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Hello Fast Lane Family,

We have some new family members appearing in the November Issue, so everyone be sure to welcome them when you get a chance. Our family is getting bigger and better!

Brian Gage Publisher

Welcome to Schepp’s Branded BBQ and Bar in East Syracuse, Breast Cancer Killers of NY in Schenectady (October), OC’s Fat Boy BBQ in Syracuse, and Chenango Welding and Supply LLC. in Norwich, NY. We all will see you at future events and in the magazine. “LIFE IN THE FAST LANE” hosted by Tom Mele on MadhouseTV every Saturday night at 8pm will keep you informed on what the bike builders in the state of New York are doing, upcoming events in Fast Lane Biker New York and talk about “Bikers Making A Difference”. Check it out “LIVE” every Saturday night. Become a part of Life in the Fast Lane by having your ad in the pages of Fast Lane Biker New York!

Paula Gage Accounts Manager

The winter months are coming on, so be looking for some events that will cover snowmobiles and ATV, because I know a lot of the Bikers that I have met at the events this year also have other play toys!!! Get a hold of Fast Lane Biker New York and we’ll get your gatherings in here so everyone knows what’s going on. Check out the Ads in the magazine. There are a few businesses that can store your machines for the winter, do that maintenance you have been wanting to get done, and modify your bikes for the spring. You might even be ready for a custom bike. The one-of-a-kind two or three wheeled noise-makers that will catch the eyes of the other riders. To everyone in the biker community……Send Fast Lane your scheduled events for 2013! Our calendar is starting to fill and we want you listed as early as possible so everyone can mark their calendars.

Brian & Paula

Fast Lane Biker New York



5368 State Hwy 12

NOVEMBER 3 – BREAST CANCER KILLERS of NY presents PINK and BLACK BREAKOUT BASH - Bad Pig Saloon – Starts at 7pm -? Live Music! $20 Donation at door. 50/50 Raffle. Location: 989 River Rd., Schenectady, NY. Phone: (518) 887-2312. More info call Patricia(518)2296702

Norwich, NY 13815

Phone (607) 336-3373 Fax: (607)336-2363

NOVEMBER 4 – BIKE NIGHT 12:00 PM Host Robert G Porter - Come for the music and support a local biker running for NYS Assembly “VOTE THEM OUT” Location at Bogies 297 Ontario St. Albany NY 12208 State NY (518) 482-4393 Email: DECEMBER 9 – 27th Annual TOY RUN –THE WHO CARES COMMITTEE To Benefit the St. Christophers R.T.C. Sign up: 9:30-11:30 at Sears in Hicksville, NY. Donation $15(person) and an unwrapped Toy. Party to follow at Hicksville VFW Hall – 320 S. Broadway, Hicksville, NY – South of Sears ½ Mile. FOOD, MUSIC, PRIZES. www. For Info Call:(516)2868192


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ARTATTACK Thanks Fast Lane Biker for taking the time to come over and visit with us this year at the “Rendezvous.” The Potters and Chuck Schmidt do an excellent job at that event I have to tell you even though we took first place that day it was filled with diversity. No matter how prepared you think you are things can happen in a split second things your not expecting. Take our first qualifying Heat I get up to the line the bike is running fine I go to give her a quick rapp with the throttle and NO response. Dumbfounded, I look the bike over and can’t see anything wrong. That’s when ED, my Lineman says my throttle cable is hanging like a big fur ball at the Grip! So I take the Throttle body with my hand and move the butterfly with my finger and the motor responded as normal. I had Ed put her in Gear and I went down the track with one hand on the throttle body and the other steering the bike. A one handed-pull and a full pull to boot. Now that was exciting but, also not the norm and I was lucky to pull it off. I head to the pits and half the crew didn’t even know what happened. We let the bike cool down a bit and as always, had to check the fuel. I pull the body from over the tank and when I did, the kill-switch wire shorted out and literally burned the wire harness out of the bike. Me, like a dummy, grabbed the battery wire and went to pull it off. Bad move! The wire doesn’t brake that easy and I seriously burned my hand. I picked plastic out of my fingers and it ^@&#^&* hurt. I had a weak moment and said, “pour gasoline over it and burn the rest of it for all I care”. My pit crew never witnessed those kind of exasperating words from me and that was all Leonard had to hear. He took over and gave detailed jobs to the three other pit members and rewired the bike in less than an hour. He finished with 15 minutes to spare. The bike fired up ran like a champ. We went to the starting line and once again made a full pull for the win this time. I tell this story because even though I’m the “Pilot of the Trike”, it took a lot of good friends and skilled craftsmen to make this Trike a winner. Back when we first built this machine, actually it was Jim Niedhammer (The Monster) ,Scot Moule (Groovy), Freddy Mastroianni (Mastercheese) and myself (Artattack) built it. We brought it to the first Easyrider Rodeo back in 91. We basically got laughed at and chastised about the bike. We originally built the Trike for the sand drags and made the bike so it was able to cross over to pulling.



In Drag racing most all of them use a weight transfer method of set up as we did, making it as long as we were aloud to by Easyrider. We took advantage of the weight transfer when we showed up in Middletown for our first pulling event. No one had seen a Puller as long as ours and since it wasn’t how everyone else was doing it, we got razzed to no end, although the rest of the bike wasn’t set up as it is today. Actually, the rest of the set up was pretty lame. We had a stock narrow glide in front and ran duel wheels on the back. We had almost no traction and at a game where its all about the traction. The Trike fell short and only pulled the sled 30 feet so, maybe the razzing was warranted in some ways. The Artattack was the first long bike. However, on the pulling circuit and as much harassment as we got two years later, there were a half dozen long bikes. I guess they did some homework and used our method. The Trike, because of stubbornness, lack of experience and money only went a few years with not doing too much better than that day. I call it a learning curve. We needed better tires a lighter front end and more horse power. In 1999, we took the 98 inch motor out of it and put in a 120. We ran that way for a year or two but still needed better tires, so .we picked up a set of aggressive tractor tires stretched them out over a set of 18 inch wheels. They were better but not the hot set up. Still being stubborn because of lack of knowledge we decide we needed even more power and that’s when The Monster and Groovy happen to be down in Florida for the Smokey Yunick garage sale after he passed away. A few years back The Monster said, he was looking at some boxes up on a self and thats when he found a Hillborne injection system for a V Twinn. Nice find, and now the Trike is a full bore breathing alcohol machine with a Hillborne Throttle Body Injection Pump and Kinsler pill selector. Awesome set up and I also have to mention, it’s still to this day, the only Alcohol Injected Trike puller in the nation! So now that we have basically all the HP we need but we still need better tires. I took my whole tax return the following year and invested in a set of Dick Cepeck giant puller tires and because the closer your wheels are together, the greater the weight in a shorten span and it gives you more traction. We ordered the new wheels and bought them offset by 10 inches which brought the tires in closer.


Forward foot pegs were put on because my feet could no longer fit between the tires and frame. I also had to add fenders because of the rule change. I don’t really like them and only run them for Easyrider. Now I’m thinking we have the set up and hit the events steady that year, but we still weren’t consistent and more times than not, we didn’t place. There was one other thing we hadn’t tried yet. The Trike used to have a stock narrow glide front end on it in 2006. We scrapped the narrow glide and built a front end from a set of trees from a 350x three wheeler. Down tubes made of chrome molly and added a lightweight racing wheel. The old nose weighed about 100 lbs and the new one weighed 17 lbs. That was a game changer and a significant advantage. Another first for Trike Pullers. A solid lightweight front end. I also put my fuel tank back under the seat and that also took a few pounds off the nose. So now we have the ultimate Trike. I thought even though you have the best of the best, it takes experience and knowledge of track conditions, weight placement, and Trike position on the track. It’s taken the last six years to bring it all together. Although it’s taken the last 20 years to be a contender, The Artattack is now respected in all the Trike pulling events across the nation. I thought we would never get there, but perseverance paid off and it’s nice to be in the winning circle a few times a year, than not. I truly have to say sometimes it’s just as much fun watching people looking at this piece of machinery and asking questions as you did Brian when we met that day. It’s been a lot of fun for me over the years and has given me the opportunity to be in a great circle of friends. Many I consider my brothers This Trike started with a few conversations. Some what ifs, and its fruition was in a back yard garage. You’d be surprised what’s being built in those tucked away backyard garages . I would like to dedicate this story to all the men who made this machine a reality To Jim Niedahammer, Scot Moule, Leonard Prettious, Freddy Mastroianni, Glen Rappasardo , Speedy. My pit team: Ed Oberting, Jim Connery, Pete Parisi and many others. I invite the readers of Fast Lane Biker New York, to experience a Trike pulling event. It’s a great time and you might even be inspired to build one. If you do, make sure you have a conversation with me. I can save you a lot of time and offer my knowledge for the price of friendship and a good laugh or two. Thanks Brian for being curious and stopping over and checking us out. Fast Lane Biker is a great venue for bikers of all kinds. Peace Brother, Artattack - Art Tuper



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Jason's Run Supported by American Legion Riders Post 259 Oneonta NY or you can e-mail us at YOUR SAFETY MATTERS & IT'S WHY WE'RE HERE FOR YOU!


by John Phelan, Steward of the Lake Echo Lake has been a part of southern tier for generations. In 1765 General Clinton left Binghamton with 1600 men on a mission to clear out hostile Indians thru to Cooperstown. When he arrived in Afton (still part of Jericho at that time) he found the Indians had burned their crops and settlements on the 5 islands south of Afton on the Susquehanna River and vanished. Lore has it that the Indians retreated to the wilderness around Echo Lake and other lakes in the County. Unfortunately for the Indians the White man wanted much more that just the timber, they most especially wanted the Hydro power from lakes such as Echo to establish sawmills. The lore continues, that the Indians put up a great battle at Echo and other mill sites, but alas were no match for a trained army with firearms. One of their last stands was said to be here at the lake. It is my firm belief that the Indian spirits are happy and at peace now. They know that there is finally someone here who wishes to put back into this great place as opposed to always taking from it. After the Revolution 1776, thee was conflict between NY and Vermont over property lines. A large group of folks in west Vermont sided with NY and supported the NY cause. Unfortunately for them, Vermont won the battle and they were cast out of Vermont and their farms and possessions destroyed. These folks came to be known as the “Vermont Sufferers". NY decided to reward their loyalty by giving land grants to these folks and All of Afton, Bainbridge and Eastern Coventry (still know as Jericho) were ceded to the Sufferers. The Land grants included Echo Lake. The first recorded history of the Lake starts circa 1801 when it was called “Aunt Dotha’s Pond”. Dotha, a spinstress, lived alone in this remote and pristine area until 1892 when her nephew Steven utilized the Lakes’ hydropower for his sawmill and renamed the Lake ECHO because of it’s resounding responses to sound. The mill ran until Steven’s passing around 1915 and since the industrial revolution and cheap oil was the word of the day the property fell into disrepair. Around 1929 and throughout the prohibition era Echo Lake was a popular get away spot. 1952 brought a massive development project turning the property into a campground, restaurant, dance hall and seasonal bar.



Through 1972 the Echo was a mandatory stop for many famous country western bands before they hit Nashville, hosting hundreds of people for each summer event. The most recent decades have seen the Lake again fall into disrepair and the property was often used for less than desirable purposes.

John Phelan

Restoration of the property since April of 2012 has been a massive and at times daunting process for the new operator, John Phelan (myself) of Afton, NY. Miles of water pipe was repaired, the lake and 140 acre property was cleared and cleaned and numerous projects on the physical plant were completed. This work allowed Echo Lake to once again become a NYS Licensed Campground and resort for the future. Most of the work was just sweat, love and common sense. Several capital projects remain to be done including a replacement roof on one of the buildings. It is my dream to restore the Echo to it’s earlier status as the place to be for fun in the sun and the 35 acre Lake with it’s floating center bog to Adirondack lodge camping without the drive. Echo Lake is one of the larger Lakes in Chenango County and the only privately owned lake of its size. It is also a fishing and wildlife preserve sporting God’s creatures of nearly every type, including the Bald Eagle. The Lake will be a place for the public to swim, boat, picnic and enjoy the fellowship of others in a safe and clean environment. Echo Lake presently offers 35 RV and 57 tent sites and I intend to incorporate alternative energy and eco-friendly projects and policies John Phelan throughout its continued growth. “AWAKE THE LAKE” - September 21 - 23, 2012 to benefit the Moose Riders Club Fast Lane Biker – New York visited the newly renovated Echo Lake, with it’s beautiful surroundings, numerous camping spots, and enjoyed the live music, vendors, and events all weekend. The Moose Riders did a great job putting it all together. The event was so enjoyable and relaxing, that Fast Lane Biker New York will be having their first annual event at Echo Lake, May 17-19 of 2013. Look for all the details in the events calendar in the upcoming issues. Get your camp sites now! Come be a part of our new tradition with us and check Echo Lake out for yourselves. I can see this event joining the likes of the Rendezvous and Catskill Mountain. Thee trio of Annual events. by Fast Lane Biker – New York 11

rider that the brake cursor for like a You will do this is simple; get on your those. ride It and go to an empty parking lot. articulated; Dedilever is cate some time now and again to prac- or ticing quick stops. You want to developany Treat it an understanding of your machine’s former. braking capabilities. More importantly, “death

Using the Right Hand. In Part 1 of this article published in last month’s issue, I discussed considerations for hand position, proper throttle usage, and provided some commentary on brake application. For this month’s column, I’ll continue with additional details on the latter. Additionally, I’ll dedicate some time to correct wrist position. PART 2 Stating the obvious; you apply front brake pressure under three scenarios; stopping, slowing, or mounting/ dis-mounting the motorcycle. You want your fingers on the brake lever when you need your brakes, or you think you need your brakes. At all other times, your fingers should not be in contact with your brake lever. This ensures that you avoid un-intentional brake application. Example; crossing over an obstacle or pot hole when not prepared for it. The surprise associated with those incidents might cause a flinching effect where you in-advertently grab that front brake. You never want to grab a front brake. Instead, use a progressive application of force until the lever is fully retracted; more on that in a moment. Now, if in a scenario where un-certainty causes stopping quickly or slowing repeatedly to be a high probability occurrence, covering your brake lever will reduce response time by several tenths of a second. But be cognizant that covering your brake lever inhibits proper throttle rollon. Therefore, avoid covering your brakes while riding at speed.

you want to develop and practice the coordination needed to apply that front brake with a smooth, progressive squeeze of the lever. There is never any reason for abrupt and aggressive physical inputs to any of your motorcycle’s controls. That is especially true for brake application. With time and effort, you can develop the coordination needed for safe and effective braking. It might keep you alive. A final thought on proper wrist position. While a motorcycle is moving at speed, the rider should position their wrist such that the palms of their hands are able to apply forward pressure to the grips. Your wrists should be slightly extended/ bent. A way to visualize this; while holding your grips, your knuckle position is slightly higher than your wrist position. You will want your hands placed this way for several reasons. First, for the ability to counter-steer. Turn initiation at speed requires pressing forward on the grip of choice. You will need palm pressure to initiate that press. Second, if you are in an extreme braking scenario, you will need to brace for an aggressive bodyweight shift forward during the initial stage of brake application. As your front forks compress, the momentum of your upper body moving forward will carry it over your fuel tank. Be prepared to stop that forward motion with palm pressure on both grips. Additionally, the finger extension needed to activate your brake lever is better accomplished if your wrists are positioned as described with your knuckles slightly higher.

As far as application of that brake lever, modulate pressure such that it is gradual and progressive. Use all four fingers on your lever when braking. Doing so will provide better physical coordination of the action. Braking is an area where all of us need work. When we first learn to operate an automobile, we realize that stopping under extreme circumstances means stomping on a brake pedal. When we attempt to transfer that skill to riding a motorcycle, we carry over that stomping effect. We in-correctly allow that effect to carry over to brake lever application by grabbing. In a recent conversation on this topic, someone used the term “ham fisted”. These actions can get us into big trouble faster than we realize.

Ride safe. Always.

(Rocco Capoccia has been employed teaching new and experienced motorcyclists how to ride correctly for the past five-years. He may be contacted at

Avoid aggressive grabbing of your front brake lever at all times, even under emergency braking scenarios. The best way to






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Meet Cot�... 5’2”, 110 lbs. and is a real estate agent for Jandali Realt�. She models, sings, loves spor�s, working out and enjoys the g�eat outdoors but especially loves all the qualit� time she spends with her daughter Niveah. Photos by... Mark Vetrini




‘Git ‘Er Done’ Owner: Gary Richards Builders: Gary Richards, Ross Jackson Year/Model: 2011 Softail Custom Construction Time to build: 2 years part time building Painter Todd at Hamilton’s Collision Color: Candy Red Engine: 110” Revtech Transmission: Baker 6 speed Frame: Custom built Front forks: 52 mm inverted Front wheel: 4xI8 Revtech Slime Ball Rear wheel: 8.5x Revtech Slime Ball

Front brake: Hawg Halters 4 piston Rear brake: Hawg Halters 4 piston Front tire: 130 x 70 x 18 Avon Rear tire: 250 x 40 x 18 Avon Front fender: J&R Fabrications, Salem, VA Rear fender: J&R Fabrications, Salem, VA Rear shocks: Hidden air ride Headlight: Pro 1 Taillight: J&R Fabrications, Salem, VA Fuel tank: J&R Fabrications, Salem, VA Oil tank: J&R Fabrications, Salem, VA Handlebars: Pro 1 Seat: Jeff at Hot Tails, Myrtle Beach, SC License bracket: PRO 1 Mirrors: PRO 1 Hand controls: Custom Chrome Foot controls: Custom Chrome




Any other info or whatever else you want to add: Nothing clears the mind better than some "Two-Wheeled Therapy"

"Two-Wheeled Therapy"

Name: Amy Joelle Roe Age: 41 Occupation: Physician Assistant Where do you live? Syracuse, NY What do you ride? 1999 Yamaha V-Star Classic 650, 2003 HarleyDavidson 883 Sportster Self Taught or classes: Classes Country or city rider? Both Favorite ride route? No favorite route yet... Bugs or windshield? I HATE bugs, and ride without a windshield. Favorite spot to stop at: Bob’s Barbeque in Homer, NY Favorite event attended: I have enjoyed all the events that I have attended, and have met a lot of wonderful people. Your dream bike would be? B&M Performance Cycles ‘Twisted’ (Big Red). Merlon and his crew have Would YOU like to be featured in... built a beautiful bike. ‘Women in the Wind’ or ‘Men & Motorcycles’? Any other info or whatever else you want to All you have to do is email us at with the questions, your answers and 2 pictures of you and your ride so add... Nothing clears the mind better than some ‘TwoWheeled Therapy’ we can feature YOU right here in Fast Lane Biker NY!



Name: Name:Kevin KevinL. L.Springer Springer Age: 55 Age: 55 Occupation: Occupation:Superintendent Superintendentof of Buildings/Grounds Buildings/Grounds & Transportation for Otselic Valley & Transportation for Otselic ValleyCentral CentralSchool School Where you live: South Wheredodo you live: SouthOtselic, Otselic,NY NY What ride: Harley-Davidson, Whatdo doyou you ride: Harley Davidson,2011 2011Tri TriGlide Glide Ultra UltraClassic Classic How you been riding: About 8 years total, Howlong longhave have you been riding: About 8 years total, many had aa 750 750Triumph, Triumph,second secondyear year manyyears years ago ago II had with withthe the Trike Trike Who you? Whoinfluenced influenced you:My Myfriends friendshad hadbikes bikeswhen when I was always wanted wantedaaHarley Harleyand andmy wasyounger, younger, II have always my wife convinced meget to itget it wife convinced me to Favorite routeroute and why? Anywhere on aon country Favoriteride riding and why? Anywhere a country just to the scenery road justroad to enjoy theenjoy scenery Countryoror city rider? Country Rider Country city rider? Country Rider Favoriteevent event you attended: favorite event, Favorite you attended? NoNo favorite event, every every time myand wife andaI chance get a chance to and ride enjoy and time my wife I get to ride enjoy the scenery, fresh and the open the scenery, fresh air andairthe open road road Yourdream dream bike would I have Hopefully Your bike would be?be: I have it. it. Hopefully in in my my later years I will still be able to enjoy it later years I will still be able to enjoy it Favoriteplace place stopBar, – bar, or restaurant: Favorite to to stop... grillgrill or restaurant? Anywhere there is cold beer and friends Anywhere there is cold beer and friends Words wisdom to new riders: Always respect Words ofof wisdom to new riders? Always respect your your ride, be careful ride, be careful Bugsoror Windshield: Bugs Bugs windshield? Bugs Looking forward to what in 2013: A long ride fora a Looking forward to what in 2013? A long ride for couple of weeks, maybe South couple of weeks, maybe South Anyother other things want to or say or add? It doesn’t Any things youyou want to say add? It doesn’t matter where you are or what you are riding, matter where you are or what you are riding,every every bikerwaves waves to to you you on biker on the teh open openroad. road. What Whataagreat great feeling of of friendship friendship and Thank you feeling and family. family. Thank youfor for having me me in in your your magazine, having magazine,IIlove loveyou youguys!!! guys!!!To TY everyone – enjoy and be safe. to everyone - enjoy and be safe.








Handlebars: Make or Break the Bike�

The handlebars are very important part of your bike. The new bikes come with the one size fits all handlebars. We all know one size fits all translates to one size fits some and the rest, make do. If we all were the same height, same arm length and shoulder width, this would be fine. We are not. Now we all know handlebars do a few things. First, they are a major part of the look of your bike. You want them to flow with the design of the bike. There are road bars, ape hangers, drag bars, clip on and a lot of custom bars. You also want the handlebars to set at a good height so they’re easy to reach and comfortable. The way the handlebars set will affect your back, neck, wrist and even how your butt feels. If you’re fighting them, it can suck the fun out of the ride. Now when picking a new set of bars you have a few things to look at. You want to cover the gas tank so it doesn’t get marked up. Then loosen the bars up and when sitting on the bike see where you think you would like then. If it feels wrong, it most likely is wrong. They have to be up high enough to clear the tank and wide enough to not hit the tank when turning. If you raised the handlebars enough you will need to change cables and wiring that can get costly with Ape hangers. You will most likely need new gas and clutch cable, master cylinder front brake hose/line and control wires. DO NOT get brake fluid on the gas tank. You will not be a happy camper. You also may have to remove the gas tank to get to the wires in most bikes. This may also require you to change wires in the plug ends and sometimes remove plugins to get the wires inside the handle bars. When putting the bars back on, make sure they clear the tank and that the cables are long enough. You don’t want the bike revving up when you turn the bars. I have heard people saying that changing handlebars is real easy. I will take this time to say in a lot of cases it is a bit of work. The main things to remember is this is not a quick job and you want to make sure you have everything you need to do the job right. P.S. All companies do not measure their handle bars the same, so check their charts or call and ask. Have fun and safe riding.



7-9 East Park Place, Norwich, NY 13815 607-336-7275 (PARK) 607-336-5460 (FAX)



½ price Appetizers Lounge 4-6pm

Appetizers Soups & Salads Pasta Specialties Burgers

Wing Night Thursday 8 – 10pm 10 Wings - $3.99 15 Wings - $5.99


B-B-Q, Steaks ‘ Entrees

Breakfast is served on Saturday & Sunday as well as an All You Can Eat Breakfast Buffet

Open 7 days a week Just for Kids Menu Monday – Friday: 11 am – 9 pm Saturday: 8 am – 9 pm Sunday: 8 am – 8 pm Breakfast Served Saturday & Sunday 8 am – 1 pm Check out our Great Menu On-Line:

Rewards Program


Biker Bars & Restaurants Beadle’s Bar 15 Lackawanna Ave Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-8706 Centros Restaurant & Tap Room 1678 Cortland St DeRuyter, NY 13052 (315)852-1122 Deer Path Restaurant 6064 State Highway 8 New Berlin, NY 13411 (607)847-8311 Dusty’s Dairy Bar & Grill 6072 State Hwy 12 Norwich, NY 13815 (607)336-6364 Gilligan’s 64 North Main St. Sherburne, NY 13460 (607)674-4397 Nina’s Pizzeria 32 South Broad St. Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-6278 OC’s Fat Boy BBQ 317 N. Salina St. Syracuse, NY 13203 (315)435-2453

Park Place 7-9 East Park Place Norwich, NY 13815 (607)336-7275 Quaker Steak & Lube 3535 Walter's Road Syracuse, NY 13209 (315)451-9464 R-Bar and Grill 9660 Ridge Road North Rose, NY 14516 (315)587-6000 Rockin’ Roadhouse 1298 State Hwy 8 Mt. Upton, NY 13809 (607)764-8787 Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant Corner South Canal St Oxford, NY 13830 (607)843-6555 Roma Pizzeria & Restaurant 25 Union Street Sidney, NY 13838 (607)563-8888 Schepp’s Branded BBQ and Bar 7119 Minoa Bridgeport Rd E. Syracuse, NY 13057 (315) 627-0315 Stadium Bar & Grill 1 Main Street Oxford, NY 13830 (607)843-5255


Custom Bikes Parts & Accessories B&M Performance Cycles 439 S. Main Street Massena, NY 13663 (315)764-3115 Heritage Cycles 44 West Main St. Mayfield, NY 12117 (518)661-6815

Custom Paint & Airbrushing ToonTownKustomPaint (973)676-0050 (845)258-6700

Insurance Harter Insurance 207 County Rd 32A Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-7077 ----------------

3550 George F Hwy Endwell, NY 13790 (607)785-0633

Lodging Howard Johnsons 75 N Broad St. Norwich, NY 13815 (607)334-2200

Retail Lamination Preservation 6005 State Farm road Guilderland, NY 12084 (518)464-8933


Sherburne Sports 83 North Main St. Sherburne, NY 13460 (607)674-9281

Granby Cycles 27 Dey Road Fulton, NY 13069 (315)593-6407

Strip Club Choppers NY 131 W Seneca St #314 Manlius, NY 13104 315-317-5758

JJ’s Cycles 1397 Broadway Watervliet, NY 12189 (518)266-9657

Tikki’s Adult Boutique 1136 Rt222 Groton Pz Cortland, NY 13045 (607)753-8800

Hillside Motorcycle & Machines 5225 S. Main St Munnsville,NY 13409 (315) 495-6650

Sales Adirondack HarleyDavidson, Inc. 112 Bellen Road Broadalbin, NY 12025 (518)883-1128 Harley-Davidson of Utica 4870 Commercial Dr. New York Mills, NY (315) 797-5570 Southern-Tier Harley-Davidson 1152 Front St. Binghamton, NY (607)773-0264

Service CNY Power Sports 3871 US Route 11 Cortland, NY 13045 (607)756-6578 ESR Motorsports 115 Whites Hill rd. Guilford, NY 13780 (607)334-2888

Ronnie’s Motorsports 2337 Western Ave. Guilderland,NY 12084 (877)665-BIKE (2453) S&J Motorcycle Service Center 1418 Martin Hill Rd. Corning, NY 14839 (607)962-2531 TNT Pro LLC. 763 New Virginia Rd. Oxford, NY 13830 (607)895-6222

Tattoo Shops

Under My Skin Tattoo

73 Memorial Pkwy Atlantic Highlands,NJ (732)872-4092


Tobacco Road Trikes & Cycles 4472 State Route 374 Merrill, NY 12955 (518)425-6123

Schepp’s Branded BBQ & Bar’s Grand Opening on October 6th was one of a kind! It was also the location of the first MADHOUSETV show, “LIFE IN THE FAST LANE” hosted by Tom Mele out of Long Island. I couldn’t think of a better way to start Tom’s show and have everyone meet Schepp’s owners, Shanin Stoddard and Jon Smalarz as well as the great customers that love their BBQ! The Grand Opening started at 1pm with JD and Rollinsouth on the stage kickin out some great country music and getting the place moving. Also inside next to the stage was Larry Tremblay with “The Marine Corp Tribute Bike” set up in an awesome display. Seeing this one of a kind machine and what it represents, is humbling. Outside, the vendors and bike builders were setup to show the crowd what they have created and to sell some merchandise. The builders included; B&M Performance Cycle, Crowbar Customs, Gearhead Cycles, and County Line Choppers. Strip Club Choppers NY and Breast Cancer Killers of New York set up booths right next to Fast Lane Biker – New York. At 530pm, MADHOUSETV went LIVE with “Life in the Fast Lane” and I walked around with a video feed showing everyone the Schepp’s Grand Opening in East Syracuse! We interviewed the bike builders, vendors, and even recorded a burnout by Hodgie. Tom Mele talked with the owners about their great place and then strategically set me up to eat their award winning “Hottest Wings”, and they were! I’m glad the show ended before the tears came out. After the live show, Code Red, featuring Gary Dunes took over the stage and got the crowd dancing. The owners personalities were definitely reflected in the crowd. It was like a class reunion with long lost friends. Thank you Schepp’s Branded BBQ & Bar, Christina and Shelly for coordinating the event with Fast Lane Biker New York. Fast Lane is looking forward to our future events! All businesses have facebook pages and the video is on “Life in the Fast Lane”. Get on over to Schepp’s and try their BBQ. Check out their ad and see what’s happening Photography by Shelly Uzunoff 27

“Wall of Ink” Artist: Tattoo Tony Rodriguez UNDER MY SKIN Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Artist: The Brothers O'Brien SYXX & SEVEN Now appearing at:

UNDER MY SKIN Atlantic Highlands, NJ

Artist: Francis Allen Cortland, NY Artist: Brandon Burr Critical Acclaim Tattoos Allentown, Pa



Fast Lane Biker New York Nov 2012  

Fast Lane Biker New York Nov 2012

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