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The Role Played by Aid for Trade in Trade Policy and ENFCC

Chart Nr. 7: Foreign Trade Policy Development Program The Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) has funded part of the Foreign Trade Policy Development Program. The budget for this Program amounted to US$ 7’150,000, for which purpose, the IADB granted a loan US$ 5’000,000 to be repaid in 20 years and the Government of Peru contributed with 2’150,000. This operation was performed in January 2003. The purpose of this program was to improve Peru’s national trade policy management as a means of increasing and diversifying the country’s exports and its markets. This aim will be attained by boosting Peru’s institutional capacity to formulate an extensive, comprehensive and consistent external trade policy. The Program has been divided into six components: 1. Support for Institutional Reform and Reorganization Reform to the institutional framework and reformulation of strategies and proceedings for the external trade system: 1.1. Institutional Strengthening of the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade (VMCE). 1.2. Strengthening the inter-agency external trade system 2. Training and Specialization Plan This component will expand and enhance the capacity and the degree of specialization of the technical teams of the Vice Ministry (and of other institutions related to foreign trade) involved with the tasks of policy formulation, trade negotiation, administration of trade, trade promotion and other issues related to foreign trade. 2.1. Courses and workshops offering general courses for public and private officers.. 2.2. Specialized training and instruction 3. Technical Studies Program Preparation and updating of a technical and analytical database for designing strategies and developing proposals in negotiation forums and to foster the development of exports: 3.1. Design of an export-oriented negotiation strategy. 3.2. Models of general and sectoral impact of economic liberalization. 3.3. Support to the Andean integration strategy 3.4. Technical tools for negotiations on agriculture for the VMCE. 4. Establishment of an Integrated Foreign Trade Information System Implementation of an Integrated External Trade Information System for Peru (SIICEX) which, upon the basis of the joint effort of public and private organizations related to the sector development, can develop mechanisms for organization and dissemination of information and expertise relating to external trade. 5. Consultation with the Private Sector and Civil Society Promotion of initiatives and actions to set up stable institutional channels and mechanisms for consultation and collaboration with legislative bodies, unions and other organizations in the private sector. 5.1. Support to the Vice Minister of Foreign Trade 5.2. Program of technical meetings for consultation with the private sector and the civil society. 5.3. Program of dissemination, information and instruction. 5.4. Support to a Social Forum. 6. Development of Trade Promotion Consolidation and strengthening of the institutional network in charge of formulating and implementing trade promotion policy, by integrating it more effectively with national foreign trade policy. 6.1. Establishment of an efficient institutional framework for trade promotion. 6.2. Development of trade strategies and business intelligence. 6.3. Instruments and policies to promote exports.


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