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This paper analyzes aid for trade needs, from the private sector perspective, taking into account the conditions and characteristics of the insertion of the countries in this area into the international economy. The first section includes a summary of the current status of trade liberalization and trade opening processes in Central America. The second section describes the private sector participation in the formulation and application of national and regional trade policies. The third section delves into how Central America’s private sector, ahead of its time, gave an effective response to the economic and political crisis of the 1980’s by creating trade and investment promotion agencies with the support of international cooperation. The fourth section provides lessons on mobilizing aid for trade from the private sector perspective, focusing on two alternative dimensions of significant relevance for Central America: the diversification of the export supply and the role of the FDI as catalyst of dynamic feedback processes. As a final point, this paper includes some considerations on politics.


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mobilizing aid for trade: focus on latin america and the caribbean: proceedings of the regional r...  

this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...

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