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Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Educational Sector Nothing possibly moves faster than a thought or an idea. A creative thought or an idea when managed and executed appropriately leads to complete enterprise development and sets a benchmark for future innovation. In the recent past, global academic institutions have been using innovative idea management methods to generate intellectual growth and expansion. These mostly take place in the form of open contests, events and other participating platforms, where the audience at large is encouraged to share their thoughts and ideas. Making use of Innovation at School Level In an effort to address and solve some of the challenges and concerns present in the education system, NEA i.e. National Education Association and U.S. Department of Education initiated an open innovation contest to drive innovative and creative solutions. The “Challenge to Innovate” was a chance for numerous US educators to participate and to present their ideas on a wider scale. This contest realized that the level of school education has great potential and could be improved further. There is a huge scope to modify the traditional broadcast teacher model, to one, where the candidate can get more involved with the learning process. Innovation in education sector is not just limited to academic brands taking creative initiatives. Top notch brands engaged in education initiatives too have made use of unique idea generation techniques in order to foster knowledge sharing and academic growth. Global IT giant Microsoft has been walking on this path. The brand asserts that nothing is more crucial to the future prospect of a country than fostering education amidst young people. Their “Partners in Learning Program” is closely associated with local schools, communities and government, on initiatives to help teachers use technology efficiently and to impart better education to children. Microsoft through this technique has assisted about 8 million teachers and over 185 million students. The brand firmly believes that innovation is the key that helps to unleash creativity, talent and passion in everyone. Therefore, academic and other global brands can leverage innovation by investing in advanced idea management solutions and crowd sourcing software available today. This will encourage key industry influencers and other people to voice up their opinions and engage in progressive discussions. Essentially, it will create an ambiance of collective intelligence with a thread of imagination. Furthermore, when it’s the education sector, nothing works better than free flowing ideas and imagination. As it is all about learning and re-learning that expands the education sector as a whole. Know more on: idea capture & Idea management solutions

Unleashing the Power of Innovation in Educational Sector