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Plenary and Workshops Agendas

Donor Discussants: Mr. Rolf Schoenert, Canadian Food Inspection Agency, Canada Mr. Christian Foster, Assistant Deputy Administrator, Office of Capacity Building and Development, USDA Ms. Ana Marisa Cordero, Agricultural Health and Food Safety Specialist, IICA Mr. Lalith Goonatilake, Director, Trade Capacity Building Branch, UNIDO Sr. Jorge Biga, Ministro (driector de Cooperación bilateral y a cargo del Programa de Cooperación Técnica externa Fondo Argentin de Cooperación Horizontal) Beneficiary Discussants: Ms. Alejandra Aguilar, Asesora en Materia de MSF, Ministerio de Comercio Exterior, Costa Rica Ms. Astrid Moreno, Subdirectora de Política Comercial, Ministerio de Economía, El Salvador Mr. Fernando Arceyuz, Asesor, Dirección Administración Comercio Exterior, Ministerio de Economía, Guatemala Ms. Suyapa Andino, Encargada del Tema de MSF, Secretaría de Industria y Comercio, Honduras Mr. Maxwell Reyna, Dirección de Organismos Internacionales, Ministerio de Fomento, Industria y Comercio, Nicaragua Mr. Jaheel Araúz, Dirección Nacional de Negociaciones Comerciales Internacionales, Ministerio de Comercio, Panamá 16.00 – 16.15

Coffee Break

16.15 – 17.30

Session 6: Bridging the Gap Between Supply and Demand – Lessons Learnt from Existing Processes

Strengthening the link between needs and the future supply of technical assistance is key to maximizing the positive impact of technical assistance. Adequate identification and surveying of needs, good practice in the delivery of technical assistance and consistent follow-up are essential in promoting that link. The discussion will focus on concrete ways in which the needs of the Central American countries can be synchronized with the future supply of technical assistance in the SPS area. Moderator: Ms. Anabel González, Director, Agriculture and Commodities Division, WTO


mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  

this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...

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