Deltion College - Training City

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Deltion College -Training City “We’d like to go from 15 separate locations to 1 integrated campus. This requires the most professional and flexible project management team.” 16,000 students aged , 16-20, more than 400 training courses. In Zwolle, the Netherlands. 110,000 sqm Active learning, close collaboration with local businesses, school open to the public. Deltion is making fundamental changes to the curriculum and organisation.

Results A building organised like a city, with (covered) streets, squares, and buildings. Closely connected to the urban plan. A flexible environment, which makes it is easy to innovate (start new courses). Open, professional, and challenging learning environments with state-of-the-art facilities. Sports hall, dance studios, theatre, 5 professional restaurants, F-16 jet, ship simulation, wellness, dentistry, shops, etc., etc., etc. ICS: □ Strategic Choices □ Project Management □ Linking Education & Architecture


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