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National Strategies Case Study

—the main actor in the field of trade—and, accordingly, it reflected its own perception of Peru’s future and identified the main challenges that lay ahead. The PENX included over 1,000 specific actions conceived to achieve its goals. The ENFCC was conceived to become the Domestic Agenda for Trade Capacity Building, in a manner such that it would facilitate the implementation of the Agreement and Peru’s adaptation to the new integration framework. As regards adaptation to the new integration framework, two lines of action have been set: an offensive one and a defensive one, which are explained through the following chart 3.3.

PENX Implementation As illustrated by the following chart, implementing the PENX required designing other management instruments that have allowed wide participation by public and private actors at the national level. In addition to allowing a diagnosis of the main problems presented by trade development, these dynamics have also identified specific, responsible actions and implementation deadlines with a view to improving competitiveness conditions at the territory, sector, product and market levels.

PENX 2003–2013 Vision: Peru as a country that exports a competitive, diversified, value-added supply of goods and services.

Mission: sustained increase in the export of goods and services and improvement of Peru’s image as an exporting country

Develop exportable supply

Facilitate Foreign Trade

Develop International Destination Markets

Develop an Export Culture

PENX Productive Development


Offensive line Capacity Building: The lack of regional trade-related capacity is evidenced in the current context of public decentralization

Defensive line

Agriculture/ Livestock Productive Restructuring Industrial

• Having a strategically-diversified, quality and value-added supply. • Diversifying and consolidating exports in prioritized destination markets • Legal framework that enables foreign trade facilitation • Developing an export culture • Training public officers on several subjects: certification, metrology, network management, business management, good practices, etc. • Implementation of networks, systematization / standardization of processes. Creation of export guidance centers. • Technological Innovation • Training • Primary Production

• Agro-industry • Marketing and Market Research

• Associativity & Cooperation • Technological Innovation

• Training • Dissemination & Information

mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  

this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...

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