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Ideation Platform -Online Space for Corporate and Customers Ideas stimulate action and leads to progress. The recent decade has seen the corporate sector and the large business houses aiming for a globalized business environment so as to stand fast in the aggressively competitive world. In the process, these enterprises have given way for innovation and have also made use of the World Wide Web and crowdsourcing concepts.

Even with the presence of a ownership with regard to the ideas generated, the new age enterprises opens up collaboration with customers and general public. While making use of technology, these enterprises have developed a structured electronic participation forum for the citizens. Referred to, as the ideation platform, this aims to tap the wisdom of the people, to develop ideas. Launched by Dell in 2007, this was known as the Dell Ideastorm and was the corporate brainchild effort to engage customers to bring out ideas and rectify customer relationships.

The results received from the ideation platform led to the other enterprises and government administration to adopt this technique, to propose ideas, comment on and vote for other ideas. Besides for enterprises such as Starbucks and the Germany-based Tchibo, idea platform has become a main stream project to capture ideas. These innovations have led to the development of crowdsourcing software such as the UK government's e-petition system, US patent office's Peer-toPatent, as well as the Obama-led US government's Open Government Initiatives which facilitates the government to reap in the benefits of capturing ideas from a larger group. With ideation platform as the best source to capture ideas, enterprises need to invest in creating aplatform that would encourage free flow of ideas .

Though ideation platforms help to keep the ideas that are captured live, idea management also refers to managing and implementing of viable ideas. Out of the ideas crowdsourced from various vendors’ partners and employees, Cognizant technologies selected and implemented the proposal to integrate local Korean systems with the corporate standard complaint management system. Such integration helped the top management at Cognizant achieve their goal without disturbing the existing process at the Korean units. This led to the elimination of manual re-entry and improved productivity with saving of $11,600. However, as the use of idea pipeline management progressed, the ideation

platform served as basis for 11 idea campaigns contributing nearly 1,119 ideas which eventually resulted in $1,643,536 of benefits for Cognizant and $1,585,880 worth of benefits to the client for a financial year.

Thus, the use of crowdsourcing software has led to a large number of ideas to flow in. With idea management

enterprises make use of innovation management tools that would help them turn

their followers into active collaborators. A web-based ideation platform creates an online space for enterprises to engage customers and capture ideas for development of innovative products. For the customers this guides them through activities of the existing advertising campaign.

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Ideation Platform -Online Space for Corporate and Customers