Christiaan Huygens College

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Christiaan Huygens College “We’d like our vocational school to be an example of educational and sustainable schoolbuilding.” Vocational education, 850 students aged 12-16. In Eindhoven, the Netherlands. 7,900 sqm. Motto: Provide a place for everyone. Cooperative learning. Relationships with neighbourhood and local businesses. Sustainable solutions. Eindhoven is hometown of Philips, which is partner in the development of new ‘green technology’ within the school.


Results ‘Greenest’ school building in the Netherlands. The school produces even more energy than it needs! Integrated solar roof system: combination of heat and electricity. SchoolVision light system supports better learning by using different types of light: morning light (stimulating), evening light (restful). Colourful building. The very special architecture helps emphasize the new, modern image of vocational training. ICS: □ Strategic Choices □ Project Management □ Linking Education & Architecture


Thomas Rau