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National Strategies Case Study

trade opportunities, as well as to guide exporters about the trade and technical requirements of the pertinent markets. 5.1.6. Active Participation in International Trade Forums

The trade agenda at international, multilateral, regional and sub-regional levels, as well as other initiatives, such as trade and environment, bio-trade, fishing, and forestry, among others; require an active participation of Peruvian negotiators. National trade interests must be considered in international discussions. Peru must take over the leadership in issues such as bio-diversity, agricultural opening, bio-piracy, investments and others. As a result of the broad international agenda, it may be difficult to have an active participation in all those forums, but a proper prioritization upon the basis of pre-determined objectives, as well as a better integration of efforts with our diplomatic representatives must contribute to maintain a better presence of our country in international trade discussions. 5.1.7. Strengthening the Capacity to Comply with International Technical Requirements.

The main restrictions on international trade are no longer related to tariff issues, but to the socalled trade barriers or technical barriers to trade (TBT). The challenge for the country is sizeable; the Peruvian State itself has a pending agenda that has not been addressed yet. In accordance with a diagnosis made by MINCETUR21, the country has a scarce participation in international standard systems—what is evidenced in the difficulties the public sector experiences in complying with the provisions of the TBT Agreement. There is a limited exchange of information and technical aspects between regulatory authorities and standard institutes. As regards the private sector, the productive/export sector has little knowledge of the scope and significance of the TBT Agreement and has difficulties to identify the technical regulations and standards in force in international markets. In addition, this sector lacks human resources properly trained in the application of the technical regulations and standards required in those markets. With the exception of some competitive sectors, in general, the level of technological development is low. In view of this situation, MINCETUR has provided the following recommendations: To properly implement TBT commitments; to support the activities of the public institutions in connection with technical regulations; to strengthen the national standard systems and the systems for conformity assessment and metrology; to promote technology transfer in relation to standards, technical regulations and conformity assessment processes; and to disseminate information and enlighten the productive sector about the existence of TBT provisions and their real significance in international trade.


Trade Capacity Building Committee: Labor: Technical Barriers to Trade, MINCETUR

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