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Intellect 2.0: Reaping the benefit of Social Intellect Talk about creation and you will often come across the adage “In the beginning was the word”. According to few scholars even before word prevailed “thought” came into existence. “Words” are vehicle of expressing “thoughts”.Our presence and function too are governed by these two terms i.e. “thought” and “word”. Therefore, a thought when worded well and aptly, can lead to brilliant ideas for growth and development. Recent studies have indicated that the human mind can come up with innovative concepts and ideas from the slightest trail of a regular conversation. This means even an average employee in your organization, can be the dark horse and can set an innovation in motion. The accumulation of such ideas at large is known as “social intellect” and eminent brands today are capitalizing on it majorly. Most companies have realized that the key to their organization’s productivity, longevity and success depends on “Ideas” that come from their employees. Ideas act as a distinguishing factor. Exploring this potential creativity within an enterprise, especially the creativity of managers and employees is an obvious, but an underused strategy for many organizations, business houses and starts up ventures. Ideas from employees form valuable resources that are leveraged by companies to make incremental enhancements and strategic innovations. Need For Idea Management When it comes to ideas, you might as well question the need to streamline and manage it within your company? This customary approach propels us to think, that an idea is best managed with a pen and paper or best when documented. However, times have changed and so has the approach to ideas and social intellect. Leading market players have come up with innovative ideamanagement programs that help you to reap benefitssuch as:Set up a collective intelligence around a thread of imagination. People in your organization are able to voice their concerns, share their opinions, views and make interesting conversations and recommendations. You are able to encourage on-going and real-time dialogue that is conversational in nature, free flowing and represents multiple view-points.

Reaping the benefits of Idea Management Solutions Keeping in mind today’s dynamic work environment with creative professionals and out-of-the box thinker’s; eminent service providers have come up with idea management systems. This works in close coordination with your organization to streamline and organize the potential ideas of employees focusing on future progress and increased good will. Some of the benefits of the solution: Encourages new competitive productsand services Drive process improvements Improved collaboration and decision making across teams Give a competitive advantage to the company Identifies hidden talent within the organization and potential growth areas Improves brand value and employeeloyalty Hence, innovative idea management solutions offered by leading market players helps capture ideas, drives involvement of the employees and creates high level of engagementin the workforce. Along with this, other personalized features allow you to screen the most effective and viable ideas easily and quickly. There are also techniques through which you can flag the best ideas for any future reference. Thus idea management helps capture hundreds of ideas to improve productivity and drive improvements from the bottom up in a short time period. The value and wealth of enterprises depends on their social intellectual capital. Recruiting expert professional sure does add value to an organization, but reaping the benefits of social intellect involves translating employee wisdom into sustained action. An organization engaged in such a process has a culture that fosters sharing, encourages learning and involves employees in decision making.. There is no better way to empower, motivate and engage employees than to ask for their ideas and execute them demonstrating a collective progress.

Intellect 2.0 Reaping the benefit of Social Intellect  
Intellect 2.0 Reaping the benefit of Social Intellect  

Talk about creation and you will often come across the adage “In the beginning was the word”. According to few scholars even before word pre...