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from our minister of tourism and culture

Manueal Heredia Hon. Manuel Heredia Jr. Minister of Tourism and Culture

Welcome to Belize, the adventure of a lifetime! Get ready to experience our magical country: a beautiful tropical destination, neatly packaged in 8,867 square miles of discovery, surprises and fun. You may not get to see it all on your first trip, but we are sure that you will return, because one visit will not be enough to enjoy all that we wish to share with you. Strategically situated in Central America, Belize shares connectivity and enjoys a harmonious relationship with our Latin neighbors. Our shores are caressed by the Caribbean Sea, linking us to our Caribbean counterparts, most of whom share a common British colonial heritage with us. English speaking, multi-racial and culturally diverse, Belize is the answer to the challenge “why can’t we all just get along.” I think our most outstanding feature is the warmth and friendliness of our people, and you will encounter them everywhere you go. Whether you like to scuba dive, fish or sail, or you just want to have a lazy stay under a coconut tree, head out to our breathtaking cayes surrounded by emerald waters. Moonlight cruises or strolls on sandy beaches are all there waiting for you on our coral sand islands. One of our islands was my personal playground when I was a child, and is where I reside today. A wide range of resorts, hotels and guesthouses can neatly accommodate every budget. Yes, it is all here! Not only do we have a living Barrier Reef that is the second largest in the world, but we have tropical jungles bursting with wildlife, flora and fauna of just about every variety, and Maya temples that stand majestically in clearings of lush green foliage that beckon you to climb them. Belize has countless quaint, colorful little villages and towns that you will find enchanting. Experience our many cultures through music, food and the warmth of our proud people. There is so much to experience in our small country, it would be impossible for me to share it all with you in this one letter. I am sure that once you have visited, you will return and bring your friends along. As the Minister of Tourism & Culture, I wish you a warm Belizean welcome. Be one with Belize, be one with us!

from our btia president

Herbert Haylock President, Belize Tourism Industry Association

Dear Friend, Welcome to Belize! Welcome, to what will undoubtedly be your best travel experience to date in our abundantly blessed country. For each of you, your journey most certainly began at a distant location that was fast-paced with snarling traffic set against a backdrop of high-rises, traffic lights, urban congestion and concrete pavements. You have made the right choice in booking your visit. From the moment you walk off the plane, arrive by land or by sea, I want you to set aside the notion of time. I invite you to join us in unwinding the hands of the clock a bit. Start your day by waking up to the caressing and revitalizing Belizean sunrise; simply bask in its healing glow from your hammock or as you stroll leisurely on the soft sands of the beach beneath your feet. Enjoy thirst-quenching drinks while allowing your taste buds to be tantalized, as you enjoy genuine locally made meals. Dare to trek into the unknown as you explore our landscape atop Mayan sites overlooking vast valleys or gasp at the magnificent sites beneath our crystal clear waters. Some of you will dare to venture beneath and marvel at the breathtaking scenery in caverns yet to be fully explored. You will undoubtedly discover nature’s awesome features at its best here in Belize! Be warmly embraced in your discovery of genuine Belizean personalities, hospitality and culture. Unwind your day while being soothed by authentic Belizean music and dance beneath the piercing night sky. There is absolutely no better place to relive each day alike, at your own leisurely pace, than in Belize. I invite you to discover, enjoy and create lasting memories for a lifetime while with us. It is our gift to you, your family and friends. As President of the Belize Tourism Industry Association, I extend a heartfelt thank you to each of you for choosing Belize. Take a few minutes to page through our Destination Belize magazine while you ‘discover how to be!’ I assure you that you will want to come back again.







14 Belize Barrier Reef: The Most Remarkable Reef

Underwater adventures are everywhere, down here.

22 Protected Areas: The Real Luxury in Travel

Explore our protected nature preserves.


24 Heartland of the Maya


Discover the past culture that still thrives

Strings Attached: Kite today. Surfing in Caye Caulker By Joshua Samuel Brown 32 Get Married in Belize: Top 5 Reasons


Belize Beyond the Beans

By Joshua Samuel Brown

Whether it’s just the two of you or two hundred guests, get married here!

36 Real Estate & Retirement Belize: unmatched value.

Only a short time ago, if you had asked anyone about Belize, the first thing they would ask is “Where is that?” or “Isn’t it an island?” Things are changing rapidly. Belize is becoming more mainstream.  We now hear Belize being mentioned in the media regularly, high profile personalities tweet about their Belize vacations and TV shows frequently include Belize in their scripts. More and more, people are discovering the magic that makes Belize such a great travel destination. One would assume that this increase in awareness and attention could have a negative impact on what makes Belize so fascinating (its charm); nothing could be further from the truth. When you visit Belize you will meet some of the friendliest people. The “go slow” attitude is contagious and conducive to relaxation. The major destinations have grown but maintain their authenticity, and the culture and heritage is too rich to disappear just yet. Most importantly, the country’s commitment to protect its natural endowments is second to none. We

invite you to see Belize for yourselves and experience what has become a favorite and repeat travel destination for many. We hope the images and words in this edition of Destination Belize entice you to make the trip of a lifetime: a trip to Belize. Demian Solano Editor In Chief





BELIZE Produced and published by Idea Lab Studios Ltd., Belize Demian Solano, Publisher Editorial Team Demian Solano

Editor in Chief

Nicole Solano

Managing Editor Creative Team Demian Solano

Creative Director & Photo Editor eLise Arelie Craig

Senior Graphic Designer & Graphic Editor Jose Martinez

Graphic Designer Advertising Sales, Marketing & Administrative Team Nicole Solano Alicia Fabro Lisa Flores

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12 Welcome to Belize, the Land of

Cultural Diversity 17 Top 5 Reef Adventures 21 Queen of Belize 28 Top 5 Inland Adventures 34 Rejuvenation & Wellness 35 Family Friendly Destination


Belize San Pedro Caye Caulker Orange Walk Corozal Cayo Dangriga Hopkins Placencia Toledo

40 48 56 60 64 68 72 76 80 86

90 Calendar of Events 92 Travel Planner 94 Directory 106 Map of Belize The cover photo was shot at Southwest Caye, Glover’s Atoll, Belize. The hammock strung to two coconut trees on the water’s edge is typical of Belize’s laid-back lifestyle. Immersing oneself in the purest form of nature and soaking in its brilliant colors and warmth is authenticity in travel. Photo by Demian Solano.


Destination Belize 2014: The publisher thanks the members, board and staff of the Belize Tourism Industry Association (President, Herbert Haylock) for their assistance with this publication. Special acknowledgement goes to the Belize Tourism Board. Copyright: The title Destination Belize is a registered trademark of the Belize Tourism Industry Association. No part of this magazine may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, including designed advertising, copy or photographs, without the written permission of the publisher. Corporate/Editorial Offices: Destination Belize is published annually for the Belize Tourism Industry Association by Idea Lab Studios Ltd., 1484 Salt Ave., Belize City, Belize, Central America, Tel: +501-2236386, www.idealabstudios.com





WELCOME TO BELIZE, THE LAND OF CULTURAL DIVERSITY It is the connections you make with the people and places that you visit that create the lasting impressions from a vacation experience. In Belize, the hospitality is genuine, and you will make yourself right at home here. The diverse personalities and traditions of so many different ethnicities will surprise you. For generations, the people of Belize have demonstrated a commitment to preserving not only the natural heritage, but also the cultural heritage that gives the country its unique charm. Long before independence on September 21, 1981, Belize was home to a wide variety of people. The Maya were here around 1500 B.C., and built an empire that flourished for hundreds of years, with the peak being between 250 A.D. and 900 A.D. In the 1600’s, the British began to settle in Belize and by the 1800’s, the settlement became a British colony called British Honduras. The log cutters, known as the Baymen, mixed with African slaves. Their descendants are the Creoles, one of Belize’s largest ethnic groups. Not too long after, the Garifuna came to Belize. They were a new people born of the mixture of Africans who had escaped slavery, and Caribs in the Eastern Caribbean. Meanwhile, in the north, many thousands of Mayas and Mestizos fled to Belize during the Caste War of Yucatan. All these groups have come together to create what is commonly referred to as a melting pot of cultures. Today, Belize truly is a land of cultural diversity, with immigrants from all corners of the globe. East Indians, Chinese, Mennonites, Lebanese, North Americans, Central Americans, Europeans and many others now call Belize home. This blending of cultures has created an environment where people can exist in harmony. Belizeans are warm and friendly people, and enjoy welcoming visitors to their English-speaking nation. In fact, Belize has a widespread reputation of being one of the happiest and most peaceful countries in the region, and one of the world’s friendliest tourist destinations. So be sure to interact and connect with our people for an amazing experience of a lifetime.



The Most Remarkable Reef It’s no secret that Belize has a magnificent treasure—a coastal system that consists of approximately 185 miles of the largest barrier reef in the northern hemisphere, three of four coral atolls in the northwest Caribbean, as well as hundreds of mangrove and coral sand islands. Naturally, this makes for an amazing underwater experience for visitors. The Belize Barrier Reef along with the Glovers Reef Atoll, the Turneffe Reef Atoll and the Lighthouse Reef Atoll (home of the Great Blue Hole) are some of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Divers and snorkelers will find paradise in Belize’s coastal areas, a safe haven for over fivehundred species of fish, over a hundred hard and soft coral species, and hundreds of invertebrates. Many threatened species, including marine turtles and manatees, also live here. Inscribed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1996, The Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System was considered to be of outstanding universal value, with superlative natural phenomena and natural beauty, ongoing ecological and biological processes, and biological diversity. The seven protected areas that comprise the World Heritage Site are: Bacalar Chico National Park and Marine Reserve, Blue Hole Natural Monument, Half Moon Caye Natural Monument, Glover’s Reef Marine Reserve, South Water Caye Marine Reserve, Laughing Bird Caye National Park, and the Sapodilla Cayes Marine Reserve. Recommendations have been made to include the Gladden Spit and Silk Cayes Marine Reserve and the Port Honduras Marine Reserve. World Heritage sites should be enjoyed by citizens of the world, and preserved for future generations. Since we are dependent on the system for tourism, fisheries and shoreline protection, all Belizeans and visitors have a responsibility to contribute towards its conservation. In 2009, the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System was placed on the list of World Heritage Sites in danger. This was done in order to increase the international awareness of threats to the site and to encourage counteractive measures. Several recommendations were made, and corrective measures were identified that continue to be implemented. The consequences of losing such biodiversity are great. Through responsible travel, visitors can continue to enjoy this natural wonder, and participate in efforts to protect the site. Charles Darwin didn’t actually visit Belize’s reef, but after talking to other naturalists who had, he described it as “the most remarkable reef in the West Indies” in his 1842 book Coral Reefs of the World. Come experience Belize’s Barrier Reef and see for your yourself why it’s so remarkable. D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


Dive In

Whether you’re interested in instruction, recreational diving, advanced diving or specialty diving such as night or cave diving, you can find it in Belize. Our subtropical climate makes for warm waters year-round (averaging in the high-70s in the winter to mid-80s in the summer). Visibility is often 100 feet or more on the barrier reef and atolls, and a bit less inside the reef. Spectacular walls, as well as soft and hard coral formations keep divers coming back. Large and small marine animals such as fish, turtles, sharks, rays, dolphins, eels, and whale sharks are only a few of the prized sightings. Each of your reef adventures will be as different as the types of fish and coral you encounter, so don’t delay, dive right in and let the adventure begin. 16



Without a doubt, diving and snorkeling experiences are world-class in Belize. Some sites are better suited for either diving or snorkeling, but there are many locations where you can do both. Most dive sites are only accessible by boat, and depending on where you go, the marine life changes. Dives on the northern barrier reef are different from those in the south; dives on the atolls are different from those on the barrier reef, but each experience is incredible. Dive centers have professional, experienced, knowledgeable dive masters and instructors that ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.



KAYAK Explore marine and inland destinations at your own pace, whether it’s island hopping on the atolls or exploring the wildlife on the banks of our rivers.

Belize is ideal for novice or advanced divers. Learn to dive here or simply pick up your snorkel gear and jump right in to enjoy the underwater world.

3 top 2

Worried about the one that got away? Sport fishers and guides respect and champion catch and release, so feel the thrill of your next big catch.


reef adventures


jetski Get your heart racing with these fast toys. After the rest and relaxation, your body will thank you for taking it for a speed ride out to sea.

windsurf Conditions are perfect for windsurfing, kitesurfing and parasailing. Experience the exhilaration of extreme hang time on your own board or from a boat.





Since the earliest primitive spotted a seagull soaring majestically and thought “why not me?” humanity has dreamed of harnessing the winds—that the thought was likely followed by a spear-lob skyward (for all too often envy follows inspiration) does not diminish the validity of the dream.


I, too, am subject to the wind’s call, so I’ve come to Caye Caulker to realize this dream, along with a second: the dream of not drowning. It is in pursuit of these twin long-held desires that I find myself standing tiptoe a hundred meters from shore at 8:00AM, being pulled by fast-moving currents into the channel separating the Caye proper from it’s hurricane-divorced appendage to the north. The winds are ripping, the waters are rising, and I am wearing a puffy diaper over a wet-suit. Puffy Diaper is not the technical term; that’s just what it feels like. It’s actually part of a step-through harness connecting me to the kite itself. Fifty meters away, my instructor Phillip is going through safety precautions with another student, the same precautions he’d run me through earlier. In the interest of brevity, I’ll shorten it down to the golden rule which, counter-intuitive though it seems, is key to kite-surfing safety: when in doubt, release the kite. As Phillip instructs my fellow student (a pretty 20-something European holidaying in our Jewel), I practice parking my kite. Parking is a technical term, meaning to keep the kite floating steadily at the edge of the wind window and not allowing it to drag me through the water. I’d logged in a full week of practice the week before, using a trainer kite loaned by my friend Ajinder at Seakunga Ocean Sport in Placencia. By the middle of the first day I was already proficient at launching the kite, first with the help of a local kid who I’d repaid by letting him fly the kite himself. (He promptly got it stuck in a palm tree. Sorry Ajinder!) Later, I got good at sand-launching: weighing the bottom half of the kite down with sand, getting downwind and tugging the kite at just the right moment. By the end of the first day I was painting figure eights in the blue Placencia sky while standing chest-deep in water. By mid-week I was letting the kite drag me through the water for thirty seconds at a time. Feeling ready to take the next step, I headed up to Caye Caulker and booked lessons at Kite Explorer. I was eager to try my newfound flying skills on a board, but the power kite is to a trainer kite what a Harley is to a Vespa—larger, more powerful, and far more difficult to control. It’s a more complicated tool as well. A practice kite has two lines, making steering (after launching) the only thing I’d needed to worry about. But the power kite has four lines, giving the flyer the ability to power and de-power the kite. This would be crucial later in the lesson. As the student from Europe practices her parking skills, Phillip returns to run me through a series of drills designed to help me master the kite. Over and over again, he has me move the kite between points on the imaginary sky-clock: “twelve o’clock to three o’clock: twelve o’clock to two o’clock: bring it back to twelve!” Phillip is a stickler for safety, and won’t let me move on until I’ve completed practice to his satisfaction. Once he’s sure I’ve got the basics, he tells me I’m ready for the next step: dragging practice. Pointing to a bright yellow hotel on the distant beach, Phillip tells me to bring the kite into the power window and let it take me through the water towards the beach. “Remember to release the bar if you lose control of the kite.” Moving the kite into position, I’m immediately jerked up and forward. High above, the kite has become an unruly dragon, angry at the idea of being leashed. For two seconds—three at the most—all goes swimmingly. But my illusion of control is shattered by the reality of inexperience, and as the kite picks up speed, I’m flipped on my back and dragged spinning through the waves like an aquatic rag-doll. I try to re-assert control over the dragon. This is a big mistake. Spiraling

in the wind window to allow for enough pull to get the board moving, while using my lower body to hop the board upright. My first two attempts end in uncontrolled dragging, made more awkward by having the board attached to my feet. On the third attempt, I’m able to stand upright for a few seconds and maintain balance as the wind brings me forward. It’s no more than a few seconds before I lose control of the kite and—remembering the golden rule— drop the bar and sink with the board as the kite lands on the water far ahead. By noon I’m sunburned and sore, but I’m able to

“I was OK for the first few seconds,” I say as Phillip drags me—using a loop on the back of my harness— towards the starting position. “Yeah, I was watching. But you should have dropped the bar as soon as you flipped. I told you, there’s no way you’re going to regain control of the kite once you’ve lost it, especially not when you’re being dragged on your back!” We go back and repeat the exercise, two, three and four more times. As I do, I watch the other student and am comforted to see that she’s faring about as well as I am. After my third successful experiment in controlled dragging, Phillip tells me I’m ready to take up the board. Watching Phillip get on the board makes it look deceptively simple: but mounting a kite board from the water requires tremendous coordination between upper and lower body, and muscle memory (which I clearly lack) plays a huge role. Over and over again, I attempt to coordinate, using my upper body to bring the kite into just the right position

mount the board for a few seconds at a time. Exhausted and hungry, I decide to break for the day. “Did I do OK for a first day out?” I ask Phillip as we wade back to shore pulling our gear. “Not bad. You were able to use the kite to get on the board, which is pretty good for the first day.“ Over a plate of stewed chicken, on the rooftop of the Little Kitchen Cafe, I gaze out over the sky and reflect on my accomplishments. I didn’t quite achieve my goal of harnessing the wind, but I’d come close and managed to achieve my dream of not drowning in the process. Tomorrow is another day, and if the winds hold out, I’ll try again. Today, I’ll be satisfied with meeting my dreams halfway.


Make It Happen: Offering lessons for all levels and equipment rental, Kite Explore has a school in Caye Caulker and another in San Pedro. Check out www.kitexplorer.com for more details. Destination Belize contributor Joshua Samuel Brown has co-authored the three most recent Lonely Planet: Belize titles. Visit him online at www.josambro.com. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


through the water, I’m pulled faster and farther, away from the beach and towards the fast moving waters of Caye Caulker’s split. After ten seconds of swallowing seawater, the golden rule comes back to me. Releasing the control bar does exactly what it’s supposed to: the kite powers down and sinks soundlessly to the surface of the water far ahead of me. I am now floating in deeper waters, far from where I’d started and nowhere close to shore. Regaining my balance, I see Phillip coming my way like the Silver Surfer on his own board. Within seconds, he reaches me and powered down his own kite.


of belize

Do you have a conch shell at home decorating your bathroom? Have you ever wondered where it came from? This shell is home to a large edible sea snail called the Queen Conch (Strombus Gigas), and is found here in Belizean waters. They are strange-looking creatures with a large muscular foot, which they use to hop along the sea floor. The Latin name, Strombus Gigas means ‘belly foot’. Have you ever tried conch (conch ceviche, conch soup, conch fritters or fried conch)? Conch is a regular feature on menus in restaurants throughout Belize, and it tastes delicious! They are not just a culinary delight. Conch can also produce an exquisitely beautiful pearl. It is estimated that only one in around 10,000 conch produce a pearl and no one has yet found a way to cultivate them, making them extremely rare and valuable! It takes around three to five years for the Queen Conch to be considered an adult. During this time, average shell length increases around three inches per year. As the conch ages, the shell thickens and develops an outer lip.


Adult conchs mate on sandy areas in Belize waters, typically between July and October. A large female lays circa 300,000 eggs in sacs and multiple males can fertilize the egg masses. For the first year of their life they bury themselves in sandy benthic areas while they produce their shell. A conch can live up to 40 years if its main predator, humans, does not harvest it. ReefCI, a marine conservation organization based in the Sapodilla Cayes, Southern Belize, help monitor the Queen Conch. Recreational divers collect valuable data, which is sent to John Cigliano, a scientist from Cedar Crest College in Pennsylvania, USA. The data also goes directly to Belizean department of Fisheries. The information assimilated for this project helps map out the key biologically important areas of the Marine Reserve, in terms of conch populations and activity. This information assists the government with the implementation of conservation

and preservation zones. Once enforced, there should be a general increase in conch numbers for the marine reserve and connected areas. Conch has been over-fished in Belize because of its high commercial value. To help conserve the Queen Conch, Fisheries regulations prohibit fishing during the reproductive season. There is a closed season from 1st July until 1st October. It is also illegal to fish juvenile or undersized Queen Conch. If you are planning a trip to Belize during July to October, you have the opportunity to assist ReefCI in their conch surveys. You can contribute to an important scientific program and have lots of fun while doing so! However, you will need to return to taste this delicious seafood, because it is banned from menus throughout Belize during the mating season. For further information on ReefCI or their Queen Conch tagging program please visit http://reefci.com/our-programs/ or email info@reefci.com


The Real Luxury in Travel What is it that really sets Belize apart? When holiday packages begin to look the same, travelers start searching for more. Disconnecting from everyday life is key to travel, but so too is making connections with people and nature. Belize’s sincere commitment to charting a sustainable future is what sets the country apart. With such an abundance of phenomenal cultural and natural attractions, visitors to Belize can experience authenticity, and authenticity has become the real luxury in travel. Much of Belize’s land and marine environments have been designated as protected areas, and most are managed for tourism and recreational use. The issues of tourism and protection of cultural and natural heritage is well-known today as sustainable tourism: a travel industry that helps to protect biodiversity, support cultural diversity, and improve the livelihoods of local people. Travelers who are conscious of the impact they have on the environment typically demonstrate responsible tourism practices. Hotels and tour operators across Belize attempt to make a low impact on the environment. This culture extends not only within the tourism operations, but also between the operations and their guests. Visitors should be on the lookout for operations that carry environmentally friendly certifications or memberships in green industry associations. Such hotels reduce energy consumption, utilize recycling programs, and conserve water. By participating in these efforts, visitors can travel responsibly and experience what can be considered the real luxury in travel. D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM

Protected Areas of Belize



Center of the MAYA WORLD

Archaeologists continue to make discoveries that slowly unravel the secrets of thousands of years of Maya history. In the last few decades, not only have new sites been found, but scientific explorations have resulted in incredible archaeological finds that provide great insight into the lifestyles of the ancient Maya. The monumental architecture is the most distinct indication of their prominence, with structures rising to great heights above the jungle floor. Excavations have uncovered important resources such as tombs, ceramics, figurines, and other objects that help scientists to piece together the story of this civilization’s incredible spiritual and intellectual legacy. Intricate details have been revealed through the interpretation of hieroglyphs and other markings on stelae, monuments, murals and pottery. Many of these discoveries have firmly established that Belize was central to the rise and prosperity of the Maya. Belize contains some of the earliest lowland Maya settlements, some of the largest Maya cities, as well as the remains of several communities that challenged Spanish attempts to dominate them in the 16th and 17th centuries. Ancient Mayan traditions live on in modern-day communities. Descendants still practice traditional healing, basket weaving, farming, and chocolate-making with organic cacao. Visitors can experience the typical Maya lifestyle by participating in a homestay program. Some programs include accommodations in a thatched-roof cabana, cooking on a fire-hearth, and playing traditional music such as the harp or marimba. D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


Belize’s archaeological sites, with all their related legends, myths, and unique contributions to scientific knowledge, are sure to impress visitors. Few locations are considered to be more sacred to the Maya than caves. Representing portals to the underworld, these dark subterranean sites served as the homes for important and powerful gods. It is our responsibility to protect these fragile environments so that future generations can appreciate their beauty and splendor. The following Maya sites are on our top ten list of “must visit” sites in Belize.

COROZAL Cerro Maya (Maya Hills): One of

only two pre-Classic sites in Belize, Cerro Maya grew from a small fishing village to a major city, only to be abandoned when trading patterns shifted to land.

ORANGE WALK Lamanai (Submerged Crocodile):

Located along the western banks of the New River Lagoon, 700 mapped structures, including the Temple of the Jaguar await. Opt for the boat ride on the New River for a chance to see incredible wildlife in their natural habitat.

BELIZE famous Jade Head was discovered here in 1968. Carved from one solid piece of jade, it was a tribute to Kinich Ahau (the Sun God), the largest carved jade object found in the Maya world. Nohoch Che’en (also known as Caves Branch): Visitors travel on tubes through tunnels still being carved by the Sibun River to the tune of dripping water and waves breaking against limestone walls.

CAYO Actun Tunichil Muknal (Cave of the Stone Sepulcher): Ranked the

number one sacred cave site in the 26



Altun Ha (Stone Water): The

Cahal Pech

world by National Geographic Society in 2012, the cave is approximately 5km in length, and is best known for The Crystal Maiden, a human sacrifice buried deep within its chambers. Cahal Pech (Place of Ticks):

Although the architecture is smaller than other sites nearby, the park is beautiful and the site’s proximity to the center of San Ignacio makes it an easy trip. It boasts more than thirty structures. Caracol (Snail): Located deep within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, this Maya city is the largest site discovered in Belize. At 140 feet high, the main pyramid Caana (Sky Palace), still the tallest building in Belize, is enough to take your breath away. Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock): After a short drive from San Ignacio Town, cross the river via hand-cranked ferry to access this site that includes twenty-five temples, carved stellae and intricate friezes.

TOLEDO Lubaantun (Place of the Fallen Stones): Legend has it that a life-size

crystal skull was found at this site, but what makes it truly unique is that its buildings were primarily constructed without the aid of mortar: each stone was carefully measured and cut to fit the adjoining stones. Nim Li Punit (Big Hat): One of the impressive stellae depicts a ruler wearing a diadem or big hat, hence the name. The real draw is the Plaza of Royal Tombs—at least one tomb contained five people, buried with their worldly possessions. D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM



hike Enjoy extraordinary hikes through lush jungle trails, or go off the beaten path. Discover hidden waterfalls, exotic bird and animal life, or explore ancient Mayan temples.


Explore extensive underground systems by foot, floating on inner tubes or paddling canoes. Few locations are considered more sacred to the Maya than these portals to the underworld.


Feel the energy of Belize’s rivers by canoe. This is the perfect way to spot wildlife on the river banks such as howler monkeys, birds and iguanas.


horseback ride

INLAND adventures zipline Flying through the jungle canopy will get your adrenaline pumping. This amazing tour is ideal for groups and families. Several reputable operators exist throughout the country.

Traveling by horseback gives you a chance to enjoy breathtaking flora and fauna without much effort. Countless forest and riverside trails exist for an amazing equestrian experience.







Thrilling Inland Adventures Abound If the thought of laying in a hammock under a swaying coconut tree is not your idea of a holiday, then you might be looking for the thrill of extreme adventure sports—or at least some action! Maybe you want to feel an adrenaline rush as you zip across the jungle canopy or rappel down into an exotic cave. Perhaps you want to be outfitted with a headlamp and explore tunnels of limestone formations, or better yet, conquer waterfalls! Hike or horseback ride through jungle trails and discover hidden pools. Hop on an airboat and speed through inland waterways, or paddle your canoe in search of wildlife on a breathtaking river. If you prefer a more leisurely approach, sit back and relax in your personal inner tube and embark on


a scenic river trip through a cave (a favorite among travelers). Belize has an adventure waiting at every stop, and just when you think you’ve overcome your fears in daylight, try it all again at night! Have you ever experienced a jungle safari at night? Elusive animals that feed under the cover of darkness come out to play when the sun goes down. Full-day and halfday tour options make it convenient, depending on your schedule. These expeditions also have varying levels of difficulty, so look out for the ones that suit you best. Tour operators and guides place a great deal of emphasis on safety guidelines. It is important to cooperate in order to have a safe and fun experience; but go ahead, feel the thrill and catch the Belize adventure!

Sit back and relax in your personal inner tube and embark on a scenic river adventure through a cave.


Belize Beyond the Beans: A Brief Culinary Journey

by joshua samuel brown



Stew Beans n’ Rice! On my first trip to Belize in 2007 I was advised to keep my culinary expectations low. Expect plain cuisine, I was told. How wrong this advice proved!


cake. The bakery’s chocolate confectionaries are so sinfully decadent it’s a wonder religious activists don’t picket the place. In Belize City, a bottle or two of seaweed bought from an Albert Street vendor: made of milk, nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla and Caribbean seaweed, the local energy drink is packed with vitamins and is said to have aphrodisiac qualities as well. Time permitting, a stopover at Dits for coconut tart and a Creole dish or two. If I’m heading west, my first meal in Cayo will inevitably be at Hannah’s, where most ingredients come from orget what you may have heard about Belizean their own farm. Hannah’s grilled eggplant with a soft, mild cuisine being boring. After six years and cheese is an unexpected vegetarian delight in a meat-cenmany repeat visits, I’ve come to regard myriad tric nation. Further west, I always try to visit Xunantunitch opportunities for exotic feasting high among just for an excuse to grab escabeche at Benny’s Kitchen my reasons for returning time and again. Here across the river. Marie Sharp’s hot-sauce is to Belizean cuisine what now, in a more or less geographical fashion are some of holy water is to Catholicism, so in Stann Creek a pilgrimage my favorite Belizean dishes and dining spots. Corozal has some lovely beachfront restaurants, but to her factory is a must. Then it’s Garifuna cuisine: hudut, for my first meal I skip them all and head instead to the a fish stew made with coconut milk served with mashed second floor of the Gabrielle Hoare Market for a humble plantain, is the signature dish. I’ll leave the argument about plate of crispy Salbutes with hot-sauce, washed down with whether Dangriga or Hopkins have the best hudut to locals. some iced Horchata. Dining while gazing across Corozal I’ve never been disappointed in either town. Seafood is a given in Placencia, so at mealtime I flip a Bay to distant Cerros has become a welcome ritual, my way of convincing heart, mind and stomach that we’ve coin to decide between Creole conch or lobster at Omar’s or Rumfish’s fish & chips. If I’ve got a kitchen, I buy fresh finally returned. Unless I’m heading directly to Ambergris (where snapper right off the dock and cook it myself. In Toledo, Cacao is king, and an afternoon spent at it’s seafood at a pricey seaside restaurant if I’ve got cash, street barbecue otherwise), my next stop is Orange Walk Ixcacao (formerly Cyrila’s) promises not just a lesson in for street food. Orange Walk is Belize’s agricultural hub, Cacao farming and processing but also shots of hot Cacao so anything bought at the central market was likely in (or alongside a Cacao-themed meal. If I have time before heading back north, I hit Colewalking on) the ground prior to cooking. Orange Walk man’s Café. A simple place, Coleman’s serves some of the street tacos are an institution. No trip through Orange Walk is complete without a country’s finest stew beans and rice, without which no trip stop at Panificadora La Popular for a slice of tres leches to Belize would be complete.





Married in

BELIZE Top 5 Reasons


With stunning backdrops from the reef to the rainforest, plan the wedding of your dreams in Belize. Whether it’s just the two of you or two hundred guests, here’s why you should get married here!



f you’ve considered escaping to a remote and gorgeous destination to exchange marriage vows, you’re not alone. For sure, most brides-to-be have entertained the thought, “let’s just elope.” The truth is, as long as you’re with the one you love, you can say “I do” just about anywhere. Destination weddings are now quite popular, and Belize is the perfect choice for an exotic ceremony. With so many stunning backdrops, you can plan the wedding of your dreams, whether its for two or two hundred! The best part is, you can start your honeymoon early. Here are the top 5 reasons to get married in Belize. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M

1. Exotic Locations Ever dreamed of a beach wedding? Choose a remote island, a secluded beach, a lively resort or a catamaran ... in Belize, from north to south, seaside options abound. If you prefer a spot in the jungle, Belize has countless locations ideal for your nature wedding. Pick a remote area under the jungle’s canopy or choose a spot near a waterfall, by a river or atop an ancient Mayan temple. If you can’t decide, have your wedding photos taken on the beach and in the jungle.

you arrive at your destination, you elaborate religious ceremony, its best can start your vacation right away. to find out the requirements ahead of Just relax and enjoy the atmosphere, time, and be prepared. instead of stressing about the wedding.

4. Easy Requirements

5. Early Honeymoon

The best thing about marrying in The requirements are easy, and you can Belize? Your honeymoon begins right make arrangements on your own, but away! Discover ancient Mayan cities we do recommend that you speak with and underground caves. Feel the thrill your resort’s guest services representa- of a zipline adventure. Learn to scuba tive or a wedding planner for assistance dive together, or go snorkeling with with the legal processes. This will nurse sharks. Kayak between remote make it even easier on you, and ensure coral sand islands or swim near a that you don’t overlook an important hidden waterfall. Experience new step. Your marriage in Belize will be adventures with your new partner, or valid internationally, so whether you simply bask in the sun and spend days 2. Experienced Planners Most resorts and hotels have on- want a basic legal marriage or a more at the spa. The choice is yours! site wedding planners who make it easy on the bride and groom. Independent planners are also available to make sure all the details are taken care of. Whether its a large or small wedding, you can choose a package that is completely customizable to suit your preferences. Belize has no shortage of talented wedding photographers, so plan to return with lots of professional photos that you’ll be proud to share with your friends and family.

3. Stress-free Preparations In most instances, brides and grooms get the royal treatment. As the guests of honor, resorts will most often offer upgrades to larger rooms or the honeymoon suite, and make available additional treats like champagne, spa services, and private dinners. When D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


F Belize is an ideal SPA DESTINATION, putting you in tune with your body and nature in breathtaking surroundings.

eeling stressed, tired, lethargic or in need of some pampering and rejuvenation? De-stress, detox and relax with a spa holiday in Belize. Awaken your senses in the most idyllic surroundings. Indulge in hair, face and body treatments at the most breathtaking locations on the beach or in the jungle. Pamper yourself with healing products like mineral muds, natural oils, salts, seaweed, medicinal plants and flowers. Pick from full menus of massage therapy, facials, masks, body wraps, scrubs, manicures, and pedicures. Belize offers something different for each traveler, but all spa holidays create a calming and personal atmosphere with an extensive range of treatments to help you unwind. Complement your favorite spa treatments with daily wellness and holistic activities such as yoga and meditation. Add healthy cuisine to these stress-reduction techniques to inspire long-term health and well-being. After taking the time to find your balance, you are guaranteed to return home feeling revitalized and re-energized.



Learn how to simply ... be.



ver time, the daily grind can wear you down. A Belize yoga retreat can recharge your spiritual batteries. Retreats attract both experienced yogis and curious newbies. Whether your intention is to stretch out and rejuvenate while enjoying a relaxing beach trip, deepen your yoga practice through self-development, or truly connect with nature through meditation, you will likely find what you’re looking for here. Consider the type of landscape that will most inspire your yoga practice ... is it the beach? the jungle? a Maya temple? Find out ahead of time the style and level of yoga sessions available so that you can review your options and find a good match. Many teachers lead yoga-intensive trips to exotic locations, so ask around at your yoga studio for the dates of the next Belize trip! Pick from destinations in Western Belize, the Southern Coast and the Northern Islands. From the first pranayama to each asana, you’re sure to find relaxation and regain that healthy life balance in Belize.



A Family-Friendly Adventure


here’s your sense of adventure? Well it doesn’t disappear just because you have kids! Here’s why you should bring your children to Belize: real life experiences! Whether its relaxing on a sandy beach, paddling a canoe on a quiet river, facing a jaguar at the zoo, climbing to the top of an ancient Mayan temple, or mingling with Belizean children, the exposure


is invaluable. Travel will teach them to appreciate and respect different cultures and lifestyles from an early age ... and Belize will no doubt leave lifelong impressions. While many of Belize’s adventure tours and activities are geared toward adults and teenagers, most resorts welcome families with children of all ages, including toddlers and babies. You can certainly customize tours to meet your family’s specific needs. Teenagers will learn to exist with limited wifi access, and

will find themselves surprised by the joy of sailing, snorkeling, windsurfing or kayaking. The more adventurous can even learn to SCUBA dive. Parents with smaller children may opt to simply relax under the coconut trees on the beach with some sand toys, or swim in the shallow waters near the seashore. Kids will enjoy inland adventures such as horseback riding and caving, as any adult would. With countless kids-friendly swimming pools throughout the country, the entire family will be able to enjoy a refreshing swim after a long day. When booking your stay, be sure to ask about incentives such as “children under 12 years stay and eat free,” as well as child discounts on transportation and tours. Look for family-friendly accommodations that offer convenient amenities like high chairs, cribs, bunk beds, and special kids menus. Other conveniences include kids DVDs, board games, sports, babysitting services, and various educational programs. Why not bring along grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins? Some of the best family reunions take place in faraway destinations. Belize is ideal for small groups, ensuring an intimate experience with loved ones. Whether its a group of family members or close friends, making new discoveries and experiencing new adventures with those people who are closest to you is the surest way to build lasting memories. 35

BELIZE real estate...

unmatched value. If the hypnotizing colors of the Caribbean Sea, the lushness of the tropical jungles, or the majestic views of the Maya Mountains aren’t enough, then potential property investors will be convinced by the incredibly attractive retirement program and the broad array of tax incentives. Belize offers unmatched value when considering the natural, peaceful, English-speaking, stable environment. Working with a professional real estate agent in Belize can help investors to access quality real estate listings. This takes the hassle out of selling and buying property, including reducing risks involved and maximizing opportunities. Mr. Kyle Thomas of Coldwell Banker speaks of the real estate opportunities in Belize: “Belize is an increasingly popular destination for tourists and investors, and with tourism growth rates surpassing other counties in the region, the market for Belize property is set to boom. Belize offers affordable real estate with great potential for capital appreciation and rental income. As a result, there is not only growth potential, but also the opportunity for an immediate positive cash flow. With luxury developments and amenities, investors have the option to immediately enjoy an upscale lifestyle. There is also a sense of stability. The currency is stable, and Belize has a tradition of democracy with a peaceful political climate. Without a doubt, there is unmatched value. Belize’s property market is rising steadily.”



Retire in the Tropics heard of “Belize time”, be advised that Belize is on a different time clock, maybe not the most efficient, but people are much more relaxed and easy-going. While living in Belize is not for everyone, it can be an amazing journey for those looking for a new beginning. The government has made retirement in Belize an attractive option by introducing the Qualified Retired Persons (QRP) program. Participants can earn an income outside Belize tax-free and import personal effects, including means of transportation, tax-free and duty-free. Anyone fortyfive years and older can qualify for the program, and can include his or her dependents in the program. Applications for Belize’s QRP Program are processed by the Belize Tourism Board. Plan a fact-finding trip to explore your options.

While living in Belize is not for everyone, it can be an amazing journey if you’re looking for a new beginning.


Its almost impossible not to entertain thoughts of coming to an exotic and tranquil place in the tropics to live and retire. Just about every working adult has fantasized about escaping the rat race and moving to paradise. Once you decide that Belize is where you want to be, you can investigate the multiple possibilities of where to buy a home or property. Choose from areas in Ambergris Caye, Placencia, Hopkins, Cayo, Punta Gorda, Corozal ... so many options. Apart from low construction costs, Belize is known for its low cost of living, tropical climate, good health care facilities, convenient shopping, and its proximity to North, Central and South America. Most importantly, with such a small population that is primarily English-speaking, you are very likely to have warm and welcoming neighbors—and if you haven’t



So how do you secure your little piece of paradise? You’ve visited the coral sand islands and the lush jungles where exotic animals roam wild; you’ve explored small villages and inland waterways; you’ve discovered ancient Mayan cities, and hiked through limestone caves. You know you are ready to settle here, but what’s the next step? Belize is home to many real estate professionals including brokers, sales associates, developers, attorneys, consultants, surveyors, and appraisers. Some specialize in certain geographic locations, while others cover the entire country. When buying or selling property in Belize, whether it’s a private island, beachfront, riverfront, hilltop, condominium, private home or commercial venture, a knowledgeable broker can provide expert insight into Belize’s real estate market. Brokers will generally provide assistance and advice and point you in the right direction to get legal advice, engage with construction companies, or embark on successful property development. Look for reputable brokers who are members of local associations and operate under strict standards of ethics and professionalism. Below is a list of real estate companies that are advertisers in this magazine. For a more comprehensive list of real estate companies that are BTIA members, please turn to the directory in this book. CPC Real Estate Solutions

Tel: +501-636-7750 www.belizeproperty.com Ceiba Realty

Tel: +501-610-4458 www.ceibarealestatebelize.com Coldwell Banker

Tel: +501-630-3374 www.buyrealestatebelize.com Sunrise Realty

Tel: +501-226-3737 www.sunriserealty.bz D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


Central Coast



Of all the Nation’s half-dozen districts, none offers as complete a microcosm of the cultural and ecological breadth of Belize as does the district from which our nation gets its name.

Courthouse and recently upgraded Battlefield Park, downtown Belize City

HOW TO GET HERE: Major U.S. carriers (American, Delta, United, US Airways) as well as Avianca, land at the Philip Goldson International Airport in Ladyville. From there, visitors can rent a car or hire a taxi to get into the city. Local airlines Maya Island Air and Tropic Air make connecting flights between Belize City and other national destinations.


WHAT TO DO: EXPLORE THE OLD CAPITAL: Belize City is home to a number of intriguing and important structures. Spend a day checking out historical sites like the Baron Bliss Lighthouse, Belize Supreme Court, St. John’s Cathedral, and the House of Culture. FORT POINT PEDESTRIAN WALK: There have been significant upgrades to the area known as Fort Point in Belize City, including Memorial Park, North and South Park Streets, Cork Street and Fort Street. This area is perfect for walking or strolling, especially on cruise ship days when street vendors come out to showcase arts crafts and other locally made products. GO TO PRISON: If you like museums, especially those in quirky locations, you won’t want to miss The Museum of Belize. Built in 1857, this was Belize’s prison until 2002 when it was converted to a museum. Here you will find a wealth of artifacts and historical documents on display. And be sure to strike a pose for a photo op as you tour a well-preserved jail cell. GET WILD: The Belize District is home to a number of wildlife sanctuaries and reserves. Visit Swallow Caye Marine Reserve to get a close-up look at manatees. The Belize Zoo is a popular stop as it houses a number of rescued native and endangered animals. Crooked Tree Wildlife Sanctuary is a bird sanctuary, home to the large Jabiru stork, and the Community Baboon Sanctuary is a protected home for black howler monkeys. VISIT MAYA SITES: Altun Ha is one of the most convenient Maya sites you can visit. Its largest temple, “The Temple of the Masonry Altars,” might look familiar, and for good reason. That temple adorns the bottle of Belize’s locally brewed Belikin beer. LEARN ABOUT WINE: While Belize isn’t a destination that might spring to mind when you think wine, there is definitely an emerging wine scene in the country. You will find a wide range of imported wines and spirits, including many of your favorites, as they are widely available. Be brave and sample some of the local varieties: Cashew, Craboo, Sorrel, Black Berry, or Cassava. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


“This is Where your Belize Journey Begins.” Many guidebooks and magazines describe the Belize District with these words. We prefer to think of the district as more than just a starting point, but as a destination in and of itself that offers visitors a chance to experience the whole country in a surprisingly small area. Belize City is Belize’s only real “city”. It’s the only place in the country where you’re likely to encounter a crowded sidewalk, a traffic jam, or even a stop light (with the exception of Orange Walk, recently). The city is home to some of Belize’s most famous landmarks, including the hand-cranked swing bridge and St. John’s Cathedral, the oldest Anglican church in Central America. Most visitors spend a day or two checking out the city’s historical sights, eating in the city’s restaurants and hitting a bar, club or casino before moving on to an island via water taxi or to other districts by plane, car or bus. But in-the-know visitors can taste much of what the country has to offer without even leaving the district itself. Maya ruins? Altun Ha, one of the nation’s most famous, stands majestically over the Old Northern Highway just 32 miles north of the city. Jungle adventure? The Black Howler Monkeys of the Community Baboon Sanctuary are waiting to greet you with their distinctive roar just 30 miles to the west. Nature watching? The Creole village of Crooked tree, renowned by bird-watchers around the globe, is just 32 miles away off the Phillip Goldson Highway. Then there’s cave tubing, horseback riding, inland river tours, visits to the amazing Belize Zoo, chic jungle oasis spas, and much, much more … all within an hour’s drive of the city! So while it’s likely that your journey will begin here, intrepid adventurers know its not entirely necessary to go elsewhere.


WHAT TO EAT: RICE AND BEANS: If Belize was to lay claim to a national dish, this would likely be it. Pronounced as one word, “Rice n Beans� is a main staple in Kriol culture and consists of coconut white rice and red kidney beans. The rest of your plate will include a choice of a stewed meat, typically chicken or fish, and potato salad, or cabbage salad known as coleslaw. CASHEWS: Cashew trees are abundant in Belize and the fruit is used to make a variety of snacks and even wine. Look for vendors selling locally produced wines and products along the highway and, if you are visiting Belize in May, check out the dates for the annual Cashew Festival in Crooked Tree. SEAWEED SHAKE: One of the most unique drinks you can try in Belize is the seaweed shake. Made with dried seaweed, evaporated and condensed milk, cinnamon, and nutmeg, this concoction is extremely refreshing on a hot and humid day in the city. If you are looking for a little extra kick, some vendors also sell seaweed shakes with a shot of brandy or local rum. FRY JACKS AND JOHNNY CAKES: Both fry jacks and johnny cakes are breakfast staples found throughout Belize. Fry jacks are crescent-shaped pieces of fried dough often served alongside eggs and beans. Johnny cakes are flattened, dense biscuits that are typically served like a breakfast sandwich with cheese and deli-style meat inside. MEAT PIES: Eaten for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, these flaky treats include ground beef and hot peppers. Some are now available with chicken. Vendors utilize a variety of seasonings, so be sure to sample a few and find your favorite Belizean meat pie. D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Belize properties, please turn to the directory in this book.

BEST WESTERN BELIZE BILTMORE PLAZA: 75 rooms. The Belize Biltmore Plaza is conveniently located on the Philip Goldson Highway, just three miles from downtown Belize City and seven miles from international airport. Its location is great for quick access to Maya sites and wildlife sanctuaries, and the hotel is equipped to handle meetings and conferences. www.belizebiltmore.com

MARUBA RESORT: 18 rooms. Venture beyond Belize City to Maskall Village and get lost in the tropical charm of Maruba Resort. With a blend of Mayan, Creole, and African design, this award-winning jungle oasis is renowned for its unique selection of exotic spa treatments. www.maruba-belize.com PRINCESS HOTEL & CASINO: 173 rooms. Overlooking the waters of the Caribbean, the Princess Hotel is the largest of the business hotels in Belize City. In addition to meeting and conference facilities, there is a Vegas-style casino onsite with 400 gaming machines, a variety of table games, and a midnight buffet.

RADISSON FORT GEORGE: 102 rooms. The Radisson Fort Gorge is perfect for leisure travelers wanting a location near the Caribbean Sea, but it is also an ideal setting for business meetings, cocktail parties, and conferences. It offers a great selection of dining options and is just steps away from the city’s premier wine bar. www.radisson.com/belizecitybz

For more information on Belize: visit www.destinationbelize.com/belize




North Islands



The largest of Belize’s offshore islands is only 25 miles long and a mile wide. It is believed to have been the inspiration behind Madonna’s hit song “La Isla Bonita,” mesmerizing visitors with its tranquil breezes.

Snorkeling at Hol Chan Marine Reserve

HOW TO GET HERE: San Pedro is accessible by boat from two water taxi terminals, both located in downtown Belize City. The San Pedro Belize Express is at the Brown Sugar Marketplace; the Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association terminal is adjacent to the Swing Bridge. Boats run between 7:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. daily. For a 20-minute journey to the island, use local carriers Maya Island Air and Tropic Air. Direct flights depart from Belize City’s municipal airport and from the Philip Goldson International Airport.


WHAT TO DO: HOL CHAN AND SHARK RAY ALLEY: Located just a half mile off Ambergris Caye is Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley, two of the premier stops for visitors. Hol Chan gives snorkelers and divers an introduction to the vast marine life that thrives on Belize’s Barrier Reef. As the name suggests, Shark Ray Alley is the spot to swim with nurse sharks and southern sting rays. Guests have the opportunity to interact with these docile creatures that come up to the boat upon arrival. VISIT A MAYA SITE: Marco Gonzalez is a protected Maya site located on Ambergris Caye. Plans for visitor and education centers, along with guided archaeological and eco-tours, are in the works. Marco Gonzalez is about five miles south of San Pedro Town and is the first archaeological reserve on Ambergris Caye. It has over 40 structures and is believed to be at least 2,000 years old. DIVING: Ambergris Caye’s popularity is due in part to the number of scuba divers who continue to come to San Pedro for its proximity to some of the best dive spots in Belize. Choose a short ½ day trip to the reef, or book an all-day excursion to one of the outer cayes or the famed Blue Hole. Don’t worry if you’re not yet certified, as scuba shops dot the coastline and can get you completely certified in a matter of days. BACALAR CHICO: Book a day trip up to Bacalar Chico, located at the very northern tip of Ambergris Caye. Once an important Maya trading post, today it is a marine reserve. Explore lush mangroves that provide a breeding area for local bird species and beaches that serve as a primary nesting ground for Green and Loggerhead Turtles. Pass through the hand-dug Mayan channel that now separates Ambergris Caye from Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


San Pedro Town sits on the northern island of Ambergris Caye and serves as the center for lodging, dining, shopping, and nightlife. Originally a Maya trading post, whalers eventually came in search of the popular perfume ingredient, ambergris, giving rise to the island’s name. Later, Mexicans fleeing the Caste War settled in this same area and named the town San Pedro after Saint Peter, the patron saint of fishing. Accommodations on the island range from budget-friendly hotels to award-winning luxury resorts. Choose from “no-frills” properties that cater to divers and fishers right in the heart of town, or book an exclusive resort in a more remote part of the island, where you can get completely lost in your own tropical paradise. The main modes of transportation are golf carts and bicycles. As the sandy roads continue to convert to cobblestone, vehicles are becoming more prevalent. Many resorts outside of town are accessible via taxis, or in the case of the remote properties far north, by water taxi or the resorts’ private boat shuttles. No matter where you go, Ambergris Caye’s charm is authentic island-wide. Many residents were born and raised in San Pedro, but you will also find a vibrant community of expats. Look for a wide variety of cultural influences and cuisines; find everything from street tacos to fine dining on the beach, wine bars, and specialty food shops. Settle in, dig your toes in the sand, and stay awhile … you may find yourself humming Madonna’s lyrics … tropical the island breeze, all of nature wild and free … this is where I long to be ... La Isla Bonita!



WATERSPORTS: Take to the skies and get a bird’s eye view of the longest barrier reef in the Northern Hemisphere. Parasailing is a heart-pounding way to experience Ambergris Caye. If you are looking for something a bit more low key, rent a kayak or Jet Ski for an afternoon or inquire about windsurfing or paddleboarding. LISTEN TO LIVE MUSIC: Music fans likely already know Ambergris Caye is where Jerry Jeff Walker makes his parttime home, helping to bring a great live music scene to the island. With no shortage of talent in San Pedro, many bars and restaurants feature local bands and musicians. Take a stroll down the beach and listen for the music coming from any number of popular spots. Some regulars include Gino and The Shack Shakers, Dennis Wolfe and the Usual Suspects, Maikel Garcia, and Tull Rea.


COW FOOT SOUP: If you haven’t encountered this anywhere else in Belize during your travels, set aside an afternoon to give this local specialty a try. As the name suggests, the soup contains a cow foot, but do not let that dissuade you. The rich mix of broth, vegetables, and seasonings is worth a try, even if you do not eat the cow’s foot itself. MAYAN FEAST: Elvi’s Kitchen is a culinary icon on Ambergris Caye, and the weekly Mayan feast is not to be missed. Each Friday, stop by to sample a variety of Mayan specialties, many of which are now only made on special occasions by traditional Mayan families. Devour handmade tortillas, pork pibil, chaya, adobo, and more. SUSHI: Have a craving for some sushi? Stop by Blue Water Grill at the Sunbreeze Hotel on Tuesday and Thursday evenings to get your fix. With and an abundance of fresh seafood, choose from traditional nigiri to more creative “California style” rolls that have earned two thumbs up from travelers and locals alike.


CEVICHE: With abundant and fresh seafood readily available, ceviche is one of the most popular dishes found on the island. A simple concoction consisting of lobster, shrimp, conch, or a combination of these, together with chopped onions, tomatoes, cilantro, and lime juice, ceviche in San Pedro is a must try.

PUPUSAS: While not Belizean in origin, pupusas have become a popular snack in San Pedro. Look for the “Pupusa Lady” outside Waraguma in the evenings ... just try to pass by without giving in to the urge to try one! They are handmade to order and can be filled with a variety of ingredients.




WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Ambergris Caye properties, please turn to the directory in this book. CAYE CASA: 10 rooms. A quiet boutique hotel located on the beach, Caye Casa is only a 10-minute stroll from the center of town. The colonial style property offers quiet and unobstructed views of the Caribbean Sea. www.cayecasa.com

CAYO ESPANTO: 7 rooms. Experience the ultimate privacy and 5-star service of Cayo Espanto, an exclusive private island with seven luxury villas. Your only worry will be where to relax first: in the plunge pool, at the water’s edge, or on the twin lounge chairs at the end of your very own dock. www.aprivateisland.com

LAS TERRAZAS RESORT AND RESIDENCES: 37 rooms. A premier resort in northern Ambergris, Las Terrazas is ideal for travelers looking to escape. This luxury property is accessible via boat or land. Your hardest decision may be whether to lounge by the beach or take a dip in your private plunge pool. www.lasterrazasresort.com RAMON’S VILLAGE RESORT: 71 rooms. Ramon’s Village is a full-service resort with a variety of lodging options, from standard rooms with garden views to a presidential suite or a beachfront cabana. Ramon’s has one of the biggest PADI Dive Centers on the island, offering daily trips and certification. www.ramons.com SUNBREEZE HOTEL: 43 rooms. Just steps from San Pedro’s airstrip, Sunbreeze Hotel offers convenient and comfortable accommodations right in the heart of downtown. The property has a dive center, freshwater pool, massage studio, art gallery, and a popular beachfront restaurant. www.sunbreeze.net D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


SUNBREEZE SUITES: 19 rooms. The sister property of Sunbreeze Hotel, Sunbreeze Suites offers accommodations with separate bedrooms and fully-equipped kitchens. Ideal for families, suites feature living rooms, verandas, private pool, bar, and pier. www.sunbreezesuites.com

VICTORIA HOUSE: 42 rooms. Located south of town, Victoria House is an award-winning resort that has captured the hearts of many travelers. Enjoy its charming plantation-style accommodations, upscale restaurant, and its sprawling beachfront location. www.victoria-house.com


For more information on Ambergris caye: visit www.destinationbelize. com/ambergriccaye




REEF ETIQUETTE • Never touch or stand on corals. This can cause the entire coral colony to die. • Corals are protected in Belize. Removing and/or exporting corals will result in fines. • Avoid stirring the sand when snorkeling or diving in shallow areas. Sand particles smother corals. • Secure your gear so it does not get caught in corals. • Never anchor in coral. • Do not harass marine life including turtles, rays or sharks. This can result in injury. • Do not feed marine life. This changes their natural behavior and can result in injury. • Do not litter. Dispose trash properly. • Educate others about how their actions can cause harm to corals. If you observe any action that harms corals, please notify the Belize Fisheries Department or make a report online at www.ecomarbelize.org Thank you for visiting Belize and caring for our coral reefs! D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


North Islands



Despite its “go slow” motto, this tiny island packs in a wealth of Belize’s culture and most popular activities. Fill your stay with adventure or do absolutely nothing but soak in Caye Caulker’s relaxing charm.

The Split

HOW TO GET HERE: Passengers are ferried to the island from one of two marine terminals in Belize City: The Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association and the San Pedro Belize Express. For a shorter trip to the island, Maya Island Air and Tropic Air depart hourly from the Philip Goldson International Airport as well as from the municipal airport in Belize City.


WHAT TO DO: GO SNORKELING: Grab your gear and set off to snorkel around Caye Caulker’s shallow waters or hop on a tour to Hol Chan and Shark Ray Alley and revel in the opportunity to swim with countless nurse sharks and Southern Sting Rays. EXPLORE BELIZE’S BARRIER REEF: Belize has always been a popular spot with divers and Caye Caulker provides quick access to some of the prime dive spots along Belize’s Barrier Reef. And if you are looking for the chance to dive the famed Blue Hole, tours are available from the island as well. LEARN TO WINDSURF: With a good portion of the year receiving a nice east wind, Caye Caulker often has ideal conditions for wind surfing. Whether you are a pro or it’s your first time, get out there and give it a try. LOUNGE AT THE SPLIT: Be sure to allow time to lounge at “The Split,” named for the channel that divides the island in two. Here you will find plenty of sun, sand, and even a beach bar that brings in people from all over Belize for its views and stiff local drinks. The famous seawall is part of The Split’s personality, and it is a popular spot to enjoy sunbathing and swimming. VISIT THE MANATEES: Tours from Caye Caulker will take you in search of the docile West Indian Antillean manatees, which are found in many parts of Belize. Tours to the nearby Swallow Caye Wildlife Sanctuary will give you a glimpse of this protected species and its natural habitat. These gentle creatures, locally referred to as “sea cow,” often surface near the boat giving you ample photo opportunities. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Located a mile west of Belize’s Barrier Reef, Caye Caulker is only five miles long and attracts a variety of travelers, from budget-conscious backpackers to honeymooners seeking a quiet Caribbean island escape. Even with its increasing popularity among visitors, Caye Caulker has resisted major commercialization, retaining its authentic Belizean charm. Caye Caulker’s draw is nothing new as it made its way onto early British maps as “Caye Corker.” Several theories continue to circulate on how the island got its name. One theory is that the spot became popular among sailors who knew of the island’s abundance of exposed fresh water; they stopped to replenish and cork their water bottles. Another is that Caye Caulker is the Anglicized pronunciation of Cayo Hicaco, its Spanish name, which means “island of the coco plum.” Fishing is Caye Caulker’s traditional industry. Its location provides for some of the best fishing opportunities in the region. Not surprisingly, seafood is abundant. Local specialties like lobster and conch are creatively served up in a variety of Belizean dishes. In recent years, tourism has grown as an important industry on the island. Lodging is varied and runs the gamut from beachfront camping sites and hostel-type accommodations ideal for backpackers, to boutique hotels and condominiums with swimming pools and modern amenities. Golf carts and bicycles are typical modes of transportation, but give in to island life and kick off your shoes! Take a stroll on the sandy streets as you find yourself rapidly pulled in by the island’s idyllic charm and tranquil turquoise waters. From the moment you set foot on its shore, you will quickly realize that “Go Slow” is more than a motto on Caye Caulker; it’s truly the way of life.


RAINBOW HOTEL: 14 rooms. The family-owned Rainbow Hotel is steps away from the water and just a five-minute walk to the popular end of the island known as “The Split.” The Rainbow Hotel offers eight CAYE CAULKER PLAZA HOTEL: 31 suites, two furnished apartments, rooms. Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel offers and one cabana, all with modern modern amenities with private baths, amenities including air conditioning. and it’s the only one with 24-hour www.cayecaulkerhotelbz.com front desk assistance. The hotel is centrally located just a stone’s throw from restaurants, stores, dive shops, and, most importantly, the beach. Be sure to check out the 360-degree views from the rooftop terrace.

Advertised accommodations are listed LOBSTER: Lobster is serious busi- here. For a full list of Caye Caulker ness on Caye Caulker. From the local properties, please turn to the direcguys on the street selling today’s tory in this book. catch to the annual celebration when the season opens in June. COCONUT: Caye Caulker is renowned for its coconuts, so look for them in everything and anything. From refreshing coconut water to pie crusts and fudge, there is no shortage of edible treats made from fresh Caye Caulker coconuts.

BARBECUE: Belizeans love barbe- www.cayecaulkerplazahotel.com cue and you can’t beat an island one. There are several restaurants offering IGUANA REEF INN: 14 rooms. If bbq, but keep an eye out for locals who you are looking for more upscale often set up their grills on the beach. accommodations with a laid-back island vibe, Iguana Reef Inn is your CONCH: This delectable mollusk spot. This waterfront resort blends is another “must try” in Belize. When casual elegance with barefoot inforin season, you can try this legendary mality. Relax on your veranda, take a aphrodisiac in a number of dishes dip in the swimming pool, and, marvel including ceviche, fritters, and even a in a legendary Caye Caulker sunset creamy conch soup. while sipping a signature cocktail. www.iguanareefinn.com

For more information on Caye Caulker: visit www.destinationbelize.com/cayecaulker








Known more for agriculture than for tourism, Belize’s sugarcane capital promises intrepid travelers back-a-bush adventure and epicurean delights.


HOW TO GET HERE: If you are renting a car at the Philip Goldson International Airport, Orange Walk is less than an hour’s drive away. You can also take a bus from the terminal in Belize City or any of the district towns. Local airlines make flights to Tower Hill, Orange Walk..


WHAT TO DO: TOUR LAMANAI: Lamanai (submerged crocodile) is one of the largest and longest inhabited Maya sites in Belize. Large masks depicting a ruler wearing a crocodile headdress were discovered here. Visitors will enjoy the adventurous 26-mile boat ride along the New River, home to crocodiles, birds, and howler monkeys. Climb the High Temple for a 360-degree view of the surrounding lagoon and jungle. VISIT MENNONITE COMMUNITIES: If you visit Lamanai and are curious about the Mennonite villages you pass along the banks of the New River, schedule a visit to either Shipyard or Little Belize where you can experience Mennonite life firsthand. Mennonites refrain from using modern machinery and subscribe to a very simple and low-key way of life. LEARN ABOUT ORANGE WALK’S CULTURE: The Banquitas House of Culture is located in Orange Walk. Here you will find displays about the area’s history, culture, and industry. Look for a small collection of Maya artifacts, logging displays, and special archeology exhibits. PICNIC AT HONEY CAMP LAGOON: This spot is about 20 minutes south of Orange Walk Town. Here you can relax on a sandy beach and enjoy a dip in the freshwater lagoon. This is an especially popular spot for picnics during holidays like Easter week. EXPLORE MOUNTAIN PINE RIDGE FOREST RESERVE: This reserve encompasses 300 square miles. Admire waterfalls, go hiking, explore caves, or take a refreshing swim while exploring Mountain Pine Ridge’s unique tropical ecosystem of flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled as several rare and endangered bird species have been sighted here. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Agriculture is the economic lifeblood of Orange Walk. Though there are some good mid-price hotels in town, and some absolutely stunning attractions out in the bush, Orange Walk isn’t likely to grab the title of “Belize’s top tourism district” anytime soon. And this is precisely why you should visit. While other districts highlight Belize at play, in Orange Walk, visitors can catch a glimpse of Belizean society at work. At Orange Walk’s Central Market you’ll have the chance to interact with members of Belize’s Mennonite Community who come to town daily to conduct trade–some by horse and buggy. Though a small minority, Belize’s Mennonites–cultural and spiritual relatives of the Amish–are a vital part of our nation’s economic and social tapestry. Orange Walk’s Market is also known for its street food, which draws people from around the country looking to dine al fresco in the town’s open central plaza. More upscale dining opportunities abound, as a reputation for culinary genius and excellent restaurants is a happy byproduct of Orange Walk’s position as Belize’s agricultural center. Orange Walk District attracts visitors who prefer their adventure on the rugged side. The New River winds through verdant jungle, teeming with wildlife before reaching Lamanai, one of Central America’s most astonishing Maya sites. Lamanai offers visitors the chance to climb temples alongside monkeys and explore the mysteries of Maya culture. More remote parts of the district are visited only by the most intrepid adventurers. Encompassing 4% of the country’s total land area, The Rio Bravo Conservation area offers an unparallel chance to experience the nation’s primal ecological diversity firsthand. So step off the tourist trail and visit Orange Walk. Enjoy a slice of Belizean life not often experienced by the casual traveler.

WHAT TO EAT: TACOS: Ask anyone in Belize which area has the best tacos and the answer is almost always Orange Walk. Whether you start the day off with breakfast tacos or end a night of partying with them, you can’t go wrong with tacos from park vendors in Orange Walk Town. Street vendors prepare them with pulled pork or chicken, served with cabbage or chunky onion and cilantro, and topped with habanero-based hot sauce. POC CHUC: This seemingly simple-looking dish is of Mayan origin and blends thinly sliced pork steaks marinated in a mixture of herbs and then grilled. Poc Chuc is often served with pickled red onions or spicy onion sauce, black beans, and corn tortillas. DUCUNU: Resembling tamales, ducunu are made from sweet corn kernels ground into a batter, which is then boiled in corn husks. Also called tamalitos, the name “ducunu” comes from Garifuna culture, which means, “boiled cornbread.” They typically contain no other ingredients, but you may find non-vegetarian ducunu that have precooked pork or chicken. LOCAL RUM: Sugarcane is an abundant sight in Orange Walk, making this a prime spot to enjoy some Belizean rum. Cuello’s Distillery is based in Orange Walk Town and produces some unique spirits, including anise-flavored rum. Orange Walk recently initiated an annual Rum Festival that celebrates the wide varieties of rums produced in Belize.


BELIZE TOURISM INDUSTRY ASSOCIATION (BTIA) TOURIST INFORMATION CENTER: Located at the Queen Elizabeth Park, the newly established visitor’s center is the perfect place to get information on where to go and what to do in Orange Walk. Here you can meet knowledgeable locals who can provide tips on current activities, such as educational presentations at the Banquitas House of Culture.

WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Orange Walk properties, turn to the directory in this book. The following lodging options in Orange Walk are located within the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area. Revenue received from tourism efforts is utilized by the organization Programme for Belize to manage and maintain the more than 250,000-acre private reserve. HILL BANK FIELD STATION: 10 rooms. Guests who choose to stay at Hill Bank Field Station will have the opportunity to participate in conservation activities. Stay in the dormitory that features 100% solar-powered energy, composting toilets and a rainwater collection system with shared baths, or stay in the cabana facility with private baths, overlooking the lagoon. You can explore the reserve by canoeing, hiking, jungle trekking, or going on a scenic boat ride along the New River Lagoon. www.pfbelize.org/tourism THE LA MILPA ECOLODGE AND RESEARCH CENTER: 14 rooms. The La Milpa EcoLodge is a base for two longterm archeological projects and has evolved as a center for research within the Rio Bravo. Choose between private thatched-roof cabanas with private baths or dormitory accommodations with state-of-the-art “green” technology and shared baths. Go hiking or jungle trekking, and spend a day in the nearby Mestizo and Mennonite villages for a deeper look at Belize’s local culture. www.pfbelize.org/tourism For more information on Orange Walk: visit www.destinationbelize.com/orangewalk



NOHMUL CEREMONIAL CENTER: Situated on the Orange Walk and Corozal borders, Nohmul is a Maya ceremonial center dating back to the Preclassic period. Its name means “great mound” and the top of the pyramid is the highest point in Orange Walk. One of the unique features is the connection of two major ceremonial plazas by a raised walkway, or sacbe.




Corozal’s significance in culture, history and heritage—both to modern Belize and the Ancient Mayan world—is rivaled only by its subtle (dare we say, under-appreciated?) charms.


HOW TO GET HERE: It is a two-hour drive to Corozal Town from Belize City. Allow longer travel time for the bus. Water taxis make the scenic journey from San Pedro to Corozal Town regularly. Local airlines Tropic Air and Maya Island Air make scheduled flights to Corozal.


WHAT TO DO: VISIT SARTENEJA: Originally settled by the Maya as a trading area, Mexicans seeking refuge from the Yucatan’s Caste Wars came to the sleepy coastal spot in the mid-19th century. Located in the northeasternmost corner of Belize, Sarteneja has become the largest fishing village in Belize. EXPLORE CERROS: The Maya site of Cerros is worth a visit for its stunning location alone. It’s the only Maya site in Belize located on the coast, situated on the peninsula in the Bay of Chetumal. Take a 15-minute boat ride and explore this Preclassic period Mayan commercial center. Climb the main temple and take in the views of the Bay of Chetumal, Corozal Town, and the mouth of the New River. EXPLORE SANTA RITA ARCHAEOLOGICAL PARK AND WEDDING GARDEN: This site is being developed by the Corozal BTIA Chapter as an official Maya Wedding Garden. Historical information documents that an actual marriage took place here between a Spanish Conquistador and a Mayan Princess. SHOP AT THE MARKET: Be sure to stop at the downtown market in Corozal Town. Here you will find vendors offering a nice selection of fresh fruit and vegetables. Be sure to get there early for the best selection as many locals hit the markets in the morning before the afternoon heat sets in. VISIT THE TOWN HALL: Stop by Corozal’s Town Hall and revel in the historic mural painted by Manuel Villamor Reyes. This vibrant painting depicts Belize’s history, from the Maya up to the modern day when the first prime minister was appointed. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Like many border areas, Belize’s northern district offers visitors a mixture of commerce and culture. But Corozal has a quality often missing in border towns: Charm. From low slung colonial era buildings to windswept waterfront parks, there’s a reason Corozal has lured North American snowbirds and retirees for decades. Though hardly a tourist hot-spot (at least not compared with Ambergris, just a ferry ride away), we think visitors to Belize will find a side trip to Corozal well worth their time. From the traditional, laid back fishing villages of Consejo and Sarteneja to the beautifully restored seaside Maya ruins at Cerros (whose heights offer stunning panoramic views of both jungle and sea), the Corozal district is heavy in both local flavor and off-the-beaten-track experiences. And lower tourist traffic equals lower rates: Corozal is an excellent place to stretch your travel dollar. Corozal town has a good number of decent accommodations ranging from family owned garden guesthouses to small and mid-sized hotels overlooking picturesque Corozal Bay. Stroll west from the center of town and you’ll find the ruins of Santa Rita, an important city in the days of the Ancient Maya. Admission is free. Last – but definitely not least - there’s the food. Perhaps it’s a remnant of the area’s ancient commercial past, but Corozal’s position as a Culinary hot-spot is known throughout the nation. The town has at least a dozen guidebook-worthy restaurants offering a mélange of culinary traditions from American to Mayan, Chinese to Mexican. There’s also a great central market with fresh fresh vegetables & fruits and a number of surprisingly good luncheon stalls popular with locals and visitors alike. With great food, heritage and charm to spare, you’re guaranteed to fall under Corozal’s spell. All you need to do is show up.

WHAT TO EAT: MEXICAN: Corozal’s proximity to Mexico certainly influences the cuisine in the region. Look for eateries in the area to feature a mix of both Belizean and Mexican cuisine. Try Belize’s version of the tamale, which is made cooked in plantain leaves rather than corn husks. FRESH PRODUCE: Fresh fruit and produce stands are abundant in Corozal, making it one of the best spots to stock up. Don’t miss the downtown market near the bus station that houses a number of fruit and vegetable vendors. FRUIT JUICES: Not surprisingly, the fresh fruits available at stands in town make for healthy and refreshing fruit juices. Many restaurants serve a number of different juices, including watermelon and cantaloupe.



DISCOVER SHIPSTERN NATURE WHERE TO STAY: RESERVE: Located in the northeastern For a full list of Corozal properties, please turn to the directory in this book. corner of Belize, the Shipstern Nature Reserve is over 27,000 acres and proFor more information on Corozal: visit www.destinationbelize.com/corozal tects a variety of habitats, including wetlands and forests. The reserve is home to Belize’s five cat species and the endangered Baird’s Tapir. Bird watching enthusiasts will definitely not want to miss Shipstern with nearly 300 species of birds recorded.




Adventurers and history buffs will delight in exploring the Cayo district, the heart of Belize. Awe-inspiring waterfalls, exhilarating caves, and ancient Maya cities are just a glimpse into the excitement that awaits you.

Hand-cranked ferry over the Mopan River to Xunantunich

HOW TO GET HERE: Rent a car at the airport and drive to San Ignacio, Mountain Pine Ridge, and other surrounding areas. Buses depart hourly from the main terminal in Belize City to Cayo. Tropic Air makes scheduled flights to Belmopan and Maya Flats Airstrip. Make arrangements with your hotel for shuttle transfers from either of these airstrips to your destination.


WHAT TO DO: EXPLORE YOUR WILD SIDE: Give in to your wild side and mix with the abundant wildlife that calls Cayo home. Ride horses through the rainforest, bird watch over breakfast, visit a butterfly breeding center, or get up close and personal with baby green iguanas on conservation tours. GET WET IN THE JUNGLE: The towering and majestic mountains of Cayo lend themselves to dramatic waterfalls, including the famous Thousand Foot Falls. Explore Cayo’s caves by drifting leisurely in a tube or paddle down the river in your canoe. EXPLORE MAYA TEMPLES: Cayo is the best base for exploring Maya sites. Caracoal, Belize’s largest ancient Maya city, is easily accessible, along with other important sites like Xunantunich, Cahal Pech, and more. Travelers wanting to visit Guatemala’s Tikal ruins will find day trips from Cayo the easiest option. EXPLORE THE CULTURE: Visitors to Cayo will find the region is the cultural heart of Belize. Stop by San Antonio Village to learn about ancient traditions of the Maya through the art of ceremonial dances and cultural cuisine. Take a Saturday and visit Cayo’s renowned Market Day. Here you will experience the melting pot of Belize’s cultural influences. Farmers and vendors from all over Belize come to sell wares, trade, and socialize. EXPLORE MOUNTAIN PINE RIDGE FOREST RESERVE: This reserve encompasses 300 square miles and is one of Belize’s best nature reserves. Admire waterfalls, go hiking, explore caves, or take a refreshing swim while exploring Mountain Pine Ridge’s unique tropical ecosystem of flora and fauna. Keep your eyes peeled as several rare and endangered bird species have been sighted here. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Geographically, Cayo is the largest district in Belize and is home to the country’s capital, Belmopan. Spread out over a massive 880,000 acres, the region offers an endless array of ecoadventures throughout its abundance of nature reserves and national parks. Located on Belize’s border with Guatemala, Cayo is made up of towns like San Ignacio, Santa Elena, and the border town of Benque Viejo del Carmen. It encompasses important ancient Maya settlements and is home to a melting pot of Belize’s ethnic influences. Historically, the Mestizos, people of mixed Spanish and Mayan descent, were one of the largest ethnic groups in the Cayo District. Today, you will find a rich mixture of cultures including Maya, Mennonite, Creole, Lebanese, and Chinese. This has translated into Cayo becoming a blossoming center of culinary excellence with everything from traditional street foods and organic produce to gourmet restaurants and world-class chefs. Lodging in the Cayo District ranges from quaint budget-friendly campsites and hotels to lavish eco-luxury resorts, including a few that have the distinction of counting some famous faces among their previous guests. With a number of properties focused on various aspects of “green” or sustainable tourism, you’ll undoubtedly discover a wealth of educational activities, complemented by handpicked and personalized tours that connect you with nature. Spend your days exploring the adventurous side of Belize, but leave time to embrace Cayo’s cultural side. Whether you visit one of the Mennonite villages or learn how to make traditional meals from Mayan women, Cayo will undoubtedly leave you with some of your fondest Belize memories.


WHAT TO EAT: ORGANIC PRODUCE: Venture out to the Mennonite village of Spanish Lookout, where the nearly 3,000 farmers work tirelessly to supply much of the country with poultry and dairy products. Adopting an organic lifestyle, many farm-fresh products like beans, tomatoes, cabbage, corn, and sweet peppers are spectacular and are more readily available in Cayo than in other parts of Belize. BOLLOS: Often compared to the tamale, a bollo has a few key differences that set it apart. Bollos are made with banana leaves versus corn husks and the fillings tend to vary. You are likely to find chicken (bones and all), lots of seasonings, and vegetables inside a Belizean bollo, but look for interesting variations that include whole beans, canned peas, or sweet creamed corn. GOURMET NIGHT OUT: With an abundance of higher-end and luxury resorts, Cayo is now home to some fabulous gourmet dining options. Look for extensive wine lists, multi-course dinners, and creative cuisine from many of the chefs in the Cayo District. GARNACHES, SALBUTES, AND PANADES: Garnaches are a traditional Mestizo dish of fried corn tortillas filled with beans and topped with cheese, shredded cabbage, carrots, and onions marinated in vinegar. Panades are sometimes referred to as Belizean empanadas and contain either fish or beans and are typically topped with a cabbage and onion sauce. Salbutes are tiny tostadas with chicken, onion, and jalapeno on top.

WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Cayo properties, please turn to the directory in this book.

CAVES BRANCH ADVENTURE COMPANY: 23 rooms. Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Jungle Lodge offers high adventure, with a variety of lodging options to choose from. Consider budget-friendly cabañas or splurge on a luxurious thatched-roof tree house with indoor and outdoor showers and private balcony. Relax and enjoy the peaceful views of Caves Branch River or book one of the many adventure tours available. www.cavesbranch.com HIDDEN VALLEY INN: 12 rooms. Located in the Mountain Pine Ridge area, Hidden Valley Inn is located within a 7,200-acre private nature reserve. Wander the grounds and explore waterfalls or stop along the jungle platforms and rest areas that can be used for yoga and meditation. At the end of the day, treat yourself to a signature massage, either at the spa or en suite. www.hiddenvalleyinn.com THE LODGE AT CHAA CREEK: 23 rooms. Chaa Creek is “wildly civilized,” and is one of the premier luxury eco-lodges in Belize. Recognized for its green initiatives, this award-winning resort offers a wide range of on-site activities including a butterfly farm and a natural history museum. Choose from a variety of accommodations such as suites or cottages set within the 365-acre private reserve, where adventure lies just beyond your front door. www.chaacreek.com For more information on Cayo: visit www.destinationbelize.com/cayo


Southern Coast



Soul of the Garifuna people, the laid-back town is an excellent base from which to explore the jungles and cayes of Central Belize.

Traditional Garifuna doll-making

HOW TO GET HERE: Local carriers Tropic Air and Maya Island Air have daily scheduled flights to this destination. You can also take a bus or rent a car in Belize City and enjoy the scenic drive to Dangriga.


WHAT TO DO: LEARN ABOUT THE GARIFUNA: Just west of Dangriga is the Gulisi Garifuna Museum, where visitors can learn more about the Garinagu. The museum is named after Gulisi, believed to be the first Garifuna woman to settle in the area. She had 13 children and many of Dangriga’s residents today are her descendants. Learn drum-making and doll-making in Dangriga. The Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery is another interesting stop. CANOE IN A NATIONAL PARK: Gra Gra Lagoon National Park is just south of Dangriga and encompasses nearly 1,200 acres of wetland and mangrove forests. The lagoon is an important habitat for wetland birds and crocodiles. Look for water birds like herons, egrets, waders, terns, cormorants, and blue-winged teal. West Indian manatees are often seen along the estuary during mating season as well. EXPLORE A WATERFALL: The Mayflower Bocawina National Park is accessible by prearranged guided tours. Discuss your fitness level with your guide as this trip may be considered somewhat difficult. The payoff is worth it in order to hike to some of the most impressive waterfalls in Belize, including Antelope Falls. SEEK OUT THE ELUSIVE JAGUAR: The Jaguar Preserve, is located within the nearby Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, set aside as a sanctuary for the large and endangered wildcat. Chances are you won’t see one during the day since jaguars hunt at night, but you may see paw prints and other evidence of their existence. Bring your swimsuit, hiking shoes, and plenty of insect repellent and spend a day exploring this scenic wildlife sanctuary. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


The drive leading from the highway junction passes through fragrant orange groves. As you approach town, the first cultural point of interest sets the tone: The small but vibrant Gulisi Garifuna Museum was created specifically to teach and celebrate Garifuna culture and history. If there is a festival going on, you’ll know it. Proud drumming, loud and steady, will overtake any engine noise long before you reach the traffic circle. If you’ve come at any other time, you might hear drumming anyway, the sound of older men teaching the younger generation how to play traditional beats. At the traffic circle stands a large bronze stack of ritual percussion instruments, the appropriately named Drums of Our Fathers monument. Welcome to Dangriga, spiritual homeland of the the Garifuna People. The laid back seaside town is home to a number of noted cultural figures. Visual artist Pen Cayetano runs a local gallery with his wife and fellow artist Ingrid Cayetano. Punta musician Titiman Flores sometimes operates a local club (when his performance schedule allows). And on any given afternoon you’ll find revered drum-maker Austin Rodriguez hard at work under his beachfront Palapa just south of Dangriga’s central Market. Geographically, Dangriga is an excellent base for exploration. Boat captains offer quick passage to nearby islands from a riverside dock, and the town is close enough to both the Southern and Hummingbird highways to make it a fine base from which to launch jungle expeditions, river trips, cave tubing, and other land-based excursions. But it’s culture that brings people to Dangriga, so if at all possible try to be here for in the days leading up to Garifuna Settlement day (Nov. 19) to experience the parades, traditional food, the exotic, erotic dance known as the Punta. There will, of course, be drumming.

CASSAVA: The cassava root is a key ingredient in many Garifuna dishes. It is made into bread, chips, drinks, desserts, pudding, and even wine. Be sure to try cassava bread, which requires a very laborious multi-day process to make. The cassava root is peeled, grated, and packed into a long tube to drain unwanted juices. The resulting flour mixture is then sifted and baked into a flat bread that can be enjoyed with soups or a snack.

SNORKEL AND DIVE: Belize’s southern islands and reefs are some of the most pristine in the country. Enjoy visits to nearby cayes such as those located on the South Water Caye Marine Reserve. Snorkel, dive, or simply have a picnic on a coral sand beach.

HOT SAUCE: The habanero pepper is a popular addition in many Belizean recipes. Locally produced sauces, like the renowned ones from the nearby Marie Sharp’s Factory, are found in restaurants around the country. But, don’t worry if you are not a fan of habanero peppers. Marie Sharp’s comes in a variety of heat levels, including more mild varieties mixed with grapefruit or orange pulp.

WHAT TO EAT: HUDUT: Hudut is a popular Garifuna dish found throughout Belize. It is made with a blend of green and ripe plantains, mashed into a smooth paste and served with fish cooked in coconut broth. In many of the Garifuna villages around Dangriga, you will find it made the old-fashioned way with a large mortar and pestle.


WHERE TO STAY: For a full list of Dangriga properties, please turn to the directory in this book. For more information on Dangriga: visit www.destinationbelize. com/dangriga



VISIT MARIE SHARP’S: Marie Sharp is a household name in Belize. You will find her impressive array of hot sauces and other products in restaurants and markets around the country. If you are traveling to Dangriga, be sure to stop by the Marie Sharp’s Store, where you can purchase products for less than the regular retail price. If you have extra time, take a drive about eight miles west on Hummingbird Highway to Marie Sharp’s Factory.

Southern Coast



The unpaved road leading to the coastal village of Hopkins is a bit rough, but lovers of culture, serenity and the sea will find what awaits them at journey’s end well worth a few bumps.

Hopkins Beach

HOW TO GET HERE: Take a Maya Island Air or Tropic Air flight into Dangriga and arrange for your hotel’s shuttle to pick you up. You can also rent a vehicle in Belize City or Placencia. Signs along the highways pinpoint the directions to the village. The bus requires longer travel times as it includes stops in Belmopan and Dangriga.


WHAT TO DO: GO FISH: If you packed your fishing reels, hire one of the expert guides in the region for an unforgettable day on the sea. Local guides can take you trolling and deep sea fishing, or, if you prefer, stay in more shallow waters around the reef. “Catch and release” is practiced in Belize. GET WET: You don’t have to be a fisherman to appreciate the waters around Hopkins. Go snorkeling right off the beach, get your scuba certification, rent a kayak for the afternoon and explore the flora and fauna on the Sittee River, or go windsurfing. Dive and snorkel sites are within easy boat access for day trips. BEAT A DRUM: In Hopkins, you will find talented artisans who can sell you a handmade Garifuna drum as a souvenir from your visit. Worried you don’t know how to beat a drum? Ask about the drumming school where parents and kids can learn the art of Garifuna drumming from local musicians. HOP ON A BICYCLE: Hopkins is a small village and one of the best ways to experience it is on a bicycle. Some resort properties offer guests free use of bicycles, or you can rent one for an afternoon and go exploring around town. Look for opportunities to learn more about the Garifuna culture, try local eateries, and soak in Hopkins’ Caribbean Sea breezes. EXPLORE JUNGLE TRAILS: Hiking trails and waterfalls abound in southern Belize. Hopkins is close enough for day trips to many inland attractions. Speak with your hotel’s guest services representative to arrange some of the most amazing trips. Choose from the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuary, the Mayflower Bocawina National Park, Monkey River, Serpon Sugar Mill, or any of the nearby archaeological parks. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Outside of Belizeans themselves, only a few scattered backpackers (and scuba divers in the know) knew of Hopkins’ existence … at least until recently. For decades the vast majority of pleasure seekers to Our Jewel flocked to nearby Placencia, leaving the white-sand beaches of Hopkins largely untrammeled save by the sandals of those who’ve called the area home for generations. Over the last ten years, word of Hopkins’ personality and pristine beauty have gotten out, and travelers are slowly discovering in the small village a culture, friendliness and authenticity somewhat more vibrant than the vibe found in more trammeled destinations. Hopkins stretches like a lazy finger along a mile and half of windswept shore. Serene indeed, but anything but mute–especially in the evening, when the sounds of local drummers playing traditional Garifuna beats compete with the gentle beat of waves against the shore. Music is big in Hopkins, and many come to learn drumming and drum-making from local masters. A center of traditional Garifuna culture, Hopkins is also the best place in Belize to enjoy local Garifuna dishes like bundiga and hudut. Hopkins is close enough to the Mayflower Bocawina National Park and the Cockscomb Basin Wildlife sanctuary to make the village an excellent base for inland exploration. With the Central Cayes and too many dive sites to count a quick boat ride away, the village is an equally fine base for aquatic adventure. Though still small in size, accommodations are plentiful, ranging from beachside cabanas to rather stylish Bed & Breakfast type guest-houses to luxury resorts. Hopkins is gaining in popularity, but the village still shines with the charm and endless possibilities of an unpolished diamond. Why not visit now, before the road is paved and the diamond polished?


BUNDIGA: This local Garifuna specialty sounds surprisingly simple, but its few ingredients certainly pack in a lot of flavor. Bundiga is a dish of green bananas (or plantains) grated and cooked in coconut milk. Local seasonings and fresh snapper are added and the entire pot is cooked over low heat for at least an hour. WANGLA: Look for this sweet treat from one of the locals who typically pass by selling homemade Belizean candies and other specialties. Wangla is sugar candy made with toasted sesame seeds. Its sweet and salty goodness is especially great in the late afternoon after a busy day of diving or jungle adventure. CREOLE BREAD: Nearly all the best foods in Belize have one ingredient in common, coconut milk, and Creole bread is no exception. The addition of coconut milk adds a subtle sweetness and aromatic quality that leave other breads seeming a bit lackluster. While it’s perfectly acceptable to eat Creole bread plain, many locals enjoy it with local jams or Dutch (Edam) cheese.

WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Hopkins properties, please turn to the directory in this book. HAMANASI DIVE AND ADVENTURE RESORT: 23 rooms. Get the best of both worlds at Hamanasi Resort. Enjoy the convenience of a beachside resort while choosing intimate jungle lodging like tree house suites raised 12 feet off the ground. Hamanasi is secluded with hundreds of feet of Caribbean Sea at your front door and boasts a PADI 5-star dive center onsite. www.hamanasi.com

For more information on Hopkins: visit www.destinationbelize.com/hopkins

BANANAS: If you are driving through Belize, you can’t help but notice that the Stann Creek District is the banana capital of the country. Banana plantations line the road on both sides, along with other agricultural crops, as the region’s ideal climate provides for some of the best growing conditions. Look for bananas in a variety of dishes and desserts. MANGOES: Like bananas, mangoes benefit from the growing conditions in the Stann Creek area. They deserve a special mention as this tropical fruit is so beloved. Hopkins Village even holds an annual Mango Festival, complete with eating competitions, children’s games, and lots of. 79

Southern Coast


Placencia Beach


Offering pleasures terrestrial, nautical and culinary, this once-quiet fishing village remains a top destination for visitors looking to experience the best of Belize from a single base.

“The Caye you Drive To” is what some call Placencia Village, in honor of its island vibe and relative remoteness at the end of a long peninsula. More geared to nautical pleasures than any other part of the mainland Belize, yet more tethered to terra firma than any Caye, Placencia offers visitors the unique opportunity to experience the best of all worlds from one spot. To the east, white sand beaches (the nation’s finest, locals say, and we tend to agree) kiss crystal blue waters as far as the eye can see. Some of the finest dive sites in the Caribbean lie less than an hour’s distance from Placencia, and most dive companies are equipped to take mixed groups of recreational snorkelers and hardcore divers alike. To the west, the Maya Mountain Range hovers in the distance across the lagoon, offering myriad inland adventure including pristine waterfalls, jungle trails teeming with wildlife and several Maya sites, all close enough for an afternoon’s journey. Accommodations in Placencia village run the gamut from no-frills beach cabanas to small and medium sized beach and lagoon-side hotels. Further up the peninsula you’ll find higher end luxury resorts, though there are also a number of very worthy family owned hotels around Maya Beach. Food is a major attraction, and Placencia is home to some of the finest restaurants in the country. Seafood reigns supreme, with Conch season running October to June and Lobster season running June to February. Fish and shrimp are available year-round, as are many other culinary delights. Restaurants and bars playing live music complete the evening scene. Offering days of surf and turf and nights full of food, music and strong drink, Placencia is a place you’ll want to revisit again and again.

HOW TO GET HERE: Local airlines Maya island Air and Tropic Air make regularly scheduled flights to Placencia several times a day from the international airport and other airstrips countrywide. Buses also run regularly, or you can rent a car to enjoy the picturesque landscape at your own pace.


WHAT TO DO: SWIM & WALK THE BEACH: If you want to dive, snorkel, or kayak, there’s no shortage of tour options for watersport enthusiasts. Take the time to simply walk the beach or swim in the sea. Your perfect spot to lounge and read is quite likely a stone’s throw away from your room. GO FISHING: DIVE WITH WHALE SHARKS: Look out for special dive packages during the months of March, April, May and June, around the full moon, when whale sharks are observed near Gladden Split, located about 30 miles east of Placencia. In this area, not only do you dive with whale sharks, but you encounter huge schools of spawning fish at the same time. VISIT LAUGHING BIRD CAYE NATIONAL PARK: Located only 11 miles from Placencia, Laughing Bird Caye National Park is a marine protected area within the Belize Barrier Reef System World Heritage Site. The waters surrounding the caye are vibrant and filled with ample marine life, making it a popular day trip for snorkelers and divers. The island is also perfect for picnics. GO FISHING: The peninsula has seen an increase in the number of saltwater fly fisherman looking to hook wahoo, tarpon, snook, bonefish, or the elusive permit. Whether you’re an experienced angler or its your first time drop fishing or trolling, you’re sure to enjoy the thrill of hauling in your first catch of the day. GO INLAND: Starting with a boat ride to the mouth of a jungle river, one of the most popular tours departing from Placencia is a day trip to Monkey River, in search of howler monkeys. Also nearby, just a comfortable drive away, are the southern Mayan sites, river canoeing, the Jaguar Preserve, ziplining adventures, waterfalls, and tours of the nearby banana farms. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


WHAT TO EAT: SEAFOOD: Lobster reigns supreme in Placencia. The annual lobster festival celebrates the start of the season in June. Year round, all the seafood here is some of the best you will find countrywide. Look for the fresh catch of the day and be sure to try local styles of fish and shrimp, like coconut-curry or spicy jerk. Conch, like lobster, is seasonal, but be sure to ask for ceviche. ICE CREAM: Tutti-Frutti gelato has become part of the culture in Placencia. The Italian owners make authentic classics like French Vanilla and Stracciatella, as well as a wide array of local flavors, like soursop and mango. Other vendors also sell homemade ice cream. JAMS & JELLIES: Belize boasts a wide variety of fresh local fruits like guava, papaya and pineapple. Whether homemade or factory-produced locally, Belize has some tasty options. Look for guava in sweet desserts and creative sauces. Fresh jams are perfect for slathering over hot fry jacks, and you can pick from a variety to take back home as gifts. SEAWEED SHAKE: This nutrient rich salt water plant (known as irish moss) is harvested, dried and then blended with nutmeg and cinnamon into delicious milk-based drinks and shakes. Some vendors include peanut butter or brandy for additional flavor.


WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Placencia properties, please turn to the directory in this book.

CHABIL MAR VILLAS: 19 rooms. A completely exclusive beachside luxury resort, Chabil Mar is not too far from “downtown” Placencia. The name is Mayan for “beautiful sea”, and boasts beautiful views of the Caribbean. The property has two infinity pools, a private pier, tropical gardens and al fresco dining at Cafe Mar on the beach. www. chabilmar.com


HATCHET CAYE RESORT: 9 rooms. Hatchet Caye Resort is a private island getaway 18 miles east of Placencia Village. It’s on the protected side of the reef and offers absolute exclusivity. Hatchet Caye is all-inclusive with a number of water sports and other activities available, including charters,




dinner cruises, diving, fishing, and mainland tours. www.hatchetcaye.com LARU BEYA RESORT: 30 rooms. This quiet and modern beachfront resort features hammocks on every balcony, a swimming pool, restaurant, and bar. Whether you’re looking for a private rooftop jacuzzi for a romantic getaway, or a multi-room suite with a full kitchen for your extended family, Laru Beya can accommodate your needs. www.larubeya.com ROBERT’S GROVE BEACH RESORT: 51 Rooms. From intimate honeymoon retreats to large family villas, Robert’s Grove Beach Resort has a variety of accommodations available. There are three pools onsite, multiple restaurants, a beach bar, and a lagoon marina with a dive shop. Inland and island tours can also be arranged. www.robertsgrove.com SINGING SANDS: 8 rooms. Choose from thatched-roof cabanas or garden apartments. Locally made furniture and artwork, hand-woven Guatemalan bed covers, and handpainted Mexican tiles adorn each cabana. Lots of onsite amenities are available, including a beachfront restaurant. Singing Sands also offers assistance with booking tours and excursions. www.singingsands.com COCOPLUM VACATION RENTALS: 5 rooms. Choose from two newly constructed luxury villas, namely a three-bedroom beach villa and a two-bedroom treetop villa. Both are located in the serene and secure Cocoplum Residential Community, making it ideal for people who wish to share their Belize adventure, but who also value their private space. www.cocoplumplacencia.com

For more information on Placencia: visit www.destinationbelize.com/ placencia D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM





It might be true that less visitors travel to our southernmost district, but those who make the journey experience the magic, and return again and again.

Traditional Maya household

HOW TO GET HERE: Visitors can fly to Punta Gorda on Maya Island Air or Tropic Air. Highways to Toledo are paved and offer scenic views along the four-hour drive from Belize City. Traveling by bus includes stops at major towns.


WHAT TO DO: EXPERIENCE MAYA LIFESTYLES: Mayan families enjoy sharing their culture with you. Learn to make tortillas in a traditional home, listen to the tranquil sounds of the Maya harp or marimba being played by elders. Meet new friends and share new experiences. Perfect for families with children. EXPLORE MAYA SITES AND CAVES: Nim Li Punit and Lubaantun are two Maya sites definitely worth a visit. Nim Li Punit means “Big Hat” and Lubaantun is Maya for “Place of Fallen Stones.” Visit Hokeb Ha Cave near the village of Blue Creek, which is Maya for “where water enters the earth.” VISIT THE SNAKE CAYES: Made up of four different islands, the Snake Cayes are perfect for a day trip of kayaking, snorkeling, or just relaxing on the beach. There are several established dive sites as well. The Snake Cayes are also home to hundreds of sea birds and endangered manatees. CAST YOUR REEL: The waters off Toledo offer some of the best fishing in Belize. Fly, trolling, spin; it’s all available year round. There is an abundance of game fish like bonefish, tarpon, and permit that live in the coastal waters of Southern Belize. Guides are expert local fishermen who can take you to their favorite spots. BIRD WATCHING: With its abundant wetlands and rainforests, bird watchers will be hard-pressed to find another region that offers such vast birding opportunities. There are nearly 500 species recorded in Toledo, including birds like the Western SlatyAntshrike, Paltry Tyrannulet, and Violet-crowned Woodnymph. Early-morning birdwatching is sure to delight. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Traffic gets light south of the Independence turnoff; a pickup every ten minutes, a commuter bus every hour. Besides these few vehicles, it’s just you, the Southern Highway, and the jungle on both sides. Outside of Punta Gorda, the majority of Toledans live in picturesque jungle villages, working the land and cooking over open fires as they have for generations. Toledo has our nation’s largest Maya population, but many Garifuna, Creole and Mestizo people call the district home (as do an increasing number of North American immigrants). Toledo is equally ecologically diverse. Those who love diving, snorkeling, fly-fishing and sailing will find Belize’s best kept nautical secret in the deep south. Inland adventurers can spend days in the jungle kayaking, river-tubing, exploring caves and visiting Maya ruins like Lubaantun and Nim Li Punit. Maya life in Toledo goes far beyond ancient stones. Toledo’s Maya homestay programs bring visitors into the homes of local families, where they take part in daily activities, crafts and annual events like the Deer Dance festival. Other cultural opportunities–such as traditional chocolate making–abound! Toledo is quickly becoming a Cacao producer of global note; our annual Chocolate Festival brings Chocolate lovers from around the globe. And though our Dangriga friends may disagree, Punta Gorda may be the finest town in Belize to study traditional drumming and drum-making, thanks in no small part to the number of renowned Garifuna and Creole drum-masters currently calling the town home. Accommodations in Toledo range from luxurious eco-resorts tucked away in the jungle to quaint family-run inns and seaside hotels in Punta Gorda. Wherever you stay, you’ll find a people and place as diverse as the nation itself.


CHOCOLATE: Belize has several quality chocolate producers, all of whom use the organic Toledo cacao to create their masterpieces. Toledo growers boast some of the best in the region. The annual Chocolate Festival of Belize in May pays homage to “the food of the gods.” In Toledo, you can experience tours along a cacao trail, tour local factories, enjoy cultural events, and sample organic chocolate. PINEAPPLE: Pineapples in Belize, especially the sugar loaf variety, are very sweet and are utilized in a lot of tasty ways. Try fresh pineapple juice or a sweet pineapple wine, or look for it in various salads and desserts like pineapple upside down cake. TACARI AND COHUNE CABBAGE: Tacari and cohune cabbage are traditional East Indian dishes popular in the Toledo District. Tacari can be made with either chicken or fish, and a mixture of yellow ginger (turmeric) and cumin or curry powder give the dish its aromatic yellow hue. Cohune cabbage is ironically not a cabbage at all, but a heart of palm harvested from the inner core of a specific palm tree. Cut it into pieces, boil, and then grind. Add fried onions and seasonings and cook everything together again. ESCABECHE: Belizean escabeche is a bit different from a Mediterranean dish with which you might be familiar. This onion soup is made with chicken and is cooked with a variety of spices, as well as vinegar, giving the escabeche a subtle acidic marinade. It is served with hot corn tortillas.

WHERE TO STAY: Advertised accommodations are listed here. For a full list of Toledo properties, please turn to the directory in this book. BELCAMPO LODGE BELIZE: 12 Rooms. Situated on the hills above southern Belize, Belcampo Lodge Belize features private suites with screened fresh-air verandas complete with luxurious spa-style baths. There is a lawn for high tea and a fire pit for evening socializing. A 400-foot private tram transports guests to the lodge’s riverside deck with waterfront dining and a Mayan bar. Belcampo Lodge Belize also offers a number of tours and excursions, including some unique “Farm to Table” culinary classes. www.belcampoinc.com/bz/ THE LODGE AT BIG FALLS: 8 Rooms. Located on the river, The Lodge at Big Falls is a family-run resort featuring thatched-style cabanas with two newer units outfitted with kitchenettes. After exploring nearby archaeological and natural attractions, spend the afternoon relaxing by the pool and taking in the tranquil ambiance that surrounds The Lodge at Big Falls. www.thelodgeatbigfalls.com For more information on Toledo: visit www.destinationbelize.com/toledo



across Belize and the world participate in this grueling four-day race that retraces the Maya trading route between San Ignacio and Belize City. National Heroes’ & Benefactors’ Day This national holiday is set aside to honor those men and women who have helped FEBRUARY to build Belize. A traveling exhibition Valentine’s Day Cycling Classic Male, female, junior and master cyclists about Belizean heroes and benefactors participate in races on the Western High- tours the country throughout March. way between Benque Viejo del Carmen San Jose Succotz Fiesta This annual fair is held in honor of the and Belize City. patron saint of the village of San Jose MARCH Succotz, Saint Joseph. Highlights include La Ruta Maya River Challenge Professional and amateur paddlers from traditional food, music and dance.

KREM’s New Year’s Cycling Classic On New Year’s Day, cycling takes over the Northern Highway as local and international riders race from Corozal to Belize City.



Good Friday & Easter Several municipalities organize reenactments during this Christian holiday, depicting Christ’s suffering with large wooden crosses and crowns of thorns. Religious activities also include prayers, fasting and processions. Holy Saturday Cross Country Classic The biggest cycling event of the year features local and international riders racing from Belize City to San Ignacio and back. San Pedro Lagoon-Reef Eco-Challenge Kayakers participate in this annual race DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M


Hopkins Mango Festival Villagers set up stalls on the beach where visitors can enjoy mangoes as the main ingredient in appetizers, entrees and desserts. Archaeology Symposium Organized by the Institute of Archaeology, this forum gives professional archaeological researchers working in


environmental issues and includes a Seafood Gala, a Youth Conservation Competition and a Fish Festival.


Garifuna Settlement Day: National Holiday This public and bank holiday commemorates the 1832 arrival of the Garinagu people to Belize. National activities include re-enactments of the arrival, prayer, cultural dances and food. Battle of the Drums: Toledo This competition allows groups to compete and display their musical artistry in playing five different categories of Garifuna drumming. The event normally precedes Garifuna Settlement Day.


Christmas and Boxing Day. Christmas in Belize is a truly multicultural celebration. With so many ethnic groups, traditions are varied, and spirits are high. Traditional Boxing Day horse races take place in Burrel Boom. The horses run in classes, resting for an hour, then they race again.


Sugar City Rum Festival This annual festival in Orange Walk celebrates the local rum industry by bringing together the distilleries for a fun-filled family event featuring games, cultural presentations, musical performances, competitions and lots of food. TIDE Fish Fest: Toledo This event raises awareness of 91


to promote awareness, protection, and Belize the opportunity to share archaeconservation of mangroves, lagoons, ological findings. Attendance to lectures, reefs as well as the diverse species found displays and presentations are open to the public. in these natural habitats. Benque Fiesta MAY During this multi-day religious festival, Chocolate Festival of Belize This three day event features food, exhib- residents of the border town celebrate its, culture and information about the the patron saint, Lady of Mount Carmel, various ways the Maya utilized the Cacao with a fair, marimba, bands, games, and bean. Festive entertainment is com- prayer. plimented by samples of locally made Belize International Film Festival International film producers and direcchocolate. tors join local counterparts to share their Cashew Festival Crooked Tree village hosts this annual work and explore partnership possibilievent to highlight the varied uses of ties. Attendance to the films is open to the the cashew in food and beverages. Visi- public. tors can also enjoy freshly caught tilapia AUGUST from the lagoon. International Costa Maya Festival Mother’s Day Cycling Classic This week long festival is held in San Female cyclists take centre stage in this Pedro and features cultural nights headrace from San Ignacio to Belize City. lined by local and regional performers as National Agricultural & Trade Show well as an international beauty pageant. Thousands of people gather in Bel- Deer Dance Festival mopan for this three day event which This traditional Maya cultural event feashowcases the significant contribution tures costumed players as a jaguar, a of agriculture to the Belizean economy hunter, and, of course, deer. The dance and highlights local businesses. Enter- continues today as part of cultural prestainment, games and cultural displays ervation efforts. round out the fun. SEPTEMBER JUNE National September Celebrations Patriotic pride is high during this month. The Lamanai Challenge This triathlon has participants running September 10th is celebrated as a from La Milpa to Chan Chich, cycling National Day while the 21st is Independfrom Chan Chic to Gallon Jug and then ence Day. Activities during this festive canoeing from Gallon Jug to the finish month include carnival marches through line at the Lamanai archaeological site principal streets of major municipalities. All events are accompanied by music, on the shores of the New River Lagoon. concerts, cultural activities and food. Lobsterfest At the start of the Lobster season in June, Barry Bowen’s Belikin Bash the coastal communities of San Pedro, This week-long event in Belize City Caye Caulker, and Placencia celebrate includes nightly entertainment, food, the first catch with festive activities, and and of course, plenty of ice-cold Belikin cook the lobster in every way imaginable. beers.



American Airlines: Dallas, TX and Miami, FL United Airlines: Houston, TX and Newark, NJ Delta Airlines: Atlanta, GA and Los Angeles, CA Avianca: San Salvador, El Salvador US Airways: Charlotte, NC Tropic Air: Cancun, Mexico; Flores, Guatemala; Roatan & San Pedro Sula, Honduras Private Jets: American or Canadian aircraft can submit flight plans via a handling agent to the Department of Civil Aviation. All others must submit information about the plane, its pilot and passengers 24 hours in advance. For details contact dcabelize@btl.net


Major cruise lines Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, Holland America, Aida, V Ship Leisure, Oceania, Princess, and Norwegian make calls to Belize. Cruise ships depart from U.S. cities such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando in Florida; New Orleans, Louisiana; and Mobile, Alabama. International ferries depart coastal cities and towns in Guatemala and Honduras and dock in Punta Gorda, Placencia Village, and Dangriga Town. Belizean boats also transfer passengers and cargo between San Pedro, Caye Caulker, Corozal Town, and Chetumal, in Mexico. Private vessels must be cleared by Customs officials in major Belizean ports.


Mexico: Travelers can rent a car or drive their own to Belize. Regional bus lines and shuttle services depart regularly from Cancun’s international airport and Chetumal, MX bound for Belize.

Guatemala: Vehicles enter Belize via the western border point of Benque Viejo Del Carmen. Buses make frequent scheduled runs from Guatemala City and Flores, Peten to Belize. Some Guatemalan tour companies offer drop-off service at the water taxi terminal in Belize City.

GOVERNMENT: Belize is an independent nation with a democratically elected parliament. A member of the British Commonwealth, Belize’s head of state is Queen Elizabeth II. The Prime Minister is the head of Government.

TAXES: A general sales tax of 12.5% is charged on all goods and services. Hotel tax is 9%. Non-Belizeans pay a US $39.25 airport departure tax.

TIME ZONE: GMT-6, same as U.S. Central Standard Time. POPULATION: Belize boasts one of the lowest popu- Belize does not observe daylight savings time. lation densities in Central America. The population is estimated to be just over 300,000 people. WATER: Purified bottled water is widely available but tap water is potable. CLIMATE: The climate of Belize is tropical to subtropical with both wet and dry seasons. The hurricane season runs ELECTRICAL SYSTEM: 110 volts AC; same as North between June to November. The average temperature is America. 92



TOPOGRAPHY: Belize is located on the east coast of 80 degrees Fahrenheit although the humidity sometimes Central America. The country measures 8,867 square makes it feel hotter, especially in inland areas. miles. It is bordered by Mexico on the North, Guatemala on the West and South, and the Caribbean Sea on the East. MONEY: The official currency is the Belize dollar. Two Belize dollars are equivalent to one US dollar. Belize’s highest point is 3,687 ft.





new and expanding businesses to improve efficiencies and profitability in your operations. Our clientele receives quality services and assurances of excellence from customer conscious and business savvy professionals.


Bachelor Inn: Li Pin Chang, 501-6612729/501-663-5353, bachelorinnhotel@ yahoo.com. We welcome guests to stay and enjoy our amenities. Safe, convenient and clean hotel, or fully furnished apartments. A/C, Cable TV and High Speed Internet available with Private Bathroom. Belize River Lodge: Marguerite Miles, 501225-2002, info@belizeriverlodge.com, www. belizeriverlodge.com. Historic fishing Lodge amidst lush tropical flora on the Belize Old River. Caters to fly and spin anglers – targeting Tarpon, Bonefish, Permit & Snook. Variety of Flats & other fishing areas. EcoAdventure tours optional. Best Western Belize Biltmore Plaza: Julio Galindo, 501-223-2302 / 1-800-528-1234, salesmgr@belizebiltmore.com, www.belizebiltmore.com. This Caribbean-style hotel boasts tropical gardens, courtyard, pool, bars, restaurant, conference facilities, gym, gift shop as well as a business center and tour desk. Birds Eye View: Verna Samuels, 501 2032040 or 235-7333, birdseye@btl.net, www. birdseyeviewbelize.com. A dazzling variety of birds and other wildlife are found here, including the Jabiru Stork. The lodge is Belizean owned and is right on the water. Bird watching tours are offered and guided by a local, trained and licensed tour guide. The lodge has 20 rooms. Black Orchid Resort: Douglas Thompson, 501-225-9158/1-866-437-1301, info@blackorchidresort.com, www.blackorchidresort. com. An excellent Alternative to Belize City and gateway to all Belize has to offer, with 25 luxury rooms 15 minutes from the International Airport and 30 minutes to Belize City. Da Hibiscus Resort: Rose Kelly, 501-6617034 / 501-668-7491, melanerose@gmail. com. We provide accommodations in Crooked Tree Village. Howler Monkey Resort: Edward Turton, +501-607-1571, mel@howlermonkeyresort. bz, www.howlermonkeyresort.bz. Howler Monkey Resort (HMR) is a riverside jungle lodge that’s off the beaten path and away from the crowds. We have six charming cabins underneath the monkey’s canopy. Located in the peaceful village of Bermudian Landing Village. Princess Hotel & Casino: Tuna Akbulut, 501-223-2670,reservations@princessbelize. com, salesmgr@princessbelize.com, www. princessbelize.com. The Newly Renovated Princess Hotel has 170 Ocean View Rooms and Suites, strategically located in the Heart of the Belize City. It boasting the largest entertainment center the Las Vegas Style Casino, Elite Nightclub, the Calypso Restaurant ,Vogue Bar, and two cinemas. Radisson Fort George Hotel & Marina: James Scott, 501-223-3333, amin.dredge@ radisson.com, www.radisson.com/ belizecitybz. Belize’s Premier hotel features dive shop, Marina tour desk, 2 restaurants, 1coffee shop, 2 bars, gift shop, 2 pools, 102 A\C rooms with TV, telephone, coffee maker, minibar, hairdryer, iron, alarm\clock radio. Fantastic day tours to reef, rainforest and archeological sites. 102 Rooms most with a view of the Caribbean Sea. The Great House: Steve Maestre, 501223-3400, greathouse@btl.net, www. greathousebelize.com. Colonial home in Fort George area. 16 guest rooms, all with balconies, private bath, AC, TV, telephone, fax, refrigerator, coffee maker, hair dryer. Smoky Mermaid Garden Restaurant.



Association of Cruise Service Providers: Denise Ockey, 501-621-9595, deniseockey@ shaw.ca. A non-profit nationally incorporated professional association of cruise industry service providers in Belize, the members of which consist exclusively of contracted tour operators, marine agents and the receiving port facility.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS EXECUTIVE President: 1st Vice President: 2nd Vice President: Secretary: Treasurer: Immediate Past President: Director:

Herbert Haylock Valerie Woods Peter Tonti Rob Hirons Pedro Perez Jim Scott Stewart Krohn

DESTINATION REPRESENTATIVES San Pedro: Caye Caulker: Orange Walk: Corozal: Cayo: Dangriga: Placencia: Toledo:

Mukul Kanabar Stacy Badillo Osmany Salas Rosita May Larry Waight Rosella Zabaneh Stewart Krohn Dennis Garbutt

SECTOR REPRESENTATIVES Belize Hotel Association: Belize National Tour Operators Association: Belize National Tour Guides Association: Cruise Sector Representative:

Douglas Thompson Denise Ockey Denise Ockey

Belize Audubon Society: Amanda Burgos Acosta, 501-223-5004, executivesecretary@ belizeaudubon.org, www.belizeaudubon.org. Dedicated to the sustainable management of Belize’s natural resources, BAS manages 8 protected areas including 6 terrestrial and 2 marine. Caye Caulker Water Taxi Association: Gilbert Davis,501-630-0552/670-5249,dd_ travelandtours@yahoo.com, www. cayecaulker.com/members/ccwta.html. Boating services between Belize City, Caye Caulker and San Pedro. Special charters to other islands can also be arranged. We offer training for tours guide that work with us. We also offer a variety of tours. Programme for Belize: Herbert Haylock, 501-227-5616, adminmanager@pfbelize.org, www.pfbelize.org. PfB manages 2 sites on the Rio Bravo Conservation and Management Area in the Orange Walk District, the La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center and the Hill Bank Field Station. Contact us for availability, prices and your next trip to Belize. Explore the Natural Mystique of the Rio Bravo…An Unparalleled Eco-Adventure!


EXECUTIVE STAFF Executive Director: Membership Officer: ATTORNEYS-AT-LAW

Arguelles & Company LLC: Emil Arguelles, 501-223-0088 / 223-0858, info@belizelawyer.com, www.belizelawyer.com. Arguelles & Company specializes in Real Estate and Corporate Law. Proper procedure is as important as the level of investment, and structures are arranged for tax and cost minimization. Reyes Retreage LLP: Aldo G. Reyes, 501223-2030/1, info@lawyerbelize.com, www. lawyerbelize.com. Practicing law firm offering legal service. Wrobel & Co., Attorneys-at-law: Ryan J. Wrobel, 501-223-1013/ +1-917-591-5875, info@lawbelize.bz, www.lawbelize.bz. U.S & U.K. educated lawyers specializing in Real Estate Transactions, Retirement Program and other Relocation & Expat Services. Licensed in Belize, Jamaica and New York.


Buy Belize Auto Rental Ltd: Ricky Perera,Estevan Perera Jr. & Eneyda Perera, 222-4190/ 6201992, buybelize@gmail.com, www.buy-belize.com, www.autorentalbelize. com. Buy Belize Auto Rental manages fleets of vehicle for private organization and rents SUV vehicles primarily for tourist looking for travelling. Crystal Auto Rental: Jay D. Crofton, Reservations Department, 501-223-1600 / 0-800-777-7777, reservations@crystal-belize. com, www.crystal-belize.com. Largest fleet offering from Economy to luxury vehicles to suit your rental needs. Serving Belize for 25 years. Allows vehicles to TIKAL.

Estela Requena Talia Tillett Discount Car Rental Belize: Rina Tsmalla, 501-225-3019/ 0-800-999-9999, reservations@discountcarrentalbelize.com, www. discountcarrentalbelize.com. Offers reliable rental vehicles from international airport for travelling whether business or pleasure. Jabiru Auto Rental: Marilyn/Eddie Bouloy, 501-224-4680 / 610-2454, Jabiru@btl.net, www.jabiruautorental.bz, Complimentary pick up/drop off at international airport and Belize City. 24 hour roadside service.


Atlantic Bank Ltd.: Ms. Claudia Lopez, 501-223-4123, clopez@atlabank.com, www. atlabank.com. Financial Bank offering local and international services. The Belize Bank Ltd: Misty Michael, 501227-7132/ 501-227-1078, mmichael@ belizebank.com, www.belizebank.com. Belize’s oldest, continuously operated Bank, the Belize Bank Limited offers a full range of personal, commercial and corporate banking services.


International Services Ltd.: Santiago Gomez, 501-223-2077 / 954-323-8314, gomezisl@btl.net, www.easetaxburden.com. Incorporation of Local & Offshore Companies, Retirement Services, Trust & Foundations, Consultancy, Dominica Citizenship, Real Estate Closing Services. Prfect Green Belize: Herbert & Daedra Haylock, 501-607-2929 / 602-4961, prfectgreenbelize@yahoo.com. Public Relations and Business Planning Consultants providing quality Business Planning advice for

Buy Belize Real Estate Ltd.: Ricky Perera / Eneyda Perera, 501- 6201992 / 2224190, buybelize@gmail.com, www.realestateinbelize. bz. Sell Real Estate / Property Management. Tour Operators and Travel Agents Astrum Helicopters: Gustavo Giron Jr., 501-222-5100, info@astrumhelicopters.com, www.astrumhelicopters.com. Helicopter Charters & Tours. We offer chartered flights that are tailored to meet your specific needs. We also provide specialized services such as search and rescue, aerial surveys, external load and filming/photography. In an emergency, we also offer Medevac services. For emergencies call +501 610-438. Calypso Train Tours Ltd.: Denise Ockey, 501-223-5365 / 621-9595, calypsotrain@ yahoo.com. Step aboard the Calypso Train for an entertaining tour of Belize City by open-air trolley train. Enjoy the cool ocean breeze as your guide delights you with tales of the vibrant culture and rich history of this quaint port city. CHUKKA: Valerie Woods, 501-223-4438 /1-877-424-8552, vwoods@chukkacaribbean. com/belize@chukkacaribbean.com, www. chukkacaribbean.com. Adventure Tour company offering caving tubing, cave exploration, airboat tours, zip lining, rappelling, Maya temple tours throughout Belize. Personalized customized tours are also available. Discovery Expeditions Belize Ltd.: Juanita Ramirez, 501-671-0748 / 671-0749, info@discoverybelize.com, www.discoverybelize.com. Experienced Destination Management Company since 1972. Our professional team will assist you with both FIT or Group Reservations at extremely competitive rates. Magnum Belize Tours: Cheryl Chivers, 218847-3012, cheryl@magnumbelize.com, www. magnumbelize.com. US wholesale Travel Agency with over 60 years experience. Select DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M

San Pedro Belize Express: Myron Marin, 501-223-2225, myron@belizewatertaxi.com, www.belizewatertaxi.com. Transporting passengers (local & international) to and from the islands of Caye Caulker and San Pedro. Zanel Adventure Tours: Venustiano “Zibby” Acosta, 501-223-2618 / 501-600-8393, zanel@btl.net, www.zaneladventuretours. com. Experienced Belizean-owned company offering more than a travel agency or tour operator, we represent the best Destination Management Services in Belize.


Atlantic Insurance Ltd.: Shana Lopez, 501223-2657, shanal@atlanticinsurancebz.com, www.atlanticinsurancebz.com/ Belize International Duty Free: Jimmy or Connie Quinto, 501-227-2504, gqs@btl.net. Duty free store selling liquor, cigarettes, perfumes, crystals, and other specialty items. Belize Telemedia Limited: Dionne Miranda, 501-223-8322, prdept@belizetelemedia.net, www.belizetelemedia.net. Belize’s only full service communications provider delivering a technologically advanced spectrum of efficient and innovative solutions in GSM Mobile 4G services, Broadband Services and Fixed telephony. Caribbean Treasures Ltd.: Ray Hohenkirk, 501-223-3354, caribtreasures@btl.net, www. caribbeantreasuresbelize.com. Importer & Wholesales of logo ready apparels. Promotional products geared for all sectors of the market. Coye & Associates: Warren Coye & Jose Coye, 501-223-1501, josecoye@btl.net. Audit and Accounting Services. Courts Belize Ltd.: Avril Eiley, 501-2237053, avril_eiley@unicomer.com. Courts has 8 branches countrywide with the lowest priced furniture and electrical items in Belize. Whether paying cash or utilizing an Option Plan, at Courts you are always guaranteed the lowest price. Ecofriendly Solutions Ltd.: Mark Hulse, 501-222-5082/83/ 501-222-5084, ecofriendlybze@yahoo.com. Design, installation and servicing of waste water systems. Wholesale/retail sale of bridde gradable products including cleaners. Flavors of Belize: Tanya McNab, 501223-1025, info@mcnabdesign / info@ flavorsofbelize.com, www.flavorsofbelize. com. A guide to restaurants & entertainment hotspots in Belize. Go Graphics: Isabel Goldberg, 501-2234660, sales@gotees.net, www.gotees.net. T-shirts wholesale and retail, high quality specialty screen printing, graphic design for T-Shirts and all advertising media, T-Shirt boutique, clothing, jewelry, gifts. We accept VISA and MasterCard. Idea Lab Studios: Demian & Nicole Solano, 501-223-6386, info@idealabstudios.com, www.idealabstudios.com. Belize’s premier full service advertising agency providing services in graphic design, print, web, video, photography, event planning, equipment rental, publishing, marketing, public relations and consulting. Tease Gift Shop: Kathleen Hohenkirk, 501223-5143/223-0873, caribtreasures@btl. net, www.facebook.com/caribean.treasures. Wholesale & Retail of souvenirs, gifts & Clothing products. The Added Touch: Robin McCutcheon, 501-223-0054, rrobin@btl.net, www. theaddedtouchbelize.com. Supply Hotel D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM

Linens Amenities, Glassware, Flatware, Postcards, Books. United Airlines: Indira Craig, 501-223-2613 / 822-1062 / 1-800-266-3822, maria.moh@ coair.com, www.united.com. Carriage of passengers and cargo services between Belize, USA, Europe, Pacific, South & Central America and the Caribbean.


Blue Tang Inn: Fanny Herstig, 501-226-2326, bluetanginn@btl.net, www.bluetanginn.com. We warmly invite and welcome you to the Blue Tang Inn, located on the beach with breathtaking views of the Caribbean Sea. Our island town of San Pedro is easy, safe and fun to visit. Caye Casa: Julie Babcock, 501-2262880/610-0008, julie@cayecasa.com, www. cayecasa.com. Boutique lodging on the beach. Convenient, spacious, peaceful, private. A ten minute leisurely stroll to the center of San Pedro Town. Cayo Espanto: Rosita Sturmberg, 501- 2365001/ 236-5745, info@aprivateisland.com/ rosita@aprivateisland.com, www.aprivateisland.com. A Private Island Resort near San Pedro with five star accommodations. 7 luxury ocean-front villas with personal infinity plunge pools, 1 over-the-water bungalow. Changes in Latitudes: Peggy Resz/ Terri Aldana, 501-226-2986, changesinlatitudesbelize@gmail.com, www. changesinlatitudebelize.com, www.ambergriscaye.com/latitudes. Consistently rated the #1 Bed and Breakfast on Ambergris Caye, CIL is a unique destination for guests with the amenities of a micro-hotel, each room with own private entrance & bath, along with concierge service for tours, dinners, and other events. Exotic Caye Beach Resort: Kelly German, 501-226-2870, info@belizeisfun.com, www. belizeisfun.com. Oceanfront one and two bedroom condo suites. Complete with AC, kitchen, TV, WIFI and sleeper sofas. All suites are on the beach and a short walk to town. Swimming Pool, Fitness Club, Tennis Courts, Crazy Canuck’s Beach Bar, Dive Shop, Yoga Studio & Restaurant. Grand Colony Island Villas: Frank Habet, 501-226-4270, frank@grandcolonyvillas. com, www.grandcolonyvillas.com. Grand Colony is a family oriented, 2 & 3 bedroom villa that comes with 2 full bath, full kitchen, living & dining room, Private balcony located on the beach at Mar de Tumbo. Las Terrazas Resort and Residences: Ovel Leonardo/ David Hesse, 501-226-4249, gm@lasterrazasbelize.com, www.lasterrazasresort.com. Nestled on 4.8 acres of palm-shaded private beachfront, with penthouses featuring private plunge pools on the balcony. Full kitchens are complete with stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, and stocked with dishes, glasses, linens and towels. Fully-furnished residences with modern amenities including flat panel televisions, hand-crafted furniture and luxurious fabrics. Mayan Princess Hotel: Brendon Brooks, 501-226-2778, mayanprin@btl.net, www. mayanprincesshotel.com. 23 oceanfront suites with Cable TV, telephone, AC, kitchen and sea front verandah. Diving, fishing trips & inland tours. Visa, MC, Amex, travelers cheques. Portofino Restaurant and Beach Resort: Sandra van Noord, 501- 226-5096. info@ portofinobelize.com, www.portofinobelize.com. Our Resort offers barefoot luxury in a natural setting. With 330 feet of private secluded white sandy beach with

unobstructed views over the Caribbean Sea. Ramon’s Village Resort: Ramon Nunez, 501-226-2071, info@ramons.com/einer@ ramons.come.bz, www.ramons.com. 61 thatched roof, air-conditioned island cabanas located on the stunning white sand beach of Ambergris Caye. Spectacular eighty foot lagoon-style pool, fabulous restaurant, the largest and best equipped dive center on the island which also boasts of being a PADI Gold Palm Resort, gift shop and Scuba diving, snorkeling, sea kayaking, Mayan ruins tours, jungle tours, wind surfing, shopping, bird watching, fishing, beach barbeques..... Experience the magic. San Pedro Holiday Hotel: Celi McCorkle, 501-226-2014, holiday@btl.net, www.sanpedroholiday.com. San Pedro Holiday Hotel is involved in the hospitality industry that offers various goods and services through its extension in a fully functional bar, deli and restaurant. Sueno Del Mar: Mark C. Hulse, 501670-4137, info@suenobelize.com, www. suenobelize.com. Sueno del Mar is a beach resort that offers relaxed island luxury in beautiful appointed villas with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea. SunBreeze Hotel: Julia Edwards, 501-2262191/ 226-2347, sunbreeze@btl.net, www. sunbreeze.net. A full service Leisure and Dive Resort located on the Beach, In Town, yet Private boasting 43 conventional spacious hotel rooms, pool, restaurant, bar, spa, dive center, gift shop and free WiFi, 24 hour front office assistance . SunBreeze Suites: Julia Edwards, 501-2264675/226-4676, sunbreezesuites@btl.net, www.sunbreezesuites.com. Intimate & Cozy, on the beach in San Pedro Town. Where you embrace the Caribbean Sea, be Sun Kissed, caressed by the sea-breeze, wake up to Sunrise, Dive, Fish, Sail, Snorkel and Relax. Discover Belize, stay in one of 20 Ocean front suites with private balcony, Pool, Restaurant & Bar, Dive and Tour Desk and Free WiFi. The Palms Ocean Front Suites: Melanie Paz, 501-226-3322, thepalms@belizepalms.com, www.belizepalms.com. The Palms, a hideaway in the heart of San Pedro, Ambergris Caye, offering 12 oceanfront suites, and one poolside casita. The Villas at Banyan Bay: Terez Tillett, 501-226-3739, banyanbay@btl.net, www. banyanbay.com. A family oriented resort located on the beach, about a mile and a half from the center of town. Pool view and beachfront suites are 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with fully equipped kitchens. Rico’s Bar and Grill located on the beach offers Caribbean and Mexican cuisine. Victoria House: Janet Woollam, 501226-2067, info@victoria-house.com, www. victoria-house.com. Victoria House is located on Ambergris Caye about 2 miles south of San Pedro Town. Charming palapa casitas, private houses, plantation style rooms and suits, white sand beaches with swaying palm trees and lush tropical gardens. Xanadu Island Resort: Cathy Alchin, 501226-2814, cathy@xanaduislandresort.com, www.xanaduislandresort.com. Xanadu Island Resort is a unique monolithic dome and eco-friendly resort on the shores of Ambergris Caye.


Tropic Air Limited: Dora Gonzalez, 501-2262012, doragonzalez@tropicair.com, www. tropicair.com, Local airline flying local and chartered flights throughout Belize and neighboring countries.


Sunrise Realty: Amanda Syme, 501226-3737, info@sunrisebelize.com, www. sunrisebelize.com. Specializing in property and business sales on Ambergris Caye for over 20 years. Personalized service customized to your real estate needs. Buyers & Sellers Broker.


Blue Water Grill: Kelly M. Kanabar, 501226-3347, info@bluewatergrillbelize.com, www.bluewatergrillbelize.com. Beachfront in San Pedro. Fresh seafood, salads, pastas. Sushi Tuesdays & Thursdays. Wood-fired pizza. Breakfast, lunch, & dinner daily. Food with a soul since 2001. Casa Picasso: Jacqueline Feldman, 501226-4443, casapicassobelize@gmail.com, www.casapicassobelize.com. Fusion style tapas dining. Global flavors created from local & organic ingredients. Vegetarian & gluten-free options. Restaurant open for dinner Tuesday through Saturday. Lobsterfest 2013 Award Winner. Dine Artfully!!!


Belize Diving Adventures: Enes Ramirez- Anderson, 501-226-3082, contact@ belizedivingadventures.net, www.belizedivingadventures.net. We are based on the three E’s–Education, Entertainment and Ensuring safety. Our goal is to provide you with the best scuba diving experience possible. Personalized service and attention is provided to families and small groups in all our adventures. Ecologic Divers: Shelly Ashley, 501-2264118, divers@ecologicdivers.com, www. ecologicdivers.com. Diving, snorkeling, Blue Hole charters, and catamaran charters. Grumpy & Happy Enterprises: Lorne & Jolene Jackson, 888-273-9226/ 501-2263420, info@grumpyandhappy.com, www.grumpyandhappy.com. Husband/wife Private Charter Snorkeling Company. Special needs, the elderly, families with small children are welcome! Easy to use ladder. We do not mix groups. We guide every trip ourselves. Book early as we fill up fast. TMM Belize: Marisa Guerrero, 501-226-3026, tmmbz@sailtmm.com. www.sailtmm.com. Crewed of Bareboat Catamaran charters. Amigos del Mar: Melanie Paz, 501 226-2706, info@amigosdivebelize.com, www.amigosdive.com. Full service PADI dive resort center. Specializing in local dives and full day trips to Lighthouse Reef/Blue hole and Turneffe Atoll. Instruction on snorkeling available.


Belize Chocolate Company: Chris Beaumont, 501-610-4828, 226-3015, info@ belizechocolatecompany.com, www. belizechocolatecompany.com. Chocolate makers and exporters. Sew What: Kate Vincent, 501-226-4255, kateinbelize@yahoo.com, sewwhatbelize@ gmail.com, sewwhatbelize.blogspot.com. Custom Sewing and sunbrella fabrics. Quality work, quantity discounts, on time delivery. Cushions, curtains, window shades, upholstery, boat canvas, sun/wind/rain shields.


Amanda’s Place: Amanda Badger, 501622-3608, amandabadger@gmail.com, www. cayecaulkercasita.com. Beautiful Rentals set in landscaped garden with pool, 100 feet from beach. Choose from 3 bedroom home, 2 stunning suites with kitchenettes or full Cabana. Anchorage Resort: David Heredia, 501-2060304, anchorageresort@yahoo.com, www. anchorageresort.com. 18 double rooms with Barrier Reef view, high quality private



from over 60 resorts. Our staff with first hand travel expertise will customize your itinerary to Belize.


bath with tub hot/cold water, AC, overhead fans, personal refrigerator, cable TV, private balcony, overlooking beach and sea. Tours arranged, and kayaks and bicycles available for rent. Barefoot Beach Belize: Susan Pelt, 501 2260205, barefootbeachbelize@gmail.com, www. barefootbeachbelize.com. Barefoot Beach is a modern Caribbean retreat with tropical rooms and cottages. For casual relaxation, quiet, and comfort treat yourself to our beachfront hide-a-way. Barefoot Caribe Restaurant & Hotel: Fatima Zaldiver, 501-226-0161, barefootcariberesort@hotmail.com, www.barefootcaribe. com. A boutique style, family owned hotel offering full restaurant service, free Wi-Fi, hot & cold shower, private bath & A.C. Belize TreeTops Hotel: Doris Creasey, 501226-0240, treetopsbelize@gmail.com, www. Belizetreetopshotel.com. Tree Tops Hotel is a family run hotel fifty yards from the water’s edge. Each room is uniquely decorated reflecting the owner Doris Creasey’s World Wide Travels. All amenities available. Blue Wave Guest House: Gerald Pacheco, 501-206-0114, info@bluewaveguesthouse. com, www.bluewaveguesthouse.com. Beach front guest house built in log cabin style with outdoor kitchen, AC, TV, verandah with hammock. Accommodations ranging from basic rooms with shared bath to deluxe rooms with private baths. Canuck Cottage: Sally Gilham, 501 2260484, cayecaulkerwedding@yahoo.com, www.cayecaulkervacationrentals.com. 1 large bedroom, large open living area with futon, fully equipped kitchen and a large bathroom. Large verandah with table, chairs and hammock so you can relax, read and enjoy the breeze. This island house is ideal for travelers that prefer privacy. Caye Accommodations: Brenda Hammond, 501-610-0240, enquiries@cayeaccommodations.com, www. cayecaulkeraccommodations.com. Caye Caulker Accommodations offers luxurious beach front suites, island style cabanas, secluded apartments, rental vacation homes and newly built deluxe condos with the best ocean views on the island. Caye Caulker Condos: Barbara MacIntyre, 501-226-0072, inquiries@ cayecaulkercondos.com, www.cayecaulkercondos.com. Condos include full kitchen, A.C., TV, roof top deck, complimentary bicycles, sea front pool, complimentary coffee/ tea and purified water, WI-FI, beach towels and tour information. Caye Caulker Plaza Hotel: Joanna Arellano, 501-226-0780, info@cayecaulkerplazahotel.com, www.cayecaulkerplazahotel.com. Deluxe accommodations located in the heart of Caye Caulker. Private bathrooms, private balconies, rooftop terrace, all at an affordable price. Caye Reef Condos: Brenda Hammond, 501-226-0382, cayeaccomodations@gmail. com. Caye Reef Condos offer six beautifully designed and spacious serviced apartments on the Caribbean seashore looking out over the world’s second largest barrier reef. De Real Macaw Guesthouse: Jessie Benner, 501-226-0459, derealmacaw@yahoo.com, www.derealmacaw.biz. Belizean owned and operated beachfront hotel. Hotel rooms and condo apartment by the day/week. Air conditioning, refrigerator, cable TV, porch with hammocks. Kids/pets welcome. Iguana Reef Inn: Mario Guizar, 501226-0213, iguanareef@btl.net, www. iguanareefinn.com. A quiet beachside


property featuring spacious rooms tastefully decorated offering a variety of room types featuring queen size beds, air-conditioning and refrigerators. Complimentary continental breakfast, swimming pool and Caribbean Jazz Bar. Island Magic Beach Resort Ltd.: Alina Saldivar, 501-226-0505, alina@islandmagicbelize.com, www.islandmagicbelize.com. Beachfront property with 11 guestrooms, including a Honeymoon Suite and a 2-bedroom Penthouse Suite, swimming pool, deck, Tat’s Bar, and private pier overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Jaguar Morning Star Guest House: Allison or Joanne Wright, 501-626-4538, joannejaguar@yahoo.com, www.jaguarmorningstar. com. Jaguar Morning Star is a quiet, secure, very private property. Featuring two fully equipped, comfortable one bedroom apartments. A five minute walk to down town. Lazy Iguana Bed & Breakfast: Irene & Mo Miller, 501 226-0350, lazyiguanabb@ aol.com, www.lazyiguana.net. An exclusive, modern four-story private home in a tropical garden and quiet romantic environment. The second floor features four comfortable private AC rooms with ceiling fans and glass block showers, a common room with a TV and refrigerator and a garden viewing room. Breakfast is served on the third floor with a awesome view of the sea. The top Palapa Deck has a 180 view of the Island and sea. M & N Hotel: Melanie Choj, 501-226-0229, islandboycc@gmail.com. www.aguallos. com/mandnhotel. Rooms with private bath, TV, A.C. rooms with shared bath. Affordable, clean and located in the center of the island. Macaw Apartments Caye Caulker: Walter and Christina Martin, 501-636-1384/ 6006008, macawapartments@gmail.com, www. macawapartments.com. Renting apartments, most of them residential/long term. Occasionally renting units as weekly or monthly vacation rentals. 8 units total. Maxhapan Cabanas: Dorsethea Louise Aguilar, 501-226-0118, maxhapan04@ hotmail.com, www.gocayecaulker.com/ members/maxhapan.html. 3 Cabanas to include 2 full size beds, air conditioner, fan, table & chairs, refrigerator, TV, Coffee-pot, microwave, private hot/cold shower , verandah with hammock & deck chairs, Wi-Fi system and complimentary bicycles. Oasi Apartment Rentals: Luciana Essenziale, 501-226-0383/623-9401, info@ holidaybelize.com, www.oasi-holidaysbelize.com. Two new elegant and beautiful buildings with 4 separate apartments fully furnished with air conditioning, ceiling fan, t.v., full kitchen, one queen size bed, futon sofa or love seat, safe box, free wi-fi and hammocks on spacious verandah facing a nice tropical garden. Popeye’s Beach Resort: Andrew Salam, 501-226-0032, popeyes@btl.net, www.popeyescayecaulker.com. Popeyes Beach Resort is right on the beach and centrally located. We offer 4 types of Accommodations, all with private bath and AC. We are travel agents for local airlines, buses to both Guatemala City & Mexico and ferry to Chetumal. Popeyes also offers access to our private swimming dock with relaxing hammocks and Jacuzzi. Rainbow Hotel: Ernesto Marin, 501226-0123, rainbowhotel@btl.net, www. cayecaulkerhotelbz.com. 8 Deluxe, 1 Junior, 2 casitas and 1 cielo azul (cabana). Sapphire House: Joanne Wright, 501206-0026, rinardgj@verizon.net, www. sapphirehousebelize.com. An unusually spacious, bright and air conditioned vacation

home with cathedral ceilings, tiled floors, and fully furnished kitchen. Sea Dreams Hotel: Anna Chaffee, 501-2260602, reservations@seadreamsbelize.com, www.seadreamsbelize.com. Boutique Hotel with a jungle-island style, modern amenities, Banyan Tree Bar and Spa, fly shop, swimming and fishing dock. Includes complimentary hot breakfast & bicycles. All rooms have A/C, TV, WiFi, and refrigerators. Rooms, Apartments, Cabanas, Beach House. Seaside Cabañas: Israel Reyes, 501 2260498, info@seasidecabanas.com, www. seasidecabanas.com. Seaside Cabanas is a tropical beachfront hotel combining rustic Caribbean charm with modern-day amenities. All our rooms feature A/C, refrigerators, cable TV, phones and pool or sea views. Some also offer a private roof terrace with stunning reef views and private Jacuzzi. Tours available. Tropical Paradise: Ramon Reyes, 501-2260124/501-226-0374, tropicalp@btl.net, www. tropicalparadise.bz. Our 25 Rooms for Families or Singles were designed with your needs in mind: Some of the rooms have A/C and tubs, Sunset rooms with balconies, Large tropically-decorated property for our guest’s enjoyment. Tropical Paradise also features a well-stocked bar serving, local favorite’s drinks. We also have Daily Snorkel Tours Available. Vega Inn and Gardens: Maria Vega, 501226-0142, belizehotel@gmail.com, www. vega.com.bz. Finest selection of fully furnished beachfront accommodations in suites, homes, rooms, apartments welcoming you for a night or an entire lifetime. Excellent quality and genuine Belizean hospitality in an island original.


Caye Dreams Real Estate: Mariya Hek, 501-226-0398, info@cayedreams.com, www. cayedreamsrealestate.com. Real EstateSelling of businesses, land & houses on Caye Caulker.


Rose’s Grill & Bar: Edwardo Arceo, 501-2260407, rosesgrillandbar@hotmail.com, www. rosesgrillandbar.com. Best in seafood grilling. If you haven’t been to Rose’s, you haven’t been to Belize! Syd’s Restaurant, Bar & Garden Patio: Thomas Blanco, 501-206-0294, blantommy67@yahoo.com, www.aguallos.com/ sydsrestaurant,. Indoor/outdoor dining & takeout. Serving Belizean seafood and Mexican dishes, refreshing cocktails, beers, sodas and juices. A fulfilling meal at budget price. 88 West Restaurant & Bar: Danielle Peterson, 501-226-0643, dani@belizedivingservices.com. Good Eats & Rockin Beats. Our mission: To ensure quality food served in a lively atmosphere with professional and friendly staff. We offer both indoor and outdoor dining. Our outdoor dining includes a garden area near the bar and a gardened area docks.


Anwar Tours: Javier Novelo, 501-2260327, javi66_novelo@hotmail.com, www. anwartours.com. Specializing in snorkeling tours, fishing tours & inland Maya site tours. Belize Diving Services: Danielle Petersen, 501-226-0143, bzdiveserv@btl.net, www. belizedivingservice.com. Scuba Diving International 5 Star Instructor Training Center, PADI Dive Resort offering daily dive trips to The Barrier Reef, Turneffe and Lighthouse Atoll. All employees are qualified Divemasters or Instructors as well as Tour Guides. Nearly 90 years of industry experience

amongst the senior staff. D and M Taxi: Melanie Choj, 501-226-0528, islandboycc@gmail.com. D and M Taxi for reasonable and reliable service. 6 seater, 4 seater with trailer service. E-Z Boy Tours: Hans Badillo, 501-226-0349, ezboytours.bze@gmail.com, www.ezboytoursbelize.com. We at E-Z Boy Tours offer daily snorkeling trips by speed boat and sailing boat to HOL CHAN MARINE RESERVE and CAYE CAULKER MARINE RESERVE. Other tours are Manatee Tour, Goff’s Caye Special , Turneffe Atoll Tour, Island Hopping to Placencia by sailing boat. and also Spin Cast and Deep Sea Fishing as well as charters. You can also customize your trip. Kitexplorer: Rodolphe Mackeene, 501-6326355, info@kitexplorer.com, www.kitexplorer. com. Watersports center kite surf, windsurf, paddle surf, water-ski. Lessons & Rentals. Raggamuffin Tours: James & Charlotte Jones, 501-226-0348, info@raggamuffintours.com, www.raggamuffintours.com. Sailing, Snorkeling company.


Great Island Yoga: Sally Haggerty, 001207-729-7883/ 501-660-0411, info@ greatislandyoga.com, www.greatislandyoga. com. From January through May, weekly schedule of yoga classes for all levels with a certified teacher. Group retreats (yoga, meditation, martial arts) led by teachers bringing students to Belize. Healing Touch Day Spa: Eva Mcfarlane and Manuel Lopez, 501-206-0380, edenbelize@ hotmail.com, www.healingtouchbelize.com. Our Mission at Healing Touch is to pamper and care for those who want to find balance and harmony in their life. A place where mental, physical, spiritual and peaceful well-being begins. Purple Passion Beauty Studio: Gina Badillo, 501-633-4525, purplepassionbze@hotmail. com, www.purplepassionbeautystudio.com. Full service Salon and Spa. Come and enjoy a warm, relaxed, yet refined ambience. Nails, Hair, Waxing, Massage and body treatments. Caye Caulker Golf Cart Rentals: Livia Hall, 501-226-0237, ccgolfcarts@yahoo.com, www. facebook.com/cayecaulkergolfcartrental. 4 and 6 seater golf cart rentals hourly and daily with free pickup and drop off service.


Chan Chich Lodge: Alan Jeal, 501-2234419/824-3156, reservations@chanchich. com, www.chanchich.com. Chan Chich is an eco-tourist lodge with twelve separate cabanas. The area is populated by over 350 species of birds, mammals that are rare in other parts of Central America and, of course, by the fantastic variety of plants and trees you expect in a rainforest setting. Horseback riding on trails nearby and canoeing on a natural lake are also available D*Victoria Hotel: Luisa Rivas, 501-3222518, dvictoria@btl.net, www.dvictoria.com. Located right in the center of town, this is the perfect place for visitors, with a large private swimming pool, beautiful gardens and spacious thatch-roof cabanas that enhance the natural setting of comfort and relaxation. Daily Lamanai Tours. Hill Bank Field Station: Herbert Haylock, 501-227-5617, adminmanager@pfbelize. org, www.pfbelize.org. The facility has four cabana units each with private baths with hot/cold water all overlooking the headwaters of the majestic New River Lagoon. It features a comfortable green dormitory that


association tasked with promoting Northern Belize as a destination and upgrading tour guides.

Hotel de la Fuente: Maria Del Carmen de la Fuente, 501-322-2290, info@hoteldelafuente. com, www.hoteldelafuente.com. We offer standard rooms and premium rooms. Junior Suites available for extended stays. Daily tours to Lamanai. Ranked #1 in Orange Walk by Trip Advisor.

NS & J’S Fresh Fruits & Exotic Vegetables: Nellie Briceno, 501-667-7382, felinelbri@ yahoo.com. Offering daily fresh exotic fruits & vegetables, fruit salads and natural juices, coconut water & food catering.

La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center: Herbert Haylock, 501-227-5616, adminmanager@pfbelize.org, www.pfbelize.org. The facility has eight charmingly decorated, cabana units each with private baths and a comfortable green dormitory that sleeps thirty in six rooms. It features two inclusive family units. All rooms have private baths with hot/cold water. 100% solar powered energy and hot/cold water. Hike nature trails, La Milpa Maya site, jungle trekking, biking and birding! Orchid Palm Inn: Helwa Hassan Rosado, 501-322-0719, info@orchidpalminn.com, www.orchidpalminn.com. “8 cozy bedrooms in the heart of Orange Walk. Complimentary Wi-Fi, coffee and fruit in the AM. Business Services available, Secured parking, Opened 24/7. We arrange tours. –You’re staying with friends!” St. Christopher’s Hotel: Enna Urbina, 501322-2420, info@stchristophershotelbze.com, www.stchristophershotelbze.com. 23 American standard rooms, garden view, New River borders hotel, private bath, cable TV, Free Wi-Fi, security, parking, conference room, laundry, kayaks, Lamanai tour, complimentary coffee & bananas.


Cocina “Sabor”: Oscar & Amparo Gutierrez Jr., 501-322-3482, ampioscar@hotmail. com. Local & International Cuisine. “Twist of Flavors”. Diner House & Ice Cream Parlour: Mario Moza, 501-302-1039. Air Conditioned restaurant that can hold up to 35 persons. Local Menu. Big parking lot in front of the restaurant. Caters for big groups. Open on Holidays. Nahil Mayab Restaurant & Patio: Veronica Castillo/ Osmany Salas, 501-322-0831, info@nahilmayab.com, www.nahilmayab. com. Lunch and dinner served daily (except Sundays), superb cocktails, wireless internet, dining in air-conditioned comfort, courtyard seating, and children’s playground. Tan’s Pizza: Lourdes Zaldivar, 501-3222669/ 635-0867, louzal6@yahoo.com, www. facebook.com/tanspizzaandcatering. Takeout pizza only until 9:00.p.m. Soon to come: Sit down dining.


Eve’s Culinary Taste: Yvette Torres, 501604-4114, yuallinone@yahoo.com. Catering services for all occasions. Denis Johnson: 501-225-2500/ 610-1219. We are a printing company that–Print Flags, Caps, T-Shirts- (Promotional Printing Materials) Lamanai Eco Tours Ltd.: Errol Cadle/ Homero Nicholson, 501-610-1753, errolcadle1@yahoo.com. Lamanai River tours-Transfer people to Lamanai Site, Fishing. Dave’s Eco Tours: David W. Chan, 501-2055597, 501-627-7955, info@davesecotours.com, www.davesecotours.com. Altun Ha, Lamanai, Zip Lining, Xunantunich, Cave-tubing, Snorkeling, Fishing, Horse Back Riding, Baboon Sanctuary, City Tours, Cahal Pech, ATM Cave. Northern Tour Guide Association: Randy Jones, 501-667-7613/ 635-6835, ntga_ belize@yahoo.com. NTGA is a tour guide D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM


Copa Banana: Connie Mietchen, 501422-0284, relax@CopaBanana.bz, www. copabanana.bz. All five suites are furnished with queen or twin beds, private baths, cable television, ceiling fans and air conditioning. Homes have fully equipped kitchens for your personal use. Relax in our swimming pool with spa or out on our sandy beach area with palapas, lounge furniture & hammocks. Complimentary coffee, teas and juice. Other features include: free bicycle, wireless internet and laundry facility. Hotel Maya/ Apartments: Rosita May, 501-422-2082, hotelmaya@btl.net, www. hotelmaya.net. Hotel Maya facing Corozal Bay is recognized for its special hospitality, clean comfortable accommodations at BEST Value in town. Expertly prepared authentic dishes. Safe swimming area. Tour arrangements.


Belize North Real Estate Ltd.: Gregg Turrentine, 501-422-0284, czl@belizenorthrealestate.bz, www.belizenorthrealestate.bz. Established in 2003, our real estate company specializes in the Corozal District with local and international knowledge. Property sales of homes, agricultural land and sea front properties Consejo Shores Ltd.: William N. Wildman, 501-423-1005, consejoshores@gmail.com, www.consejoshores.com. 1961-To PresentLand Development and Sales, Real Estate Broker, Land Surveyor.


Amber Sunset Jungle Resort: Giovanni Pelayo, 501-824-3141, info@ambersunsetbelize.com, www.ambersunsetbelize.com. Luxurious jungle resort with tree-house accommodations surrounded by the lush rainforest, tucked high in the hills of beautiful Unitedville in the Cayo district. Banana Bank Lodge & Jungle Horseback Adventures: Leisa Carr-Caceres, 501-832-2020, bbl@bananabank.com, www. bananabank.com. Near caves, Maya sites, zip-lining, onsite jungle horseback riding. All types unique accommodations, thatched-roof cabanas, air-conditioned rooms and budget rooms. Belize Jungle Dome: Andrew Hunt, 501822-2124, belizeadventures1@gmail.com, www.belizejungledome.com. The Belize Jungle Dome specializes in adventure vacations, all-inclusive packages, family, single travel, small groups and honeymooners Belize. Our family-run resort/bed and breakfast aims to provide a perfect mix of excitement and relaxation. We offer wireless, AC and satellite television in every room and a pool. Black Rock Lodge: Genny Xavier, 501-8344049, blackrock@blackrocklodge.com, www. blackrocklodge.com.14-cabins, solar and micro-hydro powered lodge located on the banks of the Macal River in the Maya Mountains of western Belize. With cliffs, waterfalls, and stunning views of the rainforest, guests can canoe, swim, tube, hike, horseback ride, cave, bird watch, or visit Maya ruins.

Cahal Pech Village Resort: Cynthia Robateau, 501-824-3740, cahalpechresort@gmail. com, www.cahalpech.com. Cahal Pech Village Resort boast 27 spacious thatched roof cabanas and 21 rooms with a breathtaking view of the Belize River Valley; 3 pools, Restaurant and Bar. Ian Anderson’s Caves Branch Adventure Company & Jungle Lodge: Ian Anderson, 501-610-3451/610-3452, info@cavesbranch. com, www.cavesbranch.com. Belize’s Premier Jungle Lodge and Adventure Company catering to adventure seekers with accommodations ranging from Jungle Cabanas to luxury treehouses. Offering cave tubing, rappelling, waterfall climbing, Mayan sites, kayaking and more, all on a 50,000 acre private estate. DuPlooy’s Jungle Lodge: July Duplooy, 501-824-3101, info@duplooys.com, www. duplooys.com. Located on the Macal River, adjacent to Belize Botanic Gardens, this is the perfect place for your Cayo vacation. On-site activities include birding, riding, canoeing, tubing. Close proximity to Maya sites, caves, waterfalls. Comfortable accommodations and delicious locally-sourced food. Practicing Sustainable Tourism since 1988. Framadani Villas: Jon Ottley, 501-629-2700, framadani.office@gmail.com. Four two-bedroom villas on a 120-acre private farm in the San Ignacio hills. Villas are available for vacation rentals and medium-to-long-term rentals. Hidden Valley Inn: Misael Romero, 501 822-3320 / 1-866-443-3364, reservations@ hiddenvalleyinn.com, www.hiddenvalleyinn. com. Small luxury resort on its own private nature reserve featuring a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, bar, excellent cuisine, network of 90+ miles of trails and exclusive waterfalls. Tours to Mayan ruins, caves, horse riding, river canoeing, zip lining, to name a few. Ka’ana Boutique Resort: Joanna Evans, 501-824-3350, info@kaanabelize.com, www. kaanabelize.com. Boutique Resort & Spa with 15 rooms, restaurant, bar, lounge and pool. Mountain Equestrian Trails: Marguerite Bevis, 501-669-1124/ 630-6761, metbelize@ pobox.com, www.metbelize.com. One of the original jungle lodges offering soft to hard adventure tours. Thatched lamp-lit cabanas, private bath, hot & cold water, free Wi-Fi in Cantina. Rumors Resort Hotel: Hector Montero, 501824-2795, info@rumorsresort.com, www. rumorsresort.com. Elegantly perched on a beautifully landscaped hilltop, our fresh, scenic, family-friendly ambiance offers a memorable retreat as you enjoy authentic local & international cuisine. San Ignacio Resort Hotel: Mariam B. Roberson, 501 824-2125 or 824-2034, reservations@sanignaciobelize.com, www. sanignaciobelize.com. The deluxe 24 room jungle and hillside hotel has just seen major remodeling featuring a contemporary and Mediterranean style lobby. Full service hotel, all rooms with a lovely hillside view overlooking 14 acres of jungle gardens with interactive trails and river beach, awardwinning running steakhouse, stork club air-conditioned bar & grill, airport transfers, guided tours of green iguana conservation program on site, tours to all area attractions-Mayan sites, reserves, guided bird watching tours, swimming pool, lounge & meeting facilities. The Lodge at Chaa Creek: Lucy Fleming, 501-824-2037/834-4010, reservations@ chaacreek.com, www.chaacreek.com. Canoe pristine rivers. Horseback ride through jungle trails. Go bird watching accompanied by specialized naturalist guides. Visit our Natural History Centre, Butterfly Farm and Rainforest Medicine Trail, or full service spa.

Comfortable and luxurious accommodations in our award-winning 365-acre nature reserve set along the banks of the Macal River in the foothills of the Maya Mountains. Windy Hill Resort & Tour Co. Ltd.: Terry Sosa- Hales, 501-824-2017, reservations@ windyhillresort.com, www.windyhillresort. com. Windy Hill Resort provides all the modern conveniences in a tropical setting and is located just minutes away from the most popular attractions in Belize. Pooks Hill Lodge: Victoria Snadden, 501832-2017, pookshill@hughes.net, www. pookshilllodge.com. Pooks Hill Lodge is located in the heart of a 300 acre primary rainforest reserve and offers guests comfortable cabañas in a unique jungle setting.


Ceiba Realty: Jonathan Lohr, 501-8244050/610-4458, ceibarealty@gmail.com, www.ceibarealestatebelize.com. Specializing in affordable property throughout Belize with a focus on the Cayo district. Local knowledge, international consciousness. Diamond Realty: Lawrence Konechny, 501 824-4450/ 665-8894, diamondbz@yahoo. com, www.diamondrealestatebelize.com. Real Estate Company. Re/max Belize Property Center: Veronica Cal, 501-824-0550, veronica@belizepropertycenter.com, www.BelizePropertyCenter. com. Relax- its RE/MAX! View of countrywide listings at BelizePropertyCenter.com. Acreage, Beach, Cayes, Condos, Farms, Homes, Hotels, House Lots, Islands, Riverfront, Oceanfront. Buy and sell real estate properties in Belize through a Re/Max Franchise.


Adventures in Belize: Ian Anderson, 501610-3451, info@adventuresinbelize.com, www. adventuresinbelize.com. We are a full service Belizean travel wholesaler. We create custom vacation itineraries for international visitors. Balaam Eco Adventures: Oscar Castaneda, 501-620-1811, balaamecotours@ gmail.com, www.balaamecoadventouresbz. com. Balaam-Eco Adventures is your Belize Adventure Specialist, offering Eco- Tours which are Private & Customized. Daily Tours, Customized Packages & Itineraries and Complete Vacation Planning throughout Belize to both Mainland and Islands. Calico Jack’s: Dr. Ydahlia Metzgen & Chester Williams, 501-832-2478, calicojacks@ hughes.net, www.calicojacksvillage.com. Tour service provider including ziplining, rappelling, cable walk, caving & Belize’s only jungle swing. Cayo Adventure Tours: Michael Simmons, 501-824-3246/831-482-9493, info@cayoadventure.com, www.cayoadventure.com. Offering the best in eco-tourism and adventure travel such as the magnificent Maya Ruins, the amazing cave systems of Belize including the ATM Cave, overnight jungle tours, bird-watching, cave-tubing, jungle trekking, mountain biking, canoeing, kayaking and rock climbing. Mayan Heart World Adventure Tours: Marissa Ozaeta, 501-824-3328 or 501-6296877, info@mayanheartworld.com, www. mayanheartworld.com. Our Company specialize in daily tours and packages from our central office located in San Ignacio Town where we organize adventure expeditions. Nine Ecocultural Tours: Joe Awe, 501-6026682, info@ninebelize.co/joe@ninebelize. com, www.ninebelize.com. Immersing people into Belize’s Culture; touching lives, changing the world. Viaventure:





sleeps thirty in six rooms powered by 100% solar powered energy and shared male and female baths.


501-823-2340/ 677-5157, beat.brunschwiler@viaventure.com, www.viaventure. com. Inbound Tour Operators. Yute Expeditions: Sharon Figueroa/Philip Burns, +501 824-2076, yuteexp@btl.net, www.inlandbelize.com. We offer complete tour and travel services throughout the entire country of Belize as well as Tikal in Guatemala and Cancun and Playa del Carmen in Mexico.


Belize Internet Marketing & Website Design: Richard Beane, 501-822-0006, info@ belizeim.com, www.belizeim.com. A leading internet marketing firm in Belize focusing on marketing your business using the internet. We work in close collaboration with our clients to meet their goals and assure that they are getting the most from their marketing efforts. Although we have extensive experience with the tourism industry, we work with businesses and organizations in all industries and assist them in harnessing the power of the internet. Development Finance Corporation: Norman Garcia, 501-822-2350/822-2360, info@ dfcbelize.org, www.dfcbelize.org. Development Bank which lends to the major economic sectors of the Belizean Economy. Hot Mama’s Belize Ltd: Wilana Oldham, 501-824-0444/ 610-1624, admin@hotmamasbelize.com, www.hotmamasbelize.com. Manufacturer of quality gourmet habañero pepper sauces. News Exchange Magazine: Lawrence Nicholas, 501-822-2089,635-0780, newsexchange@yahoo.com, nemagazines@om. This Magazine is a departures from norm-it offers our readers an intriguing mix of articles geared towards informing visitors & Belizeans at home & aboard.


Blue Marlin Lodge: Rosella Zabaneh, 501522-2243, reservations@bluemarlinlodge. com, www.bluemarlinlodge.com, 9 rooms, 8 private cabins. Exclusive dive, fish and vacation lodge offering all-inclusive packages. Restaurant and Bar. Meeting facilities for 30. Swimming, snorkeling, beach. Mainland tours available. D’s Hostel: Dana Joseph, 501-502-3324, valsbelize@yahoo.coom, www.valsbackpackerhostel.com. Our Beach View hostel is a great safe, clean, homey atmosphere for budget travellers. Offer free Wi-Fi, laundry service and a delicious breakfast. Chaleanor Hotel: ChadwickUsher Sr., Chawick Usher Jr., 501-522-2587/ 502-2481, chaleanor@btl.net, www.chaleanorhotel. com. Chaleanor Hotel is a family run business. Clean, comfortable and affordable. Superb rooftop view of the Caribbean Sea, the Maya Mountains and Dangriga Town.


Pen Cayetano Studio Gallery: Pen Cayetano, 501-628-6807, cayetano@gmx.net, www.cayetano.de. Gallary for fine and performing arts, paintings, textile art, Garifuna arts and crafts, CD’s, posters/cards. Dance and drum workshops lectures, musical performances.


Beaches and Dreams Seafront Inn: Tony Marsico, 501-523-7259, vacation_belize@ yahoo.com, www.beachesanddreams.com. 5-room inn, plus bar and restaurant. Coconut Row Guest House: Damian Grieco,


501-670-3000, coconutrowbelize@gmail. com, www.coconutrowbelize.com. We have hotel-style rooms and two-bedroom villas, all on the beach with a verandah overlooking the beautiful Caribbean! We are centrally located and have the nicest beach in Hopkins! Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resort: Kirsty Roberts, +501 533-7073/1-877-522-3483, kirsty@hamanasi.com, www.hamanasi.com. Escape to casual elegance in private treehouses, beachfront rooms and suites. Dive Belize’s Southern Reef. Explore Mayan pyramids, rainforests and Jaguar Preserve. Reef and Rainforest available. Hopkins Bay Belize: Chantel Garcia, 305433-8394, reservations@hopkinsbaybelize. com, www.hopkinsbaybelize.com. Hopkins Bay is a luxury beach resort offering the ultimate luxury oceanfront accommodations in a lush tropical paradise, with unparalleled access to some of the best scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing in the world. Jungle Jeanie’s by the Sea Resort: Jean Barkman, 501-533-7047, jean@junglebythesea.com, www.junglebythesea.com. Eight spacious cabanas on the beautiful beach of Hopkins village with a restaurant, bar and jungle palapa. We have safe swimming and water sports to offer.


A Belizean Nirvana: Evan Hall, 501-5233331/ 636-4833, info@belizeanirvana.com, www.belizeanirvana.com. Beachfront suites in Placencia Village. Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalows: Adriane Taylor, 501-533-8110, taylors@btl.net, www.barnaclebills-belize.com. 2 secluded, deluxe beach bungalows. Covered decks overlook the Caribbean Sea in Maya Beach. Full kitchen, private bath, fully screened and ceiling fans. Tours arranged. Belize Tradewinds Cruise Club: Melissa Fryer, 501-671-3268, belize@tradewindscruiseclub.com, www.trade-winds.com. 3 liveaboard catamarans offering 7 days cruise charters from Placencia. Blue Crab Beach House: Linn Wilson, 501523-3544, sales@bluecrabbeach.com, www. bluecrabbeach.com. Newly remodeled, air conditioned, furnished 2 bedroom, 3 bathroom house on private sandy beach, full kitchen, living room, cable TV, private driveway. Blue Garden House: Costas & Sally Christ, 207-326-9099, cosal@tamusafaris.com, www.belizecottagerentals.com. Blue Garden House is located right on Placencia Lagoon. The best of both worlds, a tropical retreat with brilliant sunsets five minutes walk from the white beautiful sandy beach and the village. Captain Jaks Cabanas: Lucky Ivy, 501-5233561, tamalynmartin@yahoo.com, www. captainjaksbelize.com. A cabin community in the Caribbean. One and two bedrooms nestled amongst tropical gardens. Private Villa that sleeps eight with entertainment features such as a big screen TV with surround sound, double fridge with icemaker, dishwasher, sunrise and sunset patios, hot tub access, and top level observation deck. Perfect for groups! Casa Beya/Seagrape Escape: Midge Dallas, 970-963-1099, info@casabeyabelize.com, www.casabeyabelize.com. Two beachfront homes in Maya Beach. Rent them together for a group of 15 or separately. Includes a thatched dock over the water. Casa Del Sol: Rebecca Berquist, 501-5233481, info@casadelsolbelize.com, www.

casadelsolbelize.com. Providing luxurious accommodations with private swimming pool within short walking distance of the Placencia Village. Casa Nettuno: Katie Valk , 501-610-1923, infor@belize-trips.com . Private vacation home on the beach with two bedrooms, 2-1/2 bathrooms, full kitchen. All the comforts of home & more. Casa Placencia: Jacqueline Tipton, 501630-7811, casaplacencia@live.com. Casa Placencia offers several accommodations situated in one green structure, designed to offer all the comforts of home, surrounded by tropical floral and fauna. Private and shared, partial ocean, lagoon and Mountain View verandahs and garden rooms in a neighborhood setting. 1/4 mile to Placencia airstrip. Chabil Mar Villas: Synescio Coh, 501523-3606, gm@chabilmarvillas.com, www. chabilmarvillas.com. The “Guest Exclusive” Resort of Placencia and the closest full service luxury resort to Placencia Village. Coconut Cottage: Kay Westby, 501-5233234, kwplacencia@yahoo.com, www. coconutcottage.net. Hardwood cottage on the beach in Placencia Village. Varnished inside with all mahogany furnishings. Full cooking facilities with full sized refrigerator and stove with oven. Two double beds. Full front porch and hammocks on beach. Walk out your front door into the sea. Cocoplum Vacation Rentals: Aaron Krohn, 501-623-7774, rentals@cocoplumbelize.net, www.cocoplumbelize.net. Luxury home rentals located in the lush environs of the Cocoplum residential community. Colibri House: Stefano Ragagnin & Nicoletta Sala, 501 605-0586, colibrihouse@ gmail.com. www.colibrihouseplacencia.com. Full-Furnished Apartments, private BeachFront on the Caribbean Beach, quiet area of Placencia Village. Each apartment can accommodate 2/3 people. Rough Guide to Belize: Best Value Apartment in the Village; recommended by Lonely Planet. Rated #1 by Trip advisor with Excellence Awards 2011, 2012 & 2013. Decked Out House: Linda Burrow, 501-5033017, inquiry@deckedouthouse.com. Luxury 4+ bedroom house to be rented in whole to groups of 4-12 persons. Dolce Cabañas: Nicole Harvalik, 501-6050586/ 1-203-702-3713, nharvalik@gmail. com, www.vrbo.com/408793. Vacation rental. Easy Living Apartments: Veronique McKenzie, 501-523-3524/523-3481, info@ easylivingplacencia.com, www.easylivingplacencia.com. Four (4) self catering two-bedroom apartments, One (1)- 3-bedroom house. All amenities. Finca Villa: Veronique McKenzie/ Lance McKenzie, 501-523-3481, fincavilla@gmail. com, www.ctbelize.com/placencia_finca. html, 1 mile from Placencia village on a beautiful strip of white sand beach. Beachfront one bedroom house. French Louie Caye: Randolph Villanueva Sr., 501-523-3636, fox@kittysplace.com. Ever want to rent your own private island? French Louie Caye is a small private island 8 miles offshore, featuring white sand, palm trees, exquisite underwater coral gardens and a fascinating mangrove ecology. You can swim all the way around the island, with the ultimate in privacy. Garden Cabanas: Stefano Ragagnin, 501605-0586, info@gardencabanas.com, www. gardencabanas.com. Garden Cabanas is the perfect hideaway for your visit to Placencia Village. Ideal location just minutes walking from restaurants, bars, stores and

Placencia’s beach. Everything you need is just steps away. Green Parrot Beach Houses: David Allardice, 501-523-2488, greenparrot@mail.com, www.greenparrot-belize.com. Located at Maya Beach, the Green Parrot Resort has 8 individual beachfront cabanas. The resort also has a restaurant, bar, library, gift shop, kayaks, bikes and snorkel gear for guest use. Staff can arrange all guest tours and domestic air. Harbour Hideaway of Placencia: Jim & Cynthia Weller, 501-623-3586, inquiries@harbourhideaway.com. Stunning fully furnished studio apartment along the Placencia lagoon with breathtaking scenic views and minutes away from the beach and the heart of the Placencia Village. Harry’s Cozy Cabañas: Harry Eiley, 501523-3234, cozycabanas@yahoo.com, www. placencia.com/members/harrys.html. Three varnished wood cabanas in an orchard setting on private beach in the quietest part of the village. Each cabana has double and single beds, private hot water showers, refrigerator, coffeemaker, screened porch, hammocks and chairs on the beach. Hatchet Caye Resort: Dasha Shivers, 501533-4446, contact@hatchetcaye.com, www. hatchetcaye.com. Accommodations, Restaurant, bar, tours, island resort. Mooring balls for sailboat charter boats. Heavens Gate Beach Bungalow: David & Cristina Ferrera, 501-523-3148, dferr29908@ msn.com, www.heavensgatebeachbungolow.com. 1-room bungolow, thatch roof, concrete structure, cable internet access, kitchenette, queen size bed, hot and cold shower, located on the beach in front of Ms. Lydia’s rooming house. Hideaway Caye: Kimberly Ingersoll, 501665-4069, hideawaycaye@yahoo.com, www. hideawaycaye.com. Nature’s hideaway. A beautiful mangrove island unspoiled with one cabana and walkways winding around the trees. The island is your own. The only other people you will see are the caretakers and the other people in the restaurant. Jewel of Placencia: Veronique McKenzie, 501-523-3481, info@jewelplacenciarental. com, www.jewelplacenciarental.com. Beachfront Apartment lies along the sapphire lined shores of picturesque Placencia Village in Belize. Joyce and Frank’s Bed & Breakfast: Joyce Danz, 501-533-4086, h2odanzer@aol.com, www.belizebandb.com. Family owned, upscale, on ocean, restaurant during season (Dec through May), choice of 4 bungalows, 2 suites with kitchenettes or one 2-bedroom, 2-bathroom house with kitchen, living room and courtyard. Kingfisher Adventures/Tarpon Caye Belize: Charles Leslie Jr., 501-523-3323, info@tarponcaye.com, www.tarponcaye.com. Tarpon Caye Belize cherishes itself as a family owned, family operated private island resort, where guests are treated like friends upon arrival and leave feeling like a part of the family. La Caribe: Ray Jennings , 501-631-5602, ray@lacaribe.com, www.lacaribe.com. La caribe offers 3 furnished air conditioned kitchenette apartments in a secluded location on the lagoon side of Maya Beach with a friendly atmosphere. Laru Beya Beach Resort: Ian McField, 501-523-3476, info@larubeya.com, www. larubeya.com. Tucked away on the lush Placencia Peninsula in southern Belize, Laru Beya Resort is the perfect place to both do nothing and experience everything. Our quiet and modern beachfront resort is built for relaxing, with hammocks on every DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M

Las Amigas: Geri Salsig, 501-523-3117, info@lasamigasbelize.com, www.lasamigasbelize.com. Two individual cabanas for rent on the beach in the village of Placencia. Los Porticos Villas: Barry Snowden, 501523-3227, reservations@losporticosvillas. com, www.losporticosvillas.com. Los Porticos Villas is nestled in a tropical garden setting with spectacular ambiance offering magnificent luxury condo villas on the Caribbean Sea. Lost Reef Resort: Lisa D’Amore, 501606-7262, lostreef@explornet.com, www. lostreefresort.com. Resort with 5 cabanas and restaurant. Lydia’s Guest House: Lydia Villanueva, 501-523-3117, lydias@btl.net, www.placencia.com/members/lydias.html. Eight rooms with spectacular view of the Caribbean Sea. Activities include fishing, snorkeling and swimming. Credit cards and Traveler’s Checks accepted. Manatee Inn: Slavek Machacka, 501-5234083, manateeinn@btl.net, www.manateeinn. com. Manatee Inn is a new, cozy, two storey, six room inn nested in palm and mango trees. Completely surrounded by a verandah to view the spectacular sunsets, the sea and the lagoon. A little slice of paradise. Maya Beach Hotel and Bistro: Ellen Lee/ John Lee, 501-533-8040, info@mayabeachhotel.com, www.mayabeachhotel.com. Stay at the Maya Beach Hotel and enjoy meals at the Maya Beach Hotel Bistro, twice awarded Belize’s Restaurant of the Year. See Belize from here–use our kayaks and bicycles to tour the peninsula or get a friendly local tour operator to pick you up for trips to the reef, ruins, caves, rivers and wilderness. Maya Dream Beach House: Roger Snell/ Jodie Yearwood Leslie, 501-523-3148, mayadreambelize@yahoo.com, www. mayadreambeachhouse.com. Vacation rental of 2 flats, upper with a two bed room and lower on the beach with a one bedroom studio. Maya Lodge: Mary Lou McLeod, 501-6050586, maya-lodge@hotmail.com, www. mayalodge.com. The Lodge is a private house at the water’s edge with its own dockside that can be rented in the beautiful village of Placencia in the south of Belize. Michelo Flats: Michel Ardoullie, 501-523 3519, harbour21@gmail.com, www.on.to/ belize, In the residential area 1 mile North of town we rent flats of 330 sq ft for up to 4 people with kitchen, fridge, bathroom with shower, air conditioning, television, with queen bed and futon. Miller’s Landing: Gary Miller, 501-5233010, millersplacencia@yahoo.com, www. millerslanding.net. Seaside Ecoresent, private cabanas and rooms, secluded beach, restaurant and bar, swimming pool and poolside bar. Specializes in group rate, whole resort, diving, fishing and adventure packages available. Miramar Apartments: Ilsa Villanueva, 501523-3658, info@miramarbelize.com, www. miramarbelize.com. A beautiful hideaway nestled on the finest white sandy beaches of Placencia Village. A few minutes away from restaurants, bars, banks, shopping and entertainment. It is secure and safe. All suites have a sea view balcony and hammock where you can relax and enjoy the breeze. Mirasol Villa: Veronique McKenzie, 501523-3481/ 223-0992, info@mirasolbelize. com, www.mirasolbelize.com. Mirasol has three lavish apartments with tasteful decor on the beach, in the heart of Placencia D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM

village with all the comfort of home. Ocean’s Edge Beach Houses: Michael Kramer, 501-523-8017/ 1-800-367-7679, info@oceansedge-belize.com, www.oceansedge-belize.com. Ocean’s Edge in northern Maya Beach is a secluded getaway with a beautiful private beach & 100 foot dock, featuring 2 spacious beach houses with fully equipped kitchens, large walk-in shower, loft with queen size bed and comfortable living area. Tours available. One World Rentals: Claudia Hardegger, 501-523-3103, oneworldplacencia@yahoo. com, www.oneworldplacencia.com. Ten nicely furnished and well equipped apartments and studios around a courtyard in the center of Placencia Village. A/C, cable TV and wireless internet access. Paradise Hotel: Alan Stamm, 501-523-3179, info@belize123.com, www.belize123.com. Paradise a 12 room hotel, your Home Away from Home in Placencia, Belize, providing clean, safe, affordable and comfortable lodging for your getaway whatever the season. This is the place where you can have a relaxing vacation or make it an adventure you will never forget. Pearl Beach House: Bud & Betsy Valian, 501-523-3409, vb53@centurytel.net, www. colibrihouse.com. Rental Property. Robert’s Grove Beach Resort: Jean-Marc Tasse, 501 523-3565, info@robertsgrove. com, www.robertsgrove.com. Nestled on 22 acres on the Placencia Peninsula. 52 luxurious beachfront guest rooms and suites, two restaurants, three swimming pools, rooftop Jacuzzis, Sea Spa and a host of complimentary activities that include fully-equipped gym, tennis court, canoes, kayaks, Hobie Kats and bicycles. PADI Dive and Snorkel Center and privately owned islands Robert’s Caye and Ranguana Caye. Tours available. Sea Glass Inn: Brad Schofield, 501-5233098, brad_schofield@yahoo.com, www. seaglassinnbelize.com. Newly renovated fully equipped guestrooms with ac, ceiling fans, a refrigerator, microwave and free Wi-Fi. Sea Spray Hotel: Jodie Yearwood-Leslie, 501-523-3148, seasprayhotel.placenciabz@ gmail.com, www.seasprayhotel.com. First established hotel in Placencia. 19 beachfront rooms with double and single beds, private hot/cold baths, fans, refrigerators, coffee makers, beach decks, beach chairs, hammocks, and private screened porch. After enjoying one of our many land, sea or kayak tours, kick back at our onsite beach restaurant, De’Tatch Café. Sea View Suites: Sara Paquiul, 501-5233777, info@seaviewplacencia.com, www. seaviewplacencia.com. Sea View Suites is located on the sidewalk in Placencia Village. The beautiful spacious rooms have HDTV, Air-conditioning, Ceilling Fan, Free Wi-Fi, Coffeemaker, Microwave, Refrigerator, 24-hour security. Silver Leaf Villa & Cabana: William E. Brown, 970-994-2250, yoliebrown@hotmail. com. Great swimming, from door step relax under thatch in secluded tropical garden, close to beach and restaurants, quiet neighborhood, bicycles and kayaks included. Singing Sands Inn: Maya Kramer, 501533-3022, info@singingsands.com, www. singingsands.com. A private secluded seafront resort on Maya Beach with beautiful Placencia Lagoon just footsteps away. Beautifully landscaped tropical garden, providing a tranquil, exotic environment for our guests. Recently renovated, intimate atmosphere. Six thatched roof cabanas, with new flooring made from local hardwoods, custom designed louvered screen doors and

windows, remodeled bathrooms and showers, along with custom furniture built locally. South Water Resort: Maria or Alvin Cabral, +501 523-3308, swr@btl.net / southwatersresort@yahoo.com, www.southwatersresort. com. A romantic destination off the beaten track. Beach front condo suites–fully furnished with A/C and private cabanas with fans overlook the Placencia bay. Sunset Pointe Condos: Janis Winchester, 501-523-3314, ewinche713@aol.com. The Arches: Mark Risk, 501-622-0956, mrisk@trecinc.net. Private home with two bedrooms and 1 bathroom to be rented. The Maine Stay: Drew Travers, 501-523-3507, drewtravers@gmail.com, www.traversbelize. com/mainestay-new/. Beautiful beachside Cabana & Cabana Suites Rental – 3. The North Beach: Deborah Vernon, 501523-3207, debanddave@btl.net, www. thenorthbeach.com. Colonial villa with two apartments, located north end Placencia Village. Configurations from 1 to 5 bedrooms. Full kitchen, air-conditioning, cable, Wi-Fi, and lovely sea view. The Surfside Escape: Brian Mandziak, 501523-3630, info@surfsideescape.com, www. surfsideescape.com. The Surfside Escape is a gated, 6-acre resort located directly on the Placencia Lagoon with beach access across the road. The Surfside Escape features all the amenities including food and beverage service. The Village Inn: Veronique McKenzie, 501-523-3481/ 223-0992, info@ thevillageinnbelize.com, www.thevillageinnbelize.com. Small Cabanas located on Placencia’s Beach. If you enjoy relaxing by the Caribbean Sea, in a home away from home, look no further, the Village Inn Cabanas are waiting for you. Three Iguanas Villa: Joseph Stark, 501605-0586, catalina@btl.net. Three Iguanas is an upscale waterside Villa with three fully furnished units with kitchen/kitchenettes, internet, AC seven patios/decks and rooftop pool. Toucan Lulu: Kathy VandenBulk, 501-628 8474, toucanlulu@toucanlulu.com, www. toucanlulu.com. Toucan Lulu Vacation on a private beach in Belize. Toucan Lulu offers affordable rates. Enjoy various activities including hiking, fishing, snorkeling, diving and much more. Tradewinds Hotel: Janice Leslie, 501-523-3122, trdewndpla@btl.net. Picturesque beauty overlooking Placencia Bay. Tradewinds is located on 5 acres of beach on the famous Placencia Point. Turtle Inn–Coppola Resorts: Martin Krediet, 501-523-3244, frontdesk@turtleinn.com, www.turtleinn.com. Luxury Resort with cabanas, villas, PADI certifications, seafood, Creole and Italian Restaurant. Westwind Hotel on the Beach: George or Lisa Westby, 501-523-3255, westwind.hotel@ gmail.com, www.placencia.com\westwind. Westwind is situated on the beach. Rooms come with refrigerator, private bath & breakfast table. A thatched palapa near the sea offers hammocks for relaxation. Whipray Caye Lodge: Julian and Beverly Cabral, 501-610-1068, whipraycaye@yahoo. com, www.whipraycayelodge.com. A small private island in the heart of the best salt water fly fishing area of Belize, surrounded by a snorkelers paradise. White Sand Villa: James Grover, 501604-7471, info@whitesandvilla.com, www. whitesandvilla.com. The perfect vacation home overlooking the famous Placencia Sidewalk. Conveniently located just a short stroll away from everything Placencia

Village has to offer–restaurants, stores, tour providers and village night spots. The perfect spot to get the real feel for village life. Yellow Bella House: Roberto Capozza, 501605-0586, yellowbella@alice.it. Yellow Bella House is located in Placencia Village, on the main road, in a quiet area between the Lagoon and the Caribbean Sea. The house has two apartments on the upper level. Each apartment with two bedrooms, living room with kitchen fully equipped and private bathroom have hot water shower.


Barefoot Services: Megs Yearwood, 501 -523 3066 /501-629-9602, barefootservicesbelize@gmail.com, www.barefootservicesbelize. com. Barefoot Services is the only rental business of its kind in beautiful Placencia. With a modest selection of SUV rentals, car rentals, pickup truck rentals, golf cart rentals and scooter rentals, our rental service is one of a kind. We also offer transfer services to locations within Belize. Car Rental of Placencia: Candy Power, 501523-3284, info@carrentalofplacencia.com, www.carretnalofplacencia.com. Car and Golf Cart Rentals.


Peninsula Citizens for Sustainable Development: Adrian Vernon or Mary Toy, 501-523-3587, info@pcsdbelize.org, www. pcsdbelize.org. Advocate for Sustainable Development on the Placencia Peninsula. Placencia Humane Society: Doran YountChairman, 501-503-3177, placenciapets@ gmail.com, placenciapets.org. Non-Governmental Organization located in Placencia Village.


Barefoot Executive Limited: Yvette Guild, 501-523-3291, barefootexecutiveltd@gmail. com, http://barefootexecutiveltd.com. Barefoot Executive Limited, this company provides services such as property tax payments, annual return filings, escrow services, corporate filings, company formation, tax departments registration, etc. Serves real estate developers, real estate agents. Attorneys, buyers. Boris Mannsfeld & Associates Belize Real Estate: Boris Mannsfeld, 501-523-3063, info@RealBelizeEstate.com, www.RealBelizeEstate.com. Placencia’s Premier Real Estate Firm offering clients exceptional professional service and expertise. The only real estate firm that specializes on property on the Placencia Peninsula. Cocoplum Resort Community: Stewart Krohn/Graham Berrie/Aaron Krohn, 501523-8100, stewart@cocoplumbelize.net, www.cocoplumbelize.net. Residential subdivision. Rental homes on premises. Hotel site to be developed. CPC Real Estate Solutions Inc.: Dan Dunbar, 501-672-9000, info@belizeproperty. com, www.belizeproperty.com. We are your trusted broker in Belize. Offices in: Belize City, Belmopan, Hopkins, Maya Beach, Placencia, Punta Gorda, and Sittee Point Estates, our 11 realtors have over 100 years of specialized experience and take special pride in assisting our clients with their Belize real estate transactions. Palmetto Bay: Carlton Watson, 501-6714613, palmettobayresort@gmail.com, www. palmettobayresort.com.Condominium development project to run like a 4 star resort by 2013. Real Estate, investment retirement. Placencia Yacht Club: Lee Dusa, 970-3496822, potoker@crestedbutte.net. Real Estate. ReMax 1st Choice: David Kafka, 501- 5233666, david@belizepropertycenter.com,



balcony, and our pool, restaurant, and bar are mere steps from your room.

The Villas at Cocoplum: Boris Mannsfeid, 303-321-1677, boris@sirobdevelopment.com, www.thevillasatcocoplum.com. Placencia Exclusive Low Density Condominium Project. Wild Orchid Properties: Aline Habib, 501670-3665, aline@wildorchidproperties.com, www.wildorchidproperties.com. Low density luxurious condominium project of thirty-five units. Located on the lagoon, includes pool, marina and high end services.


info@avadondiversbelize.com, www.avadondiversbelize.com. Offer Dive and Snorkel excursions, Dive courses & certification of all levels, offer land tour arrangements, accommodations and transport arrangements, and offer dive packages. Belize Trips: Katie Valk, 501-610-1923/561210-7015, info@belize-trips.com, www. belize-trips.com. Belize based travel agent specializing in custom designed vacations for land and sea, to suit your interests, comfort and budget. Recommended by Fodor’s, Moon Hand Guide, Lonely Planet, Rough Guide and considered one of the most knowledgeable and reliable agencies for travel in Belize.

frame Biminis, enclosures, dodgers, indoor/ outdoor custom cushions for homes/boats, sun/rain/wind rollup shades. BB Yoga Flow: Agnes Balawejder-Busch, 501-631-7729, info@bbyogaflow.com, www. bbyogaflow.com. Yoga classes and privates. Cardelli Farms Ltd.: Linda Thornton, 501610-0480, lact57@yahoo.com. Shrimp Farm

Tree of Life Massage Studio: Kristine Small, 501-624-5408, smallkristine@yahoo.com. Massage and Spa Treatments.

Charly’s Gifts: Ycela Leslie, 501-5233322/ 5233323, charlysgifts@gmail.com, www. facebook.com/CharlysGifts, Providing beautiful and unique gift sets for all occasions.


Courtenay Coye LLP: Natasha August, 501-223-1476, advice@courtenaycoye.com; naugust@courtenaycoye.com, www.courtenaycoye.com. Law Firm.

Above Grounds Coffee: Keith G. Morrisson, 501-634-3212, keithgmorrison@gmail.com, www.abovegroundscoffee.com. Coffee Shop Serving Espresso and Chocolate Drinks. Fresh Juices and Baked Goods. Free High Speed WI-FI. SKYPE Friendly.

Bunches of Fun Banana Farm Tours: Evin Zabaneh, 501-624-4297, bunchesoffuntours@gmail.com. Our Knowledgeable guides offer fascinating insight into the world of banana production with a walking tour of our banana farm and facilities.

Doran’s Services: Doran Yount, 501670-4130, takunchances@yahoo.com. Air conditioning, refrigeration, general repairs, ice machines.

Barefoot Beach Bar: Brice Dial, barefootbeachbar@placencia.com. We serve a variety of fresh seafood and great drinks. Cultural activities are held throughout the week.

Caribbean Travel & Tours: Veronique & Lance McKenzie, 501-523-3481/ 223-0992, info@ctbelize.com, www.ctbelize.com. Belize is where to be when you want to experience beauty, from Mayan Ruins to Rainforest + Jungle and the second largest Barrier Reef in the world.

Goss Chocolate: Kerry Goss, 501-523-3544, sales@bluecrabbeach.com, www.gosschocolate.com. We make chocolate from certified organically grown Belizean cacao, TCGA. Available in stores, restaurants, hotels in Belize. 100% natural bars, cocoa powder, truffles & treats.

Destinations Belize: Mary Toy, 501-5234018/610-4718, mtoy@destinationsbelize. com, www.destinationsbelize.com. Full service Belize travel agency and tour operator operating throughout Belize and specializing in customized Belize family vacations, tropical Belize honeymoons, and guided Belize fly fishing and light tackle trips.

Guild & Guild Consulting: Yvette Guild, 501-523-3251, guildandguild@hotmail.com. Accounting and Consulting. Chartered Accountant.

Friends Near The Pier: Betty Rose, 501-653-2550, grambelize@gmail.com. Restaurant serving great tropical pancakes topped with banana, pineapple and local coconut. Endless coffee pot. A pancake house you will love also serving local food and sandwich specials. J Dee’s Restaurant & Bar: Daisy & Jerimey Leslie, 501-503-3351, info@jdeesplacencia.com, www.jdeesplacencia.com. Locally owned restaurant & bar, green wooded building, outside deck on the main road located close to Scotiabank. Famous for local dishes and seafood. Pickled Parrot: Eugene Upham, 501-6040278/622-2303, pickledparrotbz@yahoo. com, www.pickledparrotbelize.com. Popular thatched roof restaurant serving fresh seafood, homemade pizza, fajita, curry, salads and lots more. Tropical blended drinks and rum specials such as “Parrot Piss” and ice cold beers, long term one bedroom cabana rentals also available. Rumfish y Vino: Pamela Solomon, 501-5233293, rumfish@btl.net. Bar & Restaurant. Simbert Trade Ltd./Restaurant Danube: Herbert Kollmann, 501-610-0132, restaurant@danubebelize.com, www.danubebelize. com. Austrian and European cuisine in Seine Bight/Placencia Peninsula. EAT, DRINK, and RELAX with Viennese Schnitzel, Apple Strudel or dumplings! Stations Casinos- Buddy’s Bar & Grill: Ken Warner, 501-620-2391, kiwarner2001@ yahoo.com. Gaming establishment ( Casino) with bar and food. The Purple Space Monkey Bar & Grill: Nick Symons, 501-523 3169, nicksymons123@ gmail.com, www.purplespacemonkey.biz. Bar and restaurant in the heart of picturesque Placencia Village serving fresh dishes with a twist! Tipsy Tuna Sports Bar: Salvador Zabaneh, +501 523-3480, tipsytuna@hotmail.com, www.paradisevacationbelize.com. Great Beach Bar. Cold beer, big-screen TV, payper-view sporting events, and pool tables. Karaoke and ladies night on Thursday. TuttiFrutti Ice Cream Parlor: Tiziana de Col, tizy.lory@virgilio.it. Nice Italian Homemade Ice Cream. Yoli’s Bar & Grill: Yolanda Trethewey, 501625-2763, regantrethewey@hotmail.com. Thatch bar/restaurant over the water.


Avadon Divers: Phillip McNeil, 501-523-3577,


Eagle Ray Tours: Tricia Hernandez, 501661-9516, eagleray33@gmail.com, www. placenciatoursbz.weebly.com. Placencia Eagle Ray Tours is 100% Belizean owned and operated licensed tour operator based in Placencia Village. Joy Tours: Hubert-Karen Young, 501-5233325, Joytour@btl.net, www.belizewithjoy. com. Come snorkel the colorful coral reefs. Experience great fishing both trolling and fly fishing. Take a ride on the wild side of our Monkey River tour. Placencia Adventures by Land or Sea: Ainsworth Colin Leslie, 501-523-3307, placenciaadventures@yahoo.com, www.Placenciaadventures.com. Quest Belize Ltd.: Ralph Capeling, 501-501610-1278, ralph@splashbelize.com. Inland and sea adventure tours. Splash Dive Center Limited: Patricia Ramirez, 501-523-3058/523-3080, patricia@ splashbelize.com, www.splashbelize.com. Splash Dive Center provides quality scuba diving and snorkel tours to all areas of Belize and scuba diving education from introductory to professional level. We also offer a range of inland adventure and cultural tours. Our sister company, Splash DMC, partners with hotels/ resorts and tour operators in all parts of Belize. The Moorings Belize Ltd.: Reinette Brown, 501-523-3351, rbrown@tuimarine.com, www. moorings.com. The Best Sailing Vacations in the World! Fleet in Belize ranges from 37’ monohulls to 46’ catamarans. Trip ‘N Travel: Laura Godfrey, 501-5233205, lgodfrey@btl.net, www.facebook.com/ pages/Trip-N-Travel/146797718710307, Trip ‘N Travel specializes in saltwater fly fishing, Monkey River Magic, and all inland tours. Agent for Tropic Air and Maya Air. We also provide office supplies and internet services.


Artful Dodger Sail & Canvas: Steve Lobban, 501-523-3625/610-1275, artfuldodgerbelize@yahoo.ca. Manufacture stainless steel

501-631-7427/635-7539, tony@belizefit.com, www.belizefit.com. CrossFit Certified & AFAA Certified Personal Trainer. Visit our website & Facebook Page for Group Class schedules & pricing. Also specializing in Stand Up Paddle Board Fitness, Lessons, and Rentals.

Jaguar Lanes Bowling: Bob Thomas, 501601-4434, jaguarlanes@yahoo.com, www. jaguarlanes.com. Bowling, great food and cold beverages, all in air conditioning and at affordable prices! Leslie Tech Service: Charles Leslie Jr., 501610-1733, info@leslietech.com, www.leslietech. com. Computer Servicing, web design.


Belcampo Lodge, Belize: Shirleymae Parham, 501-722-0050, info@belcampobz.com, www.belcampobelize.com. An idyllic hideaway to discerning travelers seeking a pristine eco-retreat. Situated on a private reserve, the eco-resort is bordered by the Rio Grande River, a marine reserve, organic gardens, Mayan ruins, miles of uninterrupted forest, along with cultural and geological sites. Tours available. Beya Suites Ltd.: Lisa Avila, 501-722-2188, info@beyasuites.com, www.beyasuites.com. A unique classy and comfortable establishment that offers hotel rooms and suites with air conditioned, private hot/cold bath, cable TV, wireless internet and restaurant & bar. Coral House Inn: Alejandra Cho, 501-7222878, coralhousebelize@yahoo.com, www. coralhouseinn.net. This beautifully remodeled 1930s house with a swimming pool offers 6 modern rooms opening onto a spacious veranda overlooking the Caribbean Sea. Conveniently located at the quiet end of Main Street, Punta Gorda, combining the tranquility and services of a destination resort with easy access to the entire region.

MnM Hardware: Dora Dunker, 501-523-3517, dunker@btl.net. Hardware store, featuring full line of products and lumber as well as a service station, accessible for cars as well as boats.

Cuxlin Ha Resort and Retirement Village: Dona Lee Scafe, 501-732-4747, cuxlinha@ hotmail.com, www.cuxlinha.com. Cuxlin Ha Resort & Retirement Village features ecotours to caves, the Snake Cayes, Tom Owns Cayes on the barrier reef in the Sapodilla Range, Maya Ruins and Maya Mountain villages. Located in the middle of a Mayan village. Condominiums and homes on the river are built to U.S standards. We also have a Youth Hostel building for small groups up to 24.

Mosquito Coast Trading Company Limited: Ray J. Twanow, 501-523-8141, rayj@btl.net. Proud purveyor of purified water products, frozen and liquid.

Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge: Dennis Garbutt, 501-722-0070, garbuttsmarineandfishinglodge@gmail.com, www. garbuttsfishinglodge.com.

Papaya Boutique: Aline Habib, 501-6703665, papayaboutique@gmail.com. Gift Shop and Boutique.

Hickatee Cottages: Ian & Kate Morton, 501662-4475, cottages@hickatee.com, www. hickatee.com. Top-rated jungle B&B just one mile from PG Town in southern Belize. Caribbean-style accommodation, barrestaurant, plunge pool, morning coffee delivered to your verandah, free bikes, over a mile of nature trails on site, and free visits to Fallen Stones Butterfly Farm.

Master Plumbing Ltd.: Dick Walton, 501669-1014, fredwalton53@yahoo.com. Plumbing services.

RF&G Insurance Agent: Kitty Fox, 501-5233636, kfox@rfginsurancebelize.com. RF&G Insurance Agent. Robert Nicolait & Associates Ltd.: Lou Nicolait, 501-523-3149, nicolait@hughes. net, www.nicolaitandassociates.com. Design, sell and install water treatment and solar energy systems. Siripohn Thai Massage: Siripohn Thakham, 501-620-8718, jenjira01@yahoo.com, www. birdinginbelize.com. Siripohn’s Thai Massage (Therapist From Thailand). Thai massage, Essential Oil, Swedish, Jet Lag, Back and Shoulder, Foot Massage, Body Treatment, Facial Treatment, Business time. Sunova Beach Gift Shop: Gillian Zabaneh, 501-523-4060, paradiseplacencia@hotmail. com, www.facebook.com/SunovaBeach. Nicest gift shop in Placencia offering unique Belizean souvenirs, home décor and beachwear. Tooth Fairy Dental Clinic: Dr. Dalila Vanzie Krohn, 501-503-3736/ 501-633-0678, toothfairyclinic@gmail.com. Dental Clinic. Tony’s




The Farm Inn: Renee Brown, 501-7324781, info@thefarminnbelize.com, www. thefarminnbelize.com. Cacao farm in the heart of Toledo. Nature trails, bird watching, creeks. Fully licensed restaurant. Elegant accommodation. Wi Fi. Magically Different! The Lodge at Big Falls: Rob Hirons, 501732-4444, info@thelodgeatbigfalls.com, www.thelodgeatbigfalls.com. Premier inland resort centrally located for exploration of Mayan sites and villages, jungle, rivers and caves. Riverside swimming pool, tubing, kayaking and great birding. Elegant thatched cabanas and excellent food including local Mayan dishes. Tranquility Lodge: Suzanne Oltmann, 501665-9070, tranquilitylodge28@gmail.com, www.tranquility-lodge.com. Wild by Nature, Tranquil by Design. Adventure jungle lodge offering birding, ruins and eco tours. DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M



www.buyingbelizeproperty.com. For all of your real estate needs or questions call me David Kafka the best choice for Real Estate in Belize.

Coleman’s Café: Thomas Coleman, 501630-4069/630-4432, colemanscafe@ teensbelize.com, www.teensbelize.com/colemanscafe. Clean & relaxing restaurant with friendly service. Lunch and dinner buffet style. Catering.


Belize Crafts Ltd., Maya Bags ®: Desiree Arnold, +501 722-2175, belizeexecutivedirector@mayabags.org, www.mayabags.org. Maya bags are hand embroidered, high quality travel, gift and accessory bags, back packs, purses and beach bags. An effort to support Maya women of Belize and the continuation of their handcraft skills. Big Falls Extreme Adventures and Las Faldas Cabanas: Andrew Caliz, 501-634-6979, andrewcaliz@ bigfallsextremeadventures.com, bigfallsextremeadventures.com. Zipline–Rappelling from one platform to another on two steel cables. River tubing–floating on inner tubes down the Rio Grande River including stop at hot spring. Two cabanas–for the changing of clothes before/after the river tubing. Restaurant serving lunch and dinner only. Dreamlight Computer Center: Timothy Dami, 501-702-0113, dreamlightpg@yahoo. com, www.pgbelize.com. Internet cafe that provides a variety of service from computer repair, rentals and sales to copy, fax and international calls.


Golden Stream Plantation: Thomas & Tessy Mathew,501-732- 4014, goldenstreamspicefarm@gmail.com. Agro-Tourism. Ixcacao Maya Belizean Chocolate: Juan Cho, 501-742-4050, theorganicmaster@ gmail.com, www.ecomayachocolate.com.

puntagordabelize.com/pg/requena/index. htm. Water Taxi Runs daily, leaving Punta Gorda at 9 AM and returning from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala at 2 PM. We also do charters anywhere in the Toledo District upon request.

Ixchel Womens Group: Tecla Acal, 501-6262338/ 632-7938.

Toledo Tour Guide Association: Alex Leonardo, 501-665-6778, info@toledotourguides. org, www.toledotourguide.org.

Living Maya Experience: Anita Alva Cal, 501-627-7408, livingmayaexperience@gmail. com. The Living Maya Experience offers visitors cultural insights and experiences in Mayan homes where guests will learn about Mayan crafts, language, history, medicine and culture.

TIDE Tours: Delonie Forman, 501-7222129, info@tidetours.org, www.tidetours.org. Come and enjoy environment and cultural based tours to the Mayan and Garinagu villages, and also the cayes of southern Belize. Tours include kayaking, birding, snorkeling, fly-fishing, hiking and biking.

Maroon Creole Drum School: Emith Young/ Jill Young, 501-668-7733/632-784, methosdrums@hotmail.com/ pricklypeartat2@ hotmail.com.

Warasa Garifuna Drum School: Ronald McDonald & Ruth Sherratt, 501-632-7701/ 628-2337,warasadrumschool@gmail.com, www.warasadrumschool.com. Cultural tourism business offering fun and interactive lessons and half-day packages in Garifuna drumming, dancing, drum-making and group performances.

Mountain Spirit Wellness Community: Arzu Mountain Spirit, 501-600-3873, arzu@ arzumountainspirit.com, www.arzumountainspirit.com. ProWorld Belize: Nicole Andrewin, 501-7220206, nicole@proworldvolunteers.org, www. proworldvolunteers.org. Reef Conservation International: Joanna Audinett, 501-629-4266, jo@reefci.com, www. reefci.com. ReefCI offers all inclusive Monday-Friday Marine Conservation SCUBA packages. Learn to dive and monitor the reef from a beautiful remote Caribbean island. Requena’s Charter Service: Julio Requena, 501-722-2070, watertaxi@btl.net or watertaxipg@gmail.com, http://www.

Yumkax Women’s Group: Concepciona Coc, 501-662-8539/636-9586, cocconcepciona@ yahoo.com. We are open from Sunday to Sunday. From 8am to 5pm. We provide an array of arts and crafts, cultural home visit demonstrations, restaurant and live marimba music.


on Glover’s Atoll. PADI scuba courses, world class diving, snorkeling, fishing, kayaking and paddle boarding. Come for a vacation of a lifetime.


Belize Tourism Industry Association

10 North Park Street Belize City, Belize Tel. 501-227-1144 info@btia.org www.btia.org

Off the Wall Dive Center and Resort: Jim and Kendra Schofield, 501-5322929, offthewallbelize@gmail.com, www. offthewallbelize.com. Private island resort




Asha’s Culture Kitchen: Ashton Martin, 501632-8025, sbrown1031@gmail.com, www. facebook.com/ashasculturekitchen.





If you would like to order additional copies, please email us at info@destinationbelize.com or call us in Belize at +501-223-6386 102

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Villa Gemma-www.cayecaulkerrentals.com Villa Hermosa-www.cayecaulkerrentals.com Weezie’s Cabin-www.cayeaccommodations.com Yuma’s House Belize-www.yumashousebelize.com Zekes Casa Roja-www.cayeaccommodations.com CAYO Acropolis Maya Hotel-ham2012@hotmail.com Aguada Hotel-www.aguadahotel.com Amber Sunset Jungle Lodgewww.ambersunsetbelize.com Banana Bank Lodge-www.bananabank.com Belize Jungle Dome-www.belizejungledome.com Bella’s Cayo-www.bellasbackpackers.com Belmopan Bed & Breakfastwww.belmopanbedandbreakfast.com Belmopan Hotel-gsosa@btl.net Belmopan Sunview Inn-arturo_hasbun31@yahoo.com Better in Belize Eco Lodge-www.betterinbelize.com Black Rock Lodge-www.blackrocklodge.com Blancaneaux Lodge-www.blancaneaux.com Bull Frog Inn-www.bullfroginn.com Cahal Pech Village Resort-www.cahalpech.com Calico Jack’s Village-www.calicojacksvillage.com Camalote Camp-www.camalote.com Casa Blanca Guest Housewww.casablancaguesthouse.com Casa Nan-www.casanan.com Caves Branch Jungle Lodge-www.cavesbranch.com Central O’ tel-easyrider@btl.net Cheers Cabanas-www.cheersrestaurant.bz Chiclero Camp Resort-www.chiclerocampresort.bz Clarissa Falls Resort-www.clarissafalls.com Cohune Palms River Cabanas- www.cohunepalms.com Cosmos Camping Cabanascosmoscamping@yahoo.com Crystal Paradise Resort-www.crystalparadise.com Dream Valley Jungle Lodge-cornelbelize@yahoo.com duPlooy’s Jungle Lodge-www.duplooys.com Eastern Guest House-annaliu1988@hotmail.com Ek’ Tun-www.ektunbelize.com El Cayo Hotel-www.elcayohotel.com El Rey Hotel-elreyhotelbelize@gmail.com Elvira’s Guest House-antonioramirez@bel.com.bz Flores Villas-floresvillas@yahoo.com Framadani Villas-framadani.office@gmail.com Garden City Hotel-wtam55@hotmail.com Gumbo Limbo Village-www.gumbolimboresort.com Hibiscus Hotel-www.hibiscusbelize.com Hidden Valley Inn-hiddenvalleyinn.com Hi-Et Guest House-hiet@yahoo.com Hotel Tia Maria-hoteltiamaria@yahoo.com Hummingbird Lodge & Hostelwww.hummingbirdlodge.com Iguana Junction-www.iguanajunction.com Inglewood Camping Groundswww.inglewoodcampinggrounds.com Inn The Bush-www.innthebushbelize.com J & R Guest House-jrguesthouse@yahoo.com Ka’ana Boutique Resort-www.kaanabelize.com Kantara Ku-kantaraku@gmail.com Kenmar’s Bed & Breakfast-www.kenmar.bz Kumquat Cottage-www.kumquatcottage.com La Casa Del Caballo Blancowww.casacaballoblanco.com Lower Dover Field Station-lowerdoverbelize@gmail.com Macaw Bank Jungle Lodgewww.macawbankjunglelodge.com Mahogany Hall Resort-www.mahoganyhallbelize.com Mallorca Hotel-mallorcahotel@gmail.com Mana-Kai Camping & Cabinswww.mana-kairesort.50webs.com Mango Walk Inn-www.mangowalkinnbz.com Mariposa Jungle Lodge-www.mariposajunglelodge.com Martha’s Guest House-www.marthasbelize.com Martz Farm Treehouses & Cabanaswww.martzfarm.com Maya Mountain Lodge-www.mayamountain.com Maya Vista-mayavistabelize.com Midas Resort-www.midasbelize.com Moonracer Farm Lodge-www.moonracerfarm.com Mountain Equestrian Trails-www.metbelize.com Mystic River Resort-www.mysticriverbelize.com Nabitunich-The Stone Cottages-www.nabitunich.com Nefrey’s Retreat-www.nefrysretreat.com Parrot Nest Lodge-www.parrot-nest.com Pine Ridge Lodge-www.pineridgelodge.com Pook’s Hill Lodge-www.pookshilllodge.com D E S T IN AT I ONB ELIZE.COM

Primitas Bed & Breakfastmanuelaalbertascott@yahoo.com Rainforest Haven Inn-www.rainforesthaven.com Rio Coco Guest House-www.rio-coco.com Roaring River Golf & Accommodationwww.belizegolf.net Rock of Excellence Homestayshummingbirdhomestay@gmail.com Rolson Guest House-www.rolsons.com Rosa’s Hotel-www.rosashotelbelize.com Rumors Guest House-info@rumorsresort.com San Ignacio Resort Hotel-www.sanignaciobelize.com Santa Elena Inn-santaelenainn@yahoo.com Sleeping Giant Rainforest Lodgesleepinggiantlodge@gmail.com Sopilar Campground-norbertapulido@yahoo.com Sunflower Inn-teresa.wawa.lin@gmail.com Sunshine Suites-www.sunshinebelize.com Super Palm Resort-www.superpalmresort.com Table Rock Jungle Camp-www.tablerockbelize The Leslie’s Private Paradisewww.thelesliesprivateparadise.com The Lodge at Chaa Creek-www.chaacreek.com The Log Cab-Inn-www.logcabinns_belize.com The Macal River Camp-www.belizecamp.com The Orange Guest Housewww.belizegifts.com/guesthouse The Trek Stop-www.thetrekstop.com Timber Homes-www.timberhomesbelize.com Tropicool Hotel-tropicoolgiftshop@gmail.com Twin Palms Bed & Breakfast-tasmithbz@yahoo.com Venus Hotel-www.venushotelbelize.com Villa San Juan-www.villasanjuanbelmopan.com Westar Truck Stop-nelson@nelmac.com Western Guest Housewesternguesthouse@hotmail.com Windy Hill Resort-www.windyhillresort.com Wolf’s Place-www.belize24.de Yam Wits Lodge-www.yamwits.bz Yim Saan Hotel-yimsaan@yahoo.com COROZAL Aldy’s Guesthouse-patt_valen@yahoo.com Almond Tree Hotel Resort-www.almondtreeresort.com Backpackers Paradise-cabanasbelize@yahoo.com Bayside Guesthouse-baysideguesthouse@live.com Candelie’s Sunset Cabanascandeliescabanas@yahoo.com Casa Blanca Hotel By The Seawww.casablancabelize.com Cerros Beach Inn-www.cerrosbeachresort.com Chang Chup Palmo Guest Housejasmir_cruz@hotmail.com Complete Circle-dori_cirjak@yahoo.com Copa Banana Guest House-www.copabanana.bz Copper Bank Inn-www.copperbankinn.com Copper Horse Inn-copperhorseinn@yahoo.ca Coral Cottages-corazal.rental@gmail.com Corozal Bay Resort-www.corozalbayinn.com Fernando’s Seaside Guest Housewww.cybercayecaulker.com Gibson’s Guest Housegibsoncompany2003@yahoo.com Hok’ol K’in Guest House-www.corozal.net Hotel Maya-www.hotelmaya.net Hotel Paradise Bay Villasshannybelize@hotmail.com Las Palmas Hotel-laspalmashotelbelize.com Las Vegas Gardens-Rooms & Suites-www.lvbelize.com Maya World Guest House-byronchuster@gmail.com Mirador Hotel-www.mirador.bz Princess Hotel-resprincessfz@btl.net Sarteneja Homestay-sartenejahomestay@hotmail.com Serenity Sands Bed & Breakfast-serenitysands.com The Crimson Orchid Innstephen.honeybill@orchidbaybelize.com The Sea Breeze Guest Housewww.theseabreezehotel.com The Smuggler’s Denhttp:llsmugglersdenbelize.tripod.com Tony’s Inn And Beach Resort-www.tonysinn.com Villa Macaw-elmercarlos@yahoo.com Wingate Inn-zk779@hotmail.com OFFSHORE NORTH Belcove Island Lodge-www.belcove.com Blackbird Caye Resort-www.blackbirdresort.com

Blackbird Oceanic Field Stationwinning@oceanicsociety.org Calypso Beach Retreat-www.calypsobeachretreat.com Hugh Parkey’s Belize Adventure Lodgewww.belizeadventurelodge.com Huracan Diving-www.huracandiving.com Long Caye Lighthouse Reef-www.belizeisland.com Long Caye Lodge-www.flipkey.com Royal Palm Caye Resort-www.royalpalmisland.com Southkeep Vacation Home-www.southkeep.com St. George’s Caye Resort-gooddiving.com Turneffe Flats Lodge-www.tflats.com Turneffe Island Resort-www.turnefferesort.com OFFSHORE SOUTH Blue Horizon Lodge-www.bluehorizonbelize.com Blue Marlin Lodge-www.bluemarlinlodge.com Coco Plum Island Resort-www.cocoplumcay.com Fairweather’s Place-hevf7@yahoo.com French Louie Caye-www.frenchlouiecayebelize.com Glover’s Atoll Island Lodge-www.glovers.com.bz Hatchet Caye-www.hatchetcaye.com Hideaway Caye-www.hideawaycaye.com Isla Marisol Resort-www.islamarisolresort.com Island Adventures Campground-kayak@btl.net IZE Cottages-www.ize2belize.com Long Caye Adventure Camp-www.slickrock.com Moho Caye Lodge-www.belizelodge.com Off the Wall Dive Center-www.offthewallbelize.com Pelican’s Pouch-www.pelicanbeachbelize.com Ranguana Caye Cabins-www.robertsgrove.com Reef’s End Lodge-www.reefsendlodge.com Robert’s Caye Resort-www.robertsgrove.com Royal Belize Vacations-www.royalbelize.com Seal Caye Retreat-www.monkeyriverretreat.com Tarpon Caye Lodge.-www.tarponcayelodge.com Thatch Caye Resort-www.thatchcayebelize.com Tobacco Caye Lodge-www.tclodgebelize.com Tobacco Caye Paradise Cabins-bluefield@btl.net Wee Wee Caye Marine Lab-www.marineecology.com Whipray Caye Lodge-www.whipraycayelodge.com ORANGE WALK Akihito Hotel-www.akihitohotel.com Blue Creek Hillside B & B-bchillsideb_b@yahoo.com Chan Chich Lodge-www.chanchich.com Come ‘n’ Dine Motel-comego_ow@hotmail.com D * Victoria Hotel-dvictoriabelize.com Gami’s Hotel-mendeztesla@gmail.com Hill Bank Field Station-www.pfbelize.org Honey Camp Beach Clubhoneycampbeachclub@yahoo.com Honey Camp Ranch-www.honeycampranch.com Hotel De La Fuente-www.hoteldelafuente.com La Milpa Ecolodge and Research Center-pfbelize.org La Rosita Guest House-jacobneufeld@live.com Lamanai Outpost Lodge-www.lamanai.com Lamanai Riverside Retreatlamanairiverside@hotmail.com Orchid Palm Inn-www.orchidpalminn.com Rancho Mirage Inn-gonlucosylmar@gmail.com St. Christopher’s Hotel-www.stchristophershotelbze.com PLACENCIA Affairs To Remember-info@mayabeachhotel.com Agua Villa House-www.mayabeachhotel.com Ah-Kinchil-www.ah-kinchil.com Ally’s Guest House-www.allysguesthousebelize.com Angel’s Cabins-belizediver12@hotmail.com Angel’s Landing-angelasaum@netscape.net Aqua Oasis Guest Housewww.placenciarentals.com Barnacle Bill’s Beach Bungalowswww.gotobelize.com/barnacle Beach House Belize-www.beachhousebelize.com Beachfront Suites-www.beachfrontinbelize.com Belize Tradewinds Cruise Clubbelize@tradewindscruiseclub.com Bella Placencia Beach Houseinfo@belizepropertypro.com BJ’s Amir Inn-pneal27@yahoo.com Blue Crab Beach Resort-www.bluecrabbeach.com Blue Garden House-www.belizecottagerentals.com Blue Lagoon Apartments-dark_landlord@hotmail.com Captain Jaks-www.captainjaks.com Captain’s House & Crow’s Nest-lydias@btl.net Caribbean Rentals Delights-www.vrbo.com/298227


Carol’s Cabanas-www.permitangling.com Casa At Last-www.casaatlast.com Casa Beya/Seagrape Escape-www.casabeyabelize.com Casa Del Sol-www.casadelsolbelize.com Casa Placencia-www.casaplacencia.com Casita Margarita-madialinbze@yahoo.com Chabil Mar-www.chabilmarvillas.com Chaney Deau-www.chaneydeau.webs.com Charo’s Guest House-guildandguild@hotmail.com Coconut Cottage-coconutcottage.net Cocoplum Vacation Rentalsrentals@cocoplumbelize.net Colibri House-colibrihouseplacencia.com Cozy Corner Hotel-cozycorner-belize.com Deb & Dave’s Last Resort-www.toadaladventure.com Decked Out House-www.deckedouthouse.com Dolce Cabana-nharvalik@gmail.com Dreamsicle House-mayabeachhotel.com Easy Living Apartments-www.easylivingplacencia.com Evan’s Place-www.evansplaceplacenciabelize.com Finca Villa-www.fincabeach.com Flip Flop Palace-mayabeachhotel.com Garden Cabanas-www.gardencabanas.com George Cowdrey Guest House-gcowdrey@rcn.com Green Parrot Beach Houses-greenparrot_belize.com Harbour Hideaway-www.harbourhideaway.com Harry’s Cozy Cabanas-cozycabanas@yahoo.com Heaven’s Gate Beach Cabanasheavensgate@beachbungalow.com Jewel of Placencia-www.jewelofplacenciabelize.com Joya Del Mar-www.mayabeachhotel.com Joyce and Frank’s Bed & Breakfastwww.belizebandb.com Julia’s Guest House-www.juliascabanas.com Laru Beya Resort & Villas-www.larubeya.com Las Amigas Cabanas-www.lasamigasbelize.com Lofty Sights-VRBO #352026 Los Porticos-losporticosvillas.com Lost Reef Resort-www.lostreefresort.com Luxury Beach House-www.vrbo.com229207 Lydia’s Guest House-www.placencia.com Macovy Blues Guest House-macovyblue@aol.com Manatee Inn-www.manateeinn.com Maya Beach Hotel-www.mayabeachhotel.com Maya Dream Beach House-www.mayadreambelize.com Maya Lodge-www.mayalodge.com Maya Playa Resort-mayaplaya@btl.net Maya Sunset-vrbo.com/314068 Michelo’s Flats-http://belize.net84.net Miller’s Landing-www.milerslanding.net Miramar Apartments-www.miramarbelize.com Mirasol Villa-www.mirasolbelize.com Mission Bay Retreat-www.missionbaybelize.org Nirvana Beach Suites-www.belizeannirvana.com Ocean’s Edge Beach Houseswww.oceansedge-belize.com One World Rentals-www.oneworldplacencia.com Palmetto Place-www.wishwilly.net Paradise Vacation Hotel-www.belize123.com Pepper’s Beach Cottage-www.peppersbeachbelize.com Placencia Beach Club Rentals-nilson11@aol.com Ranguana Lodge-www.ranguanabelize.com Reva’s Pearl Vacation Home-revaspearl@gmail.com Robert’s Grove Beach Resort-www.robertsgrove.com Sea Spray Hotel-www.seasprayhotel.com Seakunga-www.seakunga.com Seaview Suites-www.seaviewplacencia.com Serenade Guest Housecontactinternationalinc@gmail.com Silver Leaf Villa & Cabanayoliebrown@hotmail.com Singing Sands Inn-www.singingsands.com South Waters Resort-www.southwatersresort.com Spectarte Bed & Breakfast-spectarte@gmail.com Sunset Belize-www.sunsetbelize.com Sunset Pointe Condominiumswww.sunsetpointebelize.com The Arches-mrisk@trecinc.net The Flamboyant Tree Apartmentswww.flamboyantbelize.com The Maine Stay-www.traversbelize.com The Nautical Inn Roger Blair-www.nauticalinnbelize.com The North Beach-www.thenorthbeach.com The Placencia Hotel & Residencieswww.theplacencia.com The Village Inn-www.thevillageinnbelize.com The Villas at Cocoplum-www.thevillasatcocoplum.com


The Windflower-windflowerone@hughes.net The Yellow House-www.ctbelize.com Three Iguanas Villas-catilina@btl.net Toucan Lulu-www.toucanlulu.com Tradewinds Hotel-www.placencia.com Tri-Tan Beach Cabanas-www.wheretostayandplay.com Turtle Inn-www.coppolaresorts.com Vandley’s Beach House-lydia’s@btl.net Villa Ranguana-www.ranguana.com Villa Tipsy Gecko-www.vrbo/286157 Westwind Hotel-www.westwindhotel.com White Sands Villa-www.whitesandsvilla.com Yellow Bella-robi.cap@tin.it SAN PEDRO 18 Degrees North-vrbo.comproperty#132079 Adagio Villa-www.justdownsouth.com Agape House-www.agapebelize.com Ak ‘ Bol Yoga Resort-www.akbol.com Almond Tree Inn-roth246@yahoo.com Ambergris Lake Villas-www.ambergrislakevillas.com ASunsetBeachResort.Com-bluebirdbelize@gmail.com Athens Gate-www.athensgate.net Azul Resort-www.azulbelize.com Baja Mar Vacation Home-www.blissfullybelize.com Banana Beach Resort-www.bananabeach.com Belize Hutz-www.belizehutz.com Belize Island Beach Housewww.cayemanagement.com Belizean Cove Estates-www.belizeancove.com Belizean Reef Suiteswww.ambergrisvacationrentals.com Belizean Shores Resort-www.belizeanshores.com Bella Vista Guest Homes-www.bellavistabelize.com Bermuda Beach Condos-www.landingstrescocos.com Bermuda Landing Condominiumsinfo@landingstrescocos.com Blue Dolphin-www.bluedolphinbelize.com Blue Reef Island Resort-www.bluereefresort.com Blue Tang Inn-www.bluetanginn.com Brianna’s Beach House-ambergriscaye.com/bbh Buena Suerte Bed & Breakfastambergiscaye.com/buenasuertebb Capricorn Resort-www.capricornresort.net Captain Morgan’s Caribbean Vacation Beach Clubwww.captainmorgans.com Captain Morgan’s Retreat-www.belizevacation.com Caribbean Villas Hotel-www.caribbeanvillashotel.com Caribe Island Resort - Strata Plan 9www.ambergrisvacationrentals.com Carlstrom House-www.cayemanagement.com Casa Amarillo-laff08@gmail.com Casa B’ alam-britanny@belizemanagement.com Casa Blanca Beach Resort-www.belizecasablanca.com Casa Bonita-www.cayemanagement.com Casa Buena Vista-whvip6@yahoo.com Casa Caracol-www.casacaracol.com Casa Celeste-www.lacasaceleste.com Casa Coral-www.cayemanagement.com Casa Dam-belizecasadam@gmail.com Casa de Lisa-www.mandmrentalsbelize.com Casa De Stepp-mandy.walker30@gmail.com Casa De Suenos-www.cayemanagement.com Casa Escalante-www.casaescalante.com Casa Mayan Breeze-www.cayemanagement.com Casa Mi Hermana-www.ambergisvacationrentals.com Casa Miradores-www.casamiradores.com Casa Rana Belize-www.casaranabelize.com Casa Redondo Suite-www.m&mrentalsbelize.com Casa Redondo Villa-m&mrentalsbelize.com Casa Tortuga Villa-www.casatortuga.com Casa Tulipan-www.casatulipan.com Casa Verano-www.casaveranobelize.com Caye Casa-www.cayecasa.com Caye Villas-www.cayemanagement.com Cayo Espanto-www.aprivateisland.com Changes In Latitudes-ambergriscaye.com/latitudes Chez Caribe-www.chezcaribe.com Coco Beach Resort-cocobeachbelize.com Cocotal Inn & Cabanas-www.cocotalbelize.com Conch Shell Inn-www.ambergriscaye.com Cool Breeze Villa-brittany@belizemanagement.com Coral Bay Villasambergriscaye.com/coralbayvillas Coral Beach Hotel-coralbeach@btl.net Coral Pelicano Vacation Home-www.cayemanagement.com

Corona Del Mar-www.coronadelmarhotel.com Costa Maya Reef Resort-www.costamayareef.com Debbie’s Beach House-www.cayemanagement.com Diamond Lodge-nadege@sympatico.ca Diamond Reef Condominiumswww.diamondreefcondominiums.com El Castillo De Arena-brittany@belizemanagement.com El Fuerte House-www.elfuertebelize.com El Pescador Lodge & Villas-www.elpescador.com Exotic Caye Beach Resort-www.belizeisfun.com Grand Caribe Resort & Residencieswww.grandcaribebelize.com Grand Colony Island Villaswww.grandcolonyvillas.com Haggins House-www.cayemanagement.com Hicklin House-www.cayemanagement.com Hol Chan Reef Resort-www.holchanreefresort.com Hotel Del Rio-ambergriscaye.com/hoteldelrio Iguana House-www.iguanahousebelize.com La Perla Del Caribe-www.laperladelcaribe.com Las Dos Sirenas-www.cayemanagement.com Las Terrazas Resort-www.lasterrazasresort.com Los Encantos Villas-www.cayemanagement.com Martha’s Hotel-marthashotel@yahoo.com Mata Chica Resort-www.matachica.com Mata Rocks Resort-www.matarocks.com Mayan Princess Hotel-www.mayanprincesshotel.com Miramar Villas-www.m&mrentalsbelize.com Mr Craig’s Place-kcgrand@aol.com Nirvana San Pedro Rentals-belizesanpedro.net Oasis Del Caribe Unit #15 Caye Management-www.cayemanagement.com Oceanaire Condo-www.cayemanagement.com Palacio Del Caribe-www.blissfullybelize.com Palm House-www.belizemanagement.com Paradise Villas Nellie Gomez-www.nelliesproperty.com Pedro’s Inn-www.pedroshotel.com Pelican Reef Villas-www.pelicanreefvillas.com Pirate Villas-www.piratevillas.com Playa Blanca Island Villas-www.playablanca.biz Portofino Resort-www.portofinobelize.bz Ramon’s Village-www.ramons.com Reef Village Resort-www.reefvillagebelize.com Reef Village Vacation Club-www.reefvillagebelize.com Royal Caribbean Resortwww.royalcaribbeanbelize.com Royal Palm Villas-mandmrentalbelize.com Ruby’s Hotel-ambergriscaye.com/rubys San Pedrano Hotel-sanpedrano@btl.net San Pedro Holiday Hotel-www.sanpedroholiday.com SEAcluded Sands-www.seaducedbybelize.com Seascape Villas-www.seascapebelize.com Seven Seas Resort-www.sevenseasbelize.com Seven Seas Resort Time Sharewww.sevenseasresort.com Solaria Villas-www.absolutebelize.com Spindrift Hotel-www.ambergriscaye.com/spindrift Stella De Mare-www.cayemanagement.com Sueno Del Mar-www.dreambelize.com Sun Breeze Hotel-www.sunbreeze.net Sunbreeze Suites-www.sunbreezesuites.com Sundiver Beach Resort-www.sundiverbelize.com Tara Del Sol-www.ambergrisvacationrentals.com The Cloisters-ambergriscaye.com/cloisters The Island Cottage-www.ambergriscottage.com The Palms Condominiums-www.belizepalms.com The Phoenix Resort-www.thephoenixbelize.com The Tides Beach Resort-www.ambergriscaye.com/tides The Tree House-www.cayemanagement.com The Villas at Banyan Bay-www.banyanbay.com Tio Pil’s Inn-lilies@btl.net Tradewinds Paradise Villaswww.tradewindsparadisevillas.com Tranquility Bay Beach Resortwww.tranquilitybayresort.com Tranquility Beach Club-www.cayemanagement.com TREC;Tropical Research and EducationCenter-trec@hotmail.com Tropical Estate-mandywalker30@gmail.com Turtleman’s House-www.turtlemanshouse.com Victoria House-www.victoria-house.com View The Blue-www.ambergrisvacationrentals.com Villa Aurora-big1018@aol.com Villa De Plata-www.cayemanagement.com Villa Incomunicada-www.myprivatevacation.com Villa Palma Real-jlhonduras@yahoo.com Villa Twin Dolfins-www.vrbo.com DE ST I N AT I O N BE L I Z E .CO M

Villas At Del Rio-adventureinbelize@gmail.com Waba Laru Beya Vacation Housewww.wabalarubeya.tumblr.com White Sands Cove Resort-www.whitesandscove.com Xaman Ek Resort-www.xamanekbelize.com Xanadu Island Resort-www.xanaduislandresort.com Zen Villas-blackorchidmanagement@gmail.com STANN CREEK All Seasons Guest House-www.allseasonsbelize.com Almond Beach Resort-www.almondbeachbelize.com Beaches & Dreams Seafront Innwww.beachesanddreams.com Belize Inn Your Dreams-writemaria62@yahoo.com Blue Moon Cabana-www.bluemooncabana.com Bluefield Lodge-bluefield@btl.net Bonefish Hotel-bluemarlinlodge.com Cardie’s Hotel-cardies@btl.net Caribbean Shores Bed & Breakfastwww.visitcaribbeanshores.com Chaleanor Hotel-chaleanor@btl.net Cockscomb Basin Wildlife Sanctuarywww.belizeaudubon.org Coconut Row Guest House-damian_grieco@yahoo.com Colonial Suites-www.colonialsuitesbelize.com Compass Rose Guest Housewww.compassroseguesthouse.com Dolphin Motel-edenadair@yahoo.com Double H. Guest House-elijio36@yahoo.com Glover’s Guest House-www.glovers.com.bz Hamanasi Adventure & Dive Resortwww.hamanasi.com Hopkins Bay Resort-www.hopkinsbayresort.com Hopkins Inn-www.hopkinsinn.com Jaguar Reef Lodge-www.jaguarreef.com Jungle Huts Lodge-junglehutsresort@gmail.com Jungle Jeanie By The Sea-www.junglebythesea.com Kanantik Reef & Jungle Resort-www.kanantik.com Key Belize-www.keybelize.com Kismet Inn-www.kismetinn.com Lebeha Cabanas-lebeha.com/kopkinscabanas.com Lewis Family Vacation Home-vrbo.com/92935 Macaroni View Hotel-www.macaroniview.com Mama Noots Eco Resortmamanootsresort@yahoo.com Palmento Grove Hopkinswww.palmentogroveresort.com Pal’s Guest House-www.palsbelize.com Parrot Cove Lodge-www.parrotcovelodge.com Pelican Beach Resort-www.pelicanbeachbelize.com Possum Point Biological Station-hay743@yahoo.com Ransoms Seaside Gardenmembers.tripod.com/cabanabelize River House Lodge-www.riverhouselodgebelize.com Riverside Hotel-marbeth_58@hotmail.com Sarkiki Reef Resort-www.sarkikireef.com Sea Breeze Restaurant Inn-pinkycullerton@gmail.com Seagull’s Nest Guest House-jc_seagulls@yahoo.com Sittee River Jungle Adventure Oasiswww. sitteeriverjungleadventureoasis.com Sittee River Lodge-www.sitteeriverlodge.com Tania’s Guest House-taniaprim@yahoo.com The Family Villa-www.vrbo.com 101802 The Funky Do Do Backpackers Hostelwww.thefunkydodo.com Tipple Tree Beya-www.tippletree.com Tutzil Nah Cottages-www.mayacenter.com Ursella’s Guest House-sunshine2329@hotmail.com Val’s Backpackers Hostel-valsbackpackershostel.com Villa Verano-www.villaveranobelize.com Whistling Seas Vacation Innwilliams_marcello@yahoo.com Windschief-www.windschief.com TOLEDO A Piece of Ground-www.apieceofground.com Aguacate Homestay-cucullouis@hotmail.com Aleman’s Guest House-alemanmarie57@yahoo.com Back - A - Bush Guest House-www.back-a-bush.com Beya Suites-www.beyasuites.com BFREE Belize Foundation For Research & Environ Edu-www.bfreebz.org Blue Belize Guest House-www.bluebelize.com Blue Creek Rainforest Lodge-www.ize2belize.com Charlton’s Inn-charltonsinn.com Coral House Inn-www.coralhouseinn.net Cotton Tree Lodge-cottontreelodge.com


Cuxlin Ha Resort-www.cuxlinha.com Frontier Inn-frontierinn@btl.net Garbutt’s Fishing Lodge-garbuttsfishinglodge.com Grace’s Hotel-gracemcp@hotmail.com Hickatee Cottages-www.hickatee.com Indian Creek Lodge & Jungle Campwww.belizelodge.com Machaca Hill Lodge - Belcampo Belizewww.belcampobz.com Mahung’s Inn Guest House-mahungpeter@yahoo.com Nature’s Way Guest Housenatureswayguesthouse@hotmail.com Quichpan Luum Cabanaswww.worldstogethertravel.com Sabal Beach-www.lodging.sabalbeach.com San Jose Maya Emersion Homestaypeck-justino@gmail.com Sea Glass Cottage-www.coralhouseinn.net Sirmoor Hill Farm Bed and Breakfastwww.sirmoorhillfarm.com St. Charles Inn-stcharlespg@btl.net Sun Creek Lodge-www.suncreeklodge.com Tate’s Guest House-tatesguesthouse@yahoo.com The Farm Inn-www.thefarminnbelize.com The Inn at Joyful Garden-joy.supaul@gmail.com The Lodge at Big Falls-www.thelodgeatbigfalls.com The Sea Front Inn-www.seafrontinn.com Toledo Ecotourism Association (2007)www.teabelize.org Tranquility Lodge-www.tranquilitylodge.com

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Destination Belize 2014  

discover how to be.

Destination Belize 2014  

discover how to be.