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La presse internationale en V.O. pour progresser en anglais TREND London rising in the East I NEWSWEEK I

EXHIBITION Do the French get Lucian Freud?

15 au 28 avril 2010 — 2,80€ / Maroc 38 MAD / Tunisie 4,1 TND / Dom 4,30€ / Tom A 850 CFP


SCIENCE Looking for life under the sea



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[88] Obama’s health reform

La grande mesure

Un changement historique. I THE NEW YORK TIMES (US) I



Nous avons prouvé que ce gouvernement, un gouvernement élu par la nation pour servir la nation, continue d'agir pour la nation. Nous avons prouvé que nous restions un peuple capable de grandes choses ». Le 23 mars dernier, dans l' « East Room » de la Maison Blanche pleine à craquer, Barack Obama a signé un texte de loi visant à étendre la couverture maladie aux personnes non assurées et interdisant aux compagnies d'assurance de refuser la prise en charge d’une personne ayant des antécédents médicaux. « Ce soir, alors que les experts disaient que ce n'était plus possible, nous avons élevé le niveau de notre politique », s'est félicité le président. « Ce dispositif ne réglera pas tout ce qui affecte notre système d'assurance maladie, mais il nous fait avancer dans la bonne direction (...) C'est à cela que le changement ressemble », a-t-il ajouté. Deux jours plus tôt, le vote à la Chambre des représentants (219 contre 212) et l'adoption du texte avaient mis fin à une longue et âpre bataille parlementaire. C’est le récit de cette journée parlementaire mouvementée que nous publions dans ce numéro. Une réforme loin d’être parfaite, mais un vrai pas en avant ! ●

Erratum Nous avons publié en page 10 du numéro 591, malgré notre vigilance habituelle, une photo truquée de Charles Dodgson. Nous vous prions de bien vouloir nous en excuser.


[ ] Facile 8[8 8] difficulté moyenne [8 88] difficile 88 8

Écoutez en V.O. l’intégralité du magazine sur la « K7/CD de lecture ». Ne manquez pas les K7/CD de conversation animées par Judy Martinez (


Lessons at Indian hospital about births 9 Une leçon de santé publique. I THE NEW YORK TIMES (US) I



Is ‘Green Zone’ really appallingly anti-American?

[88] London rising in the East


Il y a de la vie à l’est.


Un film polémique ? I LOS ANGELES TIMES (US) I AVANCÉ


You can listen to how Matt Damon worked with professional soldiers in this latest war film.




American firms travel to Haiti to aid, and profit, in rebuild 16



Google’s computing power refines translation tool


Le calcul au service des langues.

Profiter de la reconstruction.

Are we heading toward a hung parliament? 17 A l’approche de l’élection.


[88] Buried alive: Half of Earth’s life may lie below land, sea 29



Découvrir la vie des océans.

[888] In archive and exhibit, The Dead live on 20

I STAR-TELEGRAPH/MCT (US) I AVANCÉ ET BASIQUE Katrina Edwards is our delightful guest on this week’s cd and she talks enthusiastically about her research in the deepest rocks with many international scientists.

Autour des Greatful Dead. I THE NEW YORK TIMES (US) I

[888] A Freudian slip-up




Une critique de l’exposition des peintures de Lucian Freud. I THE INDEPENDENT (GB) I AVANCÉ ET BASIQUE Lucian Freud’s interviews are few and far between and here we can enjoy listening to some extracts from those rare occasions.

Gérer son agenda


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72% In the UK, identity fraud is likely to accelerate in 2010 as organised criminals target the rich, according to a report. Some 72% of ID fraud in 2009 came in the second half of the year with company directors and business owners the most at risk Experian found. The credit reference agency said that the number of ID fraud victims rose by 20% in 2009 compared with 2008. idendity fraud usurpation d’identité / likely to susceptible de / to target viser, cibler.

Two bank robbery suspects — one dressed in a green leprechaun costume — were shot dead after a St. Patrick's Day chase and shootout with police in Tennessee. The case was reminiscent of the December 22 robbery in Nashville when a man dressed in a Santa suit — including hat, beard and moustache — held up a SunTrust Bank, demanding money from the teller at gunpoint.


robbery cambriolage / leprechaun lutin / to shoot, shot, shot dead abattre / chase course poursuite / shootout échange de coups de feu / to be reminiscent of rappeler / Santa Père Noël / to hold, held, held up braquer / to demand exiger / teller guichetier / at gunpoint sous la menace d’un revolver.

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04-05-593 AN:02_ZOOM+TETE_AFF


Lesson learned? n the UK, a mother last month condemned a new Government scheme that has seen her ten-year-old son placed on a school 'hate register' for calling his friend a 'gay boy'. Penny Drury, 43, was called into Ashcombe Primary School in Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, after her son Peter was involved in a break-time squabble. Headteacher Peter Turner claimed another mother had heard Peter calling a classmate 'gay boy' and said the comment would now be registered as a 'hate incident'. Penny fears this allegation of homophobic bullying, which will stay on Peter's file until he leaves secondary school, will affect his future treatment by teachers. Peter Drury's file will now be monitored until he leaves secondary school in 2015 and his local education authority will place the incident onto a Government database. In 2009, 25 incidents of playground squabbles involving homophobic or racist words were recorded and five more have already been placed on file in 2010. ●


scheme plan, système, initiative / hate haine, ici insultes (discriminatoires) / break-time récréation / squabble querelle / headteacher directeur / classmate camarade de classe / to fear craindre / bullying persécutions, ici insultes / file dossier scolaire / to monitor contrôler / education authority académie / playground cour de récréation.


US producer prices — the wholesale price of goods leaving the factory gate — fell by more than expected in February, official figures have shown. The seasonally adjusted index for producer prices fell 0.6% in February, the biggest fall since July.

wholesale price prix de gros / leaving the factory gate au départ de l’usine / figure chiffre / seasonally adjusted corrigé des variations saisonnières.

4 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010


“Jack and Jill went up the hill to fetch a pail of water. There was none as extreme weather due to climate change had caused a drought.” A Department of Energy and Climate Change nursery rhyme banned on the air in the UK to fetch aller chercher / pail seau / drought sécheresse / nursery rhyme comptine / to ban on the air interdire d’antenne.

"I want you to know, Mrs Obama, that I'm your husband's No 1 fan. And not just because he's a black man. He's mixed. And I wouldn't really know what that looks like anyway." Stevie Wonder mixed métis.

04-05-593 AN:02_ZOOM+TETE_AFF



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Nick Clegg In the UK, the Liberal Democrats have called for the formation of a cross-party "council for economic stability" to plan cuts in the budget deficit. Party leader Nick Clegg said the body would seek to timetable a reduction in the deficit outside of "narrow political interests". He also accused Labour and the Conservatives of focusing too heavily on when to cut rather than what to cut. The annual budget deficit is forecast to hit £178bn this year. ●


CELEBRITY CHEFS BUT Jamie Oliver was reduced to tears after his attempt to cook up a war against fat in the United States was angrily rebuffed by locals, a new US TV series shows. In Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, the self-styled health guru kicked off the series by travelling to Huntington, West Virginia recently named as the unhealthiest city in America with the highest rate of diabetes. ● (ALEXANDRE MENEGHINI/AP/SIPA)

(he) was reduced to tears (il) fondit en larmes / attempt tentative / to cook up préparer, ici mener (guerre) (jeu de mots avec to cook cuisiner) / fat graisse, ici obésité / angrily violemment / to rebuff repousser, rejeter / self-styled autoproclamé / to kick off démarrer, lancer / unhealthy malsain, ici où les pathologies sont plus nombreuses que dans le reste du pays / rate pourcentage. (CHARLES SYKES//REX/SIPA)

cross-party parti rassemblant toutes les sensibilités politiques (conservateurs, travaillistes, libéraux démocrates) / cut réduction / to seek, sought, sought s’efforcer, tenter / to timetable fixer un calendrier pour / narrow étroit, ici particulier / to focus on se concentrer sur / to forecast, cast, cast prévoir / bn=billion milliard.

HILLARY CLINTON US SECRETARY OF STATE HILLARY CLINTON has pledged increased support for Mexico in the fight against drug gangs. In Mexico as part of a high-level US delegation last month, she said more would be done to cut US demand for drugs and the flow of profits and guns into Mexico. The gangs "are fighting against both of our governments", she said, adding that a broader effort would aim to tackle social problems fuelling the trade. ● to pledge promettre / to increase accroître / fight combat, lutte / to cut, cut, cut réduire / flow circulation, ici entrée / to fight, fought, fought se battre / broad vaste, ample, important / to aim viser / to tackle s’attaquer à / to fuel alimenter.


SARAH PALIN SEVERAL HOLLYWOOD TRADE PUBLICATIONS REPORT that Discovery channel will pay more than $1 million per episode for the reality show "Sarah Palin's Alaska." It may be her Alaska, but no word yet on whose reality it is. Producers began pitching the series last month, billing it as a show about Alaska seen through Palin's eyes and shot in the style of Discovery's "Planet Earth," feasting on the state's natural beauty. Palin has been busy on TV in recent months, having signed on as an analyst for the Fox News Channel. She also appeared on “The Tonight Show” where she performed a stand-up routine. ● trade ici professionnel / to pitch faire la promotion de / to bill as qualifier de / to shoot, shot, shot tourner / to feast on se délecter de, ici célébrer / busy très occupé / to perform interpréter, donner / stand-up routine one-woman show.

Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 5



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06-07-08-593 AN:03_DOSSIER SPECIAL


House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) holding the Health Care Reconciliation bill in the Rayburn Room on Capitol Hill. (LUKE SHARRETT/THE NEW YORK TIMES)

Obama’s health reform UNE PETITE REVOLUTION. Le président Obama, soulagé et rayonnant, a promulgué le 23 mars dernier une réforme historique de l’assurance maladie visant à étendre la couverture santé à 32 millions d’Américains qui en sont dépourvus, saluant «une nouvelle ère» pour son pays. La bataille pour faire voter cette loi a été rude, comme en témoigne le compte rendu de cette incroyable journée…


Obama’s health reform La réforme du système de santé d’Obama House Chambre des représentants / far-reaching de grande envergure, ambitieux / overhaul réforme, refonte / health system système de santé / coverage couverture (assurance) / uninsured non assuré. 2. to pass adopter, voter / eve veille / bill projet de loi / push ici campagne / centerpiece (US)= centrepiece (GB) élément central, principal, ici mesure phare / agenda programme. 3. step étape / bitter âpre, acharné / fight combat / to highlight mettre en lumière, en évidence / deep profond / sun-splashed radieux, ensoleillé (to splash éclabousser) / Capitol (siège du) Congrès à Washington / to urge exhorter / to chant

6 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010


ASHINGTON — House Democrats approved a farreaching overhaul of the nation’s health system last month, voting over unanimous Republican opposition to provide medical coverage to tens of millions of uninsured Americans after an epic political battle that could define the differences between the parties for years. 2. With the 219-212 vote, the House gave final approval to legislation passed by the Senate on Christmas Eve. Thirty-four Democrats joined Republicans in voting against the bill. The vote sent the measure to President Barack Obama, whose yearlong push for the legislation has been the centerpiece of his agenda and a test of his political power.


That special day 3. After approving the bill, the House adopted a package of changes to it by a vote of 220-211. It was the final step in a bitter legislative fight that has highlighted the nation’s deep partisan and ideological divisions. On a sun-splashed day outside the Capitol, protesters, urged on by House Republicans, chanted, “Kill the bill” and waved yellow flags declaring, “Don’t Tread on Me.” They carried signs saying, “Doctors, Not Dictators.”

The debate on the legislation has highlighted the deep partisan and ideological divides in the nation.

06-07-08-593 AN:03_DOSSIER SPECIAL



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Supporters, right, and opponents of health care reform legislation arguing outside the Capitol on Sunday, March 21. (STEPHEN CROWLEY/THE NEW YORK TIMES)

scander / to wave agiter / flag drapeau / to tread, trod, trod or trodden fouler (aux pieds), marcher (sur) / sign pancarte. 4. to hail acclamer / advance progrès, avancée / Medicare programme fédéral d’assistance médicale aux personnes de plus de 65 ans ou répondant à certains critères / to put, put, put downward diminuer / to rein in maîtriser, freiner / Rep. = Representative député.

4. Inside, Democrats hailed the votes as a historic advance in social justice, comparable to the establishment of Medicare and Social Security. They said the bill would also put downward pressure on health care costs and rein in federal budget deficits. “This is the Civil Rights Act of the 21st century,” said Rep. James E. Clyburn of South Carolina, the No. 3 Democrat in the House. Obama celebrated the House action in remarks at the White House. 5. “We pushed back on the undue influence of special interests,” Obama said. “We didn’t give in to mistrust or to cynicism or to fear. Instead, we proved that we are still a people capable of doing big things.” “This isn’t radical reform,” he added, “but it is major reform.” 6. After a year of combat and weeks of legislative brinksmanship, House Democrats and the White House clinched their victory only hours before the voting started. They agreed to a deal with opponents of abortion rights within their party to reiterate in an executive order that federal money provided by the bill could not be used for abortions, securing for Democrats the final handful of votes they needed to assure passage.

A historic moment 7. Winding up the debate, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said: “After a year of debate and hearing the calls of millions of Americans, we have come to this historic moment. Today we have the opportunity to complete the great unfinished business of our society and

pass health insurance reform for all Americans that is a right and not a privilege.” 8. The House Republican leader, Rep. John A. Boehner of Ohio, said lawmakers were defying the wishes of their constituents. “The American people are angry,” Boehner said. “This body moves forward against their will. Shame on us.” Republicans said the plan would saddle the nation with unaffordable levels of debt, leave states with expensive new obligations, weaken Medicare and give the government a huge new role in the health care system. 9. The debate on the legislation has highlighted the deep partisan and ideological divides in the nation and set up a bitter midterm congressional election campaign, with Republicans promising an effort to repeal it or block its provisions in the states. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Ohio, said the bill heralded “a new day in America.” Rep. Doris Matsui, D-Calif., said it would “improve the quality of life for millions of American families.” Rep. Paul D. Ryan, R-Wis., denounced the bill as “a fiscal Frankenstein.”

Changes 10. The health care bill requires most Americans to have health insurance, adds 16 million people to the Medicaid rolls and subsidizes private coverage for low- and middleincome people, at a cost to the government of $938 billion over 10 years, the Congressional Budget Office says. It will require many employers to offer coverage to employees or pay a penalty. Each state will h

5. to push back faire reculer, repousser / undue injustifié, exagéré / to give, gave, given in to céder à / mistrust méfiance / fear peur. 6. brinksmanship politique de la corde raide, ici bras de fer / to clinch conclure, sceller / abortion avortement / to secure obtenir. 7. to wind, wound, wound up clore, conclure / speaker président de la chambre des représentants / to complete achever, mener à terme. 8. lawmaker législateur / to defy aller à l’encontre de, braver / constituent électeur / angry en colère / will volonté / shame honte / to saddle with accabler / unaffordable financièrement impossible / to weaken affaiblir. 9. to set, set, set up créer / midterm elections (US) élections à mi-mandat (présidentiel) ayant pour but de renouveler un tiers du Sénat, la totalité de la Chambre des Représentants et de désigner les gouverneurs de certains Etats / to repeal annuler, abroger / provision ici allocation, argent / D-Ohio= Democraat, Ohio / to herald annoncer, inaugurer / D-Calif. = Democrat, California / to improve améliorer / D-Wis= Democrat, Wisconsin. 10. Medicaid programme d’assistance médicale pour les personnes défavorisées de moins de 65 ans / roll liste / to subsidize subventionner / lowand middle-income de faibles et moyens revenus / penalty amende /

Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 7



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06-07-08-593 AN:03_DOSSIER SPECIAL

have to set up a marketplace, or exchange, where consumers without such coverage can shop for insurance meeting federal standards. The budget office estimates that the bill will provide coverage to 32 million uninsured people, but still leave 23 million uninsured in 2019. One-third of those remaining uninsured would be illegal immigrants. 11. Cost estimates by the Congressional Budget Office, showing that the bill would reduce federal budget deficits by $143 billion in the next 10 years, persuaded some fiscally conservative Democrats that they should vote for the bill. Democrats said Americans would embrace the bill when they saw its benefits, including some provisions that take effect later this year.

What happened 12. The House galleries were full, and the floor was unusually crowded, for the historic debate on health care. Passage of the bill was a triumph for Obama and speaker Pelosi. Working together, they revived the legislation when it appeared dead after Democrats lost their 60th vote in the Senate and with it their ability to shut off Republican filibusters. 13. Republicans said they would use the outcome to bludgeon Democrats in this year’s congressional elections. The White House is planning an intensive effort to convince peo-

15. Pelosi said the bill would free people to pursue their dreams without having to worry about being bankrupted by medical bills or losing health insurance when they switch jobs. “It’s liberating legislation,” Pelosi said. “It’s to free Americans to live their passion, reach their aspirations without being joblocked because they have to have health care, especially if they have someone in their family with a pre-existing condition.”

Too rosy? 16. Rep. Rodney Alexander, R-La., said, “You cannot expect to expand coverage to millions of individuals and to curb costs at the same time.” Republicans said the picture painted by the budget office was too rosy, because the new taxes and fees would start immediately, while the major costs would not show up for four years. Moreover, Republicans said Democrats would pay a price for defying public opinion on the bill. 17. “Are you so arrogant that you know what’s best for the American people?” Rep. Paul Broun, R-Ga., asked the Democrats. “Are you so ignorant to be oblivious to the wishes of the American people?” Lawmakers spoke with deep conviction in explaining their votes. “Health care is not only a civil right, it’s a moral issue,” said Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy, D-R.I., who invoked the memory of his father, Sen. Edward M. Kennedy, D-Mass., a lifelong champion of health care for all. ●

Republicans said they would use the outcome to bludgeon Democrats in this year’s congressional elections. ple of the bill’s benefits. But if Democrats suffer substantial losses in November, Obama could be stymied on other issues, including his efforts to pass major energy and immigration bills. 14. The campaign for health care overhaul began as a way to help the uninsured. But it gained momentum when middle-class families with health insurance flooded Congress with their grievances. They complained of soaring premiums. They said their insurance had been canceled when they got sick. 8 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

to meet, met, met the standards répondre, satisfaire aux critères. 11. to embrace adopter / benefit avantage. 12. gallery galerie, tribune (des visiteurs, de la presse) / crowded bondé / passage adoption, vote / to revive relancer / to shut, shut, shut off stopper, interrompre / filibuster obstruction. 13. outcome résultat / to bludgeon matraquer, ici battre (largement) / substantial important / loss perte (ici de sièges) / to stymie bloquer / issue question, problème, thème. 14. to gain momentum s’intensifier, s’amplifier / to flood envahir / grievance grief, doléance / to soar grimper en flèche / premium prime (d’assurance) / to cancel annuler, résilier / sick malade. 15. to pursue poursuivre / to worry s’inquiéter / to bankrupt mener à la faillite / bill ici note, facture / to switch changer de / job-locked coincé, bloqué par son emploi (impossibilité de quitter librement un emploi ou d’en changer pour ne pas perdre sa couverture sociale, retraite, etc.) / condition maladie. 16. rosy optimiste / R-La. = Republican, Louisiana / to curb réduire / fee droit, frais, tarif / moreover en outre. 17. R-Ga. = Republican, Georgia / to be oblivious to ne tenir aucun compte de, ignorer / DR.I.= Democrat, Rhode Island / D-Mass. = Democrat, Massachusetts / champion défenseur.




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Lessons at Indian hospital about births


09-10-593 AN:A LA UNE 2

ETUDE DE CAS. Pour compléter l’article précédent, voici un article publié dans le New York Times sur une maternité pas comme les autres aux Etats-Unis. Si le nombre d’accouchements par césarienne a atteint un nouveau record dans ce pays, c’est en grande partie dû au mode de fonctionnement des hôpitaux, entre menaces juridiques et systèmes d’assurances hors de prix. Pourtant, dans cet établissement situé en territoire Navajo, les statistiques sont tout autres… THE NEW YORK TIMES

Lessons at Indian hospital about births Un hôpital indien montre l’exemple en matière d’accouchement ward salle, service / nurse-midwife infirmière sage-femme / to give, gave, given birth accoucher / pound livre (453,6 gr) / ounce once (28,35 g) / dimple fossette / shiny brillant / spirits moral, état d’esprit / to match aller de pair avec, s’accorder à / feather plume / to fly, flew, flown voler. 2. previous précédent / to deliver accoucher, ici (faire) naître / Caesarean section césarienne / prior antérieur / surgery intervention chirurgicale. 3. to pride oneself on s’enorgueillir de / average moyen / rate taux, proportion, pourcentage / overall globalement, dans l’ensemble.


4. to match ici égaler / sweeping vaste, ample, profond / to handle gérer, pratiquer / delivery accouchement / to remove supprimer / to perform pratiquer.

Donna Rackley, a nurse-midwife, with Melorie Capitan at the women’s clinic at the hospital in Tuba City, Ariz. (ALICE PROUJANSKY/THE NEW YORK TIMES)

BY DENISE GRADY UBA CITY, Ariz. — After less than two hours in the maternity ward, with her boyfriend, his mother and a nurse-midwife by her side, Jacquelynn Torivio gave birth to a 5-pound, 5-ounce son with his grandmother’s dimples and a full head of shiny black hair. As she held him, Torivio’s spirits clearly matched her Hopi name, Nuquahynum — “a feather flying high.” 2. It was the kind of birth that many women in the United States could only wish for. Torivio had a vaginal birth, even though her previous child had been delivered by Caesarean section. Because of that prior surgery, many hospitals would not have let her even try to give birth vaginally, but would have required another Caesarean.


3. The Tuba City Regional Health Care Corp. is different. Its hospital, run by the Navajo Nation and financed partly by the Indian Health Service, prides itself on having a higher than average rate of vaginal births among women with a prior Caesarean, and a lower Caesarean rate overall.

A lesson 4. Tuba City’s hospital, with about 500 births a year, could probably teach the rest of the country a few things about obstetrical care. But matching its success would require sweeping, fundamental changes in medical practice, like allowing midwives to handle more deliveries and removing the profit motive for performing surgery.




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09-10-593 AN:A LA UNE 2

Jacquelynn Torivio, left, had a vaginal birth after a Caesarean section. (ALICE PROUJANSKY/THE NEW YORK TIMES)

that more women here have diabetes and high blood pressure, which usually result in higher Caesarean rates. “There is a significant lesson here about the ability of most women to deliver vaginally,” said Dr. Jean E. Howe, the chief clinical consultant for obstetrics and gynecology at Northern Navajo Medical Center in Shiprock, N.M.

The system 5. Changes in malpractice insurance would 5. malpractice insurance assurance responsabilité civile professionnelle (malpractice faute professionnelle) / therefore donc, par conséquent / to threaten menacer / to increase augmenter / premium prime (d’assurance) / to withdraw, drew, drawn retirer, supprimer , résilier / coverage couverture (assurance) / pregnancy grossesse / labor (US)= labour (GB) travail. 6. steadily constamment, régulièrement / to feed, fed, fed alimenter / repeat patient ici femme accouchant plusieurs fois / needlessly inutilement / surgical chirurgical / to run, ran, run up accumuler / bill note, facture (d’honoraires) / overuse abus / overhaul bouleversement, refonte, réforme complète / to address s’attaquer à. 7. to acknowledge reconnaître, admettre / goal objectif.

also help, so that obstetricians would feel less pressure to perform Caesareans. (The hospital and doctors in Tuba City are insured by the federal government, and therefore insurance companies cannot threaten to increase their premiums or withdraw coverage if they allow vaginal births after Caesarean.) Patients, too, would have to adjust their attitudes about birth and medical care during pregnancy and labor. 6. The national Caesarean rate, 31.8 percent, has been rising steadily for the last 11 years and is fed by repeat patients. Critics say that doctors are performing too many Caesareans, needlessly exposing women and infants to surgical risks and running up several billion dollars a year in excess bills, precisely the kind of overuse that a health care overhaul is supposed to address.

Tuba City’s hospital, with about 500 births a year, could probably teach the rest of the country a few things about obstetrical care.

8. high blood pressure hypertension / significant important / ability capacité, possibilité / N.M.= New Mexico. 9. to ban interdire / available disponible. 10. to afford se permettre, avoir les moyens / ground terrain, ici enceinte / by the procedure à l’acte / incentive motivation. 11. truly vraiment.


12. to raise augmenter / to cover one’s butt/one’s ass protéger ses arrières, se prémunir contre un risque.

A 3-day-old girl, Allisyn Dohi, who was born at the Tuba City Regional Health Care Corporation hospital in Arizona. (ALICE PROUJANSKY/THE NEW YORK TIMES)

10 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

9. Something that has led many other hospitals to ban vaginal birth after Caesarean poses less of a problem at Tuba City. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists recommends that an obstetrician and an anesthesiologist be “immediately available” during labor for patients who have had a previous Caesarean in case something goes wrong. 10. Many hospitals, especially small ones, say they cannot afford to pay these specialists to wait around. But in Tuba City, doctors live on the hospital grounds or just minutes away, and they are immediately available even if they are at home. Doctors and midwives here earn salaries and are not paid by the procedure, so they have no financial incentive to perform surgery. (Doctors earn $190,000 to $285,000 a year, and midwives $80,000 to $120,000.) 11. “My colleagues here truly want to practice medicine and help people,” said Dr. Jen-

7. Even the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists has acknowledged that the operation is overused. Though there is no consensus on what the rate should be, government health agencies and the World Health Organization have suggested 15 percent as a goal in low-risk women. 8. In Tuba City last year, 32 percent of women with prior Caesareans had vaginal births. Its overall Caesarean rate has been low — 13.5 percent. This is despite the fact

nifer Whitehair, an obstetrician. “That’s not true everywhere. Here they’re not thinking, how much can I make off this procedure?” 12. The hospital and doctors are federally insured against malpractice, in contrast to other hospitals, where private insurers have threatened to raise premiums or withdraw coverage if vaginal birth after Caesarean is allowed. As a result, Leib said, doctors in Tuba City are free to “think about what’s best for the patient and not what covers our butts.” ●



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11-593 AN:04_EN BREF

Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 11



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Hoxton Square on a sunny afternoon. (ANDREW DRYSDALE/REX/SIPA)

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London rising in the East CAP A L’EST. Historiquement, l’East End a toujours été la porte d’entrée de la capitale britannique. Aujourd’hui, une nouvelle génération s’installe dans ces quartiers auparavant mal famés. Dans son sillage s’ouvre une profusion de galeries d’art, de marchés, de boutiques et de bars branchés. De Brick Lane à Whitechapel, Jack l’Eventreur ne saurait plus où se cacher… NEWSWEEK London rising in the East Londres se lève à l’est (réf. à the sun rises in the East) badlands quartiers pauvres, défavorisés / City centre financier de Londres / beneath sous / gleaming étincelant, rutilant / to stray s’égarer, s’aventurer / heartland coeur, centre / rough dur, violent / tough dur, difficile / Cockney (Londonien issu) de la classe ouvrière habitant l’est de la ville / Jew Juif / Muslim musulman / outsider personne extérieure / gangland milieu, pègre / grubby sale, crasseux / trackless sans chemins, sans ruelles / slum taudis / to escape s’échapper / wise malin. 2. to pull in attirer / wealthy riche, fortuné / settler colon, habitant / to tilt pencher, se décaler / sharply nettement, fortement / eastward vers l’est / pocket ici (petit) secteur, enclave / area quartier / brewing brasserie / garment vêtement, garment making confection / modish à la mode, branché / sweatshop atelier où la maind’oeuvre est exploitée, atelier clandestin / mean minable, sordide / Jack the Ripper Jack l’Eventreur (surnom d’un tueur en série de prostituées à la fin du XIXème) / hip branché / dweller habitant / housing project HLM / cluster ensemble. 3. pace cadence, rythme / set to sur le point de, en passe de / to quicken s’accélérer / to gear up for se préparer à, pour / junky accro / outline contour, silhouette / centerpiece (US)= centrepiece (GB) élément central, pièce maîtresse / derelict délabré, à l’abandon, en ruine / rail yard dépôt (d’une gare) / barely à peine /

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BY WILLIAM UNDERHILL o generations of Londoners, the badlands began at the City’s eastern frontier, just beneath the gleaming towers of the financial district. To stray beyond was to enter the darker world of the East End, the heartland of rough, tough Cockney culture. This was where successive waves of immigrants, from Russian Jews to Bangladeshi Muslims, found their first homes. It was poor, and it could be dangerous. To outsiders it meant gangland killings, grubby factories, trackless slums, and the docks. This was a place to escape: the wise got rich, then got out.


Go East! 2. Today, the East End is pulling in a wave of wealthy new settlers. London’s cultural axis is tilting sharply eastward, led by an infiltration of artists who have transformed pockets of the area once defined by such local industries as brewing or garment making. Modish bars have replaced the sweatshops. The mean streets of Whitechapel, where Jack the Ripper once operated, are home to hip loft dwellers as well as the

most recent immigrants in housing projects. The city’s densest cluster of art galleries— about 100—can be found not in the West End but in the East End’s Shoreditch section. 3. And the pace of change is set to quicken. As Vancouver returns to normal following the Winter Olympics, London is just gearing up for the next Games—and as local residents and sports junkies know, the 2012 Summer Olympics will be centered in the East End. Already the outlines of the first structures— including the 80,000-seat centerpiece stadium—are appearing, built around a vast derelict rail yard barely five kilometers east of the City. Regeneration is in the air. The same new rail links that will shuttle spectators back and forth to the Games will open up wider patches for redevelopment.

Renting issues 4. The East End owes its current resurgence largely to the soaring cost of space in London’s classier districts. For the past decade or so, artists in search of cheap studios—as well as middle-income settlers look-

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View of the Gherkin from the junction of Old Street and Charlotte Road on the Hoxton/Shoreditch borders. (LONDONSTILLS.COM/REX/SIPA)

regeneration rénovation (urbaine) / rail link liaison ferroviaire / to shuttle faire la navette, transporter / patch parcelle, partie, zone / redevelopment nouvelle(s) construction(s).

ing to make their pound go further—have pushed eastward, establishing islands of gentrification. (The squeeze continues post-recession; in much of London prices are on the rise again.) And if the East End is still edgy— four of Britain’s 20 poorest boroughs lie in East London—much of it is easily accessible for the pioneer. The modish streets of Hoxton, for instance, are a 15-minute Tube ride from Oxford Circus, not much farther than Notting Hill. 5. Artists are not entirely new to the East End. The publicly owned Whitechapel Gallery, recently refurbished at a cost of more than $15 million, first introduced Brits to Jackson Pollock and Mark Rothko. The galleries of the East End also gave rise to the confrontational Britart pack of the 1990s; the White Cube in Hoxton has fostered such talents as Damien Hirst and Tracey Emin. Critics in pursuit of the hottest new talent flock to Flowers East, part of a group of galleries that also has outlets in New York and on Bond Street.

Shoreditch 6. The area’s most desirable parts lie in the shadow of the City, where the telltale signs of transformation from post-industrial graveyard to chichi artists’ quarters are everywhere. The giant Truman Brewery that towers over Brick Lane, best known for its curry houses, now provides homes for more than 200 small creative businesses, including graphic designers, architects, and artists. City workers looking for a chocolatier or a designer frock can saunter across to the shops that fill much of the former Spitalfields fruit

and vegetable market. The old Shoreditch Town Hall houses a cutting-edge Southeast Asian restaurant. 7. The new affluence is already apparent. Only bonus-rich bankers or successful artists can afford the price of a Shoreditch duplex. Fashionistas are signing on at Shoreditch House, the latest venture from the chain of privatemembers’ clubs that includes premises in New York and in London’s Soho. Otherwise, rich bohemians in need of a bed can turn to the Boundary Project development, a converted Victorian warehouse in Shoreditch opened last year by veteran style leader Terence Conran that offers 12 guest bedrooms and five suites as well as restaurants and bars.

Olympics ahead 8. Rising prices are pushing the next generation of artists farther east. Already the first new galleries are appearing in the more distant boondocks where tourist draws are few and bargains still abound. There’s not much elegance in the surroundings. Badly battered in the Blitz, much of the East End is liberally scattered with unlovely blocks of public housing, still home to the city’s immigrants. 9. But the Olympics hold out hope for reviving even the farthest reaches of the East End. The Games will leave behind not just new transport links but also more than 3,000 new apartments in the athletes’ village. The site itself will be the biggest new urban park in Britain in a century, overlooked by Europe’s largest shopping center with more than 300 stores. Jack the Ripper wouldn’t know what hit him. ●

4. renting location / issue problème / to owe devoir / current actuel / resurgence renaissance / to soar grimper en flèche / classy chic, huppé / decade décennie / middle-income de revenus moyens / to make, made, made one’s pound go further faire des économies (lit. faire durer sa livre sterling plus longtemps) / gentrification embourgeoisement / squeeze pression / edgy difficile, où subsiste encore des problèmes, marginal / borough arrondissement / tube métro / ride trajet. 5. to refurbish restaurer, rénover / Brit Britannique / confrontational agressif / pack groupe, bande / to foster favoriser, encourager, promouvoir / pursuit recherche / hot en vogue, très coté / to flock affluer, venir en masse / outlet antenne. 6. shadow ombre / telltale sign indication, signe concret / graveyard cimetière / chichi snob / to tower over dominer / curry house restaurant indien / frock robe / to saunter across traverser nonchalamment / to fill occuper / Town Hall hôtel de ville / cutting-edge avant-gardiste, branché. 7. affluence aisance, richesse, opulence / to afford se permettre financièrement, s’offrir, ici payer / venture entreprise / premises locaux / otherwise autrement, sinon / bohemian bohème (artiste), bobo / Victorian de l’époque victorienne, du XIXème / warehouse entrepôt / guest client. 8. boondocks cambrousse / draw (pôle d’)attraction / bargain bonne affaire / to abound abonder / surroundings environs / badly gravement / to batter éprouver, endommager / Blitz bombardement du Royaume-Uni par l’aviation allemande, du 7 septembre 1940 au 21 mai 1941 / liberally largement, généreusement / to scatter parsemer / unlovely laid / block immeuble / public housing logements sociaux, HLM. 9. to revive ranimer, ressusciter / the farthest reaches les confins / to overlook dominer, surplomber / (he) wouldn’t know what hit him (il) n’en reviendrait pas.

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ndia has unveiled the latest hot new weapon — a grenade made using the world's hottest chili, reported The Sun last month. At more than a thousand times stronger than the average cooking spice the bhut jolokia chili is set to cause a potent explosion on more than just the taste buds. Military experts in India have developed the new crowd control grenade packed with ground seeds from the chili, which is officially recognized as the hottest on the planet by Guinness World Records. ●


SPLASH A CAT IN AUSTRALIA is defying its species' famous dread of water by taking regular dips in a swimming pool. Prinny the swimming Persian cat isn't so precious she won't get her paws wet. Instead, the cat joins her friend Bandit the blue heeler when he’s taking a dip at Doggy Paddle in Rosebud, in Victoria's Mornington Peninsula, as part of his hydrotherapy sessions for a bad back. ● to defy braver / dread peur / dip bain / swimming pool piscine / paw patte / blue heeler race australienne de chien de troupeau.

to unveil dévoiler, présenter / hot jeu de mots avec en vogue et piquant / weapon arme / chili piment / average courant, ordinaire / cooking spice épice / taste bud papille / to pack with bourrer de / to grind, ground, ground moudre, réduire en poudre / seed graine.


Ouch OOPS TV BOSSES IN THE US have apologised after preview clips of the Playboy channel were accidentally played out on two children's channels. A Time Warner Cable (TWC) spokesman said a "technical glitch" was to blame for the mistake, which lasted two hours in parts of North Carolina last month. The company was made aware of the error after parents called in to report it. TWC said it had procedures in place to catch errors, but it was not picked up as it affected only a small area. ● to apologise s’excuser / preview en avantpremière / spokesman porte-parole / glitch petit problème, pépin / to last durer / to make, made, made aware informer / to pick up détecter.

BRYAN BERG GAVE A (VERY GENTLE) SIGH OF RELIEF when he finally completed the world’s largest ‘house of cards’. This US architect took 44 days and 4,051 decks of cards to create a replica of a Las Vegas-style strip in the world’s biggest casino. Crowds watched in awe as the last of the 218,792 cards was last month placed on a model of The Venetian hotel in Macau south-east Asia. He had earlier completed the Plaza and Sands hotel to break his own Guinness World Record for stacking free-standing cards. ● sigh of relief soupir de soulagement / to complete achever / deck of cards jeu de cartes / strip avenue / in awe impressionné / to stack empiler.

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ĂŠ d u c at i o n / c o m mu n i q u ĂŠ

Depuis qu’il a choisi son futur mÊtier,

Thomas est plus motivÊ dans ses Êtudes. En classe de première, Thomas ne savait toujours pas ce qu’il allait faire après le bac. Au troisième trimestre, sa mère a fait confiance à Coaching Orientation, un service exclusif du magazine L’Etudiant pour permettre à son fils de dÊcouvrir le mÊtier pour lequel il est fait. Cela a ÊtÊ une expÊrience fructueuse : Thomas sera architecte... et il a dÊjà commencÊ à bâtir son avenir ! Il est si confiant qu’il s’est dÊjà prÊ-inscrit dans l’Êcole d’architecture qu’il a sÊlectionnÊe avec son conseiller ! Je le dis à tous les parents qui veulent le meilleur pour leur enfant : optez pour Coaching Orientation dès la classe de première. Bien sÝr, pour Manon, la sœur de Thomas qui est en seconde, nous ferons de nouveau appel à ce service. 

Une bonne orientation pour un bon mĂŠtier

Un accompagnement permanent et sur-mesure

Chaque annÊe, 60 % des jeunes tombent dans les pièges d’une orientation irrÊflÊchie : mauvais choix d’options, de filière ou d’Êcole, rÊorientation radicale, perte de temps et d’argent, choix d’un mÊtier par dÊfaut‌  En première, Thomas Êtait un peu perdu confie Nathalie Keller. Une amie m’a parlÊ du service d’orientation de L’Etudiant. Je leur ai tÊlÊphonÊ et j’ai expliquÊ la situation directement à l’une de leurs spÊcialistes. Aux questions qu’elle me posait, j’ai tout de suite compris que j’avais affaire à des professionnels vraiment compÊtents. Elle m’a proposÊ un service d’accompagnement sur mesure. Thomas a trouvÊ, soit au tÊlÊphone, soit par e-mail l’Êcoute attentive dont il avait besoin et les rÊponses prÊcises à ses interrogations. Et surtout, je constate aujourd’hui, après six mois de coaching, qu’il est très motivÊ pour prÊparer son bac.

Dès l’adhÊsion à Coaching Orientation, des experts procèdent à un bilan personnel. Les rÊponses du jeune à une centaine de questions permettent de dÊterminer ses domaines d’excellence et les mÊtiers pour lesquels il est le candidat idÊal. Puis, pendant un an, un conseiller est à son Êcoute, sur rendez-vous, pour construire avec lui le projet qui lui ressemble. Cet expert en orientation l’Êpaule dans toutes ses dÊmarches : recherche d’une Êcole, modalitÊs d’inscription, valeur du diplôme‌ Coaching Orientation, c’est aussi un dispositif exclusif d’information : le magazine l’Etudiant + le Guide des MÊtiers 2010 + le Guide des Etudes SupÊrieures 2010. Un système interactif qui constitue avec la Newsletter et le site la rÊfÊrence absolue en la matière. J.L.T.

L’offre Coaching Orientation : Un bilan personnel complet + des entretiens individuels pendant un an + un dispositif d’information pendant 6 mois.

239 â‚Ź seulement au lieu de 269 â‚Ź

Demande de souscription À renvoyer dans une enveloppe sans l’affranchir à l’Etudiant Libre rÊponse 69289 – 75433 Paris Cedex 09

OUI, je souscris Ă Coaching Orientation



" ! 


Ci-joint mon règlement de 239₏ (au lieu de 269 ₏) par chèque bancaire à l’ordre de l’Etudiant par carte bancaire - Date de validitÊ N° :

Cryptogramme (3 derniers chiffres au dos) Signature :

Pour payer en 12 fois sans frais, soit moins de 20 â‚Ź par mois, contactez-nous au : 01 75 55 41 60 ConformĂŠment Ă la loi “informatique et libertĂŠsâ€? du 6 janvier 1978, vous disposez d’un droit d’accès et de rectification aux donnĂŠes vous concernant.


arler avec un ado n’est pas toujours chose facile. Savoir ce qu’il a dans la tête non plus ! C’est pourtant la pÊriode cruciale pour choisir le mÊtier qu’il exercera plus tard et pour longtemps. Riche de plus de trente ans d’expÊrience, le magazine L’Etudiant apporte une rÊponse à cet angoissant problème.

Dès que j’ai su que je voulais devenir architecte, je me suis senti plus dÊtendu. Pas de souci pour mon avenir : je sais oÚ je vais et je suis à bloc dans la prÊparation de mon bac.



Thomas Keller, 18 ans :




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American firms travel to Haiti to aid, and profit, in rebuild LA BONNE AFFAIRE. Selon un bilan préliminaire de la Banque interaméricaine de développement (BID), la reconstruction en Haïti des logements, écoles, routes et autres structures détruites par le séisme de janvier pourrait coûter 14 milliards de dollars. De quoi faire saliver les entreprises américaines qui y voient une occasion en or de trouver des débouchés… THE MIAMI HERALT/MCT

American firms travel to Haiti to aid, and profit, in rebuild Des entreprises américaines aident à la reconstruction d’Haïti et comptent bien en profiter

to hover planer, ici traîner / field hospital antenne chirurgicale, hôpital de campagne / prosthetic leg prothèse de jambe / to tuck nicher, ici caler / to rush by passer en toute hâte / to hand out distribuer / to chat bavarder / a few yards away à quelques mètres de là (yard 91,44 cm) / Fla. = Florida / shelter abri, refuge.


2. earthquake tremblement de terre / recovery redressement, reprise, ici sauvetage / to head to the front lines partir pour le front, ici se rendre sur place / decade décennie / foray incursion / allure attrait / to level aplanir, ici détruire / homeless sans-abri / toll bilan, coût, dégâts / damage (inv.) dommages, dégâts / on record jamais enregistré.

Haitians certainly will need all the help they can get. (PAUL CHIASSON/AP/SIPA)

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BY JIM WYSS ORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti — Wearing dark glasses and a baseball hat, Adam Finnieston hovered outside a field hospital in the Haitian capital with a prosthetic leg tucked beneath his arm. As groups of doctors rushed by, he handed out business cards and chatted with visitors about how the technology developed by his Miami company could help Haiti’s amputees. A few yards away, a representative of a Hialeah, Fla., firm that makes high-tech, prefabricated shelters was handing out informational DVDs to reporters as she waited for a chance to talk to Haitian First Lady Elisabeth Preval.


Being there 2. As post-earthquake Haiti makes the transition from recovery to rebuilding, South Florida companies are heading to the front lines to offer their services. Some have been involved with Haiti for decades. Others are making their first foray into the country, drawn by the nation’s massive needs and the allure of international contracts. The Jan. 12 earthquake leveled much of the capital, killing more than 200,000 people and leaving an estimated 1 million homeless. The financial toll on Haiti was also massive. The Inter-American Development Bank estimates the 7.0-magnitude earthquake resulted in between $7.2 billion and $14 billion in damage, making it the most expensive natural disaster on record. 3. Roads, schools, ports, government buildings and offices need to be rebuilt. And the international community is offering to

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bankroll the recovery. To date, almost $2 billion has been pledged to this Caribbean nation. “People know there are billions of dollars that are going to flow to Haiti, and they are coming down here to catch some of it,” said Georges Sassine, the president of the Manufacturers Association of Haiti, a powerful private-sector group. “Everybody wants to get a contract.”

Where is the money? 4. With the U.S. Agency for International Development, the United Nations and the Haitian government all playing different roles, many in the private sector say it’s unclear who is calling the shots, and who’s controlling the purse strings. But many South Florida companies are already jockeying for position, as the poorest nation in the hemisphere becomes a business opportunity impossible to ignore. 5. In many ways, Haiti will be a testing ground for all sorts of new technology. Miami Beach-based Innovida makes lightweight, sturdy shelters out of composite materials usually found in boats and airplane fuselages. Four years old, the company is already building homes in the Middle East, Africa and China, as it awaits regulatory approval to offer its products in the United States, said Innovida founder Claudio Osorio.

As post-earthquake Haiti makes the transition fromrecovery to rebuilding, South Florida companies are heading to the front lines to offer their services. 6. Osorio, the one-time chief executive of South Florida tech giant CHS Electronics, which folded in 2000, said Innovida already had plans to build a factory in Haiti that could churn out enough composite panels — the building blocks of Innovida homes — to construct 10,000 homes per year. Then came the disaster of Jan 12. 7. With hundreds of thousands of Haitians still sleeping in the streets and the rainy season fast approaching, Innovida designed an emergency module that can be built within a matter of hours and sleeps eight people.

The company is donating 1,000 of the huts, which cost between $3,000 and $4,000 each. 8. “If anything, the earthquake has accelerated our plans for a factory in Haiti,” said Osorio, at the Hialeah factory where the company runs a small research and development plant. In response to the earthquake, the Overseas Private Investment Corp. announced it is lending Innovida $10 million to build the facility. The composite panels are not only fireproof, hurricane-resistant and capable of withstanding earthquakes but also light enough to be put together by a few people without the need for heavy machinery. While the emergency shelters are the most pressing need, the company hopes to play a role in rebuilding schools, government offices and homes on the island, Osorio said. 9. “The demand is so huge that we are just one part of the solution,” he said. “But this is a very efficient way for the government or NGOs (non-governmental organizations) to get buildings done very quickly.” While Innovida has emerged as one of the most visible contenders to provide shelter in Haiti, it’s certainly not the only one. There are at least four other South Florida companies that are offering either raw materials or ready-made shelters to solve the Haitian housing crisis.

Get picky 10. With so much interest in Haiti, and so much at stake, some believe the nation needs to pick its would-be business partners carefully. “Haiti has become the new El Dorado in terms of people seeking opportunities to make a quick buck,” said Jean-Robert Lafortune, the president of the Haitian-American Grassroots Coalition, a Miami nonprofit that is encouraging companies to create permanent jobs and other long-term opportunities in Haiti. “We are not against anybody trying to make a quick buck, but we are interested in what other benefits they are bringing.” ●

300,000 “You have seen the images you are familiar with the pictures. More than 200,000 bodies were collected on the streets without counting those that are still under the rubble,” Haitian President Rene Preval Preval







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3. to bankroll financer / to date à ce jour / to pledge promettre / to flow affluer / manufacturer fabricant, industriel. 4. it’s unclear on ne sait pas vraiment / to call the shots mener le jeu / purse strings cordons de la bourse / to jockey for position manoeuvrer pour se placer avantageusement, tenter de s’imposer. 5. testing ground terrain d’essai / light-weight léger / sturdy robuste, résistant / regulatory approval accord des organismes de contrôle, agrément / founder fondateur. 6. one-time ancien / to fold faire faillite / factory usine / to churn out produire (en série, à la chaîne) / panel panneau / building block élément. 7. emergency d’urgence / within a matter of hours en quelques heures / to sleep, slept, slept ici accueillir / hut cabane, abri. 8. if anything en fait / plant usine, fabrique / overseas à l’étranger / to lend, lent, lent prêter / facility installation, infrastructure / fireproof ininflammable / hurricane ouragan, cyclone / to withstand, stood, stood supporter, résister à. 9. efficient efficace / contender concurrent, candidat / raw material matière première / ready-made tout fait, tout prêt / to solve résoudre. 10. picky difficile, (très) sélectif, pointilleux / at stake en jeu / to pick choisir / would-be aspirant, candidat, potentiel / carefully soigneusement / to seek, sought, sought chercher / to make, made, made a quick buck s’enrichir facilement (buck (US) dollar) / nonprofit organisation à but non lucratif / benefit avantage, bienfait.

300,000 rubble décombres / lethal meurtrier.

told a meeting of Latin American and Caribbean leaders in Mexico. “We might reach 300,000 people.” That would make Haiti’s earthquake one of the most lethal natural disasters in modern history, more than the 200,000 people killed in the Indian Ocean tsunami in 2004.

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Are we heading towards a hung parliament? POLITIQUE FICTION ? Plus les élections approchent en Grande-Bretagne, et plus l’écart entre les deux grands partis se réduit. Le parti conservateur de David Cameron pourrait bien ne pas remporter la majorité (325 députés), ce qui permettrait soit aux travaillistes de se maintenir au pouvoir en faisant alliance avec les démocrates libéraux, soit à ces derniers de pouvoir jouer les arbitres. Une situation quasi inédite et difficilement tenable… THE INDEPENDENT

Are we heading toward a hung parliament? Allons-nous vers un parlement sans majorité ?

poll sondage / (they) were heading for decisive victory (ils) allaient remporter une victoire décisive / general election élections législatives / likely to take place qui devraient se dérouler / gap écart / narrow limité, ici faible / current actuel / MP= Member of Parliament député / outright complètement. 2. House of Commons Chambre des Communes / figure chiffre / Speaker président de la Chambre des Communes (chargé de veiller au respect du réglement et au bon déroulement des séances) / a handful of quelques / Sinn Féin (“nous-mêmes” en gaélique) principal parti confessionnel des catholiques d’Irlande du Nord / therefore par conséquent / currently actuellement / to reckon estimer, penser / vagary caprice, lubie, fantaisie / lead avance / to achieve parvenir à, atteindre / outright majority majorité absolue / to circumvent éviter, contourner / to score well obtenir de bons résultats / to matter compter, être important / Lib Dem = Liberal Democrat / thin mince, ici faible. 3. hung parliament parlement sans majorité / outcome résultat / to last durer / to secure obtenir. 4. to rule out exclure, rendre impossible /

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BY ANDY MCSMITH ntil the end of January all opinion polls were telling us that the Conservatives were heading for decisive victory at the general election, likely to take place on 6 May. But in the past weeks, the gap between the main parties has been narrower. Judging by the current polls, it appears that the Conservatives will be the largest party in the new Parliament, but will not have enough MPs to control it outright.


How many seats do the Conservatives need? 2. The new House of Commons will have 650 MPs, but that figure includes the Speaker and three deputies, who do not normally

Why don’t they have more? British politics has traditionally been dominated by two parties, although there is evidence of a shift away from that. Part of the reason for the two-party dominance is the electoral system. A party will only win a seat if it gets the largest number of votes in a single constituency. That means that parties have to try to appeal to as much of the population of individual constituencies as they can. Smaller parties can win thousands of votes around the country but still not win a seat. The system makes it much more likely that a single party will win a majority.

vote, and is likely to include a handful of Sinn Fein MPs, who do not recognise Parliament so do not take their seats. If the Conservatives can take 322 seats, they should therefore have a working majority. Currently they have 193. The experts reckon that, given the vagaries of our voting system, the Conservatives need about a 10 per cent lead to achieve an outright majority. It was thought they might circumvent this problem by scoring disproportionately well in the seats that matter, where Labour or Lib Dem MPs have thin majorities, but the polls suggest that is not happening.

Have we had many hung parliaments? 3. Since the war, only one election has produced a hung Parliament. That was in February 1974, when the outcome was 301 Labour MPs, 297 Conservatives, and 37 others. That Parliament lasted eight months, until Harold Wilson called a second general election, in which Labour secured an outright majority.

What about coalitions? 4. There has not been a coalition government made up of ministers from different parties since 1945. Tony Blair wanted to form one in 1997, but the fact that Labour won so decisively ruled that out. Between March 1977 and March 1978, there was an informal coalition known as the Lib Lab Pact.


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Labour had lost its overall majority after a series of by-election defeats, and the Labour Prime Minister, Jim Callaghan, did a deal with the Liberal leader David Steel, under which the Liberals were routinely consulted before decisions were taken in return for keeping Labour in office. The Pact was unpopular with voters. After it came apart, Labour continued for another year as a minority government.

Who would be Prime Minister in a hung parliament? 5. If there is a hung Parliament in May, who is Prime Minister? Unlike MPs, who stop being MPs from the day Parliament winds up its business before an election, ministers carry on being ministers through the election. So Gordon Brown would be Prime Minister until he resigned.

But if there are more Tory MPs than Labour, surely Brown will have to resign? 6. Under Britain’s ancient constitutional arrangements, it does not always matter which party has the greater number of MPs or has won the greater number of votes. The Prime Minister is the person who can command a majority in the House of Commons. If Brown were able to do a deal with the Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg so that their combined parties hold a majority, he could carry on as Prime Minister for as long as the deal holds.

What if Clegg refuses to form a coalition with Brown? 7. If it becomes clear that Brown cannot control the Commons, it is up to the Queen to send for someone else to form a government. In theory, that could be any politician such as David Miliband, or Nick Clegg, or even Lord Mandelson. The political reality is that it will be David Cameron.

How could Cameron form a government without a Commons majority? 8. David Cameron will most probably choose to form a minority administration rather than enter into a coalition or any formal arrangement with the Liberal Democrats.

How long can a minority government last? 9. If Cameron really wanted, he could keep going for four or five years without a Commons majority, provided he does not set off a crisis that causes all the other parties to gang up and pass a vote of no confidence in his administration. But he would never be able to predict for certain when that might happen. It is likely Cameron would try to avoid being the prisoner of the smaller parties or of right-wing Tories by following the path that Harold Wilson took in 1974, and seizing the first favourable opportunity to call another general election, either in the autumn of this year or in spring 2011, in the hope that it produces an outright Conservative majority. If it were to fail, politics would become very complicated. ●


The State opening of Parliament last year, in the House of Lords Chamber. (AH2/ZJE/WENN.COM/SIPA)

overall majority majorité absolue / by-election élection partielle / routinely régulièrement / to come, came, come apart s’effondrer, éclater, se dissoudre. 5. unlike contairement à, à la différence de / to wind, wound, wound up finir, terminer / to resign démissionner / Tory conservateur. 6. to command imposer. 7. it’s up to the Queen... c’est à la Reine de... / David Miliband secrétaire d’Etat aux Affaires étrangères et au Commonwealth / Lord Mandelson Premier secrétaire d'État (de fait, vicePremier ministre) / David Cameron chef du Parti conservateur. 9. provided à condition que / to set, set, set off déclencher / to gang up s’allier / to pass voter, adopter / vote of no confidence motion de censure / likely probable / to avoid éviter / right-wing de droite / path chemin, voie / to seize saisir / to fail échouer.

WHY DON’T THEY HAVE MORE? evidence (inv.) preuve(s) / shift changement / constituency circonscription / to appeal to attirer, plaire à / likely probable.

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20-21-593 AN:CULTURE


In archive and exhibit, The Dead live on HISTOIRE DE CULTE. De tous les groupes ayant fleuri sur la Côte Ouest américaine dans les années 1960, un seul semble avoir atteint le statut de légende : le Grateful Dead. Jerry Garcia et son équipe cristallisèrent autour de leur projet musical toutes les aventures artistiques, mystiques ou sociales de cette époque d’effervescence. Aujourd’hui, à New York et à San Francisco, il est possible de redécouvrir cette aventure hallucinante et hallucinée… THE NEW YORK TIMES

In archive and exhibit, The Dead live on Grâce aux archives et à une exposition, Greateful Dead est toujours là

to perform jouer, ici donner / thus ainsi, de ce fait / to belong appartenir / increasingly de plus en plus / exhibition exposition / to house ici conserver. 2. tiny minuscule, infime / large-scale à grande échelle, important / artifact objet / tantalizing terriblement excitant / glimpse aperçu / to stir susciter, soulever, attiser / hard-core pur et dur, inconditionnel / Deadhead fan du groupe Grateful Dead / scholar universitaire, spécialiste. 3. item objet / on display présenté, exposé / newsletter bulletin, brochure / to renew renouveler / recording enregistrement / paltry misérable, dérisoire / rate pourcentage / domestic national / release sortie, ici album / abroad à l’étranger. 4. area réguib / closely étroitement.


5. grant subvention / library bibliothèque / additional supplémentaire /

The Grateful Dead in 1966, clockwise from top left: Bill Kreutzmann, Ron McKernan, Bob Weir, Jerry Garcia and Phil Lesh. (HERB GREENE, SPECIAL COLLECTIONS AND ARCHIVES, UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA, SANTA CRUZ VIA THE NEW YORK TIMES)

20 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

BY LARRY ROTHER EW YORK — The Grateful Dead performed the last of their more than 2,300 concerts in 1995 and thus belong increasingly to history, not the present. Two related events make that reality clear: a new exhibition about the band that has just opened at the New-York Historical Society and the recent creation of the much larger archive, housed at the University of California, Santa Cruz, from which it is drawn. 2. “The Grateful Dead: Now Playing at the New-York Historical Society,” which continues through July 4, includes only a tiny part of the material that the band donated to the university in 2008. But as the first large-scale public showing of artifacts from the collection, it offers a tantalizing glimpse of material that is stirring the interest not just of hard-core Deadheads but also of scholars.


Why New York? 3. The items on display include instruments, letters from Deadheads, memos from the band’s business meetings, newsletters, concert programs and T-shirt designs. There is also a rare original poster from one of Ken Kesey’s mid1960s Acid Tests, and even the 1968 letter in which Warner Brothers Records renewed the band’s recording contract, with a paltry 8 percent royalty rate for domestic releases (and 5 percent abroad). 4. Though the Grateful Dead were based in the San Francisco Bay area and were

closely identified with the psychedelic movement that emerged in the mid-1960s there, Louise Mirrer, president of the historical society, justified the exhibition by referring to the band’s “great New York pedigree.” The Dead first played New York City in June 1967 and went on to perform here more than 150 times, including many shows at the Fillmore East, which Mirrer called “the band’s home away from home.” 5. The larger archive at the university, which has received a $615,000 grant from the federal government’s Institute of Museum and Library Services but is looking for additional

Page 21







20-21-593 AN:CULTURE

financing, will have both a physical and an online presence. But even before the archive is fully mounted, the historians, sociologists, anthropologists, theologians, musicologists and other academic researchers who make up the growing field known as Grateful Dead Studies are eager to plunge in. 6. Business scholars and executives are starting to regard the Dead’s business model as worthy of examination. Last month’s issue of The Atlantic includes an article called “Management Secrets of the Grateful Dead,” and band members have recently appeared on cable television business channels to discuss their consensus-based management style.

Business plans

Piling up 9. After Jerry Garcia, a founder of the band and its lead guitarist, died in 1995, the group gradually wound down its business affairs, a process that lasted well into the next decade. Fredric Lieberman, chairman of the music department at the Santa Cruz campus, had traveled with the band and worked with Mickey Hart, one of the band’s drummers, on some projects, including a pair of books. He was aware of the extent of the material Law had collected and


A creche using images of members of the Grateful Dead is displayed on March 9, 2010, as part of an exhibition at the New-York Historical Society. (LIBRADO ROMERO/THE NEW YORK TIMES) thought that scholars would find it useful — if it could be preserved. 10. “It was taking up a lot of space in a storage area in Marin, and it looked like they were just going to throw it away,” Lieberman said. “I basically said that I didn’t care where the archive went so long as it was maintained and not dispersed. Mickey thought first of the Library of Congress, since he’s on the board there, but given all the other things they have to do, their budget didn’t seem conducive to the kind of cataloging that was going to be required.” 11. Other universities besides Santa Cruz were also contacted and expressed interest in the archive, among them Stanford. But in the end band members decided they “wanted to go to a public institution because the whole idea of it being public and free was important to them,” said Christine Bunting, the director of special collections and archives at the Santa Cruz university’s library. What remains unclear, however, is to what extent the archive will be able to make available what is probably the band’s most valuable asset: its own recordings of three decades of live shows. ●


7. “They had a brilliant business acumen without being business people, and may have been the most egalitarian business organization ever,” said Barry Barnes, a Deadhead and professor at Nova Southeastern University’s school of business and entrepreneurship in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “They are credited with inventing viral marketing, and with their emphasis on superior customer value and use of technology, long before the Internet, they were in tune with a lot of practices we see now.” 8. Like so many other things related to the Grateful Dead, though, the archive is largely the product of happenstance, not design. Early on, the band hired a veteran of the Acid Tests, Eileen Law, as a liaison to its fans, and she made a point of preserving what other musical groups of the era would have considered ephemera.

A poster for a 1980 Grateful Dead show.


to mount monter, organiser / academic universitaire / field domaine / eager empressé, très désireux. 6. worthy of digne de / issue numéro. 7. acumen perspicacité, sagacité, flair / Fla. = Florida / to credit with attribuer le mérite à... de / viral marketing forme de publicité à la diffusion de laquelle le consommateur contribue (grâce à internet par exemple) / emphasis insistance, accent / customer client / in tune (with) au diapason (de), en phase (avec), au fait (de). 8. happenstance hasard / to hire engager, embaucher / to make, made, made a point se faire un devoir. 9. to pile up accumuler / founder fondateur / lead principal / to wind, wound, wound down mettre progressivement un terme à / to last durer / decade décennie / chairman président / drummer batteur / aware conscient, informé / extent ampleur, importance. 10. storage stockage / I didn’t care je me fichais / board conseil d’administration / to be conducive to favoriser. 11. besides outre, en plus de / free gratuit / to what extent dans quelle mesure / to make, made, made available mettre à disposition, offrir / valuable précieux / asset bien, possession, patrimoine.

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22-23-593 AN:CULTURE


A Freudian slip-up MISE EN FORMES. Lucian Freud, aujourd’hui âgé de 88 ans, est une des figures majeures de la peinture contemporaine. Cet artiste n’avait pas été exposé en France depuis la première rétrospective que lui avait consacrée le Centre Pompidou en 1987. Une cinquantaine de peintures de grand format ainsi qu’une sélection d’œuvres graphiques et photographiques de son atelier londonien sont visibles jusqu’au 19 juillet au même endroit. La scénographie n’a pas plu à ce critique de The Independent. THE INDEPENDENT

A Freudian slip-up Lapsus freudien

to deny nier / curator conservateur (musée), commissaire (exposition) / survey ici rétrospective / floor étage / winning charmant / to exhibit exposer / dog days canicule / to attend assister à, fréquenter, the show wasn’t well attended il y eut peu de visiteurs, l’expo n’a pas très bien marché / dismissive dédaigneux, méprisant / species (inv.) espèce, genre. 2. portraiture (art du) portrait / to benefit by profiter de / cussed entêté. 3. unfortunately malheureusement / collectable très recherché (des collectionneurs) / out of step déphasé, décalé (par rapport à) / to afford se permettre, avoir les moyens. 4. to accommodate accueillir / to seek, sought, sought chercher, tenter, s’efforcer de / gift cadeau / on one’s own terms à ses propres conditions. 5. exhibition exposition / to spread, spread, spread répartir / studio atelier (artiste peintre) / shade nuance, teinte / critically appraised salué par la critique / crucible creuset / to frame encadrer, délimiter / performance ici performance (action artistique) / to surround oneself s’entourer / flesh chair / to smear enduire, recouvrir, maculer / heap monceau, tas / rag chiffon / half-bust à moitié bousillé, à moitié défoncé / tap robinet / to drip-drip couler goutte à goutte / butler’s sink évier ancien (de cuisine, d’office). 6. first-rate de premier ordre / sub-theme thème sous-jacent / overarching global, général /

22 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

BY MICHAEL GLOVER es, it cannot be denied. There has been something problematical about Lucian Freud and the French public, Cécile Debray, the Pompidou’s curator of the first major survey of Freud’s work in Paris for almost a quarter of a century, tells me over Steak a la Sauce Béarnaise in the Pompidou’s sixth-floor Restaurant Georges, giving me her most winning smile. Freud was last exhibited here at the Pompidou in 1987, during the dog days of summer. The show wasn’t well attended. Such attention as it received was quite dismissive: one critic called it a species of kitsch.


Portraits 2. For a long time, the French thought that he was practising an art whose time had come and gone: he was a figurative painter, practising the ancient art of portraiture. Why wasn’t this man into abstraction and conceptualism like almost all the rest? Why did he choose not to benefit by the lessons of Abstract Expressionism? Why did he have to persist in being a cussed, independentminded individualist? Why had he chosen to leave modernity behind? 3. And so, unfortunately for the French, by that moment in 2008 when Freud became the world’s most expensive and collectable living painter, they seemed profoundly out of step with the rest of the world. French collectors had shown practically no interest in his work, and the Pompidou itself owned just one small painting, dating from the 1940s. And now, even if they wanted to buy them, they couldn’t possibly afford to... 4. Now, of course, he cannot afford not to be accommodated. And yet, and yet... even

today, I feel, as I walk around this themed show of Freud’s work situated elsewhere on the 6th floor, there is still something about the way it is presented which is seeking to intellectualise him in order to make the French public understand quite why they should be taking him so seriously. To intellectualise is to give status, credibility. That is the Pompidou’s gift to Freud. Yes, the French must have him on their own terms — and these are not quite the terms of the painter himself.

Intellectualisation 5. The exhibition consists of 55 works, spread across four galleries, which means that it is about one third of the size of the great Tate retrospective of 2003, and it has a theme: Freud and the studio. The walls are two shades of grey, as is the floor. Visual austerity is the key to seriousness. As in the Giacometti retrospective of 2004, Freud is critically appraised in relation to his various studios, the crucible of his creations. The studio is a limiting, a framing space, in which performances take place involving painter and that with which he chooses to surround himself — objects, plants, human flesh. The studio is a “metaphor” for painting, not a real place with paint-smeared walls, heaps of old rags, a half-bust divan bed, and a tap drip-dripping into an old butler’s sink.

The limits of the theme 6. So this approach is both stimulating and limiting. It means that there are paintings here which are not first-rate. They’re here to illustrate a theme — or a sub-theme within that overarching theme of the studio.

22-23-593 AN:CULTURE



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And there are others which fit oddly with that theme. Here is the argument of the exhibition. Freud is not first and foremost a figurative painter, feeling his way forward, doing what he feels compelled to do, by his gifts and his temperament. He is, above all things else, a painter who is reflecting upon the nature of figurative painting by painting figuratively. That is the great distinction here: he is reflexive. He is, in short, intellectualising as he works.

Where did it go wrong? 7. Now anyone who has read the few searching interviews that Freud has ever given knows that this doesn’t quite square with the character or his working methods. This is not to say that Freud is not immensely thoughtful or that he has not spent much of his life looking long and hard at paintings — his own and other people’s. It is to say that he is not a conceptualist. He does not deal in ideas which then transform themselves, as if by some miracle, into paintings. At his best, he deals in the stink, the feel, the sheer immediacy of human flesh.

8. The trouble with Freud is that his spirit does not like to be pinioned. He is the archindividualist. In fact, he is almost legendary for daring to be himself, quite uncompromisingly. Just one of the four galleries is an unqualified success, and that is the fourth gallery, which gives itself over to large-scale paintings of the most abundantly fleshy of Freud’s sitters. They sprawl, they wallow about the picture space in states of extreme lassitude. The flesh looks so dense, so animal. Nothing seems to be in movement; time stands still. There is no refinement of any kind and no posing here. This looks like flesh felled in the way that a great tree is felled. These are not pre-arranged compositions. They are paintings which have emerged into being over time without any preparatory drawing whatsoever. Freud begins at the centre and works his way out towards the periphery. If it so happens that the composition is moving in the direction of an awkward shape, an extra bit gets added on. Paintings will prove to be what they prove to be. Freud’s job is to keep at it. As he said quite recently, “I want to go on until there’s nothing more to see.” Atta boy. ●


Naked Admirer, 2004-2005. A David Dawson photograph of the artist's shack. (DAVID DAWSON, COURTESY OF HAZLITT HOLLAND-HIBBERT, LONDRES)

to fit with s’accorder avec / oddly curieusement, bizarrement / first and foremost avant tout / to feel, felt, felt one’s way forward avancer à tâtons / to compel contraindre / gift talent, don. 7. searching perçant, pénétrant / to square with s’accorder, cadrer avec / thoughtful profond, réfléchi / to deal, dealt, dealt traiter / stink puanteur / sheer pur, authentique. 8. to pinion entraver, ligoter / to dare oser / uncompromisingly résolument, sans concession, de manière intransigeante / unqualified absolu, total / large-scale de grand format / fleshy bien en chair / sitter modèle / to sprawl s’étaler, être affalé / to wallow se vautrer / to stand, stood, stood still rester immobile / to fell abattre / drawing dessin / whatsoever quel qu’il soit, d’aucune sorte / awkward bancal / shape forme / extra supplémentaire / atta boy (US) (fam.) bravo, bien joué.

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24-25-593 AN:CULTURE


Is ‘Green Zone’ really appallingly anti-American? EXPLOSIF. Green Zone (dans les salles) aborde un sujet encore délicat aux Etats-Unis, l’affaire des armes de destruction massive prétendument dissimulées en Irak. L’oeuvre fait preuve de suffisamment de recul pour ne pas sombrer dans la dénonciation scandalisée, mais les évènements décrits ont encore suffisamment de résonance pour nous toucher au plus près. Pour les néo-conservateurs, pas de doute, c’est un brûlot ! LOS ANGELES TIMES/MCT BY PATRICK GOLDSTEIN

Is ‘Green Zone’ really appallingly antiAmerican? ‘Green Zone’ est-il réellement et effroyablement antiaméricain ? (Green Zone enclave hautement sécurisée dans le centre ville de Bagdad, instituée en avril 2003 suite à la persistance des combats et des attentats après la fin officielle de la seconde guerre d'Irak) health care système de santé / to scrap abandonner, supprimer, bazarder / from scratch de zéro / emphasis accent, insistance / to blast away against fulminer, se déchaîner contre / with all cylinders à plein gaz, ici sans retenue, à fond / leading principal / The Hurt Locker Démineurs (de Kathryn Bigelow).


2. to lay, laid, laid in the weeds être en embuscade / bleeding-heart-liberal (péj.) libéral au grand coeur, dégoulinant de bons sentiments (to bleed, bled, bled saigner) / to pound away on pilonner, se déchaîner contre, attaquer sans relâche / to froth at the mouth écumer de rage, frothing-at-the-mouth crazy mad fou de rage, blanc de rage.

A scene from 'Green Zone' (DR)

24 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

hen it comes to health-care legislation, congressional Republicans keep saying let’s scrap the whole thing and start from scratch. That’s sort of the way conservative bloggers feel about Hollywood movies, with an emphasis on the “scratch the whole thing” part of the equation. In fact, conservatives have been blasting away with all cylinders against the two leading Oscar movies, regularly attacking both “Avatar” and “The Hurt Locker” as being either anti-military or anti-American in general. 2. So it should come as no surprise to Universal Pictures that conservative bloggers are going to be lying in the weeds for the stu-


dio’s new Matt Damon-starring Iraq thriller, “Green Zone,” especially since Damon is known in conservative circles as one of those bleeding-heart-liberal types. And sure enough, the New York Post film critic/blogger Kyle Smith, who’s been pounding away on “The Hurt Locker” for months, has seen “Green Zone” and, well, he’s frothing-at-themouth crazy mad about it. 3. In fact, he admits that “if I were the kind of excitable guy who believes in boycotts, I’d say ‘Boycott NBC-Universal’ for its appalling new anti-American flick, ‘Green Zone,’ an absurdly awful would-be actioner that stars Matt Damon as a U.S. warrant officer in 2003 Baghdad.”


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24-25-593 AN:CULTURE

The bad guys! 3. appalling effroyable, épouvantable, consternant / flick film / awful horrible / would-be soidisant, prétendu / actioner (péj.) film d’action (un peu lourdingue) / warrant officer adjudant. 4. bad guy méchant / to depict dépeindre, représenter / gasp oh surprise, tenez-vous bien (to gasp suffoquer, avoir le souffle coupé) / to attend assister à / screening projection / to cheer acclamer, encourager, ici se réjouir / to shoot, shot, shot down abattre / evildoer méchant, personnage maléfique, malfaisant / stooge fairevaloir, marionnette / to prevent empêcher / insurgency insurrection, révolte / to take, took, taken root prendre racine, débuter. 5. preposterous absurde, grotesque / to portray représenter / screenplay scénario / to confuse with confondre avec / actual vrai. 6. misinformation désinformation / arch rival ennemi de toujours / legal juridique / to get, got, got in the way of entraver, empêcher / rant diatribe / theater (US)= theatre (GB) salle de cinéma.

4. What’s gone so wrong with the picture, which after all, is directed by Paul Greengrass, who made the extraordinarily powerful 9-11 picture “United 93”? According to Smith, Greengrass’ new film depicts some Americans as — gasp — the bad guys. In fact, he claims — and I say claims, because other people who’ve attended early screenings of the film didn’t see it this way at all — that the film has sequences where “we’re supposed to cheer because our soldiers are getting shot down — but it’s okay because they’re evildoers at worst or stooges at best who are trying to kill the one guy in the country who can prevent an insurgency from taking root.”

Conservative bloggers are going to be lying in the weeds for the studio’s new Iraq thriller “Green Zone”. 5. Smith also proposes the quasi-preposterous claim that the film’s Judith Miller-like reporter character is portrayed as working for the Wall Street Journal rather than the New York Times “because Hollywood liberals can’t accept that The Times ever gets anything wrong.” In fact, according to my colleague John Horn, “in the film’s original screenplay, (the character) was identified as a reporter for the New York Times, but the legal departments at Universal Pictures and producing partner Working Title Films changed her affiliation to the Wall Street Journal so that audiences wouldn’t confuse the character with an actual journalist.”

Formations professionnelles à l’anglais

Vous serez le premier surpris par vos progrès !

Get your facts right 6. I’m not so sure that the Journal will be flattered that a big studio film is portraying one of their reporters as being duped by government misinformation, especially when it was their arch rival whose reporter was the real dupe, but it seems clear that the studio did it for legal reasons, not political ones. But when conservatives ridicule Hollywood movies for their politics, it’s a rarity for anyone to let the facts get in the way of a good rant. But for those looking to make up their own mind about the film, “Green Zone” hits theaters this month. ● 01 44 37 97 88

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WHITE AND Z WHITE STRIPES FRONTMAN JACK WHITE has confirmed that he recorded a new track with Jay-Z. The singer, who has said that he relishes musical side-projects, branded the collaboration with the rapper "unbelievable". "I just did a record with Jay-Z. We did a song together a few weeks ago," the rocker told GQ. "I played him something that I've been kicking around for a while and he immediately came out with words for it. It's unbelievable-sounding." ● frontman chanteur d’un groupe / track morceau / to relish apprécier / sideproject collaboration avec d’autres artistes/groupes / to brand qualifier... de / to kick around ici bricoler, travailler sur / while moment.

SIR IAN MCKELLEN'S WEBSITE claims that The Hobbit will shoot in July. A posting on the actor's website claimed that the two prequels to LOTR will go in front of cameras in New Zealand in the coming months. "Filming will take over a year. Casting in Los Angeles, New York City and London has started. The script too proceeds. The first draft is crammed with old and new friends, again on a quest in Middle Earth," the site update said. Guillermo del Toro will direct with Peter Jackson serving as producer. ● shooting tournage / posting message / prequel film racontant ce qui s'est passé avant un autre film déjà réalisé / LOTR= Lord of the Rings Le Seigneur des anneaux / to proceed se poursuivre / draft ébauche, première version / to cram with bourrer de / quest quête / Middle Earth Terre du Milieu / update mise à jour.



J-Lo goes overboard ennifer Lopez has signed up to star in a remake of Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn's 1987 romcom Overboard, says The Hollywood Reporter. The original, directed by Pretty Woman's Garry Marshall, centred on the wife of a socialite who falls off her yacht and develops amnesia. Her carpenter then convinces her that they are married and she is the mother of his four misbehaving sons. Will Smith is producing the remake through his Overbrook firm with partner James Lassiter. ●


Jeu de mots avec to go, went, gone overboard exagérer et titre du film rom-com= romantic comedy / socialite mondain, personne de la haute société / carpenter menuisier / misbehaving indiscipliné.

AFTER 24 24 SHOWRUNNER HOWARD GORDON has announced plans for a new TV drama tentatively titled Patriots. The project is based on the Israeli programme Prisoners of War that recently went off the air. Gideon Raff, the creator of the Israeli version, has also boarded the project. The show will centre on three American soldiers who were thought lost during the Iraq War and reappear in a cave ten years later. Gordon will most likely give up show running duties on 24 to focus on the new series. ● (AO1/WENN.COM/SIPA)

showrunner personne qui crée, supervise l’écriture, la production et le montage d’un programme/show/série / tentatively provisoirement / to go, went, gone off the air ne plus être diffusé / to board entrer dans, participer à (projet) / cave caverne / most likely très certainement / to give, gave, given up abandonner, quitter / duty fonctions, responsabilités / to focus on se concentrer sur.

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Google’s computing power refines translation tool BABEL WEB. Le service gratuit de traduction en ligne de Google permet de traduire instantanément du texte et des pages Web dans de nombreuses langues. Loin d’être parfait, il n’en est pas moins utile pour naviguer sur des sites étrangers ou appréhender le sens d’un texte dans sa globalité. Mais comment expliquer la puissance de cet outil ? THE NEW YORK TIMES

Google’s computing power refines translation tool La puissance informatique de Google rend la traduction automatique plus performante

founder fondateur / translation traduction / to license breveter / to slice trancher / raw cru. 2. to handle traiter. 3. state of the art dernier cri / subject area domaine / associate professor maître de conférences. 4. to expand beyond se développer au-delà de, aller plus loin que / to search effectuer des recherches / mixed success plus ou moins de succès / to hang, hung, hung up arrêter, stopper / court tribunal / to raise soulever / privacy vie privée, confidentialité / fear crainte, peur / pattern système, mode / to misstep se tromper, se fourvoyer / to challenge remettre en question, s’opposer à / reminder rappel / to unleash lâcher. 5. data données, informations / search recherche / to lash together assembler / tool outil. 6. publisher éditeur / willing disposé, prêt / to tackle aborder, s’attaquer à, tenter de résoudre / ahead of avant.

BY MIGUEL HELFT OUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. — In a meeting at Google in 2004, the discussion turned to an e-mail message the company had received from a fan in South Korea. Sergey Brin, a Google founder, ran the message through an automatic translation service that the company had licensed. The result read: “The sliced raw fish shoes it wishes. Google green onion thing!” 2. Brin said Google ought to be able to do better. Six years later, its free Google Translate service handles 52 languages, more than any similar system, and people use it hundreds of millions of times a week to translate Web pages and other text. 3. “What you see on Google Translate is state of the art” in computer translations that are not limited to a particular subject area, said Alon Lavie, an associate research professor in the Language Technologies Institute at Carnegie Mellon University.


Computing power 4. Google’s efforts to expand beyond searching the Web have met with mixed success. Its digital books project has been hung up in court, and the introduction of its social network, Buzz, raised privacy fears. The pattern suggests that it can sometimes misstep when it tries to challenge business traditions and cultural conventions. But Google’s quick rise to the top echelons of the translation business is a reminder of what can happen when Google unleashes its brute-force computing power on complex problems. 5. The network of data centers that it built

for Web searches may now be, when lashed together, the world’s largest computer. Google is using that machine to push the limits on translation technology. Last month, for example, it said it was working to combine its translation tool with image analysis, allowing a person to, say, take a cell phone photo of a menu in German and get an instant English translation.

A great challenge 6. “Machine translation is one of the best examples that shows Google’s strategic vision,” said Tim O’Reilly, founder and chief executive of the technology publisher O’Reilly Media. “It is not something that anyone else is taking very seriously. But Google understands something about data that nobody else understands, and it is willing to make the investments necessary to tackle these kinds of complex problems ahead of the market.” 7. Creating a translation machine has long been seen as one of the toughest challenges in artificial intelligence. For decades, computer scientists tried using a rules-based approach — teaching the computer the linguistic rules of two languages and giving it the necessary dictionaries. But in the mid1990s, researchers began favoring a so-called statistical approach. They found that if they fed the computer thousands or millions of passages and their human-generated translations, it could learn to make accurate guesses about how to translate new texts. It turns out that this technique, which re-


Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 27


Page 28







quires huge amounts of data and lots of computing horsepower, is right up Google’s alley. 8. “Our infrastructure is very well-suited to this,” Vic Gundotra, a vice president for engineering at Google, said. “We can take approaches that others can’t even dream of.” Automated translation systems are far from perfect, and even Google’s will not put human translators out of a job anytime soon. Experts say it is exceedingly difficult for a computer to break a sentence into parts, then translate and reassemble them. But Google’s service is good enough to convey the essence of a newspaper article, and it has become a quick source for translations for millions of people.

New tools

28 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

8. well-suited bien adapté / to automate automatiser / to put, put, put out of job mettre au chômage / anytime soon bientôt, de sitôt / exceedingly extrêmement / to convey véhiculer, ici traduire, exprimer. 9. field domaine / most notably plus particulièrement / engine moteur / transcript retranscription / proceedings débats, séances / raw material matière première / to train former. 10. to scour fouiller, éplucher, passer au peigne fin / obscure peu connu / to release sortir. 11. offering produit, système / dent brèche / corporate d’entreprise / it is never likely to cela n’a que peu de chances de/d’être / moneymaker affaire qui rapporte, mine d’or / by the standards of comparé à / advertising publicité / to pay, paid, paid off payer, être payant, porter ses fruits / ad pub / ubiquitous omniprésent / to benefit profiter à / speech recognition reconnaissance vocale / caption légende.


9. Like its rivals in the field, most notably Microsoft and IBM, Google has fed its translation engine with transcripts of U.N. proceedings, which are translated by humans into six languages, and those of the European Parliament, which are translated into 23. This raw material is used to train translation systems for the most common languages. 10. But Google has scoured the text of the Web, as well as data from its book scanning project and other sources, to move beyond those languages. For more obscure languages, it has released a “translator tool kit” that helps users with translations and then adds those texts to its database. 11. Google’s offering could put a dent in sales of corporate translation software from companies like IBM. But automated translation is never likely to be a big moneymaker, at least not by the standards of Google’s advertising business. Still, Google‘s efforts could pay off in several ways. Because Google’s ads are ubiquitous online, anything that makes it easier for people to use the Web benefits the company. And the system could lead to interesting new applications. Last month, the company said it would use speech recognition to generate captions for English-language YouTube videos, which could then be translated into 50 other languages. 12. “This technology can make the language barrier go away,” said Franz Och, a principal scientist at Google who leads the company’s machine translation team. “It would allow anyone to communicate with anyone else.” ●

7. tough difficile / decade décennie / approach méthode / to favor (US)=to favour (GB) préférer, privilégier / so-called soi-disant, dénommé / to feed, fed, fed nourrir, ici introduire dans / accurate précis / guess idée, supposition, hypothèse / amount quantité / horsepower puissance (en chevaux) / it’s right up... alley cela rentre tout à fait dans les compétences de Google.

Franz Och, a principal scientist at Google who leads the company's machine translation team. (PETER DASILVA/THE NEW YORK TIMES)



Page 29


The JOIDES Resolution off the coast of Hawaii. (NATIONAL SCIENCE FOUNDATION/MCT)




Buried alive: Half of Earth’s life may lie below land, sea VOYAGE AU CENTRE DE LA TERRE. Il y a une dizaine d’années, au plus profond des océans, des forages ont mis au jour des sédiments datés de 111 millions d’années et recelant une multitude de micro-organismes. Preuve qu’il existe une énorme biosphère souterraine jusqu’ici complètement ignorée. Quels sont ces organismes ? Comment font-ils pour survivre dans de telles conditions ? De nouvelles explorations nous apporteront bientôt des réponses…


Buried alive: Half of Earth’s life may lie below land, sea Enterrée vivante : la moitié de la vie sur notre planète pourrait se trouver dans le soussol océanique to scour fouiller, explorer, scruter / outer space cosmos, espace intersidéral / to bury enterrer, enfouir / below sous / Earth Terre. 2. material ici organismes / to hide, hid, hidden dissimuler, cacher / beneath sous / root racine / oil well puits de pétrole / aquifer nappe aquifère / subsurface souterrain / basement sous-sol. 3. depth profondeur / dweller habitant / to solve résoudre / to store stocker / greenhouse gas gaz à effet de serre / worldwide mondial / crevice crevasse, fissure / seafloor fond de la mer, plancher océanique.

BY ROBERT S. BOYD ASHINGTON — While astronomers scour the skies for signs of life in outer space, biologists are exploring an enormous living world buried below the surface of the Earth. 2. Scientists estimate that nearly half the living material on our planet is hidden in or beneath the ocean or in rocks, soil, tree roots, mines, oil wells, lakes and aquifers on the continents. They call it the “subsurface biosphere,” a dark world where the sun and stars don’t shine. Some call it Earth’s basement.


Is E.T. home? 3. “Earth’s habitable zone extends to depths of hundreds or thousands of meters,” Katrina Edwards, a microbiologist at the University of Southern California, told a December conference of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco. “The organisms that live in this environment may collectively have a mass equivalent to that of all of Earth’s surface dwellers and may pro-

vide keys to solving major environmental, agricultural and industrial problems.” For example, geologists are considering whether to store some of the world’s excess carbon dioxide, a major greenhouse gas, in a worldwide network of crevices below the seafloor.


Juan de Fuca Plate The Juan de Fuca Ridge is a tectonic spreading center located off the coasts of the state of Washington and the province of British Columbia, in Canada. It runs northward from a transform boundary to a triple junction with the Nootka Fault and the Sovanco Fracture zone. To its east is the Juan de Fuca Plate, which together with the Gorda Plate to its south and the Explorer Plate to its north, is what remains of the once-vast Farallon Plate which has been largely subducted under the North american Plate. To its west is the Pacific Plate. The Juan de Fuca Ridge is a remnant of the former Pacific-Farallon Ridge.

Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 29

4. to complement compléter / hunt chasse, recherche / search recherche / relevance pertinence, ici rapport, lien / inner space ici biosphère, planète Terre / testing ground terrain d’essai. 5. hole trou, excavation / about to sur le point de / to launch lancer / drill forage / to punch a hole forer / to link relier / onshore à terre / fire hose tuyau de pompe à incendie, ici flot (continu), flux / data données, informations. 6. ridge crête, dorsale / off au large de / to head for partir pour / pool bassin, étendue (d’eau) / seamount montagne sous-marine. 7. plumbing tuyauterie / to dye teindre, colorer / to pump into injecter dans / flow flux, circulation / maze dédale, labyrinthe. 8. to sample prélever un échantillon / tap robinet / to shed, shed, shed light on jeter la lumière sur, éclairer / sub-seafloor soussol océanique. 9. likely probable / to support ici abriter, receler. 10. food for thought grain à moudre, matière à réfléchir / chemical substance chimique / sulfur (US)= sulphur (GB) soufre. 11. goal but, objectif.

Page 30








4. Scientists say research on “intraterrestrial life” complements astronomers’ hunt for “extraterrestrial life” around other stars and planets. The search for E.T. starts at home. “Much that we do in our work to discover and understand the deep biosphere has relevance to the origin and search for life elsewhere in the universe,” Edwards said by email. “Fundamentally, this is all about life detection. Our inner space is a natural testing ground for outer space.”

Holes and revelations 5. To advance their understanding of subsurface life, marine geologists are about to launch three drill ship expeditions to punch holes in the seafloor and implant long-term scientific “observatories” linked by cable and satellite to onshore laboratories. “We’ll be sitting in front of a fire hose of data,” said Andrew Fisher, a geophysicist at the University of California in Santa Cruz. 6. In July, the international Integrated Ocean Drilling Program will send its high-tech drill ship, the JOIDES Resolution, to the Juan de Fuca Ridge off the Canadian coast in the Northeast Pacific. In October, the ship will head for the South Pacific Gyre, a vast ro-

tating pool of water between New Zealand and Hawaii. Next year, it will pass through the Panama Canal to drill in North Pond, an undersea valley on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a chain of seamounts between North America and Africa.

Plumbing 7. Fisher, the chief scientist on the Juan de Fuca expedition, said this summer’s drilling would complete a network of six observatories under the North Pacific seafloor. Dyed fluids will be pumped into selected places so scientists can follow the flow of water and microbes through a maze of subsurface “plumbing.” These deep oceanic aquifers are thought to contain as much water as all the rivers on Earth. 8. “It’ll be like determining how your home plumbing works by sampling the water at the taps,” Fisher said. Subsurface biosphere research may shed light on the origin of life on Earth and the possibility of life on other planets. “The conditions we see in the subseafloor are similar to what conditions may have been on the early Earth,” Fisher said. Similar conditions may exist or have existed on Mars or the moons of Jupiter. 9. “It is highly likely that if Mars supports life, it will also be in a deep biosphere where temperatures are high enough to allow liquid water,” John Parnell, a geologist at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, told a conference of planetary scientists last week in The Woodlands, Texas.

Food for thought 10. Steven D’Hondt, an oceanographer at the University of Rhode Island, will lead the expedition to the South Pacific Gyre. The JOIDES Resolution will drive seven holes in the seafloor to study microbial life there. One objective will be to determine whether deep sea chemicals, such as hydrogen and sulfur, that don’t depend on energy from the sun on Earth’s surface can nourish subsurface microbes. 11. Edwards, the USC microbiologist, expects to lead the 2011 expedition to North Pond, in the Atlantic, where four holes will be drilled. One goal is to find out whether microbes in the Atlantic are different from their Pacific Ocean cousins, or whether the same creatures travel around the globe. ● 30 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010


arpenter les rues à la recherche de méchants à tabasser. Une vidéo de lui apparaît sur YouTube et la mode des vengeurs masqués décolle ! Un film délirant, politiquement incorrect en diable. Une parodie de film d’action imbécile comme on aimerait en voir plus souvent !

BOOKS Vous partez déjà ? Ma vie avec Harold Pinter D’ANTONIA FRASER

Dans les salles le 21 avril EN 2003, alors que l'armée américaine vient d'envahir l'Irak afin d'éliminer la menace des armes de destruction massive, l'unité de Roy Miller (Matt Damon) est chargée de sécuriser les sites suspects. Le service de renseignements américain s'est fié à un haut gradé de l'armée irakienne pour envoyer l'unité, qui ne trouve rien. Miller, s'interrogeant sur les intentions de ses supérieurs, entre en contact avec un agent de la CIA… Un film d’action particulièrement efficace !

Dans les salles


C’EST UN FAIT : LES SUPERHÉROS N’EXISTENT PAS. Et pourtant, qui n’a jamais rêvé d’en devenir un ? C’est précisément ce raisonnement qui pousse le maigrichon Dave Lizewski (Aaron Johnson) à enfiler une combinaison de plongée et à


LA BATAILLE FAIT RAGE SUR PANDORA, une lune du système Alpha du Centaure, entre les humains fraîchement débarqués à la recherche d’un minerai rare et les Na’vi, les autochtones vivant en harmonie avec la nature… Pour ceux qui auraient raté le film en salle, et pour les accros l’ayant déjà vu dix fois mais souhaitant faire de l’arrêt sur image, voici venue la sortie en DVD et en Blu-Ray du plus grand succès cinématographique de tous les temps.

20 € le DVD 30 € le Blu-Ray Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment

ANTONIA FRASER, ellemême auteur de romans historiques à succès, a vécu avec Harold Pinter trentetrois ans et demi, jusqu’à la mort du célèbre prix Nobel de littérature. Cette très touchante autobiographie permet de s’immiscer dans les souvenirs de ce couple célèbre, jour après jour, mois après mois, année après année. Elle est accompagnée de quelques photos du couple, seul ou accompagné (Jude Law, Salman Rushdie, Daniel Ortega…)

22 € Editions Baker Street

L’original de Laura DE VLADIMIR NABOKOV DMITRI NABOKOV EST L’HOMME PAR QUI CE NOUVEAU SCANDALE ARRIVE, mais comment et pourquoi le condamner d’avoir désobéi à son père ? En publiant les notes de Vladimir sur ce dernier roman inachevé, reproduites ici en anglais accompagnées de leur traduction,

il est allé à l’encontre des dernières volontés de cet écrivain fantastique. Une occasion immanquable de plonger dans le processus d’écriture de l’un des plus grands romanciers du siècle dernier !



UN FIL CONDUCTEUR APPARAÎT DANS CE RECUEIL DE SIX NOUVELLES : la volonté de l’auteur de plonger dans les méandres de la création. Qu’elle soit littéraire (Le roman inachevé), théâtrale (La gloriette) ou picturale (Sa période bleue), elle naît souvent d’âmes tourmentées, et les personnages amoureusement vivants de Valérie Martin sont autant de preuves que les créateurs ne sont pas des êtres humains comme les autres. De beaux exercices de style.

18 € Albin Michel

Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 31


Green Zone

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Des places de cinéma pour Paris et la province, des B.O., des entrées pour les expositions


sur gagnez...

31-593 AN:Mise en page 1



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Malte, l’autre île pour apprendre l’anglais… ENVIE D’ANGLAIS ET DE SOLEIL EN EUROPE ? La petite île de Malte, occupée pendant 160 ans par les Britanniques et dont l’anglais est l’une des deux langues officielles, dispose de nombreuses écoles de langues. Située au sud de la Sicile, c’est également une destination balnéaire chaude et ensoleillée.





« Lesson 30, the passive ». Dans l’avion d’Air Malta, au dos de la tablette, une publicité pour l’école de langue EC donne des leçons d’anglais. Depuis quelques années, Malte est une destination prisée pour les séjours linguistiques. Une situation due à l’ensoleillement de l’île méditerranéenne, à son patrimoine historique, mais aussi à ses prix attractifs, notamment par rapport à ceux pratiqués au Royaume-Uni. A Malte, l’anglais, un des deux idiomes officiels du pays avec le maltais, est plus qu’une langue : c’est un business. L’île dépend beaucoup du tourisme, notamment linguistique ; la création d’écoles de langues est encouragée par l’Etat. L’île regorge donc d’établissements de ce type. « Les principales écoles sont EC, NSTS, l’IELS, ESE et EF »,

32 • VOCABLE Du 15 au 28 avril 2010

affirme Louiseanne Mercieca de l’English Language Academy (ELA), école partenaire du réseau Language Studies International (LSI) à Malte, « mais une petite école comme la nôtre a ses avantages, le suivi des étudiants y est plus individualisé ». Par contre, les écoles de plus grande taille disposent d’un réseau et d’un encadrement très conséquents. « Je m’occupe de gérer le bien-être, les loisirs et les problèmes des étudiants », explique « Spice », le monsieur encadrement de l’école ESE. « Mon équipe passe de 10 personnes en basse saison à 150 l’été, tous nos étudiants disposent d’un badge avec un code barre en cas de problème ; nous sommes là pour répondre à toutes leurs demandes quelles qu’elles soient. » La taille de l’école permet également de dispo-

Les cours d’anglais à Malte coûtent sensiblement le même prix d’une école à l’autre. Ce qui varie, ce sont les services : type de logement, localisation, avec ou sans loisirs inclus, encadrement … Il faut bien se renseigner au préalable, notamment via les forums où d’anciens étudiants témoignent de leur expérience : un tarif moins cher ne signifie pas systématiquement une bonne affaire, c’est souvent une moindre qualité de service.


ser de bâtiments dédiés aux différents types de cours. « ESE possède des locaux spécifiques pour ses cours pour les professionnels », précise Michela Formosa, directrice des études, « ils sont adaptés au standing et aux besoins de ce type de public ».

UNE OFFRE LARGE Les locaux d’ESE, mais aussi ceux de l’Institute of English Language Studies (IELS), sont équipés du Wifi, disposent d’une cafétéria et d’une li-

brairie. Des chambres sont disponibles dans certaines écoles, EC ou ESE par exemple. Il est également possible d’opter pour une famille d’accueil, des appartements partagés, un hôtel, ou encore de loger chez le professeur et de suivre des cours individuels. La plupart des formules pour étudier l’anglais existent sur l’île : cours généraux, business, préparation d’examens, cours pour adultes, pour adolescents, stages en anglais... Certaines écoles développent des cours spécifiques, comme l’anglais pour l’aviation à ESE, l’anglais




Page 33



Malte pour les professeurs à l’IELS ou l’anglais pour le tourisme à l’EEC. De plus en plus d’écoles proposent des solutions E-learning. C’est le cas de l’IELS, mais aussi d’ELA qui met en place une relation individualisée entre le professeur et l’étudiant via Internet.

OPÉRATEURS EN FRANCE Toutes ces écoles ont désormais un site web. Il est facile de se renseigner directement sur ce qu’elles proposent. Mais il n’est pas toujours évident de se forger une opinion à distance, qui plus est dans une langue étrangère. L’essentiel des réservations pour les écoles passe donc par des opérateurs de séjours linguistiques. « Si les réservations via notre site progressent, elles ne représentent pour l’instant que 5% de nos réservations », précise Carol Galea Souchet de l’IELS. En France, l’IELS travaille essentiellement avec Langues vivantes, EEC passe par LEC et le Club langues et civilisa-


tions, ESE est en relation avec l’Agengy for International Language Studies (AILS) ou l’agence IFG langues, quant à ELA, elle s’appuie sur le réseau LSI.

G Formation pour adultes uniquement G Stage dynamique et efficace

Aujourd’hui, la quasi-totalité des opérateurs de séjours linguistiques disposent d’offres sur Malte. La destination plaît, notamment aux étudiants, qui y voient l’opportunité de s’amuser tout en pratiquant l’anglais. « J’ai suis allée à Cambridge et je n’ai pas du tout aimé », s’exclame Caroline, « ici j’apprends l’anglais aussi bien qu’en Angleterre, mais le climat est bien meilleur et l’ambiance est géniale ». Attention cependant : l’été, la petite île de Malte est bondée, il y fait très chaud et l’ambiance festive et balnéaire ne se prête pas forcément à une activité studieuse. Les problèmes de réveil sont fréquents. ESE l’a d’ailleurs bien compris, puisqu’en été, l’école propose des cours l’après-midi pour ceux qui ne seraient pas du matin… ●


EC EEC English language academy ESE Institute of English language studies NSTS

Stages d’anglais en immersion à Dublin

G Cours en mini-groupe et/ou cours particuliers G Hébergement en famille ou à l’hôtel

Contact en France: 01 47 73 77 23

Séjours linguistiques Do you speak English? Parlez vous anglais ?


Séjours Linguistiques

A little bit! Un petit peu !

Is that enough? /

Est-ce suffisant ?


StudyGlobal France 59 Rue des Petits Champs 75001 PARIS, FRANCE

Découvrez nos dernières offres sur

Espagne Séjours linguistiques à Malte. Infos et autres destinations partout dans le monde : Appel gratuit


Tous pays, tous âges. Martine DARROUX PICABEA International Pen Friends 9 rue de Portez 29280 Locmaria-Plouzané - France web :

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Cours en France



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35 TEST ANG 593:11_TEST


Gérer son agenda



WESTMILL COMMENT PROPOSER, ANNULER OU DÉCALER des rendez-vous en anglais en évitant les faux amis et les erreurs typiques des francophones !

Parmi les expressions suivantes, quelles sont les traductions possibles de :

« je vous propose un rendez-vous à 15h » ? 1. How about meeting at 3? 2. I propose you a meeting at 3. 3. Why don’t we meet at 3? 4. Let’s meet at 3. 5. Could we meet at 3? 6. We can meet at 3? Toutes les traductions sont correctes sauf 2 et 6. (La phrase 2 est un « Frenchism » traduit mot à mot, quant à la phrase 6 ce n’est pas une vrai question en anglais, « Can we meet…..? » serait plus approprié).

Réponses :



Décidez si les phrases suivantes sont pour confirmer, décaler, ou annuler un rendez-vous : 1. I can’t make it on Tuesday. 2. I have to put off the meeting until



next week.



3. Are we still on for Thursday at 6? 4. There’s no way I can attend. 5. I’ll have to take a rain check for this

Complétez le dialogue avec les mots suivants :

.................. ..................



6. I just wanted to make sure everything’s

appointment , perfect, about, make, could, check, confirm, speaking

OK for the 12th.


— Good morning, Mr. Jeffries’ PA _____________, how can I help you? 1. annuler 2. décaler 3. confirmer

4. annuler 5. décaler 6. confirmer

— Good morning, this is Mrs Price from EFG Energy. I’d like to make an _____________ with Mr. Jeffries please for next week.

Réponses :

— Ok, I’ll just _____________ his schedule. What _____________ on Wednesday at 10? — Sorry, I can’t _____________ it for 10. Would the afternoon be possible for him? — No, I’m afraid he’ll be in a meeting from 2 to 5. _____________ you do Thursday at 3? — Thursday at 3 would be _____________. — Ok, I’ll _____________that by e-mail. EDITION ANGLAISE. 56, RUE FONDARY, 75015 PARIS.

— Thanks, good bye.


— Good bye.

Tél : 01 44 37 97 97 / Fax : 01 44 37 97 98. Pour contacter votre correspondant, composez le 01.44. 37. 97.[...] suivi des 2 chiffres de son numéro DIRECTEUR DE LA PUBLICATION : D.Lecat. RESPONSABLE D’ÉDITION : R. Lancelot [69], EXPLICATION : C.Martin, A. Minogue, TRADUCTION : M.Courtin, S.Toft, PUBLICITÉ : C. Blondin [76], C. Gogand [77]. DIRECTION COMMERCIALE : C.Libilbéhéty [79]. ABONNEMENTS : GRANDS COMPTES : L.Khelfallah [81], ENTREPRISES : N. Prizmic [82], A. Kada [83], E. Jayme [86]. PROMOTION : C.Veziris[80]. MARKETING-FABRICATION : L.Schmid [91], J. de Beco [93], C.Bourdery[90]. SERVICE ABONNÉS : B.P. 1, 59440 Avesnes sur Helpe. tél. 03 27 61 10 11, fax 03 27 61 22 52, RÉASSORTIMENT PROFESSIONNEL : AME, 4 rue de Jarente 75004 Paris tél. 0800 590 593 (N° vert). CONCEPTION GRAPHIQUE : Rampazzo & Associés. MAQUETTE : S.M.P./ Y.Le Menn , S.Bousez, C. Soufflet, A.Thoilliez, S.Burlion. IMPRESSION : Imprimeries IPS, 27120 Pacy sur Eure. N° de commission paritaire 1212 K 82493. ISSN n° 0763-9686 VOCABLE est édité par la Société Maubeugeoise d’Édition, 59603 Maubeuge Cedex

— Good morning, Mr. Jeffries PA speaking, how can I help you? — Good morning, this is Mrs Price from EFG Energy. I’d like to make an appointment with Mr. Jeffries please for next week. — Ok, I’ll just check his schedule. What about on Wednesday at 10? — Sorry, I can’t make it for 10. Would the afternoon be possible for him? — No, I’m afraid he’ll be in a meeting from 2 to 5. Could you do Thursday at 3? — Thursday at 3 would be perfect. — Ok, I’ll confirm that by e-mail. — Thanks, good bye. — Good bye.

Réponses : 23 rue Auguste Vacquerie 75116 Paris


Du 15 au 28 avril 2010 VOCABLE • 35

36-GB593: Page pair



Page 36

Anglais+Stage: Un atout pour votre CV

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