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Trade as the Cornerstone of the Development Agenda

the official FTAA website. Tripartite Committee individual institutions also provided technical assistance on FTAA-related issues, particularly to the smallest economies in the hemisphere. The initial goal was to conclude FTAA negotiations in 2004, with this major agreement to be signed in 2005. Unfortunately, there was no consensus to move the negotiations forward in all of the topics of discussion, and as a result, the decision was made to freeze the negotiations, leaving no alternative but to accept the bad news that the FTAA negotiations had failed. However, these meetings were not in vain; and the two most important contributions offered by this lengthy process are, perhaps, the following: First, the Peruvian society (business unions, academia and Non-Governmental Organizations [NGOs]) became actively involved, recognizing the material role played by the FTAA/Peru Commission (see Chart Nr. 1). The manner in which this Commission was structured allowed a great Chart Nr. 1: FTAA/Peru Committee and Andean Development Corporation (CAF) The private sector found in the FTAA negotiations a great opportunity to take a positive attitude to join the Government in such an important process of hemispherical negotiation. For the first time, representatives of several business-related trade associations—many times with confronted bargaining positions—gathered together in what is known as the FTAA/Peru Committee. The Andean Development Corporation (CAF by its Spanish Acronym) provided non-refundable resources for the financing of this Committee, covering administrative expenses and the expenses derived from the technical secretary office, the organization of promotion events, taking part in international meetings and the publishing and release of a number of surveys, researches and investigations regarding FTAA-related subjects.

The Committee is made up of the following institutions Association of National Pharmaceutical Industries (ADIFAN) Peruvian Software Association (APESOFT) Customs Agents Association Peruvian Association of Maritime Agents National Association of Pharmaceutical Laboratories (ALAFARPE) Association of Agricultural Entrepreneurs (AEA) Exporters´ Association ADEX American Chamber of Commerce (AMCHAN) Lima Chamber of Commerce (CCL)

In this way, the FTAA/Peru Committee became, in 1998, an outstanding example of the cooperative relations between the actors and agents of the Peruvian civil society, with the purpose of ensuring that both the individual and collective interests of the different groups be included in the analysis, debate and formulation of proposals. In addition, the FTAA / Peru Committee has contributed to the inclusion of the academic sector into this process.

International Chamber of Commerce (CCI)

The main objective of the FTAA/PERU Committee is to analyze both the regulatory framework needed for this large-scale trade integration project and its impact on the country, with the purpose of obtaining proposals based on several issues included in the agenda of this negotiation, in order to exert some influence on both government negotiations and on the other countries in the hemisphere. But this Committee also played a major role in the national promotion—conferences, seminars, press releases, articles in major newspapers, interviews to representatives of both the business and academic sectors—to the public opinion of all subjects involved, thus contributing to a better understanding of the integration and trade-related issues.

National Confederation of Private Business Institutions (CONFIEP)

The FTAA/PERU Committee replicated the nine Work Groups included in the government negotiation process. It counted on the active participation of more than 300 people from the civil society, entrepreneurs, academicians, consultants, representatives from several institutions, e.g. professional associations, NGOs, associations, business trade unions and universities.The dedication of all the participants was always clear and open, and it took many hours of voluntary work.

Lima Professional Association of Engineers

Peru’s National Chambers of Commerce, Production & Services (Perucámaras) National Chamber of Tourism (CANATUR) Peruvian Chamber of Construction (CAPECO) Peruvian Council of Foreign Trade (COMEXPERU)

The Pontifical Catholic University of Peru National Industry Society (SNI) National Society of Mining, Oil and Energy Lima University Pacific University Lima Attorneys Association Lima Professional Association of Architects Medical Professional Association of Peru Commission for the Promotion of Micro and Small Enterprises (PROMPYME) Investment Promotion Agency (PROINVERSION) Ministry of Foreign Trade and Tourism


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