ESR Motorsports

115 Whites Hill rd. Guilford, NY 13780 (607)334-2888

Granby Cycles

27 Dey Road Fulton, NY 13069 (315)593-6407

JJ’s Cycles

1397 Broadway Watervliet, NY 12189 (518)266-9657

Ronnie’s Motorsports

2337 Western Ave. Guilderland, NY 12084 (877)665-BIKE (2453)

S&J Motorcycle Service Center

1418 Martin Hill Road Corning, NY 14839 (607)962-2531


763 New Virginia Rd. Oxford, NY 13830 (607)895-6222

Tattoo Shops

Under My Skin Tattoo 73 Memorial Parkway Atlantic Highlands, NJ (732)872-4092


Tobacco Road Trikes & Cycles

4472 State Route 374 Merrill, NY 12955 (518)425-6123

On July 27th, Fast Lane Biker – New York had the pleasure of being part of the 1st Annual Norwich Cruise - In, held at the Howard Johnson in Norwich New York. Thanks to Dana Meyer, General Manager of Howard Johnson, Linda McNeil and the Norwich Merchants Association, it was a HUGE success! There were tons of bikes and show cars/trucks for all to see. Thanks to the American Legion Riders from Post 189 who helped to park everyone. Vendors set up with all their goods, even Fast Lane Biker, many raffles, food from Karolyn’s Krossroad’s Cafe, awesome music by RockStar DJ, Northeast Classic Car Museum, Oneonta Freebirds MC, and the incredible Marine Tribute Bike from Mr. Larry Tremblay. Out back of Howard Johnson’s the “burn out pit” was set up. There were only a few bikes that took a chance, but with all the smoke, it seemed like more. Scott Oaks won the best burn out. Winners from the show were Mike King, Jim Daily, Walt Davies (who won two categories) and Joe Locavio. The weather was awesome and everyone enjoyed the night. Fast Lane Biker – New York would like to Thank Dana and her awesome staff for supporting us and Thank You to Fred and Yvonne Huntley for their help running our booth. We are all looking forward to the next Cruise-In coming up next month on October 12th. by Paula Monroe




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