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3D Printing Club


Tinker & Engineering Studio

Cooking Lab

Art Studio



Pre-K - 1st Grade Visual Art Studio Kinetic Art & Mobiles Prehistoric Art

Mixed Media Art Elements of Art

It’s Magic Illusion Art Awesome Mosaic & Collage Art

Art through the Study of Cultures Abstractly Amazing Art

Engineering Design Studio Simple Machines Rule

Toy Engineering Hacks Opposites Attract: Magnetic Study Supersized Structures

Simple Circuits & Things that Light Up Laws of Motion: Kinematics

My Green Planet

Shark Tank!

Defying Gravity

Crafty Business: Creative Entrepreneurship

Kitchen FUNdamentals Cooking with Books

Mix, Measure & Pour

Roadtrip: Across the United States


Roadtrip: Across EurAsia

Savory vs. Sweet

My First Lemonade Stand

Forces of the Natural World

Culinary Arts My Green Garden Cooking


My First Dog Walking Service Product Design & Manufacturing How to Plan a Business Entrepreneurs Through History My Very Own Store!

Investigative Science Lab3rd Rock from Bio - Exploration Kid Chemistry Science Over Time Organisms & their Environments Art of Science & History of Explosions

the Sun

Comets, Asteroids & Meteors Light, Heat & Magnetism

3D Printing Design and Engineering Club Basics of 3D Printing Adv. 3D Printing Animals and Habitats Dinosaurs and Design The Mighty Amazon Toy Engineering

Coding and Programming Club Drag and Drop Programming How it Works: Sequencing Algo Who? All About Algorithims Coding Buddies Code Who? IDEA Lab Jr. Coders Coding through Conditionals Coding with Blocks

Themepark Tycoon

Numbers & Operations Odds and Ends Me First: Orders & Numbering Math in Space Ninja Math

Robotic Creatures

Programming Robots

Programming Structures

LEGO Genius

Adv. Block Coding

Storybook Characters

Mental Math

Idea Lab Robotics Block Coding: My Little Bots

My Neighborhood

Simple Flow Charting

2nd - 4th Grade Visual Art Studio Great Artists through Time Ceramics & Centerpieces Women Artists 3D Modeling

Found Object Art Storytelling Art Pop Art Principles of Art

Entrepreneurship Marketing

Intergalactic Trade The Economics Behind Monopoly How to Run a Business

Design Based Engineering Green Engineering

Physics in Motion

Structural Engineering

Sound Engineering Design

Laws of Movement

Pressure & Buoyancy

Engineering Reactions

Material Science

Minecraft Minecraft Mod Team: Intro Let’s Make Some Mods! Change the Way the Game Looks Coders vs. Creepers

Building with the Touch of a Button Variables: The Change-Up Drones: Not Just for Flying The Main Event

My Very Own Cafe! My Very Own TV Show! My Very Own Home Business! All About Advertising

Maker Studio and Engineering Toy Mod Shop WoodShop Jr. Blinking Circuits & Crazy Contraptions Tinker Shop: MacGyver Jr.

Motor Madness Rocket Science Converting Energy Disaster Engineering

Culinary Club Kitchen Chemistry

Cooking Essentials Intro. to Baking and Decor

Creative Appetizers

Mental Math Math through Gaming Science & Math Minute to Win It Math

Careers in Culinary Arts Smart Eating, Smart Cooking Passport to Cooking: A Cultural Food Exploration IDEA Lab Diced Jr.

Coding and Programming Club Game Development Stories

Investigative Science Lab Environmental Science Weather Science Physical Science Lab Science & Technology Applications

Crazy Chem Lab Interactive Anatomy & Physiology Motions & Forces Changes in Earth & Sky

Idea Lab Robotics Robots Rumble Robotics Challenges Circuit Scientist Arduino Masters Visual Coding with Robots

Robotic Programming Simple Bots Smart Bots with EV3 Autonomous Robots

Game Development Stories Pt. II Web Developers Web Developers II Bug Hunters via Principles of Programming Coding through Gaming Visual Game Design Conditional Logic & Algorithmic Functions ith 3D Modeling

3D Printing and Engineering Basics of 3D Printing

Adv. 3D Printing

My Smart Home

Design for FUN

Open Challenges

Global Architecture

Remix It: Modding Designs Cosplay Costumes & Props

Gaming Systems: Retro & New Entrepreneur’s World

5th - 8th Grade Project Based Engineering Design Process: Engineering Commercial Product Mechanical Design with Hydraulics Electrical Engineering Environmental Engineering

Crash Testing

Construction Materials of the Future Engineering Design Process: Aiding Disabilities

Mental Math Solving Real World Problems Math & Technology Math through Gaming

Aerospace Engineering with Scrap Yard Engineering Drones

3D Printing and Engineering Club Basics of 3D Printing

Adv. 3D Printing

Puzzles and Logic

Futuristic Dwellings

3D Printing & Science Applications

Drone Building through 3D Printing

Exploring Aviation

3D Architecture Modeling

Open Challenges

Applying Design Thinking: 3D Printing to Solve a Problem

Visual Art Studio Graffiti & Street Art Canvas Painting Architecture Doodle Art

Printmaking Installation Art Figure Drawing Line Art

Culinary Club Doughs, Breads, and Sauces Food Truck Creations Entrees Around The World Desserts & Adv. Baking Skills Roadtrip: Mediterranean Advanced Nutrition Plating & Presentation IDEA Lab Diced

Coding and Programming Club Console Log “Hello World�

My Not So Smart Assistant: AI Development

Class 404: Not Found

Video Game Design

Java == !Boring

Programming & Engineering

!not learning: Learning Java

Microcomputer Programming

Maker Studio and Engineering Advanced Circuitry and Gadgets Wearable Technology Advanced Arduino Gadget Hacking TinkerShop: McGyver Challenges Engineering Design Process: Helping Hands Energy Systems & Solutions My Smart Home

Investigative Science Lab Forensic Science with Chem Lab Biological Science with Dissection Genetics & DNA Marine Science

Idea Lab Robotics

History & Nature of Science Food Science Lab

Robotics Engineering

Robotics Challenges

Adv. Programming

Mobile Bots

Robotics Principles

Battle Bots

Block Coding with ModKit

Autonomy with VEX IQ

RobotC: Graphical Coding

Chassis Building & Coding

Light & the Electromagnetic Spectrum Natural Hazards & Natural Resources

Minecraft Minecraft Coding: Intro


Crack the Code!

Commercial Design

Reshaping Reality


World Warp

How to be an Entrepreneur

Variables: The Change-Up

Public Speaking 101

Logic: The Fork in the Road


Create, Bend & Break the Rules of Minecraft

Making Bank: How to Make a Profit Sociology and Business Anthropology, Sociology & Business

Invite Your Friends: Multiplayer Mayhem

Afterschool catalog 2018 update  
Afterschool catalog 2018 update