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Ras Al Hamra International School “What kind of furniture, equipment and ICT do we need? And will it fit within our budget?” 650 children: pre-nursery, kindergarten, primary education. In Muscat, Sultanate of Oman. Passion for Learning! Learning Environments that match IPC: International Primary Curriculum. The unique design for the new school has been completed. A comprehensive plan for the furniture, equipment, and ICT is crucial to a truly meaningful learning environment.

Results Floor plans of all rooms with furniture and ICT, based on IPC. Exciting interior design of social area and media centre. Inventory of new and existing furniture, cost estimate. Customised catalog. Information ready to begin tendering. Special ergonomic ‘high’ furniture. Healthy for teachers and children. Flexible interior, cupboards on wheels.

ICS: □ Strategic Consultancy □ Project Management □ Linking Education & Architecture