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Private Sector Case Study

In 1986, Guatemala Government creates the National Council for Export Promotion (CONAPEX), whose main duties are to advise the Government on the formulation of export policies, to make recommendations on export promotion and diversification of exports and to oversee the execution of the adopted policies. This mixed Council, which is presided by the Minister of Economy, consists of the Ministers of Foreign affairs, Finances, Communications, Agriculture, Energy and mining, Labor, the President of the Central Bank, the Superintendent of Revenue Administration. In addition, such council also consists of the Presidents of the different Business Chambers, who participate in representation of the private sector. The private sector is in charge of CONAPEX Coordination and Secretariat. In turn, the National Export Coordination Committee (CONACOEX) includes representatives of each entity comprised in CONAPEX, and is responsible for the coordination and application of the decisions taken by CONAPEX. Through the Entrepreneurs Commission for Trade Negotiations (CENCIT), which represents businesses engaged in the provision of services and goods, the private sector coordinates its own position and analyzes the negotiations in which Guatemala participates. One of CONAPEX’s most important achievements is the implementation of Foreign Trade Integrated Policy upon the basis of competitiveness in the access to new markets through preferential trade negotiations and free trade agreements. This policy has given rise to a transformation in the export structure, overcoming the nation’s dependence on a few export commodities. El Salvador Government consults with the private sector through Productive Sector Support Office (ODASP), which includes representatives of all the business sectors. It liaises with the Trade Policy Division by means of a coordinator appointed for that purpose. The private entities involved include: the National Association of Private Enterprises (ANEP); Salvadoran Association of Industrials (ASI); the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of El Salvador; the Textile Commission; the Exporters’ Association of El Salvador (COEXPORT). Furthermore, the Salvadoran Foundation for Economic and Social Development (FUSADES), private research institute, which sometimes advises the Government on economic policy matters (WTO, 2004). Furthermore, in 2005, El Salvador created the National Commission for the Promotion of Exports and Investments (CONADEI) consisting of the Ministries of Economy, Foreign Affairs, Agriculture and Finance, for the public sector, and the National Association of Private Enterprises (ANEP), the Exporters Association, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Salvadoran Association of Industrials, for the private sector. The CONADEI was launched as a result of the merger of Salvadoran agencies for the promotion of investment and exports. The new commission was formed as part of a strategy to create a common administrative base and trade strategy to facilitate and unify the efforts to attract foreign investment and to foster the export of Salvadoran products to different parts of the world. For the negotiation of a Free Trade Agreement with the United States, El Salvador implemented a citizen participation program, with the aim of giving information to the citizens and of learning about their interests and positions as regards the definition of a negotiation strategy. The success of this program has set precedent for the other negotiations in the country. . In Honduras, the National Commission of Foreign Trade is created in 2003 to advise the President on trade negotiation matters. Such Commission is presided by the Ministry of the Presidency and included the Ministers of Industry and Commerce, Agriculture and Livestock,

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