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A look at the legendary singer’s life, legacy and the impact of her loss.

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The Original Basketball wife shares what she would do differently and how she became a strong business woman.

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America’s Next Top Model’s favorite photographer.

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Popcorn Love

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The Lioness is fierce!

20 Wishes & Thieves New York’s hottest band releases their new EP just in time for Spring!

54 Get Organized

Tips on how to spring your life into order

30 Dare

The dancer every girl wants to meet.

40 Spring Fashions

Bright colors and bold patterns for spring.


Marni at H&M Take a look at the spring line worn by Drew Barrymore and other Hollywood style stars.

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editor’s note Cover Image: Whitney Houston Photographer: Patrick Demarcheier Courtesy of RCA Records

Spring into action. 2012 is in full swing so get organized! Time to step up that work out routine and prepare for spring break, sand, beaches and more time outdoors! Out with the old and in with the new. Tips on how to organize your “to do list,” Marni’s new spring line for H&M, 10 must have items for spring, natural haircare are a few of the articles we share. A very special tribute to the late, great legendary Whitney Houston as we discuss her life, her legacy and her voice. The most popular basketball wife Jackie Christie shares her strength, courage and wisdom with us. Singer Teedra Moses discusses her transition working at Rick Ross’ record label. New York’s sensation “Wishes and Thieves” comes right in time for spring and is definitely a band worth the attention.

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Ever wonder who gets to shoot America’s Next Top Models once they become big? Manny Roman of course and we take an inside look at the dream job and envy of most men. The cast of “Pretty Little Liars” show off their common fashion sense and dance sensation “Dare” hits the spotlight. Grab your chocolate covered treats from Sweet Mary’s and relax while you read our spring issue!

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By: Neeta Wooten Photo Credit: Robert Ector


ere’s some change, why don’t you buy some business,” is a classic line from the Luxurious Undergrind Mixtape released by Teedra Moses, the “sophisticated gangsta”(A nick-name given by Washington, DC fans). She is gangsta with her lyrics, sexy with her vocals, sophisticated with her mannerisms and her personality is slick with tons of style. †It may be her smile, her eyes, her legs, her strong personality or any of the other 101 reasons to fall in love with Teedra Moses, but one thing is for sure, on everyone’s list is her voice. Teedra’s strong and smooth voice is very similar to her personality, which too is strong and smooth. This perfect blend of femininity and rich-rawness is what separates Teedra from other vocalists. †“I have a really aggressive personality and that is something that people really don’t know about me because of my approach I take in music. I always wanted to be the softer more timid girl,

8 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

so I approach my vocals that way, but I write from the personality of the girl that I truly am.” If you want to really get to know Teedra Moses, listen to her music. She mirrors her heart in her music. She has released six projects to date (One album and five mix-tapes) showing the development of a star and the growth of a woman; in the form of a lioness with strength, focus and determination. “My position has changed so much since I was a child. Complex Simplicity was about becoming an adult, not so much about becoming a woman... then I called myself the Young Lioness because I felt like a woman feeling weak a lot, but trying to become strong. And I feel stronger now, so I just want to call it The Lioness. I want to exude that feeling in my music and give it to other women because sometimes it is hard to feel strong in this society based on how we (as women) are positioned,” says Teedra. Stepping on the mainstream scene with “Complex Simplicity” in 2004 Teedra instantly captured the love and loyalty of worldwide fans. Due to her


The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 9


“I asked for a way to take care of my family when I didn’t have a way and He (God) gave me this.” record label dropping the ball and not putting a proper marketing plan in place to promote Teedra, it took a little over a year for people to even realize TVT records had a jewel on their team. One thing is for sure, once you hear Teedra, you are hooked. True Teedra Moses fans appreciate the blend that she presents on her albums, mix-tapes and her live shows. No track singing going on here. When you see Teedra Moses live, you experience a first class show with perfectly-pitched vocals and a live band worth standing-room only. Ensuring this type of experience on a consistent basis is not an easy task to accomplish. Yet much like Teedra’s personality, she works hard and stands strong for what she believes in and what she wants because she respects her fans. Unfortunately, TVT records experienced difficulties and folded right around the time her second album “The Young Lioness” was to release. However, this did not stop Teedra. Having your record label crumble at the time you need it to be most strong could have been the stopping point for many artisst. Not Teedra. She took the opportunity of being independent to grow as an artist and prepare herself for the next opportunity. “This journey between labels has given me determination. Being independent gave me a way to hone my skills as a singer and songwriter.” Rick Ross was that next opportunity. Recently signed to Maybach Music Group (MMG), home of chart-topping hit makers, Teedra has entered the next chapter of her life. With her highly anticipated sophomore album “The Lioness” on the way, Teedra shares how this transition has affected her music. Understand, there were a few years in between TVT going under and Teedra signing with MMG. Learning early on in her music career that being a musician is not always about what happens on stage, but also about what is needed to 10 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

prepare. Teedra’s writing skills are just as strong as her singing skills...and they are fierce! Teedra notes that writing for other people allows her to improve upon her own vocal skills and abilities and often opens up ideas for her personal music. Mary J. Blige and Christina Milian are just a couple who can thank Teedra for hit records. Starting out on a record label with major acts such as Lil Jon and other masculine urban acts carved a unique spot for Teedra to make her mark and speak loudly for stronger women. “I’m making this music because it is something GOD gave me, not because a label says ‘here is some money now make it’ or because I want to feel important or anything. I asked for a way to take care of my family when I didn’t have a way and He (God) gave me this.” Fascinating women typically have more than one trick up their sleeve and talent in their bones; Teedra is no different. She is very fascinating and very resourceful. Setting a great example for other female musicians regarding maintaining a high quality work ethic and learning that in order to grow, things may hurt, but you can get through it with God and a focus on your life’s passion. Last year (2011) on Valentines Day Teedra independently produced a sultry video for her mix-tape song “R U 4Real.” This year on Valentine’s Day Teedra once again provided fans with an independently produced video featuring her label-mate Wale for her song “Another Luvr” from her Luxurious Undergrind mix-tape showing a strong and confident Teedra looking saucy, glossy and flossy! Hustling is one of those qualities we respect most about Teedra. She never stops working, singing and making music. While we wait on the edge of our seats for her sophomore album to release, she has provided us with various avenues to hear new music and listen to her live weekly. Enter in...”Luxurious

front-n-center underGRIND.” A brand name Teedra created that to date cascades a mixtape, a radio show, a lifestyle and a DVD in the making. “Luxurious Undergrind represents shining from the bottom as if you belong at the top...I want to show how it is to be a talented person, make good music and still be out here hustling.” The mix-tape titled “Luxurious underGRIND” is filled with the classic Teedra Moses music that we patiently wait for and thankfully receive. We like the fact that Teedra does not bite her tongue and says what she means, and expresses how she feels so perfectly that we connect instantly with every song.

Images Courtesy of Footprints Communications, Inc.

Every Tuesday you can tune into the radio show named “Luxurious underGRIND” and listen to Teedra and her two cohosts via the Internet. “I wanted to play music that I listen to with my fans and have them to give me music that I can play. The radio show is a great way for us to share music, especially music which does not get heard much,” said Teedra.

strength, but still pretty,” said Teedra. Doing all that she is doing, how is Teedra handling all of this? Teedra says, “I’m relying on God and I feel very strong in that. Everything that I try to carry I am relinquishing it and just doing it.” Official Website Twittter Videos Radio Show Dowload/Buy Albums & Mix-tapes

On the DVD “Luxurious underGRIND” you will see how Teedra, a single mother of twin boys is striving to provide for her family in the middle of the entertainment industry and make things happen despite the situation. As we enjoy the Luxurious underGRIND brand, we still cannot help but be anxious for “The Lioness” to drop through Maybach Music Group this year. †And when it does, brace yourself. “I want my music to help position us (women) back on the side of ‘I feel good about me’ It’s not about nobody else’s option about me, or what this man may think or what these people at this job may think or whatever. I’m doing me, I’m feeling good and I ain’t hurting nobody and that’s the whole position of The Lioness. And if you rollin with me then you rollin...still humble, still saying I want to be loved and rescued but not in the sense of a desperate feeling but because I am comfortable on my own and the sound is going to exude just that, The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 11


Strength Courage Wisdom By: Neeta Wooten

It is not easy being fabulous! With success comes scrutiny, and with fame comes criticism. Criticism and scrutiny; two things basketball wife Jackie Christie is used to. Yet these two realities do not define what is real to her in her life. Love her or hate her, you cannot deny this woman is creatively successful. You have seen her recently on the hit VH1 TV show “Basketball Wives LA,” but for most who are familiar with women business moguls, Jackie Christie is a name you have known for many years. “I think women should dance to the beat of their own drum,” said Jackie. Maybe it is her length in the business, long-time experience at being a mother or her multiple anniversaries with her husband. Whatever the source of Jackie’s perseverance, it has opened up many doors over the years. “I feel like I am a pioneer of sorts for all women of all genres. I’m a renaissance woman, and no nonsense, but I really care about people,” said Jackie. She has written books, produced TV shows, owns a record label, and a clothing company among other successful ventures. Many people try and fail at creating one business, so how did Jackie make all of these ventures work? “Determination, commitment and the fact that I was raised on doing hard work, are some of the qualities Jackie attributes to her success. †“I come from a family of 9 and it was instilled in us that you have to work and that you have to put in that time,” said Jackie. “I’m a real big goal setter...I love setting a goal and then taking my time reaching my goal. I make a list no matter what I am doing and jot down the 5 priorities that have to get done no matter what...and the rest of it if I get it done that’s icing on the cake.” We have all heard the suggestion of making lists, but are they really that important? Jackie says, “It’s easy for important things to slip your mind (because the kids are needing this, the distraction of a TV show, the never ending emails, etc) so if you make that list you are always making sure you are getting your business done.”

12 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Let us be honest and real. If you watched Basketball Wives LA, you watched it because of Jackie Christie. Although you may not have always understood or agreed with how things went down, you knew you would not miss catching the next episode for the update. Anyone who has spent time around Jackie Christie knows that she loves to help people. This does not mean that she is not human, that she does not make mistakes and that she may make decisions that one may not agree with. Just because Jackie Christie is a successful businesswoman does not mean that she is not human. It has not always been easy. It has taken a lot of strength, courage and wisdom to get through the tough times. Having to deal with the deterioration of her mother’s health while filming the show must have been an unimaginable difficulty that many overlook. It is hard loosing a loved one, especially a parent . Filming a reality show captures the good, the bad and the hurtful. Although Jackie is a strong person, I sympathize with the unpredictable flow of emotions that must have accompanied the hurtful reality to lose her mother while watching the show air. Have you ever done something or made decisions you questioned later down the line because you were mentally distraught? Have you had the weight of a family, multiple businesses and the unknowing demise of so-called friends at the time your best friend was dying in front of your eyes? As the saying goes, walk a mile in someone else’s shoes before you judge what you “think” you know. One thing Jackie definitely knows is how to navigate her way through a public relationship with a professional athlete. Staying married for almost 20 years to an entertainer is rare...having this entertainer be an NBA player is practically an oxymoron; but not for Jackie and Doug Christie. You do not make it that long without doing some things right. Jackie shares to, “Make sure you put your relationship first. Don’t worry about other people, don’t mirror your relationship to someone

Another1 front-n-center

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 13


14 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012


else’s – that’s a common downfall... it will make you feel inadequate if you think theirs is better because you have to remember that you are always on the outside looking in. You don’t really know the intricate details of their relationship. Make sure you are valuing your own relationship whether it’s marriage, engaged, boyfriend-girlfriend and you know that is the person you have dedicated yourself to and you are going to be loyal and committed. You have to be determined to have your relationship succeed. Don’t even let failure be something that you think about.” Jackie says, ”Be his best friend and encourage him to be yours. You can’t make anyone do what they don’t want to, so I say encourage. A lot of girls ask how they should tell their man to do this or that. You can’t tell them, you can encourage them by saying things. And when they do something good they want to feel appreciated. They already have pressure on them to be strong and be the protector and be the leader in the relationship. If they have a strong woman it’s nothing but a compliment to them.” Learning to encourage your man may take a different approach from what most women are used to. Encouraging him can be as simple as letting him know what you appreciate about him and what he has done. What should you say? “I appreciate the fact that you called me when you said you would call or that you are helping me do this or that. Show them that you are appreciative of them and encourage them to open up and talk to you and have that communication because that is the core of any successful relationship. If you don’t communicate you will never know what they are thinking and you are always guessing. Then your action may be coming off wrong...because

it is not what you even thought it was,” explains Jackie. What is in Jackie’s future? Producing more TV shows for sure, possibly a talk show but definitely commanding the spotlight and attention regardless of the platform or location. Since making her debut on Basketball Wives LA, she has gained more followers and fans from all over the world (Africa, Switzerland, etc) expanding the reach of her businesses. She is not a 23 year old trying to force her way into the spotlight and stab people in the back to get ahead. Jackie has accomplished miles beyond what some people dream of. She is proof positive that girls and women around the globe can accomplish many wonderful things and have great success without compromising one’s integrity and morals. Although she admits that sometimes things may get a little blurry, it is important to stay focused on what your goal is, so that you are not distracted by the nonsense. Although she has not spoken to any of the other girls from the show (Basketball Wives LA) since the reunion show episode, she wishes them best and extends love towards the group of women. “I’ve never had animosity with a group of girls like that...that’s a disappointment, but I don’t dwell on it...we will see what happens when the new season comes.” To learn more about Jackie Christie and keep up with her and her many projects visit:

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16 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012



The Voice. The Legend. The Loss by: Stephanie Walker Images Courtesy of RCA Records (Photographer: Patrick Demarcheier)


lose your eyes and think back to the first time you heard “the voice.” The crystal clear, pitch perfect voice of Whitney Houston would send chills up your spine and make your hairs stand on edge. There is not another like it, nor will there ever be. Whitney Houston had the greatest voice of her generation. Classified as a mezzo-soprano, her influence stretches wide and runs deep into a thread of musicians and genres. When Whitney asked if she could have permissive rights to cover Chaka Khan’s “I Am Every Woman,” Chaka replied that Whitney was the only one who could. As the lyrics in the song state, “I can cast a spell,” she has cast a spell on everyone who has heard her voice. Whitney was an original. She is the 4th best selling female artist in the United States. Whitney is the only artist to have seven consecutive #1 Billboard Hot 100 hits and the only female artist to have two #1 Billboard 200 albums. Yet in still, people could not (and cannot) seem to get past what is perceived as erratic behavior. Like many stars in the entertainment industry, Whitney had her own demons. She struggled with various drugs which sent her to rehab twice. Due to the ever increasing need to know EVERYTHING about celebrities, we witnessed some of this erratic behavior on the reality show “Being Bobby Brown.”

Many thought that he “brought her down.” Even through the heartaches and disappointments, Whitney Houston was strong minded and strong-willed. From the outside, her union with fellow singer Bobby Brown seemed unlikely. It really should have not appeared this way at all. One of her first hits, “Saving All My Love” was about being in a relationship with a married man. Prior to dating Bobby Brown she was romantically involved with Eddie Murphy. He was not the good guy known around town either. She was not the bubble gum and cotton candy image that had become attached to her. That was a projection. A projection placed on her. Whitney Houston has always been herself with her audience and unapologetic for it. You could see this in her role in the feature film “The Preacher’s Wife.” She returned to her gospel roots and showed the world her love for God. It was rather poetic to see her singing lead in front of a choir including her mother, gospel great, Cissy Houston just as she did in her youth. As a public figure that was already larger than life, her acknowledgment of a higher power really showed her humility. The proof of the endearment that her fans took to this movie is that The Preacher’s Wife soundtrack is the best selling gospel album in history. The legacy of her voice, her music

and accomplishments are not removed because of the difficulties in her personal life. While many of her behaviors and decisions were deemed unsavory and neither condemned nor supported, in no way does her personal life diminish the amazing accomplishments of her career. Two Emmys, 6 Grammys, 22 American Music Awards and 30 Billboard awards were awarded to her. Her second album “Whitney” was the first album by a female artist to debut at #1 on the Billboard 200 albums chart. Between 1985 and 2009 Whitney Houston released seven studio albums and three movie soundtracks which all were gold, multi-platinum or diamond certified totaling over 170 million albums sold worldwide. In addition to her music credits, she also showcased her diversity as an entertainer with her acting debut in 1992’s “The Bodyguard” alongside Kevin Costner. He thought she was perfect for the role but Hollywood producers did not agree. She had to screen test for the role and even had her own doubts. She was not sure she was pretty enough or good enough. She was more than enough and proved that Kevin Costner’s instincts were dead on. Roger Ebert gave the movie three out of four stars and it grossed $16.6 million its opening weekend, ranking third. Two of the songs featured in the film, “Run to You” and “I Have The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 17

18 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Nothing” were nominated for an Oscar for Best Original Song. The soundtrack also won the Grammy for Album of the Year. Her acting success did not stop there. She landed the role of Savannah in the screen adaptation of Terry McMillan’s best-selling novel “Waiting to Exhale.” Showing that she could succeed in both genres, this movie opened #1 in its opening weekend. Once again, Roger Ebert gave a positive review of the film. The soundtrack garnered Whitney another number-one hit song for “Exhale (Shoop Shoop).”

She recently ventured back into the acting arena with the film “Sparkle.” This film was a long labor of love for Houston. She and her production partner, Debra Martin Chase, secured the rights to a Sparkle remake during the mid 1990’s but due to occurrences outside of her control, it took quite some time to get the ball rolling. Filming finally began in 2011. In addition to having a role in the movie, she also served as the executive producer. Sparkle is set for release in August of 2012. Her sudden death on February 11, 2012 on the eve of the 54th annual Grammy Awards was a shock not just to the music community but the world at large. Whitney Houston’s voice was pure and a God-given talent. As she sang so poignantly on 1998’s “My Love is Your Love” If I should die this very day Don’t cry, cause on earth we wasn’t meant to stay... Cause your love is my love And my love is your love It would take an eternity to break us. The mark Whitney Houston has left on the music industry is incomparable. The name Whitney should make you think of a voice that is irreplaceable. In the words of Whitney Houston:

“Judge not for your flaws but for your triumphs.”

We will always love you Whitney. The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 19

pay attention

20 :: The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

By: David Gignilliat Photographer: Jena Cumbo


n the music video for the title track for Wishes and Thieves’ Forest Fire EP, released November 11th, 2011 on iTunes, there is a lot to be seen and heard. The central image of the video is a cream-colored love-seat in a mostly empty room. The sofa chair is tufte, and speaks to a bygone era, Victorian perhaps.

Stylish, refined. A blank slate. The Wishes and Thieves story is a relatively new one. The group formed in 2010 and have very quickly melted individual styles and musical backgrounds into a unique sound. An indie/electronica alchemy that is redolent of Bjork and Portishead without being subservient to them. They have already become that 21st century music industry rarity -- a unique commercially viable ensemble worthy of the critical acclaim it has already received.

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 21

22 :: The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

pay attention Two mosaic throws and a matching pillow adorn the couch. A collage of different colors, influences and sensibilities, thoughtfully cobbled together to make something novel, singular. The New York-based group includes Jolanda Porter (female vocalist/Connecticut), Mike MacAllister (guitar/Boston), Will Clark (drums/Oregon), and Joseph Higgins (bass/NYC). “I felt like it was a sound I wasn’t used to hearing,” says Jolanda of the group’s musical dynamic. “That’s what drew me toward it.” There are wooden accents, probably oak or maple, on the arms and clawfoot legs of the loveseat. The wood, an elemental force, gives the seat both its stability (function) and an aesthetic consistency (form).

Above the love seat, are two ornate wooden frames. There is no glass or print, just the frame hung over the room’s khaki walls. The frame on the left is slightly askew, just enough to notice, but not enough to do anything about.

a few frames in an empty room morphs into something completely different. A coffee table and a velvet wing chair make an appearance. Pots, pans and wooden spoons become impromptu musical instruments. An old newspaper with a story about a “moon landing” makes an appearance. As does a snifter of some dark liqueur. Pretty soon, the space is filled up and resembles what must be thousands of work/live/art spaces in Wishes and Thieves adopted home of New York City.

Coming together, collaboration, evolution, spontaneity, nostalgia, an artist’s life. Out of nowhere, a pillow fight ensues. Jolanda uses an over-sized red pillow to throw a few playful right crosses at her bandmates. Chair bound guitar solos follow. Then, as the song reaches its crescendo, the story rewinds itself. A messy room becomes clean, and one by one, the room becomes empty again. As the last band member exits the space, the last frame is removed, literally and figuratively. Playfulness. Whimsy. Talent gets it spotlight. A sense of time of place, and using a place for a time. An ending, but with an option to begin again at a later date.

Over the course of the video, members of Wishes and Thieves walk into the room. What was once a couch and

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 23

pay attention

24 Mar|Apr 2012 24Magazine:: ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

CenterStage1 Magazine:: Jan|Feb The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring2012:: 2012:: 2525

pay attention By: David Gignilliat The life of a modern fashion photographer is not without its advantages. There are beautiful places to work, beautiful people to photograph, and when things go well, beautiful images to last a lifetime. For New York City based photographer Manny Roman, he is living that life, one that many others would envy. In a little more than three years since dedicating himself full-time to photography, he has become a sought-after talent in a highly competitive industry. Known industry-wide for his sexy, sultry beach images, his work has graced the pages of Ocean Drive Puerto Rico, Marie Claire Arabia, Her World Vietnam, Fantastics USA, Rouge China and ELLE Portugal. Roman grew up admiring the iconic and sensual images of the popular Sports Illustrated swimsuit issues. His first camera, a Nikon N6006, a birthday present from his stepmother, gave him a way to act on his budding interest. When he was 14, he met famed photographer Antoine Verglas while he was shooting Niki Taylor. Verglas, a former model himself, had earned critical success for his uninhibited documentary-style work with popular 1990s supermodels. During a break, he approached Verglas to ask him about his career and for some advice. By 15, he did one of his first shoots in Miami with the Bernaola twins, Carol and Darlene, trying to recreate some of their memorable Sports Illustrated images. “I have also been fortunate to be present [at] many great shoots when I was younger and

26 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

was also given great advice by great artists,” says Roman, who moved to New York from Miami in November 2009. Some of Roman’s recent work includes shooting Miss Universe 2010 Ximena Navarrete (Miss Mexico) for Popular Hispanics and a cover/photo spread in HER WORLD magazine featuring America’s Next Top Model cycle 14 winner Krista White. In photography, composition is often used to describe the pleasing arrangement of disparate elements within a scene -- the main subject, the foreground and background and supporting subjects. Staging a shot, especially Roman’s dramatic beach vistas, requires intense planning. To the untrained eye, it may seem like it is just Roman and the model, but the ability to get that perfect shot is often the result of many moving parts working smoothly together. “The most important key would be communication between you and the crew -- editors, stylists, and hair and make-up. We all need to be on the same page to execute the theme of the editorial spread in order for the shots to be a success,” says Roman, who has done shoots in the Bahamas, Puerto Rico, and Italy. “In this era I would have to say, [it’s difficult] staying relevant. It’s not like it was in the early 90’s where you hired based on your talent,” says Roman. “Nowadays, no matter how great your lighting and composition are, if you haven’t shot a celebrity, supermodel, or a reality tv star, you can easily get lost in the shuffle. So if you want to stay in the mix, be sure to also learn how to brand yourself. For the aspiring photographer,

Roman suggests equal parts commitment and camaraderie. “Study, Study. Study in regards to lighting. There is so much information these days online that we all can benefit from. In regards to professionalism, always be warm, friendly and chat with your clients. It definitely makes a huge difference in your work when you have that rapport with clients.” And while it is important to be a student of the craft, Roman insists that young photographers should not lose sight of themselves in search of the perfect shot. “In the industry we work in, people cultivate an amazing external world but many of them forget to nourish their internal, regardless of what industry we may be in,” he suggests. “It’s important [to] make sure that our internal is as strong as what our external looks like. Always be sure to take time for you.”

Portfolio Website Blog

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The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 27

::manny roman photography

28 Magazine:: Mar|Apr 28 ::CenterStage1 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 20122012

CenterStage1 Magazine:: Jan|Feb The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring2012:: 2012:: 2929

30 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

pay attention


By: David J. Orr

are Kujawa is a 19 year old dancer, raised in Maplewood, Minnesota, who now performs at the Treasure Island Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada for Cirque Du Soleil’s ‘Mystere.’Cirque Du Soleil is known world wide for high flying circus acrobatics, integrated with street style dancing and entertainment. Dare has shared the stage with artists such as the Jonas Brothers, Queen Latifah and Deborah Cox, and has appeared on several TV shows including “Star Search, ”Paula Abdul’s “Live to Dance”in addition to having performed at the film premieres of “Step Up 2” and “Tarzan. ”Dare has won numerous dance titles including the prestigious “Mr. Elite”at the West Coast Dance Explosion National Championships in 2009. At the age of three, Dare was exposed to dancing while tagging along with his mother, Rustelle, to the dance rehearsals of his older sisters Danica (former Miss Teen MN), and Michaela (former Miss Ideal Miss). His mother asked Dare if he would like to take dance lessons and the journey took flight. Dare studied at the Larkin Dance Studio in Maplewood, MN under the instruction of Michele Larkin, from the age of 3 to 18. However, like any master of their trade, Dare’s extreme dancing skills, including flying acrobatic flips, graceful modern dance, and funky hip-hop moves, did not come without a price. The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 31

pay attention

When asked about the greatest obstacle he had faced as a dancer, and how he overcame it, Dare described grueling hours of practice, intense competition against highly-skilled dancers, and the need for self-discipline. Like many artists, Dare had to learn how to balance academics, a requirement, with dance, his passion. During high school, his grades slipped and at times he even wanted to quit dancing. Dare continued to apply himself and the countless hours of practice began to pay off. Dare made a name for himself by winning the Minnesota State Fair and dazzling the crowds along the way. During his junior year of high school, he set personal goals that included performing with Chris Brown, who Dare describes as an “amazing” dancer, and joining Cirque Du Soleil. After graduating from high school, Dare moved to Las Vegas. He auditioned along with over 400 other dancers for Cirque Du Soleil. Four months went by before Dare received a call back. After another round of auditions, Dare was invited to join the production ‘Mystere’. Only having six days to learn the show and 32 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

adapt to his first time in makeup and costume, Dare described the cast as “very supportive.” Dare is open to new opportunities as his career continues to build. Humble by nature, he wants to “give thanks to all the people who supported me from Larkin to Cirque Du Soleil.” Keep an eye out for Dare on the new season of “So You Think You Can Dance” airing on Fox this summer.


etting into the spring spirit is easy with Marni at H&M. With everything you need from head to toe including socks and shades, you can create a stylish and unique look over and over again. The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 33

34 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Images Courtesy of H&M

Blouse $79.95 Sequin Colar $19.95 Pants $79.95 Shoes $99

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 35

Neclace $29.95 Dress $129 Braceletes $19.95 Blazer $99 Shirt $49.95 Tie $19.95 Trousers $59.95

36 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Dress $79.95 Bracelete $19.95 Shirt $49.95 Tie $19.95 Trousers $59.95

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 37



illa Jovovich in Marni at H&M

Earrings $19.95 Dress $99 Belt $9.95 Bracelets $29.95

38 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Necklace $49.95 Silk Top $69.95


rew Barrymore

sports the new spring line by Marni at H&M from head to toe. Getting this chic look is simple and layered to perfection. “I Love H&M and I love Marni. I love how H&M are bringing the regal, chic clothes of Marni to everyone.� Drew Barrymore

Silk Skirt $59.95 Socks $9.95 Shoes $99

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 39

40 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Photographer: Omri Malul Make-Up: Monisha Jackson Styling: TahiraStyles Styling: Lynette Harper Clothing: Vintage and Charmed Classic Clothing Model: Starlet Farrior Retoucher: Shandi Chester

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 41

Editor’s Pick WORK

Derek Lam

Derek Lam


Salvatore Ferragamo

42 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Spring is here and there are fresh colors and warm ideas to usher in the new season. Light pastel colors are always a winner during the spring. Pull out your white, and buy those soft colors that whisper freedom and stability. Pastel colors make the statement that you are in control but also calm and relaxed.

Derek Lam

Elene Cassis

Alexander McQueen

Derek Lam



Lela Rose


Elene Cassis

Bottega Veneta

Milly by Michelle


Elene Cassis



Bottega Veneta

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 43

Editor’s Pick PLAY

Badgley Mischka



Salvatore Ferragamo

44 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Bold and bright colors are just in time for spring. The colors symbolize the return of the warm weather in some parts of the country and the advancement of winter to spring in other parts. Bright clothing with dark shades is a look stars wear every spring. But you do not have to be a star to look like one!

Nicole Miller

Perry Ellis

Elie Tahari

Alexander McQueen

Badgley Mischka


Editor’s Pick

Perry Ellis

Perry Ellis

Milly by Michelle

Michael Kors

Perry Ellis

General Idea

BCBG Maxazria

Perry Ellis


General Idea

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 45

Editor’s Pick NIGHT

Eva Minge

Bottega Veneta

From flowers to stripes, paisleys and geometric shapes, prints are “IN” this spring. Prints can be soft and flowing for a stroll in the park to walk your dog or bold and bright for for a night out with the crew or at your favorite friend’s house party. Prints make a statement to make sure you are noticed.

Betsey Johnson

Badgley Mischka


46 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Emporio Armani


Salvatore Ferragamo

Lela Rose

Perry Ellis

Daytime wear is versitle based on what you are doing. Clothing should match your moods as well as the weather. Do not over accessorize, leave that for the night time wear. For ladies, your handbag should be your strongest accessory during the day, for men, shades or an unexpected hat command attention.


BCBG Maxazria

Vera Wang

Editor’s Pick DAY


Lela Rose

Gucci Dolce & Gabanna

Salvatore Ferragamo


Salvatore Ferragamo

10 Spring Bag Must-Haves


Oscar de la Renta

48 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

Jill Sanders Sergio Rossi


Yves Saint Laurent


Louis Vuitton

Derek Lam

Ame and Lulu

Marc Jacobs Gucci

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 49



Editor’s Pick

Spring Check List 1

Spring 2012 Grab List

Tennis Anyone! Looking hot this spring requires a little bit of cardio, so why not do it in style with a Chanel Tennis Racquet. Made for both him and her, you will make sure all eyes stay on you while you perfect your swing.

1. Chanel Tennis Racquet 2. Zomm Connect Panic Signal 3. High Heel Rain Boots 4. Smart Watch 5. Louis Vuitton Luggage 6. Sweet Mary’s Chocolate Caramel Covered Apple 7. Dr. Miracles Folicle Healer 8. Book: Colored Girl 9. Prada Shades 10.Color Changing Umbrella

Now that spring is here, later evenings are more probable so safety is a must. The Zomm Connect is a personal security monitor that alerts someone in the event of an emergency with a push of a button. 24hr assostance can summon the autorities to your GPS location.


Why wear golashes when you can have rain-boot heels. Bright yellow is a hot color this spring so adding these stylish boots by DSQUARED2 is definitely on the musthave list.


The “I-AM-Watch” is the world’s first Android based watch. A lot of power is packed in this tiny device. Use all of your applications from your wrist.

50 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012



This Louis Vuitton backpack is made for a man, but it can be used by anyone especially for spring break trips. It is a perfect carry on size for a group trip to Miami, Vegas or the Islands. What happens in Vegas may stay in Vegas, but you will want to make sure you bring back memories in this bag.

7 Dr Miracles Folical Healer is perfect for the spring time to help correct the damage the winter months created. Its great for both men and women. I have been using the products that were sent to me for a few weeks now, and I am throuroughly impressed!

My new favorite snack for the spring is the white chocolate covered and caramel Fiji apple by Sweet Mary’s. Trust me, you will not want to leave home without it! They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away...can you image how yummy one with caramel and white chocolate can taste!


If you do not already have a copy, the spring time is perfect to grab “Proud To Be A Colored Girl” by Basketball Wife Jackie Christie. This book is a great gift for a friend or for a friend’s daughter.

Men make a statement with these Prada shades. They say out with the cold and in with the bold.

8 10

9 A favorite accessory this spring is the color changing umbrella by “Suck UK.” It changes colors when it gets wet and based on the temperature. It is a fun and flirty way to start a conversation...”Excuse me, can you tell me what color my raindrops are?” The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 51

s k c e N n o i t a r e n e G One of the cutest items the young-hot-hollywood celebrities have been wearing are the GenerationNecks jewelry items. A whimsical collection of fashionable layering necklaces that you can mix and match to create your own design. The word and symbol pendants are handmade in the USA from 100% solid pewter ranging from $23-$55, making this collection an easy buy for most. The cast of Pretty Little Liars and singer Jordan Sparks loves to sport the heart pendant whereas Raven Symone and Mya are fans of the word pendants.


Either way, GenerationNecks jewelry is a cool edition for your spring wardrobe. Get your fix at




Pretty Little Liars

52 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012




Popcorn Love

What better time to fall in love with Sweet Mary’s white chocolate covered popcorn than this spring? Such a tasty blend of sweet and salty with an ideal amount of chocolate to delight in every bite. This snack is perfect for a date night in or out. The cute convenient packaging of the smaller sizes allows for easy placement in a bag or purse to enjoy while walking in a park looking at the new spring blossoms, inside of an independent movie theater where outside snacks are allowed. The larger size assortments are great for game nights, family days and special moments with a loved one. Beware...these treats are so yummy that you will devour them in no time. Be sure to order plenty of extras because you will want to make sure you are fully stocked!

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 53

one 2 grow on

Get Organized!!! by Justin Mabrie

To Do lists are essential; they are necessary and definitely efficient! Many people loathe the idea of taking time to pinpoint and plan every step of their day. While unexpected tasks and situations may arise, having a foundation provides an outline to accomplish your goals and stay prioritized. When making a list, start with topics dealing with health and wealth. By including both aspects in your daily tasks, you are more likely to have a balanced day. Health checklist items include working out, meditation, taking vitamins and allocating time to eat. Many times people go an entire day without eating because they are too focused on getting everything else done. Not eating properly disrupts your metabolism. Once an actual time has been set aside for eating, you are also more likely to eat healthier. This is because you are not feeling rushed to hurry up and eat or to eat on the go. Your wealth checklist topics should include items that contribute to making you money and your hobbies. Your hobbies are included in the wealth category because these are the things you are most passionate about. Eventually they will bring you peace and possibly wealth.

Allocating time to develop skills revolving around a hobby will prove to be beneficial for a wealthier spirit if nothing else. After both topics are covered in your checklist throughout the day, you should fill in the blanks with miscellaneous tasks that need to be completed. These tasks include personal care, car maintenance, sightseeing, catching up with friends, grocery shopping or whatever it is you have to do that day. Sometimes it is also wise to include a moment to reflect on how your day is progressing. During this quick mid-day reflection, you may find it necessary to subtract an item from your list due to unforeseen circumstances such as traffic, weather, or a last minute deviation from the original list. You will feel a sense of accomplishment each time you check-mark or cross out an item from your list. The instant gratification will keep your energy going throughout the day. Your day will feel less cluttered and have more purpose. Once you have mastered making an efficient To Do list, all the above information will seem like second nature and it should take you no longer than 30 minutes to organize your thoughts. Good luck!

Spring Cleaning For Your Life by: Neeta Wooten Have you ever heard the phrase “Don’t put it down, put it away!” Known for keeping everything from my 2nd grade report card to my first stuffed animal, I had much difficulty as a child keeping a neat room. My mother would tell me, “Don’t put it down, put it away,” in hopes that I would not have everything under the sun scattered around my room. As I became a teenager, and then a college student, I found this phrase to be very helpful, not just in keeping my dorm room respectful, but also in managing my life. In essence, the phrase teaches you to fully deal with whatever you are focusing on at that moment. If you are taking off your jacket, do not put it down on the bed, focus on where it needs to end up and just put it there, in the closet. When dealing with emotions, say your best friend said 54 ::The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012

something to hurt your feelings, do not put it down, put it away. Tell them right then and there so you can move on and be done with it. So many times we carry around tons of clutter in our minds with the weight of life’s problems that we just put down...instead of putting away. That same jacket that you put on your bed, you will eventually have to hang it up at some point. Why spend the extra time and energy moving around the jacket more than you have to? Dealing with something may take a more direct approach, but at least once you have addressed the issue, hopefully it will be done and over with. Be mindful of how you choose to communicate your feelings. If you are upset, be sure to take a breath and be careful about how you “put it away” because you cannot take back words, so choose them carefully.

beauty beaux

Dry Hair Care

by: Neeta Wooten

All Natural By Stephanie Walker What exactly is natural hair? Is it the big kinky afro seen on the subway? Is it locks and twists? Or is it just hair that is not processed, i.e. not relaxed or texturized? Natural hair is all of these. I have been wearing my hair natural for the last 16 years. Ironically, I did not even know that was what I was doing. I just knew that I did not have a perm anymore. The key to natural hair is care. First thing you need to know is what kind of hair you have. Hair types are identified as curly, kinky, thick and fine. There are more technical terms but these are the basics. Secondly, you have to know how to treat your hair. Figure out what moisturizers work best for your hair and what techniques work best for you. Have your hair trimmed five times per year which is about every 8-10 weeks. Do not play in your hair, this transfers dirt and oil to those lustrous locks. The third point to bear in mind, and I think is the most important, your hair is YOURS. Do not get caught

up in wanting your hair to look like someone else’s. Everyone is unique, embrace your uniqueness! “Her hair is NOT my hair and it never will be,” states Kurly Bella. Kurly Bella is the author of the blog . This is one of many blogs that offer tips on how to care for your natural hair. One key to wearing your hair in a natural style is patience. It will take time to find what works for your hair and trial and error on what products work best. There are so many products to choose from: shea butters, curling puddings, olive oil treatments and frizz-free spritzers just to name a few. Fret not, there is plenty of help. In addition to Kurly Bella’s site, there are and are also great resources for your natural hair needs. Check out #naturalhair on twitter for even more tips and advice. Good luck!

Transitioning seasons can be very difficult of one’s hair. Especially if your hair is chemical free. Hair can become brittle and dry when trying to adjust to different climates. We know that when the winter comes, thicker and coarse hair requires a little more attention than oily hair to prevent breakage. What some may not know, is that the spring can be very harsh on hair because of the wind and for some areas, the decrease of moisture. Although many areas tend to have more moisture in the air, the wind can make hair very dry and brittle. Making sure to keep hair moisturized with creams and hydrating products is important. OIL DOES NOT MOISTURIZE HAIR!!! Oil just makes your hair... well...oily. When you hear people say, “There’s a lot of moisture in the air,” I doubt they mean there is “oil” in there air. Nope, they mean water. Although it sounds silly, in order to moisturize or hydrate your hair, you

need to wet it. Creams such as shea butter, coconut cream, hibiscus and other blends are very great once applied to damp hair. You do not want your hair to be drenched with water, but you do want it to be damp so the mouisture product that you apply can be absorbed into the hair as it penetrates. Products such as Shea Moisture’s Organic Coconut & Hibiscus Curl Enhancing Smoothie and Miss Jessie’s Quick Curls are great for wearing natural hair curly. But the key to using these two products is to apply it to damp hair, finger through your curls and then LEAVE IT BE. Do not touch your hair again until it is dry. These products leave most hair soft with defined curls. For thicker hair, you may want to separate your curls after you apply the cream.

The IDEAL Magazine:: Spring 2012:: 55

Spring 2012 Issue of The IDEAL Magazine  
Spring 2012 Issue of The IDEAL Magazine  

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