International Sports Studies

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International Sports Studies Sports students are always happiest playing sports - or watching other people play them! This is our starting point. Where do we go from here? 1,000 students aged 18-25, Hanze University, in Groningen, the Netherlands. 9,500 sqm. World-class research, international meeting point. Student-focussed sport design. Re-invention! The Hanze University wants this building to be a real eyecatcher.

Results A central meeting space integrates all facilities, such as the sports hall, swimming pool, fitness, and learning landscape. The process began with a workshop in which national sports visionaries participated. The design matches the ‘likes’ of the students. Sports are everywhere! The building is open to the public, parents bring their children for their swimming lessons.

ICS: □ Strategic Choices □ Project Management □ Linking Education & Architecture


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