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Date: September 25, 2011 Client: Biz Business Magazine Made by: Package: Gold Package

Company Background / Buzz Campaign / FAQ Company Background Biz is a business magazine that offers qualitative articles with a unique approach regarding the local and international business environment. Target audience: 25 - 45 years Press Run: 25.000 Units Company objectives: Awareness & Engagement

Buzz Campaign 1. Black and white Biz Objective: Increase brand loyalty Campaign description: One number of the magazine will be printed in black and white. Press Run for this campaign will be 25.000 units. Slogan: "Do you miss colors as much as we do? Let's reach 20.000 magazine sold and bring colors back!".

2. You can be on the next cover Objective: Increase awareness Campaign description: The channel used for this campaign is Facebook. Developing a Facebook application on the Biz Fan Page. People with startups businesses can register their business ideas on the Biz Fan Page and the fans of Biz will vote these ideas. Campaign length: 1 month Suppliers for Application:  Social Factory:  Inka Technology:  Facebook Guru:  Webdigi:

3. Biz in your city Objective: Increase awareness Campaign description: The next 5 numbers of the magazine will be printed in 5 major cities of the country. Invitations will be sent to bloggers from that cities and they can see all the process of printing. They can obtain exclusive interviews with the editors and share their stories. They will also receive 1 year free contract for the magazine. Campaign length: 3 months Media Channels: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter, Personal E-mail to bloggers, Own print magazine

4. CSR Campaign Objective: Increase Awareness & Engagement Campaign description: In a world threatened by pollution, Biz business Magazine is printing only on recyclable paper Media Channels: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter

Biz is printed only on recyclable Biz

5. Guinness book of records Objective: Increase Awareness Campaign description: One of the numbers of the magazine will be printed in a “Giant Size”. The biggest printed magazine registered in the Guinness Book of records has 4 meters length. Biz will challenge and overcome this, by printing a 6 meters length version. After printing the magazine, a caravan with this “Giant Size” version will pass through 5 major cities and people can have pictures with it. Anyone who will take a picture with the magazine and post it on the Facebook Wall on the day of the event will win 1 year free contract. Campaign length: 1 month Media Channels: Facebook Fan Page, Twitter

6 meters

6. People Stopper Objective: Increase Awareness Campaign description: People stopper with the cover of the magazine as design. In the white circle, people will put their head and take pictures. The interactivity of the people stopper will attract people to make pictures. In order to make this campaign viral, we will use the Social Media. People will post the pictures taken with the magazine on Facebook, and other social media channels. Location: 5 major cities on visited parts Unit’s number: 5 per/city Campaign length: 1 month Supplier:  Display design:  Print Stock:  Sign Max:

1,85 meters

7. Interactive magazine Objective: Increase Awareness Campaign description: Everybody knows that Kinect is the new sensation. The big advantage of the Kinect is that you don’t have any remote control when you play with it. Make an interactive magazine in the metro stations. Kinect will scan the body, and after, with the hands a person can read the magazine. It is fun, it is interactive and it will create a huge viral campaign. Location: 5 most important Metro stops Campaign length: 4 month Units: 5 Kinects, 5 Xbox, 5 White display boards Supplier’s software for Kinect: Enterra:

8. Twitter Stair elevator Objective: Increase Awareness Campaign description: Metro Stops are the most crowed places in a city. Twitter is the media used by the companies in order to keep in contact with the potential clients. On the stairs we will stick Twitters messages. Location: 5 most important Metro stops Campaign length: 1 month Suppliers for stickers:  Fan Labels:  Mercian Labels :

9. Business Gift “Tie clip” Objective: Increase Engagement & Brand Loyalty Campaign description: Biz it is a business magazine and most of its clients are business persons. They wear suits and ties. Why not offering them a gift ?!. For every costumer that has a 1 Year Subscription, Biz Magazine offers a Branded Tie Clip. Units: 5000 Units Suppliers Branded Tie Clip:  Overa:  Corporate Gifts:

10. Bus handle Objective: Increase Awareness Campaign description: It is 1 month campaign. In 5 most important cities Biz Magazine will personalize the bus handle. The routes of the Busses are on the business areas. The handle it is plastic and inside it, can be inserted the print. Units: 20 Buses/city X 30 handles/bus X 5 Cities Campaign length: 1 month Suppliers for bus handle:  Trade India:  Gujurat:

FAQ 1. Why to use Social Media? You can interact better with your clients or potential clients. Also you can reach a wider range of clients. 2. What is the approximate budget for this campaign? Depends on the number of campaigns that you want to implement, but it will exceed 3000 Euro. 3. What was the thinking behind when you created these campaigns? We tried to think and act different so that people will talk about the campaigns. It is important that costumers feel part of your brand and they want to share it with friends and family. 4. Is it important to respect everything from the campaign brief? Not really. Depending on your budget and target you can change figures or media channel used.

Idea-Buzz Campaign Business Magazine  

Idea-Buzz is an online agency that offeres creative-simple-targeted business solution.

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