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Idea Management Tools : A Key to a Better World All successful campaigns once started with an idea that later became huge proponents of change and development. Enterprise’s today around the world have realized the significance of sustained idea management practices that helps in new product development, fostering a new way of life and even solving a prolonging crisis. Mayo Clinic, United States made smart use of idea management solutions to bring about a positive change in the society. Its objective was to introduce a healthy lifestyle. In 2013, Mayo Clinic announced its open innovation contest on the OpenIDEO platform. The contest encouraged interested participants to think of innovative ways to retain physical well being as one ages. The challenge also directed the participants to think of ideas starting from our 20’s and list the positive choices one can make as they age. In order to streamline the ideas, Mayo Clinic also urged the participants to think on certain lines such as, how can passive people be encouraged to make healthy life choices or what cultural, economic, social levers can be implemented to make individuals maintain a healthy lifestyle. Within two month of the start of competition about 133 ideas were submitted and a panel of judges selected ideas that were feasible and worked towards implementing it. In today’s competitive lifestyle, utility and energy bills are always on the rise which has a negative impact on our planet. As a result, there is a huge need for consumers to make informed choices about their individual energy consumption. The Green Button is an idea management initiative by the U.S. Energy Department, United States, to give the energy consumers access to the data of their energy usage in a certain format that is understandable to them. Furthermore, as a follow up to this idea the U.S. Energy Department also decided to offer $100,000 prize money to the US-based software developers and software engineering students for designing novel applications that will help consumers to make the most of the Green Button electricity usage data. There was a panel of judges to assess the submissions based on the application usability, creativity and it’s potential. Furthermore, winners were also chosen with the help of public voting. Idea management, therefore over the years has evolved. The focus today has shifted from purely financial gains to overall development. Thus we can say that idea management initiatives are more holistic in approach than buildings an atmosphere of knowledge sharing, creativity and discussions that are aimed towards public welfare and benefit. Read More On : idea management software

Idea Management Tools : A Key to a Better World