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The Way Forward

a. Coordinate Trade-related Needs and Ensure that They are in Line with Development Priorities As mentioned in Section 3, there are currently many different lists of trade-related needs in the Caribbean. As a starting-point, it will be necessary to bring those lists together and ensure that they are in line with national, sub-regional and regional priorities. Agreement will be needed on an appropriate format for consolidated lists and work will be required to produce the following: • • •

national lists; a sub-regional list; and a regional list.

The region will face two challenges in consolidating the above lists. First of all, it will have to ensure that trade-related needs are in line with development priorities; and secondly, that the national, sub-regional and regional lists are properly synthesized. Clearly, the latter presents the greater challenge. In regards to the first challenge, the region could draw upon existing development strategy and/or medium/long-term planning documents at the country, sub-regional and regional levels. Examples of these are mentioned below: Development Strategy Documents National Level “Vision 2020” (a long-term development plan for Trinidad and Tobago from which an implementation plan has recently been produced); A “Growth and Protection Strategy” (produced by Dominica with assistance from the World Bank and IMF); and A Medium Term Social and Economic Framework Sub-Regional Level Towards an OECS Development Strategy (to be updated soon) Regional Level CRNM Strategic Plan 2003/04 – 2007/08 (to be updated soon) A Strategic Development Plan ( due for completion in June 2008). As mentioned in Section 1, the Strategic Development Plan is based on the Single Development Vision. This Vision envisages linkages between national strategies and the regional strategy (See Annex 6). While these connections may be made in the long run, such linkages do not exist at present. In the short run, therefore, the region will have to discuss how best to synthesize lists of national and regional trade-related needs.


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this report was prepared by the integration and trade sector (int) as a contribution to the regional meeting on mobilizing aid for trade: la...

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