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National Strategies Case Study

Chart of The Development of Aid For Trade in Peru Policy • Technical Assistance • Financing

Institutional Strengthening • Technical Assistance • Financing

Physical Infrastructure • Technical Assistance • Financing

Private Sector Support • Technical Assistance • Grants • Financing

• Tariff reduction • Customs reform • Elimination of para-tariffs • Opening to investment • Protection of Intellectual Property • PoMulti-WTO Trade Policy

• Administrative Simplification • TPA and Draw-back • Animal & Veg. Health Policy • Promotion of competitiveness • Regional, sub-regional and bilateral trade policy

• Territorial Development • Technological Innovation and TIC • Single window • Sustainable Development –MA • Labor Policy • EPAs and FTA

• Ministerio de Econ. y Finanzas • Aduanas • COPRI - Privatizaciones • MITINCI • INDECOPI


• Gobiernos regionales y locales • CNC–PERUCOMPITE • Ministerio Trabajo • Sistema nacional ambiental • Sistema innovación tecnológica • Sist. normalización y acreditac.

• Reconstruction of basic physical infrastructure for: Roads Water & Sewage Energy Communications

• Road Concession • Airport Concession • Port Concession & Improvement • Energy integration

• Renovation of ports & airports • Marginal and rural roads • Regional Physical Integration – IIRSA • Industrial infrastructure • Expansion of energy & water

• Programs to promote basic exports for micro and small enterprises • Industrial restructuring

• EXIMBANK Financing • Financing of privatizations • Support for international trade negotiations • Export Promotion

• Co-financing of investments • Risk capital investment • Investment guarantee • Trade negotiations • Compliance with TBT • Decentralization, Agro, SME

Initial Opening

Intermediate Opening

Advanced Opening

4.2.1. Public Sector and AFT

Since the country decided to implement the model of economic opening and trade liberalization (since the early 1990’s to date), the AFT has evolved consistently with the consolidation of structural reforms and the strengthening of the new economic development model (from 2002 to date). AFT and Technical Assistance The first efforts of the Peruvian State were accompanied by the AFT, and by the agencies that played a critical role in the provision of technical assistance to design the trade liberalization measures, particularly the IMF, IDB and WB. Peru also counted on the support of international experts that advised the national economic team on this issue. The technical assistance has been permanent and it forms part of the very formulation of the different support programs, such as Design and Implementation of policies, institutional strengthening, investment in infrastructure, and support to supply, among others. The experience of international experts is fundamental to complement the job of domestic officers in order to take into account similar challenges in economies with characteristics analogous to the Peruvian economy and to replicate successful experiences.

mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  
mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  

this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...