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Aid For Trade Calendar: Main Events, 1996–2007




WTO Singapore Ministerial Meeting: member states agree to set up the Integrated Framework for TradeRelated Assistance (IF) for the LDCs.


IF created at the WTO High Level Meeting on Integrated Initiatives by six multilateral institutions (IMF, ITC, UNCTAD, UNDP, World Bank and the WTO) to better integrate LDCs into the multilateral trading system. Its activities should consist of diagnostic studies of trade constraints and capacity building.


WTO, UNCTAD, and ITC transform a set of individual projects for eight African countries into the Joint Integrated Technical Assistance Program (JITAP), with a Common Trust Fund to mobilize donor support.


Launch of WTO round in Doha. Members agreed to ‘well-targeted, sustainably financed technical assistance and capacity building.’ WT/MIN/01/Dec/1


OECD and WTO jointly set up the Trade-Related Assistance and Capacity Building database to provide information on trade-related technical assistance and capacity building projects. JITAP is extended to eight new African countries.


OECD–DAC High Level Forum, Paris: Paris Declaration of Aid Effectiveness Commitment to improve aid quality DCD/DAC/RD (2005)1ORD2.


Geneva Consultations process: ‘Aid for Trade’ Initiative – Options to Enhance Support, Non-Paper, published with World Bank/IMF response in World Bank, IMF, Doha Development Agenda and Aid for Trade, September 2005.


WTO ministerial in Hong-Kong, final declaration. Members adopted a Declaration that included Paragraph 57 on Aid for Trade. World Bank and IMF endorsed a proposal to enhance the IF and the Trade Ministers welcomed the establishment of a Task Force on Aid for Trade within the IF. WT/MIN(05)/Dec.


Japan to increase its aid for trade by US$10 billion by 2010, WT/MIN(05)/6. The US said it intended to reach US$2.7 billion a year in Aid for Trade grants by 2010 (doubling from 2005).


G7 Finance Ministers Meeting, London: Statement by G7 Finance Ministers: • •

Agreement to collaborate with the IFIs on additional measures ‘for developing countries to ease adjustment costs and increase their capacity to trade’. Expectation of aid for trade to increase to US$4 billion a year, including through enhancing the Integrated Framework.


The WTO Director General establishes the Task Force on Aid for Trade. It includes Barbados, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, the European Communities, Japan, India, Thailand, the United States and the coordinators of the African, Caribbean and Pacific Group of States, the African Group and the LDC Group. Chair: Mia Horn af Rantzien, Swedish Ambassador.


Submissions by countries and multilateral and regional organizations to Aid for Trade Task Force WT/ AFT/W/1–13; summarized in WT/AFT/W/17.


Report of the Chairman of the Task Force on an Enhanced Integrated Framework, WT/IFSC/W15.

mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  

this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...

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